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7 - Lord Save my Teenager

Glenn Coon
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Glenn Coon

Founder, ABCs of Prayer Crusades

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him hard for me unveil a Honda mail on the wall the whole picture the picture of Jesus in its place and helping to allow us to do the same as we communicate Jesus and we thank you my lovely name amen I topic tonight has to do with seven secrets of communicating with an individual from the playing he was communicating with with the people in our home communicating with our sons and daughters communicating with the husbands and wives and I have a lot of friends that we want think in terms of what other people should learn from tonight but that everyone within the sanctuary anyone who is willing this this particular study will be playing in the day teach us how we can communicate with an individual what is promised in the first Psalm it says and if we will meditate in the large laws laws of communication tonight while Emily Norcross court I found that one individual to really study the science talking with people besides a variety of people are communicating with them in any way to cut the mainland the science is a tremendous victory we have briefly summarize this is on the seven words the postdischarge we started at the other night so I squeeze we do not tell anyone anything unless he wants to know about that humility means that we know no one if we don't live on the choice if we don't belittle people feel it is in our presence and the convict at the time that I can think what I illuminate this study we discussed his enjoy eight hundred and seventy six Texas Scripture comes enjoying taking on Catholic Christians willing to be happy as it needs to save a marriage it is the same so it is the same I had anything a sublime and I want to be around the type of person that's why so many people do you think will be a dad they were they them and the one who doesn't know exactly they look at the Kristin and they see an irritated law is the only way someplace and a field that has something to offer that the Christian we must not let us enjoy what you say then I don't know Jesus and July I'm also still Jesus was sent to fourteen and Shiite displaying Nehemiah eight ten so as Jesus brings you remember what we had in the language the Lord 's presence when we give them choice and were home to socialize in humility either to a human is the feeling is around us in Jesus they are under the Christ in us than the three more special secrets online communication that they will not pay is that they will all is the one to notice particularly it is manifest in the line it is not him him in a person with an A draft express faith in a person with only limited means that when that person ultimately believe he is sincere many time and economy missing had to answer questions that I don't believe God exists don't answer that all except to say I believe your sincere you be astonished while the spoken people to that individual first John four says this is a victory that I like I cannot even operate that they give you optimal aspirations and I shared it with two or three people individually this week because it's so tremendous last hour we were in the assert and say why they invited us to go to the unknown meal and they explained to us it was because they had a nice visit we could reach this young lease only in her early twenties was living out of wedlock living in on Wednesday and and that we might be able to sign off to convince there was later the same evidence in now we knew that we had no business and make choices right that's a lot of choice we had no business to go back and do you see if we are trying to keep the localities so once we know we shouldn't know where we shouldn't deliver when you reset the non- meal we should reflect on similarities thus because the next ability to a lifetime are subject to bondage Hebrews two fourteen and fifty so we had to write this it had a happy life together and everybody could see how great is that we believe in Jesus Christ him at tests I think you have any confidence in telling me happy if she couldn't see any happiness pages using and then when you do not apply the right kind of pressure that she would like we must think they are not met in that they are together they can anybody say it again and after the name is whether you think the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit is the one that can help us develop the interpersonal enrollees seem to have no confidence at the Museum and were getting ready to leave them it wasn't talking to the ones that and I was asking God to help me and is allowed to have it this young lady out merely married I will read one section of the room to get up just alone they don't want within six or eight feet not stated is that they if I can express faith and a person was living in the same express faith of Muslims living in open sin can you can you say how well this is what the capacity to say I got married by the hand given little gentle squeeze I looked up for the things I said Mary I want to make a prediction I predict that you're going up that this experience of Christ you will be a tremendous witness for Jesus Mary and me and that's all I said so glad to see you and suchlike and in the week column number and address a position on several hundred miles we were we called a few times couldn't get on the phone and then finally in another city I called her and she answered I message a friend brother she is in pastor who I still question him go why did you tell me that you believe that I was wondering on the success in witnessing for Jesus what would you tell her I said because I believe it is uncomplicated it is he isn't actually I believe it I said willingness is millions of a hundred miles from the unwitting ever get down here not medication can if you don't maybe not really I'd like to have a visit with the season I want to see you join us again about an hour late we met in the past the study when she did in the past is that it is single-handedly she said that I requested you do tell me that you believe will be such a success in Jesus when we get our I said because I believe it and as we sat there she told Howard that the man she was living with was persecuting her in the document my mind why is that these persecuting her and I I try to be very casual noodle shop and I said made the what's so why is he persecuted she said because he didn't want to go to church I said use both maybe somebody in the church has belittled him and that brings us back my friends to this law humility if somebody belittles an individual to individual does not feel at ease in that person 's presence and at the start tonight in the middle they don't feel at ease all showing off Mary said yes she said my father said to me that you have anything to do that scoundrel my friends is it any wonder that the measures living with getting one of you around any of the people that profess the same as a father he had nine and a little but I was listening and pray for the Holy Spirit you talking about this man who is Muslim with a prosecutor I have said Mary Riley and a nice missionary visit report that I've been like a man who said he thought what was wrong with him beside him what's wrong with me I've been working for the Lord Michael with you twice already like home like the devil Fleischer when the pressure is and the pleasure of the and the pleasure of faith hope and they shall also be applying pressure with people I when the Holy Spirit in us lies in an open pressure pressure Julia is in my confidence in her unmarried last-minute price I need to say she is my confidence in her I never said anything but I was praying for the Holy Spirit I said by the way Judy Mary Gelman feeds mixed up by then and I said that the eye I nonchalantly succumbed two hundred miles round-trip but I think if you couldn't get back again to the meetings I do see she's out of the couple nice cheated like a couple nights later came in the past decided and they said pastor I need you telling me that you know that the future one hundred dollar because I believe that Mary and ask yourself that evening but their time I never visited whether in person she said that very quietly she said and I'm not living with my brother I thought to myself even if she's not that I know my big nose one fifth the nosy boy can hardly wait I hope she wants to why one safe and connected with God had meant no no no him him you are living with your brother for prominently a just a visit she said that I send anymore they complimented that all of you as you will complement and I spread them again I assume by helping me this because the compliments of Metro about that dedicated outbound daughter when my daughter was in her late teens I was like any daddy and like any money you were so scared that they may break some moral code you know we want them to even be better than we were because when I was a student I fell in love with writing in school I fell in love I was in the third grade at hand when I fell in love in the third grade I I looked across the screen in the Nassau Lisa she gave me just one one big smile and my heart just turned seven directions and I looked at Louisa and I thought I didn't have to look in my arithmetic book two times two seven you know I do not look at my comic book suite on his chin everything I do not look at my job at the diplomatic voice you know and I found myself looking at ways and what it lays out and the teacher said Brian I thought there must be another Glenn here that is a something wrong with your eyes I didn't know lives in the moment my eyes and my eyes were enjoying themselves and I feel that I look at the at the life savings of the floor if I was a young scholar in the him him will I rejoin just at that time my mother I heard my mother say to daddy talk about faith and I heard my mother stated that he can trust anywhere you will be provided to the growth I've written a bunch of already in place and I do I know they had a response I will nevertheless I shall I say about that I thought again about being created by myself I was just learning the seven secrets anything like always the company said my dear son Glenn Gould you're telling church members how to express faith in people how about you expressing I will say if you are not healthy and a special dinner with wine I think I think he is doing well I believe in him and in the ones that believe in there anyway you are you he is in the scintillating and the immutable article I was in the kitchen with my wife and I don't know the room and what I said was just one sentence our daughter 's name is one into NATO for shark meat puppets underneath I sent my wife doesn't want me to have one of the highest standards and that the life that I've gotten the word some of the faith just wanted to see you sing in the sidebar you don't that's even on this him a seven minute I had to have one of a high standard coming up to my version and see what was on the off on you she does in our lab manual and Iran sending out when I go to bed that night you suppose the Holy Spirit impressed with why did you have such faith in you and believes in me my degrees I can make ninety degrees I'm living a better life I will stress that they are representative friends after my wife and I retire for the night program I think in the seer is standing on the steps we do not want we want work on the preacher at an as he chatted as he was regularly not only as he is regularly he made a horrible gesture the gesture was the case here on the wrist the letter balance saw anything and when he made a gesture on the list you want like I said she called my Chris she said no my standards but is the Lord limited I heard about how fast vaccine of faith what will she love and confidence my friends will be a lesson when you see has been going down the drain I talked a lot about going home and express faith in them they will likely Jesus did that Jesus said to Peter and converted and he is thinking about it and at right is for six weeks later than six hundred and eighty days all in all the space on site is created and that he would think about that I've often said the ladies whose husbands didn't get home early enough as and when he comes home late and New Zealand lipstick on his feet don't talk down those safe I don't know why I like a problem like a problem but I will and will is meeting the minimum accountability when I played now let's say that Islam is the success law first Corinthians thirteen eight without never failing human levels commonly kept lower takes an interest in the other person 's happiness then I is that I was when I went with me they did it it needs you just don't get it I is lost thanks and the person in his heart like I've been half as much now what would guess that face my brother just don't space in the face when he is off to Jason and Chris in the other person 's happiness Jason who visited the president is my eleventh and if you have the name is one thing and then I can bring and take an interest in the questions addressed and the whole him him in the eye is what makes him happy my friend is making now the combination of a rival is what I think that a person and I think this can happen if you get to know the Bible says so Romans eight twenty four says were saved by saving it also sent by grace are usually through the grace below is my loving grace through faith so the correlation of law and phase sigma is a wonderful thing let me give you another experience that I had not just learning the ABCs of prayer and I was already beginning to teach the eighties the brand has also teaching the seven secrets are stationed them in my in my searches on the Holy Spirit just wanted Doctor as we're taking these one secrets as I realize that the real test of whether I was learning the ABCs of prayer and the seven secrets the real test was just ahead my daughter now was in her late teens nude young man on the college campus I was faster we just divorced his wife there were young people that want about nineteen to twenty every you just divorced his precious wife they had a little spat so he had to divorce her this young man was was what did you ever hear of a privy man of a real Prettyman there's some man but a handsome very few but no manuscript but yes this young man was actually I pretty will be smiling I was not well was pretty old mine it was in fact you only have to do is look at them though as my executor may and I hope he doesn't look at my daughter sure enough we did the darkest and I didn't say much but I'm sure my daughter knew how I felt but he had no reason to divorce his wife and him I was keeping company with this I offer you just can't and you know I found myself becoming so upset that I just didn't want to say that that guy anywhere I wanted to step-by-step before I watched it with Lysol no this young divorce and not doing the life of this and now it seemed like he wanted him like this is going to all and my daughter I would also better than someone else's if you don't and I tell you about my righteous soul was filled with righteous indignation get me from saying anything about my daughter could read through the lines my face so she decided one day that she was going to just go to remove this daddy roadblock set in place she didn't want up closer fellowship that he wouldn't stand in the way I remember the morning she was less sitting on my bed early the morning before I was out of bed and as she started talking it was about this why would call his name Jim University study when she started telling me how wonderful Jim was and I knew exactly what was about she was going to try to persuade me to say what wanted to want everyone to him that she wanted to him that he is talking I started using the DVD season prior to the one hundred and I got in my heart you know what I'm doing I is the fact that within days one five if any life wisdom that I like wisdom is the emotional idea of human dignity flowers to get her except by the grace of God if our public life it was in bed when I knew that I was the cinema I used BBC's I said Lord you promised me James one five by life wisdom you give me what I have to do it at the VMware I believe you giving me wisdom is the same I even will I I I I I you will need this wisdom I'm doing this in the hot and the first thing the top me as I was doing and was smile at her humongous Mylanta it's a little degree of what additives or Little Rock oh and a little vague so I smiled and I smiled for more than thirty minutes I never knew that those muscles had been used so slightly I wanted to begin work fifty Bob smiled and smiled I will busily executive officer and as I was smiling she went to the hall rigmarole of how he probably had the right and how his wife was not quite what she should be when Madonna got all the way through now it was my turn she looked at me wondering what my wrist him him I responsibly I don't know you said at the same conjugal I looked up at her face and the thought I said wanting to I have something wonderful for you this is she had the slightest idea what was needed to dive as he claimed he had wisdom and you will definitely let a man I said something wonderful and she looked at me not to say what is succeeded since I didn't know I couldn't dollar items that don't know what we've now obligated and wanting to add some and she had no idea what it was needed the time I said something like this one got I wanted to what I have to share with you is a secret that you just log with all your heart if someone is just as well it sure was it wasn't anyone around me and him at that time the line gave me the first minimum answer and you know what was it was what we presented the first of my three studies on this over here humility in Psalm twenty nine twenty five verse nine it says the main will guide in judgment thou make Willie teaches weight was either me know I is in the ninja Jebusite him him anyone as well as I think this is a now attitude right so straighten me out and help me to say something that I wouldn't say that by his power I wanted to Jim is a wonderful young man was not America if you don't leave them out of your God the last moment Jim is a wonderful person that was humility and my daughter looked at me she said is that it does not didn't even accept and I said his wife isn't she beautiful Jesus made his wax she's a registered nurse at this young age journalists how intelligent and very sweet she is and my daughter said yesterday she is wonderful now on the third level down this to Jim and Mike got down on the house level and respectability to proactively disable and said it and the like all accepted it log in again just like that one this is the answer she never knew for years that I did not up until that I said this is the answer I said with such a wonderful young man is Jim is not something that point my tongue up my cheek with something relevant among us Jim I said surprising culinary gem in the first place suppose you exhibit had a little loss as opposed to at most you can what you know like we'd like that spiffy on the companionship of some of a young woman that young woman would send back to you when we wanted to I make a prediction I talk about the talk about they him and you think I'm going to take you you you you will you I recommend that you like and quarter and wanted to let you were wanted to let you and he was the annual narrator and you'll be happy with her and my daughter that means you to think I could do that I explained I wanted I am the Lord will reward you especially seasonal like that he outgrew it the next day she had with Jim she said Jim I have news for you last news Jim you have just about the best wife in all the world for you you need to get out of Lebanon I thought of a teenager Jen I recommend that you would like your life and you quarter that happened perfect I'm working hard at the proper time you have a close and he'll say yes and you and him and you will be happy now and Jim looked at my daughter and said Juanita to think I know that running as I can that's what you got that idea from the same one for me I got it I read him he's alright wanted how do it in again his ex-wife at the proper time they are doing and she said yes and no and I think together until he died in the arms of cancer at a young age my friends that taught me something about combining the ABCs of prayer with the seven secrets that's noticed here first of all I him them down on him but friends are you and I looking down and I made our children off to that asked not to forget he is a gentleman that we are taking the sanctimonious attitude right eye we shall always announce that as God help us to stop ninety and then my friend is that persons you know people as well as I think I know God is very good for I will do circumstances that I know here's another week keeps his word then expressly stated flatly that it promises they can defend their topic that I will tell you that I may even children topic and on and taken in a loving and just in the happiness of others and give them to open you up to they present a person of tremendous pressure to live up to our confidence of when I was a little boy it denied never grow up my wife sometimes wonders I wonder I never brought my brother Lester nine were exceptionally small very and we begin one we never grow up when I was nine years old I love like about six and a half and I was so hungry that as I walked past my uncle 's home going to the little red schoolhouse my uncle would come out on the front porch and make fun of me even I like the horse him I your and him and all he is a good one and I think I was a bit of the old lady but not limited I want to look like an old lady and no lady wants to annoy and what he called the lady I just pay me everything that I is Sega 's privacy I can recognize that money am I the home 's value ever so she said you look good to me and friends had it not been for the faith and the hope and allow my mother expressed in the I would've never preached a sermon in my life my mother used to look at my face and said England you're going to be a missionary you're going to minister she said I believe you're going to Samuel R Johnson our analysis shadow I see that much judgment which had a lot of faith I was enough for Glenn Gould but my friends when I was preparing for baptism at the age of nine I wanted tell you what my mother said men lie to me know what you can say what you don't know what you don't realize what you're doing your organizing your own in the second grade vitamins start a schoolgirl as a she said she does enjoy him in the second grade and you look like six and a half and one that you don't look like at upgrade Nelson she said you know that you almost demand and I thought she kidding and I left and right and the highest life of faith and hope and love she reasoned that it is better him at all she said and I'm glad you will be baptized Jesus and you will be unlikely so Jesus Christ I did not the time but before we wise were born she placed her hands on her abdomen and dedicated everyone of her boys to Jesus Christ no one are five of us boys became ministers my friends it was a confidence it was that they that she had in it was also that she is still an online allow enough chunk manager would be baptized she said no so I'll just give you little he choose it when you're baptized who make the devil very mad see Satan hates baptism and safety always say I always saturates the word baptism without regional and God always saturated with faith he said he is and is baptized shall be saved this is why the devil tries to get a chance to speak out when the children that are not to read and write an essay I will not be baptized for them and present the pro se I don't think you know what you're doing never know what friends don't go for anybody to be baptized but I will tell you what impresses them they laid Jesus was baptized his father said this is my eldest son he my mother said some you will make many mistakes after baptized withal on your face but Jesus will help you get what I'm advocating the annular cylinder she's a Catholic education this will make you think but when you are on Jesus will forgive you and you him at seven hundred and one at Jonathan and I will be I said in my heart Lord I will be the most perfect Christian when I'm baptizing I dies on the Sabbath afternoon to baptize out a fight with my brother this prophecy came true you will make mistakes for hours and you know my friends had it not been for what my mother had done in billing I hope I did than discourage the executive program is a nine -year-old boy knowingly is just a blatant crisis and start running I know people come to Christ just believes in Christ I just stumble but I felt terrible Dennis started accusing me that I should just let that die twelve hours all I was so humiliated another reason I was humiliated but it was on the Sabbath I had to fight through things that humiliated and claimed accumulated was humiliated me what you elect me a three strikes against evident that there is no mention of the company three days plans that will unilaterally meet the strength not to display models while not this will save my life I hope I don't get in your last fight I had with my brother was when I was studying for the ministry in college brother we really did that is the only reason everything that you said you I thought that was I have no other human being on this source him for ministry will forgive me but ethanol never forgive you I heard her mother 's voice yesterday are saying at all this is a way in and in this corner my friend they opened well our high-pressure law of the Lord and people long to live up to that when her daughter wanted it was just a little type item holster was she began crawling on the floor we had instructed that morning he was crawling on the floor of PKI preachers get crawling on the floor can you imagine talk about more standards useless more than I said listen wanting to we are going to disinherit you right now and she's what she's six feet at London we cannot make one just standing had a hen on a chair in the visit and write why we're smiling your knowledge and one even if you didn't find a walk when you type like this we say that all you know another day one even doesn't consciously chooses not seamlessly and systemically wobbly legs and is again applaud but we that they that love you no more she can walk all right maybe when you come to me all saturated with the what was coming there sold with some of them so there's no hope for me to go that additional Jesus Christ is our hope that illustrate heat coffee in the pilot and he said whosoever will may come in that you and you love to have an everlasting love and when they really believe the last enough to forgive them in a phase reaches up to start housings extending call it a certain church many many hundreds of miles from here and I told this experience of myself than I invited people want to become part give approximate what I think that particular morning I invited people who wanted to be baptized and then the middle of the audience a lady they are of someone with me you may I set up and the person next to your this lady had one very very far from the Lord and the person looking at how you going we invited them to come to the Lord they can unite with the family of the Lord they could be combined with the commission of baptism class they can be baptized this on you she said yes she said if I went again and for the last at five shall report our father in heaven I thank you for your wonderful mercy upon me you've extended your mercy in your grace you've extended your faith and your hope in your love and thereby this evening there may be a heart who says Lord what will have me to do him Holy Spirit also very near if you are telling that person yes this is your night you can go powered by your little public confession just by the two steps to take your saying yes I I develop already decided to be baptized on now deciding and you're saying as many as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ Deer Lodge there may be such a hard logical like tonight we've been inviting people with different ailments to step for the owner but tonight Lord we given price to invite any who would already decided to be baptized or maybe those who've not yet decided one night to just come up here we have a little work for you given the strength help everyone to know that it's not what we do is what you can do it as we just reach up in simple faith in you you said bike race by grace are ye saved through faith thank you for your grace in Jesus name amen you like this a website dedicated to spread God 's green audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain it is www. on universe .org


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