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Revelation 14: The First Angel's Message

Kameron DeVasher


Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • March 1, 2014
    11:00 AM
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Revelation chapter fourteen today to be like to find that in your Scripture would let revelation in the last book of the Bible to the beriberi and right before you get back cover stop in your revelation Revelation chapter fourteen will be in today that will be home base Barnett would be looking other passages as well but homebase would be Revelation chapter fourteen and as we have developed over the past many weeks now we've seen just right from the opening sentence of the book of Revelation of the book of Revelation is not revealing terrible horrible awful Beeson or it's revealing Jesus Christ back all the revelation of Jesus Christ of course and the way the Christ reveals things as he's showing us at the colors in chapter one things which are and what you must shortly take place of the book starting to the time of John and outlining the future from his perspective all the way of Jesus comes again so basically the book of Revelation reveals Jesus Christ and expands history from Christ's first coming to Christ's second coming a this is what the book of Revelation is all about the negative chapter fourteen if you were to just isolate chapter fourteen pull it out of context to start the study and you have a very difficult time doing that you have a double-blind kind of you to do that same thing with the entire book of Revelation as Revelation presumes that you read all the things that come before it in the Bible that precedes it was the number sixty six sixty six books of the sixty five other books to get to first before you get the revelation in his many references to those previous books in the book of Revelation but hereby found to Revelation chapter fourteen contact has been established in a previous studies for basic overview purposes you can say that the first nine or so chapters of Revelation Skiba sweeping broad overview of the history from the the first and second coming using symbolic language like say the seven churches the seven seals seven trumpets of outlines this chronology of history 's first coming out of his second coming down Revelation chapter eleven he gives us the history of the Bible symbolically referred to as the two witnesses the old and new Testaments the two witnesses particularly during a very difficult time of this two thousand year span of history a particular time referred to symbolically as either one thousand two hundred and sixty days time times and half a time or forty two months all of them at the same time it represents one thousand two hundred and sixty literal years beginning at five thirty eight eighty and seven and ending in seventeen ninety eight eighty during that particular time a system always in place that was persecuting God 's true Church is true messengers is true people in Revelation eleven refers that Revelation twelve refers to the same I began demonstrating how got people on the earth 's church are persecuted over the course of history particularly during that one thousand two hundred and sixty year time timeframe is mentioned in Revelation eleven and Revelation twelve is you go and Revelation thirteen surprise surprise you find that same time period mentioned again there's two beasts one that comes out of the one that comes out of the earth and during the time of the rule of the beast from the seeing this antichrist power it rules and persecute the people of God for one thousand two hundred and sixty years literal years but after that time it receives the system that had persecuted God 's people it's not receive the deadly wounds and then another beast rises up from a different place after persecuting time becomes that of the earth which is where all the splendid and helpful to the woman to the church it has land like horns which of course represents something Christlike in its nature it emerges from the earth but it speaks like the Dragon so it's going to work on behalf of the first beast the Seabees and caused people to worship at first be expelled as we saw in our previous methods that is not other than the United States of America arising exactly the right time in the right place as the Bible prophecies foretold now we come to Revelation fourteen the review Revelation eleven twelve and thirteen have all looked at this one thousand two hundred sixty years in the seventeen ninety eight and now we're moving on what happens after that and just before Jesus comes would you think about it Jesus is not come yet and that that argument but that's okay but it has passed seventeen ninety eight we find ourselves living right here in the time Revelation fourteen is in the expanding and this message that would be studying today and for the next several weeks round right of Revelation fourteen is particularly relevant to our place and our time in Earth 's history is written for our admonition upon whom the inns of the world have come so before we study this message was begin with the word for heavenly father thank you so much for giving us Jesus and for through Jesus giving us a glimpse of events soon to come the backboard were standing in the kind of moment as it is even happening right now all around us and so we ask that you would send your Holy Spirit to teach us the things we need to know the Lord more than just a mere head knowledge of the Bible truth would help our hearts to be changed to become more like Jesus every day or we prayed in Jesus name amen Revelation chapter fourteen in verse one elegant revelation eleven the messengers of God in the Bible testimony was persecuted one thousand and sixty years during Revelation twelve church was persecuted one thousand figure Revelation thirteen is a persecution one thousand two hundred sixty for the last three chapters many of the revelation fourteen it has been kind of the only message to the people God is basically hang on your teeth and get through it and your patience and your button now in revelation fourteen just before Christ's coming he raises up his response to all the shenanigans that Satan has been doing previously and on any by the way before we dive into this very brief overview of the book the structure of Revelation fourteen Revelation chapter fourteen is broken down basically into three parts the first five verses outline over the phone the three angels messengers the people who give the messages that follow a better people of God were misdiagnosed you're just a second then there's the actual message is that they give all the three angels message is then towards the end we see a picture the chapter closes with a picture of Christ's return in the harvest of the art some to everlasting life and some to shame a basically Revelation fourteen is broken out of this report describes the people of God and the messengers that gives is the message that they proclaim and finally we see the coming of Jesus this is the timeframe we were dealing with just before the coming of Jesus and after the persecution to describe the previous project okay I was fourteen in verse one with identify these people that God is highlighting is very close versus Street chapter fourteen verse one that I looked and behold a lamb standing on Mount Zion and with him one hundred and forty four thousand having his father 's name written on therefore heads so we've been seeing all these really negative things off the look company sees all land in Atlanta but L and of course this is symbolic language is not actually seeing is that run-of-the-mill formula will he land uses a lamb representing the Jesus Christ of Portsmouth with the whole book is about to reveal Jesus Christ he looks up and behold a land standing on Mount Zion and within one hundred and forty four thousand having his father 's name written on the board now this is loaded with symbolic language here you see the hundred and forty four thousand and if you had just reprinted chapters leading up to Revelation chapter fourteen that number one hundred and forty four thousand stick in your mind if they are I've seen that before we seen inside the book of Revelation media finger Revelation fourteen ago back just a few chapters of Revelation chapter seven this is not the first time we've seen this particular group of people known as the hundred and forty four thousand we saw the earlier in Revelation chapter seven and for those of you who were been with us for each of these theories remember that those first chapters of Revelation give a repeated sequence of sevens seven churches seven seals seven trumpets and this little pause for Revelation chapter seven is right in between the sixth and the seventh of those entities so just before Jesus comes it gives a little prelude a little of foretaste of this group of people that the Lord is one work through any last date of birth history and it is I then remembered one of Revelation seven after these things I saw four angels standing at the four corners of Europe be holding the four winds of the earth of the wind should not blow on earth or the sea or on any tree to get the picture there's bracing for some brainstorming about the break the Angels are holding it back then we read that I thought another angel ascending from the East having what the seal of the living God so this would have it at hand the seal of the living God while everything is about the buffaloes is way way way something at that verse and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was granted to harm the earth and the sea verse three saying do not harm the earth and the sea or the trees until we have sealed the servants of our God where on therefore and I heard the number of those who were sealed one hundred and forty four thousand all the tribes of the children of Israel were sealed so this picture of a group of people represented by the number one hundred and forty four thousand have already been described in the book of Revelation chef prior to Jesus coming there were the biggest group of faithful people who would receive not the mark of the beast but instead the seal of God they would be identified as God 's people at this time in Earth 's history so when we go back to Revelation fourteen and we open the chapter with the words that I look to behold the Lamb standing outside and within one hundred and forty four thousand having his father 's name written on it or had that should not be surprising we've seen that already described as occurring just before Jesus coming and now of course interestingly enough Revelation chapter thirteen closed with the whole world being forced or deceived into receiving the mark of the yes but Revelation fourteen apparently there's this group of people who don't take the Mark of the beast but instead they receive the seal of God notices everything Revelation chapter fourteen is God 's response to Satan 's activities described in Revelation thirteen that preceded and Revelation thirteen is dynamic whole world worship this beast and we can give everybody the mark of the beast in Revelation fourteen there's this group will instead have the seal of God which is the father 's name is character written on it or had they like Jesus instead of being like his enemy verse two and I heard a voice from heaven like the voice of many waters like the voice of Lapland and I heard the sound of harpers playing their harps they saying as it were a new song before the throne before the living creatures and the elders and no one could learn that song except the hundred and forty four thousand who redeemed from the earth abilities of people from your good retained and is looking ahead to their time of redemption and facing a song that no one else can learn because they love it when experiencing no one else could take no one else could go Bears is unique in all and they are living at this time at this place with this message with the seal of God standing up against that enemy in the whole world with the mark of the beast and they are these new people to seal of God and with their renamed building is on the nobody of color some experiences you just have to go through on your own and they can't compared anyone else this is what they have goes on to describe her sport these are the ones who not defiled with women for they are virgins now again this is awful of symbolic language and you will recall that there are two great women mentioned in the book of Revelation the pure woman represents the faithful church and there's the adulterous woman which are going to see later on Revelation chapter seventeen who defiled the earth and commits fornication with the kings of Europe but these people have thoughts I live themselves with this individual they kept himself pure they have not been an eBay have not taken the pledge they have not received the mark below those who wouldn't not the followed him they are virgins and I love the statement perhaps no more sublime description of the Christian could ever be written in the sentence right here these are the ones who follow the Lamb wherever he goes isn't that simple and beautiful that powerful the thing that makes them so different the health of the whole world that these people are crazy enough to just follow the Lamb wherever he goes if you even do a difficult life is going if he says okay they don't know why they just obey they follow the land would ever go compared to all the other people describe Revelation thirteen who follow these wherever else number and all the world wondered after the beast she said almost all the world but there is some group of people whose telephone the beast all the land Ricky set this set apart things that have his name is character therefore had they do whatever it is he asked the go wherever it is he goes and you can imagine if the landmark visible trail people to swear because they follow you can trust there to go where ever viewing the beautiful picture these were revealed from among men being firstfruits to God in the land and notice this in verse five and in their mouth was found to know what seats on other members think I'll write it if the development sour awful thing this is a no deceit for they are without fault before the throne of God not but it's an interesting play on words because what was it that look at just flip over the biggest page Revelation chapter thirteen again Revelation fourteen is not on Satan 's activities in Revelation thirteen Revelation chapter thirteen recall that beast from the earth okay lots of good when noticing help out what system after he sees another beast coming up out of the earth that is what it says in verse thirteen he performs great signs that even makes fire down from heaven on earth in the sight of men verse fourteen and he was deceives those who dwell on the earth by those signs which he was granted the side of beef telling those that dwell on the earth to make an image to the beast was wounded by the sword and Lynn so the bees from the earth that they've just read about this seems the whole world into making an image to this piece of worshiping the wear and counteracting that God raises up the people who follow the Lamb wherever he goes is that all beef and in their mouth is no deceit and their insulin it outlined their telling the truth about the true God and there can lead people to worship him instead of the Antichrist this is a play between followers of Jesus Christ and the followers of the Antichrist it sets us up so that we had revolution fourteen verses one through five we have the followers of the land versus the followers of the beast now they apparently are not just quietly fallen behind the lab dish in the guesses about that word sheepishly going perfect not enough disquieting and you are encoded in the ways of the scrunching up and hoping everything we find enclosed a note I deleted to the end apparently God 's followers at this point have a mission to accomplish in this world they have a message to give to the world the recall in Revelation thirteen the bill or try to deceive the whole world every nation tribe tongue and people into worshiping the antichrist right so God raises up of people have no ally in an thousand note to see their your message of truth and lead people to worship the true Christ Jesus Christ Bethany this is what we see in the first Angels message starting revelation fourteen verse six that I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth every nation tribe and people begin notice the language parallel to Revelation chapter thirteen again verse fourteen and he deceives those who dwell on the earth now in revelation chapter fourteen verse six the everlasting gospel to be preached to those who dwell on the art so one group is good to see people in the fall course and the other one is supposed the truth people into true worship is out of the picture of someone but it is a one proclaims a falsehood the other proclaims the truth was trying to set up a counterfeit worship one articulates the need for genuine worship preaching the everlasting gospel to those who dwell on the earth to every nation tribe on the people saying with a loud voice they should tell us something about our personal witnessed by the way it's supposed to be active enough to make a left at the liver that the failures we need to know if that's what you think about our witness to the world should be more than merely existing is a good example at some point the followers of God actually open their mouth and say something with a loud voice they have a message to give to the world a saying with a loud voice fear God and give glory to an versus fear the beef to give glory to him right you've been hearing for a lot of time a lot of these all will look at these all relate what I'm telling you fear God and give glory to him for this particular reason for the hour of his judgment what has come for the hour of his judgment is come and worship in May to have been the urgency the Springs of water will break this down a little bit but basing the first thing it says here that I thought I think applying limits of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach the those who dwell on the earth every nation tribe and people the everlasting gospel it doesn't say and gospel or a new gospel or up it called the one hundred the everlasting notices as a definitive gospel is not just like the New Testament gospel is the only gospel be everlasting right thing gospel it was articulated in Genesis three fifteen and unity culminate when Jesus comes again at all points in between is simply one gospel there is one buckle message is not a new in time that there was a gospel to do the gospel fidelity of this one gospel of Jesus Christ Malone what the hell is that it was the book of Galatians many demonstrate the Galatians Chapter one I get a home bases Revelation fourteen with the Galatians Chapter one the apostle Paul speaks about his presentation of the gospel and he makes it be on possibility of confusion about there only being one gospel Galatians chapter one starting in verse six apparently the people in Galatia had some issues were being or wandering off the side things they shouldn't be doing any call them to task for he says in verse six I marvel that you were turning away so soon from him who called you in the grace of Christ to a different oh seven which is not another as though there is all this is not a end all equally valid boss will be low there is the gospel anything else is not the gospel right to a different of which is not another but there are some who trouble you and want to pervert the gospel of Christ it is the gospel of Christ and anything else is a perversion of the gospel that is not several equally valid options there's the gospel and then there's the perverted false gospel guy the gospel of Christ but the Eagles liberty but even if we is a bilingual online and start reading something different disregard me sex a lot of preachers say don't listen to me I'm wrong but policy if I were to present something different than the gospel don't even listen to me but even if we or an angel from heaven O that let me ask you question his authority or you think you have the spiritual guts to turn down in Angel with them this is it possible that they can masquerade as an angel of light does the Scripture specifically say that very thing Jesus had to face the day not in the wilderness I know there's a new message it's okay now you can and how did Christ combat is what written I don't care what I see what I hear what you want to taste or touch or smell nothing everything must pass the litmus test of it is written in path that even if I read something different than what is given in this work if an angel from heaven comes down with it I got a new gospel don't listen the angel by for rocksolid foundation while we cleared but even if we verse eight or an angel from heaven preach any other gospel to you than what we read let him be accursed and he repeats himself the audit I really did have bolding underlining italics are like you couldn't draw circles and highlight if you let me just say it twice verse nine as we have said before now I say again if anyone preaches any other gospel to you than what have you received let him be accursed friends when we could put in the time and there's the everlasting Gospel it is the singular gospel it is rooted in Jesus Christ alone one gospel revelation chapter thirteen of course right next to Revelation fourteen look at versus seven eight when he thought that the first beast the beast from the sea it says it was granted to him to make war with the saints and to overcome them and every authority was given and authority was given over him over every tribe tongue and nation all who dwell on the earth will worship him whose names have not been written in the book of life although I have it starts to talk about the land and it uses the language slaying from when foundation of the world the gospel of Jesus Christ is our slain sacrificial lamb is not in time no device it wasn't just established of his cross apparently it was from the very foundations of the world all the way back to Genesis and all the way to the end of Revelation the Bible gives the single Gospel message called the everlasting gospel to every nation tribe on the people now what's this about privilege and fourteen verse seven now after the seventies people over the mouth and say with a loud voice this everlasting gospel knows was that there saying with a loud voice him God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment has come with a conference in most of the Christian world the idea of preaching the gospel and judgment together is crazy right the gospel is what gets us out of having to deal with the judgment or the judgment occur to the processes that billions up and now all we have is the gospel there's no more worrying about judgment to come etc. the only problem by the defensive is not true in the biblical that apparently the gospel presentation that we give must include the judgment mess and that living an unexplained this is not just always see this right here initially this is also in the Scripture as well go to John chapter sixteen Jesus himself is coming to be in this ministry and knew that he was pretty soon taken from his disciples prayed to the father that eBay would receive the Holy Spirit in his place as his representative as his vicar on earth would you want to that and know specifically what he says this spirit would do when John chapter sixteen widowed verses seven and eight John sixteen Saturday as Jesus is looking forward to his departure from his disciples he says these words nevertheless I tell you the truth which is nice I don't know what you have to practice that all the fundamental people suspected of lying but apparently Jesus tells the truth just like Christ follower felt relief that I'm telling the truth it is to your advantage that I do what the way it could be better for you in the long run if I leave the weirdness of daycare it's true to the idea and told through before you told me once because the thing was they would believe it's true it's a look telling the truth better for you if I go away is your advantage they go away if I do not go away to help her will not come to you but if I depart I will send him to you who is the helper needed for the Holy Spirit think of NFL watch this and when he has come he will convict the world of sin and of righteousness and a while judgment apparently after Jesus leaves his representative will feel a little movement that articulates righteousness and judgment to come but he was put into practice through the book of acts chapter twenty four distance to the right one book chapter twenty four long after Christ had left the world and the Holy Spirit had been since as his representative the apostle Paul now has an opportunity in fact is commanded to present the gospel for this great tribunal for these well before these people who were holding them hostage accepted twenty four of versus twenty four and twenty five chapter twenty four starting with verse twenty four the book of acts starting with checkpoint or persuade for your weeds after some days when Felix came with his wife Priscilla who was Jewish he sent for Paul and heard him concerning the faith in Christ so we call Paul bases is not a list of your gospel presentation done enough faith in Christ Leslie was tasked with doing virtually what did he actually say now is the reason about righteousness self-control and what the judgment to come apparently in his presentation about faith in Christ he included judgment to come from Paul's perspective the prophet already occurred years before correct but he's still presenting faith in Jesus including a judgment still to come so when Paul preached the gospel it included the truth about a judgment call so it should not surprise us at all the good Revelation chapter fourteen and we hear there's some people preaching the everlasting Gospel saying fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is come the fact that it includes that it combines the Gospel and the judgment into one message shouldn't be confused what's unique about this is not the addition of the judgment what's unique about the difference do we see in Revelation fourteen oversaw next twenty four the only difference the same faith it's the same gospel the same Jesus the same judgment what's the difference from Paul's perspective with the judgment what two but now at this point in earth history their breaking the everlasting Gospel saying fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment has come they are preaching the everlasting gospel in the chronological context of the beginning of the day of judgment at God 's judgment now has to be done and soon they are living now looking forward to this but they're experiencing it right then and there just prior to the return of Jesus Christ 's judgment which we call the pre- Advent judgment right begins in the court of heaven and earth Google people were proclaiming with a loud voice it's still the same gospel but now living in the hour in his judgment has so what you do by the way with a view template in the first Angels message fear God dividing of why he is called what we do about it maybe all doesn't it gives some practical counsel when we do about this and worship him who made heaven and the earth see springs of water fascinating arena in Revelation thirteen and fourteen which these two go heading up together a different time to see a call to worship worship worship and worship worship sports seven out of the eight of those times the word worship is mentioned it in the context of people worshiping the beast but one God speaks out with a clarion call loud to every nation tribe tongue and people instead of worshiping the beast he has people worship the true God worship him and how do you know the true God merciful he is the one who created the heavens the earth to see the springs of water now as we've said repeatedly in the series the book of Revelation is at the end of the Bible on purpose as it employs a lot of other things from previous parts of the Bible in its writing usually but if he has delusions of your names dropped of your thought on yoga Babylon younger Jezebel Jerusalem design all of these things that have occurred previously in history and recorded in Scripture are now used in alluded to in the book Revelation over and however with all of those many many many references to things earlier in Scripture nowhere in the book of revelations you have an entire passage from the Old Testament is dropped into the book Revelation nowhere did they copy and paste or cut and paste into the book and see you have lots and lots of little hints and illusions and name drops all the other stuff from the previous books severances when you just hear the one where Jezebel your mind automatically goes back to our iron member in Old Testament history the Avenue humongous breakfast mortgages put the Internet but it nowhere takes entire passage and just kind of like popular sticks it in the book Revelation the closest thing to using entire passage of the Old Testament inside the book of Revelation happens right here in Revelation chapter fourteen specifically in verse seven to write there was says that part about worship him what do we do about the fact that we're hearing the gospel in the time of the judgment we worship him who may happen in the earth see springs of water that came to haven't the earth and the sea should bring back if you're even superficially aware of Scripture at all heavens and the earth and the sea should take you back to one passage of Scripture the book of Exodus chapter twenty and specifically verse eleven exes chapter twenty specifically verse eleven elegant if you know much about the Bible at all you're probably familiar with the fact that exits chapter twenty is where's recorded God 's ten Commandments law so all the passages that could lift from Old Testament it lifts a portion of the ten Commandments which is interesting but not just the prelude to the ten Commandments one specific part of the men were very little the very heart of the ten Commandments that fourth commandment that begins in verse eight with the words remember what Sabbath day to keep it holy now I think it's fast they meet with talk about how there's the one commandment that begins with the word remembers the one the world seems to forgot I is not coincidental that the one thing about this remember everybody else just happened is it possible to allegiance on Revelation chapter thirteen that there's an image to the beast set up it would honor them being used instead of honoring the layout and it causes all to worship and worship and worship and yet the one reference from the Old Testament is nearest to complete lifting from the Old Testament into the book of Revelation comes directly from the fourth commandment which is God 's commandment about worship it is a remember the Sabbath day to do what to keep it holy six days shall you labor work with the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God is a fantastic when we get to this message of the judgment hours begun and we ask what we knew about it the answer is worse of God who created and the way the creator have to be worshiped is to number this update will sixth HIV labor he worked with the sabbath seventh day is the Sabbath notice definitive just like the gospel it take a step that has nothing remember the Sabbath day of the seventh it is the Sabbath of the Lord your God in it you shall do no evening or Sunday your daughter knew your mail server for your enough servant leader B strangers of the night Gates announces the verse eleven which is where the language comes from for in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth or the sea and all and rested the seventh day therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and how of all the portions of Scripture to take input into the first Angels message announcing the judgment power of God 's gospel they chose this particular passage part of the message that would be heard in the time your God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship made out of your seat and springs of water by the way let me pick up awesomeness people say ha ha there's the crux of the fiddles messages geeks Saturday is the Sabbath yes Saturday is the Sabbath it is the seventh day of the week anything else is not a step that's clear having said that please understand that there's more involved than merely the correct day on the calendar we talk about Sabbath versus a Sunday ticket it the reason that we keep the seventh day Sabbath is not because that seventh day is inherently better than the other days I first in its own nature the seventh day is not single longer than the other days you would look at and be like you know I've never understood anything but obviously this one day is better than all the other ones its not like and trust me living in Michigan you know the seven day does not provide better weather right when any glories of every seventh day dissolved in half seventy five and sunny all but clearly that's not the case it's not because there's any astronaut Cold War meteorological busy chronological any kind of reasoning that we can come up with why the seventh they should be the Sabbath the only reason we keep this up ASAP it is because we want to follow the land where ever if these of the seventh day Sabbath even if the whole war on doing something different when we do we keep the seventies that because the day is better than the other days because all we got it right even while the issue is not about that the issue was simply loyalty the God who loves you he's our create her and we respect him as such by doing what he asks remember the Sabbath day even holy Jesus himself that so simply if you made you what you might if you love the Lord and he responded that everlasting gospel he said look remember the Sabbath to keep it holy by the way it fascinates me the creation would be put here for most of the Christian history that same two thousand year span you know personally pressed the segment but for the vast majority of that time the world at least Christianized world the Western world implicitly trusted the creation happen the way the Bible said it happened than six days Lord records are considered the ultimate and he rested on the seventh but something has shifted in our society have you noticed that most people don't believe in creation anymore not that idea get in had to get away from an implicit trust because the word of God says we created so we trusted to the place where we are now but if you say I believe in creation he ridiculed as an idiot to me is the spelling of his stimulus is true right so what we memorial the creation of the creation of the rest of the world as they happen so why would you keep a day honoring the thing that you never exist now with thinking me course you could probably tell me who's the person that made the theory of evolution so wildly popular Charles Darwin as his book called the origins or on the origin of species was published in eighteen fifty nine however it was simply an expanded version of the paper that he'd written in eighteen forty four so right at the same time that our God 's judgment is begun and people are saying worship of the creator God not this other false drive but the true Christ worship him who made which by the way which member of the Godhead may the heaven there is the Jesus Christ was not easy Creator of all things all things by him but there's apparently while the clarion call of worship Jesus Christ as your creator is going up to the whole phone the whole world is being influenced by a concept starting at the exact same time this is a new creation all it doesn't matter thank you ridiculous if you believe which is his new creation with the point of remembering a seventh-grade honors so it's fascinating to me that we happen to be living at this time in Earth 's history where Satan has been working for decades and decades were for centuries and in longer to pride people off of a true allegiance to God with deception with persecution yet the final moment of earth history there will be a group of people who stand up and say present the everlasting gospel in the time of the hour of his judgment has begun calling people back the word of God because it is written created and remember the Sabbath day as a memorial to the creation over talking a friendly talk about Sabbath keeping is nothing to do with legalism but everything to do with loyalty to our Creator and our Redeemer is Christ the final crisis will conference is not because all Sabbath and Sundays at the top issue is because God says so they can controvert the people they reason we keep the seventh day Sabbath is because he said so and that just old-fashioned bald-faced loyalty to God infuriates the knees doing everything he can in his power but I don't know about you but I want to be faithful to God and not just be fatal I want to be useful in his thoughts I want to open my mouth and say the message we been entrusted with at this time in her history and the first movement of that is the first Angels message is wrong remember God is our Creator and honor him as such by keeping the seventh of April which is always this media was brought by audio errors a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain it is www. audio tours .org


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