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6 - Questions Young People are Asking

Glenn Coon
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Glenn Coon

Founder, ABCs of Prayer Crusades

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we all wish we persist in prayer Luke eighteen makes it sound like we if we had him and that he will give and grant our request is the process of persistent prayer that is found in Luke the eighteenth chapter and it is this time the unjust jobs of the woman it kept coming to them and coming to them and coming to them and saying avenge me of my enemy and he said that just so that she wanted to igniting the all right our request then Jesus said but you asked the Lord in your answer this is a message in contrast rather than comparison it would seem at first authorities say if you keep nagging me and I'll so to get rid of the old answer but as we read all the text of Scripture we find that this is a message in contrast like for instance Romans eight thirty two says he that spared not his own son but delivered him up for us all how shall he not with him also freely give us all things so the Bible presents God 's anger just a contrast to this unjust judge in the eight visions three twenty and says now on to him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all we ask or think usually so God is very very eager to come to our rescue so it's a message of in contrast rather than compressed next question it seemed that during meetings people used to get excited and it would last a while now they aren't even phase why can anything be done to get people excited Daniel my doctor I let this question came in from a young person they'd like to see some excitement in Christianity I say amen how can we get people excited John six twenty four course Jesus is saying ask and you will receive your job will involve the reason I have found one of the big reasons I found why many people are not excited over related they're not getting access to private don't know how to approach God and get some set of sensors somebody came to me after the meeting last night and began to share some answers to prayer and are excited quite excited because we thought that the Lord is a God he is eager to come to our rescue and that something get excited over next question thank you that nature is really getting on moving to others and persecution Satan cannot have discounted keys thank you that was not a question that was a statement and a good one you believe that only SVA 's will be in heaven or will other Christians of different religions be there to let another question John three sixteen God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that costs are building is in him should not perish but have everlasting life the price of heaven is Jesus Christ our favorite author states in the book great controversy that the majority of the body of Christ is not in the Adventist church there are tens of thousands of wonderful Christians in other churches and those who followed Jesus and walking all alive this is a life that the price of heaven as Jesus walked right through those gates to the new Jerusalem that's why Jesus and walk in the light I am the light of the world everyone who keeps looking to Jesus and walked with Jesus to the fullest extent of the life he has given me their argument I him Baptists and Methodists set Catholics mime I never belittle a Roman Catholic some of the most reverent sincere people that walked the face of their are Roman Catholics and on and on we could go next question thank you why so much emphasis placed convention I used to go no need for white is everyone leaving and that is our sincere Frank question if they want everything is going along all right why should I stand in need of something else but John three sixteen tells us about a life that keeps on you know when I find a young person or an older person that's that's come to the end of this life are coming to the end of his life then they'd like to live longer the overlords but that longing for life and every one of us OEM we've been getting some grapes here when we learned that we could be coming to Michigan I said to my wife home I think I can hardly wait to get to the great country and we want up and bought half bushel of grace I put them off some of them in our motorhome and you know some strike the jackets came along and they said we like grapes to and I feel well really you didn't invest in these grapes are invested in them if you got my new money there's the door and you know when I start pursuing one interlocking the strike ejected to want to live longer and a flame wants to live longer will you want to live longer the salvation of Christ offers us to try home life is on the yes I was doing so I will life so that's what salvation offers us do the things we rule out the new throughout eternity John three sixteen please how can we as SDA youth will better relationships and friendships with those not of our church we have been studying that for quite a while I'm confident that the Lord Jesus has told us how to build relationships with people not of our particular faith Jesus said follow me now make you fishers of men if we study Christ's method is so different from the methods that are generally used for instance the first America let Jesus performed before anybody in Cana of Galilee now he was doing missionary work there out what was the occasion anyone awaiting Jesus attended a wedding humanitarian happier sticker on his own program he untangled wedding and I wasn't all you know is that the groom 's family war were being immersed because they're running out on the leverage Jesus isn't interested in giving them some more wine you see is Jesus ministry met people at their felt need and they needed they felt they needed more wine so it makes it great just right on the spot if we would make people at the felt need we be doing like Jesus maybe they need their long mode that a lot of young people letter busy helping older people my we had time to listen to testimonies right here we find there lots of young people him him them just a little error on someone else that's like Jesus and thank you to destroy Jesus somebody already answered that in the end the question little while ago in him was life I think the large all the devils in hell couldn't take the life of God from him aren't you the next question could God die good God I want to dance it in him his life Jesus said I halfheartedly down my life I have power to take it again it is true that we as human beings cannot fully understand all about the death of Jesus but we can understand that he died in our place he died the second that they give us eternal life the next question thank you what the signs are going to happen before Jesus comes again and how many of them find their when will we know if we've been saved or not let's first just deal a moment with the with the signs if you'd like to study little more regarding the signs of Christ coming your find it in Matthew chapter twenty four Chapter twenty one and many other places James chapter five and a second Timothy chapter three and on and on the signs are good just kind of research and then Matthew twenty four fourteen the greatest sign of Christ coming is is the gospel goal to the world then sell the income and what is the next one how will we know where was that you just read that you only know you yet how can we not risk the saved are not first John five thirteen these things I write see you that you may know that you have eternal life that the things I write unto you that you may know that you have eternal life we have the right to have the beginning of eternal life now he is thus on half life first John five ten ago so this show is I invite Jesus into my heart and in simple childlike faith I say Lord I invite you in you said you stand at the door not Revelation three twenty you said if I open the door and invite you in you will bring the feast I invite UN pilot center I claim first John one forgiveness and cleansing I'd like to I have the beginning nature life right then and then suppose I said and first John two first versus these things write I on the religious and not but if you send we have an advocate for the father Jesus Christ the righteous so if we send him a we can instantly turn of the Lord and say Lord forgive me and you forgive us and we are still in eternal life aren't you glad this is true so whatever the devil comes alongside you just messed it all up you say Mister Devil that may be true but I have a bigger Savior and I have same will retarded people automatically go to heaven that is that's that's a good question doesn't it will automatically go to heaven the only answer I would know what is the one found in the in at first twenty five Abraham said the jobs of all the earth who write and first John four eight God is love is God going to exclude such an individual from heaven just because of his condition I have my own opinion I believe that we several wonderful God and I have found that many a retarded person for me seems very much there to God than many others I just admire the heavens you I've admired them it seems that the Holy Spirit is making up the life that they had so we don't trust the Lord to handle it rightly one week next question is that I love to gamble as well the devil yes or no my I've had arguments with my brother-in-law overlap is God love the devil and we are holding a series meeting and what my cat meetings and I was telling how God loves everybody and that a minister was that usually these fire and brimstone minister general has said they don't have a much more but in those days they had some of these of fiery ministers that that kind of thoughts that talk to fail around your foot it know all and he began to putting text of Scripture that would indicate that what I was thinking about the love of God is not true except by no one admitted on the campground and he said that the frenzies that this is the heretics I said the eye not many heretic I have disciples in the teaching from the Bible later that week you send in a question these in your drawing your drawing overall well-known law and workstation for all of our more editing the wiki is a must I almost love the devil God is love God is love this is why instead of burning up the demo for eternity burning in for eternity elected comes or not Ezekiel chapter twenty God is just as well as merciful but he loved he is love he is the bottom one of law next question because of all the worldwide devastating events happening in this world today the four angels still haven't released the four winds when we know they have been released this question deals with the revelation the seventh chapter versus one to three why set I saw four angels standing on the four corners of Europe holding the wins and wins represent war in all and I don't don't don't let these wins Gold one angel said to the four until we have sealed the servants of our God in the cards in the parts are used safe or had been neutral me but that isn't correct or it still the Angels will not let these war wins go out of control until God 's people are sealed as his by the way may I say the first Angels message to show us what kind of a God the Sabbath keeping God is the first Angels message goes something like this I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach of them that dwell on the earth the gospel is what good news as saying dear God gives guardian for the hour of his judgment is come and worship him I sounds almost like the fourth amendment that word worship comes from an original word according to Doctor Jan and his analytic open Gardens Big Dig one he said the word worship comes from an original word meaning kiss the hand or so the Sabbath keeping Christ is trying to tell us that God is a God of love God loves us God wants us to fall in love living he is looking down a big long nose to find all of our mistakes usually so well we know how much we anointed one time I don't know the next question if a baby was born in a time Jesus 's kind was here she's having even if the mother doesn't it be that they will take care of him and says there will be no marriage and giving in marriage in heaven and in another place it says something about our family and having well how can you be a family if you aren't married anymore the children live on their own hardly know their parents are these good questions first of all of first Corinthians thirteen twelve we shall know also is aware in the home and I was a foreign couple and document his life and she said didn't you suppose that we don't know each other and have him he said the he said I'd rather go somewhere and be somebody when I go somewhere then be nobody in gold the larvae nobody wanted national Park God says will know each other when we get to heaven will know each other and what about that little child again Genesis eighteen twenty five the judge of all the earth moved to write one big I'm glad the him a loving Christ I do next question what is your view of Christ and what he thinks of us I don't know how you feel but I feel that the church as a whole seems thing of God is a very domineering person someone who doesn't like to have fun but I'd like to think him as someone who likes to have fun thought I Jeremiah twenty 9/11 is that I will toss that I think Georgie was that the Lord needs not of evil these are his thoughts now in order to know something of God 's thoughts who was at that love to be around him little children climbing up on his lap following him to a lifetime of Christ he was followed in Minute Maid domain the adulterous woman of Samaria the adulterous Matthew that old truck sexy up to talk and the children men and women allowed to follow Jesus because they saw in his condiments they noticed in his voice everything bets that said I understand and I love all right next one with you in Christ as your personal savior what do you think will love me like that if he is my personal savior not because I feel that but because a catlike and at times I feel it and other times I don't feel it but I don't have to trust my feelings aren't too bad for them I don't have to trust our feelings feelings are like the clouds is a big change but God doesn't change so everyone of us has the privilege I know doing this have the privilege of saying their large not because I feel that but because you promised I claim total forgiveness first John one nine I believe right now you're fulfilling your promise up some thirty to one nine two Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven for sin is covered I claim the promise larder of Isaiah one eighteen let us reason together set the Lord though your sins be as scarlet they shall be as white as snow dear Lord thank you for the wonderful questions that are coming for the young people who have read them thank you for your Holy Spirit is telling us there's a wonderful and called the land of beginning again all our mistakes all our heart aches all over for English beef can be dropped like a shabby overcoat at the door and never be put on again thank you for getting us in Jesus name amen you might argue a website dedicated to dogs were reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about numbers you like the more certain it is www. audio


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