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Seven Keys to Sabbath Delights

Dave Bostrom



  • June 16, 2007
    5:00 PM
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sing for joy I want to honor Ron Turner begun we were back easily lived in Washington DC Reinhard Werner was indwelling in community college as we were down across the campus we chose to go the washroom sanitarium in hospital jerk understands urges recall Betty is really grew from about twenty thirty and two hundred and fifty and anyway Ron and the blending between this life of purity and colleagues used a man would come and join us in an and he does love to have the song service the he called Sing for joy and has been adopted into our user group and we seeing in and we go on seeing in the hospital and the lot is in the community and seeing the shut-ins and everywhere so I will strongest be developed around singing of our experience of conversion and happiness in the Lord of winner praise services this is singing about the joy of the Lord so if you think your father here this is has this doesn't have a music and I will say to all you are here early but we do are working on a website you have a website anyway now and we hope to have it the music we finally open up the epicenter construction to have all the music on hearing the downloaded onto an iPod that's our goal and so it into the number twenty three these are the songs we sing our walks on Sabbath ordinary groups youth or adults and leaders had a wonderful time together and we found more and more we need to do it in different age groups and children afterwards Alonso and that he sung the song before if you want joy will enjoy wonderful joy as seasons and here I was on how guys feel like an obvious owner will rejoice I have are focusing on why have your heart my heart to sing together we also understand that in a few months all I really know wonderful to all romantic seasons and your mind all I do not only one privilege all live in a Norris in life and your ideal Tuesday and made it on a new toy microphones all the cc is a you makes about two or three or four testimonies and that of young people turning their life around throwing the world and then went out and using another joists on another song about Christ because I know what it is especially on Sabbath destiny now number twenty six is another choice on your inability here is a struggle for members of the board and sing-along will time my heart is filled with Joan John eight hello my heart is filled with a cause by saying he will want to know me that's the reason that my heart is filled with no will they be missing a turn on course again a little more I risen Christ recently where our something dismay noticing it again together your agency here enjoying thing about I write everyone together Shawn saw hard buildings on John I know I find hardest to by saying you want to go that's the reason that my heart is filled with well I say Marion to get a door being your number this is a school is not number five the book actually is designed for us to use unsanitary whole section on him it will take again that I know you love to sing about as though the really praying with her price study the Bible you just hold them back can you just want to talk about rhinestone soliciting the first and second stanza see how we did it in about a understandable really hold out the film on a warm our hearts that God is in the land and I serve as you say you're as if you were in I know there is an lot had been naysaying is learned CGI and myself to I need to be all and to Liz Christ Jesus there is a long life when there is to and him all her eyes and I will be the and all of you mean you all my heart mostly I all the stormy is in the have a mean there is a nice theme is in the Taliban life and the way to his pace to win all and give up on price yet alas and I go to try to hold it out okay he who has and I know I know the birth and releasing more and everything together rejoice rejoice the creation of a sexy time and who is as nice a the help of all is not being a high and there is the him will him how long way to their food in who dies me if I go to wrestle in the and on and a joy and validity is the difference be between the from praise to Jordan and the nicer weather to that for those of us who love to share testimonies and the witnessing of evangelism Joyce's has a special place in yellow turn in your book to number twelve or eleven a couple songs now that the data been forgotten by Summit relativism over slow lane to Murphy's Law because there's no greater joy than to see a brother or sister or mother or father baptize and a friend a given frame for getting Bible studies to test out as part of the area you may have the joy bells ringing in your heart join it did you learn the song together you may have the joy of being in your heart at a pace that Sonia no windows of the car while him a way to use as a movie that time of being in your dog is a me your hard jawline being in your heart take this day you will with you have required a working than five oh three he is your you might not know the song we do who had to lie speak well easy to read a on his life to deserve this you can pay words if I thought we say these numbers seem to reasoning and tell a may need in your on a mediator Johan you may have on now is ringing in your faith in the Savior of men you had remarried but the time being the scenario that out to I tell you the story behind the song because our youth group in the Hawthorne back in the sixties Winona talking with the pastor we love them dearly and we the program around of California all data things that we had choir and we had about ten or twelve testimonies of the sermon at his play and things like that and metal time off Sunday afternoon in San Francisco and so we got on the trolley car how made it on a tripod goes down to Chinatown had been the one I did about forty five kids hanging all over this trolley car and we start to sing his song just like you say their ring the bell of the there is a very dry today for the soldiering than one and the probably be calling item of the Polycarp and Doctor anyway start ringing the bell the any other I sing a song I can hear the bell I I I told myself I can bring the bill along with the life is that I need to bring joy and honest joy to my heart because we are going down else the grades they probably stop in a corner in a couple young boys got on N/A down the last mother got into seeds somehow anyway they sat next to some of our kids and so they were getting on they were talking about their getting a lot in wiped out put on the new liquor store and buy a case of beers and I got as I recall and that they are talking about this but then they are always singing on board we're seeking about Verizon all the joys on this type is on here and a good-natured one in a sentence overheard you know we are Christians we should be doing this they decided we better not view this as getting something else and that they decided not to get drunk and I'm fully all of the praise the Lord for the witness of a cheerful joyful song now cross the page on page thirteen Delbert is saying what the all-in-one version of an old song in emerging and unedited direct came from who earnestly has sold one hundred song to the same tune the dollhouse sleepwalk from around the block inducing on their green ringing doorbell for my lords of this warm-up on this one little song here ladies on the everlasting arms you know the song that you are or what fellowship was a joy you know you have her last him for a minor and on the aftermath the non- AAE the say that you know Ron will be heard and I noted out is that Islam because are you as we enjoyed witnessing out I noted in my people are afraid in the dog had evil meal like to go door-to-door but I think there's a grave power in that witness three five three block by block prayer walking getting Bible study witnessing door-to-door knowing your neighbors that's missionary work in a less additional saw the singer to get your last line and you might want to memorize songs in the next time you go out on Sabbath doing some witnessing rankings is that okay oh Houston who are about the same melody okay all house we bought him around the block your hailstorm I thought where it is out of my shoes have leaned on his doorbell 's farm on the Lord and Ray C create a now the car of my own creating really need for the Lord of whole arm on I was thousands of the evidence on relation that it is a little without the the mother one last one here I'm a cellular know whether that's on I of the pastor and I heard about investment diseases that can seventies and noted run buses of the streets like the postman drive on the streets of every person 's door right and that these laypeople would get these buses in these churches and that for every hour on the speaking about thirteen the writer bus I rode a bus for seventy miles and a layman that was organizing this one he had four buses and he filled them all up he bought four hundred ninety fifty seven people to his church importantly on Sunday but can you imagine the flow they have sitting on the bus but eighty percent under younger people the right devices and on the way home is enough I do like the sermon today your digit join a Bible study hard and you make a decision forgot can you imagine the witnessing and every hour ring the doorbell and just touched my heart there are people that have a passion reach out to the lost hope that role part of that group the Sabbath but as we thought but he's our last song at number thirty three Echo is that the Horace Lottie Young people just enjoy this meeting with hike up on the trail by the labor up on a mountaintop and Marianne you want to promote your view of the downtown from the and stability he's playing Kingdom of fear and helplessness so take advantage of my daughter was okay assuming Courtney to get a little while for some time together but if I start this within logo and all using the reasonable to hold it a little bit okay and ensures our Lady he does follow Marianne and then the whole notice money can will follow next first and then know that the basal echo and when we get to the end of the ladies know that at all his fees were now holding a long time I mean I believe what the love love that's one of the longest in the leasing lower limit is lowered in like her mother to the Lord for help and I think enter anyway that the girls are going to go of his own and hold out as long to get themselves lead out in the woods or by Lakeside is so pretty the other Echo is okay okay fellas assuming together at home is the as long as have following is true of use with the booze with whom the Lord is love is only a loan is a all my mind always goes back and I can remember so many beautiful kindly close Sabbath and with songs like this and there's only beautiful hymns in the second fingers of the Internet and I praise the Lord for that notice in this book the reason Miley Dennis and where the process of writing and stuff so we have to do all this legal stuff but not quite yet this is something used by her family as not-for-profit story that happened there a lot of quotations in here because we found we flawlessly carry books with this long but for him to New Jersey because of cumbersome and so we would we want more people build things finally in the form of book like this and where you have a lot of quotations on the Sabbath the aspiring but one of the things is so easy to miss this but hospitality and sharing food shelter and spiritual refreshment with those God leads into your life and so indicate occasions like that walk on Sabbath of the small group or big group or whatever you just don't want to give food and have a nice little refreshing exposure to nature you are also bring Christ in and talk about spiritual things otherwise the conversations can drift into what everything else you know life and so you want to bring consciously a plan and where would be doing things speculative even with your family to where you witness for Christ in you draw the attention of the mind share of through more about this and some are poor so that the God of all twenty some odd questions and your with an inspiring little thought to stimulate discussion and ended as soon as you walk along or in small groups of her devotions have highlighted a sixty two number twelve a successful businessman said to his friend Mark Twain before I die I want to travel to the holy land and then climb Mount Sinai and on the summit read the ten Commandments what do you think of my idea Mark Twain replied I have a better idea I think you should stay in Boston and keep the Commandments of January there's nothing like a big discussion in a group like that share how you and your friends keep the Sabbath of the day of the life synergy approach these sensitive subjects or big subjects to me is so beautiful and I just would pray I had a report from the temple to no storage charges contacted by Vicki Lewis on the e-mail and they had a utility they took all their books from the seminar and they had a fun time singing the books and reading the quotation something like that it does allow you to have a little more freedom to restore Asian and have stimulating discussions of late I don't think about and nothing happens and we lose the blessing that could've been I think on Sabbath anyway thank you for coming early for me to sing together and you know make it here this usually is music stands rock forwards on my person use this philosophy don't you have your book resource but okay but cited by this blog on methadone about one hundred twenty that's right my limit for flying our analysis are shipping stuff but as you open it up I'd encourage you to put your name on it now want to know my heart that the malaise and I made a decision that is not just go to somewhere in even inspiring lecturer or whatever the accounts we wanted something to leave in your hands so you do study on your own Koreans need to study whether these things are so and these are ideas that have come in and this is from appearance plenty of fathers wanted you and my wife Sandy by the way to the pitcher Derek her in their and see one expressed you should love to be here but she is caring for my mother is a hundred years old now so were adamant that special ministry at this point that my mother thought walking but that she wants to convey her love to you guys these are some of Davis she's lived with all of her life with me and we're just like two peas in a pod when it comes to the joy we've had in the church administration I love in the home outright assurance of things about Bacchus as we work together is a wonderful team as our kids would testify to and to us the Sabbath is honestly in the laces of grace in this world of sin and but in a different setting even though everybody's in controversy constantly around the Sabbath surrounded by other people who don't believe in seventy the psychiatric center of God 's teachings in truth nobody seems to disagree with the other teachings but when it comes the Sabbath array to debate and argue with everything well any I have the storm is like a hurricane what is there that open space of peace and I think the Sabbath made a rare storm rain will rage around us but in part storm those who love Christ and love the Sabbath the setting of peace that you now then Vanessa we have found in FY Weaver Vista the husband-and-wife we honestly really want to have that type of peace in our home and that's a covenant of peace that was promised to Jacob and I believably have price in our home and especially on the seventh we have a covenant of peace and brings his sweetness and a closeness in the protection of the family so look at page one and two and will have prayer for the seminar just a few minutes that is life if you think an introduction because if you didn't train for the seminar as we do for the Sabbath every week in our home I want to blessing the come up on my family when I plan a Sabbath and we draw close to Christ the family plans the Sabbath of the song is sung something good is going to happen do you probably notice on our nursery .net when you do anything spiritual you should expect the Holy Spirit to do what bring a blessing and FY where your treasure is there will your heart be also and so in the seminar year as we look at it this is a resource for you and a lot of things all the way through here provide you really send the subject matter the plan your Sabbath what you do on Friday night or through the day so the things that are recorded on these pages may inspire you to do something like it did us all thought on the bottom of this page to you'll notice you have the references there we do have a website now is under construction but if you want to contact assistant for my e-mail will go through and you can contact me at any time installed Sabbath diet seminar .org or even days at seven five seven now turn to page forty one because on the left side of the page page three we met when we were living back in Washington DC over at life as standard and some of you there older may remember in the missionary China in general conference of the school department is the point of the Adventist church and the fifties sixties and seventies and that his father a Sabbath of them brings a week of content and a health for the toils of tomorrow but a Sabbath profane whatsoever maybe being is a certain forerunner of sorrow and he is a man to read the Bible through every year and I like American brief shot in the Ortiz Sigrid and read the Bible through a just have such a love for Christ and as life you start looking you want to draw yourself close to people and some of them are just humble mothers or fathers or friends are single view you don't know who they are grandpas maybe young people that if they are hard after God in his mouth the Lord of Apache draw close to people like that because I desire for conversation today that a young lady here for my Riverside University Riverside and that hasn't raised in a Catholic home that has a precious story of how she always had a longing for God but her life opens up and consider talking to somebody like that you just want to know more and more about how God worked in her life to where he became a real good identity ever struggled with this is the real God is he really answered prayers where is the young but there is these people are everywhere in all walks of life and not to you yourself down and just start talking to them about their life experience and they will open up to you is marvelously through this experience about the Holy Spirit is working nine save using the a with any Bible truth and they were looking at the present truth of the seventh day Sabbath on page four what is our greatest need offices and the giving of the parable the wise and foolish virgins now had a Bible they all had your experience with the Lauren think about virgins and they all trimmed their lamps through a must of been pretty intellectually smart and yet the foolish did not have the oil after these pictures are here what is the symbol of the oil representing the purpose of the oil is a symbol of what you write it down there it is simple of the Holy Spirit which is the symbol for light and truth like government sanctuary that right in the center of heaven is the light ever gone out the Holy Spirit is always there for you and I especially as we prepare for Sabbath to instruct us in the teach us how to have a delightful Sabbath Holy Spirit anointing always use for what dedications and you can buy that were dedicated also for healing call for the elders of any sick among you and of course this shepherd would use the oil on the wounds of the heard Lamb self-healing dedication symbols of the Holy Spirit light and truth and I want to say this and I'm not one believes and Johnny one note when it comes to ministry having been a pastor for the over thirty years of all of God 's truths are important are they we must keep a balance in all things is all I'm really saying to you is the teacher of all truth is the Holy Spirit he is one God 's permission before Jesus I must go other parody Weidenbaum and grieving the Holy Spirit the comforter has become and he's in Christ Place and so if he's really here is still our Sabbath and he will look like in Somerville than the gift of the Sabbath is empty but the box is empty block of time appears empty we can see the Holy Spirit to live you understand how the Holy Spirit works God if you take this Sabbath and opened up as God 's gift as you become a treasure for you that you just cherish all your life as you go to page five and as we want to her to pray for the Holy Spirit just a moment here but from my heart to hearts fall Harvey the last several years if you listen to the broadcast is cast in every year when there is a big convention of scientists that are Christians come together they are writing a public letter between five hundred and six hundred scientists challenging the theory of evolution because today there are over one twenty disciplines of science to come to the conclusion you cannot have the theory of evolution creating life in this world it is a small one cell bacteria is not like the days of Darwin that it was Jillian the middle today there's three billion particles within a cell I don't understand I myself probably count them is extrapolated I know better whether you go to the to the stars and study the cosmos is the same thing the complexity in nineteen forty seven and one forty two they just discovered the first Alex and and you know vulnerable hello so not only was happening our whole universe now is structured in clusters of galaxies and in one photograph I heard his reasoning raises fifteen hundred over two thousand eighty possibly three thousand gallons one in each galaxy readies as they are a million stars now they are what made me a believer throwing fingers around your a billion stars so it is so a man so complex and so masterfully designed these scientists others say there is intelligent design behind the universe I say if this the creator our Sabbath keeping Creator is the one who designed our universe itself as flight is organized around is intelligent like the design it is defined is by design it will cover those seconds of the first hour here and the second part will he deal with the first wireless they were good look at really how to have a spiritual Sabbath is my desire your first hour seminars how to build a legacy of love on the Sabbath that will inspire families of the children will want to maintain the Sabbath keeping like they did in their home and keep the traditions going both Christ and never lit the Sabbath slip out of their heart and doubly protected in any time of crisis or trouble to stay close to Christ the seventh legacy to me as so very special so that's a little bit of introduction here is a turn on page seven I want to have a little disclaimer of your own something because of your sandal on down the page by goodbye three to be dealt to the fastest life there now up in the city left Colorado because I think there over and Wyoming but she wrote the book the Sabbath of the limits of the life how many of your bear ever had on honest frustration when the Sabbath I was angry your board or heard in my life my dollars and forget that Hillary anyway it is a very I'm I realize really going to something now is I share a minimum of this cousin and I start hearing about ideas and things to do I don't know your background and some of you may have come from very painful homes where it's been unhappy there is the end of legalism Bible thumper reserved Redbook the version of a really working over because even he does have a just the way some basic you were supposed to it was not the light it was more like paying you all I can say to you if the stock price estimate forgive them let it go and it's time to turn around and let's find ourselves in a happy relationship with Christ and build a delightful sound like the Bible says we should so I just and please don't get overwhelmed and discouraged if you just get one idea today and say Lord please help me to do that site and have a delightful seven my heart will be blessed but if you keep rain over this in studies of these days I know the Holy Spirit will inspire you and whoever you are and pull yourself together with some other friends or family or to build the Sabbath experience where you will you will praise God to do it do not turn the number page nine were to sing a song here and I love you like that in the nephew for this one but there is a point I remember the sermon I mentioned the one hundred I had by this pastor demonstrates elder of why my brother Melvin and the Holy Spirit just spoke to my heart well these are moments when the Holy Spirit really speaks to you and my wife and I are back in Washington DC and we were there we heard out West Elder EL mentions the only old-timers anyone member you'll mention very godly speaker like a two miscarriages but for the young people very Christ centered causes the long path of so much of our heart and we stopped by his house some of that afternoon and there is in the back of the end area in front of a fireplace March pulled as I remember it and there it was at the panel like this and he was playing the song night on Idol I can understand is how the Lord works but there are times that it just seems like a more stalking you you felt that before you're in your heart and whatever he does Nice but even when I really comes strong upon you it's a life-changing moment you never forget it it's just like in rivets into your conscience goes right to your heart as life-changing events a type of him talking about and when he sang the song is getting ready for youth festival somewhere some meeting in Australia and S3 was from and I he sang the song a while the song was being sung and we were just there listening to start with the Holy Spirit is really brought this on the my heart it was my heart my heart it had to be cleaned by going to joy the Sabbath and I does look like this is a business in the first and second stanza and where you have a prayer for Thursday the thing together I long to all of all that you we for is home with a and all I know I cannot sign off on the home as I school he do all all all I is I on to know that the reserves three on line or on he and a I is discarded for our father which art in heaven today on your satin we ask you to continue reading your hard the desire to have an experience just like rice that your disciples had key ingredient is lower depending us that we might be fully baptized in the Holy Spirit I played for the Lord for all of us avoid further operation global related day Sabbath by Sabbath Lord Jesus your disciples were so faithful even in your death they would not complete the funeral arrangements within the lattice we pray you give us a sense of holiness that sense of reverence that sense of closeness to you that they had and I pray Lord Jesus as our Sabbath keeping geez if you draw spirit close to your heart today may there be something in some way or many things in many ways though this types the hearts of all those that are here today if there is pain and bad memories about the Sabbath and many heart here I pray Lord give them a new heart as white as snow and for those of us been lonely those of us who've not had the blessings on this happens we grew up continue Lord to brighten our life fill our lives with the beauty of all the design first enjoying the Sabbath from the queue is our Creator our Savior and our Lord thank you for being our Sabbath keeping Jesus and I name I pray amen thank you Marianne okay I'm that excited a little illustration here today because of many times we get easily distracted with what's happening in our culture the cultures of war with God 's word Christian lifestyle God 's truth and love tragedies occur when I was in California the milk you can see this but a young seventeen -year-old electrocuted on almond ranch and some Californian Gunderman they got Madeira dear Pastor is just heartbreaking the Massey family lost their seventy -year-old son as talking a few days later the electrician and where the boy picked up this set of twenty five or so high aluminum pipe and that's the wires of the above ground and standing in water the electricians told me the electricity does not travel in pure water does not conduct electricity I see some heads nodding I didn't know that I finally to stay away from water electricity well this is definitely a lighter I think you can see that and so anyway I should push this line of your local search and saw my mother put this in here as a demonstration development of these ride in the water and nothing 's happening in the Bible all the way in right right right okay what's wrong it is true there is no response simplicity is not being conducted but what makes water conduct electricity than white event whether good or electrocuted while there are various there's something inside water right muddy water the minerals or whatever it is well I'm just add salt here how can inflict is in it will be up here you are you okay okay okay without the words just don't touch the wires as I had alone is my son and lawyer okay okay get NCI and that your water nothings happening but doesn't it and you can do it God bless you then again I am writing to hear that you notice what happened the minute I could still the water I mean the very wires there was that what happens when I go deeper and not quite all right to get a nice touch there is a little the more now why is the likely sitting on really flowing here in the Bible says you're the salt of the earth now what I'm really trying to say right here right now it is somewhere among us as a people as Seventh-day Adventists were going to go keep copy higher ground why is it interesting of it anyway when I say what what needs to happen somewhere along the way here at items on finding as we as Adventists are studying our Bible is kind of how well it's an academic study and were nonchalant about what the Bible can do and that many times I talk to young people our family is husbands and wives letters married your Sabbath or whatever talking about well done it works for you they doesn't work for me in a semi- insane because somehow we drawn to this place were one of the Bible is a wonderful book but when I read it it doesn't really change my life it doesn't have my mind it doesn't have any powerful impact and I'm scratching my head because of the father the more I began to do this I saw tremendous things happening in our family with our children in our churches and it spoke to my heart and into their you take a look at it I like you to write these words because one glass of water this may get pure water in the other just as Sultan urges Edwards and by the way don't worry if you miss a word fill-in the blank type of thing will have the whole answer sheet in the back to get at the DNC will have all the answers to everything it's here but if you fill in the blank there is what is it that when somebody reads the Bible nothing happens there marries the change sadness don't change I mean you go to church and nothing happens and I think something is wrong something is wrong I mean if you put those electrical wires vendor the life article on and when we get ourselves into the Scriptures we ought to light up don't you think so but maybe I can do back up here and get a flyer that laxative therapy on closer to the water okay my daughter said okay I boast the salt out so but I'd like to say here is it the darkness stands for the light begins you may have heard that statement before but for us to go on in our families frustrated for us to go on having borings out of where we don't feel illuminated or with any divine energy then I'm just a I knew something has to connect this back to the Scriptures because it is the word of God that's the light is isn't is the word of God the lamp and are being the light of the word of God is like a burning fire it is like a hammer to break it into pieces and so we have got to understand something are we either an evolutionist or are we one who believes in creation and a creator when Christ created everything peaceful he said that everyone lie and there was less than a million years later a thousand years later or was an immediate and your family all at that pioneer Daisy Jones he used to preach on some of this that the word of God has immediate impact as a father and mother I just be honest with you and when you talk your kids if you think the Bible does not have an immediate impact is not start immediately the process finger and evolutionists and the kids read this real quick what I thought important the dad is not important whether if we don't believe the sunset makes any difference in Christ is that the door where the Angels are not there to welcome them in for Sabbath what's it all about anyway that I religion really is a significant revolutionists is what I'm saying anyone at Don's on you I must have a pure heart when it dawns on you it when God spoke these words that creation and he gave us these counsel to the Holy Spirit and the prophets if I take the wood rot and I really put the lines in the light there is an media truth there's life in the process begins of transformation and re- creation or create that has to somehow come down to your heart and register in the why say I begin the learning of this is the bad there is no compromise on these things is going to give them up we'll talk about that later the second session as did have a lot of questions was wrong with dressing this way eating his leg when you're doing this in any other well facility not working so what I'm saying here is out of statement underneath that box you see there greeted with me take the Bible as a way that even your heart may be barren your intellect feeble but if you will prayerfully study the word of God life will what class into your mind and actually brought a lot of encouragement just as the father because as I said Lord we do for Santa in and my devotions and why meditate and I think about these things and we brought bring the family together as it was truly diverse the type of thing you start by asking church in the sermon view that God will speak to you and your are currently or during the week when you're walking or talking or studying or pray for God to speak you anywhere and give you the idea to do for Sabbath and that's the thing we began to realize that people do walk in the spirit of the Lord speaks to the moment when you is just because your thinking about the Sabbath Lord was idea for the something all of a sudden something happened the idea right there in the Lord brings his inspiration for the witnessing on Sabbath or for study on Sabbath or like you filled out there's a whole other thing you can do on the Sabbath that are just beautiful experiences that bring friends into or family or whatever and that's where it comes to have a spiritual Sabbath you've got to come to an awareness of how powerful the word of God in and I really think it and that's why in your outline there God 's word as a creation was immediate God 's word for solving Chris is one guy said that you can then walk for your sins are forgiven the diapers have the same month three months if you are obedient then you are really proving that you love God and God will give you the spirit no salvation was in legally immediate in the process then begins the chain sometimes instantaneously and as a numerical guide for installing and its cultivation time and as for Jesus told those other stories United phone same for everything that Jesus is the word of God is also like what sort of went forth to sow right and it depends on the ground that the lesson in the bottom of the page fill in these blanks there is only one time to determine what the harvest will be the big question is what did do you want to want what you want to plan if the word of God is a seed what do you want to play and you can guarantee your harvest by knowing what you plan by faith as I'm really asking you in the seminar today what do you want to play I have found something I love gardening because the first time I was invited to have in the school band gardening ten by twenty plots this marvelous but you know something in my life experience of gardening orf going to talk the farmers of the human ask a person with a planted in the garden or at a farm and ill never say I don't know what I'm than a harvest I just I just don't know I is praying Donald do something wonderful do they talk that way no there's a lot of here it is a role of carrots and his enrolled believes it is rolled being diverted everybody that plants in a garden knows exactly what there to harvest by what they want my dad is the women begin a Christian and I realize what was going on here because how real the Bible is we would go to the designated amount of the meet up in California here in southern outlet guy down to the desert not here in the banning area somewhere out there the further down maybe but there are some citrus Devens but he felt that some dates always a but they your marinade is the place they had trees they had this one citrus tree and had about fifteen different citrus on Python and artistry just grew oranges that this tree had lemons limes grapefruits orange on one tree in your dizziness I bought one apple tree that had five varieties of apples and I discovered is the branch that bears than what was our in game one twenty six we have to engraft the word of God would educate them but in the Grand Canyon graph Scripture of pages of Scripture and you want more love or if you want more patients argue a lot more truth on anything like the sound if you take those Scriptures and in graph and your heart will be produced on that branch that specific truth of the Holy Spirit brings the futon as best as we start thinking about this that's worth any as a father and as a husband you have from this encouragement because suddenly even bring these experiences right in the Scripture and your family and you expect like a gardener does a fine plant carrots were to have what it is no doubt about that it's an absolute promise a law of life it will happen and so I have a question for all of us today why are young people meeting the church and I'm very serious about this I die don't like these surveys they go out and pardon me if that type of thing who were not asking the right questions something somewhere is wrong because if you so see you will reap a harvest the soul and on the Sabbath would cause so many young people who walk away from price and I wear mine speaking out in the word of God is that you go back to like the book of Joshua Joshua brought all those children of Israel out before he died in the father when he did but all the leaders back together the heads of household and they had a dedication service remember that they all stood there and they recounted the stories he put up monuments monuments remember that in the second session we have so they can read the story of what happened in the Bible says into judges as long as those elders live Israel was faithful to God and say to kids all that the church and that's what challenges me as a father I don't want to lose my kids I want them in heaven don't you want your kids there are your grandchildren or your friends there see this is the passion on talking about we don't love manually at the love our wives right all into the kingdom and wife's mother in the Bible say that the wives by the love our husbands right into the kingdom why not if that's fully believe in Scripture that practices if we practice what we preach like a gardener that sells we will have a harvest because we know what were planted now I understand not everything works well I know it any month moment one of my kids could walk off in same Lord bye-bye or church by the I have no control over what they do but I have a belief just like our brain has a computer is like a computer what is the old saying garbage in Barbie God what if everything that goes into that child fills them with hoping the house enjoys it memories and I mean countless dreams they are to be hard-pressed to walk away from God because as we pray for them the Holy Spirit city keep talking on their heart and pulling them back to get financing there is a law of physics here it's hard to run away from doctors at June the again is reported page thirteen we want to build a spiritual Sabbath lab are I shall say highly recognized theologians of the past said this the Sabbath day is the best day it is not blessed day therefore it is the best day in a special sense is also a test date I like and as you give them time in the future just write down why the Sabbath they saw that important to you why this is so exciting to you with the father or of life grandparents or children young people and calling here why is the Sabbath important to you I think we audiences will address the question like that now down about a page on the just say here I had it with the discovery experience for me but it started when I was converted and I'm thankful for Jan and Lloyd are the new me from school and me to go to the Harcourt church in Southern California and I sang God a thousand times of that church was in soul winning short there were always in the witnessing for Christ everything was evangelism and I must tell you from the sixties to fight my spirit is concerned about a lot of people they can to confirm this to that we've always heard the love of God preached always Jesus wasn't listed and honestly I don't know where all of these people are always saying every legalistic because your diamond and is due was a loving church I'm not exaggerating from our youth who gives five minutes in the ministry today and so is just a marvelous thing that families are like I realized out to do not have the Spirit of Christ and what you have left legalism selfishness and pride or whatever it is nobody sees Jesus but the family can be have revival in the church can have revival and I say let's get on with it was in that setting but I was in college junior college I was drawn for the church and I wonder the whole story but needless to say what I became a personal loss my first job over the Sabbath and I began back on my attention because to me I was into rock 'n roll I was in the sports within the movies and when I think of all at what was going on I realized I had made it make a choice where was my heart and the more I studied the Bible and begin to get into the Bibles are the prophecies and her John Knox preaches our astronomer evangelists memory announcement California and edited live in my heart I can replace I knew I had to give all those things up and take a stand for Christ that's a change my life the Sabbath slated critical role in the point because no more sports on Sabbath no more going to be no more rock 'n roll do they always have the Sabbath was a watershed point dividing point and that's where God got my attention and never been more thankful for that decision becomes of the via Sabbath keeper 's of prices experienced in the soda what began now must tell you though the passion and enthusiasm that we have argued to be redone or sometimes four five six nights a week I'm not exaggerating our youth group they would have event is a series of environmentally baptized twenty two months there is one time and the things we did were always we had to join the Lord is likely singularly but when I was just in the Army went back east I began to realize something one I never been raised around nature I need nothing no television sports news and suddenly I began to study though what I was drawn back to your answered our prayers I began this study to do missionary work or some type of Christian minister excellent union college and adult ragamuffin he told stories you want to compile the book evangelism by the way yellow white writings they love Christ he told marvelous stories about Jesus 's finance setting he gave me all of the drop close to Christ and then there was another man who begin using a youth leader and are watching Senator Church and he was our elder of the church he worked as a general conference under second hundred Frazier and I hear the politician and the town any as noted in our church as a sponsor youth group Joe Webb was his name and he came up to me one day and not with nonexistent youth group is a data like you to pray for me because I'm willing to go visit my daughter I have four daughters and one son the fifteen -year-old son was home joy with and I think one of his relatives the Orchard the hospital a few years ago I visited I got to see him anyway he told me to start examining what the visit of my oldest daughter and her husband and so they lived on the keys in Florida but they neither fear wonderful Adventists they save up all their might then he puts his job as the state surveyor both at the New York State any work on this little farm of errors until the money is gone and they go back to work in Florida and I want to talk to them because I know it's expensive education rising and he needs to stay on the job and work the vapor daughter 's education so he goes out there and someone now this is the drama because it's still in Iraq and Roth was teaching us to do research on the Jewish lifestyle and I just discovered the sabbatical year at wow imagine working for year and studying the Bible and drawing close to people in ministry you know the poor little chapter by the waves for prophecy of supervision of Ellen White regard to profits at all does care for the poor but the sabbatical year was the full families together in Fairford when the and read the Bible through again things like that like kisses doing all this research on the lifestyle of godly people in the Old Testament learning about the Sabbath laid by the sabbatical year and things like that but here Joe now Eleanor the church is at their New York State he comes back and says it killed him and what happened is as well as out there pitching hay with my son-in-law and the time is right so I raise the subject visit son don't you think you ought it is really go back to work now with the kids getting older dignity and schools can be very expensive those times are changing and inflation and this is in sixty nine now nineteen sixty nine as son-in-law turned that he said he told me he's at by several attorneys and dad would have you spent this much time with your daughter 's and Joe told me to I didn't have much to say you caught me off guard him among those that the data hate how misunderstanding with your fifteen -year-old son right now and Joe told me I was speechless I did not have an answer finally so maybe if minute or two a day and some studies it does come out of that kind of the average dad was spending something like thirty six seconds a day with a child something like that is plentiful and Joan was embarrassed and he was ashamed of himself because when you come always so busy maybe but help is some of the math assignment or something like that but he is not spending any time with his son and he realized what had happened with his own children and when he said that somebody you know what I did because I was studying these things about the Jewish having experiences with retreating because the nature and close to God I want I said to my wife we were married I thought a year and a half I said Sandy will be finished college in about six months off before seminary starts why don't we not work and just take the whole six months off to get close to God as she looked at dates that why is raised by a her dad for Michigan auto industry is that is it what not work for me three weeks of discussing this with her and she finally saw what God was doing as I we both realized we become Seventh-day Adventist also excited over the truth but we were like the Spanish community are these the people from in America South America New Mexico when they have an expense with a they come to Christ while they got every relatives and they get talk talk talk that they can close everybody's natural they'd have a love for family and we him him will we admit we got so excited for the proven price than we've been focused on the church when we should've also focused on our family and so we decided to take off for six months and I worked about the cost of three hundred and thirty three dollars I remember that in Louisville slugger but we can't all believers without home and we said as well as were not on the occasion is ready he wants to do and they suddenly said yes would you paint is would you do this clean of all the art of liquidity don't it's fascinating to say the but we had experiences that bonded us together and we suddenly saw a whole new dynamic and after we finished in the month tapping through all the Western National Parks McCain back said United raise John Public school sports and ethanol rest of the stuff elevated and we were done about the glories of nature effective John you're when you take artist and things into Yosemite he was a lack of Yosemite national Park zoo this is where God wrote everything in capital letter I love that will argue and we got so excited finally getting back to nature he backed the family and put in the this is what the Sabbath is all about is not taking a sabbatical year and were not asked by God to do that now in the nature seems to be in those rhythms and harmonies but I will say this that every Sabbath is a mini sabbatical year could you say that with me every Sabbath is a mini sabbatical year you have time with your family you have time to be out in nature as a pastor I stopped planning a lot of things on Sabbath unless it was to take a group out into nature and brothers and sisters we've got to stop all this complaining of being hired you know means investing in the family every Sabbath is a thing of the eye the pools us together that is if we do it the right way felt to me this is how we got into this experience of planning spiritual Sabbath we began to realize the potential beauty that was out there and what it did for our marriage and with my family we set this is it this is why God gave us the Sabbath that does not make sense to you how people in our church we go around and be how the teenagers can be bored on Sabbath is beyond me you must not be praying studying the Bible have no love for anybody and not care about going posted by you listing the long but if you reverse all those things the Sabbath is like putting your electricity into your heart images in connection with divine power is suddenly things are changing right before your I'm a creationist what are you do you believe the Sabbath if you get into God 's word and God inspire you to plan the likes of Sabbath that's when talking about that's what I'm talking about now to get your low back alley London England much of this that we should be taking a break in about ten minutes will be challenged to do that but the front page fourteen is a something for you to look at today but we will fill in the top because says him we proclaim warning every man and teaching every man in all wisdom that we may present every man mature in Christ Jesus S Paul speaking from Colossians one twenty eight is becoming mature teleost and the Greek complete mature something like that word in gains of perfect I don't care what we chose but what is being perfect premature and the definition is right below you and this is how I dealt with my family way back in nineteen said that we were married ten years before we had children and so God nurtured me along the way we decide when the Lord gave us to the surprise of having children we were prepared by this time when our son but David is an illustration on this page the year my son was born start our family so I think I was preparing me Anthony in this setting I visited principles guided us through law to provide a study I is really diffused I think a lot of attention but most I find most phones but a limited this when it comes to when a person mature nude check yourself out on this man is maturing Christ when he knows when he knows the word and old days what is spirit and corrects his errors or disobedience which everyone put in their of God 's principles now they remind you of principles for the character qualities of Christ or in the book of Proverbs character qualities we can be laws God 's truth God 's prophecy whatever it is when you know God 's word and if you're in error and you need to know how to correct your own mistake is that right and has why say not much is been a happen on the Sabbath in a family until somebody gets mature as a mother and a father in the heartbreak from your pastor down with my pastor had a is that for some reason a lot of our families today nobody wants to really become a mature Christian we want to cop out all the time and blame and fight and criticized investment very same thing that ruined Israel's experience in murmured playing ten times I had to confront them in instead by in the wilderness and a lot of our administered beginning to realize why has the Lord waited so long since eighteen forty four I say that's why it's time brothers and sisters in young people especially since get on with this getting the word of God that is on fire alike ridiculous with the fine power to change how were living in our families and the family be filled in Sabbath alliance and the change is if it's not working except that claim anointed honestly neither it doesn't work what whether access list it went that because it's too exciting anyway this will outline here but it is much description I went this is an outline of second Timothy three sixteen seventeen were all scriptures inspired of God and is profitable for four things you see a therapeutic agent recruits recommend training in the lower nineties that if I was an Obama city gate is little description of this road now I'm why I'm sharing this with you in this setting the cause this is what confused in my mind or allowed me why became apparent to just relax raising my kids the Holy Spirit can't start it's hard directly just like we do with parents I believe in it we worked with our children the right spirit then we should be able to work back and forth within reasoning and communicating you know solving problems wide also many of our families are in conflict if you fight during the week giving you can have a peaceful Sabbath something is wrong somewhere and I think in part of fixing it God they need is a beautiful little study done here because you see the brother were the first arrows going straight pride Proverbs three five seven for Scripture I have remember Florida will hardly not in the anonymous in all it was a nonhuman these indirect iPads right if we would all read God 's word and purpose with all of our hearts to follow God 's councils and teachings and laws we would bolster ratings of the kingdom in the sense of moving the lifestyle of the kingdom of heaven when we if we humbly did that and the Bible says a legal cross that road Proverbs four eighteen at that the path of the justice is a shining light in Sizemore more than what perfect they never do plus you get to the fire the higher you get a vanish because you get the prize that have to you are nothing USSR than nothing I persecuted on to say there is when you post the heart of Christ it is it just overwhelms you when you think of that relationship with Christ in his spirit and God 's love is just marvelous and that's the way should be the how many read the Bible how they released that Bible nominees so what happens they go off on these detours as you see on the diagram and that's why the second purpose of Scripture is what reproof and write-down problems one twenty three where the Bible says turn you on my reproof and I will let poor out my spirit upon you and make my words known unto you because that proverb says we pushed our way of life and I know a lot of college-age and young people they don't ever want to be reproved that all don't tell me what to do but come it would be best but will let it zero something wrong when you develop that prideful spirit maybe it's because of the combativeness of the family with mother and father I don't doesn't matter that you become a Christian you want God to teach you so you say reprove the hotel is there a lot the findings on Iraq correctly and if you parents say that to your kid if I do wrong I'm to be disciplined I'm to be corrected just like you how many parents say that it is this is the way of God in the dad makes a mistake you should be reprimanded or confessed his sin through and that's how I look at it as a father and so is legal in our Bible discussions Bible studies our family reproof is a very real thing I will say to get the time is live and I include my life Tuesday month but how my house mom and dad doing we had a tough day yesterday so they went wrong what did I do wrong and I is asked the question they'll tell you and that's where accounts that's where you really become a real Christian and it is wrong what should you do make it right apologize estrogen is needy of God to invest how this works together if you understand how the Bible works suddenly the light goes on in God since the power of the Spirit in the family and that's what begins to make the family spiritual reproofs our way of life and if you're humbled be changed in this wise dad has been the letter asked where we become real Christians in the home missionary work begins in the home as we study the Bible and that's why you turn a darker truth was the fourth or third purpose of Scripture correction and the Bible says in Proverbs three twelve for whom the Lord Levitt he was now read Hebrews chapter twelve I told my conversion that is the real heartbreaking screens for me but I come to realize that even God corrects us the Hebrews twelve yes why is such an important thing but when you come back up then this is not correct and likes thanking type that this is to correct the direction of our life begins that's the legal steps into sin Doctor the steps to get out of sin and then he takes up to the fourth purpose of Scripture it is what if you are training in righteousness I like to run I run twenty miles leave and that's really crazy woman is a biblical run for eight mile nothing let's go if I walked up the music is go for a five mile run is able to give me three months to get ready to the differences training and that's what it was all about in the family and God wants us to have projects activities and look at this on the Sabbath if we really are keeping the Sabbath a delight and we ought to have activities or projects or insights are things to do that build spiritual sickness of our fingerling can you imagine spending the day with Christ and not being changed and that's why I said I scratch my head as a parent with what's going on in our churches defendant below honest with you real out on the top is appear okay I'll be a little closer I done to so many times that it is out of my love I'll talk to below six would you tell me about the most favorite Sabbath you have price where you feel the closest of Christ on Sabbath when you do know most of the people are talking about things well I like to be alone with him made but what you what you're looking at is their eyes you're looking at their face to see if all you have said that I'll tell you what I love on set and watch them like a but if it's a deadpan and there well I don't know he almost my status I'm so tired I can do too much and I I honestly haven't thought you folks were losing it with our young people because so many times we have no joy in the seventh giving those having to sing for joy just to have a little singing dancing inaugural times we start together no we want to sing because we want expressly joined the home we have for Christ giving the Angels of heaven came near him there they are happy with the Lord this is your Sabbath and I didn't reason some and then we ran out of time but God answers more prayers on Sabbath done any other day of the week and if you don't get excited over things like this it just breaks my heart because we need to realize that our answer for this we ought a life you save law I don't have discussed excited with Christ I I am drawn to do this and I like to follow Christ when he does that where is our extension of Christ in the penultimate pastors had on when I talked with groups around the church in every I know as I listen let my past early years sometimes our groups come together on Sabbath and you never hear the name of Christ discuss and yet girls that you were on a date with your love of your life and not Mary would you use his name and sellers if you are with a girl you love and were not married would you use their name you know what I'm saying here when you're in love your affectionate your expressive I mean my kids whenever they finally got this love bug or whatever you call it the other testosterone or whatever losing their life as you notice when it in my talk on the phone before from the argument they spent three hours talking three hours talking about what it that the spirit if we had a spiritual Sabbath there is something happens we've lit up we become and what I call it in whose views he has them is something that is an infectious disease were in love with Christ and Mike tell everybody about the one we love and we start talking about Christ on Sabbath because of the spiritual we stand with the love rumor hard so that's when talking about so this whole Internet when you turn the page below this pays that the fee is for you to do it home alive challenge you to do this if you got a business seminars the last year how you doing and your spiritual life in the know have other categories of finance and your socialite all these things and there's a principle here in the areas that you do well you have a lot of satisfaction and fulfillment right what if you score low what is the showing a low score value this is one of levels of your highest frustration nothing in principle from the children of light and bring it down to us in the church where you hear all this survey step or how you feel about your spiritual life and loaded with that white voters rightly find it very good about it but that doesn't make sense when it comes the Sabbath keeping by the way what's the difference be between Saturday keeping and seventy think about that for men will come back to it but when you look down this list the iBook in a down when you look at your real spiritual life of private devotions Bible study altar for a family altered of prayer and witnessing is your walk match your talk you know about spiritual things by those are just out five areas there but there's another thirteen areas download this on the Sabbath but if we broke it down would you honestly go home and look at your lifestyle and how you feel in your conducting your life on the Sabbath from sunset evening dress early morning hours afternoon church all of ethnic and religious out in divided by eighteen or divide by thirty ninety one on which I want to enhancer and see what how you come up on the satisfaction score seems you really satisfied with the life you're living on the Sabbath to be real honest about it so guys I challenge you men to do this and look at yourself because I normally bring people into the church when there is Saturday keep us unbelievers they come in a meat had been drawn fire for Christ in an evangelistic series and they learned about the Sabbath what happens the same forty two for twenty four hours I think we got it sure oblivion only mow the lawn and we would like to easily go to the movies or to let go shopping or something like that what did you do last year the church and they learned about sunset the sunset when he do for this whole time and others the validity of our money out as likely activities but that is called a sin we overworked and do that I think we should month in a while I think that but the reality is what has our Sabbath keeping become Saturday keeping is like Sunday and I'm just making an appeal job speaking very honest like I would do my family I'm I got several my family all the time Marianne will Verizon TJ I want no other worship in their home keeping this talk to my son that way just you know being open communicating how is it going my daughter-in-law the licensee that my son married again do I see first retreat she told me this recently when I was talking about the Sabbath outgoing and your family and your home now Nancy says a dad I learned one thing the Sabbath like a gauge I can gauge my spiritual life that I keep the Sabbath I said I know that's a beautiful inside business as she is beginning to really get a handle on this how you plan your Saturday is an indicator of how you're really walk with Christ through the holy weird counsel not to sleep the wide-awake in our spiritual experiences up that's why he comes exciting since please work on this with all your heart here something look at now that's so you can study through this basis the ideas of explanatory nonlogical reception three which is really the sermon for today seminar to say too much about this because I'm an ad at the bottom of the bed is in the sermon loving that insight but in the very bottom of this page twenty define where you


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