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Revelation 11

Kameron DeVasher


Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • February 1, 2014
    11:00 AM
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we study the book of Revelation and only give you brief review is where we are today were to be looking at chapter eleven but how do we get to where we are just a few brief highlights there's no way to possibly recap all the studies in just a couple minutes here and move forward more to go rather quickly but as you recall our effort this quarter is not to be an exhaustive study the book of Revelation is not the four hundred level class in the one hundred level classes as an intro to Revelation survey one oh one would anyone call it the big overview of the book and not every detail however that overview gives us the correct correct framework when we go back and study the details we have the right endpoint and bookends to the book of Revelation in Revelation chapter one to start off the very beginning it's called the revelation of what Jesus Christ because the books of center and circumference everything all the way through is all about Jesus Christ at the very beginning the booking practice go there it would very quickly Revelation chapter one in the introductory statement is Jesus himself explains the purpose of the book Revelation eight is to reveal himself and it's from himself but he goes on to say in Revelation one verse one the revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave him to show his servants things which must shortly take place that means things that have not happened yet but are going to take place in the future revelation of the book of prophecy and again later in the same chapter one we see in verse nineteen Jesus now speaking to the seven churches he said right that things would you have seen and the things which are and the things which will take place after this so we have the very concrete thing that Jesus himself said the book of Revelation begins in the time of the Prophet who is writing in this case it's John the profit rebel later apostle John then any goes forward to thing that would take place future from his time many of which I write some of which are still to come basically the outlet of the revelation begins in the book of in the time of John the prophet and extends all the way to begin to thought I believe were living much much closer to the sin bin we are too busy and write there is a lot that has transpired but we have not reached the end of time you were in the time of being in when in Donovan 's are starting to unfold before our very eyes of the book of Revelation knows future to the time of John is pertinent articulate to our date I believe were living in the time of the end now like it's Old Testament apocalyptic predecessor the book of Daniel the book of Revelation contains several parallel processes that begin again in the time of the Prophet and extended until the end of time that I Daniel recall you thought image Alameda Persia Greece Rome it outlines world history and it repeats that history in Daniel seven to repeat the same history Daniel eight but each time it adds detail towards begin to thought it repeats in the largest same thing you see in the book of Revelation seven churches of that same timeframe from John the time of Jesus second coming with no transact no stopping in between his boom boom boom boom boom with seven seals cover that same history but they cause around the time of the six field to give you a picture of the hundred and forty four thousand and ten through the seventh seal everything in the seven trumpets and this time at the seven trumpets of pauses at number six before the sounding of the seventh to give some added detail what we find inside of that clause inside of that set of parentheses before the setting the seventh trumpet his revelation chapter ten the book of Revelation chapter eleven last Sabbath we studied Revelation chapter ten it describes the experience of Christians living during that time to before the coming of Christ who based on their understanding of Bible prophecy has recalled John was instructed basically deliver out this experience of the believers would have been instructed to take a little book and do what with it it needs a digested take it in and spread a message based on it exactly happened Christian believers in that time period earth 's history based on their understanding of Bible prophecy they were convinced that Jesus would return about the year eighteen forty three or eighteen forty four finally when setting a day on October twenty two eighteen forty four their highest hopes were greatly disappointed when Jesus did not return however the Lord soon revealed to them that their error lay not in a miscalculation of time but in the event itself the understanding of what actually transpired Jesus did not come to the earth is King he went into the most holy place as high praise to begin his most holy place final judgment work which brings us to the other items highlighted as pertinent apparently inside of the set of parentheses the contents of Revelation Chapter 11 which will be the burden of our study today before begin the study was worth heavenly father thank you so much for giving us your word study and the guidance of your Holy Spirit to interpret it and make it plain to us today Lord you understand were studying some prophecies the symbolic language we understand is a real meaning to it and there's a genuine application for a space help us to see it up us understand that the Holy Spirit help us to live the life you want us to live portray Jesus and Revelation chapter eleven the first one again keeping in context we just laid Revelation ten it wasn't the return of Jesus that occurred it was the transition of Jesus from the holy to the most holy place that was the concern and now the first one then I was given a read like a measuring rod both pause right there in Chapter ten Daniel was given something but wasn't little bookable people to do with it until you've given an object and action duo along with your using the same thing about revelation chapter eleven if you read I come measuring rod and he was told to do something with it and the angel stood saying rise and here are the temple of God the altar and those who worship there now I will tell you I don't believe and I believe the context will help with that I don't believe that this measuring rod is a link like inches or feet or yards or qubits I is not a measure of quantity it's a measure of while letting for this disc and I mentioned that the Temple they were already written down in the Old Testament this is not what you looking for is looking to measure the quality therein at the qualitative measure not a quantitative measure notice it says here the measure not only the temple and the altar but also those who worship there the worshipers themselves were to be measured against this standard against this read I don't believe it again he's looking to measure like a seamstress their birth order height you know were talking about a qualitative measure that God wants done now is people arrive measure the temple that alter those who worship there this is inverse to box leave the house the court which is outside the Temple do not measure it it is been given to the Gentiles they will try the holy city underfoot for forty two months at this point it would be a good idea for us to realize that the book of Revelation is not only centered on the person of Jesus but it's also saturated with the language of his position placement of our priest and heavenly sanctuary the book of Revelation is replete with references allusions and direct comments on the sanctuary and have written right back in Revelation chapter one who were introduced to Jesus Christ we see him walking among the seven lamps that are burning right and left it in Revelation chapter five BC Jesus coming into the sanctuary as a landmark having been slain right this is clear sanctuary language he comes before the book in fact with fascinating about this isn't remembered revelation for when it describes the court of God you have the seed of God and then you have the seven lamps burning the course of this is very much a allusion to the sanctuary but there was no Jesus in Revelation five Jesus shows up looking at the land that has been slain right the mind is taken back to the sanctuary process and what's fascinating is that the sanctuary is the latest around which the book of Revelation is written and of course the sanctuary is always pointing to Jesus Christ let me explain love in revelation chapter five again when we had seen Jesus looking at the land having been slain Douglas is turned there very quickly what brings to mind another thing we party study or go to verse six right after John was weeping and weeping about no one was able to worthy to open the scroll and loose its seven seals one of the elders told John don't we does behold the lion of tribe of Judah the root of David has prevailed to open the scroll to loose its seven seals as we read in verse six and I looked and behold in the midst of the Brown of the four living creatures in the midst of the elders stood a what land as though it had been slain and it says having seven horns and seven eyes which are the seven spirits of God sent out into all the earth in our previous study we noted that what makes me describe Revelation five is in heaven with the exact same experience it was recorded in acts chapter two occurring on the earth back right now be the dongle back to rebel other acts chapter two Peter himself explains the significance of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost again as we saw in Revelation five when Jesus returns looking at the Leica land having been slain immediately the seven spirits of God are sent in their slipknot is generally out of the University sent out into all the artist of the art on a mission in acts chapter two he received the Holy Spirit from heaven and they asked the question what does this mean we cannot emphasize enough the day of Pentecost was not centered on the Holy Spirit the day of Pentecost was about Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit was simply a signal that Jesus had entered his new faith and ministry Peter makes clear acceptance delivered thirty three after going through alone Scripture to make is when he comes to the punchline was that with thirty two what's the Vince Jesus noticed you speaking of Jesus God has raised up notice what he says of which we are all what witnesses the disciples seen Jesus ministry firstly everything is just occur yet they seem his resurrection yes Jesus came back to the myth that you can touch my scarf you know it's me and I've than forty days within in his resurrected glorified stop so he comes back they are all witnesses of his life his death and his resurrection fidelity of the question after you send it in the heaven that they see what he's doing anymore will watch this again referred to this Jesus God has raised up of which we are all witnesses therefore verse thirty three being exalted to the right hand of God and him received from the father the promise of the Holy Spirit he poured out this which you now see and hear the outgoing of the Holy Spirit dig with the inherent the visible evidence was not about the Holy Spirit it was simply signaled that Christ had entered his new phase of ministry have been and when crisis excepted by the father he now receives in exchange the gift of the Holy Spirit and send them out to tell his people that I have at the right hand of the father and Christ moved from one hundred one place of them think about this what's fascinating about this with all the things that happen on earth even the disciples were firsthand witnesses they said we cannot but speak the things we've seen in her but everything that transpired in heaven the person witnesses they have to rely on the Holy Spirit signaled that the reliable word about a trust that what's going on in heaven is actually going on they have great reason to believe it's true because they feel the things leading up to it but they cannot tear into heaven and look into the thinker and thought and see Christ in your family have his representative the Holy Spirit and wanted by emphasizing let's think about the structure of the sanctuary oftentimes we think of the sanctuary consisting of three compartments and while that's physically true there is one other phase of Christ ministry involved here we are to believe in the court courtyard the holy place and the most holy place right but Christ where was the lamb born and raised was born and raised in the corporate know he was out in the camp once the people right you lived in a world growth in fact the bulk of Jesus life because it was the lamb represents Jesus all the way through does it not the book of Jesus life the vast majority of the first thirty years were not in ministry per se in a public way it was living in being raised out of the camp among the in the symbolic independent of the representation in the Old Testament the land would be raised by the out of the cab and brought to the sanctuary where its ministry is spiritual application would be done right there it would happen to have a little short time of life where it would have the weight of the sins placed upon it transferred the guilt from the center to the sacrifice for the substitute and then it would be sacrificed on the altar and shed his blood for the remission of sins don't have to question all the way through this process has the center been there to witness the ministry of the land yes it raised the land correct it brought the land of the click but didn't just drop a landmark of the door to go in the courtyard the synagogue of the courtyard yes yes delay his hands personally on the layout then he has to take the knife and do the actual dirty work of slaying the layer now we have to question when the blood is shed of the thinner then take that led into the holy place no who does that prefer the transition right and you notice that there is a fair sale between the holy in the most fully the holiest places of the sacred and the courtyard and can't center can live in the camp and when he needs the ministry of the plant to go into the courtyard but he can never go into the holy place you need the ministration of a priest to go into the holy place on his behalf the veil would be shut down it's fascinating to the Scripture though most of Christianity thinks the Indo all you need is the altar just on the cross apparently after the cross Christ had a ministry still the he becomes a priest he takes a blood into the heavens true sanctuary and then becomes the high priest in the lives of the process that bring this out because it's fascinating that the camp in the courtyard are all the places that if you go and in this timeline in which the century process is merely a timeline it's an outline of the chronological ministry of Jesus when raise he goes into his ministry is a substitutionary atonement is the sacrifice our behalf it is raised up again he goes into the holy place as a priest with his own blood to offer many of the most holy Place Vanessa included he'll come back out again the entire sanctuary system was a chronological outline of the ministry of Jesus Christ that makes it okay the task represents the earth the court also represents the earth because the altar the land was that was slain upon represents the actual cross of Calvary does not always happen only to the disciples is a we saw that we were there but when it transitions to a priest taking the blood into the holy place they can't go there they have to trust by faith that what was starting here continues their Jesus understands and sends the Holy Spirit as evidence that had been accepted into this role as priests now interestingly the afflicted you notice the apostles write differently after the always they have confidence to come boldly before the throne of grace because we have a friend in Jesus because we had the sacrifice of Jesus who was with us and we know Tony as they are now by faith we know that's an interesting thing to me it's an important thing to bring it at this point here in Revelation chapter eleven in the first two it gives us a time marker as to what phase of the sacred ministry were talking about the revelation if you would please place in Chapter 11 again was the first one we have unverified and I was given a read like a measuring rod is going to give away the punchline revelation eleven describes this read it's a description of the measuring standard back then these told to rise then measure the temple of God the altar and those who worship there but leave out the court which is an out is outside the Temple do not measure what is been given to the Gentiles and where's our time marker else for it has been given to the Gentiles and they will tread the holy city under foot for forty two months now why is that forty two months so significant well we do next verse and I will give power to my two witnesses and they will prophesy one hundred one thousand two hundred and sixty days clothed in sackcloth that again just like the contents of the little book which John was supposed to eat in chapter ten here the measuring rod and John is instructed to use becomes the central focus of chapter eleven is told because measuring rod and I believe that's exactly what he thought about the two witnesses were the two olive trees but to let them seek his witnesses of this measuring raw and again we had this mention of a time prophecy forty two months or one thousand two hundred and sixty days now as we mentioned previously the book of Revelation I believe is placed at the end of the Bible on purpose I think everything in the Bible there on purpose on this program but there's this particular significance to why he comes here a dealing with the last things that make sense but it also assumes that the reader of the book of Revelation has already all you come before it right so what makes mention of things like Sodom or Egypt or Jezebel or Babylon these are all Old Testament previously mentioned things in Scripture and hear things like we thought Revelation chapter ten that little booklet contained a time property that would be expired during this type of Italy one popular model that is the book of Daniel specifically Daniel chapter eight in verse fourteen the two thousand three hundred a prophecy and that's what we're looking again at capital in Revelation chapter ten here in chapter eleven it makes another reference surprise surprise back to the book of Daniel forty two months or one thousand two hundred and sixty days have we ever seen one thousand two hundred and sixty days before in property if you want to Daniel ejects a credit what chapter of good we get to review the very first mention of this time period of one thousand two hundred sixty days comes from Daniel chapter seven in reference to the little horn power that would rule for one thousand two hundred and sixty days or as if mentioning a time times and half a time now that is interesting enough for me funny Daniel and Revelation is forty two months or times five at one thousand two hundred sixty days literally one thousand hundred sixty years is the most often mentioned the time prophecy in all of Scripture is mentioned far more than the twenty three hundred days of putting down the twenty two hundred days please understand I'm saying that the Bible both apocalyptic books comes back again and again and again is the first that is mentioned as an gang of chapter seven verse twenty five top times and half a time you see in the book of Daniel Daniel chapter twelve at its conclusion for seventh time times and half the time Revelation Chapter 11 verse two we just read forty two months relationship eleven verse three one hundred sixty days you begin next week you know what's coming twelve verse six one thousand two hundred and sixty days but again Revelation twelve hundred fourteen time times and half a time Revelation thirteen diversified forty two months present time as mentioned over and over the books of Daniel Revelation X is that the Lord wants us to pay attention any guesses a timestamp as to when these events are occurring during this time times and half a time that the two witnesses or this measuring rod he was given would prophesy but in what condition looked back in eleven verse three in sackcloth sackcloth is often was as far as I understand always referred to in a time of mourning sorrow or some sort of distress in trouble in tribulation and final difficulty right if you are mourning the loss of the address and sackcloth and ashes under the adhere the prophet of God that there's two witnesses is I believe is measuring rod is going to have power but it's good to be clothed in sackcloth while it's doing it on the difficulty on the morning with her and goes on to outline of her sport these are the two olive trees and the two less than standing for the good the God of the earth it was the harm done five proceeds from their mouth about him many enemies and if anyone wants to harm them he must be killed in this manner these have power to shut heaven so that no rainfall the days of their prophecy and air power over waters to turn the blood and to strike the earth with both legs as often as they desire his power in this witness was used to witnesses that was interesting is during this time of forty two months or one thousand two hundred sixty days if we can already studied Daniel which revelation assumes we have already established limits on it five thirty eight A.D. seventeen ninety eight eighty the time of the Roman Catholic table persecution in their rule over the Christian world one thousand hundred sixty eight how is it possible that during a time of Christian rule the Bible could be trampled underfoot could be clothed in sackcloth why would that be well you know your history all during the time finally what we called time typically the dark ages quietly called under the sun not shine as brightly as not to just always invited to they just all live in Michigan though of course not no it wasn't talking that a physical darkness but a spiritual darkness because the common people to them population was withheld from reading the word of God now think about this is were going to show about on one end during this time of persecution the Bible with more and more restricted to the clergy to that the professionals to the scholars to the priests and the common people have less and less like access to Scripture and what happened was in a reference prescription it was so little reference that you couldn't touch you can be around only to special people that have it and you know they say that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely what you see is the corruption of the Christian church when the light of the word of God is not given freely abuses starting coming in and begin it doesn't begin a lab as we go down through the ages to get more and more and more and more intense in a obscene these these persecutions of the so-called Christian church in the more pointed in the farther they would golf course in Scripture the less the less they wanted people have access to Scripture they would see the difference to the Scriptures without the people in a guy a bit of reference for it but in Riau used for control of people now think about this during this time was the Bible was not wholly exterminated but it would be protected and perpetrated up only by the most subtle and bearing of believers I think of our businesspeople Waldensians and those those those precious reformers who were good but they're very alive it would high nineteen copy with pieces of Scripture just keep going keep going and cut out it was so that into their clothing internists make little copies of the Bible you know and I think of the way we treat Scripture now compared with what it took to get it here people would give their lives for just the portions that have the ability to read the word of God himself the precious privilege they thought it and it had a power by the way that influence start of fueling up what is now known as the Protestant Reformation the light continued to creep out in an arrest reformer who became back they both were way off course your studies using the Scripture were nowhere near where it needs to be winning reform right now I want to know something that relationship eleven again verse seven it brings us to the closer this time instead when they finished their testimony for this time of testimony during sackcloth and ashes the beast that ascends out of the bottomless pit will make war against them overcome them and killed so they been administering for one thousand two hundred sixty years in sackcloth and a in an underground but had been powerful during that time at the close however another peaceful rise up and just absolutely strike down dead this measuring rod this workbook what in the world was that what you know your history at the close about one thousand two hundred sixty years of another power was rising up so fed up with the abuses in the persecution and the oppression of the so-called Christian faith they said you know what were done with Christianity with screwdriver were done with anything religious at all they literally threw the baby out with the bathwater of course if you recall when the papacy came to a startling and with the deadly wound you call the Pope was sitting on his throne and in walked a general from a particular army does anyone recall his name on behalf of the nation of whom France you really want a fascinating history the very first European people to give secular power over state power over to the church with Frank's and clothes back and finally and now it is that same France who was so fed up with what the quote church leaders have done with the abuses of the persecution of the taxation committee said he was ruining of the people that they say were done with you and your God in an effort to up in the Roman papacy they throughout religion itself but instead enthroned the goddess of reason we're going to be secular or to have no religious influence whatsoever you can take your Bible and literally they would burn them out law Scripture we are a godless nation serving only bowing down to only one God and that is the goddess of reason all your secular humanists basically filling in for correction of what the abuses of the papacy done they now take it to the degree they are have no Bible no God but you know nothing referring to this revolution called the spyware that the French what revolution in a completely change the fabric of society from a religious based to a reason but that's what they're thinking I went in interesting comment before this on page two sixty five of the great controversy which company I can't can't make you go home and read something that I can certainly give you if you don't it's a it's a beautiful snowy chaos I cannot go anywhere else make the fire have some hot cider and read that chapter in the great controversy the Bible and the French Revolution you guys don't understand Revelation eleven better than I could ever explain his read that particular chapter this but referring to the revelation of revolution against the papacy in Christianity as a whole in France during the late eighteenth century Ellen White insightfully commented in this is great controversy page two sixty five one seven that terror will outbreak because what by the way what's the standard of morale a TV is given in the Scriptures gone and you just do what you think is right from a human standpoint is a quick drop to the bottom envoy to France experience that you backed secular history the Encyclopaedia Britannica look at some of the stuff that went on in the French Revolution with seeking their God of reason was humanism which of course humans apart from God are being led by a horrible thing terrible outbreak she says was but that was the boarding was but the legitimate result of Rome suppression of the Scriptures think about what they did makes sense from humans and because if this is what the Bible is really about it this is what religion we want to continue with it and so they swing all the way over here and if the park is the proportional counterbalance to the papal persecution is the French Revolution and in both instances the word of God with either disregarded or made illegal fastening in Revelation Chapter 11 is giving us the history of the word of God as it pertains to the time of judgment and judgment just a few short years is continuing Chapter 11 watch the snow it can number seven talk with his French Revolution when that they finished their testimony to be citizens of the bottomless pit will make war against him overcome them and kill them and their dead bodies will lie in the street of the great city widgets which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt geographically or we talk about Sodom and Egypt no metaphysically jigger but spiritually their sodomy Egypt Sodom and Egypt are the most guard less references you can break the people groups prior in the Bible right member when Moses that I'm here about how Jehovah let my people go in the pharaohs that was the thought that I should fear and I don't know God 's autumn the wickedness is rampant he said is like that verse nine then those from the People's rights fund the nation will see their dead bodies three and a half days prophetically read years and not allow their dead bodies we put the greater than a mop and ridiculed them leave them for dead on the streets is run roughshod over the Scriptures and those who dwell on the earth will rejoice over them make Mary and send gifts to one another because these two prophets tormented those who dwell on the air right in their minds those profits of the reason they were to one another so it's all done right but now look at verse eleven now after the three and a half days the breath of life from God entered them and they stood on their feet apparently there's a resurgence of the Scripture in great fear fell on those who follow and they heard a loud voice from heaven saying to them come up here and they ascended to heaven in a cloud of their enemies solve them it was fascinating is that as soon as this goddess of reason wasn't thrown in everyone it agreed to go with the secular humanist atheist it mindset immediately the stability and morality which already been suffering under the papal persecutions was completely without complete without without any restraint and spiral down was not just gradual it was on the bench and literally just over three years they came back to France legislators and repeal those laws outlawing Scripture outlawing Scripture instead I got to give people something if these people are going crazy it completely destroy the fabric of the nation and the Bible was given life again and people pick up the Bible in its now that they've seen this extreme that extreme they were basically ready to be objective so what does this word of God 's sake and for testing with the blueberry in the seventy hundred early eighteen hundreds and just after the French Revolution you start to see a resurgence of Scripture reading I'd never before you start abuse the establishment of missionary societies and Bible Society Limited ever heard the term of the Bible Society when they would just wanted to get the word of God out of your ventricular mass villages flood the world with the Scriptures that's what happened after the experience of the French Revolution it wasn't what the papers he did was wrong with the French Revolution it is wrong whatever this is this is the standard of what's right and started to flood the world with light fastening the now it finishes here with verse fourteen the second woe is past behold the third woe is coming quickly enough that reference to the seventh trumpet being sounded which we reviewed verse fifteen and the seventh angel sounded and they were loud voices in heaven saying the kingdoms of this world become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ and he shall reign forever and ever the twenty four elders to set before God on their thrones fell on their faces and worshiped God saying we give thanks oh Lord God Almighty the one who is and who was and who is to come because you have taken your great power and rain the nations were angry and your house notice the pretenses nations were angry your wrath has come present tense and the time of the dead that they should be what John that would fund at the beginning and commencement of the most holy place judgment the pre- Advent judgment is now being limited to that you should reward your servants the prophets and the Saints in those who fear your name small and great it should destroy those who destroy the earth and as a reward for the righteous and punishment for the wicked is established when God opens these books and begin to jot begins in eighteen forty four the conclusion of the prophecy of the one thousand two hundred sixty years except at seventeen you see what needs right up until the most holy place ministry finally how do we know that this is the transition to the most holy place verse nineteen from the temple of God was open Governors opens up with this simple imagery in Revelation eleven think is rotting measure the temple now specifically what aspect of the template we looking at the temple of God was opened in heaven and the art of this covenant was seen in his simple wears dark to the company in the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary they were like the noises hundreds in earthquake and great a relationship to ten talks about the believers being greatly disappointed in and rightly realigns with understanding that in eighteen forty four Jesus not under the earth 's king but the transition to the most holy place as high priest to do a work of judgment Revelation Chapter 11 then gives the history of the standard of the judgment which is the word of God I was treated event under the papal persecution of one thousand twenty six years how is revolted against the French Revolution and out afterwards it cannot shine bright for the whole world see friends we have no problem having access to Scripture anymore the light is available the standard is there the question is how are we measured up to the question of the judgment question of the judgment by the way I find this fascinating this would throw it in there that the word of God as authoritative as the son of God himself and let me split in Jesus Christ I believe the apostle John in his earlier book the Gospel of John refer to Jesus Christ as what the word the beginning was the weather by a Masonic Jesus Christ is the word in flesh him right where this is the word of God but inscribed written down to gold in the written word and that the living word I don't like that distinction because this was a life to according to Scripture is living and active right now think about the Bible is a gauntlet or that man's book who wrote it who inspired God inspired Minh wrote it it was his divine I is put in human language yet Jesus Christ divine or human yes this means you one hundred percent inflation one hundred percent humidity beautiful thing about this Jesus Christ had a ministry basically and so on afflicted smitten by God three and a half years and then receded then we will have three days rose again and ascended into heaven example you see in Revelation describing the work of God it had a kind of prophetic three and half years time times and half a time when administered under duress in sackcloth but the instantly rose up to smash it down and kill it but a few days God revived his word again in his power to light the world friends that Josh Jesus is moved into the high priestly ministry to judge the world in the standard of his judgment is the word of God the son of God is judging the world by the standard of the word of God except we believe are living in the time when Jesus is ministering the most holy place of heaven thinks right and the standard of our lives must not be this world but this word this I believe is the message and import of Revelation Chapter 11 relationship attendances of the null instead of price calming effect on it does work in the most holy place as the heavenly job and in the measuring reed the standard of that judgment is the word of God the testimony is given in this word which is equal in authority with Jesus himself fascinating the Scriptures the measuring rod John was instructed to take and measure the temple and those who worship it's got standard of quality the very transcript of his character so here's the concluding point I believe from Revelation Chapter 11 if we want to be God 's faithful people in this time of Mister must order our lives not have to spend this world but on the word is given as variable as media was wrong audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more assertive in www. .com universe .org


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