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2 - He is Eager to Answer

Glenn Coon
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Glenn Coon

Founder, ABCs of Prayer Crusades

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are you nail upon the long fast and securely in its place than from this thing so common and so small hang on right picture I base and we thank you Jesus made a man the topic this morning is he is and where to answer and say you're no answer if you could make a thousand people at another house in the love that we need to the wings will come to the conclusion that somehow the answer is not for them you want to sell with them this breakthrough God is eager to answer our here with you from the Bible you recall when I first studied together we explained that the science of involves both features in particular one is no way about solutions rather than problems and the second is to obtain Bible promises for those solutions because the promise contains a solution in fact the service after the first study somebody said Tanya playing a solution for you for instance how do a lot of pleasant polite we said it all depends on what you worrying about it viewing about finances then claim upon us like the Matthew six thirty three seeking first the kingdom of God and his righteousness all these things shall be added and think in terms of the young that collective big nonevent is no wonderful it your way about a child on will you know like I got twenty nine twenty five and I will save your children and think of those children has been saving the blog about they are being saved using if your problem is some love belonging who is now back on see the that I promise I'll be opposite which is a solution like some toolbar say I give you my CNN for your inheritance and a lot I mean that individual as a viewable on eliminating child of God so besides the prior involves two important things better than almost entirely ignored by health all rights when you are bit about the problem once is going on about the solution and find approximate solutions and since Donnie fell and then forget his opponent he wants us to talk to them about the opposite of the problem somebody last night at the meeting said what about temper or even opposite round tempered with it a night out twenty six three it promises to so you a lot I ask you to give me the I believe you are getting a piece thanks I am receiving a failure about me appointment about a my friends at them completely revolutionize our lives and our entire lives now as we're doing this as were talking the blog about the solution it's very important to know that we're not really talking about a solution were talking about a solution in Jesus Christ he is the solution he is happy the Bible says so we claim upon the wisdom on the art nowhere did not like one five one West Elm first Corinthians one thirty seven Christ is made on what was the way to open up and come to the right with you I knew at my feet I'm claiming you have my with them I'm claiming you have my forgiveness I could be training you as my salvation beautifully no matter how unlikely we'd be on fire and that brings us to our study this morning that they got online at the gator and eager to answer are extremely eager is important and I know there are many many problems in connection with it and we want to share with you popular solutions to the problems that level for an online to try to keep us from realizing that God 's anger at her know that God sends me a scholar no matter that we may have been prostitutes and homosexuals names are militarized the diagram on the glad is the text new eleven thirteen Jesus speaking the Senate even than the evil we are able in unit being able to know how to give gifts on your children you are sure you have a father Jim the Holy Spirit and unmolested and the parallel Gospel Matthew says he will do things when I try to give the good things he said he's like the body in order to think about he said that he somehow will run into a problem many people said to be I can't identify he said that he not in a positive way because my manual time remember that you found some that is that are good identify God with a good edited to have stayed using and a job and has no room for the most bit of a bad you know what the real and that he do this job if his attitude toward his child this example will help us belladonna father and mother living in the city of Boston Massachusetts several years ago and they had a little baby girl to eighteen months old right in the dead of winter one of those horrific blizzards came and it it was it was carried out for all days it left the streets of Boston lace the with snow coincidentally at the same time that little eighteen month old daughter came down with a fever and the fever left her the authorities also during this prayer time little girl is nothing at the end of the four days of blizzard subsided and the little girls fever subsided which of the week she managed to God and yourself out of bed and got wobbled over mommy and looked up in monospace just wondering how and looking up in August preseason mommy Apple she could hardly say Apple because you're so we moment Apple and mother knew there was a map when the house and that it was setting over their mother and mother gave daddy a searching look and the little girl 's eyes followed mother 's eyes and give a thought I asked Danny Silverstein went in a weakened condition and wobbled all over the daddy and she got one and on Monday and the other on the other knee and looked up in the bed is based she said that the Apple and that he knew there was no nap when the house any new the snowless wastes the any new you can walk through snow laced the new UK you and through no place in the November through you got one all horse but he did determine you get on putting on his heaviest winter tire you went in the national annual wallowed in a deal that the experience of being in snow like that you know how exhausting it is on and on you while Organon all obsessed with that that is love for his child until somewhere I don't know where the fundamental issue of the easier lullaby because we can retrace his steps but it was still a great effort when he walked in the house without one Apple is the and hopping and perspiring and slay anyone over there is precious little daughter and handed her a mouthful like why because he was locked exactly as you see was his daughter and the Lord Jesus said that you are able with all the mistakes you and I make it with you about how to join our children will have an infinitely more anger attitude to come to our rescue and I played a man when you think brother now I think I almost hear somebody figured somebody say is hard if selling is not to come in my rescue how come that some of the things I have asked God to do for me they've never been gone how come let me show you an example of menopause without problem we have a daughter and a son Miller now but one they wanted I want to go with just a little type still crawling around him in the front room and I was almost shocked to see my daughter in the process of putting in her mouth a jealous safety razor blade and I cast the prior heavenward instantly nice normal help me and the Lord impressed me smile before she closes her mouth on it smile because don't you remember Glenn the only time to appreciate other was what you acted like you and now she acts like you would be proud over smiled broadly and I smiled broadly often need me to and I will order slowly and she looked at me Jesus that I and I follow that laid just teetering on tall new to me and I walked slowly northwest movements please and I slept my common figure in about not still wide open and growing and isolate the razor blade out of her mouth and when I got outside of the money Democrats will and she went I did not daddy loves his daughter in the wild didn't anyone profess such localized daughter not have what you want the answer is simple it wasn't because the love there many many denied her on the razor blade buddy answered her basic desire what will something to eat and that brings us to the local formula and that's when you beloved cat anything began again not always give for more and better as they let me gone and then we are on something better than you really this also join limits let's say it again in Vietnam and in and let another formula and this is what do people believe in a lot of people think God that you are God says nothing about the loan be given the but let me give you something that's better than that they yes many times he got say we don't buy following but God never says no area was believing child over the sinner who doesn't believe that cinnamon spiked never actually believing trusting child that God ever say no twenty five thousand micrograms no you want the differences between up and in a sense look at the seventh domain names they gave the following command I love you your evenings are good to go you've got big omega how I felt to me no mouth and what we are if we come in simple childlike trust you always give us what we ask for something better he's not about to get a razor blade a call reason they made some are playing a razor blade but it will supply the basic need that caused us to put the razor blade and are not contraband that God is awesome we many times from destroying ourselves because he had something better so I give my daughter another razor blade but something good for the GFS that is our father in heaven you got it at that angle never seen it all your life and somehow we know you the right to then take the Calvary and noticed this text Romans eight thirty two and the agreement this is the center I believe it is a sign of Christianity Calvary don't you know you I will the story of how Jesus came to this world and a journal my friends that Jesus suffered thirty more than thirty years before Calvary in the flesh it was law he was ridiculed as a little child I was ministering he was ridiculed made from how taken this five by six thousand years he has been a thousand years before Calvary but a great he carried the sins of the entire world it wasn't merely it was a second that people are you and me because he loved us so now Romans eight thirty two list the best he spared not his own son but delivered him up for us all how silly not way below what everybody freely everybody freely again I'm hoping everybody again hoping what we do just how your name your first and last name now everybody possibly a minute as I go to give my mind is blamed cool when you say yours now what your post left me with as he freely gives with your first lessening need for any news him I is not available Xavier that is what I think it regarding God was bigger than Star Trek and I thank God without the Savior I thank God without the father don't you keep working at Calvary to the ignominy ignominious and inability he will never again outcry and I really want to be humiliated him again and again outside the glad so eager since we are talking about plating three thousand five hundred and seventy three promises of the Bible are the promises since we're talking about that I want to be real sure that God will always keep his word don't you I know he's eager to agree with us that he's really eager no matter how we felt in the past amen now is trustful the Bible says he very very the Bible says and numbers twenty three nineteen God is not a man that he should lie like I thought that my heart again and again I forget for thirty years God is not a man that he should lie need of the Son of Man that he should repent and take his mind at the Senate shall he not do it at the spoken Saudi not make it good so God tells Jesus that in Matthew twenty four thirty five had also passed away at my words shall not pass away I did where Rosalie came one of our ministers this is an example that it will blossom while the study carefully made the Holy Spirit keep my number she did one of our ministers and she said that the problem that's why we're here to help people with problems I have a problem and you electronically knew Marcy said would you help me with my problem all five major problem is that my problem is forgiveness by the way don't miss this afternoon at six thirty and don't miss any night particularly Tuesday night she said my problem is forgiveness with the promise for that does anyone here anyone doing no a promise of forgiveness letting your hands which one would you say genre that's right and what does it say let's put together if we confess our sins he is job to forgive us our sins and cleanse the problem all unrighteousness that promise is that God will forgive us our sins if we confess them he said here's the problem of ABCs of our current visa everybody but me as well they and the thing is what the claimant having appointment guidance at the airport by the claimant you'd like to you on it you just don't say I claim when I'm on my back I don't buy that what I claim with a public benefit large I wanted I have it listed that that is the key to prayer Susan really O'Donnell will not forgive you then they delete that he believed that anything I wanted to forget when you need rather blankly says that you are not forgiven you any thoughts you will praise the Lord yet but you know what you did she did not scores of people watching this program are due and him are not I don't think so because I don't really I just don't feel ligament are they are they'll say you are I don't remind forgiven because I have made wrong to write we talked to our yesterday with a very fine gentleman we met in Vietnam is that I have been struggling for years of prolonged period of time with this forgiveness is that I felt there was absolutely no way my soul I could never be saved because I had impressive that I must go and confess to everybody I wrong and I must make every wrong right before God would forgive me if seven three times how can I make one of the first women on Scotland he said so I was bogged down nicer what's the Delaney said pastor that's like a dream for I been trying for five years divine forgiveness isn't it he confessed your sins she's it I confess my sins hundreds of times by the way probably near confess our sins under the private arrangement and way up I had my own work yes I receive forgiveness network would have to say this is what he said you believe the Bible and he smiled she's a newbie I'd likely never without it is not wonderful I believe every word of it he said that you believe this promise don't you will yes I do he said have you confessed your sins she surpassed Apple December five I confessed my sins hundreds of times in four years he said that your project I do enter faces clouded again she's a pastor that's why came to see you him now after had a problem about now that in order to go to tell elated when he is already read the promise she's already talking to believe the Bible she's already stated again and again she has confessed according year is hundreds of times now working on two because slap on the wrist leave but he didn't I think that's about the only thing the promise of wisdom log for Microsoft indicated a delivery time is taken up with the same answer out loud the party is that I haven't gotten forgiveness and then the Holy Spirit answer this prayer is insisted if the Holy Spirit pointed out one sin that you are not the best would you be willing to the vessel she said I certainly want after I certainly want isn't what about that then that is mentioned in first John chapter five verse ten the middle of the verse and you know my friend the Holy Spirit can do more than that the person in a second then you and I can only and it says here he that believe it or not God don't want anybody know he got the link is not God hath made him a liar and as gently as he caught as kindly as he got as one suddenly is a God he pointed out that she had been making God a liar for how long partiers would be well sister if we don't together now but a lot of would submit the same so the Holy Spirit into his work wouldn't it be well we knelt down together now and that one sin that you've never confess you just got having made him a liar about forty years and thus over the lady said on the happiest what I've done wrong I have been making God a liar for forty years she said let's let's go underneath and I will ask God to forgive me having to live the wheel to give me and I haven't really God and they know to gather and keep up with God and before they arose she said not after I read it now to ask God to forgive my sin and to believe it I could praise the Lord and he has forgiven me thank you for many years ago trickling down her cheeks hold hostages that helping the company I could have this piece four years ago had I just know that I just wasn't believing God is not like the feeling it's a question of does not keep his word a man I was speaking on the subject down in Florida attempting some years ago at the meeting was over a medical doctor walked into the book in Bible that and the federal minister that he said after he said I have just received the shock of my life the one the doctors physicians are never to appear shop you know if they appear shopping fellow patient you can't figure even if the patient did not then headed for the fighting up through you don't almost fill positions are never go pear shop or nurses but I just been Shaw Donovan ha ha ha ha he's our guest in the meeting there and that major regular commute from the Bible how that went I not been believing that God has forgiven me as he promised them making out that God is a liar and I am going and he said an officer in the church see Holy Spirit works on officer in the church and I been making out that God is alive because I have never really believed the minister turned to be said that upfront what he wanted when now on and the position care Denis said okay what I'm doing this right is that from now on I am telling the Lord and my friends that I believe God I believe God has forgiven my sins friends do you really know those who are viewing daily as you sit in the pews do they do believe it how many believe that God has forgiven our sins when Atlanta and real I praise the Lord your God given them and when they find these Romans five one thousand being justified by faith we have peace with God Lincoln walked out of the service with Teresa Heinz God keeps his word God does not lie friends it is a good rail and reform I do it again and again in my life I tell a large it's impossible for your life you promised me so-and-so had an arsenal possibly your work cannot passively deeper success by killing the things it impossible for God to lie number twenty three nineteen says God is not a land agent like Jesus that is recorded in Matthew twenty four thirty five Heaven and also passed away my word will not pass away are you want in life and being one for depression you have made the car you even confidence in God and he will reward up God is proved God is through indeed and where to take his problems and believe in what felt in the back couple yesterday they related a story of how one may work still alienated and see each other for several months and they were just means recovers they told me they said the little girl little tiny girl I don't hope that maybe six was praying to Jesus and that he normally would be reconciled she was afraid that he would come home pretty good promisee could claim Jeremiah twenty four six and seven they shall return I don't looking to the promise at all but the holy book Strickland in Ohio something that we all need to learn because Jesus said we need childlike faith she said money mommy lets cleanup a house that is coming home and mother knew that it wasn't coming home and that he knew he wasn't coming home because divorce proceedings had already been started and they all he did was barking at each other and the little girls that let's now left without a fee that is ruled mother said that evil was unmasked doesn't anyone be in the room and my little daughter said that is coming home solar video out like this room normally mommy and mommy didn't have had the grace to say on the your silly little girl to dramatically say that I can lead that's not how people are crazy silly and the Lord would use so long a time and want to see what needs you solid okay I very first been wanted one the room weblog config Miami that is going on to a place that is coming when the country now what we mounted that is coming home he'll be home Melissa Quesada links that he was back home friends it's high time that we don't let alone analyze progress quest to destroy our simple confidence that God keeps his word when using God forgive us when we asked in simple faith conduct out like that you don't feel it that everything is selected but the Lord Jesus that though your sins be as well I shall be as white as snow friends on base don't be a wool I was lying sometime going up in the sky I saw something I had never seen before I've seen it since as I looked down from that height about halfway I couldn't see one square inch of our bodies what I thought I saw a cloud that looked just like wool it was the most beautiful sight I ever seen before when the I never had and never since these such a site all will will end up thick-skinned among mitomycin I do I began to write and thank you Lord you in Jesus you don't see any of my article in this unit shows not to look at my past them you know the you had in the book of nature you have it in the book of Revelation is saltwater aerosol that childlike faith and that's three that is what God wants us to childlike faith math reading three except to become converted and become like on a little child I don't know you're okay but develop their story she said I wanted to bicycle our bicycle badly visible when you have the money Betty said sometime you get me a bicycle start saving up a little money now and then I cut and that a little more money and finds it but I still didn't have enough decided and I had just about enough to buy a bicycle a bicycle is is not to write on it's awfully hard some kids can still do it and she said that I didn't do it they conveniently bicycle nice and I don't have just about had enough she said we went in the other when we knelt down and prayed I'd want from the claimant Joseph she said you get me a bicycle I promise you that I want use it for something that Kaiser I'll also use it to go running and more people in the bicep often favor the insides like Gisele I'll get a deal and she said she said and I think mommy Jesus is going to new bicycle he's going to do it that's unlikely she's the one to another and that he was talking to a friend of his who came with a pickup truck method that he is now selling a bicycle my daddy said we want to have happen up as you said the neighbor said you like a bicycle she said yes I'd like a bicycle is that I have a bicycle I bought for my daughter and was stolen so I bought another bicycle after about the second one the police on the first perhaps right she said we had enough money identity of the government over God this bicycle is original Jesus is a wonderful season I hope becomes while I'm still a little girl as you said I'd like to sit on his lap and field history that Jesus Brennan he's eager the fruitful but we must approach them with afraid of a little child now how does the answer in the public him the following carefully beloved promises contained his power phenomenon is a good number to the number three was childlike faith and number four the promises contain the creative power of Jesus Christ how do you know how do you know Psalm thirty three six and nine by the end of the yard where the headlands made and will let them buy one but it is not easy but in what happened it wasn't long to remember Genesis one God that will be like him to see the light is one is like that even writings that is what is created as related in the first study but not chronic this is an Islamic microfiltration I found two texts that were wonderful to be back thirty years ago when I was learning before they meant so much and are put together by my favorite author the Romans four seventeen thirty two thirty three sixty nine and we just read and process this calling all her weight the things that we not as though they were in other words in other words God calls the thing that doesn't even exist now when the unnamed something that doesn't even exist anybody know what happened when something like life let there be light it did not exist on this earth when I named it will happen immediately and I take a product when you think about it from the other notable internal impeccable work it's a creative word him that will I existed in Iraq during the nonexistent link will have a working system problem will call them on doing that for instance by failure like non- leaders and gentlemen boys and girls everybody said right here and probably check that I be guilty of anybody of the income he was a little better word now prevarication is said that such area is no care of their and it will be happy to let you finally get the Lord says that is a sad would there be that they are commonly only is lucky and what does not exist at the moment as far as we know it exists in the instead of trying to walk around and I answered from our vocabulary words are the God that notability to use vocabulary contains that deputy promises I can understand I cannot understand how Jesus Christ was born of a virgin USB like these is what Levine is C++ a child during the nine-month why would Jesus finally was except for the Bible says it was I don't any more than what the Bible says I don't understand it but I believe that a man I don't understand how God created what is so nineties the article that will be something that he exists and that word but it does I thought we thank God so reluctant resolution but the problem friends is that we're looking at the problem with talking about the problem when God that he five hundred seventy three probably for every one of them contains us the visit from the creative word that all kinds of habits we have all kinds of session we did I had an obsessive and how mistakes and I'll let you know about this evening then glorifying the pathway to glorify Jesus Christ is the truth and the life what is your problem would you like to write down the green on this afternoon a problem and behind that problem put down what the opposite of the problem would be the solution and find the text and if you can't find the text of Scripture that you think that's identically played in the question box in our six thirty service usually and will spend time with you so that as we couldn't go this week and presently young and old can know that God is eager to answer prayer that God is truthful that will come with childlike trust in him and reach up and take over this all I will word by which he made the world and friends that is the word which by the gospel is preached to us shall we bring our heads are bowed in prayer there may be someone here this morning would be say my problem is I'm a backslider overheads about it either clothes remember first of all it were all that slider but there is a promise for your backsliding wholesale fourteen verse four it contains the solution it says this the Lord speaking I will you know there I will allow them freely Hosea fourteen four by now beloved you can do about that couple did looking at my house after I learned these bonuses and learn this kind of prayer with a home ready to breakout their backslidden they claim Hosea fourteen four and within one hour there were new creatures in Christ Jesus and a whole will say when you ask God right now to hear your backsliding and we don't think of the healing love Jesus he's healing me because this is a solution God 's healing love not how unworthy I not develop health no matter how far gone wrong your healing the Lord because you have created our account as a heads are bowed in prayer if you have slipped a little like the Lord and you will like now by his grace a huge healing love with no ice curiously looking around he can lift your head I would take his healing he deemed me I will take you reacts revealingly reclaimed triumphantly in Jesus name amen it was a lie on his website to spread God 's word release audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain it is www. audio tours .org


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