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1 - The Prayerology of Jesus

Glenn Coon
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Glenn Coon

Founder, ABCs of Prayer Crusades

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him I have been prior to make me a mail upon the wall fastens securely in its place then run this thing so men so small and bright picture by face and we thank you in Jesus name amen the topic at this hour is that probably the S what is the science of prayer many times they talk about where we discussed privately with a silent prayer but not really understand the science of prayer in the north of the Lord the finest late fellowship and communion with him and applying solutions to uniting problems of our lives that's why the Lord gave us a sense of prior antibody here tonight has a problem there's no exception some of us have several problems made is not allowed a related note got married married a problem but really when you have problems Minneapolis and it comes to the conclusion that really there must be no solution to my problem my friends that's fatal Christianity provides you in the with emotions the problems to the Avenue of prayer and personal style and this is what we want to share with you tonight what do you think about one or two other particular special problems in your life and adapt what we share with you from the Lord Jesus tonight adapted to that particular problem of the service is not just to entertain family we shall be happy God wants us to be happy he wants our God people but he doesn't want us to keep just read all the I is a you he wants us to be able to this place knowing how we can find some studies for the problems better than ninety years and years I know there is a solution now why would you expect to find a solution the nagging problems in the Bible right but hold is recorded in the Bible as an example of solutions tells us the way is that I am the way the truth and the like Jesus Christ so he's going to give us the way he has shown us the way it is inimitable in impeccable the word of God and each other in many ways in the Bible in many places but we want to notice particularly since we're dealing with a science of prayer in Christ J we want to notice what we generally call the Lords prayer in the eleventh chapter in the first verse when you have his second repetition of the Lords party did it several months before as part of the sermon on the Mount now he repeats a portion of it again as the disciples come to it that in one this is the chapter eleven versus one and onward it says that Jesus was praying in a certain place his disciples came to him and what he sees brain that is one problem said lowered teach off to pray as John also taught his disciples go out in the world today who don't think that anyone has the right to tell an outright the Lord I would like to tell us how to pray even John the Baptist disciples operate and these men wanted to learn how to write basically just a private and just say operate they just freight friends and reason the disciples of Jesus Christ had heard hundreds and probably the prior whiteness told them they would say the Lord Jesus teach us to pray that our writers on street corners lab and clear and long as the Magellan who moved almost around the world presently occurred seem to be not present all when they heard Jesus bring based on Jesus going to his first sanctuary week at the close of the day pale emaciated exhausted they son I like even not slept for hours at the time that they had been sleeping Eric on the next day 's ministry with healing men and women were exhausting in the healing powers which he brought to the would like to learn how to pray like it's in dialogue president Berger present all the digestive priority and Jesus the night Brenda Larkspur many times have you ever read the Larkspur several times Mass. zero many officer must make a confession my friends at this hour to you who are assembled in the church sanctuary Andy you are watching on the TV screen I was fishing for twenty five years before I recognized and starts prayer one would share with you tonight there are many things about the Larkspur I didn't know but the most vital things about the Lord for I knew nothing whatsoever about twenty five years of my ministry and my friends if you by the grace of God can learn these two outstanding features of the Lord 's prayer yes I wanted one new in your life Jesus started and I say when you pray say after this manner our father which art in family I would be thy name and so on the first page of that I learned about the marks are the literally astonished me was in a sentence on the Lord 's prayer every clause of the Lord 's prayer every phase of the Lord 's prayer is so notion centered what does that mean to our prayers it means that if we pray problem centered prayers we will not get solutions solutions come to a solution centered prayers everything about our current was solution centered other what does that mean also many people to eliminate Seattle piñatas with it in the all suggesting is not your father you couldn't identify with your father but that's not how it happened it is also the is compassion is expensive he is really an outstanding loving daddy was on the web again his only begotten son so give him you're not coming about and looking down his nose try to find all the reasons in the world by cement your prayer you are coming about it was extremely eager to answer prior to rodeo the next in the next ninety other without handling the heavenly solutions that means that while you are groveling around trying to find the solutions and try to find them myself we might a lot better target our father in heaven as a lot but you have heavenly solutions him on the basis of my women not intend to write defendants out the right does this with you and I have or ever will have the holiness of the United I will update directly from our it is not do-it-yourself program so he can go to where you want to conduct a treasure hunt and you will be literally blessed dividing that Jesus resented them solutions centered praying now what is the difference between cells instead of praying and problems under praying that the sharks with three examples several years ago there were fifteen individuals who decided that they would conduct up nine-month experimental test on prior everyone fifteen agreed that FERC would actually pray between one and four hours a day that ERC would definitely find solutions so they agreed together for the nine months a test that they would break every single day for one or two hours every one of the fifteen minute at the end of the nine months what kind of a change would you expect would've taken place in their lives you expect that there be eighty or ninety or ninety five percent info right they had a special scientific test that proved the subconscious and the tests were according to Genesis three Genesis three shows for special obsessions that the fallen race as their hatred inferiority and guilt and they tested these individuals at the beginning of the nine-month spirit and again at the close I love that they may will amaze you they then homeland was absolutely zero in on it was because their prayers were problems centered prayer prices Amanda had a temper you talk to want something like this is a large claimant Deborah a terrible temper I bought a template for years I might lose my patience with my wife Jo and I would like to get rid of this temper this temporary longing but my father had a temper and my mother had a temper my grandfather had a temper my grandmother had twenty ten Tuesday September the seventh at times right then and not celebrated by Asia live out ten for an second Corinthians three eighteen says I only wish a change of the same image and is definitely the next day he was worse that he was the day before and had to hold the mistakes he made he slapped the cat rivals she was barring Nikon coordinates and I'm worth I was living for my father had a temper my grandfather Klemperer my grandmother had tempered my mother had a temper temper and letter to Mike I went and yesterday my cupboard limited set of data nor is it and that they get the dog beside why here's long second Corinthians three eighteen by beholding with change in the same image on the thing in which we go into the orbit Jesus and the Lord 's prayer is taking us and then blowing it up the object and five carbon and conversational event and call notification orbit around the problem not him him this is something that you gave you talk to me talk about my solution you may identify the problem that's all right but having identified a problem that I have a problem unilaterally redoing the big talk to the Lord about their problems they talk to people about their problems everywhere we go we find a group of people whose interests when you think about the kind of trouble and the top of the general public on the public on the public comfortable until you become troublemakers on this if you know the passenger coming in all it will be worldwide vendor courses but we're not will be informed I think that defendant manifested in until we become the past we talk about that is the way to come up with we talk about plagues Google news for the first leg is wonderful to become a play God wants his people to very identify the problem and that after this manner pray for the problem Jacob God 's immutable and eternal solutions by beholding were change the same image you may want to take notes during Messieurs I hope you well I hope those were here will do it I hope those that are doing it on TV will do it because friends but their text of Scripture will be the greatest blessing beyond for traveling with me have traveled by five and half years nearly when they started with us their heart into a text you'll notice to the series they can get text after text after that you wind up into it while there are setting as your setting and I was speaking they were writing down these texts service after service study after study study the writing these things again my friends they can get text of Scripture at night and women will have an eye for fifty years God wants us to write about this lethargy when you say and the solutions and is immutable eternal implacable lucidly creative word and what happens when we want a solution in orbit around problem to get your holy example when I was a little boy I want to learn to write a bicycle anybody ever learned right bicycle a wonderful those who haven't tried to like it but you know I had trouble I had trouble I write there just install a telephone pole right next to the road and I was so afraid that I would write in that telephone pole that I do advise on the telephone pole and I began to chatter almost like a monkey I'm afraid on the right of that telephone I do advise on the why went last night runs a couple of benefit to you and I turned the telephone to thank the Lord but as I turned ice on the side of the road on the tree that was five times as large as the what if I couldn't miss itself on the road even if the tree line so convoluted and that's exactly going to write about I'm kind of much of the right electric nor I went much Deborah and my brother Wayne Gable on blitzes are present then would you like to learn to write a bicycle I said what I is in your meeting I said I should have appreciated his twenty one ago that's a good question is I said I like good on the road he's annoyed some of the bicycle and looked down the road I said thank you now how do you write isn't it just got to telling I identify as a jump on the bicycle when he doesn't want to blessing on the role we should jump on the bicycle and look down the road like that yeah thank you you give you full how we got just voted twice what you go I remember how I got on that bicycle wobbly and weak and scared almost out of my skin and I I had overlooked down the road because at my right without talking to the left was the three out of right elbow you want I've never sits written into a problem telephone three you that you wanted to watch over Unicom nonsense Proverbs twenty three seven says as he exhibited art show is a that's what I heard recently of four psychiatrists who conducted an extensive research on suicide for psychiatrists they studied it by day and by night suicide for psychiatrists three committed suicide what you talk about what you think what you will work with you meditate upon what you see what your mind and on you become graduate ever subregional when I was in school as a boy that stammered any school where there's one for the spammers is always one very clever boy who can mimic and in the school of augmenting and you know it's unfortunate you know children can be innocently cruel and this vinegar did a superb job managing this for stammer and the rest of us like it always does like to friends let us interrupt our story just a moment young man young girls boys if you see somebody in your neighborhood in your school that's a little different don't let anybody for fun don't do it this limit could get such a wonderful job and we all were praising him years later I met them in the correct in what he become a lifetime stammer another example in our own home built a great minister the team brought home his name was S H Lane was present at our conference right now and when it was a young man who was as we've said it earned in turning this great master was flowering he was he was eloquent he was sincere he knew how to put the words together he wasn't just try to put words together came natural and the young minister was so thrilled as he observed this great man of God preaching but the outer the minister had one handicap he lived he had lived for years name is that I don't know what happened after about six or nine months with this great minister the young minister was putting his words together he was constructing sentences like the great laboratory director Eli I guess I'll be changed in the centimeters but the amazing thing was the young man was physically perfect at the end of six or nine months was limping to the inlet of this great body and him him him him and him coming onto the land is the only minister by the outing which is the same image sees us as the best manner right how do you pray a price on those unscented priors the second phase of the Lord 's prayer that that thrilled me with so many years and learning it was this how in the world you price a solution centered prayer we estimate I like to play solution centered prayer but how can a man prayed a solution centered prior when he isn't getting any solutions that are being solutions is my training solutions centered right and this is what I found the second feature the Lord 's prayer and my friends if you will again conduct of treasure on on what I give you a few examples you will find it is amazing astonishing at what will happen the Lord 's prayer number one solution centered number two it is a solution centered because it is no on the promises of God 's work I never dreamed it I didn't find Jesus Sigma Ukraine promises he can do that but the Bible says Jesus began to do entities heated by doing this man he gave them an example you would do is I don't have to this manner do not notice much estimated three examples that you can as I think a natural treasure on at the last aspects of these words are father did you know about them then he promises in the Bible not just available many promise in the Bible from what he said I will be a father to you second Samuel seven fourteen I be a father him sixty three sixteen if they are rather again but that is a child so that is them that the all of them many many promises in the Bible that God will always be a father to us so Jesus starts the Lord 's prayer is a decidedly because he has on the immutable eternal promises of Scripture are father which art in heaven all my you look at it in the concordance of the Bible under the wording of anger justified statement after statement after statement privacy that are not nearly as in heaven but that he will always win Evelyn Matias nylon can drive him from his throne using narcotic in the throne God I work on state so I have had in my life when Jesus is in control agreements in and out of a combat right so he is our father he is in and on Ecclesiastes five two and three God is an M1 Isaiah fifty seven fifteen thus they left us up and left it one that inhabits eternity most maintenance is only I and I only played women have sold a humble and contrite spirit these are just a few of the promises that God is always there and all demons of hell and I can never get around I mean have you overcome not on your people Romans while talking behind how powerful of them was the driver of the people and revisit the adjuster what the government said no I'm not worship at the him to save our father which art in heaven has led the lightning this is a promise not try three six five God I change not first Peter covers a single is only you read it again and again in Leviticus another place to the thousand being you and I and I change not the promise that God is the only selling his weight up and take over this character are to blame our father which art in heaven how would be thy name thy kingdom come promise after promise in Micah the fourth chapter says his kingdom will come again in Daniel two forty four in the days of these things to let God of heaven set up a kingdom that shall never be destroyed again in identity can you have it every part of the Lord 's prayer is based on a promise of the Bible are a vital statement in most cases many Bible promises now is that the Bible promise contains the social and Jesus makes this clear in the chapter eight verse eleven eight verse eleven I'm so happy to see so many people taking notes Milton chapter eight verse eleven Jesus said that the word of God is seen the word of God received Jesus had toolbox from what you talked he drawn the book of nature on the one hand and the book of Revelation on the other and Jesus confined to when Jesus said that his word are his promises and his commands are always word is saved in what he was saying I did notice a dent I think for twenty five years without breaking and then I read this wonderful science prize-winning science rumored black he said that every normal Appleseed conveys what useful unethically the same contains the thing it promises into their on Appleseed contains an apple tree on pretrial anything from telepathy leaves an apple tree roots and training on Appleseed with a plaque that if you grab a magnifying glass big enough you can see sorry can you hold on normal apples in your hand while you hold in your hand appetite I now because I saw and cut wife linseed a minister told me about it he said allow for some unseated you got slapped life you can see the tree we set out to the world without the Road turn right also many miles turn left and their salmonid miles manual status while persimmon treaty said you those persimmons are just ripe enough so we can take on it and you take one of these while seats likewise and you'll see the trait in China that was at a single wound up fantasy it's not hard for me now to reach out my presentation doesn't complete and Appleseed what you say every authorities say conveys what everybody annoys me now Jesus said that his word is stayed at my promise in the Bible is assayed for every promise in the Bible contains what it means a promise for them James one five contains Lansdowne you see the word of God is God Jesus is the one about right this is the word of God is not as extensive Jesus said the words that I speak unto you they are spirit and they are life John six fifty three John six sixty three so everyone God is God 's life one week ago found this four was the others are not promised that the life of Jesus Christ interpreted as wisdom first Corinthians one thirty Christ is made unto us wisdom I could let Christ is not above wisdom is that God is the same address it contains what names are promised to them and God the Lord contains the wisdom of Jesus Christ the life of Jesus Christ interpreted his wisdom that promise for guidance contains the life of Jesus Christ in the form of guidance the Panasonic papers Corinthians fifteen fifty seven victory contains the life of Jesus Christ in the form of victory so now the real solution centered prayer we hung up one of the promises the Bible contains three thousand five hundred seventy three promises are clusters of promises three thousand five hundred and seventy three promises promises every one of these promises contains lot like names because every one of these promises is a scene know how you playing them here's a promised for wisdom for the claimant Jesus told us that a claimant I'm so glad he taught us how to pray solution centered prayer this is what he said to do Matthew Chapter seven verse seven and at the beginning you that the know what to ask for John fifty seven he said ask for his word to be fulfilled these that I abide in you if you abide in me and my words abide in you ask what you will in other words ask for anything I promise if you come to be an unselfishness that's my biting you my attitude my spirit my life and beyond so and if you limit your private life unless you can ask anything I promise so they are also solicited prior to the quite asked Doctor Coppola from nothing difficult about that is the that the prayer is found in Mark eleven twenty four billion euros C then you will have wanted I believe that I received because when I put in the Bible promised that is policies and electronic identified out I can explain how Jesus Christ was born of a virgin I know he was I donated by the Bible says it but I can explain how neither can I explain how God is in his promise but he said it so I believe it don't you I can explain how the gift of God is never a promise but is he said so so okay being a leave now Billy arguably you believe in simple childlike trust Jesus said in Matthew eighteen three unless you become like little children you are no case and the treatment that you not little children believe the two little girls point is little tykes will call some girls I know what they're calling about what one little girl said it is and the other little girls shrugged her shoulders that in so and the first logo got upset she said he is so because mommy said it so the other little girl shrugged her shoulders get you set up as a result and that death while her girlfriend and her little friends that it is so she said loudly sizes so he takes so that childlike faith I didn't learn I can promise from his board unanimously the promise continues a solution that it promises I got to do what he promised his right trust know why but I have I believe and see is to claim it or receive it method twenty one twenty two minutes ABC all that one fixed he said all things it to ask in prayer believing you will receive half believe received I believe in claim how do you receive your to see what the heart as Jesus did at the grave of Lazarus he said that he and John eleven forty one father I thank you that you have heard me using is a promise we could raise with it in Isaiah Jesus which methods of electronic any spill debacle the grave of Lazarus Eddie Sedlak I thank you you have heard in the that's a way to break lots of fun that is the promise what I thought that anything that I have the solution it may be like a tree in the Appleseed I idle zero three one I don't have to see the solution immediately but it's there I said it first I think I'm little by little as it germinates and most of the book and set up I is is a no let me give you an example friends of the two features the Larkspur we care tonight first solution centered prayer and solutions that are the and the second is we can do it by laying hold of God 's promises by asking believing and thinking that we've received the example was that of a young doctor his wife who attended a series of meetings over in California a lovely couple about forty years old we had a wonderful fellowship with him we ate at the table we got acquainted with him the brief week we were there but when a lot of other people to and they told us how they recently gotten hold of the Lord in a very definite wonderful way and they learn the ABCs of prayer a year later after we gone back to Tennessee where we live and get back to California as a learned habit we held a series within twenty miles off the whole of this doctrine is what sure enough the first night that they were older self advocacy the duo fellowship the wonderful thing is an aptly chatted a bit he called me one side his problems plotted little recently a little problem I want to help me with some of the heavy he said that my wife has become infatuated with young man half her age could help us I said yes yes indeed tomorrow evening right after the meeting only to the faster study like that I say yes indeed because the Lord Jesus said after this matter pray talk about that solutions and/or playing God 's promises and other swimming in the past the studying I met with him I knew that already learned about the ABCs they heard many case histories so I didn't have to review it I said now sister by the way you know how I had learned this you know how I'd probably attack that lady that was infatuated probably one set something like this for system I wonder if you realize awful sin you've committed nine hundred then report next Sabbath one missionary visit for me for the accuser of the brethren I do not telephone conversation committee shall elect I can send you realize sister your thoughts on your hotspot that's a start I'm ashamed of you might would not make me feel like I'm going to hold some fallacy to talk about that that I've been talking about that he is the chosen the brethren right like that I conduct that was a missionary visit after this manner prayed so I said putting the two together think what talk and pray about solutions and claim God 's promise because the promise contains the solution selected remotely from and daughters go to deliver you and the promises found in Hebrews two fourteen and fifty five much as children are partakers of flesh and blood he himself he likewise himself a part of the same that through death he might destroy him that had the park death that is the double and do a demo to Doug Detwiler lifetime subject to bondage that says that God is going to deliver you completely even though your investment on your life in the last six months of God that can deliver you even eat even though you've been in it all your life can deliver you after six months so sister were going to ask God to do what he promised is not their understatement and the Ceylon we believe why do we believe because I cannot live I can send you that way I think a higher than God is not a liar and regularly dampens a large thank you we have received because they get to the promised me digested in the and the dear lady she said no student from the tip of the word I said I read from the wonderful that that's probably more about private all about this combine but but not study guide and the author said this to somebody that wrote a letter to send I don't have faith in the opposite can rest on Murphy method wiki nineteen if two of you agree the other one can rest on the right I said so that you can rest on our faith God will accept your husband 's and my faith and when your feet a little frustrated that success is all about so we will need to ask and believe and receive again she said I seen anything like that system I could hear about the geese that were migrating I said as are migrating Hunter shot one of these these very very slightly but enough so it couldn't it couldn't of phone very much farther and will be immediately left their wings under this moves and say that Gujarat along the place of safety I think you know if God has made that these with that much sympathy and fellowship shouldn't we had that's fellowship he has said it will be done I turned on my site you agree that you will be delivered don't you said yes he said it's all my fault to these that I didn't pay enough attention right it never the companionship she deserved not spent a lot of time in my practice I spent a lot of time all is not an Pathfinders all these things were going Bernier found anything definite companionship my fall my friends that gives us a lesson to you and I want to see our dear ones composed of the Lord must not act like Pharisees let's let them know that we are sinners at about six times I repeated it before she finally agreed by leaving out as we noted prior he prayed he prayed up Google ABC part is what everybody is what everybody is a lie because God cannot lie see is what you might say thank you I have received why the objectives of the Brahmin not because we can see not because we could be not because we didn't even understand it but because God said so deeply maybe he privately and then I pray that the minimum phrase by phrase prayer it went something like this dear Lord in heaven where sinners when we come to you claiming your promise of deliverance we ask you to deliver major we believe you're doing and they repeated that you are you have delivered her in Jesus name amen I got a lot of money without probably fifty men supplement fifty I suppress it sister you are set free you can't elaborate and she almost did this you are really suffering I will see you tomorrow night good night the next that I came to church real early known about fifteen people in the big sanctuary and beastie were right near the front I walked up where they were sitting in the pew just in front of them and as I walked in that group that lady bounded directly through her arms round her she said pastor Jesus Christ had I remember she let me tell you I know she's at my table so we last night that even after informing family home I read decided to think about that boy and I laughed about it this morning when I got my people skills are flimsy about what we think Jason is much like to think about it she said after the Lord Jesus has complaint is that they prayed she said I thought the alarm don't think is the greatest has given me the solution the Lord 's prayer it tells us the manner Mrs. Christ for all acute for a solution centered prayer and the solution is found in the promises of God and we can reach up and say I passed because it told me to I believe because he cannot lie I thank you I have received because they get is in the province shall we bring their father in heaven I thank you so much for Jesus Christ I think you are that God would be made flesh and dwelt among I thank you dear Lord because it must these thousands of promises contained your very life largest evening without a doubt their men and women boys and girls came in burdened down with problems we talked about the problems tomorrow we discussed the regarding our bid we've worried we circled and circled and circled them when we shall come to your work and you promised in Philippians four nineteen to supply all our needs whatever problem that is so we can't message warheads about in prayer Lord I'm going to ask how many here the this evening and also those that are very common to have problems that you are willing to come to the Lord and ask him to supply here in the human unit as we do now telling than you really need in this media was run by audio covers the website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more we would like to know more about our universe this is more so than please visit www. on universal .org


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