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Thoughts on Thinking

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

Executive Director of AudioVerse



  • June 23, 2007
    10:00 AM
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him hire method is entitled file on thinking so his ability to be thinking about today thinking about thinking and I want to before I get into the messages that explain we can be defining this message into two parts this is the idea of thinking file I realized that I was studying it it could actually be developed into a number of messages out of me in a little bit but what is going to be addressed in one area which I believe is absolutely critical for us to understand in our law processes and how we think before you begin when we get to do a stock is together showing father in heaven this morning as we gather in this place we ask that your Holy Spirit will be our teacher and our God as we open your word may receive that which you want us to see and not what we want to read not ask that you be with our minds that we will think the thoughts of heaven that we will learn to differentiate what is right things but I'll pray for offering that has been just collected may be used for your cause in your view of this and we pray Jesus in the book ministry of healing page four hundred and ninety one paragraph three I read this one sentence the only security for any soul is right thinking let me say that again the only security for any sorrow is what him I think she will only think your film at all is right thinking the only security for any soul is writing so I believe it behooves us to identify what it means to have my thinking that I want to say is listen to them only security for any soul is right far because is there a difference between right-thinking and write the house thinking in the process it's a mode in which things are carried Fox is just the now their ideas there are things there objects but what we're concerned about is more than just what are the thoughts that we think about one of the things of the foot we put in our mind although those things are very important I want to do think today about thinking noted the term in psychology often used in education as well I am an education major the term is metacognition and what that term means basically is the process of analyzing your own thinking process basically thinking about how you think and as the students I think it would be wise for us to understand a little bit no maybe this illustration will help it I'm doing my project I'm reading my textbook and I'm reading and reading and doing my project and I just understand and I I can just go through the motions of it but I don't understand met the mission means I'm innocent back to say wait a second I'm not getting what I'm reading I'm not getting what I'm doing so maybe I should change some of my methods that metacognition thinking about how we process our activities outings across the things they go on in our mind the only security for any soul is right-thinking so the only securities Rasul is for us to exercise a metacognitive ability to take inventory step back and say wait a second am I thinking right am I thinking properly know why why am I may does it view about this because Proverbs twenty three verse seven is go there Robert Chapter twenty three and verse seven if you're there please Damon promised twenty zero seven four as he think it in his heart so is he and it doesn't say what a man thinks so is he although I believe that is still a proper understanding at the part of the bigger definition as a man thinks the way in which a person thinks that determines who or what that person will become our thoughts is absolutely critical I read is not page two hundred twenty two first paragraph if the funds are wrong the feelings will be wrong and the Fox and the feeling combined make up the more moral character are thinking our thoughts leads to our feelings and those things put together developed what is called our moral character and if we understand if I get my Bible correctly character is everything that's what God cares about each other develop me say that about what we do each about our character and one of the fundamental layers of developing the character is right thinking finale beginning to get a picture why it is so crucial for us to have right-thinking because the impact our character and as a result it impacts our eternal destiny so what is right think what is right-thinking if I can give as a symbol of the definition as I can find in the Scriptures it would be found in Isaiah chapter fifty five Isaiah chapter fifty five will look at verse eight Isaiah chapter fifty five verse eight if you're there please amen for my thoughts are not your thoughts neither are my ways need are your ways my ways saith the Lord for as the heavens are higher than the earth so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts God is saying that your thoughts are not high higher than the highest human thought can reach is gone ideal for his children and what we need to strive for friends is not settle for what we want to think how we want to process information what we have why we weren't to think God 's law for the only security for any soul is right-thinking defining insert that definition right thinking is gone what you say so how do we think how we think now this is where I could go in a number of directions I'm been to give you just a little preview of a number of files I had and then within a conclude with some of the bulk of what I want to discuss today so I believe I now we've established that thinking is crucial having right thoughts and right-thinking processes is absolutely essential for proper moral development character development as an educator limit is the desserts out of this passage I love is my favorite passage in all this there possibly one of education page seventeen paragraph two it is the work of true education to develop this power to train they used to be thinkers and not reflectors of other men's box I like that so as in Ho don't just repeat what I say think about so thoughts and thinking in my study of inspiration there are several major areas of law and thinking that is highlighted the first in the absolute most essential aspect of our thinking is called the will the will of the governing power of man it is the power to decide and to choose the good steps to Christ we be very keen clearly this as a briefing dependence on the right action of the will and fundamentally thinking at its core is choosing learning how to choose is how to think the will but were not to talk about the will today in fact I think I actually share the message here some time ago on the Will son of his audio personages he can go look it up another aspect of human thoughts and thinking is the conscience and either just little tidbits not not been going in depth of the conscience what is the conscience you'll sometimes we associate the conscience with the Holy Spirit you know I was talking to myself you'll often that our conscience telling us what is right and what is wrong and consciences are good thing is so far as they are guided by the right principles of God 's word because the Bible said that consciousness can be corrupt they can be seared with a hot iron is found in two Timothy is the conscience is another key aspect of thinking and how we think now what about the imagination do you know the inspiration speaks falling 's about human imagination imagination is a gift from God we are told that as we read the Bible this is sanctified imagination should seem in vivid color and picture what is happening Ask Jeeves is administering to the sick and the poor countries see the prophets preaching and being persecuted we can use a sanctified imagination to understand what God is trying to say the look with me in Genesis chapter six Genesis chapter six verse five magic turning there I thought reminding you remember what Jesus said so as in the days of Noah so it shall also be the day to become you would find the three Genesis chapter six verse five and God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the year and that every one imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually networking is a little bit of reasoning powers here destroy the earth one of the key reason space in the Bible is that every imagination of the heart of humankind was evil continually so what that means is that no and those are state-of-the-art did not have corrupt imaginations that makes have the same so what that tells me that at the time it can be just like it's on the NOAA at the imagination of the thoughts of mankind will be evil continually and that inverse is that those will be saved that last will have your imagination 's imagination is important second drink is tender spot in the later casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalted itself against the knowledge of the ER just a little plug for us living in this day and age you can't drive down the freeway you can't turn on the TV or the radio or log onto the Internet without something something that just grabs imaginary and beat you down the wrong path it takes in from Los Angeles I think you understand what I mean especially the men you understand that it is our sense of the bombarded constantly after all is to be the saved people to read that and those will see Jesus come in glory we need to understand that there is a battle to be fun again corrupt imagination the only security for any soul is an right-thinking and that involves our imagination of course there are the Fox course but Fox just want to give you one one versed it into a new chapter for Philippians chapter four I believe this verse gives us the parameters the boundary lines it draws the safety zone in which our minds in the thoughts that we fill our minds with a freely roam Philippians chapter four thirty two living separate for verse eight and okay finally brethren whatsoever things are true whatsoever things are honest whatsoever things are just whatsoever things are pure whatsoever things are lovely whatsoever things are good report if there be any virtue if there be any praise think on these things that a having a criteria by which you connect to anything they want to fill your minds with and that involves anything what we hear but we see what we taught us what we do what we fill our minds with shoot past these criteria is a true visit on his adjusted appeal is a loving event report is very virgin is any praise the Bible has given us guidelines for the false with which we Philemon Azevedo some of the major areas that I have seen an inspiration each is each subject can be its own seminar or sermon you know the will the conscience imagination the files but what I want to focus on for the remainder of the hour is something that is a little more perhaps detail is not a broad subject like the will I want to discuss one aspect of our thinking process and that is how do we determine what is true how do we know what is true how do we know what we can believe how do we determine what we trust in what we don't how do you determine what is right and what is wrong how do we determine that this is something I need to give my life for how do we know and I don't want this to be an English class I want to share one word with you another work the word is the deepest demolishing and never heard the word epistemology anyone is some view if the term using philosophy and if I can just summon up in my own words this is not from Webster this is an my own personal epistemology has to do with how you determine what is truth what do you use as the means by which you decide that that is right and that is wrong that is true than that of air that is something that is solid concrete eternal and that is something that is passing it is a transient how do we determine that what is it that we profoundly process how do we reason through and think through what is the source of truth now before we get into it this washer one more verse it is in Colossians chapter two verse eight Colossians chapter to impersonate over there today we can wait a few more moments collages Jeff Huber is a is says beware lest any man spoil you through the law him this sees after the tradition of men and after the rudiments of the world and not after Christ similarly dealing with a little philosophy this morning but we just want to understand the Bible has clearly warned us that there is right philosophy which is after Christ and there is wrong philosophy which is after the rudiments of the world that is one aspect of philosophy epistemology how do we determine what is true let's begin there are a couple molds if you will several epistemologies that I believe runs very commonly in our world today the first is called the epistemology of office for a team that that means how I determine truth is based on the authority of someone else one example that has happened to me before and many of my friends who have done any type of bodywork you knock on someone's door you go anyhow Bible study and you share with them the truth about the sap you go through the Bible in each year within the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord our God and they say yeah I know that's what the Bible says but my pastor says that I should go to church on Sunday you know I'm the district all this time I think not distinguishes opinion or assumption based on someone else's qualifications Doctor so and so from this University of such enzymes sets that based on the research of doctors also from the University who quoted that the professor she said that maybe perhaps him him they perhaps maybe half that is that for the other interpretation that based on the epistemology of authority how I know this is true well Doctor so-and-so told me or have been the whole people that's what they teach that if the epistemology of authority and you know in our culture today is so calm Michael Jordan says to wear this type of underwear who says he's an authority on underwear and even if he has what it will change if you wheel program automatically associate that person is famous that person the celebrity that person has so many degrees after their names on whatever he or she said therefore must be right now before you jump the conclusion I think don't listen anything anyone said that's not true one thing that we need to be careful that we just don't do anything anyone says as truth because what happens when we take this to the extreme what happened we take this idea of truth by authority to the international extreme extreme what do we get we get the Jewish nation at the time of Christ and what does Jesus say what does the Bible say about using human author Laura T as our source of truth look with me Matthew chapter fifteen Matthew chapter fifteen Matthew chapter fifteen beginning in verse one after chapter fifteen beginning in verse one then came to Jesus 's drives and Pharisees which are of Jerusalem saying why do thy disciples him know what everyone tradition of being held there for the wash their hands when they eat bread the acid is that other than why do you also transgressed the commandment of God by your tradition four command is saying honor thy father and mother and she occurs the father or mother let him die the death but he stayed was that resulted his father and mother is get by whatsoever thou might be profitably and on and on father with mother he shall be free enough to make the commandment of God of none effect by tradition you hypocrites well that Isaiah prophesied me say this people draw nightly with her mouth and honored me with her but their heart is far from me but in vain they do worship me teaching for doctrines the commandments of men does Jesus say that is wrong follow any and any any and all traditions definitely say to you saying you followed that tradition to the point of negating the Commandments of God so that we need to understand that there is something that supersedes tradition something that supersedes the authority of mere humans on the one are a number of PhD 's or doctorate degrees here she may have gotten word must be the sole source of authority and would be to get a hearing that a lot more this morning 's authority another epistemology is what I like to call the epistemology of intuition installation is something really peculiar I dare say that women have been as honest men on in that regards but even still ladies don't put too much weight on your intuition it are sometimes we I know I talk with some friends and visit you I I I think that you know the Bible does say that but I'm just not convicted is not convicted I still feel that I I don't feel like I need to intuition is just a feeling is not me smile and if we take it to the logical conclusion it would take it to the logical and what we get is what we see in the modern charismatic movement among God 's churches people say I feel that the Spirit is killing me but wait a second how do you know because I feel good away the second way that our feelings become the drive of what is right and wrong in a I read the first last time I was here it says in Jeremiah seventeen verse nine the heart is deceitful and evil who can know it in others this trend you don't like to attend the advertising pages so to capitalize on the things that your therapist just doing you why if you want to do what the Bible says a man doing with you to do whatever you feel like that don't do it because that is speaking your truth on the shaky fifteen instead of mere human intuition and vacillating feeling intuition you might even say that another man false prophets have arisen and what is their source they say the Lord has shown me and usually if you drill down a little deeper all they really are saying is that it off I had this sort of interesting thought that intuitively makes sense and so I think God is trying to give me the message forgot the not heard it is of the Bible says the first jump for verse one try the spirits to see whether they are God and how do you try the spirits you have a standard by which to test the standard is the word of God so that while we discussed the epistemology before the epistemology of intuition now there's also an epistemology called rationalism which means we determine what is true by our own reason but your computational processor power in our brains for example six days of creation from honest not possible get over it is not true you know sometimes we get this idea that we determine what is right and wrong because we see everything but if we really are honest with ourselves as we begin to grow and learn more than one thing that we should all learn is that there is still so much more that we don't what is the natural recent result of rationalism if we take reason and admit it paramount and crown reason at the God of God 's ways they didn't do that once in history to the day if you read the great controversy to the chapter called the French Revolution and what happened only when we human beings try to exalt human reason we took a promiscuous women dress her up like the Statue of Liberty and warships are that the result of the thinking that we are the supreme determine after Fred essentially disintegrated because they placed human reason at Paramount proper sixteen verse twenty five hundred sixteen verse twenty five it said there is a way that's seen the right unto a man but the end thereof are the ways of the the way it looks right ideological him all I think is true and yet at the end thereof it is because we have already established right thinking and right on is gone thinking and God thought not let's seems right unto a man authority intuition rationalism now the fourth epistemology my disgust is a big one and coming here at the university town I may be in the little hot water but I believe you understand what I'm trying to say that the epistemology of interferences in other words a good example is science have you ever heard someone say what science has proved that evolutions true what if somebody showed you some medical note research and it really does say that alcoholic wine is good for the heart wait a second but the best science we can't deny science can be I'm not saying we deny science but if I can just use this example in the days of Noah that the scientific evidence prove that it was possible for worldwide flood is it possible to for water to precipitate out of the sky scientifically there was no evidence yet that it happened according to the word of God it have to be good on trying to say that science is critical science is important I met in the lot on my minor insights but the key is that science is a progress report in science is always a full regression toward weeding out what is not true and meeting what is true but yet you are always refining always determining the things we have never arrived at a conclusion that is unshakable for example I was in San Diego some time ago and/or the matter came up and I mention a few things about evolution and he said also wrong about evolution in science is our improvement and he was a physicist you see and I'm not a physicist and he said don't you know about the theory of special relativity that if there are two objects in motion that time and space is different what if God created the earth and he was zipping by some high speed and how do we know that was actually twenty four little lower than actually six little days I might know but way he was saying that he began to lock the Bible down saying that because science is that therefore the Bible must fit with science but wait a second let's take a few steps backwards the theory of relativity for those of you are on a smelly with it it actually was not identified or discovered so that is a lie Einstein until the twentieth century and I feel that all of the Newtonian mechanics of them though normal physics that we do it's held true for all that time about what was your telling me that all of that previous of that all of a sudden doesn't make any sense is not true anymore what I'm trying to say is that there are revolutions in science and the body of knowledge that we currently have in science is yet still so small compared to what we don't know that we need to understand that science is not being and in and of itself is a useful tool but the Bible must be the support the foundation you me I have these studies science you know if I am but it is my site visit in the method of testing we have a hypothesis we tested we tested we just would try to put enabled it out the Bible actually gives us where to start to propose hypotheses can be already know what it is what is true it is so much more than we can say about science the purpose of this method when I'm just trying to say that was something sad scientifically it is not true therefore the Bible incorrect I need if they wait a second what if you have the scientist four hundred years ago but they say the same thing so in the same vein what about four hundred years from now my hunch is that the Bible between because it always to be true as science has progressed in second Peter three versus chapter three verse three birth to seven second Peter chapter three verses three through seven we read it knowing this first that there shall come in the last days offers locking up their own last that happens to be the day of leave in which we live right now the last days saying where is the promise of his coming for since the fathers fell asleep all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation just sound like just evolution everything is going on as normal things change in a bottle gradually over time for this they willingly are ignorant of the Bible Word of God to have adorable and earth standing out of the water in the water whereby the world that then was being overflowed with water parish of the heavens and the earth which are now by the same word I kept is still reserved the fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men were trying to scorch a lot done in a box in reality all outside him word of God Henry underwent done I mean listen what God says in John chapter twenty we read that we read a cabin of a pop after the resurrected I'm happy to believe Jesus Wright was raising the debt until I can put my finger then is holding his hand and put my hand in the thigh collectively until I see and feel at the empirical evidence until I technically medically anatomically and physiologically you can prove that even the lack and what does Jesus say to doubting the John I John chapter twenty verse twenty seven then he said to Thomas reach hither thy finger and behold my hands and reach of the hand and rubbed into my site and being on base less but believing verse twenty eight and Thomas evidence of it that my Lord my God and Jesus said unto him because thou hast seen me thou hast believed blessed are they that have not seen and yet happily empiricism tells us that we need to experience it with our senses before we believe it but wait a second the Bible said blessed are they that will be busty that his faith and so the epistemological authority intuition rationalism empiricism albeit epistemology in and of themselves is not long but when we elevate them above and that the epistemology of inspiration then we get ourselves in the hot water no IVR the Reformation Adventism all of these are evidences of what happens when people take God 's word just doesn't read when we read the word and we believe it just what is so and believe hi because he said so we asked Jesus Jesus Jesus tell us what is true John seventeen seconds seventy the sanctified by the word but if you and thy word is truth one of my favorite passages in the Bible this is what will close look with the effective Peter chapter one second Peter chapter one beginning in verse sixteen this is apostle Peter writing this book and yield apostle Peter is is known to have a big now to exaggerate things to be impetuous but he above all was a sincere believer of the divinity of Christ in you the faithful disciple and so here she is identifying for us to try to explain to us what we can try what we can believe in second Peter chapter one beginning in verse sixteen he says for we have not followed cunningly devised fables when we made known unto you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ but were eyewitnesses of his majesty 's away right there Peter is saying listen I tell you the truth when I tell you all the things about Jesus is not the kind of making it up I was there I was an eyewitness I saw it with my own two eyes her seventies at four he received from God father on Angora when their teams to give voice to hand from the ex-employee visit my beloved son in whom I am well pleased and a voice which came from heaven we are when we were with them in the holy mouth so what is the entity talking about I got them out of Transfiguration Peter Zhang was there and not flat I saw the bright light I saw the address Peter I heard the voice of God you can't tell me that I'm joking by Peter establishes what seemed to be absolutely concrete evidence that he is right with a weight inversely verse nineteen we have also a want war sure word of prophecy whereunto ye do well that's a key that underlie the shot in the dark place until the day star until the date on entities are right enough in your heart no one is present a positive the spirit is of any private interpretation for the prophecy came not in man but the holy men of God state of their movement of Holy Ghost so with this is what Peter say in a nutshell Peter think there is something more trustworthy than being an eyewitness to see the Transfiguration of Jesus Peter say I was there I heard there is not a fable there is something even more assured than my eyewitness account is the word of God as the brothers and sisters what is our source of truth what is our epistemology the only security for any soul is why thinking which is drawn thinking which is encapsulated right here in the word of God so what we can achieve no it's easy when we see such and such an authority corroborate what the Bible says that easy to believe the Bible than if you believe the Bible when it says what we intuitively want to know it's easy to believe it's easy to believe the Bible when it rationally makes sense to our carnal nature but yet is that all it is a believable I was flying through the evidences are all in favor is easy but the test is when they are not in harm what happened with the doctor you respect greatly contradict the Bible who even accused and also he may not just be a PhD in a not just be a preacher it may be someone close and dear to you what is your stop what is your pair with your friends are even believe their authority why do you believe the word what it can't do the word contradicts with your intuitive feelings what he can what if the Bible right now doesn't make sense they just makes us talking about the world they were all arguably what the Bible says I can follow your own human reason you know science does show right now you know that it is good to drink a gallon glass of wine is good for your heart but wait a second I can believe what the Bible says about the hall are you going to believe what medicine says it was science the Bible and the Bible only is to be the rule of faith and duty first select the messages page eighteen it says brethren cleaning to your Bible just as every and stop the criticism regarding regarding its validity and obey the word and not one of you will be lost cling to the work and maybe learn to think as God 's strength father in heaven this morning as we spent a few moments analyzing our own thinking process what you help us to remember to base all upon the foundation of your may we use the mind that you have blessed us with may be guided by the principle of you were that we may learn to identify that which is right and that which is wrong they we not learn to be narrowminded to help us to write the midterm what is true help us to use the tools they've given us science or men of authority or our logic or reasoning abilities or even perhaps our intuition Lord we know he can use those things that help is more to always maintain those things in subservience to your word and help us to think rightly for we know that it is our only security forgot that Jesus may come into our hearts and our minds you may develop within us this ability and capacity to think thoughts that are so far high above this dusty planet that we may be changed into your likeness blessed the sabbath days or prayer in Jesus


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