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1 - Youth's Thrilling ABC Prayers

Glenn Coon
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Glenn Coon

Founder, ABCs of Prayer Crusades

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Serio joined me here I want to ask a special interest in your prayers that I may present to you what you will CL will help you to solve your problems the venal scolding no belittling no condemning I have in my hand these lots and lots of questions who days ago you're invited but in your questions and their wonderful and that Mansfield Park type them out so to be a little easier for me to read them quickly as needed and these questions everyone is sincere everyone has to deal with a personal problem and there might be scores more added I'm confident is that young people are looking for answers you're not looking for platitudes or deep theology you want to get an answer and there are lots of older people looking for answers to many older people are afraid they come to us personally you know and let us know they have a problem but they do have problems that are so many many questions here on religion that's understandable everyone since there are just a lot of questions here on sex and that young people aren't the only ones that have problems with sex this very week since you have no idea where they are against state couple came to Austin than married for years they've never had sex and marriage they want to know a solution want to find solutions the minister came to me just the other day he had a problem with sex he's looking for some answers he's not looking for condemnation is not looking for belittling he's looking for an answer and so we want to deal with some answers this week we wanted to have some secrets and I would like to challenge those over here and those who view of this program is to try out some less secrets that we share with you for just one month to satisfy yourself is to see whether these secrets really work and then you will know at the end of that month whether you want to follow the program farther or whether it doesn't work shall we pray dear Lord just make me a mail upon the wall fastens securely in its place then from this thing so common and so small hang a bright picture of my face thank you in Jesus name amen what oh what are the solutions what are the secrets effusions of the problems that we have the problems and religion the problem is when daddy and mommy are divorced and with whom we should stay the problems of rock music the problems of persistence in prayer whether God death answers because we've been pestering him or what he likes to have us continue in prayer is how can we get interested in sermons on the Sabbath save this wife sees us well retarded people automatically but I have on all of these are very sincere questions pages of all pages and I will start with you this morning and were those are building this program are completely different kind of prior to use in solving down-to-earth problems and I would like to do in my view did find this kind of prayer and study at Ontario are conversant with it and see whether it works in your life it's a kind of fire that is not used by many of our people I don't suppose there's one person in a thousand that is using this kind of prayer is that I'd like to share with you about three personal problems that were solved to allow them by young people of your age through this kind of prayer and one by an older person will have the slip young persons meeting she wasn't supposed to be there when she was there a little lady and at first I was showing in the kind of prayer is called the ABCs of Bible prayer the egg is based on Matthew seven seven Jesus said ask in the beginning you know we've heard that all our lives but the philosophy behind the word ask is this when I asked it means that I'm telling the Lord I'm helpless I have a solution that's impossible for me to solve that I ask I'm testing the alarm because I don't have the answer I'm raising up and I was thinking you because I'm helpless the circulation this particular situation is hopeless so that's the first step in the new kind of prior it's a hopeless situation and I'm helpless so I'm reaching out to you not be a prior Mark eleven twenty four is believe that you receive the philosophy behind that is to trust the Lord to keep his promise the Bible contains more than three thousand five hundred and seventy three promises are clusters of promises and this special kind of prayer always takes a viable promise and so it it it it says Lord I believe you're fulfilling this specific promise from my specific problem and what it says I believe we are very careful to realize that this word believe is based on the philosophy of trust I trust you Lord to do it it means I'm not telling you how to do it I'm not trying to put you in the coroner I'm trusting you to keep your word because I've always been told that I and service you catalyze I trust you to keep the promise I'm not exhausted to keep that but I trust you to do it your way not my way the Seo prior is just like God that we have received how about the if that is the new kind of prayer as I may place my hand on a Bible promise and there's nothing magic about placing my hand on the Bible promised as I do it him then Jesus said that every promise in the Bible is a seed Jesus will make your average Apple say for instance every apple seed contains an apple tree on Appletree talk to Apple tree leaves an apple tree roots every acorn contains an old tree tiny tiny tiny of course but a tiny old trunk tool leaves the tiny tiny tiny and every person on the contains a persimmon tree leaves trunk routes every promise of God contains the definite promises still in this new kind of prayer we now clearly ask Pentagon were helpless we not only believe in time we trusted to keep his word but as we look at the strongest resume our since they guess is it is upon this as I put this promise in my heart it takes a little while to get into the program as I put this promise in my heart that promised contentment yet so I am now receiving the gift and it doesn't mean that I shall immediately realize the full gift because when I realize there's an apple tree in an Appleseed I don't see the apple tree at one three eight it takes a while for that scene to germinate and press through the surface and it takes a while longer for to produce apples you say so I say no thank you I received then I mind that that is in the development and I may not see the astronaut office web it may take a minute or it may take months to fully get the whole thing here for instance when I'm craving a promise for the salvation of some loved one when I'm driving up on this for some oblong it may take weeks it may take months for it to be fulfilled but I'm saying now that you are is what everybody at it means one I'm helpless it means what the situation in this particular area is hopeless except as I looked up to the employees the source of my solutions W first one believe it means I trust the Lord to keep his work because he can't lie I trust him to do if his wife I not go to try to put in the corner I'm not going to try to type out the duet I trusted to do it his way but I am telling him I trust you to do it thus the upper is the claimant my wife regarding sites that I have received if that is a new kind of gray let me then you know how it works there was a global young people just like this group right here in a group that's that's doing this on your screen we invited them to come in and were going to conduct a class on this kind of prayer we call it the prior reception because Jesus and believe that you receive so we call it the firm reception we announced in church that we only want to six the people we wanted all people all Academy days and maybe early college-age only sixty ninety nine crowded in we wanted to keep the crowds smaller group smaller because then the easier for each one again for the income gap and the format of the evening is was this first we sang a little car us had a little invitation and then the students got up and they would share with one another how they had had a problem the specific problem they had the specific Bible promise they claim and a specific answer they got this way to be a wandering around yesterday I don't believe in Magellan testimonies I don't believe in Magellan priors you know Magellan is supposed to be the first man to stand around the world and when people pray a Magellan prayer there sitting all around the world while others hope to put in a park somewhere and I don't believe in public prayers where people were slaves and Waldner there backslidden trying up in public so the young people got up this was my problem this was the promise I claim and this was a solution God gave me one of young men got up his name was Peter who is sixteen years of age these that I am so glad that I have learned last week right here in this class of this new kind of prior he said I believe I would have rated the headlines in the newspaper as a casualty if I had learned this new kind of prayer be set for instance some friends were going with me hiking up hi Sarah is high mountains and he said the night before it rained and then it froze also I then called by all the mom and and then it snowed which made it hazardous for anybody ever attempt up on the mountain and tell my friends magical visit Google account on the resentful authority I went ahead anyway but he said the Lord was good to me I kind of promised for life but in the Lords good we make mistakes and God doesn't look down his nose on the Zen and I claim the promise that God would give me life means that I don't know about a blimp if I hadn't claim that promise he said I was walking up on the highest yard walking along the narrow ridge and a sudden gust of wind unbalanced then I started going down the mountain he said I want about fifty feet down and slammed against the rock he said it could've broken my neck or my back except it that was a wonderful question of snow let it just shut me out and he said one I thought of came to the realization of what it happened I said larger answer my prayer you saved my life is a lot a clone then he said I looked around the side of the rock and I found I said I found that I still had the nearly two thousand people were to go if I tried to get out Handy said I said there are I don't know how to get out of here that didn't go to my street clothes might try to get out so he said I I remember there was a promise in James one five if any of you like a wisdom let him ask of God that giveth to all men liberally and upgrade is not so long I ask you to give me what you get out here and I believe I still enjoy me that wisdom thank you for giving me the wisdom and he said as I said it the Lord impressed me dig my fingers and fingernails and did little steps and eggs my knees in the lowest depths and decided it by the time I got off to a level spot my fingers were bleeding my fingernails were broken but instead I got out they saved my life is that I find a lot I've learned a new kind of player to solve problems and what is both all the students said they could guess all men what do you say amen he sat down and up stood Dick Nixon as you know last week were semester exams and he said I started faithfully but he said no to circumstances over which I had no control I wasn't able to review he said the night before the exams I climbed in the bed worried I couldn't sleep I rolled and tumbled and then I started praying one of all kinds of prior unilateral kind of praise old Lord help me but I'm pretty sure you're not going to write anything said you just learn new kind of prior said he see I need to sleep I got out of bed I thought objects come onto me all you that labor and are heavy laden Ogden the arrest he said I said a lot I asked him to give me rest I believe I assume he and the rest thank you you've given me rest he said I want to sleep I slept like a log you how long sleeps him will him season I got off I came up with flying colors as the unpopular in their experiences how one little lady got it made her name was darkly and in in in the next session in a few minutes sooner for those of your reviewing maybe later in the next session will tell you about this little lady and the experience that she had the following cause now I'm what has to just about hollow that little old lady was the son of God in Christ that product would you like to guess she was hundreds sorry all thank you that's wonderful so money out audio gas night is this marvelous one more gas than on failure over here are much eighty seven thank you that will lady was already told him to say about her in the next phase in their large we are looking for answers we're looking for solutions were going to find those solutions in this new kind of prayer for every problem of life and thank you in Jesus name amen


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