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9 - Here Comes His Answer

Glenn Coon
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Glenn Coon

Founder, ABCs of Prayer Crusades

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to make me a mail upon the wall fasteners securely in its place value on this thing so common and so small hangup right picture of life face and we thank you in Jesus name amen Jesus is the answer we've been studying this week concerning the science of fire being a season fighting Bible promises and then when observed as we claim promises far the blessing belongs that they might find the water as we found in we've been studying how to communicate with their cell phones was in trouble and labor that unless we could navigate web and has a lot of communicates with the canceling out our prior how many there this at this hour have a burden for certain once when I see you and God and those that are going the same way now what we present to you tonight is up three fold program all three point program of how hard himself when he was on earth one thing people he he shows us the way he says in Matthew the fourth chapter in the nineteenth verse five any and I will make you fishers of men sometimes the way to help people that like to win people to the Lord is to learn how I want people how did he blessing people that business ministry like that many people in the world of it I have many wonderful promotional programs and promotional program him when he does not know what you think we are better I already doing and he has the answer three times in his life I think this is evaluating them to our numbers on a personal life any individual things that he can bless others sold and leaned under the Jesus Christ when I smoke I is wasting his time when I was about sixteen years of age my brother left with eighteen and my brother David who was twenty three were leaving home to go to school a boarding school father took also the own the writer New York people in a horse-drawn carriage United left and why we were on our way about the five miles it was from our home to the people as in the thought and I could detect when father had some very very earnest phase going through his mind and he and he waited his words he spoke very solemnly he said by now you're leaving home you want to have a parental counsel seventy hundred and hundreds of miles from home visit but I would suggest that you don't get the log one hour every day and that I will be devoted to meditation the spiritual meaning and a fire he wasn't suggesting that we spend a whole are on our knees but that they on the beginning of the day would be spent in meditation is all reading and then in prayer he said if you go that I have no fear for your future because we would be great again of the life of our Lord and he that hath the son has life first John five twelve Beta has knocked aside as not like as illustrated in the Holy Spirit impressed me when doing when we met in the trade I never ask either one of my brothers what the response was but I said if they don't make that much difference in my life that problems can be solved while all lands bordering now received so I submitted to it the butt I had a problem father was only able to get ten dollars toward my schooling that year and I think both will work which meant that I had to work on the farm luckily kind of workout you do I have to work on the farm from forty to sixty hours every week can you figure how much time you have even for study for the classes much less a prayer I had been provided for third in the morning and then when I was back to eat breakfast immediately exalted classes the then dinner and back to the farm only allowing a couple hours for study for all that close to work not really enough time for study much less the prior and the Lord impressed me why don't you then get up at three thirty good morning I made arrangements with the Dean of the boys dormitory they used washroom and the like you know how much sixteen -year-old boy enjoys getting up at the regarding the morning a sixteen -year-old or a sixty -year-old God help me to do it and the login form a prior and study I spent about forty minutes of our in waiting some spiritual book oriented book of the Bible then I took an eight map by eleven page and eighty three list nobody suggested the Holy Spirit suggested one was a list of things for which I was grateful you know praise is the better part of prior ways in which it takes a very life of Jesus and his wife sex race a person with pricing in I made a list of things for which I was grateful I then made a list of things in my life that need to be strengthened then I made a list of souls for Gordon won album of one of my brothers was wandering away from the Lord Lloyd Cohen after I was an ordained minister it is my web-based the baptize my brother-in-law and his wife and son my friends that time that I took with a large and changed me from Glenn I was still up for Glenn but I thought it supplied this flag will supply the strength as I brought the hills of difficulty and trial special power help me to negotiate until the young man living on the farm nor basically better than I but they didn't have a natty on unclear to suggest that they can live the life of Jesus Christ of the beginning of the day consequently they gotten all kinds of trouble lullabies no cows right next to me it is one of these wonderful boys him highly respected in the days when I was a young man you got no major persons Christianity by how electronic his face was indeed a very sad unity must be a wonderful question if you are not happy he must be a superficial question this boy looked just like to be a Christian brother did he look video very who loudly as a call so I knew he was had a vital connection with a large because he looks so that their economy is involved in scaling twenty six bicycles on the front of my once a bank and had to check for twenty six hundred dollars another throughout our with and to help Martin's home demanding so much money these young men were basically batted an eye I'm confident that my friends what they didn't know was that the Christian life you take time with the Lord of the life he has sung as I and he will does for the net assumes that all missionary endeavor isn't wasting his time beloved I want to recommend to you and I want to ask the Lord and I've been waiting within today is that his blessedness service that know how busy you are beloved no luck now you have to do that you will place your relationship with Jesus Christ in the foreground and the you can afford it but in the province of Matthew six thirty three Jesus said if you think the earth the kingdom of God and his righteousness temporal things I know it's true God help me with a friend on the him to do physical work the brain drain in school have not been married with web handling looked on the same they explained what they did they claim that special guidance we ask God to the mountains and I live if I was sixteen and I will do any of my friends Jesus Christ is on the rocker in Bangalore and is now you expect no less from the hand of God when we will snuggle up in the arms of Jesus and Psalms sixteen eleven says it's not hard to and I hasn't this always enjoy the advice of friends than when you take in all of the large that it's a yoke of bondage it's a joy to others they saved my sorry I don't overstate my lover tonight boys go to be such a test because I forgot that it's like the story of Jim Jim Jim Walton from work one night completely exhausted just slow down in the chair of the said Jim will be ready in just a few minutes and we have a wonderful supper is in I'm so exhausted I just can't even I can't even wash up and change my clothes I'm just dog tired resentment in the Oval Office but the meal anointment please find I just I'm too tired and while sitting a few moments passed and the telephone line is the strength of the phone jamming it's very Merry was Jim's girlfriend 's home it's very jealous up like an electric shock he was out of the top home yes Larry you know what him at the writer seemed like me he started on our wrong format itself in that's what love does he didn't think if I got to see her again and become a popular when you will you not be a task to spend time in his presence for his presence is fullness of joy that's number one I don't want anybody on the combination might want anybody promised that you want think about a day when the Lord if I ask you to produce it maybe tomorrow I won't usually mentioned that they could be spent if they could eat let's see what Paul but I am going to ask you'll silently in the presence of the Lord at this hour and those who are doing what you study most earnestly we pray most earnestly we ask God to help you can take that time with the Lord asking working out for you that's the least we can do isn't it probably would agree to let you see your hand and knowing audience also praise the Lord that's number one in the life of Christ Mark one thirty five writing up a great while before day he went on a solitary place and the trade and their hyping this power number two in the life of Jesus to be up also when and this very few Christian people going they don't never heard of it but it is the very basis also winning as we come out of our own fellowship and are meditation is not a knock on the younger the Lord we are human beings we have fellowship and the companionship of other human beings so Jesus laid down in room number two and is found in Matthew eighteen verse nineteen in verse twenty is that I sent to you if you Rihanna at how many total if you celebrate Adriana as talking anything that they still have it shall be done for them father which is in heaven toolbar three on my name I'm that Jesus Christ revealed that this is the way the soul in the tenth chapter of the book of Luke ERP to seven individuals and he said two and two when Jesus was transfigured into only three men women mapping seventy when Jesus went into the holy of Gyro was gone and I Jesus only took three women when Jesus went into Gethsemane leading a twelve effect death of the owner took three and an inner closeness Jesus has revealed to us that as you go to another soul human fellowship is essential it's not really a central device so gloomy like the blast it's essential for the one that goes to blessing God has made a social beings and a lot is made clear that you seem to is the beginning of his pattern or toilet three or four my friends I have found that it's absolutely astonishing what happens when people will do that my wife and I been promoting for years prayer groups this is the second feature in soul winning first is what the private prayer life secondly the fellowship circle Fellowship partnership enlarging to a fellowship circle we suggest that to a man to Christian men once a week at the mess drink craze W 's life second one in soul winning we have for years been getting away absolutely free will offering this evening at the close of the service is entitled the science of prior it's a little red book and lessons we can't promise that always the audience but we can promise that as long as the supply line and rename that will decide to get up for a partner another man and meet with him once a week may have this book free of charge they study lesson number one together they just go through it and read taking turns reading a little and then they'll stop after they read a story bill stop and discuss the lesson that they learn from that story at the close of each of these lessons are some of the secrets of how to work for another soul it's in trouble and is in the church meeting once a week for one brief hour this is the second secret also when the private twilight the second the Fellowship of prayer partners when you take on all week in fact the business of the Christian life is winning all the rest is just to make a big so that we can send Jesus Christ you agree that Christ would you like to try some time ago we were in a church of six hundred members we presented this and by the way anyone would like to have a whole explanation of it in the sanctuary here and also received our free ABC prayer newsletter that covers it in detail and as long as the supply last Oldsmobile it may also receive one him remembers the latest military said we like it we can see that his Christ plan based on promoting partnerships that was enlarged into a plan step a larger number five or six weeks later find the best two weeks later some of those leaders getting out another city while recording meetings and they said he was happen and object of six hundred members in these strongly hungry on this account six hundred are already confirmed scholarships and they said we are receiving them from the hand of God visiting on me enough that this is the largest week Jesus I do love you every honor as touching anything that is what it shall be done for them he was talking about winning another to the Lord three three in the life of Christ when these two men meet once a week in this study the lessons on the new kind of prayer and something about how to share the twentieth as they exchange for analysts and defined on the current list right in the area where they live there is a hot in great trouble what will they do a little message that person know when they earnestly beloved and unified client in the life of Christ is as vital as the first two as these two men will visit many Jim a backslider are many trials someone was never found Jesus but a friend of their holiday visited legal to do and you know my friends I miss your as I'm standing here at this hour that tens of thousands of Christians him all I will provide you with what they share with you Jesus did it believe the way is needed is an e-mail I been easy for me and I'll make you fishers of men that means I will make a successful notice of their first missionary contact Jesus I had in his ministry is found in John the second chapter it just thrills me every time I spent every time I tell about it it just fills my soul because if we capture the ideologies of something wonderful is going to take place Jesus this is found in John chapter two verses one to eleven Jesus went through a marriage feast is all nice visas where people meet and a size twelve and at least get married and then they have a banquet not very complicated is that you don't may God help you need to stop complicating Christianity Jesus calls to this writer speaks that these last several days they think they have enough requests once I calm but many more tame than they had any idea and you if they want refreshments it's most embarrassing it stands for a lack of hospitality all at once they realized that they run out of wine and so that I was sitting six stone water pump anyone want all the details but Jesus said would you like the fellows up with water so they fill them up with water you know about what each one held about what how much each one of these water droplets fell just for the pipe him him him him him him him I made you promote himself as a beat I remember many recent one is the five thousand people with five goals and two fishes and they were there were some five months left genius of LaSalle economical that he sent his disciples the five months that you can be as well Jesus was economical scale provided Dean Allen's line for that wedding party does not value something this was a missionary work I needed what he wanted them to know that the Lord is interested in our happen and they are sent this is how he sent for the manifested in his glory is the large glory his character is the character of the review is allowed by meeting you and me at our need of happiness is interested in interests than if so you need to visit Jim Madoff a genuine wish to go to church that is what Jesus did you go don't find one word about to say nothing of the synagogue next level he didn't say anything nice and then interested in the anywhere on the person who is not interested in that happen if you see I have an beloved is interested in land happen if I'm right him you become a Christian you can't do this and you can't do this and you can't do that you can do this and you can't do this you can't do this and you and you can't do this is okay that's a lot about my friends the religion of Jesus Christ is out to make mankind happy that this was not the dysthymia Jesus is out to heal me to bless people and he people probably Jesus makes people at the man's conscious need that consciously and with one great use now had I been there before I learned about Jesus since we've been studying and teaching and counseling on the whole for years and years and years had I gone back before I learned about how Jesus did it you know what I like about I try to warmed in a little instruction on the whole the just man numerical they need to know how to get along with you don't newly married people are the last people on earth who feel any need that already on cloud nine I remember when I was married and older brother came to be effectively little counsel and I tried these kind of echo but in my heart I was saying listen this is my wife not you are I won't be happy he turned white please keep that they now sit I didn't say it but thought it no thought about that for any console Jesus did not mankind what mankind and feelings need up only needed it desperately to know what they really did need this unit into the authorities like the misconception of the Lord Jesus was born the religious people of Jesus they pictured God as judge him alone I is him you send that paper and submitted prior maintained that people were definitely right Jesus came to show that God wants to meet mankind at man's kind interest and happened all right last minute meeting once a week we started a little book besides the prior we talked about the lessons we get from reading some local then we say let's see here are some names I'm interested in my carpark is that here's some names I'm interested in and particularly I'm interested in Jim Jim has lost his happen yes many church for several months or maybe years and he said you know useful if we could go over and and visit Jim I think how should we go well he said you know a part of the lessons she's also met people at the man's consciously find out what Jim is interested in will take an interest in James and Chris is a interest in the church no way they were not go talk about church about the GM managed by Susan and cannot overstate Jim Jim you realize they never knew that what he is interested in because I didn't can capture that John Velarde as they interested in him unless he didn't realize that I wanted just as the changes allow that similar to when and how I seem to be the right kind about the true God at any doctrine is an animated Manhattan and I miss you to be any limit of authority is that a Jesus that maybe God is like God is interested in man Wednesday when we were informed you might be interested in while it is a rock hound and my partner Jack says Idol and big rock as well I don't know very much I've shifted while I like the Tennessee but I'm only a couple of I'm not a scientific rock out and and and Jack says that collectively saving when we don't understand it that's the secret when you go to help somebody number one you take an interest in what is interested in and number two instead of agent -based lasted when you ask a person it shows your respecting and as knowing more than you do in that area when you click everything and you will you and him me Kristin blathers what you say so easy all right let's go and ask him about rock solid we coincidence out and we knocked at the door and Jim comes to the door we say this is jacket my name is Glenn Jim we understand and know in what Jim is saying I know these guys there those religious fanatics but he tries to actually jam we understand that your rock and each have a collection of rocks Jim we wonder is that you yes I do is looking is over we wanted it you will have sure some of your rocks yes and Jim begins to show Jack and leave the rocks and why selling is the rocks we are claiming the promises of the Bible one promise is for wisdom James one five hundred one what is going to let you realize that we are not chatting when the were interested in his interest week I promised the Holy Spirit that is where I didn't realize that God 's law that there is an overwhelming sanctimonious millimolar so while one has general question the others died in the promise of the Holy Spirit will reveal name what God is like and I will that James is showing off the rocks you know what he's thinking about of course you know that because you are demonstrating about you know what is easy I know these two people go to church regularly what do you suppose they come to see me for at any minute the acts is wonderful and editing it they will start treating me so is going to be ready for them I'll be ready but as the classes anytime since I is wrong and questions instead of blogging he says to himself what in the world incessantly I thought the whole group of trust people were thinking of me as ideally on whether soul more than looking up to me that respecting the then nice to meet and and when I say they represent the Lord you are right we have to than the things I don't they seem to like me when friends method is that our hard work and about ready to leave Jim is watching now they're going to say when we should come to church next week would let me the most natural thing on and expect us to think Jim just before we leave now as it are not coming just before we leave Jim what caused you to backslide he expects that he is in grace as Jesus then the wind of people without freaking out without those holding them without charging them without overpowering he's got his life not to do that when you start the site via just as we're ready to lead with eight gin you ever go on field trips while you go rock hop Honey he said yes I'm going next Sunday we don't impose on you Jim but what we buy New York we went along to know that look like a jealous God the thing you and we don't necessarily pray audibly were praying alongside you know why we don't necessarily pray audibly because Jim believes that when people prayed their belittling him and digital most Christians when they pray for somebody was not put in charge you have got a private right log help Jim Jim to realize her and the report next week one missionary visit they've worked for the law glycol like the devil and the next Sunday when Jim is we spend on Saturday when it him at thinking land and follow the call of the Holy Spirit I realize that Christianity is that it are creatures that God is Jesus Christ that is what Christianity is all about Christianity is not basically rearrange anything that you think will and plans that you and I can make up our minds once and for all the think of so many as ninety five percent except an five percent instruction with Levine is so closely in the booklet of Jesus Christ on alternate tens of thousands hundreds of thousands of best questions and present that so many is to indoctrinate indoctrinating indoctrinate theory on my friends that is what Jesus did at that management is the plane of Galilee you know how close it with me about seventy weeks of Daniel seven Jesus God said to his mother when she said they have no wine the inventive mother this mother the something a lot more important lab they need to know the days in which we live this is the beginning of a Sunday point I can compensate for not trying enough man at man's interest at man's need because this is life eternal they might will be the true God the only true God and God is love one day we visit with Jim week visit once a week or so Jim and one day maybe six weeks later Jim said him human was a question to find the line telling me how come the Tyumen came to see me now what are we going to buy when outputting them a lot of are we going to get a lot of law silly and certain humility something like this well a gym upfield weeks ago Jack and I decided that we didn't know much about Christianity which at the conclusion that we had misunderstood Christianity we thought it was a lot of theory and became the conclusion of two weeks ago that true Christianity is fellowship and so we decided to meet once a week and we found a little book on a new kind of prayer how we can enter North richer fellowship with a larded with one another and we've been meeting for one brief hour once a week for two weeks and as we didn't we felt that the religion of Jesus Christ reaches out to Fellowship others who may only be having some problems the now write that because we don't say Jim what is your problem we don't say that never belittling by the way Jim we are wanting to have any friends who might be in trouble again I pray for the next time that Jack and I need an genocidal state yes yes indeed Charles Charles is a very good friend of mine child is on receipt of life the next time we meet Jack and I will remember him in our prayer and then we may stop as a word just thinking it pays the big right and we weigh our words recent by the way all we only need about an hour once a week maybe unilaterally let us next week and we all pray for Charles and she is left with a lot the old thank you yes I'd love to then we got to the gym doesn't say I like to we don't argue maybe a couple weeks later he said he just about your meeting once a week and we tell them about this I would like to know we got three now do we need a couple of weeks is the genesis of this idea Jack and Diane you will I wish that Charles were with us this will be a tremendous blessing to Charles Mackay how do you think we often visited and give them listen fellas you will make him valuable as a child if you start thinking that child's your morning with a resistance had you come to me and started drinking you think I couldn't continue how do you think we ought a visiting when let's find out what is interested while Charles is an artist at school and visited him about that me asking questions it shows that we respected as we ask him questions about his interest it shows when visiting is evident and I only visited were playing for the Holy Spirit that he will see so I'm not his life in the event that they do not happen if they give a man at the time childhood hero I'd like to meet with you while we plan and increase our membership I was six to eight is already here are we at churches and churches will enjoy reading and then at the end with no prior and direct fellowship in Jesus the regional summit in problem is that Parsons just need to address and that is what God is like they were interested in knowing why several this interested to know all about and the Council will beloved glass sandwich all praise the Lord don't give them a full course meal if you are spiritual sandwich dinner just the spiritual sandwich in the read-only throw remember that so many might be called United courtship Fellowship and five percent instruction maybe this is not the children shopping people of instruction when we should be sharing with them the love of our would like to try this is why we're here my friends in this church in Omaha this is why we're videotaping this message are those who are doing it my friends the light of the knowledge of the love of Jesus Christ can run our world when Christians will stop describing down the throat of so much a rate and let people know about the love of God and that if they asked little by little they sure with a little by little and then they learn more happening whether loved one passed away far as the F a little here a little better but I only stuff Christianity is not him to shout about how we like it Matthew had this is the religion of Jesus Christ I probably have them made the viewers of this program is at this hour and they those hundreds or here in this sanctuary today listen to that sweet voice of our large and determined that we will first take this time without large in this rich fellowship then will perform these milk per partnerships expanding in a prayer Fellowship group and go out and visit men and women who've lost hope are those who may be discouraged by those who have not lost hope about having a rough time old Lord in the precious name of Jesus is little bird and a blessed people want to get rid of this selfishness this exclusiveness that causes us to meet without some groups here and there and getting the one that is in trouble in these days in which we live while our heads are bowed in prayer while our eyes are closed I'm not Damascus how many are going to take these three steps are not going to let but I've got to ask earnestly and belatedly and sympathetically how many would like to get Earnest studied to it in the name of Jesus would you let your hands those in the audience and those merely praise the Lord thank you Lord in Jesus name hands down did anyone come into the sanctuary was anyone viewing this program at this hour you came in without the assurance that Jesus is your Savior you know how simple it is to find he said I'm standing at the door and knocking is that if any man hear my voice and open the door I will call me I will him friends only would this complex I think it's as simple as opening the north of Jesus and letting him be the Lord of my life the master of our destiny the Savior of our soul if you can and without shorts and were taken in Jesus and letting them right now would you let your head this log in the precious name of Jesus we actually come in and saw many plans available Fellowship and then Lawrence Sharon thank you in Jesus name amen


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