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10 - Jesus In Your Shoes

Glenn Coon
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Glenn Coon

Founder, ABCs of Prayer Crusades

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you will make me a mail upon the wall fastens securely in place then this thing so so small hangup right picture of biface and we thank you Jesus name in this evening we want to share with you how we can reach out to human souls in a new life Fellowship in the last study we learned three particular specific stages in the life of Jesus in letting others went out with the idea of a crime group after participant is time with alarm each day then he gets once a week in the present group he begins with a crap she begins with a prayer partner exchange trailer below and visit the individuals who met her burden they need another conscious need now as soon as I leave here ones that they had been visiting they have to accompany their dear friends the church belonging to the church in a divine worship service are perhaps the most needy and as they make their way and can you picture someone was not been in God 's house or maybe six years we've been covered with a telephone in one Daniel Nathan but misgivings that are in his heart as he comes in the church but that was then condemning him saying is not accusing him and he just believes that when he comes in the church on the church people are looking right you are very much LE is as he comes into the site where the Lord and he sits now and we want to share with you at least seven and at the time the next one or two more points out a new kind of missionary endeavor in which everyone here doing this I started and everyone was milling this mandate without exception an easy way to help be sold to be arrested Jesus and the text of Scripture is first John four nineteen we love him because we can't want everybody he first loved us so sadly is a love affair it's a fellowship in Jesus Christ and my friends if you and I will always think of working for the individual does not know the Lord it will think of this relationship as I wobble back at the highest political courtship and within every energy to that end of this divine courtship I will shine Jesus Christ can dramatically change that tens of thousands of people that come in the Christian churches every year who never returned the second and third time because the questions are little timid they don't stop to realize that I will handshake with a smile can make all the difference what difference does it make it makes us that individual coming in has been accused by the devil that is totally and that Christians will accusing one one you have time and shake his hand with a smile and nod that will suffice accusing you we we love him because he first loved us so it is where twenty five hundred Bible studies without the love and the Fellowship of Jesus Christ I could read that we can alter that probably were sitting here would like to do it in every service the women of ganglia is willing to dress nicely CW people really received my paper that's right number three in Endres Hospital class some call it a Sunday school class and have read every Sabbath school class always introduce the guest on the human experience well Minister was teaching a Sabbath school class and on the other side of the sanctuary was a big open space and while he was teaching this class in law Mister and Mrs. Blank Mrs. Blank was a member of the church family but her husband was not even profess anything they came in she brought her husband ASAP had little open space the pastor interrupted his class he turned in the direction of Mister Mrs. Blankley said Mister and Mrs. Bryant were certainly happy to welcome you I'd like to make the members of our class and he introduced Mister and Mrs. by every member of the Sabbath school class Mister Blank wanted to stay then for the preaching after the line was of service was ended Mister and Mrs. Blank in returning home when conversation Mister Second Life because I didn't know that I make it you mean the great big interviews me Mrs. Blank told me personally friends that her husband wanted to come every single week from then on is that simple what I thought of so not only Shaikh Mohammed now let's shall we say and when in the direction of the individual and small we don't overdo it we decided on the field but we don't do even we found we should than a God warm welcome and in the making week great and welcome the stranger never so complex a three number four number four we have all had what we call a special disease regional their church diseases epidemics the disease we call program program I case now program I just has gotten a little bite to it doesn't spark program this means that we have programs that and I this means that we get you down in the program and were so so in case and of sorrow with a program that at the clothes and the beginning of the program we forget that there might be a guest there and we huddle in a little group forgetting that a stranger might be there let me give you an example many years ago my wife and I were cleaning up a USB on a Friday night the identity are many thousands of miles from here but all the negatives happen following from here as we walked in the writing were strangers nobody knew us so we thought that we would conduct a little research if you'd like to see whether this church program I just cannot so we walked to set down the people got out it was a meeting you know what age group is in the meeting thirty years old and over one thirty years old and over because those under thirty years are not interested in program I guess they're interested in fellowship and were driving our young people out of our churches because they don't know that we love them with social and program program program program and that it would get up when I get up and get help on the program and bijou renewed garden another person got your road to Atlanta the program when that when the meeting was ended my wife and I as strangers no remember have become in as as a minister and his wife went on one city and people if you have friends the link once you can but we tended to represent the stranger ovulated not know there happenings over the huddle together little groups not one soul that will busiest great we sat around vascular on the committee Oprah and twelve minutes in all very busily engaged with each other and chatting each other just like magpies and what kind of pie that is in religious service and finally I said my wife now maybe we conducted our research let's go as we stepped out to be for the doors the double door and opened the door and my wife stepped out in front of me and his eyes started out I took one last what is that were leading in the program talk on extra and one of it is already much as they are I know what going because we represent the stranger we represent a strange of attainment about religious service he came out of a week up where you labor hardly practiced financial all maybe the death of a loved one it could be any one of a number of days that just made the heart ache and he saw the lights on in a church he thought perhaps somebody can bring me comfort and healing they sat down on the service and he left without one word without one word fellowship may God deliver us what you say the next morning as my wife and I walked into a church service that the entrance they had what they call unwelcoming committee ever seen welcoming committee I level I want to tell you this on the most beautiful welcoming committee and right here where we've been holding with this church family some the most precious welcome orders I've ever met my friends please doesn't want to make you realize that when I didn't because I want in life sadly my friends is a spiritual level Claire and when men and women sent to allow young so please allow human pressure is not necessary we know this opulent pressure it doesn't say we love it because the exhaust and discussed and discussed with and because you don't so let us ask God keep us from from program I did not I number five in the telephone blood telephone how are you also wonder on the telephone did you ever notice I think I mentioned it once before here and home exhibit again as my wife and I traveled along the highways I said to her you see how those topical liars site I said that that is a particularly of all the gossip that those talk on wires Pakistan and they get so higher because it lived Christians all the concrete sleeper nonaggression e.g. just hear what I heard nor have you heard much on what I have heard much but I'm not will be satisfied to dig up all the town Kroll and as soon as I did not collect about you but I'll be happy to wonder what they just rule and the Port Harcourt wires are just signing linoleum gossip evil speaking negative that go over them the Roxanne Rockefeller wires just a note door give up those wires were to tell her story rather whether they have a set of missionary stories to tell Mrs. Goebbels and Mrs. Tal Mister Jaber and Mister sanctimony talking over these wires and the wires are saying to each other I don't want instead anymore I just got it I was saying in effect the right way to use the telephone number seven apologize James five sixteen confess your faults we found that the great majority of people will cease to come the church has seems to come because somebody has offended them it may not be the an individual who is a vendor then but they're not coming and when they don't collect them going and telling them you will know the truth or you'll know this going to say will you forgive us you'd be surprised what what'll happen I have gone a person after person in our travels after who said that is said that this person has been in church for several years somebody offended him but let's will work so we went in the house knocked at the Garden helper that are and I walked in I said the brother William and Thomas for having hurt you and you want to see the expression on the man's face my friends it doesn't cost anything but little crucifixion itself right and my friends if I live being willing to humble myself some other heart will feel at ease in the sanctuary God with his children let's do it what you say and not anything original your most people will forgive us number eight and was the last number eight the place to begin is a hold practice practice this law at home were among a series of meetings I can't tell you how many thousands of miles from here on how the linen paper by rubbing them just loving them at the moment of the enclosed I walked in the path to study and enter ladies there were twins became the study accuracy there are conferences with Greg McLeod visit from what you said tonight the idea is that we don't want to do we are merited to the meanest men that ever lived and one said she said I came a distance of seventy miles for this meeting she said my husband is a regular devil she sat at how he treated me and sister nodded assent he said that's right she said he's running a finger beside my husband is not as bad as I want to know when I like that I said that local be a sweetheart this report what that's what you are good for you married I said that please that you want for one thing you won't quarrel and once it all you mean we can talk that lets a something you mean we can talk I suggest you can talk but when you start talking excitedly stop talking don't talk like that devil talk like Jesus and when you stop talking don't look like the devil looked like Jesus I said don't be like that all couple they were quarreling and fighting like this that if you were talking more to just set her jaw Jews will be real nice juicy and her husband Joe Doherty said he said anything but a dumb devil so I said you may talk but when you find yourself if I couldn't stop talking but then don't look like evil on she said my husband and I knew that I was here he wouldn't never let me come back again to try new methods John made a simple sweetheart I said it looks fantastically well hidden they called the first lot loved us it's not even on instruction it's not billing is not going if you have a good presenting the kind log is up and we chatted a while is it just like you said you never let me I don't never try I learned them as if I could be back in a couple of this website well you I can't believe it but so we had finally let about three nights later go back to those leaders were but now that I believe that adorable musicians talk about harmony and before I spoke there was a special musical number and one of these latest sign and her sister are competent in her on the piano and a song that she sang was entitled the holy city out of anyone here this evening is ever heard anyone say that's on the holy city Messier and will yet while she was singing the holy cities available number and assess there was accompanying her on the piano and as nice as she started singing I saw her face just filled with joy our sister at the piano I saw John I cannot unhappiness that register that was amazing and the sister that was a she gone ahead of our sister and a sister I can't get enough of it it was a analysis with any other appendectomies you come and gone ahead of us it was laid I've never seen anything or heard anything like it on the part of people board the holy city before not like it was the greatest journey I have heard some I can hardly wait till I got your crazy I said something that was his problem release of the Apple amended my settlement reflects on at least thirty seconds short that is in the past this study is the latest they would then have been in and out of phase with all the worthwhile and one who lived seven miles away season I don't think what happened she's regionally you you probably do have an IP address even if the fantastic just recently Jason I guess I did while on the hunt was mentally I guess my weight as if it can happen somehow we learned that I wasn't a meeting here any second associate might be living at the Shia sect that they are not normally came to me report on local having a five dollar bill and I can hardly keep up what you say I regularly the best among them I listened all the penis rubbishing talk like a magpie nice I think I got it and this is the way it came out she said he makes it his pocket pulled on his noble it five dollar bill he handed it to me as you're talking excitedly as you said anything like that I don't know why the concrete gas station that I filled out the desk and go back to the same place and get some of the same thing about the other night we had been because he first loved us that in some NSA and also we criticism of the world can possibly describe William Riley McCarthy about first love the ones you like friends in the audience this evening the building this program once it like this a large I want to go out and be our sole lover would you like to say help me to be so kind and so gracious and subtle insight this is what the world is warming is dying for a little bit of love everyone we have been crying will will write a wrong at some mission is to send home that will allow children letterheads about it read I will maybe someone here tonight bless your heart who came in without the assurance of forgiveness but Jesus Christ has forgiving long he stands at the door are a single I'm not going to force my way in but if you open the door and invite me in I'll come in and bring him a piece with Opera give you all cleansing under the power it gets even without the recognition of Jesus is in the heart and you let them in tonight would you lift your head thank you whole yes yes there are many dear Larkin Jesus precious name will open a new and especially the hearts bill for the individual had never recognize that the door I really open to Jesus but is doing it and I thank you Lord for getting any cleansing is from your granting eternal life as you probably thank you for hearing us in Jesus name this media was brought by osteoporosis a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more he would like to know more about the universe the more certain is www. audio tours .org


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