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Voices from Beyond the Grave

Chester Clark III


In this We Believe series sermon Pastor Clark explores the mysterious rappings of the Fox Sisters, and the birth of modern Spiritualism.  Does the Bible have anything to say about communicating with the dead? Could there be a serious deception that God wants to protect us from? Learn the answers to these questions and more in the sermon Voices from Beyond the Grave.


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • March 1, 2014
    11:00 AM


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I estimate this morning as I begin this confessional sort of the premise that's going to be unspoken in our study together I believe that there is a Almighty God who is living in on the throne of the University believe that I also believe that we are involved in a great controversy in a controversy between good and evil between Christ and Satan specifically in other words and vision were not just living in a well rolled where there are unseen powers but we are living in a world where there are unseen powers battling for supremacy their unseen powers that might be considered good and might be considered bad and this is a fine fine by the word of God it's why believe it so today as we as we shared was the open God 's word I want us to just remember that keep that in mind that sort of the premise will have time to study that entirely war to look in logic and reason for all the arguments for why I believe that without an underlying premise but were going to be sharing today in fact even this week I believe I've seen that I've experienced the power of God in my life and you and at times I have also experienced the power of Satan power of the double in fact this week I lost my voice completely and I was thinking about giving up upon preaching the Sabbath especially when after losing it completely came back mostly for a day and then I was feeling worse the next day on Thursday and I thought this is can be a disaster and get there on Sabbath morning not be able to talk and down and then I began remembering something I began remembering first of all that I preach this type of I many times not this exact sermon but on this topic many times and in my in my experience preaching in over fifty countries many many sermons I have found there certain topics the devil hates you know that it has been remarkable for me to see towards reason particular topics I've seen over and over the devil working it's just been so I think probably you have increased some of these the sermons in many different countries for many years I I saw a trend established and you can turn subjects things like the power window while there would be a storm there would be a computer crash a projector bulb would blow all all ways it seemed like on one of two or three difference in nineteen convinced that the devil is alive and well 9/11 glorify the devil today I will glorify Jesus Christ amen because greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world and I believe that we serve a crucified and risen Savior soon coming Savior and he is my friends all-powerful and so we don't want to dwell upon the devils holiday we want to dwell on Jesus power but that's why were to take a look at God 's word and particularly the idea of voices from beyond the grave uninvited value heads with me for an additional word of prayer father in heaven today we are just thankful were thankful that we serve a risen Savior with Saint were thankful that he's not just risen and on the right-hand throne of God but he is in the world today that he is moving on our hearts that he is leading us by his word and by his spirit and that he is saving us by his grace and through his blood today father I just want to pray once again that you will honor our faith in the face of your people gathered together to get they will come to hear my words they come to hear your word and we pray I pray that you might speak through your Word today that we might have an understanding of your word for our lives and we might come to know Jesus the living word better for our time spent today we thank you in his name amen well it was in the middle of the eighteenth eighteen hundreds actually eighteen forty eight to be specific that the Fox sisters of Fox family moved into a home in a little town our hamlet called Hinesville New York not far from Rochester New York and here in this little home on the family set up their residence and that they were they were aware of some rumors that had been going around in the community there the rumor was that this home was a haunted house some of you may be familiar with the story this was the rumor the rumor was that this was a haunted house and out it wasn't until late March of eighteen forty eight that the family began to be frightened by unexplained noises and at times that these noises sound like knocking another time that sounded like moving of furniture well I'm not sure what these girls these three sisters thought we were doing but they thought they would capitalize on this noise it was in their house and they would steer their parents and so in eighteen eighty eight forty years later one of the sisters confess this is how it all began they actually I think in the attic somehow they tied a string onto an Apple and put this string over Rafter and threaded it down to when they all wanted and they could make knocking was bumping noises over their parents room are in some ways and their parents but is not as is it was it was that this is what Margaret Swan the sisters said in an eighteen eighty eight when we went to bed at night we used a timeout blistering and move the string up and down causing the Appleton bump on the floor or we would drop the apple of floor making a strange noise every time it would rebound and because they were so young their parents and not suspect them of being capable of such a trick but they began playing even further with business Council supposed supposedly haunted and they began as this is according to their story later there is some ambiguity to this story I must admit there's there's there are skeptics to the story but were now look at some of the evidence that existed as well and you have remember when you read a skeptic 's account this was an age of enlightenment when people were beginning to say we don't need to be held by superstition such as God and religion to understand they were trying to cast off everything as being scientifically explainable though such thing as God no such thing as miracle so they were there were some who began to have a and interest in this movement and others who have began to certified against it during the night of March thirty one Kate challenge this invisible noisemaker presumed to be a spirit to repeat the snap of her finger what started as a game took a little more serious nature when the wrapping started repeating and echoing what they were doing it was asked to wrap out the ages of the girls and it did so the neighbors were called in to see this strange phenomenon over the course of the next few days he told was devised where wraps could signify you so no as in response to a question used to indicate a letter of the alphabet the girls address the spirit as Mister split which was a nickname at the time for the devil would put later the alleged entity reading this sounds claim to be the spirit of an annular name Charles B Ross now good been murdered five years earlier and buried in the seller now although at that time the seller was examined and no corpse was found in nineteen oh four children playing in the house seller actually discovered in a decaying false wall a body and bones which only led to the greater mystery around the story so no missing person named Charles Rosner was ever identified however the neighbors were now convinced of this haunted house was really haunted by the spirit of this peddler and then they asked the spirit more and they concluded that the murder must've been committed by someone who lived in the house and he went five years back in town who live in the house it happened to be a man by the name last name well who lived in a town nearby and or innocent man I believe he is innocent would be shunned by the community and looked upon as a murderer for the rest of his life because of these wrappings coming from the Fox sisters house now during his time at Keaton Margaret to younger girls were sent to that nearby Rochester community to stay in the house of their older sister Leah and the wrappings followed them there in Rochester a group of Quakers who are long-standing friends of the Fox family invited the girls into their Rochester home and the phenomenon of the spirit communication quickly spread throughout a local Quaker community there and it turned into what became a worldwide phenomenon there is little house outside of Rochester New York is considered the workplace of modern spiritism or as some termed modern spiritualism somehow try to explain it as simply a tracking other joints in fact there are critics are skeptics who said that if they would just allow them to be the other long dresses to be raised they were surely was coming from their knees or toes and back later the sisters admitted that they could make rapping noises with their toes back down this did not explain how many many others hundreds of others who became a part of the spirit movement began to be able to elucidate these wrappings as well nor would it explain some of the some of the phenomenon that was examined and recorded by this gentleman a scientist by the name of Coakley he was a British scientist to actually it discovered the the elements of Valium he's the first scientists to have had demonstrated that he had isolated helium molecules he was out he was a renowned scientist he he developed that spectroscope can we that's how you would save to them to have to try to discover more elements and so forth and he spent sometimes he became made an about spiritist himself after spending time with the Fox sisters and this is what you describe what you subscribe to just listen to his description these sounds are noticed with almost every media method popping with the snapping or the invoices for power and certainty I met with no one who all approached Miss Kate Fox for several months I enjoy almost unlimited opportunity of testing the various phenomena occurring in the presence of this lady and I especially examine the phenomena of these sounds with mediums generally it is necessary to set forth formal séance before anything is heard but in the case of Ms. Fox it seems only necessary for her to place her hand on any substance for loud guys to be heard and it in light like a triple pulsation sometimes lot up to be heard several rooms off in this matter I have heard them in a living tree on a sheet of glass on a stretched iron wire on a stretched membrane a tambourine on the roof of the cab on the floor of the theater more of an actual contact is not always necessary I have heard these sounds proceeding from the floor and all etc. when the medium 's hands and feet were held when she was standing on a chair when she was suspended a swing from the ceiling when she was enclosed in a wire cage in which it fallen fainting on a sofa I have heard them on a glass harmonica and I have felt them on my own children under my own hands I've heard them on a sheet of paper held between the fingers by a piece of thread passed through one corner with full knowledge of the numerous theories which of them started chief in America to explain these sounds I've tested them in every way that I could devise until there has been no escape from the conviction that they were true objective occurrences not produced by trickery or mechanical means any interesting very very exhaustive study of this phenomenon this scientist scientist made now the question is of course when we look at this week we think it is Israel could really talk could they communicate with us nearby Rochester New York there was an spiritual movement beginning this is not long after the greatest of Advent movement of Christians in all denominations looking for the second coming of Jesus in the near future and I'm at a young Christian by the name of Allen Harmon on white by this time was was aware of what was going on a few miles away twenty five miles away or so and she wrote earlier about that in eighteen forty eight and she would write later about five years later earlier statement was that this was a beginning of a movement that would spread around the world and anyone deceive many people she said she and she's quoting her part of her earlier statement here I saw that the mysterious knocking New York and other places was the power Satan that such things would be more and more common cloak in religious garb so as to all the deceived you greater security to draw the mind of God 's people possible to those things and cause them to down the teaching and power of the Holy Ghost this view is quoted was given eighteen forty nine nearly five year sentence before then spirit manifestations were mostly confined to the city of Rochester known as the Rochester knocking since that time the heresy has spread beyond expectations of everyone if you look at the movement of spiritualism in the late eighteen hundreds you will find it across the Atlantic it spread across Europe and had buried many different forms one of the forms that it took on was that cable turnings I love your familiar with table turning for this is a picture or an engraving of a table turning going on in Paris the table turning is where people would comment basically in a séance they would sit around a table or stand around the table and the table was aligned with different letters and improvising out that different words whatever different ways of doing it they would all place their hand on the table they would wait until the table moved by itself and the moving of the table would spell out messages and send messages and they would have this means of communicating with the spirit world that was common table turning their table tipping became a popular thing and done this and then the me the experience would be similar to what they are probably more familiar with the Ouija board right Ouija board is simply a small table turning exercise now the question becomes what we make of all this was all just and their imagination is it all just sleight-of-hand was it all just trickery or is there a power in this world that is able to deceive us is there a power in this world that is able to use these types of of the playing with the spirit powers to bring about supernatural experiences I think it's important for us I believe it's very important for us to get our answers from the word of God how much you so this morning were going to take our Bibles Lorna turned back to our Scripture Geneva to see what God said in Leviticus and take from there we move on to some other passages as well but then Leviticus chapter nineteen is where we can begin that his chapter nineteen in verse thirty nine thirty one Scripture forty days Leviticus nineteen and this is the new selection that God gives to his people as they come in to the promised land that they would not have any regard for those who claim to have contact with the spirit world there was one God he was God he had given them a way to maintain communication with them had he not he had given in the sanctuary service he given the priests he gave in the urine he gave them through Moses then the books of Moses and through the prophets who continue to reveal his will to them but he says in another distemper nineteen in verse thirty one we are not them who have familiar spirits neither seek after wizards to be defiled by them and no notice why he says this was what is he in this this this injunction with I am the Lord your God in other words even his very first verse are scheduled and then we can see there's an issue here God remember he describes himself sometimes a jealous God no that's not me I doesn't mean that he doesn't want other people to prosper or that he's jealous of what we happened to that colony Mendenhall we need to he wants a committed relationship with us that's what he seeks after he wants us to be a faithful relationship with them a spiritual relationship with him and he says here I am the Lord your God don't see for supernatural connections outside of me in other words there is a there seems to be indicated here and were to look elsewhere that this issue comes up again there seems to be indicated and an issue of loyalty to their additional loyalty Jesus is our Savior he is our God he is capable of supernatural things he says he alone knows the future of course he knows all things and he says inquire of me ask of me I am your Lord I will guide you I will direct you I will answer your questions and so forth and so on let's look back if you chapters to the book of previous to Leviticus the book of Exodus and were going to look at Exodus chapter twenty two and verse eighteen Exodus chapter twenty two verse eighteen and when you're there to say men all right let's let's notice what further counsel was given to God 's people as they enter the promised land a short verse in it I'm reading from the King James version it sounds very much like the ten Commandments are two chapters earlier is simply says thou shall not suffer a witch to live now I know that God that I serve and I believe that God saves glycan phase even which is the worry that I believe that fighting what he's saying is look if someone is not interested in following the God of heaven is going to choose to persist in witchcraft they were not to be allowed to live among us able that's just what the Bible says and if so this is a pretty scenery is being in God 's eyes wasn't it this was a pretty serious serious issue that he speaks and gives them clear instructions about what look at Isaiah the gospel profit for a look at Isaiah chapter eight verses nineteen and twenty and this perhaps is a seminal verse in the subject Isaiah chapter eight when I left to hear those pages turning in your Bibles because I want to I want to hear what God 's word says not not man's ideas a men night he had no you are the same Isaiah chapter eight in verse beginning with verse nineteen it says and when they shall say unto you seek unto them that have familiar spirits unto wizards that peep and that letter shall not eat people seek unto their God for the living to the dead to the lawn to the testimony verse twenty says if they speak not according to this word is because there is no light in them this is what Isaiah reminds us of what he's saying God does not want his people to be looking to mediums and wizards and witches and necromancers for communication with the spiritual communities on the net instead he says the living should turn to their God we serve a living God right and we the living I can turn to on God for a series of not in these other sources and then he says he brings up a new issue which I think is very very important to the laundry testimony the lobbying the five books of Moses often and the other the testimony referring to the prophetic works and this is a date a.m. a phrase right turn terminology that is used by Jesus and others in the test was what the law and the testimony the word of God in other words if they speak not according to this word it is because there is no light you see somehow Isaiah knew that there would be some people who would be tempted to take the voice a while then messages coming from a spirit world or a spirit medium and even listen to it above God 's work in that's possible I don't think it's I don't think it's as possible I can say I've seen it happen unfortunately even today in two thousand fourteen it seemed as though many postmoderns and even Christians seem to believe that we live in a spirit world were all spirits must be good and all the supernatural must be good and there's not much distance or caution used in evaluating whether those spirits are speaking according to God 's word are not of this is important for a couple of reasons really look into support for a couple of reasons it's because sometimes I believe the devil will be using an arty has used this type of means to play with our minds and play with our heart you know it may not seem very likely that you and I would be influenced by a peddler named Charles Wright but many people would be much more influenced my departed loved one can you imagine the emotional of emotional pull and maybe some of you heard some of those stories it's common even close friends and family of mine believe it they believe that their mom touched him on the shoulder or said something to them more human you can fill in the blank and so what were studying this morning I believe is very very important to look at why why is this important he's given us a couple of reasons already in the Bible verses we've read he wants us to turn to him not to our departed loved ones that's one reason the living should turn not to the dead that but to him and there are other supernatural intelligences that would like to see best let's just look at two passages here from God 's word we want to see what God says so let's look at second Corinthians Chapter 11 segmenting Chapter 11 is not specifically talking about this idea of communication with the dead so I don't want to anyone to feel like I'm taking it out of context year but he had in the context of Christian ministers deceiving people Paul at what he talking about here Paul actually makes a statement it's very very enlightening he's talking about in an apostasy that would take place and that he was beginning to take place of his time with there would be false apostles deceitful workers transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ in other words it would behoove wolves in sheep 's clothing in the Christian church that's set in his Chapter 11 verse twelve verse thirteen notice with me what he says in verse fourteen however and down I said verse seventeen they are not sure where I got seventeen its verse fourteen were looking at notice of Nueces and no marvel for Satan himself is transformed into a what Angel why did you realize friends that Satan have the ability to assume forms that don't look like me think you should look there many people would think the devil comes to us with you know I love that little being with these horns and a pitchfork and the devil probably is happy when we think that's what he 's like because we'll probably never see someone coming to us with horns and a pitchfork little red being he comes to last and much more subtle ways you member the Garden of Eden how do you see these he took the form of what certain I became a decedent and and tempted Jesus in the wilderness no doubting income of the devil he came as an angel of here it's very clear Paul says Satan himself is able to be transformed an angel of light I believe is my own conviction I believe that Satan is able or his demons are able to take the form many different forms and and impersonates impersonate peaceful imitating their habits and voices and mannerisms and so forth after all if we are living in a world where there are unseen beings they would knows pretty well when they pay would know who we are and what were doing let's look at one more verse Revelation chapter sixteen verse fourteen Revelation chapter sixteen this is a prophecy specially what would take place in the last days we won't wonder the whole chapter here but this is just before the time of the end well during times and the notice with me how the world is deceived in the last days Revelation sixteen and verse fourteen talking about unclean spirits what assessment they are the spirits of devils what are they doing working miracles keep that thought away in your mind friends of mine today we have to recognize that even if somebody or something or some person performs a miracle that we cannot doubt that place the blackberry I doesn't mean we operably may say what is that one is Isaiah say to the law the testimony they speak not according to this word is because there's no light in them we ought to take our instructions are beliefs our understandings of God and Christ and his plan for allies from the word not from even supernatural occurrences so there's working for they are spirits aware of your devils working miracles which go forth into the kings of Europe and of the whole world to gather them to the battle of that great the God Almighty edit massive deception is predicted before the end of this great controversy and I believe the devil will work in remarkable ways of God wants us to turn to him and if we turn to the dead we are placing ourselves on dangerous ground where the devil is able to deceive us some people might have to what about that story that's the way from first sang of chapter twenty eight about King Saul you know the story right the story of Saul having his own death predicted by the deceased prophet Samuel what about that story percentage of twenty eight of me there were not to read all the verses verses seven through about twenty or so we would have to read but this is a story and then it begins verse seven Saul said into his servants seek me it was one who has a familiar spirit that I may go to her and inquire of her now than he has a question with the four then there should be no such mediums in Israel or after this is after that he thinks all knew about this in fact if you go back in the early part you'll find this all sound one of the first thing that hit after a meeting team was to cleanse the land of Saul knew what he was doing Psalm knew that he was going to a forbidden source for information and so he asks his servants to go in as all disguises himself and put on other clothes then he went and went with two men with him they came to the woman by night he said I pray the Divine and to me by the familiar spirit and bring him up whose name I will give whom I shall name unto you and the woman said and then behold you know what solids done obvious cut off those that familiar spirits and the wizards of land wherefore then lay is now a sneer for my life to cause me to die and solve square to him per by the Lord saying of the Lord lives there's no punishment happily for this thing and then woman said whom shall I bring up unto the said Rami Samuel and when the woman saw fantasy crying loud voice why did you deceive me you are so all you see what's going on here is a séance going on sols they are his friends are there to to closest bodyguards I guess the woman as they are woman is no solace but as soon as this spirit comes up she is aware she was informed that this is Saul and she becomes a panic race all says and Susan what did you see in verse thirteen into the verse he says I saw God 's ascending out of your spirit is sitting out here and he said what form is yada she said an old man comes up and he is covered with a mantle Saul perceived that it was Sanyo a student with his face to the ground bound about with say something right now I believe and I'm going to give you reasons why I do not believe this was actually sent Saul perceived it was sang on the rest of the text goes on to talk as if it's a dialogue between Samuel and Saul but I do not believe this was literally saw us and I'm a tell you why to tell you a number of reasons why this is not true even though he did make a prediction in the end let's look at a couple of reasons why this could not be Samuel first of all I want to get tricky dripping percent twenty eight look back at the chapter 's first general chapter fifteen first Jan sent a chapter fifteen and were going to look at a number of verses here that have the beginning of this for the background of this story the story was that Samuel said wait until I calm and I'm going to join you to sacrifice for the Lord remember the story and they are going to go and and fight against King a dad and them after days passed and the morale of the troops is going down and saw the time he had to do something himself remember and saw actually with and perform the function of the preceding I guess he figured I'm looking I might as well do this as well and so he himself sacrificed these offerings and present in the Lord and sooner no sooner had he done this and Samuel appeared on the scene you know sometimes sometimes got her knocked timings right we we we don't know God 's timing he wanted I suppose that us all to learn to wait on God 's timing but notice what he says verse nineteen assessment fifteen Bruce nineteen wherefore then they found not obeyed the voice of the Lord but it's fly upon the soil Ms. evilness side of the Lord and Saul said to Samuel yeah I will be voice of the Lord access denied a business this wasn't what he told me continue and this is what he says in verse nine hundred twenty two Sanyo says has the Lord as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as in obeying the voice of the Lord behold to obey is better than sacrifice and to hearken in the fat of France to God wasn't interested in people just killing all kinds of animals that wasn't the point he wasn't somehow gratified by burning flesh he was gratified when people learned to obey him there's an interesting interaction that goes on here this was evidently not a first step in Saul 's rejection of what God had been trying to spin say to him for verse twenty three goes on he says for rebellion is as the sin of what does it say witchcraft and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry because you have rejected the word of the Lord she has also rejected the from being king that's pretty heavy language coming out there isn't it because he rejected the word of the Lord he has also rejected you from being king now Psalm realizes that this has serious consequences and whether this was genuine repentance or not I would doubt that he begins as a I I sin I have transgressed the commandment for I feared the people therefore obeyed their voice now pardon me forgive turn with me worship with me and Sanyo says in verse twenty six all I will not return with the four thou has rejected the word of the Lord and the Lord has rejected you from being king over Israel and a sandal churned without the doorway he laid hold on the skirt of his man for a rent can gain says and Samuel said under him the Lord has rendered the kingdom of Israel from the US they and his gimmick to a neighbor that is better than now see my friends solvent began you know the story between David and Saul Wright at whole old drama that took place salt would go on for example to kill all of the priests of the Lord Shiloh except one of them like they ran away and found David and Philistine I don't write back the kind of hardhearted rejection of God that Saul had come to the point where he would kill the priests as a leaflet attracted to guys for sandwich at twenty eight I want you to notice something here he's rejected the word of the Lord he refuses to obey him rather do his own thing and friends of today I just want for me this is a this is a huge huge caution why I dare not do what I think is best I best seek to follow God 's word that's what saw went wrong trying to improve upon God 's plan they think that what I think doesn't really matter does it what what does God say that's what I want to know is what I want to believe if you look with means for sandwich of twenty eight verse six you seem to protect trade predicament that Saul finds himself in and when Saul inquired of the Lord the Lord answered him not neither by dreams provide your own gourmet froth that's how the world is the breastplate of the high priest going to answer the request of the man who killed the whole priesthood how in the world on the profits but there was a line endings that seminar to guide by this time but how in the world of the probably still living when you have a message from God the person is rejected the messages are indeed see the problem is also handles unresolved finest opera predicament he's facing this Philistine battle he doesn't notice and on fire not and now all of a sudden he wishes he had God 's guidance in God wisdom God Council but even in the profits and they wouldn't help them meet you in the praise and they couldn't help them even have any revelation of drains any one time the Holy Spirit in the foreground solute Bronstein felt that in so having no response from God through them through the means which God himself had put in place for communicating with his people he now turns to a medium eight a medium of communication which God had said was not to be tolerated not to be allowed and begins looking for answers there so we notice that God was not answering Saul in these other these other ways we notice also that Saul did not himself see Samuel the medium sauce saw spirits or gods coming from Lear we can also note here that it would not make sense for Samuel to respond to a request from the dead when the prophets two were living would not respond it would make sense at all but it is I suppose if you believe this were possible it would have to be with God 's permission and got allowance for there to be communication between the living and the dead and he's already strictly forbidden and why would he facilitate this one time when God speaks during the you are when you wouldn't speak to the channels of communication that he ordained there is no good answer that except to believe that this medium was channeling communication from the spirit world but not so from some deceiving spirits as well the question someone asked is how then would Samuel B of this Spirit Sentinel the able to give Psalm this information must look on verse fifteen percent twenty eight Santos said to Saul why have you disquieted me to bring me up and saw answered I am sort of stress in the Philippine Philistines make war against me and God is departed from me enhances me no morning to my profit through my dreams therefore I called it enough its make known unto me when I made what I shall do he really confesses that he makes it pretty clear that God wasn't responsive and instead send a wire wherefore then the sauce of me in the Lord is deprived from Venus become an enemy he says the Lord has done to him as he spake by me for the Lord has rend the kingdom out of your hand and get into the hand of thy neighbor even to David now tell me that true or not those are pretty much exactly the words that Daniel said back in chapter fifteen does that prove that this have to be central coming back and then speaking why not wouldn't the evil angels wouldn't put in the towers that are in the spirit world the unseen powers when they be aware of what sunset they could easily have been aware and they would be able to repeat that and then goes on into a prediction because you did not obey the voice because of your disobedience the Lord will also deliver to the Philistines and he basically said you're going to die and and your sons will die also with you tomorrow some people as well if this was not a lot of this is not a God this is not the prophet Daniel how would he be able to tell the future saxophonist sons the guy next day it's very simple I believe the devil knew that God had removed his protection from King Saul while the devil does not know the pre- future the devil could still predict the future is dimly foretelling and predicting is learning the weather court forecasters predict I don't foretell right I believe God alone can foretell the future but I think the devil with his study of humanity and and everything else going on around us he has pretty good chance of predicting something so I believe this was a bit I believe this was an evil spirit masquerading in the form of Saul deceiving deceiving him and giving him much distress or sometimes our expectations become our reality don't say I don't think the salt listed on the ballot next day with the greatest courage of the greatest confidence he actually believe this seems he fainted on the ground in Europe except his fate that he would die the next day so the devil would know that the cells of God 's protection is removed from Saul but what's the real issue here the real issue I believe in this topic is found here in Isaiah chapter twenty eight edge of that chapter eight verses nineteen and twenty and when they say to you seek those who are mediums and wizards who whisper and mutter should not a people seek their God should they seek the dead on behalf of Lee of living to the loss of the testimony if they do not speak according to this word is because there is no light in them two things I want to remember on one sister turned to him in times of crisis and he wants us to find guidance from him that is easily testable demonstrate Google by his word to get you did nothing this passage he wants us to turn to him why because God loves us he wants a relationship with us and he knows that our emotional attachments to even people we love on this earth could supplant a relationship with him he wants us to seek him during our times of crisis during times of of of discouragement the Richey real issue is that God wants us to find comfort and answers and relationship with him grounded in the teachings of his word we need to be men and women who study our Bibles who know our Bibles who seek for God 's will not instructions and are by because only then are we safe from the distractions and the deceptions of the enemy the real issue is that Jesus loves us and these he has something better for us he has a better way to answer our questions a better way to comfort our aching hearts a better way to give us guidance to the future I'm thinking that Jesus earned you I'm thankful that we don't have to play with different spiritual mediums we don't have to play with different séances or or trying to get in contact with the spirit world the spirit world is trying to get in contact with us the Holy Spirit is trying to speak to us we don't have to go looking he's looking for us and he wants to give us guidance he wants to give us relationship he wants to give us comfort he wants to your senior I think this thing hangovers word is thankful that greater is he that is in you than he does in the world I'm thankful that we serve a risen 's incoming Savior and I just want today to once again commit my life to living for him that your desire like joining today as far as the price father in heaven today we thank you that you've given us in your word so much clear counsel so much clear instruction what you know that we have hearts that are easily fooled so you given us cautions and warnings printed as we study today this topic of of communication with the dead I pray that you would you help us not so much coming many of us probably are to do that anyway but you just help us speak to us and show us how much you want a relationship with us we might draw her closer to you we might be men and women of the Word that we might we might see that spirit relationship to walk with you but in the confines with in the bounds of my program will we thank you for this we ask all inches this media was used by audio players a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to me seven audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain please visit www. audio tours .org


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