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8 - More Questions Young People Ask

Glenn Coon
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Glenn Coon

Founder, ABCs of Prayer Crusades

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dear Lorne I like you to make me just the nail on the wall to hold Olongapo picture of beautiful picture the picture of Jesus in his place thank you and I love the name in a lot of questions as we mentioned that the others service a lot of questions of command I can't tell you how it affects me when I realized that I can answer all the questions here we've invited people to put the men and and it would take two weeks of meetings like this the offensive of but will go as far as we can and we have a couple find young people here so here they are thank you brother Joe Apple and sister happy thank you the why cannot this word jewelry is a life then they were able thank you it everyone of these questions I can't message there everyone is sincere of God no one tells us we can't like jewelry Jeanette the keyword is the word .net first beta three one oh three and Titus and first Timothy two nine it's its adornment in other words were not put Darvon is an excellent windbag to dust I have jewelry I want to write here that no and you have that jewelry God doesn't have a gripe against jewelry he just wants us the Bible says and you know this is bothered me for years I found that in almost every congregation which I've been a pastor him want her to all ladies that are let all men will come on and start inspecting everybody else's garments when they should be inspecting themselves you know it's like that is like a story heard last night lady walked up the ministry had little red in his thigh and she's invested I have something for you and she picked out her processors and got the tile she said now your perfect finish that I have something for you would you loan me the scissors now stick out in time all the newly perfect time so the Lord doesn't want us to go around and zero in on things first Peter three one to three tells us that in the darning and I felt on those little witches and wizards your left the whole story it says don't go in on the outward adorning but it's as ongoing yourself with Jesus in other words the awareness of individual at all many people I see the Koran singlets the twentieth and they don't look with some they look like little she devils are little he doubles they don't look happy in Jesus because they thought the whole local beaten minor part is totally off the external adorning the major part is to be with them it wasn't until I went kind and sweet thank you next my sisters turning away from the church against my parents were compared to him why don't they chatter I thought the great seal on the part of thousands of our church members is if they see someone it makes a mistake they take at once they must become a little creature they aren't even eagerness how come the new preacher and they think it's their duty to straighten the personnel there are several laws of God the ten Commandments are based on point love love cannot function without science therefore one when I go to somebody he may be on drugs he may be committing any one of other students and I told him and I start drinking again I'm completely out of place there's a better way to handle it and it is this Mark five nineteen the tool man out of all the devils were cast they never heard a sermon from Jesus they wanted to accompany Jesus he said no he said you go back home and you tell your friends and neighbors how great things the Lord has done for you and the Lord has had compassion on you I have found in my ministry there's nothing that'll help people so much as for me to ask the work of the Holy Spirit knocked upon something that all but to give them hope my by revealing that our story of somebody else was founded and runs and the Holy Spirit will say that if that person could find immigrants you can do so first involvement on campus have the right kind of like Ike 's one eight and then I can tell stories about them if I wanted people 's homes I remember how when a man's home he wanted to join the church abuse tobacco and he knew that church members not sports youth tobacco we won and was holding and him a lot of time now even asked me to come tell them not give tobacco by Mike on the hullabaloo about it so I said brother I'm sorry you couldn't and our meetings Alyssa Farley is thereby waiving to bring the reviving of the law is doing so for things that NIC will something left on the board tonight I never even intimated that he did and I Sindelar is a regulated blessing I said no just before we go where prayer is anything you'd like to have us pray for said yes I'd like to stop using tobacco seat I didn't point out that the work of the Holy Spirit I started within the blessings of others receiving the letters they get and I plan receive deliverance right then within the hour to confirm this from different religions is in Shively and why isn't that beautiful vistas this is what we do first John tulip sex either except I applied opinion on the cell wall even if he walked just keep your eyes fixed on Jesus the price of heaven is Jesus Lord Jesus what would you do wonder the Bible saying you did I wanted to what you would do it so easy for us got our eyes on somebody else keep our eyes on Jesus look on the manual be saved Isaiah forty five twenty two behold the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world John one twenty nine my only game which is the same image second Corinthians three eighteen thank you what should you do if you feel that you are going to the church only because your parents want you to believe in God you don't feel like going to church the church does not give you anything interesting that's very good question and I think what we covered in the the first segment I think as was the reason why we can enjoy religion is because of all the things we watch listen to or read I wanted to check in that is no reason will also if I take a pharisaical attitude isn't going to church and I think I see no what that preacher say all I wish Sosa were here he needs it no one can enjoy I went to church with young couple and collect some time ago we had one we very seldom have a Sabbath of Abby the minister who preached was not very interesting at the close as we went over to eat dinner with this couple the young man said I didn't get anything out of my NFP expostulated a while I said master question when you went to church this morning did you ask the Lord to feed your soul recent of course not I said of course that's what he did I said I wanted a church and ask God to give me a blessing I said I came out of church with three distinct blessings Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness is the Matthew five six next if yes then you want to be good how can you still get into heaven is there really like those are two questions the first is divisive and want to be good is there an answer yes first John the second chapter these things are right on the religious involvement of any man sin we have an advocate for the father Jesus Christ the righteous though your sins be as scarlet they so Ms. White is not about backsliding was fourteen for I'll hear your backsliding I love you greatly second question please is really like testing that is there life after death yes I love first Thessalonians four sixteen the Lord himself shall listen from heaven with a shout with the voice of the arc angel in the trouble and identity crises arise units yes Q how can this clearly defined earthward where people spend so much time and find the word of God of the way to define the word of God is found in the second theater one twenty it says there is no no Scripture that is of any private interpretation in other words would let the Bible interpret itself and one of the best ways to let the Bible interpret itself there tools special ways one is the always notice the context than we know what he is talking about is a if we take it out of context it becomes a pretext phrases there was a minister speaking before his people in the days when lady is warming taxes had a top-notch and the minister got fed up so many the ladies work wearing that kind of half the people in my problem comes in so he went about the twenty four that morning he read from the twenty fourth chapter top not come down the context was this as Jerusalem is called arm is let him that is on the house not coming out to take anything out of this house each of these words from the context come down the way to be sure that we are in the truth is as we study and attacked me sure we read the context secondly read all attacks we plan on that subject and will be amazed when the divorce next question bank him explain the beliefs or doctrines at Sundance into them without using a lot of FDA clichés that's when we don't even need to use any I've been embarrassed as I've heard a lot of people use clichés that that these clichés are necessary and many times guests commended what it's all about the about the third Angels message there is a third angel in the third Angels message but we should be careful in our churches because we want guests to be there to enjoy the Lord we had we talk about health reform what's a what kind of reform is that of what the settlement money is that is a there there ways to say at this good healthful living you see the messages of God instead of the third Angels message the message of God one is the first Angels message you find it and Revelation fourteen six and seven then there is a second Angels message Revelation fourteen is then there's a third Angels message is safe we should bear in mind that there just we once suggested and enjoy the Lord thank you is not to try to show Christ's love to others in your everyday life or did not do so some advantages of Christianity like a product door-to-door whatever we do both number one we limit John one four in him was life and his life was the light of men at start what good will it do if I go out as a witness in my life that's what necessity then I can go but I don't have to go from door to door and found some people we can go to our neighbors and and maybe mow the lawn or some way that they were contribution to them then they will kind of fall in love I know about off-line administrative will your neighbor was the raising her leaves she was she was swiping them and advise them that is laid up and I can help Toshiba store she said that I have already a man bring it in the lady was unregistered I prefer to sleep is good news but I'm not that is a civil legal get married she got the right thing over and along the regular later they're both going to the same church just find what we field might be a contribution for somebody else I find that in my life braces a lady in Madison when I was that this is just in my mind now she had a volume service she was praying that this one might come home alive and as I was at home she was stepped on the other one for moment and I I said the Lord will give you some kind what the promise or her and I told in the Lord will help me to open for the great text that says the Lord the handmaidens child it will come home and I've read the why she thought I was a contribution door is the next big make people not believing in creation of the world the Bible says the main reason is common in the in Romans chapter one verses twenty one to twenty five it says that when they knew God they glorified him not as God they are made in their imaginations they didn't want and no one was like yesterday if a human heart does not want to face the judgment then it's a wonderful thing for them not to believe in creation if we believe in creates our then we have to also believe that the creator will sometime take us in an account but if if if if we were created we don't have to worry about a judgment this is one of the reasons that one but that's one thank you why is it important to keep providing clean when we know are going to die anyway first Corinthians of the chapter and the sixty first as our bodies are the tabernacle of the Holy Ghost is a so as we travel along the bill of Seventh-day Adventist Ms. that were represented on our home body soul and spirit three folding line body so is a and one affects another you see the only way God can get through to me is that my brain the only way to get through to you as a brain so as we keep the body Claire and the brain clear that God can speak to us first at first Corinthians three sixteen thanked me for someone who has influence drug problem when they are really old to old enough to know that is it's hard to say anything about them getting to yes and in a sense they have a right to get upset if they think I'm thinking of them they have arrived in upset instead of taking them on let me in a very carefully claiming the promise Holy Spirit and eleven thirteen Telstar something wonderful fun and I'm telling this person kind of in on all android about somebody who had a problem in that type of problem receipt I don't even insinuate that he has a new step a wonderful lady rates down he took a hold of God 's promise of interest to fourteen and fifteen that God would deliver the dotted and aggressive in bed his whole being in believing that God was to elaborate him as a lot of overlap on a government listens he doesn't build on the condemnation from me because I'm not gotten up on holy this next one is the part of both the unpardonable sin and he finally maybe out the ring and I think it's one here's one of the simplest fact that many honest but here's one of the simplest that spirit is in no and Mark chapter three eighty twenty eight verse twenty eight number very I sent you all sins shall be forgiven him of the sons of men and blasphemies are whatsoever they shall blaspheme but he that shall blaspheme against the Holy Ghost hath never forgiveness but is in danger of eternal dominant detonation because they said he happened unclean spirit Jesus told them that the unpardonable sin was for them to say that the work of the Holy Spirit was the work of the devil know that income instantly as the Holy Spirit convicts of sin John sixteen verse eight if I refuse this conviction and I resumed the first John one nine says and I don't confess my sin thus and that is not confessed to be forgiven and if I keep building up and don't confess my sins when the Holy Spirit points allow little by little I let the dog will come over on a coming of my life until finally I will accuse the spirit of God is being the spirit of the devil next question you do when you have an ability to influence people or people copying and you're not the best person in the world I like that and that that that's the that's humility that person is saying I'm not a Christian I could be again I noticed to have an influence it is a challenge is why not go to the Lord and pay him a promise like Philippians two thirteen it is God that works in me both to will and to do this would play him a lot help me like to help me help me as you have made the turn from that which will take away my relish from your word then I can reach out and take hold of your word and then I hold me into believing you see and it could happen all right now you may want to read through three release them really right for the church to lean on wife's writings instead of using the Bible to be in the church let females become ministers not just chaplains again would you read a couple more that they can look that will go to the polls will have a couple minutes left my mom and wife says the girl is not what I think that is teen because it is a personal friend I still don't understand why other people it on our meetings spring of this first of all the lobby of our meetings older people particularly court felt that if a girl wears jeans that she's being rebuked by the Lord you don't stop to realize he that when Deuteronomy chapter twenty two of written single woman shall not wear that would put which pertain at the man that men and women both wore white garments that's right so what is it talking about it's talking as best I've understood about homosexuality that we must be careful and not where the type of garment that would excite homosexuality event will intuit more because we want to cover little bit regarding Alan white with another one regarding her thank you what are your feelings on the outburst of people about college life is writing not be distributed by the thank you I have just donned fifteen of radio broadcast on LNG wife and I've entitled them the greatest profit since John the Baptist they are now being aired at the St. Helena at the UC they're going to be aired at at our college in Texas Robin you're right and several other of our college radio stations the greatest profit since John the Baptist the reason is I have found in our writings constant challenges that look to Jesus Christ a constant challenge to take every word of God just as it is no wonder the delegates are greatest prophet says John the Baptist I hope that it may be aired here also in time by the Neuharth is now working on it and hope it can be and we can thank the Lord if anyone has any doubt my father when he is young man felt that Alan White was not a true prophet he decided to write a book against her but he said before I do it I must read her writings to be sure when he read a few days these of this is inspired by the large she's uplifting Jesus she is uplifting the word of God and he became a tremendous promoter of a true prophet thank you so much dear Lord their people right here this at this very session under the influence of your Holy Spirit were deciding by God 's grace to claim your promise and your power and your deliverance for any of these programs and in this literature that leaves us in the sex and violence takes away our taste for the word of God thank you Lord you are giving them that decision their sincere they won't be happy they have a right to be happy they will be happy in you thank you in Jesus name amen you my audio nurse rudely website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain and please visit www. .com universe .org


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