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3 - Positive Assurance in Christ

Glenn Coon
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Glenn Coon

Founder, ABCs of Prayer Crusades

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him all was done by a lady by the name of Malvern Hill and we have tried to contact her for years to get permission the illicit but you still in the mail on the law we've never been able to find season in the mail behind the picture let us pray dear Lord just make each one of us a mail on the wall to hold your picture in its place thank you in Jesus name amen as I speak this morning brother Neuharth you will be my timer oil somebody else's I don't know where he is lazy thank you all right it's perfectly all right beyond faith everywhere we go the biggest problem that we have found among older people and young people is this problem I'm not sure that I can make it through the kingdom of God a whole page question after question after question is coming from this student group right here on religion and I have found in those aware present last night remember but I mention I have found everywhere we go the biggest deal of Satan as is to get somebody to do something that's a little wrong and that is to say that person is impossible to write you might as well do some more wrong so that they still of the devil is it just can make it safe you can't make it to heaven anyway you might as well be happy here so the devil tries to make us miserable claiming to make us happy I want to share with you something this morning and I I believe that every one of us can make it through the kingdom I think some of us will never concept of religion than some others knew my concept of religion is that God wants us to be happy I don't believe God wants his children go around with their heads bowed down like a bulrush I agree that the religion of Jesus Christ when properly understood can give us some assurance it does not mean it will have no problems it does not mean that your lobby days of agony that while the iPad money Gethsemane 's but leaves it means that will have an assurance that will see us through so we can make it through the kingdom I mentioned last night that I was holding a series of little weaker persons with the little people in the elementary school and as they were coming in I was sitting in front and one little girl proceeded all the rest you've maybe nine maybe ten and she came up to wireless setting and she looked this way and that and then she modulated Herbalife 's indicating that this was something very confidential she said chemical do you think I have committed the unpardonable sin I simply always the world indicated that precious little innocent sweet girl that she couldn't make the grade was it anybody is Mister Donald and I'm not pointing to this Mister and Apple is that you can make the grade a little innocent girl that for my sake you can't make the grade and then I shared with him last night on eighty -year-old man on medical doctor neighbor of mine would work for God and love the Lord for decade this letter so long ago article something is only that there's no hope for me I said Doctor Jan God 's child you have on your items hold you by God 's grace are going to get a seven euros eleven and you know I would keep repeating it but very very difficult for him to accept it because that voice and then say really really normal normal normal normal military you know no hope for you know for you so that you have all that try still tries to discourage a ten -year-old is the same demo that tries to discourage Academy students college students their parents and eighty year old people is a statement that it is his business because people think you can't make it many times I spoke a little people and I know that this is what the devil is trying to do so I thought first of all I want to stop the old in this strikes so I say to these little people if you commit a sin today will Jesus forgive you and all of little people and then I take on a very serious look nicer but listen here if you commit the same Senate candidate can you then expect God to forgive you and you know what the little heads went told him that Mister garble I suggest you can the Bible says you could be forgiven the Bible says God will forgive you and then I take on another serious look in the him a you don't have great difficulty letting ugliness if it's a natural Isaiah is the view that thing sometimes donate a slave he will forgive you and you still expected to forgive you knew the little pedestal I converted them in five minutes that's what we want to do and then brought us a box of polls supposed to let the sun is today after the hospital authorities for release from Friday forget any of you noticed that you can use you then expect in the little heads go and that's what where I'm praying that those of us will find ourselves Jesus said four hundred ninety times you see what I repeat the same sins many times the same day it's important it does not change Jesus Christ it changes me it gives the devil it will call the state has no hold usually and it sounds logical but it does not change the heart of Christ is the same it classifies them and it hurts me but it does not change his attitude is just as willing to forgive at the end of the four hundred ninety five as it was the first is a promise first John two twenty five and this is the promise that he has promised us even eternal life how you put your name right in there I'm the first time I put my name in the this is the promise by the work costs is I put in my name this is the promise that is promised to include even eternal life and you know the devil told me so many times I can have eternal life with the goosebumps almost and not on the arms when I said this is the problem to promise to improve eternal life I've been preaching for years why have eternal in spite of all our sins committed does he still offer me eternal can I securely can I want to know the taste of the new Jerusalem cannot this is a promise and just a little before that maybe ten minutes before he wrote that he wrote first John one nine and it goes like this at Glenn Cohen confesses his same I will forgive Glenn Pistons and I'll cleanse Glenn from all unrighteousness so I put my name in and I've been thinking people for many years put your name in and wanted up with that but look at what you've done the Satan Satan Europe the Jesus Jesus is the great for damper look at what Jesus did for Mary Magdalena look at what Jesus did for the thief on the cross look at what Jesus did for Zacchaeus look at what Jesus did for Matthew the public on look at what Jesus did for the woman of Samaria geneticists sought funds bless your sinful heart and she was living I went on and and Jesus never soldier one side of condemnation that's Jesus this is so this is what we knew we can't allow our will but I'm not at first John one nine we use the ABCs of driving a prior swap pass that means I'm helpless I can save myself I can forgive my sins I can't cleanse me from all unrighteousness I have to rely on you Lord I listen and ask you forgive me cleansed the via prior to believe Lord I believe Bill and I was telling me on to bigger center no matter what pages the Lord I believe you I don't greatest possible for God to lie so I believe that you are not forgiving man cleansing the and the depth of the track record almost Angel done again and again and again is the same level is a thoroughbred registered babble but large you said you'd forgive me so now the same areas I claimant by facing down I have given I cleansed then we turn the page the first John two twenty five this is the promise that God has promised a few guests get goosebumps when you realize all the mistakes that you have made remember this I've made twice as many mistakes as you have I'm twice as old I think and if God has forgiven me for making twice as many mistakes as you won't even give you using you forgive everyone we received a letter in the mail in the same mail received several letters one was from a young lady she was about the many twentieth that type she said I attended yes there is a meetings a model Academy two years ago on the ABCs of prior pages that I thoroughly enjoyed the week but she said at the time I didn't realize how much I be benefited by it she said I have two examples of how I've been benefited number one I'm engaged to a wonderful Christian young man I'm engaged to a Christian young man as a wonderful go to thank the Lord for anybody get a Christian young men thank God for letting get a Christian young lady and number two she said is this and she wrote it all on one page and she wrote very very what's the word of youngish like she took a face to write about a paragraph and was beautiful and she said speaking of Jesus by Bill received him and as I read the rest of that sentence I wanted that it did something myself I do receive him as my very personal and she underscored Berry three times I believe personal jumpers or about three times personal Savior gender scored four times I do accept him I do receive him as my very personal savior in a white sheet ask she had believed and she had received in the same mail we got a letter from a lady who is seventy one years of age and I said to my wife she was never what I rushed demise of our silly to letters one is from this I was eighteen years of age on our meeting at mile the others from a seventy one -year-old lady and the seventy one -year-old lady said I then an Adventist Christian for forty years but she said never until I read your book ABCs of prayer that I have or have assurance she said I can say now that what the author had in mind for me has taken place I now have my hand in the hand of the crucified I now have my fan in the hand of the crucified no matter how many sins you are I've committed no matter what type they are God is not a man that he should lie number twenty three nineteen novice Son of Man that he should repent Kathy said shall he not do it has he spoken shall he not make it good so God cannot lie he will not like Canada shall pass away his word will not pass away only times I've fallen on my knees after I made some horrible mistake and I went before God because the devil says to me what he says to you you are teaching it but you probably won't make the grade in a far nineties largely just told me that I have eternal life in Jesus Christ I ask you for it right now for that assurance I believe it right now because I believe you and I thank you I do have eternal life that would bar him while our heads are bowed in prayer and eyes are closed no one to look around how money came in to this little meeting this morning without that promotion this came with a passion how many will accept that assurance fully with me this morning I renewed assurance when you lift your head praise God for that thank you Lord thank you dear Lord we are your children we will make many mistakes in future but you're still right there you are our Savior you are now giving us the beginning of eternal life we are forgiven we are cleansed we do have a white page before you hardware is only a never committed once in our lives get thee hence thank you Lord for hearing in Jesus name amen it was brought by audio website dedicated to spreading God 's word and audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe and life is worth a visit www. audio tours or


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