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Your Personal Sabbath Legacy

Dave Bostrom



  • June 16, 2007
    6:00 PM
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this is why it really inspires the heart there is something I don't know I had a time for Miramax in the primary my wife in a one room apartment there for the room apartment near the general conference and we attacked twenty kids in the one room on Friday night just sit there and give testimony praise God I don't know if he is the more we have list price is a fusion of power and comes in and I believe we are living too much unless your Christian life one older folks are older generation was a lot tired and I raise my family and we don't invite anybody over anymore and anymore by our peer group will write about the whole people of one of the greatest thing other than later is that your people getting together with young people that you have been a fireworks do that you bring the oldest of the church and young visitors together you will have exciting Sabbath guarantee I'll talk about that with the Windows Vista where when how I think we build a legacy I traced back to my own heart of hearts that the principle to Deuteronomy chapter six this Old Testament it is how God was inspecting the people to keep the Sabbath as you read this it says and you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart remember there is a setting again yet it has to be spiritual has to your heart all of these things that you go through description hearing about it the words are very familiar to you it's when you talk to your children when you teach your children you write that you sit down I know this whole experience here lost everything through night and day when you go outside it's written on the door posted all around the yard is all around the house it reminders visually him hauntingly in everything yourself I just seemed like the way God said to remember is don't forget on the word forget their God stimulates our mind and our heart not to forget by reminding us with all kinds of sights and sounds around us in FY in this passage Scripture they were talking walk and teach you right and look is all the way through it and I just was simple enough in my non-Christian bringing when I became a Christian of course I became instant but it increases their evangelist Moody light on the new one over a million people the price likely Billy Graham of our day back at that he would say this your walk talks in Utah law the new law talks farther than your top blocks south except Ms. do something get up and do something to get top and I will ask wonderful you know what the do something about it and what God wanted the parents to do is show your children and your children talk about it as you go walking chercher all these things is such a common experience will be silent bring it out in the open and so from these experiences I've been rediscovering human rights and in their discovery will make the spiritual physical this is how you build a legacy to me second everything we do is make the spiritual audible audible and discovery number three with a very simple make the spiritual visible now this is not earthshaking discoveries some of the filming of that very thing the book of revelations about the coming of Christ is going to be physical on visible there is no secret coming of Christ amen what and why do we want to make it so spiritual now what I make a lot of both physical and visible right now and that's what in my humble little experience of my life I have fun with my kids doing these things that I think about something spiritual I'm not a lecture them about the spiritual things is an is unthinkable now how can we do something to make it real they give you a little illustration those be married in our family we have got them on the sun a lot easier today and Graham graduated by the way I want to thank the good news publicly again behind the bother felt a visit back to the grandparents of the AJ Knutson wonderful Christian family there the other all medical and teachers all this type of stuff but I don't think the economy married today I have a suspicion on that begun with overwrite of the DJ honors his grandparents so much I think you listen to them because the full Nevada Velma said TJ dog he's a giver ago and he listened his grandparents and deliver a blessing thank you Bob felt so how would you like to stand up so we can honor you your very special to our family and got him sacked I plagiarize something that they did borrow from everybody got that idea and they used to be in Washington resume Mary Hughes family seminars to raise retirement Fraser was the name of their seminar I asked permission ideas and trade hearing your side of three that's where I got them from their ministries thank you that history is very close relationship the .net story last month of the American people and they were good people but that's on the story a living room him for slipping my mind here the guy you want is that it is something that is the same as now as it do enough to come back to my familiar anyway you in this relationship here to make things real I don't know what it is that in my experience I I just have to go I know that is getting ready to talk about when the new one is married into our family is thinking them from drinking he didn't bring my daughter about to the question principles families are involved in the families that is very special but we wanted to help TJ as I've prayed about it and Elizabeth phase of the part of my family as much as our kids are other family where family together we honor them just like the children in this and not and so I was thinking with the Sabbath when they all come back in Nauru to be more like older folks with the pig is coming back home seventeen -year-old blessed Lord what can I do to be special on Sabbath and Isaiah 's Crane swing of things these are trained by the flood to do it is the idea that comes from God to start with is a you avoid a lot of things and the other people than the mix things up that's much harder but I think about this and we will now come back in this head and suddenly it dawned on me because of something to the family of anti- this have a Sabbath these gives all of Mediterranean food so will have a Sabbath were clean will be like an Old Testament New Testament Old Testament times on the floor around table and we will have this thread know if you know what when a caller soon all these specialty Tyson Foods of what we did while they were gone I buy the afternoon activity my wife and the curtains closing off of them removed all the furniture out and had a fire going in the fireplace going to get him him they saw the strange change the place here all the lights are going out the Sabbath sunset with around one thirty and so we are enough for Buckley gathered as I recall or for the reasonable under and so here is all of my City Hall election and candles are lit living in the world have been and will talk about this in a minute here but a nice setting we needed like a New Testament church we all sat on the floor with pillows all around player without a review notice about and Ms. Lynn a setting of we welcome Sabbath and we seeing your testimonies do different things they get very special lighting the candles and then we had a Bible study know what it was like the New Testament time they were at persecution what would keep them faithful to Christ we all are uncertain already by the Scripture and we discussed the and then I said there but it was finished is ineligible to bed early tonight my wife loved that one Jesus really that person is so all moaned and groaned as they all went to bed like that about seven thirty seven percent of a Mafia like that has been Friday night had the fever together early in the morning one seven four thirty as far firstly concern of the most priceless times in the early morning hours have learned in our prayer time together that early morning hour family had my time alone to pray with God we ought to pray for each other in the family this made a difference that the starting early morning for the morning pray that I can't not see an idea will come to become the precious memory nobody forgets that it is a traitor because the new ones in the family of begin experience things we did on seventh I think the Lord we do that for some line in our daughter-in-law so what I find out here this is how we say love in the family is not never forget that Jesus said if you love me keep my what it is not wrong to keep the Sabbath holy if we do that out of a genuine heart of love heeding God 's Sabbath that will be honored by Christ amen I don't let anybody say to me you can keep the Sabbath I know all the principles under him by faith and levels of work nonetheless you still doing and God allows us and give us the grace and the power the Holy Spirit to do it but what I like is the next verse of Scripture how does Jesus say I love you I think this up somewhere this is even have my canalis and even then it is them up at me and his eleventh need to be loved of my father and I will love him and manifest myself to him Jesus says if we love him and keep the Commandments I will love him and manifest myself so if we do love the commandment to love Christ crisis cost to demonstrate a visible awareness of Christ in the family and manifested himself and our family and that the knee excites me as a father and husband I want my wife to see Christ in the family my children see Christ is that this is how it is a very real to me in FY when you apply the principle down here at bottom of page related to keep the Commandments through the music even before you just Deuteronomy six is visibly reminding you of the way why is that we have like does more of the node of the Arkansas or whether Alabama why is it that the lawyer was offended anyone by that that great monument way to demonstrate in the rotunda there there are very municipal building as he was offended and one thing only things are on the just and the mammoth what is the command that offended him I don't know that that's why he reacted offended because he saw God 's commandments well that's too bad my people are offended in my opinion this is what God wants us to do is display physically the things that make the spiritual real it doesn't happen like that want to go to the next page these of the big four areas and illustrate each one of these now as related as that by the way I've got to do one thing so that you may say why no game if I can do this and how many have been baptized as you beautiful praise the Lord did not do anything in your baptism that you don't know about additive you have studied the Bible about spiritual gifts are your worst virtual gifts right are you aware of spiritual fruits what are the fruits of the spirit is if you have the spirit then you love the foods of character right love joy patient the mostly what are the gifts of the spirit for witnessing service pastor teacher evangelist administrator of the them say there are twenty two twenty six yes they relate to hospitality mercy giving always say Delaware born again by the Spirit we begin to manifest the Christlike character and we began to exercise our spiritual gift of something you have one motivational gift for many I think if they can come into play in your life I won't get into that but often innocent and if you ever got yourself into I I can't do this type of thing that makes a beautiful satellite plan I can create please don't do that because Paul said Timothy Spira the gift is within you now I put the baby in here and overboard and I also put a little salt in your again year the weather salt of the earth and as I began to stir this I make seen this song out we'll see what happens here every time I've done this in the last several several months a new slogan right to the is to have this science where is it now and is not greater than that was the difference now nothing really is changed and installed within your gate was in there the water was in there but it was on the bottom what's the difference and has a lot of times I'm just being on just how can you like a dad with his mother this will never change in our family and as we spirit of we have got to know what stirs up the Holy Spirit in our life if there is already gifted you you have the ability to be creative you have you deleted scene to get strange ideas God is greater for the blessings on you all you do is get on your knees as a board what he wanted to start during sex ed you know there are and you don't you don't have to do anything what happens the Holy Spirit starts what this Internet business like that in the storms of life and the birds weren't for the thermals of life these beautiful birds like the bald Eagle Golden Eagle you know a struggling like this would happen they just follow the thermometer a little bit like the Condor the resulting in the zoo the other day the twenty thousand feet identify twenty thousand feet but they can because they happily what can we do a Sabbath keepers if we just let the Holy Spirit and stir us up a little bit and human while you say in your heart you know I'm going to plan a spiritual Sabbath so this is the type of thing that we did on the show you this because the legacy I think there's four things that a legacy of the spirit is not a surprise visit in saying this the legacy of the spirit and assembled that came to me right here because on our doorstep in Chowchilla family I too love the Sabbath brother Fred Showalter we heard a knock on our door and we went to the door and opened it and there was nobody there but there was that beautiful candelabra and carry with us today because they were the first ones I had we had candles and do differently this is the seven branched candelabra and is a symbol of the Holy Spirit bike and heavenly sanctuary the light always burning in the century right silly like long before there was ever gasping the Jews lit candles there is symbolic in the sanctuary the seven branched candlestick in this symbol of perfection the symbol here is a beautiful thing like you said is a symbol of the spirit in the church if you're in the spirit we really are ready to welcome Sabbath dinner close out of NY the candle there is enjoy the light because you ready for some and what you're not up on your down on solicitor use third and your readiness data the Holy Spirit is ready to press from the beginning and makes a difference is that became a symbol of lessor lighting different types of candles that in the sensibility is honoring the presence of the Holy Spirit to us and they thinking makes the spiritual real when we would go through the dance on the hope that something here that in this film here because to me you can do a Bible study on the Holy Spirit something Sabbath with your family by elder Schuller gave a wonderful Bible study in the past on the Mac you have their new outline to the drawing of the spirit the receiving of the Spirit indwelling of the Spirit is what you want to move on to pastor baptism the Holy Spirit were luckily day by day is one of a real feeling of the Holy Spirit were you baptized in the power the spirit is slowing on your life in abundant measure Vaseline even before that's over going for this Pentecostal type of revival for a series coming up operation global rain but that isn't as setting that we start working for the foods asparagus is fair enough I have a word in your is busy as he has been enthusiasm for the wording of the awesome meeting and meaning in God that you really and that God you are excited or turned on or enthusiastic about things that are spiritual and so I do try to make this real life thing and as I opened the box I went to the Derek picture of life if the holders you mean you in your spiritual life you should never picture of why now this is Silver Star a little root of nominating is about three thousand one four thousand feet in your house and the provided timely will do a year planning camera five-year planning were asking God to make plans for the future and with beauty lay down or picked up as God will strike is the spirit of prophecy says and so the family we had done since Virgil Van sighed as he swung the news and special presentations we hiked up to the mountain and on this particular Sabbath he shared what we learn from the Scripture he joined the family teaching the family and we made a covenant with God and the maiden had prayers and dedication and the Lord of Presley I happened to see this somewhere but you can have bugs they take the picture in we decided to make American this is a picture of their plans that were spiritual as all the kids were given a month on another Sabbath to remember the covenant that they made it on this mouth and Marianne type near a couple months ago so that you know when I set a five-year plans this is the year two thousand and two all those plans come to pass all of even the husband here and is there cheated they put all the kids violently talk to them special status and the most times we talked about our covenants the vines and on the hills or mountains of days and then spiritual things but it becomes something physically real we made those commitments will get on top of Mount Whitney we have one going here in fifteen years recently it seemed that we gave our heart that will elevator but that's the picture of life itself when you do certain things to illustrate your spiritual why did you give a picture of life in the spirit and Lacey got answering prayers to become the legacy is what I'm saying to you and they can deny it it is visible proof of the family where one of your kids or family members or whatever even in the church they may not have an experience but they cannot diet than either somebody else had experience in a no vertically when they compared notes of I was afraid if I want to study the Bible to follow through I would have the same experience because I'm a creationist and not an evolution I believe the word of God you plan it in the end you harvest when you plan catch but I think so this is how we would show me how you build a legacy the secondary legacy of wisdom or truth and that the name that I asked my kids I talk about it we still do it with our seventeen -year-old we have an early morning wisdom searched before we have breakfast before they got the school before anything the first thing we do is study the Scriptures and a Google passes out right now that you gave again your help this is the from the seminar basics like this either we picked up one time in the past you can also have special cards that they do happen they have said Lozier tonight noticed the post is sponsored by the parties on this but if you know there is forty nine character qualities on your page on these cards in my truthfulness or any future trust by accurately boarding pass fax in every character string has a character witness was the opposite of truthfulness or deception okay and in our wisdom searches we him of the Proverbs the study these very qualities only while feeling very good price so or if we're doing any other Bible study we are admitting they can study for themselves what they want to study so whenever really young and ignited in the study as they get older they may choose the subjects that we may have a song a little devotional scripture and prayer but remember the outline I gave you of this note the streets and the purpose of the Scriptures what for teaching the doctrine reproof correction and for what inevitably before the first thing you do when you study anything so they can say is going on you actually got a moving source it was something about jewelry or what what about our diet or the friends that we have or what is the world or what whatever their questions are seemingly start thinking you don't shut them down yes a no no no no no holidays to input a hammer on their head no using this study and that's fine I would thought since about and you open the door to their thinking and why not run the risk and that the Holy Spirit teach them and that's why if you do not have a Bible study time it doesn't have to be in the morning this is the best time to do it and you don't pray and remind us that in the morning very seldom gets done but none the less I just say we cannot have only devotional studies where we have learned that religion by some but somebody else wrote all of us all of us young adult need to study the VI VLC because as the basic instructions before leaving Earth and we need to study the Bible in its study to show yourself approved unto not mom and dad not grandma and grandpa or not your peer group or your teacher him show yourself approved the God in the preview near what I'm really saying your this is what wisdom is in a family and one urologist then take these digging for the truth getting medicine pearls and gold whatever data grown Silver and that he and your study time after about a half-hour to forty five minutes everybody shares something they learned from their own Bible study and everybody inspires everybody else sometimes they don't I never noticed before this standard is not I remember Marianna to study the word in the Bible on abomination she was attracted to him about your sister doing it right now what is a bum about abominable to God at home and they got that picture out that it is of the late again something else going to put together for the use of later another things and making college classes in our Academy class of it against part of their term papers even death is really exciting to see them grow and mature and easy that wisdom searches means you then and in the old discussions and more you always open to discuss things without pressure cooking and tapping them down to where they can discuss and disagree one day nice things I love about the ancestors of the early pioneers of Adventism when you get out of those barns and they would discuss things and nobody could agree within it all go to prayer or Ellen White would have a vision and then they would see the harmony of God 's word remember that look from the Adventist believers together for the same thing is true for a family the studies together if you really studying insertion probe and ask questions that opened this in my protecting the individuality of the person then brings a powerful system to that family and they go out same legal study everything that God says about it him you begin the same God says this is business our opinion then should be in harmony with what God says and what a difference there is in your long heart of hearts when you realize I know what God has said about this and we had a spirit of prophecy the back all data and death like his if you live in study for themselves they will realize exactly what the truth is that one has to so many questions after they do that that's why we also have a page fifty three given a fifty three the data they collect a lot of mottos saying that's why we just were drawn into this because we had a way of wanting to make the spiritual physically real and so I came the wisdom we have a lot of things like this go down that list when it was rainy season I heard a sermon by a rest again up at the University get ready ready ready to fill I said for the defendant even either the David Carthage and his family held her narcissism they would say that given my good nights sleep I wake up bright morning light he was right with all your might that was so impressive that he will be of little kids we decided to put this on a scene on a pillow like this I just found this the other day when the cleaning hard drive it was so fun to do this in the project in our vacation Bible school and that they needed more special of the highlight E but the always limited to glands they were talking about these things just like you can is never right to do wrong is never wrong to do right you can go wrong going right and that was Jack Kyle the pastor said that Baptist Church then the dating front is that the always sure you are right then going or Doctor Laura signed up for radio broadcast any longer him the right thing identity some beautiful things you look at all my spare grandfather worldwide and in and will not be bought or sold minimum initial muscles are true and honest men and women not here to Boston bias right name and so I just beautiful insights here these are the we would drill this out of life experience these mottos in your life discipline says to teach wisdom in the home itself the name when you teach a legacy of wisdom and truth in the family from Bible study then it is because the picture of what is right and that's a wonderful legacy wonderful legacy to leave you get the third one is legacy of memories legacy and memories and the all have to say that is in the setting here that we have a lot of lot of heartfelt phrases and want to listen very carefully this because of his stardom only began to have children because we wanted to die I went on a trip with Doctor Rojas and promote the creation accident or design Europe Yellowstone National Park or jump on the fossil forest with no command and we couldn't open the cliffs as a leader in the day we invaded a fast date and end dates only the story and his family were the adopted a daughter and they celebrated the adoption of the daughter and they are the daughter also have spiritual birth birthdays that she had two birthdays and their daughter I think this means Carolyn came to dance and have come sister has two birthdays may only have one in eight tried to explain your willing viewers you are expected but she was selected and when we went all this is not the same thing our spiritual life will always not divinely we also had to bring David Donovan why not celebrate spiritual birthdays and then I have this hard ridges and I mentioned the sermon today after he came back to the church as talking on the yelling in the Hollinger to stories and book your any saving pastor might be a new experience he always said everything anyway when they deliberately find anything here I've never written a song for you happy birthday to you only one will not do born again means salvation if you have been baptized we hope you have to or if you are bad or black you have to think to the pointless virtual birthday word in a cell of a spiritual birthday and not as a pastor I can tell you that most people to live under baptism loopback type on I know that that of my wasn't on and I can't believe the people who don't remember if I tell me when you are married what is it in life what was your merry wedding like and like always giving we should forget our anniversary some men do when they pay a terrible price in any type all of a sudden our kids know about more about their birthdays and baptisms then they themselves know because so many around the churches and there are the family from all that through different perspectives of told different things they saw going on the baptism why they were baptized how they got there their convictions and their beliefs and their experiences that seems in the blue was there and all that is bigger than and every year we celebrate that with a special the talk about the baptism and we asked those questions again when you think the Holy Spirit may give you that I store your experience again what you love Christ then and you know the thing you talk about you don't forget to hear me carefully when we put aside the state so important in marriage baptism really doing what I'm really doing and I'll have to tell you it is a very heart-wrenching experience because the growth of the home they realized I can have the spiritual birthday I can live forever and they begin to see the bigger picture unfold and when they see this this becomes a treasure chest in the family because they want to be baptized I remember those experiences that they follow any know what it was like when they were baptized because we've talk so much about to become the prices experience and you begin to celebrate spiritual we shouldn't have mom and dad remember this experience is a trade this led us down to what after baptism what you do because this is building a big picture of how God is working in the history of your family and in your life that's the big box the picture of history and I put it on our heart to have a spiritual treasures just enough of this is here this is my first born daughter Debbie she's holding she chose to have the same type of music by me the first line to the Maryann Joses and got a box and this is it and this is one that was more seriously felt that they needed to have a spiritual experience where they themselves memorize the Bible chapter of the Bible and could preach a sermon from a fully understanding the Scripture a bar mitzvah mortgages experienced than it had the best she could you had forty nine dragonflies they memorized and WordPerfect and can stand and then what we did they can bring their spiritual guests there and this is their time to stand up and witness not only from their baptism but now is the more mature is our most young adult that this is their belief and the amount of reward for that one I give people things mother alive by flower for many and we gave large get the money if they were willing to stand up for Christ and do the research preparation invited their spiritual friends as a leader couple of older couples of people and friends and then those friends were there they configured employees make with them what's hospitality what's truthfulness of what is known of responsibility in the knitting life situations levels character qualities would you apply to this emergency in your life and the kids would have answered that but then afterwards when they really did this we gave them a spiritual trader just because after they then have the traitor just that they continue to honor Christ mom and dad will start but special gifts in here honor their faithfulness to God why not they also know that if they never do anything to stand for truth out boxes into the empty that's what I felt and I think this is where your inheritances and very special things can come in and honor the kids for being faithful to Christ I'm not talking about the church but the whole business of all of Christ truth and the state and they know that they begin to drift away and that that box will be empty of essence my heart is the father I want them to be saved in the kingdom I want to have the riches and the traders of Christ that Mister Jardine spirited trader just that with all because we are moving in this era how to make the spirit physical and audible and visible so these stories like Samuel when he was called fast and pray for Israel and in a lightning storm destroyed and Philistines remember the army was destroyed and then he he said you build a monument and here is our Ebenezer fitted to the Lord let us protect and see Ebenezer is in the papers stolen or whatever but that song is here I live and new user is so we would start doing a lot of things to make a memory I had kids Terry Roxette on top of the hill to build an altar why should Abraham to Gilliland buildup alters why don't we do it alter living sacrifice in the sense of getting a sacrifice to God and make a covenant with him in fact out thirty one right here is my story referred earlier we redoing a backpack on the John your trail and was a set of Group of Seven was hiking the dumbbell in our party was intimate with about another six hikers enjoy and then make her sorry ass met them there at the base of forced repass but even when we all have together about thirteen of us we did a special devotional study now this is my heart of the father okay so we had a study on this where one desires of your heart would you like to give to God we get to the mountain top of Mount Whitney will you like to give God young John Merced when you're in the high seers you breathe the air that angels breathe beautiful anyway inspirational to me by so because all Rhode Island paper a special bank of the golden altar on the summit of Mount Whitney and there have a special prayer time and give the desire of our heart to God thus I know having been there that those are memories that you never forget you are just San Jacinto you never forget that night okay let anyway we had long sickness come in I had to take part of our back down off the mountain I was heartbroken that I think is in no I send this on ahead with one of the hikers is only gotten on the builder altar and they had their things in the present of the Lord is at that time at the right time all of a sudden stone Hartford Doctor is polished semi gemstone in the shape of a heart and all of them were given this Ebenezer in the Alban prayed to God I don't know all that happened all I know that I was down there in the motel room and Whitney looking at the summit of Mount Whitney with about three girls in Iraq following method a run of some of that they were giving their heart in the room the God they knew they could attend the summit if they were felt better the defendant was a saintly spiritual experience they wanted to give God your best and where I see these girls and boys I noticed their rocks are always set up a very special place because of the memory with God on a mountaintop why all the mountaintops of Scripture is because every mountaintop symbolizes either dedication time or a sacrificial time like a remote event in the sun or Christ giving all for our salvation the summits are very important description to which I can make those Ebenezer experiences become real in our family and I think to me they deformed this living history we also found by concentrating on spiritual names I learned this from some other people in the church make it when yes that I just had a graduation present students I did there productive meeting of their spiritual names taking the history of their name and so forth bipolar poster this is the one my friend done this for our family was what inspired me that we can deliver claim is that right and so that's the type of thing that was happening of so all the way through young in the stimulus dedication of your homes and your automobile is in your boats having why not dedicate everything we have in the back to God and dedicated to his use and there is something from then on this different about the way you treat everything because your steward of God belongs to him and you teach the kids that live this way with these memories that everything from the home to the car is given to God and you relate differently to it emotionally and you honor God all things is that the new picture history and your family that becomes a living legacy when the kids start coming back her relatives around what you think they talk about those memories my son came very close to losing it when his back yeast at a Leslie Mark God rallies for what he told me with some wealthy Adventist surfing but they start using call in things we believe is changing in some way a strong strapping six three athlete type of what is not acting right wing news in Iraq he called me though that time he said that one of those who are praying about some things and yes we had been and is at the same time that he said no I make a chain of Eli Willis got caught into this thing these step down came back and of any trace of that visit of the covenant we made on top of the mountain we carry these rocks of the smell and the traitors and families getting off to college and do some things and that's that covenant was so real to him it spoke to his heart when he was being drawn and the sin and so thankful to God didn't on Sunday we had the Ebenezer memorials we have as a family pizza living history that God is moving in our family so these are things that play into the Sabbath keeping and all that we do however you come down here the worship of any limit values are starting we learned as I said earlier making he seems real and visible I had a funeral in Chowchilla California the pastor and was buried in a very fine German gentleman and his eyes again are his three sons of force and sons they came back for the funeral there all grown adults and to my surprise afterwards we all were sitting down very godly family and the boys that I thought it had all been into war and into armies first where they are in the Russian army said where they were in the German army both wars they got caught and were prisoners of war spending four five six and seven years different years for different brothers and things and ice fields I asked him some questions I said how is it that you kept your faith in Christ you know if your answer was this back in about nineteen think about seventy about the needy two or three and brought a deeper conditioning because they set they can remember Friday night Sabbath worship in their home when mother would be cooking a special food to make it smell the bread the roles are in all of this lighting the candles and are singing at such that in their thinking as I still remember it was the singing and the fan around that worship time so this became something from their years of their noses in their eyes they remember the Sabbath writing or cured with them when they were in the prison camps kept her faith alive in the result the legacy of worship is just that as we worship on the Sabbath when the sun is setting as well we do and as the biggest night for celebration we were going and more the Jewish customs that the night of celebration the setting of the meal with a white tablecloth the candles and the beautiful setting and half past one of thing in the city not only that simultaneous to the detriment of one on that ability was first the pastor Doctor Moody Solomon Carolina conference in Spartanburg very prominent doctor but you invite over number of times in the large family gathering data have grandparents and grandchildren some guess sometimes sometimes twelve fifteen people the doctor that he was not many is it okay were going around the circle everybody to share one of three things either answer to prayer or something my praise God for OR something you've learned about God this week we were listening to everybody so you don't have to share but you're welcome Mister I never thought time and our whole family when they did share anyway and so is amazing you start with the little tyke everybody's listening to this little three -year-old I feel their merit as you is born as a result of my sabbatical year I didn't tell you about that story but we had the whole sabbatical year nineteen eighty and Marianne was conceived during that era brought more and the month after itself when they would ask you this tell the story over thankful for an answered prayer is sort needed a little one into the utilities I'm thankful for this are the always always said she is given a sabbatical baby and is in that setting that we always have when the sun is setting we will then sing Don will like the handle like this then we'll go round all have testimonies is likely to do less than your family very special and the more special those questions are hardly one facet asked them makes it very special that's the spirit moves on her heart and whatever happened during that week the spirit will glorify Christ and have bombed the family and you connect together in unity against in fact even nonbelievers when we do this they underwrite into a and a pick up on what were doing is a marvelous testimony for Christ that if I have singing testimonies new sharing we also again those are words of wisdom oftentimes have a treasure hunt with little goodies in house to give behavioral skill that they are looking for goodies and during the Sabbath day hours we often had we had some a different kind the jars make of my life and have the kids make them and draw them are behind the jars please use these during the Sabbath like daytime and were grizzly together and then give the Sabbath treat if they gave their testimony or recited scripture low-price tickets it's amazing when people get something how they respond but we adopt the Sabbath Georgia and has always been one of our hectic things and perhaps I shouldn't pass us by measurement of Bible background is because the parents of this is very special good appropriately learned his son Jerry Lee when they had kids I never realize how real beautiful it is but when you have your children and with her back you don't libel of the drinkers or hands they love the hounding the first of course is the nickel how did you like this and you roll the skin like the waves of an ocean or give a spray bottle of water and have no a sleigh and it's just great when they feel only when we animals going in the art whatever the more you can write on the back coded messages they just those have about lack of self the Sabbath is a timely all toys are put away all the things of the world of the way you know notebooks magazines they present just the things the Sabbath are done the Bible background seems to me in my list by the very good to talk to the kids love these on Friday night the immense church and all the other things the following but this makes than a picture of wonderful love that begins in July all through the Sabbath hours the life of faith and that's having a talk about these spiritual theme Sabbath which takes you into the realm of words we do things with Christ in a marvelous way what if I spend the Sabbath are witnessing and we move into that kind of the Sabbath of your notice each of us have a very special thanks I probably should talk about them and I do hold this type of a city to limit just say that I gave you this is that this is the original thing and organize need to make a legacy character first love plan and pray and plan for spiritual Sabbath and on this point here on page fifty don't discuss status shortly this was an elderly couple in a church we are back east the Nichols family Gerald Nichols they were in their nineties and invited my wife and I were we were just married young couple and we were so impressively came to their house they lie within by a young couple over and they then witnessed to us telling marvelous stories about God and that it had led in their life and then what really sets my wife is that how the wife and for all of her food before Sabbath and would talk about he prayed over salad freight over things and what information is gained to us of preparation for the Sabbath when we saw this delightful elderly couple that just may need in such a love for Christ we all walked out of there with young couple right we said we want to be like that we get old and we want to celebrate the Sabbath like you are and I don't know what is when I was brought into the Hawthorne church I can tell you right now what made the revival and neck surgeon that use group grow from just in the thirties hundred twenty five a where the oldest people of the church because they come up to you I remember one time I lost my cool and the foyer enviously but not really converted person at that time and I had a go at my dad sailors language you know I mean not that I anyway this dear little ladies you must did in her eighties in our church he came up to be easy give me this big hugs and that's okay Dave God still loves you and we're all praying for you and I see a MAI you heard me and in all that but Jan has setting they would counsel us get that's not right to do and you'll and eighty nine -year-old can say anything they want either God not having I may never ever leave but is the owner people they can left hand and love the view that there is no generation gap when you bring together on Sabbath is the most marvelous time to share and they older folks my back I know there's a lot of older people here in this church and they come here because they like the energy of these you know while there are seven yes this is a game that never can you envisage Jane they can energize and then when they see older folks really are consistent in their religion for Christ that the bonding that occurs and they give you are an adult is really in love of Christ they perceive that they can say I want to be like them I'm old especially if you're really old stuff I say that with respect so anyway thirdly no welcome your guests a sunset making over Christ coming in on my life so many times must make a place setting at our table nobody will sit there but this made for Christ's you want to have a strange feeling said a place setting for Jesus at your table and then you're all sitting there maybe five or six of you and you have a conversation with the Lord what do I guess the Lord them felt obligated galore to save you in advance of the quiet time of reflection though say anything the wine on makeover you've heard many groups of prey programs may now have an empty chair tray for somebody to fill in the they way their early morning prayer time that's one thing I enjoyed as a godlike prayer really number five find yourself in the house of the Lord I can talk more about this that we need in ability to say I believe it is not divided the way to go to the Winnebago Christian or gadabout antennas I think we should always be in God 's house on Sabbath because if you study the Scriptures through the data provided in the house the Lord our trees of righteousness and like someone said let's is an analog modern counseling godliness and ways interested in this he is scornful but is the life is in the law alone in his life emitted in my knee should be like a tree planted by the rivers of water in the house of God is called a house of prayer for all nations all people him house of prayer when your plan with the living water flow when you pray in the spirit and the spirit comes into you and your and got house on Sabbath you become a tree of righteousness is fighting it becomes range of precious treasure the frolic through family and teach them the trainer plane the chart added that not matter the church is what I see call doesn't I bring my he with me if you go to fill the church with light and love and need to be a thermostat what a difference there is that I think we should teach our children that makes a beautiful legacy of Mister Sabbath keeping them close to the heart of nature I mentioned on page thirty if you have an insight of what the heart of nature that love and your explanation I just know I think I need out in nature slowing down the Canadian secret I have discovered on nice though so inspiring number seven may Christ the first and the last in your life first the last of the Sabbath and so these are things that I think are very precious top were not in a study here in section six but I would really beg of you make this party or maybe planning process how say next Sabbath this one powerful sermon is in your own page of fifty nine the deceitfulness of sin I'll be memorized by all of us was a year you call garlic perfume all you want but it still stinks page fifty nine and you guys teach all of us in the family stop glorifying sin this turned the television off software clients if we have to see it and I would we need to see him artists in the backyard we don't need to see the front room and you see the closet we need not see the sunrise of sin we need to see the sunset police are thinking in the right patterns that you think is that they can download them see they get over them see the jails within my daughter Marianne what I felt was starting to get toward the place where she is drifting it may be on the scene the drugs that could be out there for I took her over to the hospital and where was outside of grants pass them but they never said that I forget name is now Medford Medford thank you and anyway I thought nurses there and they gave her a Georgia Saturday night to see one's life when they bring all these drug bust in and they bring these little babies in their born of two thirds of the brain missing our third of the brain this bill never became and all you have to do is see the ugliness of sin the wickedness and evil of it usually run from it and the Bible says Hayden and that's how you fix the lighting problem taken to the hospital and emergency wards and see the good bad there then you see and hear what sin is your loan Las Vegas level lights are shining in all you go to where the articles are ended up in that pigpen where everything stinks like send an is no difference in Las Vegas or the big because that was the start this is the that's if they call it by its right name and these are the things that you study this this can become very real good positive stuff for stating the Sabbath now one of begin to close with this with his pages in your sixty one sixty two because there's a false gospel coming in around our church I want to be very specific on this the old process him our law is people do the cross of Christ today the modern evangelicalism is saying the law has been nailed to crosses come to an end and the Old Testament dispensation of legalism living under the law is ended Jesus is our Sabbath from now on we look only to God God is only love and grace God is all about God he will complete everything we don't need to be feared I'm betting that one girl said the judgment is not about me it's all about God so distorted is this becoming this was never the way the Protestant preachers preach the word of God and Mike went with first X-rated Scriptures the highest service to which man it came to earth is to preach the law of God Wesley said priest ninety percent law and ten percent grace suited to a reverse the day there is nothing wrong in fact the Bible says I delighted I will all mama know that the whole purpose of Scripture is the delighting in any principle of God is not the law does something bad to us it just shows us what the purity of truth really is and we hide it within our hearts love God so these are things for your historical reference here and really build your faith don't be deceived by any gospel is coming along right now like the younger basics to do the law got into Samantha Calvary and no further invest the purpose of the leader persons of the cross of Christ if there is no grace if there is no law so as you move the sections seven and are seminar here when you think of prey you see really is going to center around how we as parents we as young people even children the family set our life in Christ 's letter the section in your diet with and where we can spend our time intimately with Christ and I pray you'll fit in perfectly carefully because to me this Halloween experience overtime really brings us to the plane where we love Christ during the week and if those prayer times and intimate times of the Lord again we are drawn to make our plans with the family for a beautiful Sabbath into me the Sabbath rightly demonstrated here with things like this will begin to give you a legacy I didn't refer to this this is a mentioned the family over deviled and health they came under connection and Brian designed this ten Commandments himself and have been manufactured and is a beautiful ten Commandments so we blew up in our home gives alms and I think that we should display logically so so but I like it is on page seventy right now the close I like you as you think about when we talk about having plenty of spiritual Sabbath in the Navy making of legacy of what it makes the Sabbath real what we can really do to reflect like the moon full moon experiencing Christ if there's one thing or a choice that you may or saw impression you had something you would like the planted a remember the principle if you plan the garden expected to grow what would you like to have God do in your own Sabbath worshiping now to make it a delight to something Holy Spirit is this is a good thing for you to do what you've always wanted to do it you just been confirmed today that I know I need to get on with this fixed what the what you do have a delightful Sabbath the encourage you to write something down here and that he might go home just for the Sabbath hymn of the later something more personal you can write a little message that God make a special but I like to do right now is have the DJ come up in life these candles and Marianne if he was play the song more about Jesus I would know where to sing a song in the earthly good I think every day and we had all try to make a big circle here because of you convey seventy one by Liz something you need to write some songs inure yourself about the Sabbath in the songbook we are family growth new words is the most songs like amazing grace and so forth that is real inspiring to express your own heart to know that a poem that you put that beautiful melody to you by and then make a Sabbath song for your family with your friends back activity one evening devotion where you all right at the moment and try to sing and the beautiful expression of love to God but it takes a seventy one you see the words here and invite us all to stand up and is gathered around the circle here is simply to do this evening we can we might be a little crowded than that soon assault on all guidelines is well is a you use your judgment is flawed make a big circle in the room here are going to call with one all hold hands by mail and another favorite to go down the aisle Aaron Crosby carries okay again Elian this office to get across the back and hold hands shoulder to shoulder heart-to-heart I will probably live in welcome you to come down and join okay this is a sing this song we get the yard chain connected were all together holding in would you like to really have a legacy of love to draw the family together like that things were moment together he is as here it is learned this day I was in the family has no no no event design and mall for me will go see the will is a day I will be in all that time is used in the fine word in your hands as here is that God needs to read all the will or the is will and that is and I will and of the father I is thank you everyone was willing to take the time to open their hearts the wording of your Holy Spirit him Lord you just blessed our family and many other families that have shared so many of these insights we want to rejoice beautiful gift of yourself I would like to pray Lord is his dear dear people of written something on the page they purpose to do more sense that they ought to do I pray he will bless in such a way that they will see more delight and joy in the seven hours I printed your help and the team more partner with someone so they won't be alone on the Sabbath the bill over the home of many young people are older folks are younger folks will come and join them but I just pray feel our Sabbath without fellowship it is just heavenly and with planning nor that it will be so enriching it when the Sabbath is over we won't be tired we will sense a deep abiding spiritual satisfaction great joy of the Lord we just pause now to thank you as we near the Sabbath hours in the sun the sun will set tonight for the precious data you given to us I thank you for being here in the hope Fellowship this campus but I thank you for all these precious people that made this church so beautiful with their smiles of spirit I pray Lord that the Sabbath keeping morbid trade so much so that in this area and many would quietly be led to give up doing the things on the Sabbath a displease you come back to the sacred holiness of Sabbath keeping I pray Lord bless the church to become a great lighthouse the life will enjoy more thank you for seminar today bless us all and may we all need on the sea of glass keeping the Sabbath the first Sabbath in heaven I pray in Jesus name


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