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4 - Prisoners Delivered

Glenn Coon
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Glenn Coon

Founder, ABCs of Prayer Crusades

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as I share with you one almost remember things my point prisoners are released you may possibly remember the story in the sixteenth chapter the book of life while Paul and Silas were imprisoned invalid by and their people in the stop according to students who understand the situation we understand that those men were very very miserably located their backs works were just lacerated lacerated with stripes and they were placed in such a position that there would very very painful condition and in the night I hear Paul saying to Silas sang together now I don't know what parts I was saying I don't want part Paul saying I don't know what saying the air but I don't think that's wrongly because the Bible says the president for them no notice as the men began to say and appraisal are something happen the very wall that presently demonstrate every prisoner was loose the keeper of the prison of the present dignity for these men the only problem is and what must I'd only save and write that he found salvation in Jesus Christ every prisoner was Lewis including the keeper of the prison now I'd like to share with you the meaning of this my friends as fair as far as marriage is concerned when you get a praise the lard in a very special way something can happen to a married prisoners of infatuation is a infatuated with someone else the tomatoes I know what I see that happening dad and again and again I will write a C that make them yours was infatuated most is by you will be beautiful however your criticism not only did not than what the president 's release while still silently married I say and a unit that takes place when we began to praise the Lord programmer and not merely the price we can expect salvation to take place while I recite the dealer said posted believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shall be saved God wants our exhausting not read the rejoicing the world a trivial stories rejoicing he wants us to be rejoicing in the Lord in a peace and happiness applications that only Jesus can give a nod like this with your friends to experiences that we had in our very last of a series of seminars the first is on the lady that had come to see us in a previous meeting about a hundred miles away she called me on the telephone and she was sobbing pastor she said could I see you what next Friday I'll be at your study now be holding a series with you next Friday she said I can't wait that long was it all right you may come up to be a two hundred mile round-trip unit but will visit as she came up to us just in here the woman was greatly frustrated deeply confused she said my husband and I were not getting along at all what in the world are we going to do I said well there are three options you can divorce if I can merely separate or you can enjoy this far find some of the rooms on the Bible have a happy home she said I don't want to separate I do want to be divorced and I don't be living as a lively melody is killing me I said what we would be coming to your city now just a few days how would you like to bring your husband enthusiasts so sure enough even before we began our serious to date of our series began in she came upon the appointment with her husband he was a nice-looking man she was really basically a beautiful alone except that our sorrow you know precluded a lovely face and as they talk together she was really browbeating him he wasn't as know he was running around with other women but he wasn't paying attention for that she deserved he was not a companion that you wanted she is spending enough time with me she said NSC was sharing her bitterness in what I was doing I was claiming the promise of the Holy Spirit Luke eleven thirteen I was also claiming a promise for wisdom James one five I wonder I don't belittle either of these people in the mandatory scar no garage and I think I told him about this I said you know that momentum this guard Lebron the garage was looking curse out the car so I said I'm not go to curse you people belittle you people are scolded to people always share with you one or two outstanding rules of marriage but you can really be happy and I said now among the rules and by the way among the rules that I shared with them is something I want to share with you into sessions from now under the title let's communicate and I shared within those rules by the rules of how to communicate once I shared with you in the last session there are another set of rooms in the first and so I started the night and now I like to decide together that between now and Wednesday and Friday night tonight about Saturday night when we will meet again that means that he will take on each other at all during the daytime I said to you what the continental ice that you want to convert all you wait until you can sit down together but between now for the next three days mean obviously other for writing and and they agreed we prayed together they came by and I said how are things going she said not at all well all did you pick on I didn't hitting the University of did your problem it moves a little yes I said I have I have a very special program for you and I said this program can make you so delightful that you will never have to worry again about whether your husband will be your companion to walk right I think your hospital quality down the street to find you if you put a black in effect what we call thank you program our ten point program so I said whether what I have placed on this special outline it's in the hands of those in the studio here at this hour and this is what it says first of all it Nehemiah chapter eight verse and the last part just as in equation it is a biblical equation joy cross the Lord it was long string let's take you got a job I will be as great a equation is a biblical a place on anything is every language I still hold in the Lord will strike what is the strength of America the job I the Lord is the strength of my life and now this is how you'll do it better eight hundred twenty six text of Scripture that I want to be happy and joyful and placing the child know what happens where praising the Lord so I said on yourself because were under six thousand years of the generation in order to bring yourself to get into this new experience your first take a sheet of paper and you make maybe you may want to do a little cardboard off the sheet of paper about an inch or two inches square and in Paris by writing you right now ten words each one represents one thing for which are grateful like up what did we put here all right error air by the way here in the studio are thankful prayer messier hands let's got if anyone is in the photograph I I see there's one doing it and she looks happy already thinking about photograph all I'll fill you you'll put down ten words of first desire and the next is what site all right then in a few moments when you are in the studio will bill your your meditation and even now if you wish to do like to write down another word anyone would like to tell us the third word that you are writing down your pencil writer and if you'd like what is a something else for what you're thankful that's very good Jesus thank you very I know there is as a something for which you are grateful your life I know that because you told me before the second that's right all right and is it something for which you are grateful following levels on my that is that is beautiful and what about this happy looking lady what might you be grateful for for the Bible lovely someone else raise your hand and held it for what you are grateful one thing I hear there is for Jesus someone else that gives us there doesn't already and what are you grateful for brother will sell a wonderful now directly this less than ten words I said to her videotape each of these words the first word air and you put into assignments conforming to this equation giant plus the log cellular safety thank you Lord 's prayer but said together I prayer is not difficult as it and the next his site together thank you Lord for site the next might be followed thank you Lord for full and I think I told her it besides how many people at a time to say thank you our car and name something I'm not the most people are saying is actually taking place in the believe it or not a chemical changes taking place something is happening here on the hunting Bill Young researchers on this and they found that they know everything is actually driving under the sadness of the human heart abnormality learning again under a praise program that is as a à la order toothbrush let's say you want to think you just made about Iraq Russ and Donna did any of you remember about the latest enough instead I want all my guns and you remember how she said it brother the door opened on now you don't have to say just the way he did because we have a clear plan for crackdowns what he's doing back there no guns let's say you are from I don't I said as you were going to let list of ten things I want for this thank you for this chemical changes taking place in the human system you know I ever check your loan if your stenographer you know in writing the letter you have the capitalizing thank you Lord for my teeth because of them the teeth of the typewriter might just you know so you have to be considerate and use it appropriately but not all the instant that any negative thought comes into your mind that your car psychological this makes the drug from the negative they want we pray together they went back home the next day at about eleven o'clock she called me by long-distance crying sobbing pastor you may did tell me yesterday that the problem my marriage is all my fault but the one that is so much like thank you Lord thank you for a signal not all not at all I'm not saying it's not your fault but I'm saying this will your sovereign hand you use your strength and no I is a small if you have this if you like to play yourself on this as a beautiful of my favorite author is not movable the minister believed a humidity says that we should get it Alex and I speak his praise this is your assignment we identified we have to start somewhere and you start with this and you don't need to worry about her husband all right the next night Mister Lewis friends and I'm not exaggerating the next night after the meeting was over this man was standing in the foyer of the church brother you look at Cedar they come about fifty miles together I said where is your wife back in the church is it something must happen you see her I went like NYC was sitting in I sat down and that lady 's face in the weather there I can't describe in words and I don't know what our government butter faces this is what I said listen did you do the ten point program myself what in the world is not did you really I said you're your marriage must be something out I never saw so much joy and safety alerts in my life but so long as our strength and iceberg and I said and I was smiling and the smile was one of these on the easement smile how will this him will looking at a and then turn it considering this is a federal right is a low cost is not an brand I want to tell you that when the Lord has given us eight hundred twenty six text of Scripture telling us to be happy all you need to what he says that's why the analysis identified the means and what he says are very hot-blooded like a medicine and eating means that any thousand and eleven living in the closing days of human history noise it's found in first Thessalonians five sixteen forty three gigawatts is just a word that you're going rigid I evermore while reviewing the context of her specimens by your client is talking the people who know the terrible days and other tens of thousands of people lose my car clean and prepare the nation which we live anything you will let your heart and there you have your redemption draws nigh and you can energize your file your hole will be trained and they'll will change society where human will change your scholarship will save your desires will save you say rather I just like let's say together on the Lord is your strength will enable even messier hand thanked the Lord yes we have a right to believe the very day that this lady called by long distance stopping and asking me if I thought with all her call on another lady came to see me him on the day before NAC came in for this consultation I usually say to me was a cover consultation I say not I'll tell you how we counsel you to build up a whole story you just come and tell us exactly what is your problem to identify then I ask you a few questions and then I can write information and I said could you just identify she said yes she said I cannot keep in and I cannot keep my job I'm tired from one job after another I've lost my phone I now have another job with only a week and I think that is getting we and she said and that's my problem I said I have a solution I have a solution from the book the book of all the world that emphasizes the strength of your life and you never need to worry again in your life about keeping friends nice and not go to share with you and I shared with her three things before I told anything about the ten point program you never heard she knew nothing about it I said not to tell you something about this program before I can let the program is the number one number one I said every individual who is ever shared who is ever put this into practice every individual will never put in the practice has succeeded I shared with her experience after experience and experience that we had with individuals I shared with it experienced a lady that was that the committee when we want your home I live regrouping in any case she was completely you remember what it was another lady she was a doctor 's wife she written ahead of Boston Brooklyn in fact our suit your IC and running right right after another one after another and I said no this says that program Bush are with you I said I know you wonder what is but first I want to know that's a very simple program and accessible that you overlook it unless you realize that it is efficient it is successful number two is formed by said God says in any hundred and twenty six versus Scriptures we should do it either in the form of a clubman are example I think you know when the Lord emphasizes nothing by repeating his wife is emphasizing Lenny release and eight hundred twenty six five easy business so I said and authorities there in the sky with you is probably the most neglected on any type of doctrine in my church family around the world so it's extremely successful it says that God is emphasizing eight hundred twenty six nine and anything about it so that not a lot of people say it's too simple remember that God says it's important to remember that I tell you I've never seen one person yet the limitless mental condition is no matter what essential condition is no matter what his family condition is succeeded I said would you like to take notes so I started with or are want to share with you and I shared with the hub mystical iCarly that one first presented I call it the greatest figure of town and you know as I said whether Nehemiah eight ten and I so I said whether I would do anything but down ten words of the state the next they can want to look at the heat on chief Don Edwards zero down I said not at least each of these ten words in a sentence thank you hard prayer recited together thank you microphone buffet together your own air air we went right nonetheless I said now here is the first step it's very important make each of these words now in a sandwich she laughed silently I set aside which is composed of those slices that are like an affiliated with different bedrooms I think I thank you I will think about that idea is what I did she said that tremendous that they immediately put in the practice two days later seasoned it up in our seminar and dinner testimony at that she said nothing is ever happened to me like this when you think let's put it in so doing but I can see that you folks have really been having a sweet fellowship in the share time and now we've come to the next phase in the closing phase of this special hour together and that is questions any questions that you might have regarding the topic of this hour the freight to write them off and hand them to our teammate and she will hand them to our brother and he will read them and we will deal with those questions don't hesitate a moment to need a slip of paper rays ran active rented out raise again and and are our friend will pick it up thank you the first question yes this was fasting during the meditation time him this question wants to know doesn't everyone who begins the thank you program find wonderful answers like those whom you spoke about or other exceptions to the rule that is a good question and you might be amazed in the fifteen or twenty years that we've been hearing in I don't know what single exception to the rule if it is gone now for instance we were in a certain church where a pastor 's wife invited us to dinner and as we were eating she told us the unnerved commission that you had for some thirty years I shared with her this sent my program and after about three or four days she said her husband and it has helped me a bit is it easy to do classical and suggested she said what yes I decided I would be more positive these of that is what he suggested all you said you must write it write it and then say it as a holding and this conforms to solve a hundred three versus one to three it says Mastronardi all my soul and all that's within me which means that we must impart a sense of our space the sense of Fox the sense of hearing the sense of sight so then he's she's an old orthotic doesn't both be more properties are not all it is a real practice you write similar on a little sheet of paper and practice of the paper about an inch square which is why subject right in the palm of your hand you writers Edwards et al. then you're still letting your hand at the you those words at the sense of sight you say thank you Lord for air as you set your various outside he said that's what the pastor said and he said I see start doing it adding rain days that lady was a completely different one I have never yet seen under any situation I've never seen a case was failed if you put in the practice with some are being using question is should we praise the Lord in all things what about like an auto accident about praising the Lord for an auto accident Romans eight twenty eight all things law were together for good to them that love the Lord by the way here's something else and we praise the Lord for forum maintenance filling for divorce a Mandingo ministries and faster my wife is divorcing me the vastness of appraisal are and if the man to get appraisal are is like a bank doing so so that they that seems lost so cruel so back so evil the Lord uses to teach us lessons here's the text it's James chapter one verses two and three my brother count it all joy when you fall into divers temptations knowing that that the trying of your faith work at what creation but let patience have her perfect work that he may be perfect and entire wanting nothing you have another yes is very very urgent because it is some lady somewhere near to you when outside was waiting this question Muslims most of it is all right either a special group of words for a special need I promise for latent problem for a while and we will probably you should be shared with you you like to sever years ago where holding a series of meetings in a certain school and I was certain with the students ABC's a priority as well as be as one see if I claimant my thinking we received a what he promised one else walking on the road leading in the school and another lady and she's a plastic own I found a promise for obesity for the little children obesity means overweight and she said I still this lady is little girl I think of nine -year-old girl had been crushed between an automobile and truck and the mother corresponded the frustration and began to eat and gain weight and gain weight need any gain weight gain weight Miguel she said it works selected for promising to play and get all my friends I was amazed at the property claim it shows how the Holy Spirit can bring out a promise things you and I never dreamed out it is Psalm twenty two twenty six and it says this the main Shelley and be satisfied as it is to produce a praise the Lord the next place we went to a little lady came to me there was really only she was about four o'clock all in three feet wide and she said pastor is our promise that I can lose weight I said yes some twenty to twenty six but I said the something else that goes with this condition and I just attended a five-day no smoking plan him that the special program the medical doctor exam the Microsoft Smokies I'm again white economic idea how you don't need to gain weight eat nothing afternoon meal and you can lose one pound a week so I said claim this promise of Psalm twenty two twenty six eighty nothing happened O'Neill and you can lose a lot one a week the linear to five days later and she was almost on cloud nine he's a pastor I did want to tell me to do and how much if she lost she should've lost by seven of a problem she lost fifteen pounds in the Largo another lady came greatly violating she said I thought all over the country going to lose weight can you tell me what do I suggest some twenty two twenty six and don't need anything at the noon meal she's acting school I like big meal at night I said each a big meal in the morning take her lunch at North a weeknight she said but what he did not translate the father 's largest fleet she came back up three days later so she said you know I did exactly what you told the new she said I slept just like a long in our obsolete it doesn't move a limb and it does little more I slept like allowable and she said I'm voting on holiday not only on the day try it out God 's promises never fail as soon as the next questioner is a nice looking lady over there on your right-hand side in the wind and I should like to ask you this question kind of impersonal and that's okay which will require sufficient regarding Rabbi my guess enjoying all in the orange is this warrants a given alright you want me very personal question which was it out loud are you not want to see all right impersonal God I shared your ten points within very good friend of mine who has been recently I they are Christians and didn't want anything to do with it on a Christian level and I didn't explain to her thank you Lord for such and such just to pick out something very good and she can't meet the next day and said that it was working fine so far but now can something that continue within a non-Christian when you really accept that question very very good God question and other any here in the studio that did not hear what she said all right she said she was sharing this with a home that was ready to break and fight going Christian she just told the person about thank you the Geico I'm thankful for this I'm thankful for this now since they were questions to discontinue the answer is yes you know the law the operate for an infidel right you take to man up on the roof one is an infidel and one is a Christian and the Christians as I am a Christian I can follow this was nothing will happen and the infidel says be careful you might breaker by I'm not going to that and the Christian files often breaks his neck was on an infidel observes the law of God in that respect and he doesn't think anything any as I can get results is in seasons one and you get results now little by little as they find this committee has been a contribution for their lives maybe they will later probably say where in the world as a facing similar to the Bible I found that Christianity is what a lot of people think it is a lot of people think that the more a similar person looks the better Christian the original entity can look like a thoroughbred proxy must be very good thing but now I'm learning about different kind of religion it's all in the Bible is a religion and the ladies on the state that is finally about it thank you Ambassador Khoon Desai questioned would like to know how long have you use the Bible you have with you tonight you know so well and thanks a lot for being here tonight I've been helped well praise the Lord I wire Bible out about the every two years but that the text I have a very very poor memory and most people don't believe in would you not like anyone I can remember Wiley I saw I can't wait my walk now give yourself an old if you try to memorize a Bible verse remember that the of the almost impossible it still is with me but I think I could do it for so you know you memorize it just keep thinking it through thinking it through thinking it through singing but you know to wait for a dental appointment you would rub off what really you can pick up a vibrant and an learn one of these texts and it is the life of Jesus in Britain for someone more yes of the Stanford program is beautiful I plan to put to work in my life but is there a specific promise I might claim for sleep yes yes the Bible says he shall lie down and sleep well be sweet you might be interested to know that we have a little red book called God 's promise to solve my problem and conversely you once they return to and then you'll find it in the Bible about how much time we have left before we close our question brother and hence it is all right to says this as a coon I believe in the gospel is serious business aerosols lives interstate it seems to be that if we go around giddily happy all the time people are going to get the wrong impression of the days in which we live what you think about that I think you're a hundred percent right don't go around get Ellie happy Gore I'm happy in the Lord see the difference that you are a large Acer spring not just the Getty beginning his first pregnancy in the trivial that's not our strength is that joy that Jesus Christ gives the different strengths and guessing as we as we thank the Lord for his promises this great strength Jesus had asked and you will receive in your job I will be one where people always unite our joy with Jesus now doesn't mean we all want to be talking about Jesus we could thought I can turn people off while talking about Jesus but that is represented in kindness that was represented in a sweet face I sometimes updated the story I sometimes when a place of business on the other side of the counter their media the secretary as walking José good morning to you you have a person is susceptible to and I don't usually look at her vitals you think some kind of vent for middle and once an old man about a young lady in a so I don't look at her as though I was trying to clever I just looking casually good morning to him a finite time a hundred will be happy and thankful for meeting someone who is happy in the nominating these days is you know I want a religion that is that stronger than the seven last plagues don't you the one that doesn't let all-around excellence that we become you know one another but often about the time of problem that we become troublemakers notes that understand all these things the Bible doctrines but God never intended that his children were going on around that sad things in life he said one these days the troubles begin to come to pass that will help you I for your redemption the Lord wants his people to be a happy people you want to be happy in the home he wants to be happy when the children you want us to be happy on this holy day so we can even sing on the holiday so far as singing with me snap up is a big day to day at the day 's book that is not the day I there is young the request yes this question is says is the text that says a believer can handle snakes and cannot even get hurt to do that enable the joint program to think that the collective movement of the text there evidently quoting is Mark chapter sixteen verse eighteen is that they shall speak with new tongues they picked up separately shall not software and that they drink any deadly thing it shall not hurt them in this lay hands on the sick and they shall recover of what Jesus is talking about their is not a person deliberately picking up a circle but he's talking about individuals in those days that like Paul when you you are definitely not betting the dental impression that sentiment mining and Paul just shut off the circle and the people thought that he was a god I like people drinking any deadly thing people in those days resorted in radium poisoning people and when we are carrying on God 's word what Jesus is saying is we are a model the lower is done with that in mind we can save a few large nylon on the wrong against us will prosper Isaiah fifty four seventy this media was wrong audio is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe the more so than please visit www. on universal .org


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