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Conflict of the Covenants

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • June 30, 2007
    10:00 AM
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so rumors this provision will pray for him as he is from Hebrews we need each other Marie Fu versus six versus the first thirteen Hebrews chapter eight starting of verse six he was chapter eight verse six the Bible reads and says but now hath he obtained a more excellent ministry by how much also he is the mediator of a better covenant was established upon better promises verse that first covenant had been faultless then should no place have been sought for the second finding fault with anything and behold the days of columns in the Lord of when I will make you a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day when I took them by the hand to lead out of the land of Egypt because they continued not in my covenant and I regarded them not serve the Lord for this is the covenant that I will make the house of Israel after those days saith the Lord I will put my laws into their mind and write them in their hearts and I will beat them of God and they shall be to me a people a message the Sabbath is entitled the conflict of the covenants the conflict of the covenants let us pray father God we thank you Lord for bringing us into this house of worship on this your holy Sabbath day father got asked that I be not seen or heard today father God is I the Holy Spirit will speak through me in the presence of your spirit would fill this place so the father God we don't leave this place the way that we can we leave with a more serious desire to serve you as our prayer in Jesus 's name amen recently I ran into a store owner locally was purchasing a larger ticket items and in my interactions with the storeowner I found that he was a former Seventh-day Adventist and seemed to still hold some bit of a grudge against the Adventist church he began to try to convince me not knowing that preach try to convince me that the law was Sunday Sabbath was done away with that it was a part of the old covenant and that we were now under the new covenant and so the idea of keeping the ten Commandments and specifically in probably the only woman they really don't want to keeping the commandment became a reason began to produce documents and entire textbooks and websites and webpages and even an organization that meets regularly here locally and now an annual conference that come against bots run the church to try and destroy the fundamental beliefs that Goethe all denominations I found it interesting that what was used was the concept of a new covenant the idea that somehow when Jesus came to earth yet done away with him the Old Testament is in doing so there was nothing about the Old Testament the left value and interesting theological debate when you consider that Jesus spent from the Old Testament and coordinate continued in all the ways of the Old Testament especially in keeping the Sabbath and also of course Jesus make sure to speak to all started already and not come to do away with the law but did he come to fulfill the law fulfillment and doing away with are very different but by our dilemma as Adventist Christians are we now defend what we believe because those who will come against us and would teach us contrary to what we've been taught and what we believe based on solar spectral world based on the Bible and the Bible alone we now have a defense for what we believe unfortunately many of the things that we would never be used there are movies cannot enter into this argument because those one well-versed in the spirit of prophecy and in the writings of Ellen White you need to understand when you leave the courtroom of such a place as this where the school and universities for the therapy program and what hours of service leave in the morning and you went back into the reason why people don't want to necessarily hear what I believe the spirit of prophecy as we understand so you have to be able to make your defense based only on the Bible a lot about that is I handicapping of the we have gotten such a good understanding of the strata property that we have failed to get an adequate understanding from the source of the spirit of prophecy which is the Scripture that we balance those things began are you will not be able to even defend is the one you cannot do so in the Scriptures so the gentleman whom that me having to read this weekend has come to this great text in the New Testament from the book of Hebrews were Paul seems to be trying to talk to know that the Judaism of a Julie Isaac of Christianity and the new religion that has been born he's trying to put the old testament in its proper place the old covenant and is probably one of the same time explaining the difference of the two is trying to show that the types of the Old Testament is fulfilled in Jesus Christ as so many things have been done away with yet all clear in his writings that are keeping you never abolished and he is in manual speaking as if you're in for a reason not to keep the ten Commandments you can easily fall we find them in Paul's writings because you can confuse the two sets of laws in the right now requesting that you have to be able to really answer that I don't know now have their time and the date with all questions out in first Wesley and Clement with the ten Commandments are removed to remember the plot of the old covenant were the ten Commandments in the oh are the ten Commandments in the old covenant synonymous out of the same thing so when I was speaking in Hebrew that he said that when at the Venice awaiting says that later in the chapter doesn't mean that in the ten Commandments after that initial than done when I was cracked me up but I be a founding anachronism on street corners and projects and genitals across the country that's why what happened to abundant on the claimant of all of the streets of Hartford him in Miami Muslims are people this has been high and crime to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ Machen 's indigent concrete structures but in the end of the new variant of the old confines of a canvas tent is a very different view about them because you have to know what you're talking about Lebanon pulpit the Nation of Islam would come in the five percent nation would come in all different of the Hebrew Israelites and the Church of God in Christ in the ten o'clock everyone would come to denounce what we were breaching is seasoned in the script at the end of the Scriptures what we believe in it I sat in a short unrest being preached to you I will reason yet I didn't want to remind about seven hundred souls were baptized in Christ on a street corner in the ghettos of my soul I know that this power in that we preach and that is something about the reason is I think of the Catholic priest who predicted to and baptized seven people of the Catholic Church than other people on the denominator that such a unique and and and and and powerful message that what is preached it loopholes that changes everything understood in that neighborhood over the course is in the ten Commandments are not a part of the Old Testament and the old covenant with topical feasts and some of these of the old host backpack on the conversation in this very room individuals that somehow we should continue to keep the Passover or will or or or maybe Rob O'Donnell on our around on the news that the forearms on the bigoted Jews are better than the holiday growing up in Connecticut the hot days of Israel him although they may lose if the homeowner maybe we can put what outpost without having and sacrificing the lab annually over with that out of the cabinet that continue into the new address the key question of the morning is what continent do you fall under to covenant the devils like to keep the old covenant ally the question then becomes what kind of it and you wonder now but a lot of versus logos that move speedily do next fifteen minutes Exodus chapter nineteen Exodus chapter nineteen is the is is is at the crux of what we're about we're dealing with binary versus three through six eleven fax Exodus nineteen verse three and Moses went about it in the out of the mountain saying that shalt thou say to the house of Jacob and tell the children of Israel you're seeing an idea of the Egyptians and how I dare you Eagles wings and brought you want to myself now therefore covenant is coming but I was indeed and she my company then you shall be sure to treasure unto me of all people all the earth is mine her success and you shall be hard to me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation these are the words which thou saw speak of the children of Israel now I went to the verse twenty four to twenty four sorry of Exodus of a reality responded to all of this I found really three different times at least that he responded horizontally does one to make a point at the top performers three at the most and give them the covenant care and judgment and I will this is critical because the covenant must have to party the contract is a promise is mutual Mister sized is said in the morning said we will do powerful they were prominent in the voice was just as soon as Michael Plouffe said in reply Jesus standing before them as well be upon us and upon our children as well speak with one voice and announce Christ is except the covenant Moses then takes a broad and sprinkled it on them but ratified in the field if the decision may be noted that I wanted to get from the covenant is in his opening chapter and verse three it is what they will not have said they sent will we know they breathe the end of the bar it was rookie minimum lot Israel messes up more times then is a maximum I'm in a state where blunders and setbacks many times you look at the book of Judges this is one story of them failing after another because the company and I would jump them appoint faster but I am glad that they know that as God for his assistance in keeping the public the first covenant with the Russians are him climaxes in my candidate as long as you have six violations of November finish now that he is because they decide to fight this battle all their own flesh that is good to the covenant controversy great is that they are on the people who was in the Windows will believe that you will law relating to them because he gave his and I made a promise out of their own strength I believe that I was sacrificing all and I look at it a lot of it comes from the fact that they are not the idea that they are not able to keep the promise to them again in their own flesh our heroes that rise up in his room individuals who get it and are recorded in Hebrews chapter twelve individuals who come up and understand that if I didn't do this I got to live differently David Sapa fifty one liters and with that Seabrook and comes to understand how you hold he then begins the safe Gimli will magnify over what you have inside of me and it finally said okay and then become them but God 's will is the fact that he will not identify the root because we understand that you have it in for them and David in September that whenever I will and testament of May with the child limit on the Internet is negative and miserably and the circumcision would protect they won't sacrifice anyone him they did not understand that no matter how I tried to be under the system they never reach perfection in their own strength and covenant that you know the question of what does this relate to the dendrogram is implemented on Woodfield probably wouldn't you belittle the insight but in an individual looking to read that it was God who spoke the ten Commandments in Exodus chapter twenty and later in Deuteronomy it is God who writes the ten Commandments with his work on finger notice that they are not a whole set of laws often called the ordinance is not placed inside of the art under the cherubs that covered the place in the side of the bar and he admits that were M Y because of the act would be lifted out and be able to see that ceremonial role it wasn't the outside and explore with them because it reminded them about me that you think that the ship brought into a deeply gooseberries and found that they are not the annual weekly Sabbath days that were meant to remind them of their need for a coming Messiah is slain from the foundation of the world is against them because they had not seen such a Messiah and for them to accept what Jesus was going to do for them is to begin with the see-through and then we shall add the regional antipathy through all and come to understand what God will do for them in the plan of salvation and took an incredible amount of the opposite of the unit is a lot of faith to look backwards when Jesus came out and the Scripture to give us insight and him at the level is believed that Jesus died and at least it was sufficient for us since they are being performed either of you is really going on and that you have outside of June when an reason at the sacrifice of the finale you have to believe that I know the connection between the way and are coming perfect Messiah Symphony in the blood of Jesus would retroactively begin to work with and begin to the product by even testing work in London Google from there I have been replaced with the perfect blood of Jesus the government failed because the target doing themselves a failed because many of them never got a spiritual condition where they could see through all the ordinances expanding it was difficult to sympathize if you want walking in a very sick seriously spiritual one with God with the Scriptures don't remember them up your covenant we noticed because the Bible said that think a mammoth stock market 's perfect past as right here in the Hebrews he said that it was the old covenant was faulty and you be fat and perfect the same time a lot of guys walking around thinking your perfect wonderful would benefit women but you cannot be perfect and at the same time safely talking about the same law that is allowed for the past of the matter is one him him him him him him him if you let me all testament allows you will and that was nailed to the cross is not as old paper and into the February UK NATO toward the pigment with me I think that you described in all peace to all the little things that were shut out of the company some of the minute with seventy five Michelle because it predates the listener what would have been shadowing him and him as well no one would've ever killed a lion in the Passover amendment is not bad to get the document by how many hiring independent negative and ashamed when negative thing I have to take all resume compliance and put upon them calls made in animal skin even in that we understand that without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin even began to plot of Edward to the next company instantaneously something happened I spent another editor well nothing what about the exist before send all right now now nothing about the movie was chapter eight he was replicated in verses eight nine he says I will render these days comes in the Lord when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day when I took them by the hand to lead them out of the land of Egypt because they continue not my covenant and I regarded them not say it will look at verse eleven he says and they shall not teach every man his neighbor and every man his brother saying nothing why will they not need to the neighbor and the public to know the Lord of the Bible says that all shall from the least to the greatest something is going to change something different is about to happen and it's going to happen because in the new covenant is an opportunity to know God intimately that was not possible under the old covenant than Jesus has come about with that Anita McCarthy Manuel because God will be with us is whether it was a perfect sinless life and the need for daily sacrifices because he had lived a perfect life as I have any dynamical shot out of an honest and you will find a new covenant interestingly enough this was a drooping interestingly enough the die and shed his blood and him and it was ratified the script is that the ones with whom the president was giving the testament the company behind that it has been a telepath estimate is documented in the event you see somebody redundant with after they die well I will probably result in a criminal activity you should run for beds get there anything about it because I'm so busy that he would like to sign up because finally run as an incentive and the bloodshed and death of the garlic is sealed so interesting I say then that we Sunday as a memorial of the resurrection problem is the last word to you everything you would need to be in conflict with will and testament and life-changing I will be available to estimate estimate and and and is the Old Testament and I'm confident he gave in evidence of humility noted normal incoming services that we him again and he will or will that were against them in a race all and he established for himself something different he laid down what would need to do from our side it was sealed and that is if you Sunday and will of his resurrection or anyone acting with Justin that the part is testament before you die in plane five okay later even though the distributor the script is specifically says you can't adding listings that God is in as well as the new covenant is important because people are lining up to attack people think that we believe is flaky because we've lived slickly wiggling like click for relief lately I write is all right to expand at work the dictionary of the work this is an addiction around grown-up I got in trouble with my mother is a addition you know that the connection domain will supposedly had people in the right place at the Old Testament says we ought under the covenant he says we him him him him him him after that we have become but that's not the kind of this Sunday and is now enough that you wouldn't only get worse as time goes and you begin to come to know that you are coming closer and closer I submit you the only decided the key is in Israel and as we can keep the law is under the new covenant we did that because at the heart of man and I will be going to go to give us the strength to keep it on Apple treatment of the apples and apple tree and poultry with apples because an apple tree is an apple tree like you got that approve anything anymore without noting the seventies out of some positive righteousness is not keeping keep it because God has given us the strength to keep it he has given us the wisdom to know truth from error is that it is done anything less than that unit that's where many announcements will follow because just as the old covenant let them constantly against God and Sir Bale and Pentagon about eleven once Nehemiah rebuild the wall and they began to come back into Israel they became so there really are legalistic based on the same Old Testament law upon a time of Jesus the Pharisees every created an entirely similar laws for them to carry it is as much a covenant to be unbelievably and a fanatic as it is to be out in the streets party intended to yourself free of the Oakland him I was a strongly about fanaticism and legalism because I somehow feel that it is the more elusive the keeping up with the smallest thing that somehow save us as unfounded as Lucia with you as you do not have been because I want to know that this guy will find an exit is in Christ that constrain the key God will keep us out of my mind constantly where different now than it is a decent enough after that you know and unless for the development of the regression might be that when I when I went enough of them are really big and un-American of the Lord that without the web id. original but then I read the Scriptures and understood from fighting the wrong fight on fighting under the old covenant it am trying to do it out of my own strength that's the old company the conflict of the covenants is that you can't fight in your arms straight you wind up actually easier wind up constantly and intimately because of your failures and wind up in in in eyes widened on unnecessary rules and regulations of Georgia Los Angeles and the bride-to-be is the church we are going to insist Institute we measure the links of the women's skirts to make is that they reach so many integral part of the ankle of English sick brother regular sick brother will not come to judge and I will visit anywhere to measure and not the Violet hour limit on the church a little mesosphere on a little slap of life on our cleanup stuff in all the wrong kind of party him everything about us or the renewal will help I will always make truth is the reason because we feed the hungry as is often it is not something that it is the second child ideas San Bernardino is walking in the hospital yahoo .com you were in one particularly got millions of dollars in a bank and is reasonably a hospital in thinking about it is that we can have a minute left and because we live in Jesus Christ all the other things only makes sense but not limited to send a renewal of interest policies the mother walked up to you millions of lives in Boston this is the last surviving life this is another an unofficial Geneva between the NAR I know you're probably making of a spring with some covers for your company but possibly to know where Muslim women will be only lost the additions the plaintiff you can step into the relationship on the back end of it you come into relationship you get mad because you love each other then at each other with each other same principle in the spiritual realm your invite people into Jesus and all rituals that we recalls of law you understand that we are not just is not just a bunch of rules but that is the gardening is that if you love me him I was letting people try to keep the Commandments the voice of love that's the old covenant and get me wrong I believe in everything we breach a breach at all about their childhood and represented Michael Eisenberg room I'm not inevitable it reasonably little maneuvers of your but we must never forget that the company controversy comes because people will break away and try and blame their their their their their their their disregard for our church on the fact that they never felt love problems is to let that number be the Bible says by the fish men will know that you are my disciples not because you can eat gluten you know you know that the governor would later work and we worry is that but at least we moderate to the amount that is not good for the little man out of a window to select his units Ira Strunk and White we got to present a spirit of love we got to the Bible makes it clear is the love of Christ that can string it is his love that helps us that is the new covenant is because Jesus lives in me that I'm not on the street corners to this day somewhere along the line he took over and took control of me he was given control of my life and when he took it he leads me into the path of righteousness I usually the conflict over the company what I submit to you that we have been administered we live under the new government we live other than women and you notice during the Old Testament upon use of the Galatians him the story of Ishmael and Isaac Ishmael represents the old covenant it is interesting that I think is the son will face and obedience the government doesn't visit Galway would need to be obedient to God it just changes how were OBD or obedient because of some connected to God that we live for him let us pray father God we thank you Lord for visually seventy five Florida to continue to social truths of father God we would not live under the old covenant and not make promises that in the flesh we cannot keep my father got try to make doing things our salvation father God we has to be covered by the blood of the Lamb father God Jesus would know us and we would know him in a spiritually intimate way the father God the things of this world will continue to just broke the father God would be drawn the line of our loving Savior fill us with your grace your mercy and I love you father God and people would look upon this provided an open safe people who love the Lord and love their fellow man is not fair in Jesus 's name and


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