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3 - Dear Me -- Dear You

Glenn Coon
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Glenn Coon

Founder, ABCs of Prayer Crusades

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shall we pray there are large just made me a mail upon the long grasses securely in its place then from best things so common and so small hangup right picture by faith that men may cause and look upon the will of limits depicted there then passing on their weary ways in a geranium face may bear stamps so that I can marry face the image of God glory and by great blog that not one soul think of me or me me me him mail up on the wall holding a picture in its place and we thank you in Jesus name amen our topic at this hour is the seal of God we've entitled it near me there you what is the seal of God blessing of God is the field of law for first John four eight says me that love is not know if not God for God is love so let's seal of God is the field while as a young man as an evangelist I often presented in my evangelistic series of meetings the sale of God I also reported Isaiah of a chapter in the sixteenth birth White says why not go all bind up the testimony seal the law among my disciples and I tried to make clear to the people that I feel is a legal instrument which it is an illegal instrument gives the name of the authority and it names his so they and the territory over which he has little authority and I made clear that the only one of the ten Commandments that has this is the fourth amendment and it's right in the center of God 's love law so the commandment is God 's seal but I think that many times as I presented it I failed to make clear that since God is allowed in Islam Islam therefore his seal is on sale it's not just that you must know this are out no not at all he said if you love me keep my command God rejects any form of the medium that is not based on voluntary love anybody that goes through any form of obedience unless it's inspired by love it's rejected by the Lord because God 's law blog Islam Islam is that it is allowed and he cannot accept anything but loving obedience spontaneous loving obedience so the seal of God is the seal of law how is it placed on his children Ephesians chapter four verse thirty it says we are sealed by the Holy Spirit under the day of redemption the Holy Spirit has a gift the Holy Spirit has approved the Holy Spirit has many gifts the Holy Spirit has many fruits but the outstanding fruit of the Spirit is love the outstanding gift of the Spirit is love when the apostle Paul presented in first Corinthians chapters twelve thirteen and fourteen the guests of the spirit you'll remember that he placed the thirteenth chapter right in the middle forty four they want then divided into chapters but the thirteenth chapter auburn yet story of Paul says in effect if you have all the guests and you don't have love you nothing nothing at all so the prime gift of the Holy Spirit Islam the prime fruit of the Holy Spirit Islam and what Islam the thirteenth chapter first Corinthians tells us what love is love suffers long love is causing love endures all things think of it in your own with all things believe in all things love never fails lovesick is not her own what Islam that the love that the Holy Spirit seals off in is the most on the selfish afternoon that the human heart can possibly see love Allah unselfish capital holdings if husbands were unselfish if I were unselfish if they are teaching their children not outgrown obedience and love obedience my friends it's amazing what can happen for the marriage and the home throughout our country and other places in the world that Seo is well the Holy Spirit stamps for sale human art if the gift of the Holy Spirit it's up to the Holy Spirit Galatians five twenty two Doctor on this thread is allowed joy peace long-suffering and so on so using friends since no man can obey God except as he loves God what a tragedy it is for a professed Christian to try to get someone to obey God on the basis of Willingham number the same time telling you how I in the last session of telling how people were rejoicing because I was writing that needs all the rough my partner spoke one night on log on in the absolute and I've never heard such a sermon on love and the absolute in my life brother it was the most high pressuring thing I've ever heard Woody Guthrie said to me what did you think of that I said you gave love with vengeance you must not I is that law that is not love at all my friend is not what God will amount of talking to me several several hundreds of miles from here he told him experience and he was posting each other I was in a in a and a dance party one night and my wife was with me and he said I of course neither of us were Christians he said and the Holy Spirit came in my heart and about the twelve o'clock midnight I said Lord I give my life to you and then I remember that my wife was not Christian so so that his nova quickly to watch he was these that I sent your honey I just given my heart the Lord I will give you for two minutes to get your heart the Lord Wymore divorce you help out that he said at the end of forty minutes the eleven had not surrendered her heart of art so I could muster is that the field will is that the rules of the Holy Spirit now it's true that this is an exaggerated example but my friends all arms of mental pressure of belittling same payment on medium crossing instruction on it is all one of the mark of the beast principle the opposite often if the seal of God but the seal of the living God when my wife and I went to the West Indies sometime after remarriage I think the conclusion that by God 's grace I wanted men and women to be sealed with the love of Jesus Christ this simple law that responds to his allow this simple faith that receives his love I said Lord help me assure we had advanced fasting and prayer before the first series of evangelistic meeting I said now are hot hot you know I've I must explain to people why thousands upon thousands of people keep Sunday good earnest faithful loving with some Christians are Sunday paper when the Bible never tells us that the first day is sacred I must I must share your and I must also explain to them how it came about I must explain to them the marketplace I must explain to them that change will was soon to change God 's law so that men would keep the first day instead of the day God commanded I must know it but I said there Lord I don't want to do it with excluding the coming out as though I was better than anybody else article Sabbath keepers were better than Sunday keeping Christian and as I was with God and I reached out in agony asking the Lord to guide me the Lord came to my rescue really I remember the first time that I presented will change the Salma from the Bible Sabbath to Sunday the Lord you wanted me with his loving for I said something like this I think people there are thousands upon thousands of God Ernest faithful winsome Christian were keeping the first day of the week they thought they were keeping it out of response to Christ's resurrection but as they look to the Bible labeled flame anything the Bible indicates that that is how we celebrated resurrection and so they come in a safe hugging the change take place millions upon millions of blood wonderful Christians giving the first day when the Bible says it's the seventh book of the New Testament I said I will share with you this evening from the word of God in history what is that's responsible for the chain and then the Lord help me to modulate my voice and I said and friends I want to know this evening that got not one soul here tonight is in any way responsible for the day being changed from the Bible Sabbath the first thing I do want any of you to feel belittled in any way shape for men I want anybody here this evening to think that I am better than you are because I'm keeping the Bible Sabbath five chronic Jesus said if we do everything he tells us to new way to save ourselves what I'm an unprofitable Siebel we don't work our way to heaven amen by the deeds of the national quest be justified for by the law is the knowledge of sin the wages of sin is death and if I could they got home I looked like that I assume means that the wages of sin is death and I merit nothing but death except through Jesus so I said the eyewitness think they understood not even Christian is in any way shape or matter them all Ms. Christianity about any other denomination I said neither are you responsible neither are your parents responsible know if there is responsible but I said the Bible does say in Ezekiel that the minister of God should give God 's people approve and I must stand before the judgment seat of Christ at the last greatly eighties motorcycle were you so eager to please people that you wouldn't tell him what my word says and I said so this will and also from justice it is my duty to share the message of God a telegraph boy you know if he should say I'll only take good messages I don't want like I don't hear I don't care if you message a brief month on a funeral of an accident use it we can feel you you must carry the messages that are given to you so I must make God 's messenger boy but the one that carries the message is not to belittle people these enough to convince people he merely is the instrument of carrying the message so I went on rapidly pleading with God through the Holy Spirit and then I presented from Daniel a subchapter of the twenty fifth verse God said the rep power all right that would think himself able to change God 's law particularly that part had to do with the time and the only upon the ten Commandments it has been lit by the workmen I said now we'll turn will turn to Revelation the thirteenth chapter and will find their that at least seven to ten identification mark our good doing I spell it out when I'm a slide and I said now not only is this what the Bible says but this power itself actually most of the pipe that it saves the day from the Bible Sabbath for another day and it actually says that this is the Markowitz of Dorothy and then I went on a double level Jesus the wonderful gift of Calvary Jesus our Lord and Savior our maker our Creator came down past hour ozone systems on planet of the sin cursed world he surrendered to the most cruel suffering and then the second day on Calvary 's cross that he might purchase our salvation and so we say to enlarge the recital that I've known you about Idol the military from your throne and worship only you are not worshiping you are an infinite price of any human being I'm worshiping you because I love you your guide in my place you'll offered me salvation absolutely free of charge I'm not a baby to be saying no no no I'm saying that no honest growth allowed can obey God the only obedience is that which comes from the law of a new creature in Christ these I thought it best that I brought that sermon to close for my friends there are many many hundreds of people are to invite those who would like to take our stand to walk all the way with Jesus Christ to place the name on a little and five hundred and five people would never kept the seventh they all are lives placed their name on the cup my friends I've come to this conclusion will Christ constrain us because we've got if one died for all men were all that and they were transformed man should not know themselves and him that died for them and rose again the concentrating power the processing power is the power of the love of Jesus Christ note eleven note to thank God for such a long my wife and I had the privilege yesterday up taking lunch with one of our relatives we'd met this relative several years ago maybe ten or twelve years ago and we had a wonderful privilege of sitting at the table with this wonderful Christian man who began to keep God 's holy Sabbath the Bible Sabbath Thelma is a year ago or less and he told us experience through which he passed and you know what was one of the most outstanding factors and he is making his finalization to keep God 's holy day it was the reason I was in bed is heard a voice and the boy said in effect I am Jesus and I love you there's nothing that you've ever done we'll keep me from loving you I love you I love you reset a something that heard this voice I said was that I thought what he said no it was audible voice I love you Jesus was a I love you I love you I love you is a large although I have decided completely for you right now that you the field law man responding so completely that God 's love and simple childlike faith in God CO three and in his love where could a person find a better feeling than that produced you know what God can do in the human heart what Islam is received is almost unexplainable back to New York State Bar was born my mother told me the story of the funny woman and I saw the funny woman she lived about ten miles where we let and the story goes like this there was a young lady of their living ten miles from us on a hill called from Dale Crum Hill New York and she had fallen in love with a handsome young man he accorded her he would hurriedly proposed order and she said yes and when the glorious event was about to take place her sister will call her sister 's name Marie Marie was helping her to get ready for the wedding we had a wedding in this place forward sharing this night process was helping her to do the little arrows and get ready for the wedding and her sister went with the groom the balance of the not different ways of helping with all of our hardball or log and as Marie was helping Mary's they were just enjoying so much the pleasure of the and the anticipation of our sister entering upon this wonderful marriage and when the day of America right the young man amounts that he was married Marie Mary's heart marries hair turned white and overnight she became sick we have undermined with the range neighbors and friends would want to see after I heard about this awful event and they came back with a log in their growth we just saw the funding will there was no joking is no frivolity a broken heart different people go out there on business of the farm for this leader the other bad they would see this strange acting funny my mother said the lady with good prematurely by Nick Tucker said that her deathbed and they said that she was lying there the family gathered around and they remember that during those years or for several years during those years since her sister took her boyfriend there was never one complete there was no retaliation and now as she was there ill seconded that they noticed that her lips were moving and one group very near to hear what you say and do see a little smile curled on her face and as a reconstructive what she was saying they came to the conclusion that she was now dreaming that she was being courted by this young man and if they kept listening they recognize that she was now in her mind walking up the aisle the marriage of and then with a little Carlo Valletta they heard a request for also facing I do and she was gone when my mother told me that story what could you think about you have to think of that tragic event nineteen hundred years ago nearly two thousand as Jesus your Lord and Savior and mine hung on Calvary then realizing they belittle him the Lord who could snuff out their lives in a second in the ball endured it all and Hong Kong outbreak the bottom of the well that father forgive them they know not what they do and so popular that law that one of those days when men making fun and ridiculing and unappetizing him turn as far as he could turn his head and he beheld Loral loan personal he recalled some of the miracles that Jesus had performed you recall that they must not account right after the terrible trials of mockery the Lord needs it people return to have a babysitter and you allege all understand that this man has done one thing worth I deserve that I is a small I am sorry I but not this and then he cries out to Jesus moment would you please please remember me in any when you come in your thing and Jesus said yes sir you're going to be I'm promising you today you will be with me in paradise the dying thief rejoiced to see that common is they and their MAI will wirelessly wash all my sins friends forgiveness is a gift of a love of Jesus Christ it's free thirty one repentance is free thirty one the new history it's a gift of God Ezekiel thirty six twenty six and twenty seven obedience is the gift of God I would yet not I but Christ would've been the way to reach up in several favorites they love it I don't deserve any of it but Jesus does that all on Calvary I bring to you my choice I bring you my simple faith Lord I ask you to make me a new creature in Christ Jesus and give me your free salvation so we pray Lord I thank you this evening that we have this privilege without any human pressure the manually look up in the Sindelar lab and Savior Lord I love you you did not come and die for me with one thought to be blotted out the world thank you Lord that you love me thank you Lord that you bought my salvation it's free the victory is free the new three login Sepulveda Pass I believe I thank you that I am receiving through Jesus Christ my Lord did anyone coming this evening without that assurance and you're taken in simple childlike faith the night are those doing this program we are doing if so lift your head thank you dear Lord in Jesus precious name we don't receive e-mail when our credit for questions and answers before we do so let us claim the wisdom of the Lord is found in one of the promise of James one five zero large you said if any of you lack wisdom let him ask of God that giveth to all men liberally and operate if not it shall be given him ask in faith nothing wavering so we believe broad that you are granting us the wisdom for the particular problems that we have and we thank you for hearing us in Jesus name amen all right the first question first question gives quite a bit of background and it goes like this dear Professor Coon is my problem I have several sisters who live nearby there are so many problems connected with this but they are always fighting about something in the jealousy petty issues blown up I become so weary it's a case where one or the other one me to side with them and I aim to be neutral but not even that pleases them the feeling is that I'm not a hundred percent for them I'm totally against them whatever I do turns out wrong I find the growing discouragement within me whatever can I do if it were not that I want to point these sisters to Jesus I would give up completely I do feel like Moses though I love the Lord more than the him as well is that why I have failed this time save my family and eleven for what a laugh and show them peace the last your heart let me share with you all the text of Scripture and this quest that is so important it's found in Romans twelve twenty one it says it may not however evil but overcome evil with God that means that you immediately ask God to give you wisdom as though some solution so that you will have to talk about what they're talking if you say when you talk about some solutions that they suggest for three possible solutions the Holy Spirit name pressures from other but don't forget to use ABC's appraiser claim a promise for wisdom God has given to me with I believe you're getting me with thank you that I am receiving residency those of ABC's a prayer now the principle is instead of going on around the problem your granddaughter on a solution we had a little red book entitled the science of prayer in the back of this book we had a little certificate that the page is called I know something that Fellowship and it has unlock the enemy and a dedication the model is that I will honor every body first Peter two seventeen that I was speaking about no plan Titus three two and that I find that I disagree with someone I will go in alone and not shared with anybody else Matthew eighteen fifteen eighteen and Proverbs twenty five nine debate by cause neighborhoods him anonymously gripped another you might want to start something like this regard as a talk with these it is very important that you be very humble to say first Peter two seventy on only so you might start something like this maybe your sister 's record let's say there could you know something I just attended a series of meetings recently and I learned about off it that after cooling is passing out to people and if they can't deficit he said there certain texts of the October jot down so vivid a philosophy about life it says that we should honor everyone first Peter two seventy nine Gertrude you been doing that as I like the music is this anger could you have been doing it on my other sister has been doing is I have been doing it as like I'd like to and I wonder if you would forgive me when I have one I want everybody and Titus Mitchell says speaking of my long utilized with an evil evil people will forgive me Gertrude will forgive me will you see and I made a resolution that by God 's grace Gertrude Enrile by God 's grace and I know I'm not a car without a I shall see my lips against speed vote anybody it if it's a command I must admit I haven't been updating it as I should but by the grace to me and without each other and if I start to speak you have somebody you need me to remind me and if you start to I like you and them that doesn't mean that were Saturday against each other it merely means that the other would try to obey God you see by taking the home latitude by apologizing for what have you made a mistake this makes it easy I see you the next big thing you know I'm afraid that I apologize the last time I had at least in my probably little somebody will you forgive me the feeling of togetherness Jesus Dickey lost from speaking evil and here's a promised you say Gertrude training Philippians two thirteen it is God works in the most below and the new and God has impressed me that I must be done with this mean I'll pray for you amen by what do you do when the television has become the number one thing in your home my husband has left the church and watches television all the time my children yell at me when I turn it off please help all my that box so that the all right first of all let me give you several steps first of all you claim the promise like game one five this is a promise listed within it wisdom let him ask of God we need wisdom from God otherwise we don't bungle things right because the children of Hosmer on your state so we need less than we need to act we need diplomacy that the prospect now the Holy Spirit make Impressionism on the text but this is what is impressing me with is one way the second text would be Romans twelve twenty one able with God instead of always making this had gone insane I just don't like this CBS will that is overcoming evil of God that's overcoming in the yesterday instead of that text number three and this is extremely important it is first Peter chapter three and him really because friends this is so important this is just as much God 's word as any other command ever found in the Scripture and here is first reader chapter three this is for all white who has a nonbelieving husband business likewise ye wives be in subjection to your own husbands that they are made up that word vainly they also lay without the word or without a word belong by the conversation of the wife that the behavior not just for visiting but something else with it I get conversation couple of their heroes a wife whose husband is turning on the TV and the kids are doing the same and you are the one with all alone it says your conversation to be coupled with fear that there means a deep humility we might misrepresent the Lord think of what was going not be doubted regarding the wedding the handling of Goldberg number belt but let let me that is not a hot in that which is not corruptible even on-demand alumni and clients for what on me and one for which is in the sight of God all great price now Clinton is the apostle Peter writing lies whose husbands are not relevant in the Lord consequently probably the children are either using dioceses struggling against him with the children you see and the children now if I start seeing these children of my way into him him there will be no minimum release principal than nothing behind it all so not notice notice this is amazing talking a person whose husband is not in Christ in this manner in the time when it also trusted in God I'm going themselves being in subjection the husband here I ran in whose husbands are not an price like taking on unaudited up with wholesome now as you ask God to help you to be sweet and handsome remember this that US lateness and you have some myth January for the contract to come right the Bible to than any other words that you can you there's nothing that you can do there's nothing you can say that will affect so much now notice the next six this is what'll happen now as you take this very sweet when some delightful attitude this is what can happen Psalm twenty five verse nine that made will be guided Jonathan that he may well be each is way that means that as we follow you the children up on a white school website husband 's work unit on your knees before God and you say Lord you have promised that if I would be meet you guide me you've also said that they believe in life sanctifies the unbelieving husband asked the children unclean but now their claim so you'll told me that I think this makes weight with an attitude that you are saying my children now live and you can expect Proverbs twenty one him things are if you handle the large as the rivers of water the log turns out heart in any direction log you change my husband as he sees how me and sweet I am he will realize then you realize then that I'm not how to shop my weight around the apostle Paul says at that point this can happen while at their it says that men of the world see the reason why this man now is not being belittled by anything you say you're not taking issue with him is a anti- Seasonale of beautiful sweet disposition and the Holy Spirit and with our site you see what you're doing your way she's all alone here you and the kids are just raising havoc with our and she's so sweet she so kind she so winsome friends it will work it will work I'm thinking a man who put his wife through all kinds of persecution he delighted in delivering her she was a sweet meet with some soul made it out on a farm and in the summer they had prices around the old days when they remember that all prices are common of and when they sat down for the meal that you prepared the hospital in his mean that follicle way said men my lifestyle religion in particular food ha ha until my wife ask the blessing now she'll have to let say ha ha this written away very when suddenly bowed her head and ask God 's blessing on the site that could be found at every opportunity the head he belittle his wife she was sweet and winsome and cut that they went on for months and months and months one data writing together these of the horse horse and buggy days and if the writing together out in the country he turned to his wife he said one walk in this world is that causes you to be so kind so sweet so when some for me you never ever retaliated when I'm so mean I'm still coughing the presser was something like this honey I love you and I know that person wasn't received Jesus is not have the choice of the next world know what you have all the joy you can get in this war he said I want the kind of Christ that is made you what you are the man gave his heart to Jesus he became the object hour of that little church out there in the country I could do praise the Lord next question as you can you send it we are not to instruct any adult unless they ask but what about children shouldn't they be instructed or Forrester made to hear and do our will in spiritual matters isn't that our duty as parents yet yes but how how did you know that our favorite author has made the statement in that notebook education that even our commands to our children should be in the form of a request and what was that when we give a command without that's how it must always obey and is way to get them away one father I was okay and he said to his little boy you do this in the little one is that in the desert and I'm going to give you go I count them as a father doing he was taking that money could dissipate until it had gotten nine the rest say that Sonny Vergara and so to help you learn to obey Jesus yet the Lord obey me and so the always be a punishment but when we punish don't punish very much the slightest punishment is to a child as much as as as a hundred stripes to an adult there's many a person a lady told me some time ago as I was showing some is expected she said my little boy or girl which of those outside I called the little girl in and she didn't come she's I walked out I took the child family by the arm with my hand and I said coming she said that they does all the discipline my child is crumbled under it something that impression that they got and what no no no no no many kinds of punishment and the punishment should be always administered in love not losing our voices yesterday that the greatest thing we can move our children is example these are sweet and wholesome and prior call and make that they're going up twice in the car they ate the lamb had to say but rather because we love and obedience is the first law of discipline but within this area of obedience misinterpret friends not merely said children make some choices that we send our children in the at FM mind about and that they were not doing which means Mina time that happened when we should call them public about half of act like this number the other half this dollars but the choices we make for them should be great diplomatically controlling history thank you and then by the time that is grown we ship them we should encourage them to make choices in the wine first John chapter three one to three says that if what manner of love the father bestowed upon us that we should be called children of God therefore the world Northwest not because you are not beloved not only that shot sons of God it does not yet appear what we shall be that we know that when he shall appear we shall be one like him the Christian right is our character development process that can be no development without choice by weight this is almost a direct quotation from a beautiful book entitled patriarchs and Prophets page forty nine so if we make all the choices of our children it means that we're depriving them of character development so we should study and move means that when you think of my body can make the choices and limited choices and better choices in the area of strict obedience you see my dad let me go check in United Kingdom but I wanted to you all my things out that I ported Google that and take the consequences you think but still no strict obedience in our home strict obedience all my daughter has a little girl what did one time to go now and she's shooting out satisfying what combination of called you think would be well aware of the little girl was choosing the wrong place the mother think what would you think of this combination and because they'll think you're going to have good taste I wonderful safe at all my children to develop my making choices still looming the reins kindly so I do not like talking they are not talking about shedding them about going without next this this how far can I go in bringing Jesus to neighbors who seem uncomfortable when I talk about the Lord an excellent question an excellent question is our example was the greatest evangelist the greatest saw one of the world on own Jesus can we afford to follow his example yet all like let's say now how Jesus worked for people who are not interested in religion is religion and if I could see how Joseph and let out on how I can handle it right on the rate amen amen all right the first numerical Jesus Roth lives where Tina of Galilee are some relatives of Jesus were doing what getting married Jesus went to the Merry Street now and ever Jesus noted that marriage raised is the very first indication that we have on the type of soul winning that we can do what you want to the marriage feast did these people directly one of the instructed Norway Norway their getting married did Jesus instruct them no way now when they were being married the great prophecy of Daniel nine was reaching the beginning of the seventieth week the seventh starting my own opportunity for Joseph I think they look but what you live we have attempted help utilities weren't really Jesus didn't tell them one thing about the seventy weeks Jesus didn't tell them one thing about twenty three hundred days Jesus didn't give up any instruction on making the home what you need to anybody that is exactly right he gave them the thing that they were legitimately interested in what what more grape juice you how much you gave them ninety gallons of great jokes and then I get to you don't find any record of Jesus saying one thing about his father 's wife they weren't interested in his father in his revelation of his father they weren't interested in the fact that he was the son of God they are interested in what we give because this is the only methanol hoping to run our refreshments and he is us it met them at the conscious need what was the result no notice know what the result because a lot of people have been practically very practical in John two versus one eleven is that story listened what happened in John was eleven it tells us what happened when Jesus did that it says that gave us manifested his glory what is Christ's glory this character is his character law is his father 's character law it says that Jesus manifested his glory his character what this character I'm interested in your Avenue method character and he says and is both believed on him now this convert John Lincoln five percent instruction and ninety five percent fellowship all instruction to give what it a lot of thought them up with water regular November faith if you have loved ones and only hear you talk about Jesus you talk about how is everything going in your home is what the baby is sick land so sorry busy or summons our work talk about always take an interest in every legitimate interest of fairness and this is our way of letting them know what our God is like people equate our God with us if the tribe it worked wonders we could give several studies on the thinking maybe another question yes I'm not sure this question used by the same person but it fits in perfectly here it says how do I ask a non-Christian to church the Jesus way there's several things like the number one in the promise what kind we have been for that if a brother three minutes all right up you will first take an interest in this neighbor 's interest that the Jesus way for instance with telling a certain infamous certain set in a lame on a very dedicated and were given by both that is all over the area invited me to visit holy in in inviting these people for meetings that income twenty one Nike thought maybe if I want women between the two of us we could exact up pressure to find in the event interesting so as we wanted he said I I thought your comment the meetings that we missed you at the meeting and the lady said you know what you plan to go which he said little Mary is six six -year-old Mary now Suzanne M Barry is saying I looked down and run a Lehman was setting and this is what I saw as he had his hands in his lap this is good like I am she didn't see it on his lap what does that say you're boring me sister you're just making excuses what is the Jesus way the Jesus way is tell me more about Mary right or when we have a little word of prayer for Mary you know Jesus loves to bring us comfort Ms. is going why do we pray for Mary that's Jesus way when not many city is that this man and I are more interested in narrator then we are in her cognitive judge shall come to judge payment method never forget friends that so many is ninety five percent more or less courtship speculative only five percent instruction meeting whether consciously and they'll probably down the street shall we then bring this to a close by asking God to help us that the wisdom of Jesus these are real real problems there long thank you you promised and you you put these words in a wireless Philippians four thirteen I can do all things through Christ which strengthens we ask you that this may be our experience as we show you allowed with people at the conscious point of name name name your hearing us and we thank you point in the blessed name of Jesus Christ amen this media was brought by audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I know more about how I feel like this is more certain than him please visit www. .net on universe .org


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