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Romans 9-The Calling

Chester Clark III


The ninth chapter of Romans is confusing for many. Some have concluded that Paul is teaching that God arbitrarily determines who will be saved or lost (Predestination). In this study Pastor Clark explores the biblical concept of the Church as both the visible and spiritual body of Christ – and what being a member of these bodies entails.


This is another in our continuing series on the book of Romans.


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • March 8, 2014
    11:00 AM
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you said that the only thing more impressive than absolute power is when absolute power allows freedom of choice reminds me of a story I heard again and I were visiting Amish country we were reading about how they were committed it is one of nonviolent they were passive of the naked they were noncombatants when drafted and so forth and yet sometimes there is a struggle with this position you know of nonviolence particularly with the question of protecting themselves and their property in their families one Amish gentleman resolved his convictions about nonviolence with his need to protect his family bus when a and intruder broke into his home he raised the shotgun pointing it at the intruder and said the following five seconds hereafter I shall pull this trigger I give you the choice therefore whether thou shalt be in the path of this moment you see my friends they were going to be looking at Romans chapter nine and if Romans Chapter nine is known for anything it's known for being a chapter where it appears the least many people see in this chapter it appears that God by his own volition apart from any human choices or decisions make arbitrary decisions even impacting the foundation of souls and when we find here we find here a number of verses here that it seemed very problematic if we just scanned through the chapter we see a section here where it talks about Esau and Jacob I thought choosing Esau Jacob over Esau even though Jacob was not born first Jesus R God said to his mother the younger shall the elder shall serve the younger before he was even before born before you go to add any choices not arbitrarily made this decision and innovating again here from the book of Genesis and Jacob have I loved than Esau have I hated this picture of God is picked up by many and I want to be very careful here because I want to be respectful to those my brothers and sisters in the Christian faith the one who's doing the Bible differently than I do I went to seminary in Michigan men there you basically have most of the Protestants in that part of the country Re: our Calvinistic or Lutheran they're going to be the reformed faith of the Lutheran faith and so I had plenty of opportunity to speak with those who believe in the doctrine of predestination but those who read this see a picture of God is different and I see they see a picture of God it says either side before a person is even born whether there is a lack of the van whether they can be seen whether they can be lost whether they're going to suffer for eternity or enjoy heaven for attorney that the picture they see of God we see here also Paul appeals to the story of of of of of Pharaoh and his experience in Egypt we see he feels to the beer of the Potter and Clay the symbol of the Potter and Clay has not the potter the power to decide what he's going to make of his vessel whether it be a vessel unto honor or dishonor of these the passages of puzzled many people who see in the Bible it seems that God gives us freedom of choice and yet they seem these passages it seems that God predestined the pre-election chooses who's going to be savored as can be lost so that's what we'll talk Beta what were going to be discussing as we study God 's word together are you ready to looking out for leftist foreheads were additional word of prayer before we begin father in heaven today we recognize that our minds are finite and feeble you are the infinite God your truth is beyond our comprehension and yet you say that you would send your spiritual leaders and the guide us into all truth so today father we just confess our need and we clean your promise that you would do as you have said we ask this in Jesus name amen before we begin looking in depth in Romans chapter nine I want us to discuss something that is I believe very related to a subject which many people probably don't understand very clearly I want to look briefly at the subject of the church the church we take a few minutes with me and told me to talk about the church for just a few minutes there are many different words there many different meanings to the word church when some people use the word church they're talking about a physical structure we are in a church are going today a church building is one meaning of the word church we might also speak about a congregation a local congregation which is a part of a local community of faith we are part of a church here at the church in Dalton the sundown 's church in Dalton we might also talk about a worldwide family or community and denomination perhaps when we talk about the word church we also could be talking about about just me the idea of the church at large all the denominations all the Christian the Christian church in a general sense of his many different meanings to the word church and I was just looking to perspectives of the word church work with you today for a brief moment I wanted to think about the two perspectives of the the word church I want us to think of the church as being both a visible body as well as what a spiritual body no were going to look at some verses I want you to see this from God 's Word today but I want you to understand the charges not only has eighty eighty eight a spiritual body or not just as a visible body but as both God 's church actually it is both and in one sense it during the end under that under the visible body we have representation when I look at more detail at that basically got visible people got visible body is the will of the people God has given the message for that time to give you the world you realize that in every age has always been present through there's always been present through the note was vague there was a message to take the world wasn't there in Jesus name the apostles they and reformers they had holiday there is a particular message and we can trace that particularly when we get to the book of Daniel Revelation talk about our daily recognizes a special prophetic message in the last days of the world the visible church than the visible body is that group of people oh God has entrusted a message for the hour that is in essence or that any a greater detail as we go on the spiritual body on the other hand is much more intimate the spiritual body is a it is actually where we find his salvation now which is more important to their salvation become a trick question but I think salvation okay I believe that salvation is the most important thing knowing Jesus knowing Jesus is the most important thing work and explore this as we go on but as an and in the spiritual body the body of Christ to become a part of the spiritual body of Christ we reenter salvation must talk about a little more into the visible body now this is what five the New Testament when people were convicted by the Holy Spirit they were baptized and accepted to it says that they were baptized and Lloyd added daily that is to be saved and the church continue to grow enough that the visible body of the Christian church in acts chapter two he joined through baptism right now did that mean that every single person who became a part of the Christian church was necessarily converting the part of the spiritual body of Christ don't we see some New Testament examples of those were part of the visible body who we have a pretty good evidence were not part of this mutual body think it and I inspire for example you think of you think of you think of this situation for instructor five where where Paul says among the church they were sins being committed that were even named among the Gentiles so clearly to be a part of the physical body the visible body is not necessarily mean that were part of the spiritual body spiritual body we become a part of the spiritual body of Christ by the new birth of conversion birth by the Spirit borne by water and borne by the spirit member that's what Jesus said right you're into the kingdom of heaven to these report the born again of water and of the spirit so we enter that the visible body through by Best Buy water baptism we enter that spiritual body of Christ through entrance by birth and the spirit through conversion of hearts will look at some of these verses here I wanted to just turn to them so let's look at it and see if we can find in God 's word what I'm talking about here first Corinthians chapter one and verse two will begin with that one first Corinthians chapter one verse to come back to Romans nine and just a few moments year first printing chapter one and verse two Paul is addressing the church and then he says Paul called to be an apostle of Jesus Christ to the will a lot of soften these are rather averse to undo the church of God which is at Corinth to them that are sanctified in Christ Jesus called to be saints with all that in every place call upon the name of Jesus Christ our Lord both tears and our soloist Paul writing a letter to the church the church in Corinth writing and in this book just a few chapters later that we would find in chapter five verse one it is commonly reported among you that there is fornication among you and such as is not sowed them is me among the Gentiles so what I'm trying to say here is that we can become a part of the visible body of Christ without necessarily being a part of the spiritual body of Christ is not true let's look at acts chapter two here I referred to these verses but I want to see them for yourselves acts chapter two beginning with verse forty one accepted two and verse forty one when you're there you can say amen all right let's go ahead and begin reading verse forty one it says and then they that gladly received his word were baptized and the same day they were added unto them about three thousand souls how are they adding it was through baptism right now the baptism save us know we understand baptisms in an external sign of what is happening in the heart right but it was through baptism that people join the church verse forty seven skid down they were praising God and is saying and having favor with all the people and the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved you see God brought people in the connection with his invisible church and I don't want I want to underscore this I want to underscore this because there's some people who believe what you know I don't need to be a part of the church I don't need to be Jesus Acer is my Savior yes I understand that I believe the Jesus can save us and those famous individually as individuals why record is very cleaner the Bible record teaches that Jesus brings those whom he is saving into fellowship with his visible body the body of Christ when Paul was Saul and he was on the road to Damascus and what happened is blind of that light is led by the hand into the sitting ASAP for three days on the house straight Street right and that there he was in Damascus blind thinking about what was going on now could Jesus save him is Jesus could Jesus save him from his sins without anybody else involved in a possible absolutely Jesus Goodling you know what instead Jesus went to a Christian believer who lived about about half a mile away in the corner of the city well at least if the houses that are there they say are the same site interesting sites of any said Ananias I went nice listening I want to go into me to Saul why because God always works to bring schools means saving into contact with his visible body that the principal we see over and over the Scriptures now we can take out of extreme and we'll talk about that in just a moment let's look an acceptor seven in verse thirty eight C more about this invisible body that God brings people into acceptor seven and verse thirty eight this is referring not to the New Testament church but PS even the first Christian martyr is being is referring back to a church in a previous era and this is the King James and readings with today and it says that seven or thirty eight this is he that was in the church in the wilderness with the angel which spake to him and Mount Sinai and with our fathers received the lively oracles to give unto us now what is the church in the wilderness a weapon while the church in the wilderness that Moses leading it was the children of Israel right was the first time in the wilderness the understand what were seeing here in the New Testament the word church is used to describe sometimes held to be translated in the congregation of the word church years describing God 's church but people in previous eras when they were given a task of representing God if we think about it does it make sense were the children of Israel given the message of God for his time for that time oh yes what do you think of themselves know they were meant to bless all nations with the hope of the Messiah with the truth of the sanctuary service they were meant to be alive to all peoples that was the intention for God 's people because they were they were God 's chosen visible body and they were given the truth not about me that every single Israelite was a converted and saved the screen president of using the difference in the visible church and the spiritual church the visible body and the spiritual body now if we look at some verses that refer to the spiritual body let's look at a couple of them here first Corinthians chapter six first Corinthians chapter six verses fifteen through seventeen I like this passage because it speaks of the intimacy of open oneness which God wishes to have with his people and were going to read that verses fifteen to seventeen first printing chapter six says know you not that your bodies are the members of Christ shine and take the members of Christ and make them the members of an harlot Doctor Betty White know you not that he was joined in a harlot is one body for two says he shall be one flesh but he that is joined to the Lord is what wine and spirits you see when conversion by the Spirit of God we become one with Jesus we become a part of his spiritual body this makes sense that we can be a part of Jesus I still have our love relationship with the world of football you say when Jesus is not going to be married to someone who's playing around it neither one way or the other were even joined with Christ or were part of the world when we can't have it both ways and so he that is joined of the Lord is one spirit with the Lord there is a oneness when we become a part of the spiritual body of Christ we are converted and we become one again through the spirit second Timothy chapter two second Timothy chapter two in verse nineteen you're going to understand why we were looking at this in just a few minutes when we look at Romans chapter nine second Timothy chapter two and verse nineteen this is the speaking I believe to the spiritual body of Christ nevertheless the foundation of God 's standards sure having this seal the Lord knows them that are is and let every minute name one that means the name of Christ depart from iniquity now how does that have any bearing on this simply put we can see who's in the visible body we are where we cannot judge who is a part of the spiritual body but God 's law knows those who are his remember how Jesus said in John chapter ten when he said other sheep I buy that are not of this fool does Jesus know that he absolutely yes the Lord knows those that are his best spiritual body of Christ Jesus knows those who are part of his body John chapter seventeen real quickly Alaska verse and then will move on John chapter seventeen in verses twenty through twenty three Jesus himself speaking now and for name for his church I love this path because as long as praying for his disciples at the time frame for his disciples who believed on him through their word that feeling a Jesus is praying for us and this is his prayer verse twenty John chapter seventeen neither pray I for these alone but for them also which shall believe on me through their word that they all may be one as thou father art in me and I envy that they also may be one in us that the world may believe that I was sent to me and the glory which thou gavest me I have given them that they may be one even as we are one I in them and thou in me that they may be made perfect in one end of the world may know that I was sent to me and is one of them as thou hast loved me you see what Jesus desire was legally one nice he wants us to be part of his body he wants us to be one spirit with him to abide in him as we read in John chapter fifteen and so I believe that if we look at just these two aspects of the church the visible body and the spiritual body it becomes very clear God has eight people that are his both visibly as well as he knows spiritually and the church of God on earth is meant to be a reflection of God 's heart God 's purposes and God will honor them let me ask you question is a church on a goner always perfect at reflecting God 's will and God 's purposes are absolutely not we seen evidence of purpose is God 's purpose for them in fact once his church honored to be such a reflection of his heart in his finest purposes that you we act on earth as it is visible church is in concert with what he is doing in heaven that's why he said he said in Matthew chapter sixteen verse ninety now will give you keys to the Dean of heaven five hundred one bound in heaven and whatever you loose on earth of the list in heaven Matthew eighteen he says it again assuredly I think you are you bottom of will be bound in heaven whatever you loose on earth will be missed in heaven this does not mean that somehow we arbitrarily become the commanders of heaven that we become more important or powerful man God is putting the ball what he needed the church on earth is supposed to act in high calling certain of heaven so that when we act we are acting in in in in concert with what he's doing and we have that power that authority to be acting upon the basis of his will revealed in his Word that God purpose is for the church of God to be a reflection of God here on the service until the mission of the church and mission of the visible church is to be God 's representatives the mission of the visible church is to be caretakers of the truth not so been imported and enjoyed only by us the privilege to buy so that it can be shared and spread abroad throughout all the world a divine obligation rests upon the visible body of Christ eight we are custodians we are still words where concert airs were entrusted all of these words ring responsibility to share with others I believe this is what Paul is offering to Winnie he spoke in second tenet of first Timothy chapter three verse fifteen he says I write so that you may know how you ought to conduct yourself in the house of God which is the church of the living God the pillar and ground of what the truth you see the church is meant to be the pillar and ground of the truth God 's church God 's visible body is given a specific mission a specific message and that is to take an guard and to present before the world the truth that is especially important at this time the visible church 's representatives have always been the safeguards of his truth and is not to say that the church in any age has given a completely perfect reflection of the knowledge or of the truth or the will of God but it is to say that God 's representative people have been given the closest or most comprehensive understanding and stand in a singular way responsible for its preservation and sharing interest in what were talking today is a primitive privileged to be given the work that the responsibility of being a part of God 's visible body it's a heavy responsibility high response that doesn't mean that we have all the truth doesn't mean any age God 's church got business visible bodies never had exhausted all the truth although understanding has been right about everything that's all it means but not visible body has the closest understanding the most exhaustive understanding the clearest teaching of God 's truth at that age that is what I'm saying is I study Church history let me try to illustrated graphically if you please if we were to grow L3 this graphically this concept of the church regarding look at these verses we can talk about the visible body of Christ to whom the truth has been entrusted by whom people join by baptism by being a part of a visible group that is given the message for that hour to take the world we would recognize that not everyone who was a part of the visible body is also a part of the spiritual body this is sort of sad getting is God 's will for everyone who's a part of his visible body to also be part of the spiritual body that what God wants of course he wants oneness with his people but the reality is the reality unfortunately is that not everyone's a art of the visible body who has been given the work and take a message to the world not everyone is also part of the spiritual body this is a this is a beautiful truth on the other hand to recognize that not everyone is a part of the spiritual body is all that is a part of the visible body and that I would dare say that almost any age you were to look at if you were to examine the population of the world at any age I would dare say quite possible that in any time visitors history there've been more people who are true to Jesus in heart and spirit and a part of his spiritual body who are outside of the visible body then there are those who are inside the nowhere to be one of the item about you but I want to be here in the spiritual body and also divisible by a business as may seem simplistic and not trying to be too elementary here for you but I'm trying to help us lay some groundwork for understanding the concept of the church the visible Church of God representative people I want to be a part of the spiritual body and also part of the visible body that's where I want to be the spiritual bodies we see is a is a in being a part of spiritual broad body brings the responsibilities and the privileges of salvation being a part of the visible body brings the possibility and the privileges of representation and this is what I believe the Israelites did not understand the see the Israelites said we are part of the lot it was quite a little money where the church therefore we are also automatically a part of the spiritual body right isn't that what they thought because we we we we are circumcised below the church on the Sabbath day we go to the Temple we have the Temple that Old Testament prophet said that sometimes chastise the people because VeriSign will double double more than double war there are desires with the Jumbo Morgan save you having it in your business and save you being a part of the visible body doesn't save you you may be a good jail but you need to be a spiritual Jew as well a part of your younger standard in a temptation without visible people and all times to trust in the fact that they have been given the responsibility of the truth the law the prophets the Temple stars and it's been a temptation for God 's people in the visible body in all ages to forget that that does not bring salvation it simply brings the responsibility of representation only being a part of the spiritual body of Christ can bring salvation you know we have people go to the opposite extreme we say they say why don't you be a part of a visible by hiding is important for us to understand what God is trying to say in the word not that either of the extremes trusting the visible body or trusting exclusively spiritual thought is that always works to bring those two together at this purpose axis plan and so the Israelites trusted in the Temple they said we are the Jews we are the children of Abraham we are the errors of the promises and they crucified the prompts they were the visible body but they rejected the spiritual body in person meal to which no God I want you to understand friends for those of you who are ready to just say I don't need to be part of visible login is needed the abundance that your body into hypocrites in the church I want to understand that God is very long-suffering with his people think of the children of Israel and Jesus even foreseen what would happen you stand on that mountain on positive triumphal entry tears rolled down his face diseases of the roots how often I would've gathered you undermine on as if in gathers but you would not see Israel was God 's people visible by representatives interested still works they rejected Jesus and yet God did not reject them indeed than yet another three and a half year study the history of the Jews crucified Jesus but still gave them opportunity I will make you know my instruments to take the message of the left side of the world three and a half years went by they continued to persecute his followers until the stoning of Stephen and thirty four A.D. in the Bible reads after that experience and accept the seven acts chapter eighteen it says of persecution displays in Jerusalem verses one through four and the disciples were scattered everywhere preaching the world word after that seventy weeks have been fulfilled forward for the Jewish nation after nation failed to make an end of their rebellion of their sins and transgressions and they were they were still in rebellion against God not only crucifying the Messiah that now killing his followers the Jews were rejected as a people now want to understand not as individuals they were rejected as a people so that the Scripture says in Galatians chapter three verses twenty twenty nine there is neither Jew nor Greek there is neither slave nor free there is neither male nor female you all one in Christ Jesus and if you are Christ's then your you see an error is according to the promise listen while Paul Simon say here there was a time when ordinary a part of the body of Christ the visible body needed to become into you needed to become circumcised and even then they'll imagine outer court of the temple not in the inner sanctum of the holy places but you can you can even become a part of God 's people like joining the Jewish faith are saying here that no longer necessary that's not necessarily on the whole of Galatians speaking about the people right of circumcision in the need to obey the ceremonial law in order to become a Jew in order to be safe and pausing listen in Christ there is neither Jew nor Greek there is neither male nor free female neither bond nor free you all want and who are now met Abraham 's seed you are Christ's then you are Abraham 's seed and heirs according to the promise Paul here is taking a back that God has made a paradigm shift in Texas was going on God is made a paradigm shift he has chosen a new group of people at his representatives and readers will do this one first with a number of other passages in Paul's writings he makes is very very clear the Jews rejected Jesus they rejected his message and now and now they are no longer his chosen people they are no longer is visible body of the visible body the Christian church a Christian church is now the vehicle the visible by you which through whom God is in contrast to the laws and trusted the truth and through whom he wants that could be taken to the world the Christian Church Avenue imagine if you urge you having spent your whole life thinking where God 's people can you imagine difficulty following this paradigm shift that God has been about to understand that even those who became Christians have a hard time following the download in our work where were Christians we believe in Jesus as the Messiah were still Jews and you become a Jew in order to become a Christian and hard time it was difficult it was hard for them to understand how the promises to be transferred like that on the business was to Abraham and his descendents what you mean those who are Christ's Re: Ramsey image not a seed of the labor is that possible so God is doing something that is remarkable and and Paul in Romans chapter nine is trying to blame what God is doing that's what workmen discovered that his review here quickly how God has always had an movement through the years that he has been patient with we have Adam and Eve in the garden of the first church was his visible body of course we recognize that they did not stay part of the spiritual body they chose to rebel and God 's chosen Abraham a system of patriarchs to be his visible representatives on earth at this point it just doesn't like a family line the eldest of every side of every family would be the firstborn and the spiritual responsibility of safeguarding the truth and passing it down to future generations after Abraham and the patriarchs we have a whole nation the nation of Israel we talked a little bit about how Israel was visible body of Christ that was responsible for safeguarding and sharing the truth but then of the stoning of Stephen we will live we recognize this is the time when fulfilling those seventy years of predicted and read that when the gospel now those the Gentiles and the visible body is no longer the Jewish nation now it is the Christian church the Christian church grew rapidly you know what happened we studied about it a few weeks ago Paul predicted Peter predicted that after our departure grievous wolves will come in the spring right of the falling away men will arise among yourselves teaching perverse thing is all prophecies that were spoken of in the New Testament Scriptures and the church would become although they were not visible body the church would become by the middle ages how long ways from where God wanted me a long long ways from our government to be back some people I set some people say is so far from where God wanted me to have a hard time recognizing that it was still not visible to study the book of Revelation we won't wonder that until now instead the book of Revelation interesting thing about the seven churches seven churches are describing the visible church and it speaks in symbolic language of course speaks about this exact situation being allowed already in the church that woman Jezebel it speaks about the great apostasy and makes sense because where's where is the bottom of the spiritual body of Christ during this time when Revelation chapter twelve it's in hiding right the wilderness and so it's in is not a visible by the visible body is an apostasy the time would come when God would having movement out of the medieval church I believe I believe this is what God was doing I believe God over God God raised up a Reformation why because overall court of the Tribune printed by Martin Lutheran reformers could have converted the existing church and he couldn't remain as God 's representative art that it happened when Ghana referred that happen at every stage along the way when converting the Jews he would've reverted with the church Middle Ages the time came when the church rejected the message of the gospel of righteousness by faith that Luther and Calvin and others brought and God 's movement was a new movement got visible represent is on earth was the Reformation a new body of people and I would go financial people began holding to their trade so much so they can alter the Bible anymore special script to her claim fell apart when a couple hundred years later they were presented with the truth about the second coming with the truth about other numerous true that would be uncovered in the Scriptures and they said no our pioneers are reformers are fathers they didn't believe these things orthogonally than either I believe God raises up what I believe the last movement and I want you to meet me be very clear here I'm not talking about a denomination specifically here in history what was his movements God brings up movements who entrusted with his truth entrusted with this message the last days and I believe the great second Advent movement was and is not the last movement on this earth we don't have time to explore all those reasons as God patient with us a nice patient with us I'm thankful for that thankfully was patient with ancient Israel but we look at Romans chapter nine now get your Bibles I think we've laid a good foundation for what all trying to say in Romans chapter lines let's look at and read a few verses here were not to be and look at all the verses in detail but I was still easy enough here that you have a good grasp of what Romans denies trying to say and I were to look hearing and then we might still think it begets another passages that Romans chapter I will begin saying I say the truth in Christ I lie not my conscience also bearing witness and the Holy Ghost that I have great happiness and continual sorrow in my heart I wish myself were accursed from Christ for my brethren my kinsmen according to flash with all trying to say Paul Byrd and for the salvation of his fellow countrymen was so great that I wish like most of I could pray God want me out of the book of life and only they can be safe that's what he saying here I'm still concern my birth and my having is my sorrow is so oppressive that I wish I could meet accursed from Christ and what they might be saved this is an ironic statement and they and he goes on to say why ironic inverse four who are Israelites to entertain the adoption the glory and the covenants and the beginning of the law and the service of God and the promises whose are the fathers and of whom as concerning the flesh Christ came to his overall godless robbery and Paul is saying look these my fellow countrymen have had every advantage in order to be safe they were God 's people I mean there's know that you can't really define in butter or exhaustive terms what it means to be the visible body of Christ and what Boldin said they haven't they were the ones are adopted they were the ones I received the covenants mindedly forgotten the covenants is a two-way agreement but nonetheless they are the ones that had the services of the sanctuary they went on his boat on the list this is where I began all of these blessings than the visible body of Christ and yet ironically with all of these blessings Paul finds himself wishing he could be cursed Christ so that they say he's explained as I was reading I was reading the thing what I'm talking about if we have the promises we are the adoption and we happened we don't we are saved to understand how the Jews had a hard time separating representation salvation should understand is witnessing property honestly for a broad wincing from the date the Jews had a hard time separating representation salvation is a policy and explain it all in a breakdown mean you got understand this and so he explains not as though the word of God had none none taken in fact but they are not all Israel which are of Israel he's an index how can I say that even though they had all those blessings all those guest and all those promises how can I say that they're not saved on look Lisa's first seven needed because they are the seed of Abraham are they all children but in I said shall Nicene be called old but ultimately Paul is pointing out the fact that all evidently just because he is God specifically chose one of Abraham 's sons to be the ancestor of the Messiah to think about the Jews never thought about the fact that God chose arbitrarily just because guy chose Isaac Nevada what let's think about some other things that is they which are the children of the flesh these are not the children of God but the children of the promise are counted receive for this is the word of promise at this time .com on the sense of worth knowing about Rebecca and he says only this but also I can see my wanting our father Isaac the children not being born having done neither good or evil that was it nothing that the Jacob Riza God has figured in the God 's plan here God but he says that the purpose of God according to election might stand not of works but it cannot call it was sent to her the elder shall serve the younger okay I was sincerely undergone tells why it is that you get to choose he's got and it goes on and says the watch is of researching as it is written GE Jacob have I loved but Esau have I hated now this is something that some people have a hard time with them before I'm not in a monotonous and a lot of time on this is where running short of time but basically this is not God seeking in a sense any general sense of the word like we would say in a positive sense and and for that you can simply look in the Old Testament the word faith is used in way that we would not use it today for example between Jacob and his two wives remember he loved one of his live my life 's Rachel know what the Bible says about Leah hated her now we read that in modern English we say wow that's a pretty dysfunctional family was dysfunctional okay polygamy is always the functional but the fact is this is a term they use a different way than we would use it today now I'll give you evidence or evidence in Luke chapter fourteen twenty six in John chapter twelve verse twenty five taking notes and write those down gently fourteen twenty six John twelve twenty five Jesus says in two different places basically unless you hate your father or mother more than enough to hate your mother mother you are not worth nothing talking I featured in the positive sense of the word like we would if I always thought we say is heater assembly in this sense means not referring above the other that makes sense this is one of all the living God is doing what he chooses Kagan Esau Jacob and I loved Esau have I hated is not that he hated in life someone's madness evening and no he's not a violation violator of the Commandments to hate our brother now he's he's he's simply choosing Jacob over Esau and he thought is the right to choose because he is God we continue one year Paul says in verse fourteen what shall we say then is there unrighteousness with God not prevent what argument is not trying to make images reading this article for this letter he's trying to argue God has the right to choose but what I'm going to argue today is that Paul's main subject is not about salvation Paul's name argument is about representation let's hold on hold on order skip on down presenting for the Scripture says to Pharaoh under Pharaoh even for the same purpose I called the anti- radiant on a show my power in the end but my name might be declared throughout all the earth therefore he has mercy on those whom he will have mercy and whom he will he hardness now their different ways must understand this we do have a whole sermon just on this passage I'm just going to leave it with this God raised Pharaoh to the throne at that point in history for the purpose of his name being honored and glorified that's clear this passage Pharaoh had a choice as to how God 's name is honored and glorified easy where the hardware in fact if you look in the book of Exodus two times the Bible says that they will harden his heart and to time the Bible says that God hardened his heart now which is it it's both because God brought him to this point in history raising the power to be gained in the opportunities they roam the decisions they will decide how is it happen but God 's truth elicit something pressed to consider no matter whether we accept the truth or not the truth is going to try no matter whether we accept God as our Savior or not his name is going to be honored and glorified we have a choice as to how that will happen in and through our lives skip on down verse twenty one has not the power potter power over the clay of the same lump to make one vessel of honor and another to dishonor God willing to show his wrath at it and make his power known endured with much long-suffering the vessels of wrath fitted to destruction and that he might make known the vessel the riches of his glory on the vessels of mercy which has before repaired and the glory in us whom he has called not of the Jews only but also the Gentiles and here we get to what are you trying to say all of this simply to say this first twenty five as he said also in Hosea I will call them my people which were what my people and her eleven which was not beloved and it shall come to pass that in the place where it was edited and you are not my people there they shall be called the children of the living God Paul's point here is that God has right to choose because he's got just the right to choose who will be his representatives on he has the right to choose to bring in new movement would work with the old hit the right because he's got at is that managers can no longer be saved out of an observation here at all no chapter saying I wish that they would be saved in the starter next chapter saying my hearts desire out I will I wonder many say but I'm also making your Taliban representation the Jews have been bypassed then and left behind because of their choices they've been left behind no longer are they the movement through God is working no longer are they the people of God the visible body of Christ now he will work for a new body in new people and he will work to save the world and even engines through that new body in that new people and he goes on he makes very clear by saying also says there's twenty seven though the number of the children of Israel be the sand of the sea a remnant shall be saved we shall cut short his work on site result finish the work he shall cut it short in righteousness because the short work with Lord make upon your skip down now with me to verse thirty what shall we say then that the Gentiles which followed not after righteousness obtained to righteousness even the righteousness which is what I was saying to Israel which followed after the love rises they have a lot right in the prompt governments and services and every thing else Israel which followed after the long righteous not obtain the law of righteousness why are thirty two because they sought it not by faith as it were by the works of the law but as it were by the works of the law they stumble at that stumbling stone you understand what Paul is trying to say here is trying to say Limbaugh has a right to choose his representatives to get these examples of Esau Jacob of Pharaoh and of the part of the clay of any and when he comes down he says what God has chosen the Gentiles now those who are Christ's are Abraham 's seed they are now this represents a visible body on earth and how can we understand that because God has had a history of choosing arbitrarily sometimes it God chooses because he's gone now if you were to read this is backup here I think I hope this clear what often say in Romans chapter nine but if you were to revisit the other way if you were to read this as God saying God chooses some to be saved and some to be damn if this issue is salvation being discussed you would have problems when you got your last couple versus because if God was saying in Romans nine I have the right to choose as many savings can be lost the last verses of green from them like this even so Israel has failed to attend law righteousness why because they were not the elect to see the difference now the last convert that chapter says laugh harder taxes because they attempted the intended righteousness works they tempted to to obtain the standard of righteousness to their own after she is their choice I they chose anything is not God chose and then they chose to attempt to obtain standard of righteousness by works in the Bible God is often represented as doing that which he does not prevent but what I wanted us to see here is that God has made very clear that his people Israel were rejected not because of some pre- ordained election but because they chose to attempt to attain righteousness are the works of the law instead of righteousness by faith not friends this is a warning for us it should be a warning for us all to bring Wisconsin back in Romans chapter eleven with the same letter if God will spare the natural branches were cut them off you be careful don't boast you while branches grafted in if God spared and spare the natural branches look at the monkey can cut us off to as a warning here that we should not go about to establish our righteousness by works but accept the righteousness that only comes through the blood of Jesus Christ the righteousness of Jesus Paul has spent eight chapters discussing salvation already in Romans the issue in Romans nine is not primarily salvation but representation is the argument that I that I would make this morning Paul is trying to help them understand the change that is taking place not have the right to unilaterally choose his representative just as he chose not lifted the development of amount and see him face-to-face not me that is and they got and just just as he chose Jacob before he is born to be Vance is the Messiah assigned not he saw that doesn't make them unjust he chose Israel's a chosen nation to be his special people but the time came when he rejected them and chose another human a people from all languages and ethnicities and nations the Gentiles but that doesn't make them unjust either because thought is not gone into the donkey to talk remedy needs to die because I will choose the rocks to speak for me if you won't speak for me God is God and it becomes a representation we'll have the right to say the shows why why this happened is not he has the right and he will reserve that right even to have stones cry out if we are silent the Jews stumbled we see in the last few versus not because they were not elected but because they sought righteousness my works that didn't look here in the last verse we can read yet but in that last verse verse thirty three as it is behold I lay in Zion a stumbling stone and rock of offense and whosoever believe on him shall not be ashamed I love the get here it shows to show that Jesus is sourcing is a good thing any man but here is per trade not just as our Savior he's also trading system why is it you're trying to earn salvation in a way that you can have anything to boast about Jesus is a stumbling step in your way and your fall and trip and fail every time Jesus is a stumbling stone to those who would work out their own salvation on their own merits their works but whosoever believes in on him shall not be exchanged you see what it said it really say that you see that word whosoever that is a sound to me like some are chosen in the same summer tells a lot believes on him shall not be ashamed notices me a couple of passages what is look at the real quickly God never intended any other purpose than salvation for the members of the family human family first entity to verse four for God will have all men to be saved and come under the knowledge of the truth second Peter three nine he is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance easy to thirty three eleven as I live saith the Lord God I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked but that the wicked turn from his way and live eleven twenty eight come unto me all you that labor and related I will give you rest on these precious promises all they tell me in a God who loves as the Tamil Nadu wants us to be safe until Mammon God who has Artie chosen us for salvation and once as him the salvation Revelation twenty two hundred seventeen whosoever will let him take the water of life freely John three sixteen for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life Romans chapter nine verse thirty three behold I lay in Zion a stumbling stone or rock events and whose are believed on him shall not be ashamed I was I was getting my windshield replaced one time it was in the town of Hot Springs Arkansas tonight I called the phone book and got a number of different prices for replacing my windshield and the best price was this one company and so I went to the address and found it is like a home business don't elicit it is in a residential neighborhood and the guy had is my windshield ordered and and I was I that I paid for it and whatever so so I come in there and need he makes frequent work he comes out young guy and he's he's talking to me and is witnessing to music Christian is talking to me and what he was really wanting me to see what the God chooses something will be saved and some people be lost the doctrine of predestination and I listened tonight I tried to know I tried whenever he came with a Bible verse I tried to sort the context and show them what what Paul was trying to say there haven't been enough talk about some other other passages in and then he's a well-known is that I believe that we do have to choose just we don't have to choose any saved but it doesn't matter because I mean really to be saved or lost as to what you mean choose them that choice again this illustration I said in a friendly if it if I jump out of an airplane without a parachute and shows the fall what what but what really meaning is my choice one thing do I have any choice no no I believe that God is feminist choice and I do believe that God is powerful but is nothing more impressive than it and that absolute power and absolute power that allows easy I believe that when man fell at the beginning it was because the freedom of choice but it is not reelected in the fall God is responsible for the sin we have suffering not gone more than freedom it is only in freedom is there while only improving their relationship and so when God when man fell step freedom because now there was nothing he could do something lost my torture that he had no choice any longer but we lost for eternity until God stretched out his own son on Calvary Street and when you said it is finished into your hands I commit my spirit went when Jesus gave on the nose when he died I want you to know what Jesus had just done with Jesus just purchased freedom once again for the human race that's how come that Jesus is the freedom of thought is that freedom is the freedom on one system ability to choose and he is not willing to force us to be saying the morning before Stephanie lost he wants to give us freedom to choose your one or the oldest man taking more and more agitated as I talk to them and showed them all these things are finally funny he was really upset I was worried about my windshield and on and entities is getting more and more I'm seeing more and more upset than I could brother why are you so worried about me agreeing with you if you are right I wonder why my brings you won't change that will mean really it doesn't matter that I just can't understand how I can understand how you can see it is so clear in the Bible that even might even my three -year-old hero worship and reading vision that night and my three lunches she was running around the yard there is little girl my three -year-old Marine V and she said isn't that neat daddy how God chooses some PC sum to be lost in my radio continued that he paths and in a reflective moment he said of course no I'm not sure I'm not sure if she's among the electorate I just scissors the father could see a God loving God who chooses some to be seen some people and might even have chosen his own precious to beautiful little daughter to be turning on something friends that's not what the Scriptures teach whosoever believe shall have everlasting life I don't know about you but I want that the celebrity talking about they are deservedly let's pray father in heaven today we struggle some of the passages in Paul's writings it may be more secure difficult but we've seen your amazing love your amazing Grace one we thank you for being willing so patiently to work with your visible body throughout history we can see how your people tested and tried you over and over and you love them still work I think you an even greater way even more for inviting all of us to be part of your spiritual path that we know we are but dust in the solar system in this universe though we are not you invite has to be one with the God of the whole universe award thank you for saying whosoever thank you for inviting all to come to you thank you for not being willing willing that any should pair but that all should come to thank you for being a God who loves us enough to die so that we would have the freedom to reject you or to accept you as you want just old Lord help us to love you more help us as we look at Romans nine to have a greater all of your plan for life 's purpose for us this week today to be your representatives your people share your truth I pray that everyone here under the sound of my voice might leave this house of worship no they are one spirit with Jesus because he's inviting him he's died for them right now nothing don't choice can prevent what we give your hearts and minds get your brain and is is is is is a media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe this is more so than please visit www. audio verse .org


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