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3 - How I Discovered Christ's ABC's

Glenn Coon
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Glenn Coon

Founder, ABCs of Prayer Crusades

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to make me a mail upon the long fasten securely in its place then from this thing so common and so small hangup right picture by faith and we thank you Jesus name amen opening text of Scripture is from first Corinthians nine sixteen the last part he the apostle Paul says lead is me if I face not the gospel is me if I placed not the gospel it was making primarily themselves as an apostle and then called the large he was thinking also on everyone who professes the name of Jesus Christ will view if you are not helping men and women of our wonderful love of Jesus Christ you don't have to tell them about a lot of so-called theoretical doctrine but the world is longing to know is Jesus Christ able to save you is able to take your problems with is me if I don't tell men and women when they asked of it join the satisfaction that I have found that Jesus Christ minute either on tape Barbara read from some of our books held at the age of six the I was told the story of Jesus Christ upstairs in the old farmhouse mother sweeping the floor and her little six-year-old boy tagging behind and mother told me what she may have told me many times before she told of a simple story of the life death of Jesus Christ Jindal assumed on the twinkling over Bethlehem to the wise men the shepherds she told that it will start the birth of Jesus and then she went on in the simplest language that a mother can use for me it was the most eloquent story I've ever listened to the story the simple story of Jesus Christ she went on in his early life his own life his ministry is and then she let me in that dramatic story of those trials before Kyle costs before Pilate therefore here are again before Pilate of the crown of thorns on his beautiful meekness of his on retaliating nature and I want to tell you my friends as I saw him going through all that for me and then I marched within in that reverent recession toward Calvary my heart was breaking Isaiah saw my large stretched on Calvary will be I cried out mother which led to what shall I do it's according to me as I recall now first John is one nine if we confess our sins he is and jobs to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness friends I believe that problems I never knew the ABCs of prayer is where sharing of now for many years but in simple childlike faith as I accepted the principle the principle is to ask you to forgive me and cleanse me as you first John one nine N Mendelsohn window name that is not and him that I have received any of my friends that's what I've been I know that with my mother and I asked Jesus to do what he promised initiatives brought on Calvary for me they didn't and I have forgiveness and redemption through his blood pulses in forgiveness of our sins I is from my knees as a six-year-old child and I mean my heart that Jesus Christ had predominantly and cleanse me friends any of you in this evening can do the same our season October eighth the last sends me a scarlet week we decline over and over and over again he will make the writers know and that's letting it for me as a six-year-old boy have you let them do it for you if you have done it and how others about Jesus Christ that is cleansed us from all sin I rose from my knees with my mother and one of my older brothers was the wayward one of the family was passing through the room and I noticed that he saw entered a little bit because I had up a solid role and I didn't pronounce the words very clearly there was something wrong with me that has been ever since but there's nothing wrong with Jason and as the method me as though he were belittling me it pains my heart as though there was some unreality to the experience that it becomes so real to me and mother quickly as your sins are forgiven you know your wife wasn't enough stating it clearly Jesus know exactly what you're saying is when it brought me friends when you will reject and take hold of the promises of God your invention maybe following is what you're saying in your art and the Holy Spirit interprets it in the language of that one argument for the couple years later so at the midnight hour I had a dream I dreamed that my brother Lester was drowning in the ocean I believe that there was a very very angry way than big wave between him and me as I looked in the direction of my brother about how I would love to save him and I saw his is and why is this pleading eyes looking at me hoping that I would do something to help him in the Savior and I was realizing that I wanted to try to save it I would be destroyed as well I was wondering and how in the world cannot possibly save my brother I like going I was the perspiration that tears coursing down my cheeks my body was trembling I wanted to save my brother the pleading look on his face my friends was just speaking to my heart and then a boy not at all audible voice the voice of the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart on eight or nine -year-old boy he reads me you have brothers and sisters all the world were sinking in the waves of sand I want you I want you to go and save them and I still remember him in the face of a large through my tears and affect us in the heart I couldn't even say my brother and I say I've never been able to know anything right it seems I'm completely helpless and the voice came back I know you are helpless but I think you are with you I will instruct you methadone arguably but here's here's my life and my friends as I walked down the little dusty roads for we live in the country I would look at the house on the right method lard are they ready to meet Jesus or how I wish I could say something to them about Jesus Christ which becomes a precious to me old art in the household on the left as I walk along are they ready to meet you my friends that obsession has never left myself I've made many mistakes in my life but that voice of God that speaks to every human heart who sees Jesus Endo recognizes that Jesus came from the plan came to pass I asked our world and systems and planets and suffered and died for me that soul longs to share the love of Jesus Christ without a heart it's part of conversion and said that has nothing to the skin on the person behind the knee and the joy that comes my forgiveness that so I see you have really captured what God has done for our soul you'll find in your heart no another hot if so you have to calibrate seething actually the son of God then ask the mechanic of the universe are you thinking about and the adoration of the at any time I saw her bra friends and how on earth could possibly you have Jesus on the problem I that we might many totally and have nowhere to see another soul to both that there is me if I is not the gospel you want to go with the gospel is good news not now sent her Jesus again and cleanse me of sin and he would do it for you we don't have one of us thought that if I live we need pointing that Jesus Christ is not for me let on that list everywhere we go what you say you are the wrong beginning of every level know that I than the Calgary and then I find now that the lacrosse of days of an easement as a result of forgiveness has brought in my soul we share with others and dynamic or let me repeat don't think into bobbing along the way you want Jesus told the demoniac to do as found in Mark five nineteen tell your friends how great things the Lord is done for you please had compassion on you that's what the world needs to know hello will not have compassion on me we really forgive me with all mistakes and the sins committed when he will you know how annoying he produced me is constantly unworthy though I am accepted in by a world is dying for the week going out with you let them know that these women that another salvation in simply believing and trusting in Jesus Christ we did my friends as I enter the ministry my soul was on the are the Lord of Berlin my ministry I read about the just thrills my soul wasn't told about Jesus when my wife and I went as missionaries soon afterward married yesterday to conduct a sexy pop series of meetings coldest virtual emphasis week six o'clock in the morning a church about the size of this building where we are speaking right now was almost failed every morning at six o'clock we tried to magnify Jesus Christ we told him it's going to Jesus forgive God loves us he's not looking down his nose at us my friends among those that were attending was a young man who got up and gave his testimony before the week was ended we had a testimony service he told how he was reared in a Christian home for criticism but by the end it stifled his his his whole Islam and that God loved him the thought somehow is this the you set though I belonged for a professed Christian family is it every time I saw optimum procession going down the street I wish that I was in the box we said this week everything is shaded I said thank you Lord thank you Lord as we tell men and women about Calgary as we let them know that God cares he really cares as they know that he will forgive our sins and cleanse us they're filled with hope every soul that I can have that hope and not my friends wanted so everywhere you go as long as there's not a virgin lived in the coincidence he loves us about this time in fact early in the I came across about the only about the promises of God is an independent entitlement is revealing page one hundred twenty two all my if that didn't reveal to me of the love of Jesus Christ it went on to say that and everything Jesus said every promise again is for us today and that we have the right to look into this love of God and no to every promise anyone else we would like me under similar circumstances may claim the Lord there for me and then it went on to state that as we drink in the promises of God were actually drinking in the life of Jesus Christ he not been examined by Rawson said is not as well anyone's deluded enough in living through the promises of God were told whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises I'm porting second grade second Peter one four by Vesey might be partakers of the divine nature you see the life of Jesus visited were in as I drank any word in Santa Fe Christ comes into my heart and gives me power that were the last of the world own my own assessment of the world I get it many times in my ministry I took much time in the world much of my ministry at other times I found myself so busy so very busy consummate people sometimes the midnight getting up and therefore I can have my worship of the Lord taking the time I would like the telephone ring and I found myself neglecting the life of Jesus 's presence him I something eleven and when we don't join communities of practice on the job I evaporate in the again and drinking in his life through his promises and so it went I found what a miracle after miracle took place we can't forecast out in our ministry midwife healed instantly in many cases by the Lord in his life is it is where and what not and when you know that Jesus Christ elevated any human life and weekend the partakers of his nature through drinking it is wonderful promises so it went until nineteen forty six in nineteen hundred forty six my wife and I were conducting a series of meetings with the theme of hours in Rochester New York one the most lovely auditoriums remember how the series of meetings in the lack of the loveliest in fact we're getting out a little book entitled what got it from and where Israel because the Bible says what God has promised he is able to perform is not regularly perform but precisely when performing however he says he's interested in Everett intricacy every detail of my life even numbers I hasn't been able to thank the Lord said Lord I use these promises the life of Christ is been shed abroad in the night neglected blog I'm going back to these promises never perform all my life I'm spending an hour and hour R each morning and abortion drinking in the life of Jesus I had a playlist one hundred sixty five on that playlist working people you very well Hula in the now I see that you are alive you won't happen the person you can't allow you you can't let yourself if I cannot have the same response as when he died on Calvary father forgive them they know not what they do I found myself praying my heart out for these men would need a great ground I walked up I've done nothing like that in my heart why caused Jesus Jesus in brings love for he is not God 's will about this time in fact for several years physicians were close friends of mine told me that unless I got a lot of more physical exercise my ministry within close but the apostle Paul said and reported it at the beginning of this study will address me if I preach not the ergonomics of Arcadia the little boy was with me but I wanted to thousands of people it already accepted Christ in our ministry I want to start with thousands more will live as of yet here I am in a hold in Rochester that doesn't even have enough ground for garden I did not play ball I do not pretend that I did not win the games I had worked my way through school on the farm over the ninety was how to work in the ground make a garden and I didn't have room for a garden I said to automate filing in a place like the Lord was telling me that I'd better get a place well have a little garden and I can get the exercise I knew that I would my ministers will hold that was thirty years ago I often tell people I was an old man thirty years ago I was that I was that morning by morning praise my heart out to God claiming his promises of voice and the Lord said you've been looking around a little bit already from place you found why don't you dedicate one whole day of fighting a place out of the country where you can have a garden and if there's more than a garden all the daughter why don't you dedicate one whole day message that sounds good and I sat down and wrote a letter to the Lord and the letter went something like this if you want me to know me why there's some ground I can work help me to find the place today I might be moved we got in a few years so I said large I don't know how soon I'd be moved if you want me to get a place right away why can get some exercise and live in an preaching the gospel at me to get it today and I will and I said that I remember the promise it will sell agreed that's Matthew eighteen nineteen as touching anything that they show last it shall be done for them of my father which is and did you know what that promises healing with its dealing with the salvation of the human soul in the context before this court we're talking about saving souls were talking about what is me if I pray for the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ we want to see many more hundreds were trumping probably based on the new Jerusalem lost in the blood of the Lamb I want down what my wife was doing her laundry I sort of the little letter written to the Lord I said honey you agree that this would be a assay signed against the Lord I said I don't want to waste a lot of time I was after about church and we just baptized a hundred and forty or so people I had no time what about the value of a if we don't find them they will forget that it means we won't be moving she said that sounds reasonable to me so she got ready and we travel on a and you don't want we couldn't find one single place and we been looking off and on for several weeks one single house that had just one law that was for sale and nobody on the listing farm would sell off even even bigger our coordinator when World War II so the thought came to me all very skilled with the well if they want to sell you a lot automaker by a farm and in a few moments you know why that was way out when you learn how much money I had remember friends Jesus is interested in your and my telling men and women about Jesus and it is necessary for North America feeling dizzy in our lives in order for us to share how great he can do it even and that was the thing that was at stake what do I like the extended we looked all day we want lipid farms one five why can't they do exactly that maybe fifty head of cattle maybe twenty five thousand dollars worth of machinery is an odd look at the Atlanta I don't need any more animals therefore while schools already I don't need any animal machine they visit off the machine when the charts already I read the machinery on just one little problem run by the exercise then we went to another place in still another way to follow we go nothing but farms when again the close of the day my wife and while I think I'll are some bad maybe I'll try once more so I will for out of Rochester and as I was going I was thinking of what a wonderful Savior is Jesus might see I was thinking along the lines you come to my rescue answered my prayers because I was worthy yes or no no one sometimes God does not answer our prayers because when he answers our prayers because this is going to get a man and as I was driving along I was pregnant want then he didn't remember series Americans for me what a wonderful Savior Lord you could do it again but all is not much time left today and just then that the hoisting loud and clear not audible it's like to write my car I saw a big old farm house waving white farmhouse and is not a sales slide written online fields numerical he loves to work miracles these we must never forget the Christ who died on Calvary is the creator of the universe he created sensors will have to do it to you that God beloved limit God remember our Savior who creates the new Mark Greenfield is all an exhibition for sale sign as I was going to thought what the software can be the life running out I could thank God this is that this event and then the thought came to me as no for sale sign is also writing a novella but how do you process when you know what it is or not I thought it was related to non- him was for sale and he almost appeared to shop not to say how did you know you she said we had given him an optional display subject with being rezone this farm with one arm something to experience own and he just got word today the resulting is turned down so it's available until I see she's in my husband crazy she's a doctor to the market until the Nikon I can without all the writing on cloud nine is going to it's a lot of fun until you hitter the relevant market I will let all of this virus adjuster I understand it's for sale he said yes the know I see about how an tool Barnes and one out but others are glad nominal battle one cow and he looked like he'd been retired and took great reasonableness in written letter that my budget better I said how many as eighty acres and provide an exercise on eighty how much is that HTML so I deposit ten dollars and iPhone God is limited to the amount of money we have the outlet on the island bill and is as one of our dear friends says when he needs a little more money all he needs to do is sell up through cattle on the thousand bills he said it is I said so made in the deposit of ten dollars I'll be back next Monday and go down to the lawyers will pick I went in you know I was made to the way you arrange this contract yet he was very gracious is nameless Village shops made it but a beautiful character president of my present like clockwork now I said after seventy weeks and I named the number of weeks I will turn in the home but today I set out to forty dollars more in the tremendous that make dollars you can guess why did make it fifty one I had edited I'm a preacher I'll be back at such and such a time so many weeks now twenty weeks from now and I'll turn another payment in all thirty five hundred dollars and the lawyer being a lawyer and being a banker and being a businessman and the thinker he said the very graciously said of course you have the money in the bank I said no I don't view my how you plan to have been I said I have a house I'm going to sell out law is that you mean you have that much money in it no I don't see any kind of brings life you don't have the money in and you can expect to get it out for you so graciously could you tell me about how you plan to do that I said for one thing I got a bargain Mister leaves us and the second is I'm a minister and I believe the Bible and I'm playing the promises of God is never let me down and you often see the gracious nonchalant low he couldn't see through that one because you see through many a video but he didn't know the deal of the Lord it is good what the F I always thought you as soon as you may have I know you have no clear the money will be here and integration of the state preachers don't have any sense in business he wouldn't say that anyone say that but just suppose it is better Doctor Cohen I said no not presently that no personal minimum on our turn in another six thousand and seventy place to sell to get that and the man with two gracious to say where you go to get it then was and then the other payments all figured out how are going to do it fix it all up now I turned and fifty dollars that was the deposit I was so thrilled with what I wanted done I knew I would be good to get exercise take a picture that eighty acres worth of exercise brother and outside the realm of answers my tiny golf promises that I got over my brother Miles Roy did you ever hear meet my brother mildly and I took a knife in my heart I just want to share with you no one likes portion I strongly good nonmarital that God is performed at the place you give my wife and I were both so thrilled you look the place all over that I will want an answer to it already said that he had a very sound basis he said as it did you say you wrote a letter to the Lord I suggest I deserted it he said he asked me I'm pretty sure the Lord didn't get his mail let me you know goes right to the middle of the solar plexus and I felt something there in the middle my stomach him a long time it was like I had I have gone all kind of lemon juice you and then a very weak feeling I took it back I sent that have helped now I did tell them that my brother David was a little mother way to help me as I did a lot of homework alone is wrong you cannot looking over us without telling about the letter and in the workday also about the prior I said my wife and I will probably send whatever the law gave us and he took on a more serious look than my brother Miles is baseless already he could he said you said the Lord and Savior prayer yeah oh he's if you ask me the dog went now you can imagine my stomach already in the situation it was now had two brothers live in a Muslim awesome I knew that I must get help my mother 's lady years old comments are allowed to run it possible to look the place over he said how much you paid down to fifty dollars she said Glenn and the way she said it I knew it wasn't coming out right blend if you were back out I'll give you the fifty dollars now had two brothers and my mother told that my stomach and unilateral estoppel I tried once more I got an elevated amount Brother Kilgore David and even though anything got visited in London over and he said will will will will will will the hollow laugh now my brothers began a comeback instead when you may have problems your guilty presumption every time I and they love me with all her heart they just thought I made a terrible mistake and my in particular every time you come is I would blog the Genesee help advice from our July that and they go I ended almost level is a good your gurus assert your villagers are I imagine the human Bergmeister about what I've seen coming you might circumvent a standalone as well if you don't language and then I remember that it says a brother is born for adversity I should like to get newborn I need to keep coming by your presumption and allowing I went by and reconstructed every step about the ice if I have made a mistake I've made many mistakes but in this particular thing I've made a mistake I'll back up otherwise I cannot count on God 's eyes and I can't do it and I thought as I reconstruct it in that particular case I will wisely invite but in terrific eighty simple and you come back again your daily presumption that I began reading everything I could read on for I want to be sure and my friends then by the way when the thirty five hundred dollars will be turned in the place had sold and I targeted right on time and outlawing a bottle smart with many personal and the devil wanted it that way you know why the devil once you need to take credit that belongs to God don't do it don't do it now we several weeks in fact now five days from now I had to turn in X thousand dollars and have a certain and had no idea what was coming from and I feel regard please come to my rescue I reached up and my library and I picked down the final education the most unlikely but thank God but how about prior education and just like an angel opened at the base of two hundred fifty three chapter on crime and in my eyes lighted on these words in the prostate is a divine science is one more business I couldn't make it for twenty five years I never knew that there was a sign in the Berkeley the next benefit is a science that everyone would make his life work the success must understand I said Lord I want my life working the efforts that I don't understand it I think it must be here in this chapter or you wouldn't find statements like that and I found anything a basis of the science of is that they not only an friends that three thousand five hundred and seventy three promises are close to the promises in God 's beautiful book is a letter I said Lord wonderful output of a problem for six thousand dollars I did it my days and I wanted to it with tears when my eyes and my voice as I think of God to show me why there be a problem for six thousand dollars and the Lord help me to open the Philippians chapter four nineteen or verse nineteen my God shall supply all on Glenn close the book and the writing sites I need six thousand dollars and then it said these are the basis of the principles obtaining the promise for any yesterday 's promise we may ask that method seven seven is a network to believe that we received but what Jesus said Mark eleven twenty four Billy then went to return thanks to God that we have received what Jesus did at the grave of Lazarus I want to thank you hardening I knelt down with my hand on that promise you are I need six thousand dollars and I told envoy you don't like you know why needed six thousand dollars because I needed to keep my word I said somebody put it in my heart keep my word and that somebody had to be my creator you wouldn't impress me keep my word unless you kept your word about the soul I try to keep my word we keep my word I must have the six thousand dollars you don't keep your word and I found one reason that a lot of Christians find it hard to believe God 's promises is because they don't keep their promise my friends Christianity is something that's practiced seven days a week up just one day Christianity something that we carry in our business activities it's not something we drop at the door at the beginning of the week and put it on when God 's holy worship they comes no Christianity is something that deals with your business feelings without relationship with our friends and business acquaintances and all everyday and weak when using so I said well that's the reason I ask you to supply my need I believe you are doing thank you I have received and I pray that provide a the fifth day I got for my needs no money not a sign of a sick that was a crisis of my Christian life Lord I pass I believe that they can the province I'd have to do it I believe I told you I believe I received when I don't see what's wrong and then the Lord in this graciousness revealed me this he said see and you will find only little tiny birds expect there to be brought to them that little tiny baby is open them out because they can fly they can't go anywhere so long as the race for others to bring them their food but one deliberate and I is going to what God is prepared you're not maybe you like to know when the URL and Seagate is dire and you'll find it thank you Lord what promise to likely and the thought was from the Lord said claim Psalm thirty two verse eight I will instruct you and teach you in the way that you should go I will guide you I I said long ago a jump in my car can you imagine that you imagine the fight of faith I you're going to jump in your car having no idea where you're going and you're going to find six thousand dollars can you imagine how you feel I felt the same way it was uncanny I'm going whether six thousand dollars I don't want is if I know what is I would know what I'm going since I don't know what I am going to Paladino 's lighting engine so I'm going to guide you in line I don't know what you think units there is some legitimate and across all silly not limited to give us only so I went right down the Culver Road and turn left and the devil the demos and how did you know you should turn left instead of right is an example because God promises to him I think it turned right the Democrat again dedicated about one how do you know you shouldn't turn right because God says in his word any time you guide me and he impressed me a great way down Main Street on one my nickel in and then I was almost sick of my stuff I looked up and there were offices of my atheistic attorney whom I had sold the rights testified that John is in the money you are going to ask this man for money I said no large lascivious he said is in Isaiah forty to sixty output and the blind by way they do not and actually was away I didn't know when you can even you can have apartment with this man without days and days in advance he's an important man go on I gone early walked up stairs two flights of stairs that was his office go to submit the substrate 's office walk writer is the law when a guide in outlining what say we go say of the losses of future so we talked about the weather isn't nice that you talk about whether by that time the Lord help me know what sickness leaves out and across six thousand dollars for three months is enough that the bank wasn't his banking is in the normal Wii remote the bank picked up his cell phone get e-mail however analysis veil that was learning Milledgeville I plan me in the office Doctor Gould N six thousand dollars on his personal note for three months old female was all done in I believe the things you have sent me much to say now what would you like and what I would like I would like to get that I don't change his mind so I must've been about three steps at a time down the stairway what I got out of the street we wonder what you I wanted to run but thought I start running the place where they got distributed been looking for you I may get back to slowly did you ever try to run and what you want to the bank I straightened up I found this faith has to work and what he expects six thousand dollars you you look the best you can walk in this development they'll and I and I bet when you buy six thousand always been from you they don't know than what you have a lot of spent the Bible says even what a fool believes quite a bit on what is more easily yes just put your name on the mouth this is the date deposited six thousand dollars from my account without even my wife's talk about miracles healing the attack on the work of covering and I needed those Americans and that was what the beginning of America Latin America Latin America in connection that Bob will I don't have the time to tell you but my friends in the grammatical godsend not using it in the top and then he lowered his and will take care of you see you in the kingdom of God 's righteousness then come to the and outperform the medical that it requires at the end of three months I did not renew the note and in the next three months I committed to broadening metaphor somebody says no don't quit now I've got to quit now but at another service will you many will take another minute now so I think another minute now we know that miracle after miracle take place we couldn't sleep love until the fourteenth and fifteenth of July you know you you're almost ready each regardless I said Lord there were so many miracles poorly when you know a little extra blaze but it was already think I'm crazy way of playing I'm actually calling on the fourteenth and fifteenth of July what do please I applaud Clinton denies problems regard and I did we were reading sleep I was thinking sleep all in the yesterday on up until Thanksgiving people came from the inside and while the best they can find anywhere they found that operates in the life is regarded by the NYSE earlier mother was the way selling this intimately with tremendous it was super low self lastly God was delicious whom I happen to deserve it but Joyce was I getting exercise with perspiration and select combine and friends that was thirty years ago I said like you talk we know the ABCs of prayer I will use the souls that are stricken with them my friends that I would go up in common my home a man who wanted victory in his life he wanted Victor over tobacco and tobacco use was a symbol of defeat I wanted to let us about it there's something I want to share with you before we talk about tobacco I certainly view of salvation found in Jesus Christ that he will take care of the tobacco have you ever found Jesus the minister that went with me about the man with the Christian months ago another Christian posted on July him salvation when you finish phase we now have first John one nine I believe it was you can confess your sins he went for Daniel and cleansing from all unrighteousness plaintiff I happen to be placed seventh by seventh raise my price I'm a sinner you'll forgive me cleanse me I get it I dynamically can I repeating thank you I am forgiven and plans in the news when you get up and down now you got style you're most like to do that you believe that you put your child right now not allowing of you and me he could hardly believe it your style and tonight he is tiled if you ask him to forgive you and plans you and believe it I said no well-rounded knees will claim John one twelve as many as received him that then you need apart to become the sons of God Gill did you know I like the sound of his shed I is an annual brother were going to give you the power when the ladies give you that power when the site any use getting that power and my friends not manna rose from his knees on new creature in Christ Jesus he was baptized two weeks later he had found the one altogether lovely I thank God that God is interested in your life telling men and women are wonderful Savior Jesus my Lord if you've never given your output before we did tonight if you have in your pocket for what you say Lord I'm not voting for somebody else to tell how does the largest I will start selling log of the Lord is with you doing your Lord thank you this evening that you promise if we confess our sins your basement just to forgive us and the ones us from all unrighteousness then you said if we see first the kingdom of God in righteousness and everything else over yet we had borne in mind we really cannot thank you and receiving Jesus name of carbohydrate in this media was brought by audio covers the website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more to know more about our universe will feel like this is more certain than please visit www. .com universe .org


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