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Revelation 10

Kameron DeVasher


Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • January 25, 2014
    11:00 AM
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Revelation chapter ten amazing we're already into the building a third sermon but we're not doing an in-depth study of every chapter or every braver every idea that we could study and the study Revelation were doing a general overview a survey of the book Genesis chapter one of course introduces us to this book as the revelation of home Jesus Christ and every thing from that moment forward is centered on Jesus the focus is upon Jesus at the message about Jesus from Jesus to the people of Jesus it's all about Jesus amici that the first three chapters with the seven churches that Jesus is speaking to and try to woo and encourage in some cases admonish and correct there we also see in Revelation chapter four and five we saw been enthroned and of Jesus after his resurrection his ascension into the courts of heaven in the beginning of his priestly ministry in the heavenly sanctuary where he is given this scroll that was sealed with seven seals in fact you can take the scroll he is worthy to take the scroll and open its seals and the seal that are open sequentially just as we saw the church is sequentially and basically in our previous two studies we've seen that the book of Revelation is all about Jesus a revelation of Jesus Christ the book of Revelation spans the history of the church from the time of its author John to the return of Jesus Christ and beyond so the framework of the book of Revelation are things as you said things that are and things that are to come right and it concludes with the coming of Jesus in the great controversy the sin problem the seven churches the seven seals the seven trumpets are simply three different representations of that tank same time span it begins with Christ's reception into heaven as we saw in Revelation five as the Lamb slain conquering the course and he concludes with the return of Christ from heaven as a conquering King cc Christ in in this history the unfolding revelation starting the time of the prophet John including with the coming of Jesus now that general overview no as we look at that outline of history more specifically noted that in the seven churches the sequence of churches we had one two three four five six seven Ephesus Smyrna Pergamum by Ira Sardis Philadelphia Laodicea one right after the other with no break for any explanation is just one of the next limits very simple very much like we saw in the book of Daniel and the other prophetic the great apocalyptic book of Scripture where the very first prophecy given is the sequence of the kingdoms outlined in the statue of the men the great image it is about one meter Persia Greece Rome then you have the second coming very simple there's no explanation of any other part it just goes walks through the whole same thing we seems that churches however in the sequence of the seals that the repetition of that same history there is a pause between the sixth and the seventh seal to describe God laugh statement of people symbolically represented by the number one hundred and forty four thousand hundred people so I've is going to that history again he goes one two three four five six and just before we did the seventh which of course represent the coming of Jesus the day of the Lord it pauses to introduce us to this remnant people and then it moves on it doesn't give us the message that they're going to getting that can be found later in Revelation fourteen it doesn't tell us much detail except that they were there and it continues with the seventh seal that opens the sixth trumpets again and anytime in the seven trumpets and it goes through one two three four five six but in the same position where path is you give a little bit more detail of things to to be an aware of specifically what you find in that break between the sixth and seventh trumpet Revelation chapter ten Revelation chapter eleven revelation eleven concludes with the sounding of the seventh so today we're going to focus on that first pause in the sequence of the trumpets which is revelation chapter ten why is it there what's the significance for us today and what does it mean at all as the burden of our study day is revelation chapter ten but before we study God 's word we need to begin with the word prayer are Emily thought thank you so much the you have given us traveling mercies even be here today and thank you for the opportunity of Christian fellowship and now spirit led Bible study but we ask that you would send the Holy Spirit who authored inspire the author of this great book of revelations and now revealed to us Jesus Christ in its pages up with the CG is more clearly and will claim his name constantly every day we pray in Jesus Revelation chapter ten we're going to read an entire chapter of Scripture today all eleven verses okay starting with verse one I saw still another mighty angel coming down from heaven clothed with a cloud and a rainbow was on his head his face was like the sun and his feet like pillars of fire he had little book open at hand and he said his right foot on the sea and his left foot on the land and he cried with a loud voice as when a lion roar when he cried out seven thunders uttered their voices but I heard that I was about to write numbers or down when the seven thunders uttered their voices I was about to write but I heard a voice from heaven saying to me seal up the things which the seven thunders uttered and do not write the scissors and interesting things here continue relaying the punishment to come back Bertha the angel whom I saw standing on the sea on the land raised up his hand to heaven and swore by him who lives for ever and ever created heaven in the things that are in it and the things that are in it and the scene in the things that are in it that there should be delayed no longer access the version that I have I'm guessing that some of you have a bird that doesn't have the word delay out of the different work maybe I like will come back to that general overview of the review five or seven in the days of the sounding of the seventh angel which is about to sound so again it gives us the time step of where we are in the sequence of the trumpets were in the before the giving of the seventh so must be in the time of the six but in the days of the sounding of the seventh angel when he is about the sound the mystery of God would be finished as he declared to his servants the prophets then the voice which I heard from heaven spoke to me again and said go take the little book which is open at the hand of the angel who stands with Steve O'Meara swallowed the angel and said to him give me the little book and he said to me take it and eat it and it will make your stomach bitter but it will be sweet as honey in your mouth but I took a little book out of the angel 's hand and ate it and it was sweet as honey in my mouth but when I had eaten it stomach became bitter and he said to me you must prophesy again not many people 's nations hung empty soda can write in this historical chain right in the sequence of events in the six trumpets right before the sounding of the seventies upon any is given this prophetic experience this meeting of the little book in his dialogue with that man standing on the seed of the land what possibly all of me going to do now is go through a sequence of questions we want to ask this passage and see if the Scripture itself will give us illumination on what the possible meaning could be a fourth this will go back to the very beginning first N verse one I saw another mighty angel coming down from heaven clothed with a cloud and a rainbow was on his head his face was like the sun and his feet like filler pillars of fire that cool is this messenger who is this person giving this message to John what interestingly enough if you leave your finger home based by the way today is the new revelations but when you think of angled back to the first chapter of Revelation and notices revolution of course verse one thousand Revelation of Jesus Christ you notice in verse five minutes from Jesus Christ and then it says in verse seven behold he is coming out with clouds a Nvidia goes on in verse twelve at this voice speaks to him will will start with personal industry will context I John your brother and companion in the tribulation and kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ was on the island it is called Patmos for the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ I was in the spirit of the Lord then I heard behind me a voice as of a trumpet saying I am the Alpha and the Omega the first and the last they goes on verse twelve if you skip down there that I turned to see the voice that spoke to me having turned I saw seven golden lamp stands and one in the midst of the seven lamps and one like the Son of Man clothes with a garment down to his feet and good about his chest with a golden band 's head and hair were white like wool as white as snow in his eyes will flame of fire is the will like fine brass as if en route as if refined in a part of the voice of the sound of many waters so he already had an encounter with a being that looks very similar to that being what Jesus Christ very clearly he goes on with it I am the one who was that an alkali he was given a message to John which by the way we might be somewhat shopping is Jesus the messenger is a possible stay right there Revelation one but the very first verse says the revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave him and what was he supposed to do it to show his servants things which must shortly take place so Jesus Christ is one of these messengers along with Jay now that doesn't make them less it doesn't make him an angel it makes them simply part of the pain of communication from God the father is a revelation of Jesus Christ that he was given by the father and Christ sends along and he takes his part in relay this message that's what we see in John chapter three in Revelation chapter one happened to John now this little of this angel now is the back Revelation ten verse two it says had a little book open in his hands no we party scene in the book of Revelation reference to a scroll being in someone's hand that someone was God the father but apparently gone the father was unworthy to open a scroll not because he was because he was any kind of sub being more inferior of all because he simply had not done what Jesus Christ had done let's go back to Revelation five and see if ourselves Revelation chapter five verse one again were speaking of God the father sitting on his throne and this is what the apostle John sees and I saw in the right hand of him who sat on the throne again it's the father a scroll written inside and on the back sealed with seven seals this strong angel soft oh by me with a loud voice who is worthy to open the scroll and lucid fields and no one in heaven or on the order under the earth was able to open the scroll or to look at it so there was this closed scroll in the father 's band but no one who's worthy of it verse six observers or so I went much because no one was found worthy to open and read the scroll or look at it but one of the elders said to be due not we and why is that the whole the lion of the tribe of Judah the root of David has prevailed to open the scroll and to loose its seven seals who is the being in this instance the incumbent open the scroll describes the first six and I looked and behold in the midst of the protocol or living creatures and in the midst of the elders stood a Lamb as though it had been what slain this is a reference clearly to Jesus Christ illegal but Revelation chapter ten you see out the messenger and Angel messenger lupus the same description that John had already seen earlier when Jesus was relaying a message to him by the way it also matches the description that Daniel saw them and he has this open scroll in his hand a little book open in his van when foster would be very clear I am not saying that this open little book is the exact same thing as the scroll which is open and Revelation chapter five Revelation chapter five we had I believe the spirit of prophecy clearly indicates what this rocks Revelation five it is the entirety of God 's counsel the whole great conference the whole plan of redemption but this is not that this is a particular little book this is a portion of the pieces is something very specific he has now open in his van keep this in mind as we continue on my way Jesus is our even identified as a lien has been revelation by the lion of the tribe of Judah and here when he opened his mouth to speak as if it's as though a lion 's roar way what is this imagery come from speaking like a lion roaring back Amos Amos if you would begin home bases Revelation chapter ten but the book of Amos gives us an interesting insight about this Hosea Joel Amos that will enable the famous chapter three of there is a very famous passage and reasons of the Baptist Church and rep Amos chapter three and verse seven that I believe is very applicable to the study of prophecy were doing the book of Revelation when assessed surely the Lord God does how much nothing unless he reveals his secrets to his servants the prophets which is interesting the book of Revelation servant prophet is almost completely interchangeable the book of Revelation but look at the next verse when it talks about the Lord revealing his secrets to his servants the prophets would say a line and has what reward who will not fear the Lord God has spoken who can but prophesy it seems that the apostle John near again all throughout the book of Revelation you see references and allusions to previous Scripture as we talk about of the very first message of this theory the book of Revelation is the beginning of the Bible it assumes you read all the books that come before it so it makes reference to say Jezebel or Babylon are some Old Testament we expect you to know it already I inherently be seen of the references that when it talks about how verse three and cried with a loud voice as when the lion roars Revelation chapter ten verse three a believer talk about Jesus Christ is this angel messenger but what he's holding his hand will come back to the moment is not the entirety of the entire plan of salvation is nothing I regard for the little book the specifics of this time frame it needs to be understood right before the sounding of the seventh trumpet is particular instance that was one of the seven thunders just move right through the passage notice as the lion roared that Christ speaks it says in verse four observer three continues when he cried out seven thunders uttered their voices now when we say that some thunder spoken in it until you go to save the fund thunder boomed it roared the seven thunders Bentley had voices and apparently they were discernible because he was about to write down what they said look at verse but I affect now when the seven thunders uttered their voices I was about to write so apparently they had a message they said it out loud John heard it he understood it was ready to pick up his pen and rural eights what he heard and understood by us what stopped them another voice I heard a voice from heaven faith in the seal up the things which the seven thunders uttered and do not write the update submitted that we frustrating I don't know of anything more frustrating and something has to tell me that I need to talk we've been coming with opinions most frustrating the world and hear the Bible seems to do that all the seven thunders that if they can collectively as the one to tell me you could have told me something and you don't just leave now right why does John go to the trouble of saying I heard his voice as I understood this and write it down but can tell you she's him or is interesting that happens at this time in this particular thing why would we have this experience why is it included in Scripture the good again clearly John heard and understood with seven ninety said a voice from heaven specifically instructed John not to write down their message so obviously there was more information John could have given us could have recorded in this chapter but he was explicitly forbidden to do so noticing invited him because he forgot it because he was lazy it was because God gave them information about the dog in the information with a is it possible that of course that God knows that we don't have seen it but is it possible that there's information that got been given about this particular thing that would've been helpful perhaps even easier than you know what no number don't write tell them you heard something television more they could know the don't tell them what it's there is like Jesus to do that your finger in Revelation chapter ten with the back of the gospel of John same author list of the gospel of John John chapter sixteen fascinating fascinating John chapter sixteen that is what Jesus is saying here and I want you to notice the historical context in which you saying I believe that bears on our study today so start here John chapter sixteen he's obviously he is not used telling them some not so good news is coming to the close of his ministry he's talking about the things he's about to suffer how we could be taken away from them how is the way in all of this stuff as he does he get done verse twelve in the middle of this explaining that you can ago when the Holy Spirit would comment he gives of this little insight verse twelve I still have many things to say to you but you cannot what bear them now he's at all there's so much I could tell you what if it know not for now that is that does it imply that there's something he'll never tell us know he says but for this particular occasion for this event what you're about to experience I could tell you more but not now you couldn't bear it now it's not good for you now it will be helpful later and when the Holy Spirit comes to reviewed you all things and everything will understand but for right now there's more I could say but it's best if I don't know I find it fascinating now let's think about the historical context what portion of Jesus ministry was he saying this as he's coming to be in of his ministry he's about the face and unfair trial public scorn and shame and finally physical execution is ridiculed and his disciples are about to go through a horrendous up evil of their fate a great disappointment if you they look to Jesus as the Redeemer which of course he has but they didn't understand that they were thinking of a temporal savior from that of the bond is the Romans they were thinking used to have a literal kingdom even if restored they had their hopes up here and Christ could've told the more explicitly some of those things that was good their hopes and dreams right they said it best not now when the spirit of truth until he joined altered after I've let but for now better not not fun and fascinating as Jesus was going into this thing if he understood very clearly and his disciples were back to go through a very trying experience a test of their faith Pacific we withdrew information to get interesting and of course the disciples went through a tremendous disappointment today not they were completely unknown they were there hopes were shattered dreams were gone they were distraught in a you think of Jesus on the road to amass with those disciples why are you so down and do not know what got on the weekends we had a halt he was going to be but now by the way in that instance on the road to romance the Jesus do the same thing but he revealed himself to them absolutely but he chooses not to yet why because they need to go through the Bible study review the faith they need to have their faith tested and see all this is what it really meant for me he reveals himself on the other side it's interesting that Jesus himself had done earlier in his ministry again with the back revelation alongside of a finite stone drunk up to sixteen so he tells us in John chapter twelve sixteen verse twelve I still have anything to say to you now but you cannot bear them now however verse thirty the Spirit of truth is he will guide you into all truth for he will not speak on his own authority whatever he hears he will peak and he will tell you things to come now skip down to verse twenty what does Jesus tell them their experience is going to be most assuredly I say to you that you will what we and will lament box the world will rejoice and you will be sorrowful but sorrow will be turned into joy you think you're good to go through a horrible experience to feel you to weep and lament and mourn and sorrow after that your sorrow will be turned to joy interest it's almost as though something is good to be a really bitter pill to swallow you know but you need to go through to right now you think analogies and sweet message ease of communicating when it lands when you fully understand what really happened it's got to be tough to swallow but after that cannot go again back to the prophesied of any nations with an estimate that similarly again on the road to romance the same thing happen is it possible to go back revelations and is it possible about the rhetorical question others when and where Doctor I believe it is possible that just as there was more that Christ could've told his disciples but it would've not been best for them at that time that something similar is being described here in Revelation chapter ten that at the time these prophecies of this little book whatever this little book is the prophecies of this little book that it would be best as those were expiring God could've told them orbiting it would be best if they didn't have that information yet so what's in the little book what is the information well only one book actually matches the description given a little book think about the qualifications that are within this chapter it's a little book of prophecies fit extended to and terminate during the period of the six trumpet of the six zero six church as always something that had been prophesied a time element which by the way should go visit with what it says here that verse six that there should be delay no longer I tried to go home look that up in any scholarly work they will tell you there's no reason that were delayed be there the Greek word is cross which is where we get chronological chronology time sequential continuous time this week that if we do this with lift and carry the messenger is saying ugly this is Jesus Christ thing that time will be no more value like they collect the end of time will obviously it's not begin the time because of the very next verse verse seven but in the days of the founding of the seventh angel which is about the sound there's still more stuff to come right so obviously nothing in the time nor is there any reason it should be translated delay apparently what is talk that is the time that's mentioned in this little block is expiring now the time is no more the time element this little scroll talk that is up is coming to conclusion attending a time shall be no more and so here we have a little book of time prophecy that her extensive and terminate in this time of the six churches feel trumpet and only one book contains that is not the entire book is not just the entirety of the book of Daniel Wright is one specific property that terminates if they were property of the extended terminated earlier but there's one little extend to this time in Earth 's history with twenty three hundred days of Daniel after a adverse working under two thousand three hundred days work years prophetically the sanctuary shall be Clinton's and hear the angel messenger which is Jean is Christ himself the whole book is about Jesus Christ is now explaining the work of Jesus Christ that the transition for most holy place to most holy place a hold up this little book and he says time will be no more time is up now what does it mean to keep the book which by the way look at verse seventy interest to make sure we see that this is a book of prophecy belief talk about again for six inns that there should be time no longer in verse seven says that in the days of the founding of the seventh angel is about sound the mystery of God would be finished as he declared to his servants any holding with little book the profits as I got up prophetic book at the time element it expires in that time of the sixth trumpet with a sixty six church six out of seven verse eight within the voice which I heard from heaven spoke to me again and said go take the little book which is open in the hand of the angel spent with the earlier so I went to Angel and said to him give me the little book not be clear he's not being rude here he was instructed to go take the book I if he felt about than he would be fouled off at all in order in order to take what exactly is it about so I went to the angel and said give me the little book and he said to me take it and and it doesn't say read it was decided it would eat it and it will make your stomach bitter but will be sweet as honey in your mouth sometimes my wife will be less recycled piece now this is really bad no I don't you believe buddy that I don't want to smell it why would I ever eat a you are is by Custer Road but here he's headed thing is told to eat it instead wanted to make is the you are so sweet and what he could've said no but this is commendable what do you do with that so we think that verse ten then I took the little book out of the angel 's hand and ate it and it was as sweet as honey in my mouth when I knit my stomach became dinner now this also is a reference back to previous experience in Scripture for the book of Ezekiel again were living in Revelation ten per day but easy you'll buy back there next to Daniel chapter three tell me this doesn't sound like something that John is experiencing in Revelation ten Ezekiel chapter three verse one moreover he said to me son of man eat what you find eat this scroll and go speak to the house of Israel felt pretty similar yes so I open my mouth any cost me to eat the scroll he made me eat it the pictures almost that I would run out and he put it in writing at least joined I think it'd be developing away the book goes into first grade he said that he Son of Man feed your belly and fill your stomach with the scroll that I give you so I ate and it was in my mouth like honey in sweetness when he said to me Son of Man go to the house of Israel speak my words to them for you are not sent to people unfamiliar speech or of hard language but the house of Israel not the people of and not too many people unfamiliar speech or language whose words you cannot understand Shirley and I think you did then they would listen to you about that Israel will not listen to you because they will not listen to me for all the house of Israel are impudent and hardhearted right away the message check this out now in Ezekiel the message is posted give out to digest and then express in was not invented the whole one what was intended for the church interest interest is specifically not cleaning up into the message for the people of God they need to get right now goes on behold I have made your face strong against their face is in your four headstrong and therefore had like abundant stone I like animals known a harder than flint I have major board had do not be afraid of them nor be dismayed at their looks though they are a rebellious house moreover he said to me Son of Man received into your heart all my words that I speak to you and hear with your ears so that's interesting users receive in your mouth but of course that's symbolic it needs to take it in to take it in your heart needed to really digest it took to sell it in under status with the study of thing to really take this bullpen and noticed that thinking again also includes sharing it with others I was when you think you have with it and share it was easy he was sweet as honey in amount but bitter in the stomach experience John seems to be taking that same experience now again for himself as the Lord instructs Revelation chapter ten but look at it again then the voice which I heard from heaven verse eight spoke to me again to go take a little book which is open the hand of the angel who spent on the scene on the earth so I went to the angel said to him giving the little book and he said to me take it he needed it will make your stomach better but it will be sweet as honey in your mouth I took the little book out of a animated and it was as sweet as honey in my mouth when I need my stomach became bitter that you might say no wait a minute in Ezekiel 's meeting included taking him for himself and sharing with others here in Revelation chapter Tennessee just thinking to himself at the diverse eleven verse eleven six and he said to me you must prophesy what the next word again with the implication if you do something again it needs regarding on it the first time right so apparently he was supposed to John was supposed to take in this message like you think you'll prophesy about it understand it and spend it up and the experience when you first haven't always be sweetened with them so good to be popular with the button there's been a be a turning point exactly by the way would be disciples experienced in their ministry with you always does great Jesus is coming of Messiah Jesus the Messiah absolute truth vote their understanding of his ministry was skewed their message was actually accurate I decided on Jesus is the Messiah the King of the Jews except when they thinking images that are different picture in their head right and what Jesus was saying so every time she do with the picture you have used a little like a crisis we had the wood River couple years with the desire of ages the unit is every time Jesus said like guys on the go to Jerusalem there can put me on trial and kill me that just didn't match at all of the picture they haven't had to they would just dismiss that difficult about how you developed you just be humble is like I'm being serious I'm going to die in right now their worldview said that this is what it must mean it we look back now and we say how is it possible Jesus said so clearly what he was going to experience that they didn't how would a distraught because they had a picture in their mind what Jesus was saying that please them more than fixed within a picture they grew up within her mind right support them and be the right thing and you didn't do the talking to do even at the last moment they were thing on here got to get up across you come the nails I wouldn't want to be standing there all the anytime and you are all completely just didn't see that coming if only we had no apparently in the time of the sixth trumpet the six strictest succeed just before the coming the Lord there's a time element message that was supposed to be preached this was because he stood and preached and they got excited about this there was a movement all my word we understand Jesus is coming soon that is even coming to us did Jesus come in eighteen forty four he didn't come here in eighteen forty four but he did transition from the holy place to the most holy place so Jesus didn't move from one place to another and eighty four four and up-to-date record into the picture of what it meant was incorrect the message got out Saturday that Jesus seems to take the original disappointment of his disciples and repeated in his last day trip which was what's the church at that point movement no notices the great Advent movement or the Millerite movement revival quarterback had been its history coming up Symphony this is like what is that there is an eminently unknown we studied these things have in the movement start up and so you understand all fear is a great she is coming they were studying that little talk Daniel chapter eight in verse fourteen the time property it was expiring in their aides visit we stopped Jesus is coming that they started running the message of Jesus was coming at King which is exactly what the disciples of the day and the Lord allowed to step in fact the impression was given the seven thunders you think they could clarify any of this confusion absolutely the Lord the outright and you like Christ that artist that could give given more information to help really really drive home in and tell the public okay I told you it's in their cry for it are included the clarification but this let it ride for now will talk about on the other side the prophetic experience of John recorded Revelation ten for the end of the chronological history represented by the seven churches Seals trumpets specifically during the six shirts feel trumpet crisis scene declaring that the time prophecy recorded in a little book of prophecy was expiring and the only time and that the only time prophet of this description is that of Daniel chapter eight and verse fourteen the twenty three hundred years that began one fifty seven BC expired in eighteen before eighty with the cleansing of this heavenly sanctuary would commence finally was the back of the seven thunders think about this the separate what was the message that the seven thunders had could not be recorded in Scripture he was hurt it was understood the Bible had gotten specific that don't put that in Scripture don't write it down and does that mean we can never know what the seven thunders no but it would have to wait until after the event had been fulfilled and then through the Holy Spirit the clerk of the you know we find Jesus ministry here is that I will be here but when the Spirit of truth comes he only went off until help you understand the things I would vote right is it possible that after the Canon of Scripture closed and after the event the great disappointment occurred but the spirit of the Lord could send a message and tell us what the seventh understand that be okay then absolute absolutely and totally valid which brings us to this one passage from the spirit of prophecy there is another one that will save that one for later sermon but this is from the seventh Bible commentary page nine seventy one the special light given to John which was expressed in the seven thunders wireless is where we just now also never got an extra thirty seconds what does this with the seven hundred say especially given in John which was expressing the seven thunders was a delineation of events which would transpire under the first and second Angels messages as revocable proclaiming the hour of his judgment is come which was true but their picture was that means she's going back to your big event that would grant buyer under the first and second Angels message is noticed this it was not best for the people of the note evening for their faith must necessarily be tested in the order of God most wonderful in advance truth would be proclaimed the first and second Angels messages were to be proclaimed but no further light was to be revealed before these messages had done their specific work that he needed the message of the judgment beginning it happened to go out with a loud voice I said yes we can tell you by the way that we begin it was quite disappointing I guess it is the in will you know to one another things like just keep reclaiming the message with that misconception your mind and when it's over clear that we just like Jesus a Dunn is many things I would value now but you can't bear it but when he disputed truth is will lead you into all the powerful thought analysis but in the larger context of moving to close our notice something again the seven trumpets seven churches the seven seals all over the same time span was fascinating to me is the beginning point as we saw in Revelation five was the day of Pentecost which is be knocking a inauguration of Christ into heaven after he was laid on the cross to begin his holy place ministry as a priest and happened to intercede on our behalf holy place ministry begins the sequence in here as were coming to a close of the sequence that same Jesus spent time will be no more and the prophecy talking about is transitioned to the most holy place is now coming to a commencement is now beginning the book ends of the seven zip of the first part of Revelation are the beginning Jesus worked in the holy place and the beginning of Jesus worked in the most holy place the whole thing hinges front and back center on Jesus Christ and his ministry in our behalf powerful thought is a beautiful thought they were not dwelling to dwelling about Beeson and everything were talking about Jesus and the things that were explained are just those things which transpired in-between these two pillars of Jesus ministry after the cross the beautiful so with that in mind I believe firmly that we are living after time prophecy is not I believe firmly that Jesus Christ is still active in our behalf in the heavenly things were doing the work right now and are the greatest pointed at the very beginning of his ministry Jesus had planned and prepared for the great disappointment of beginning is most holy place ministry Jesus plan and prepare reports and now will the next great events will be the second coming of Jesus when Jesus is coming again and I believe soon and very soon the media was brought by osteoporosis a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about hot numbers in your life is more certain that you visit www. audio course taught or


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