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5 - Communication Jesus' Way

Glenn Coon
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Glenn Coon

Founder, ABCs of Prayer Crusades

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I got to make me a mail at home and then fastened securely in its place than from the things in common and so small hangup right picture by faith and we thank you in Jesus name amen we had the very interesting experience when I was twenty three years of age leading music for my brother Pennsylvania reveling a man who is six areas of meetings that the interest was was beautiful people coming from all parts of Pittsburgh among those in attendance was a very fine dedicated sincere conscientious young woman coming night after night night after night one evening on alert lading was a Kristen already decided that she would say this young lady mold the hot part of to make a decision more quickly now remember this young lady was coming regularly the elderly lady saw home hot weather this is the last meeting supplies we know that the young lady ever attended you know that haunted me for years how come that the very individual was extremely interested in the selfless young lady was without a doubt praying earnestly for this young lady shut in a conversation in our communication from the very person all that she had been phenomenal completely to Christ we've been studying the ABCs of prayer where we've been studying how McLean Bible promises that he promises to get along I accept Jesus Christ promises that they might be saved promises that I is going to invite please is a science the claimant applied for promises that communicating with the law is the science of medical science will sense that they long ago when the very dear Christian lady was so concerned and so probably play on our young friend under all the tens of thousands of the best questions were doing the same don't believe the Bible that I will say because no one and then they say that no one actually turns that personal rights is because the Internet learn to communicate Jesus way and we want to study this evening till special secrets are communicating Jesus away from individuals whom I have to remember a husband I found for their children whoever it might be we ask God to bless them to save them to turn them to get all my friends we found during the years of our ministry that this goes in the tens upon tens of thousands of your ones when I started by way of communicating if the fire she does have the greatest age of this world has ever known Jesus and Minnesota Minnesota seven oh eight teaches us how to communicate that the statements are the two lines of communication will share with you this evening are the low sky and well I will see what Jesus has presented on their end then the new turning from the law tie this long this Bible litigation this sacred energies of communication wheat germ the law sovereign will now the sovereign will this means that every human soul without exception has a little kingdom and Randolph has his own little kingdom if you think of this special sign as being a person not a moment surrounding this person is an invisible line and within the Asarco no one has the right when food was begin an adult now no human being has the right to include on this person 's sovereign ground takes except by the invitation and one a person invites were not including one of the text in the Old Testament is Joshua twenty four fifty it says shows the it doesn't mean that I chose for this person this person if you chose for himself and every time I try to make a choice for this individual I greatly the fundamental law of God in fact I am breaking up on the national book foundation the foundation the foundation of life you mean by that the foundation of life is again commendable that the patient of San Clemente launches us that Islam but that information about him know you can know how it is meant to allow these compounds allow if we make the decisions that are in the lobby will come spontaneously from the this is why worked on Philippians two five and onward mind you which was also in Christ Jesus and develop antivirus we find that there will come to those devices in a moment in connection with a long humility but Jesus says in Revelation three twenty highest and the dog not event hear my voice and open the door I will come in so Jesus at hunting in the time you may open the comment I'm not going home I will come in unless by your invitation because you are sovereign in your territory and in Jesus Christ the Creator of the heavens and the will not impose on your territory in order for me to come in you must invite me in if you know my voice you hear the seminar and you will know I will come in five different values on the way most of importance on people the reason I'm going to want to the Damascus I'm telling you you should do this within the asked us to tell them what to do so twice is the law of the sovereign will not give you and it is the foundation foundation foundation of Christian living the foundation of Christian living is the Lord God the foundation of all non- Islamic Jesus said if you love me keep my commandments no man can except as a lot anyone throughout one of months in Technicolor quiz will mediate is life-giving entity value price of the X Donald Kahn David is not obedience of the NBN Springs the Jesus said on this is the foundation I've been on the property I like the time as well this is not to make me enormously but that is made mankind not the scenery is given and the privilege of making the side of your love God enough so that foundation donation foundation of life is child's one you and I are praying for some individual wishing the science of prior and we find that while it frightened claiming that promises and asking and whether leaving ninety nine where he stated that he received that conditions there every promise and not in the board one of those conditions is when you pray for a human soul ask God to take you to start the last time nothing will happen if we don't I have been studying from Genesis to Revelation the notice how Jesus Christ in the Testament and the New Testament was the author of this wonderful law of joy unit number one as regarding hearing in the third chapter the book of Genesis unit number one he started toward that ministry God did not send an angel and interceptors that he will realize what you're going to know what I remember I baptized that fine couple several years ago on the do they and a few years later we find lady came to me with some counsel that is seeking the city Council and I see saw this counsel analyses and what do you think we should do regarding sucks and sucks a big and I said what do you think you should do just about I think we should do so and so I selected this is a medicine that season but one doesn't say that we should do so and so I thought life as the face of management unicycle you're so he decided for himself but she would accept that she said that if he does that he'll be setting in I smiled and I said doesn't have the right the same as arguing our concern went on his maker went on his Redeemer with creatures this is between him and God that was if he conforms to thirty conscience he gets no credit for the act of obedience rights not real opinions uvula the conference tells you to do the Hindu that the Lord sends itself to the new millennium had a personal relationship between himself and the Lord and you do the same she said but it is sufficient to I suggest we have the right below sin is an attractive setting the wages of sin is that it's a terrible thing to me but she didn't stop to realize my friend that she could never save him by sitting on his sovereign rights some years ago young lady can assist to the city Council should been married seven years and she found it rather difficult to compose the problem she said well maybe I'll start this way she said when I was married seven years ago I didn't know lands lying were in what they are and will record that they were like that I ended twenty one any father I remember the wonderful statement that was made by one of my favorite authors and the statement went like this arbitrary words and actions stuck worst passions of the human heart like Patrick Henry delivered to me that I turned what I said that I thought seven years ago when she was married she was so sweet and wholesome seven years of married has made herself so passionate that you just want like a car I said that we have to question does your husband and you want to do your precedent expression of faith which he said he's a Christian synod and that he is a Christian is he telling you what to do what I was coming to it he is imposing on her territory she has alright for now against his trying to control her she said he's a Christian but the master that he can look through which he said he has good judgment item after that either if you know you want to and you know that brings us to this point also many man made dreams that there were little children of the day that they could marry so they could rule someone they just know how I could just night somebody in mental company and they'll say I have a text of Scripture that authorizes me to tell my wife want to do what was that he said that sex is over to patients like that the husband is head of the light I said yes but it doesn't say for the husband B Du Bois what you are anyone has an territory you and you and you think that's going to the lesson is that an SUV of good judgment I do not view the president I admit busy telling you what the new but she said he's a nice looking men and masculinity has a pretty nose I didn't estimate it is a small the question is is he conforming the foundation foundation I know is wrong the foundation of any of this will and nation of lobbyist Jack and you set an exact obedience is the relationship between God when you start playing on even greater than God because God will not enroll she said yes you're right she said my husband very beautiful very slightly tells me everything to do like this honey but that right there is not unlikely wait wait on so sweet just put it right that I told you that there would I said that struggle with you this man hasn't has imposed on your territory God made your sovereignty of human being the Princess Anna God no human being has the right to play God and the God they believe in God one who she said you think that's us in the Lancet God says so is from Genesis to Revelation Genesis three God did not interpose on the trip to the forbidden tree Revelation three I stand at the door now and I think you have that afternoon to get a new seed in your prime and partly afraid that he became edited by reason of the whole is within you to ask you in six twenty one yes I ask you telling Joshua eighteen and twenty two one yes I ask you telling the highest form of instruction the highest form of Christian education the highest form of Christian persuasion the best way to get answered prior my present business stimulate interest of people asked this one we share the answers that my example and using many people said to me if I wait for people asked me they'll never asked I said that's why they don't have to go you don't wait how did Jesus get people at Jesus than the teacher at the age of twelve at the age of twelve has how to get him ask questions and the second chapter in the last verses is that Jesus at the age of global evangelism is virginal destroy that I've been forgotten they connected Jerusalem on it Robert three days there without a one-day gain in the template says that in the gospel the chapter do the last verses based on William and Fabian asking questions if you want to ask your questions ask them questions if you want people to respect you respect them if you want people to respect your religious beliefs respect their religious beliefs I believe all my heart I believe that Baptists and Methodists and Adventists and Congregationalists and and Catholics ought to respect the other person 's belief producing the Bible says to do it first Peter two seventeen set on our homeland Jesus him them know what do the recommended information about a intern maybe you have to question and answer the questions because you know how to stimulate their interest and my friends it's wonderful that people ask questions and we respect them when we honor them when we don't impose on them now have a person does ask a question about your religious affiliation on Berkeley ask your question about anything you know don't give them more than their if a person asks for spiritual sandwich how much should we get it spiritual sandwich and a small one small one building in the three-course meal but they gave up a young man a neighbor of ours back in Tennessee where we live he told me that Gracie had in the service he said they passed the beautiful delicious red ripe watermelon of man will resell that watermelon coming it looks a lot seven and he is happy for the nice cold watermelon his power Sentinel and my friend is turned without the usual like watermelon no sir did you ever like watermelon yes he said I do like watermelon faces and how come you know Stallone watermelon and now you don't like it tell me what resulted he said years ago call one of my friends and I rated a watermelon patch a victim of the bill of this action the daylight so they knew just how to walk and any should we waited for just the right I really got my because you see you can find watermelons in a dark night it's not like hunting for not can we know just how I want to walk in we knew just whether we could see them from the wrong and essential just like nineteen and we walked in the pathway and he said we don't run we got one great big water moments of the Netscape the first one right here and he said and we can well expect over the stump there's a little nervousness that are going to watermelon doesn't want to the binaural agent under a admitted stop to realize and they they saw what they thought was a company must work within the Guatemalan endless company fitted at the moon could not just a little animal things they broken the law one over the head of the owner of the patch he had been watching an event asleep at and it was not that they thought this is not messing up again and that they saw been broken over the head of his men and the pendulum comes up in the member governments the goal will be leaving brochures in a lovely nice shotgun on his lap got added and ease of all things the man said Guatemala help yourself they didn't have very much saliva but approximately when you want to know you don't have that much lately about it is that we and we had in the man was smiling broadly just the kindest sweetest thing you ever saw and it looked like you go to forgive us we could slither away he said when we got to the man smiled again is that boys you have had enough and he added that shotgun just a little you know these that open another now they did not limit the same way youngest he said and we opened the other and we ate we know why we could put any more watermelon and the manhood definitely by meeting you have not read enough when he just got added you know they decided they'd rather be followed one all shocked that they don't want to run on the vision is that if I wanted to see a lot of that Fred is one of the advice Man United by soccer and what he asked and that will result in the always come back remember the watermelon story right you know sometimes I've been talking about the men who are not just sometimes ladies forget to once allow a very lovely lady comes filming you know and she said I just have to tell my husband what to do most all the time to spend a lazy and not late tonight Jim at the next whenever that massive and she's at I just have to tell my husband what do is wait a minute the Las Olas is the foundation on foundation foundation of life I couldn't go to tell you what the new humility puts his socks in the frying pan and you are allowed to be connected a little bit and they think that's adult medicine is that the principle I said not only Catholic and using the principle is easy to socks in the frying pan as you don't say a single word remembered out if you just updated the text I don't think that the Inquirer that the and confidential beer spray if you will be sorely quiet and not still work welcome message letting ahead of us laugh even when you would just require that man will never have let again network is a this just doesn't work I don't like some negative than I what I wanted my for him anonymous services like prison on the meeting was over I heard on the outside he said he didn't want to stop the point that if you want to but not in my frying pan not in my private practice I wanted to a lot left by God the eternal impact on the word that you and I will stop trying to instruct people to be instructed if we only get in the last instruction than they asked for people are becoming and gossiping with us that want to be around us that it's a song that if the donor whether the hospital right did you know that most divorces take place and separation because at least one of American partners has never learn to stop picking is one of the quotation my book education page forty one all you look I'm going to education is not processing instruction on an unready on on receptive mind so number one to have any about any of anything unless he wants to know about the annual belatedly astonished a copy of one of Iran is if we just won't be bossy when the North Vietnamese this it means we've not found the cure in Jesus Christ we studied this for years friends and regardless of what happens every time that you and I try to play God in another persons life it's because we have not found the sweet securities had we found the security Jesus we cannot promise of the Holy Spirit within the conflicting so we were not the accuracy anytime we try to convict people were taking the place of our spirit and every time we start accusing people were taking the place of a panel these are killers of the brethren the Holy Spirit convicts John sixteen eight what is Revelation twelve ten no wonder that man came to me a proposal on our meeting reason I'm so happy that you shared this with me because I see what's wrong in the home with me now even I have been working for the large like the devil accusing plaintiff 's instruction all my friends let us let the burden be on the Holy Spirit when you let us find that the Lord is able to do in the early sixties he didn't love you I will eagerly make a new one technique Numa let's stop trying with all people by breaking the choice amen now the second secret are the second law is humility humility is the law of the third horizontal level down that low level down that there is on the level down Philippians two verse three I standing out there better than ourselves Philippians two five now let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus will be in the form of God is not robbery to be God but made himself of no reputation he was making in the likeness of men this is all clippings to vibrate is made in the likeness of men and being found in fashion as amended on himself and each of the seven level God man servant Jesus came in the world as the Son of Man trying he was the creator and the world but he was born in a stable and cradled in a manger so man would not be afraid to confide in him every time the what not to wear rating the very attitude of Jesus that Jesus Jesus was in a stable cradle in a manger he died on Calvary between to the night he died he does not end with his disciples feet from the electronic universe humbled himself one in Samaria came to them instead of focusing on her he asked her paper that's humility humility means I look upon God as the highest ISVs and everyone else as that of the myself the Bible says and what Philippians two three first Peter two seventeen on a LAN is great to speaking on the land using when you are not belittle someone this person feel it feels ill at ease in our present when we start with someone he feels abilities so long humility which means you look up to people instead of down on them the laptops which means don't tell anyone anything in life he wants to know when we confront these two principles of Jesus you don't happen people get perfect with ease in our present Jesus said so Matthew eleven twenty eight to thirty and more pathways it if you chose to come to me at the lots on all of you that labor and are heavy laden and if you if you will learn of my meekness and humility you will have rest we found friends we've tried this out for decades in our ministry we found that anytime that that we product was for someone else and am excited that we belittle someone else this person feels it is in our presence we found that the breaking of these two principles is up to we are separation in the home we say I had the project through the years for instance all very fine Christian man to draw some time ago all couple thousand miles from here you know that all the negatives we present happen thousands of miles away tears in his eyes trickling down his cheeks he said I wanted to go see my wife and asked her to come home they got the impression because we written so many books they got impressed that we present up onto if we want to a little button at the leave and claim that the partners only thing we tell them to how can we tell apart I wanted one the Bible tells us not to tell anybody want to ask you what like unlikely since she's left me I said you think you don't like to let he said no I don't know why she left and I love her very much I wanted to marry for three months prima along AEI courtship that you have a year to be was a good courtship we said we had one question our courtship for a year and in three months after marriage she left you listen friends please pray for the Holy Spirit it didn't change families it can change the parent 's attitude toward the children three months of Mary I saw call original I can't make a choice in telecom by she wouldn't listen anyway bipolar but I call her and I'll ask her why she left if you if she sees light in it on the pellicle on this is going you don't know me I'm just a guest speaker here but your husband came to be quite heartbroken and he loves you very much and you would so love to have you come back home up is there anything I can do if there's nothing I what I'm not one imposed on human she said no there's nothing you can do after she said no I don't feel at ease around him the laws of human reason oxide humility so please don't tell anybody what the new unless it was no any adult humility please don't belittle anybody in the abilities she said she said that when we were courting for a whole year we had a beautiful blessed courtship and he said he treated me like a sweetheart sweetheart she said that they we were married he treated me as a developer he told me just put that there just do this death that she said will completely change she said I don't want anything about his finances I know nothing about his business I'm just like a teenager who's not supposed to know anything and she said I wanted America's sweetheart I have a father I didn't know my father now I've made a father and she said I just can't take it I just entered so I went she said I don't think there's any possibility of ever being reestablished I went back and talked with my said brother I could see he really loved the invite he'd been a menace and I said this is what happened during the year of your courtship you treated her with respect up to you they are and what you made an error immediately you put in the child class and she felt ill at ease here just trickling down his cheek I think of another man made of several hundred mile trip to see is that I wish is there something you could do to save my marriage I said tell me what's happening I sent them right away I have people these two questions how have you sought of him telling your made what to do maybe picking Jeff Rubin Vega saw been picking up senior attitude well yes he said I have decided back I thought I was supposed he said I thought I was supposed to be the head of the house yes you are simple enough but not the one not blocking he said you know I even told my wife can't cook I told her how to clean the house I told her how to address because I know somewhat more than she did in that wonderful isn't that wonderful he said I see now since I talk with you what's wrong I made the choices for her I expected her to follow my decisions and if I should I do her look at the notice how you feel good eleven twelve look at it and upload so I trust by not doing over and the separation of friends were not sharing this that you and I might have been entertainment we're sharing this my friends because we have boys and girls out in the blog world we have boys and girls that in the world of sin and vice we have mace including any data and we are in agreement or wrongly people tell me about I never dreamed that my husband would lead me just like that he took all of I I I thought everything was all right he's gone like this they sat and listened to what your listening tonight and is doing never dream that it was for them individually now let me give you one one on aspiration of humility it is a father pray I've been learning about ABC's of three thousand five hundred and seventy three promised in the Bible the cost of the promises identify with it will save my son Isaiah forty nine twenty five and in the identities you claim to the employment and nothing is going how did you talk to yourself did you believe yes he said I believe because I was quite happy to come to his senses your drug conviction that the business of Holy Spirit and when you accused to the work of the devil coming what did you do with it often what it is that I prayed earnestly for that white city Missouri got one big teenager seventy years old is out of the apartment and I thought maybe likely just right I'll bring him to his senses so I said before helped him to behave himself no longer need right he broke the law humility he belittled Jim I think you not to take just one sentence you returned your mom just one summer noted was listening now here's a new kind of prayer and it goes like this is hard help me to behave myself and be going to the gym Angelo said a man of enthusiasm who went with Jim could save men reminds me about of experience that happened but but in the state where I was born there was a man listening to after Elaine S H late was a great partner and this man would become so enthused with faster lane and is speaking then you think a man you know there were days when you people are quite safe manager I wish that they would return I like your people same and what you say praise the Lord when you hear vacillating you thought there was the reason a man that is only one that's what they meant okay appeared on as all the something wrong with you something right with except he made this mistake if he would let me a man in the wrong place at the dental so after Lady Gaga allotted one day be set brother he said that you break my chain of thought when you say he meant so loudly nobody else is saying it is all I'm sorry pass out I never thought about he said I'll never do it again he said I been so thrown the messages of the Holy Spirit is is is talking it was an undergraduate again and the next time the pastor leg break on this memo so thrilled again ASAP they wanted to thank the men we could and after a few minutes they just got to go on enthusiasm the other half everything these out that he said he and no one knows why this is why it is probably a different kind of prayer is a blog to communicate himself your dancing Lord help me behave myself and be good that you know what you would probably be safe under his breath a man and man and I believe I can I believe I can stand around that enough I believe I can put up with that it my friends it's very simple but only as Jesus Christ comes and dwells in a hot can we have a spirit of humility and not credible let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus he was in Babylon he was God he came in as well he made himself of no reputation he came down past the mandala in a sense unique in the Son of Man they might win man Lord give me that's original my friends we pray earnestly to let Jesus and our South Western people know an amount of people but it's trying to I was in the home you'd be surprised what some of us ministers feared people 's home I would know my heart a man talking to his wife is an open is not helped his wife and children and he didn't know about humility he was living up to a lot of good rulings that make us wonderful know Jesus and everything he commands us what you think of ourselves as unprofitable for hurting sake of his wife on the world he said it might very music you know he said now I'm living a pretty good life I'm not living the life that you are he said and I would not be surprised if God rewarded me by taking the right to have a most anything about humility I read his wife reply and the social reply I mean you wouldn't be surprised if you are taken to have an affinity what would surely be surprised in a living cell shall be exalted and humility is the ability to apologize to one another when I was a little boy in my father 's home I don't remember one single night when we had our family worship that every night every morning I don't remember a single night when we apologize for it even a little irritated that they were not apologize for my friends it did something to me are they apologizing why I'm sorry I was irritated today will you forgive me I just don't want only one night in no time I was at home that my father not have the strength to apologize when you drop one we know now we had a try I went to bed I'm just a little type but better than pretty rough on me I done my best to cooperate with the I I I I definitely obtain me I went upstairs I know that my bed and I climbed into bed and you know you'll be astonished at the vocabulary that annoyed that I had I used such words in my heart hypocrite your hypocrite I never want my father never once in all my life when he heard that even here now there upstairs in bed most of the old hypocrite he professes to be a question you so mean to me today he wasn't man enough to apologize I'll never belong to a church would like while have nothing to do with it and now just sobbing then I heard that little life selectively stairway normal I said myself about the hypocrites coming up now and I turn my face the wall of this writing I try to restrain myself is on my cheeks turned on the long side plate apostle is a hard thing barcode just all the snow original I present about my father 's arm I felt his face up next to mine nothing is a song will you forgive me and stimulate my father was like you want my life and all of himself shall be exalted friends let's go back and tell our boys and girls were sorry when we tell them what you think discipline yes obedience yes then it's no lack and apologize the husband 's life they love I have been investing you because I did not have the thick driving in Jesus Christ myself and ask God to forgive my sins and allegedly realized that I was a child why don't have the best and in his other children are bothered about the night produced we thank you for in large when we have processing your name have not been completely of your wonderful spirit while I think about it neither will all be here this evening and don't really do you feel as I do thank you for forgiving me when I have been out of place when I been imposed on someone's right of choice or not belittle people all ask God to forgive you for what you broken the secret religious and those that are doing thank you Lord for asking you said I'll forgive though your sins are Scotland were going home and make my right I believe Jesus name amen you want like this new website dedicated to spreading God 's word research audio and much more he would like to know more about the universe this is more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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