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5 - Trapped By The Enemy

Glenn Coon
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Glenn Coon

Founder, ABCs of Prayer Crusades

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a special message then we present at this time has to do with an individual who was in fact by the enemy and each one of you have the seat in which we spelled out the story very briefly with some wonderful promises from the large that this their individual whom we shall call Daisy claim and how she found released through Jesus Christ Daisy was a a Christian young woman she really love the Lord business he had found the Lord she had been married and was divorced she came to the Lord gave her life over to him united with the family of God was happy in his service she attended religious gatherings somehow been out in the open and it really was enjoying his presence but they'll one day a friend of hers told her about a very energetic Christian worker and this friend said that this young man is not married and she said I would like to introduce you to him of one days he first saw this young man she thought to herself know I'm not interested in him but then he seemed to take an interest in her and was very thoughtful and before she realized that she was really interested in him they began to date he began to tell her some fantastic stories about his experiences in the Lord even told her how that he written enough in these wonderful saucers he told her of his great burden it was a foreign missionary he would teach in one of the advanced schools little did she know that he in grade school this is what I said whether one thrilling experience after another which he never had little ditzy dream that he was a seducer and almost before she realized it she was all like filings iron filings on steel filings before magnet and she noticed that in his missionary work it was a contacting people don't drop them just like a big problem right now and before she realized that she had gone so far that she was now ready to be engaged out Bennie told her that it is missionary endeavor he needed some money so she began to make in a month in the open the joint bank account he also had another bank account instead of drawing from his bank account he drove a blue from their joint bank account she kept making payments is into this bank account until finally she had spent all that money and couldn't even make payments on the car but she believed in the young man after engagement he began after very delicate personal questions sex questions and she said I I I love him so much the world could I have been captivated by him to such an extent that I didn't realize the whole picture of what he was what was all about and she said I I I tried to site like this sidetrack his conversation but alternately and she said isn't asked Bruce questions I was enough afterward married and you will know all of this but he was persistent and she said how in the world could I be taken in so much is that I was even pray to the Lord Lord guide me but I realize that while I was asking the Lord to guide me I really had already made up my mind and I was virtually telling going out guide me all season what a tragedy before anyone asked the Lord to guide them but not to permit them to guide them across all legitimate online of course he was lonely she long for companionship and she said and then she said as he would press these these delicate questions these intimate questions she said one night I just broke down completely gave myself over to and she said the sin that I committed filled me with such guilt that I actually contemplated suicide she said when I realized that I was going to give birth to a little baby and I explained this to the young man I realized that many could he couldn't care less he had no desire to assume any responsibility whatsoever I found that he didn't love me and she said then I realized the trap that I was in as the months came and went she said I I said I I I believe our more she said I tried heavy exercise hoping that that way I might accomplish it but she said God was good to my unborn child and then I decided that I identically from society she said my mother was not a member of the same church family which I was an and I hesitated forever for ever to know the circumstances and how I was trapped which is it finally as I prayed about it I decided that I would unburden my heart to for why she was not my mother and use that in my mother bless her heart was so kind she was so pitiful is Jason Daisy I would advice you go to church all she said no and if I go to church the disfellowshipped me and her mother said why don't you put visit your pastor he will help you I'm sure and she said that they that I finally brought myself to the place where going and seek his counsel I walked into that has to study all up-tempo and she said that wonderful man of God told me that every sin that any human being commits can be forgiven as we repent and confess and as I recall this experience brands you may want to notice just before she went in the pastors study on fact several months before our experience can be summed up in two four of the outline of the text would you like to read it with me I looked on the right-hand and he held but there was no man that would normally refugees failed me no man cared for myself she said but as I stepped into that that pastor 's study and he told me of the love and the grace of God all she said it did something to my soul Ms. I was reconstructing the experience I felt that the text under item five would be applicable maybe you're greeted with us how beautiful upon the mountains are the updated within that bring you good tidings that published a piece that bring you good tidings of good that publishes salvation that sat on the Zion the I bring in the promise note to thank the Lord for a promise like that friends and another comments has come to my mind as I reconstructed the story and I would like to have you all read this and you may want to share these promises with hearts are troubled it's under number six he will is a God like under the would you read it with me that hardness iniquity and passes by the transgression of the remnant of his characters imaging is not his anger forever because he delighted in mercy he will turn again he will have compassion upon us he will subdue our iniquities and thou will ask all the savings into the depths of the sea go to thank God friends for such wonderful promises and she said as they pastor talk with me he said Daisy I want to be at church next week she said I could hardly believe it you're the pastor was so kind so complacent he didn't score me he didn't belittle me and let me know what compassionate loving merciful Savior and she said so I was in church next week and she said as I continue going to church there was a group of ladies that invited me and what it was small prior group she said as I entered that latest prayer group I want to tell you they claimed one promise from God 's word after another and she said one of the promises that meant so much to me was Matthew eleven twenty eight one seventy all of you by the way who remember this report with me under the I know that labor and are heavily I will give you rest all she said that meant so much to me she said those ladies were so kind dork so Christlike none of them were looking down their noses at me none of them are belittling me nor placing big arms of love about me and she said I finally plucked up the courage to really believe that God would accept me back she said as my little baby was born I was claiming the promise of the Lord and I was typing that promise then we all unit labor and are heavy maybe I'll give you rest I claim that promise is my new baby was coming the world she said I am sharing this with you Pastor that you might share with others the idea that others may know that though they are trapped by the enemy and she said I believe that I was actually hypnotized by this man to hypnotize the trapped by the enemy that our Lord is willing to release us we can come and unburden ourselves doing and she said and I know he will take now I would like to share with you as you take notes in the studio and the viewing audience I'd like to share with you some of the lessons that I gain from this experience and the Holy Spirit may impress you with other lessons so that as I and a few moments from now we meditate on the notes that were taking and then later share them under share time we may be a blessing to one another and then we need water and witnessed ourselves that are trapped by the for my dear friends those are trapped by the enemy number in the millions that almost every street of every child in every city what an opportunity the children of God have as part of our new saying how beautiful upon the mountains are your feelings as you bring good tidings of a aching wearing trouble frustrated almost suicidal hearts the first lesson would be my friends and it's found in first Thessalonians five twenty two abstain from all appearances of evil this is under three this lady facing as she in retrospect it over this experience I'm sure should be safe to you and me don't take the first step number the first sign of the questionable means beware don't take another step abstain from all appearance of evil the agony through which the lady passed that she shared with us that the owners of the that possessed her soul was so far greater than the central place of the Jihad my friends there's no comparison it's all contracts and so abstain from all appearances of evil don't take the first step will never take the second user and the third as we travel along the highway of life the second lesson is this the and I have studied much from my favorite author under this know how religious a person may appear the first insinuation of evil from those lips should be like that of a serpent don't ever be taken in by someone because he appears to be very enthusiastic very religious no matter what connection he claims to have with God my friends the Bible says their fruits you shall know them Jesus said don't don't miss being the disabled we must take on by their fruits you can open the conversation whether they really the larder not either leading upward either letting us up in arms of Jesus Argos I think we can in this engagement and if we find an engagement that are part of our spiritual life awakening and kind off it's a lot better to cut it off than it is to go through it I don't often tell people this but once in a while I was engaged three times the third engagement led to the marriage for the wonderful life I have a tremendous child of God the first engagement was to a lovely individual but as we continued our fellowship it dawned over both her and me that we really were not cut out for each other though she was a Christian and I was a young minister and I thank God for giving us the courage to break the engagement I don't think that it's easy to break an engagement with one that you really love I just walked down the streets of Washington DC after we broke that engagement and the tears were in my eyes that I was out visiting and I said Lord don't let me know let me ring a doorbell like a sissy and people see me with tears in my eyes were happy to good up my mind then and be strong and realize that I must face the facts and the facts are can two walk together except they be agreed in the three three and so we broke the engagement is not long after that I found another fellowship what young and in an effort from the first she was very active also in church work sometimes you are engaged and we were about to set the time for the marriage I received a letter from her and it went something like this I want to be real fair with you it is a church member it is also an officer in the church but you said it is also true that I'm not even interested in religion thought what a minister is going to marry a very lovely lady who wasn't even interested in religion and sold-out engagement was broken and then I said their large I think you know I chose the first young lady my brother tells for me the second and neither my choices seem to be the right ones those are both lovely people now are I'm not totally satisfied unless you choose the next one in fact I said large I don't know what I want to marry anybody again are not I've had enough highly enough cost of enough already also engagements that are broken on the Tronics on one side by said their large I just kind of think maybe I maybe I never well the company will be up anybody again of the opposite sex and just about that time I was invited I just bought a new car shoes and leather shoes I remember I met a friend of mine in season were going for a hike tonight several miles out would you let us I said well be sure new shows high Galactic standard that all that is she said then we'll have a good time so we went hiking we must about three miles out in three and four miles I think back that's where the patent leather shoes told me him I ever once in a while I find myself walking beside a lovely young lady and I wanted to she talked about Jesus Christ and I found a humility and a dedication that I said you are just broken up the last engagement no no no no not what the company whether no no no and I get back to my room I fell on my knees and I pray for a half an hour straight again and again and again large I don't want to be my choice this time I wanted to be your choice and every time I was on my knees Lord said she is my choice for you an American and we've had as you can imagine we've had several years together several happy years together she participates in every form of Christian Endeavor in which I'm engage she writes powerfully write books she edits the books she does all the bookkeeping for video evangelism she does all the bookkeeping for the ABC prayer Crusade international she does all of our personal bookkeeping she makes up I noticed red in the world and there's a lot of religion in a local weightman and maybe a little more religion envelope from we leave that for your conscience as I look back over the years of our marriage and I think on the marriage of the engagement updates and I say to people today are reviewing this and all in the studio at this hour my friend when you think of forming a friendship that may last for life or may be terminated quickly to the Lord Jesus Christ except the Lord build the house they labor in vain that build he will teach us who is best fitted for own personal and the last lesson I would like to share what is this you want to send in the last text of Scripture in a hotline it is the story of Israel of old people as they were on the border of the promised land but it looks like many ways to discourage them either gotten all available as a plumber to a prophet of God and became a soothsayer Google were among the Midianites and the Moabites and they estimate the Lord Christ God 's people you remember every custody slide the vise turned into a blessing and ambivalence that I can't curse those whom God is not hers and the universal angry with him Billy wanted the money hospital money you went back home he said to himself I still want that money if I can get God 's people into adultery and fornication either worship then these people can easily overcome and so Bill went back to mail it in he said I have the answer you send the pretty women over the land of Israel you let them seduce the children of Israel and God himself will curse them then ability an easy prey so the Midianite women came over and you read the story in the Bible probably again and again and my friends the result was thousands upon thousands upon thousands of God 's people were destroyed by the Lord we are today on the board is the turn work Jesus is coming again to be very solid temptation was so used so many thousands of years ago he's using debate the breakaway and break hearts let us look up to the Lord and say large our claim your promises are protection and now we've come to question and answer time the first question how did anybody claim to be a Christian and do what that man did that girl you know that's a good question the Bible says that there is a deceitfulness of sin I deceitfulness of sin and also speaks of people with a seared conscience is even more a person sins the more he himself is the CD says men will arise deceiving others and being deceived up maybe some of you remember that that as you as you reconstruct destroyed Hitler for instance those annoying that are new and best tell us that the man actually was self deceived think of the millions of people he was responsible for destroying it shows how deceptive sin is this is why we should keep our conscience is very sharp is the next question of this person says I can surely sympathize with that young woman I'm single and lonely and find very little warmth or fellowship for my fellow church members on all cold Christians in a way responsible for this young woman's plight isn't that true shouldn't we as Christians all of us warm-up in our in our gatherings to shake hands with each other to greet one another I've noticed that in our studio group here I've noticed a lot of sleep fellowship here and it's wonderful the Lord says we love and this is first John four nine we love him because he first loved us so we thank the Lord that we can we have the right to engage in a sweet wholesome fellowship in Jesus Christ that's really what we all do I just don't feel like a M1 when you notice your voice is six seven says what's on hand so I naturally also read John W Crane Doctor Johnson to Grady is to say goals are the most sons and you have the emotions for instance let me illustrate let's say that I just don't feel like shaking hands with anybody now but I come down and do it anyway and I say good evening I'm glad to see you know what happens when she smiles at me I smiled till now not the other front I went through the motions of fellowship and the rugged movie emotions now I feel like shaking hands with somebody else how are you this evening and someone else is the end of many of those here in the audience would like to shake hands with each other regular joints against each other but see how you do it boldness has loudly beautiful lovely all right thanks question would it be right to break up a marriage after a number of years of married life when you find out you cannot get along together and it affects the children when you both argue and fight amongst yourselves out this is a very outstanding and a very sincere question in our next session by the way which is entitled let's communicate I believe that we can present and will present from God 's word ways by which any people will humble themselves can communicate I do not believe that it's essential for anybody to break up their home and will be eleven next session and we invite you all to be doing it and be with us in the studio I don't believe him us is essential now is to that if one individual will not cooperate in any way if one individual selfish and heartless individuals thinking of his own selfish interests and will not communicate then that's a different story they begin to run around and they and they squabble but wait until you listen to the next study together and see whether you believe as we do a question was asked about forgiving and unfaithful me this question is says how can we be sure unfaithful mate is sincere in confession I was not satisfied with your answer the other night should our willingness to forgive the condition upon armies promise for the future is God 's forgiveness conditional to us that that is a very sincere question know how in the world can we know definitely what I made has been unfaithful again and again how can we know definitely that the promise of faithfulness will hold we can't let spaces we can we can we can lay down before this made certain things that they should do for instance some time ago we received a letter from a lady she said my husband confessed to his unfaithfulness event vapor many told me she said I know the woman with whom he's had this affair she said it and he asked me to forgive him and I told my what she said brought this man inside Cisco Overholt that we sit around the table and I look under the table and I see them holding hands with her and he said what will just friends she said he said where where having noticed that all were just friends she said but it bothers me she said plastically what would you come him sealed and time break and Reagan quickly immediately what it promises if he's running them to abstain from every appearance of evil and an R the monument and a lesson brother I accept your promises when you are showing by your attitudes that you broken so there are certain conditions of this question wants to know that if you happen to be like the girl in the story tonight it is such a naïve person how can you realize a person is putting you on the really have to be on your guard all the time you might save a couple promises from the Bible here's one James one fine if any of you lack wisdom let him ask of God that giveth to all men liberally and upgrade if not it shall be given him as the Lord give you wisdom to understand whether in your fellowship with this individual this individual is lifting use virtually are going down that is the queue you see Daisy if you stop to realize that she had known that she was being drawn down because he was actually leaving her in a sensuous act until finally all over all the fences were broken down if the individual with whom one is keeping company is leading us and drawing us to greater Dorothy praise the lard your feet and that isn't all people who are looking forward to American study several things one is that they seem to like him in religious videos if they don't still like the religious view is the level since there and the most questions if there's some outstanding differences in religious news in you will get along together especially when children are born for instance I have I have discussed this I remember I a you a very fine Catholic boy was engaged to find Protestant girl and somebody came to me they said that this girl 's finest umbrellas of America and I said to myself no it isn't that this Catholic boy may be just as lovely a question that she is and maybe better the question is whether he's a better Christian or she's a better Christian the question is when their Marriott will their religious differences ring them unhappiness now if a person is married already and one accepts the Lord and the other doesn't oh one accepts a certain a religious bill and the other does the Bible says that the plot but before their marriage if they find a religious differences are a great they should say thank you Lord for revealing it to me now if they envision also also study their finances all was the ball in the finances do they have two separate bank accounts and are they satisfied all in the area of the best physical and social well-being what extent are they in agreement this all should be decided before marriage but again I repeat if it already married and one finds himself or herself coming on what they believe is a more spiritual relationship with the Lord are is a different relationship to another then the boat since they look I want I don't want you to break your conscience to please me conscience is a very important thing so married people should say by God 's grace let's learn answers and let's be happy together and study with us if you will let next session the next question is him him know someone autographs themselves are in that situation and says this if the family is divided because of different religions is their promise to claim for this problem yes there is that several promises that can be claimed one or most outstanding of all promises is Ezekiel thirty six verse twenty six it says a new heart also will I give you a new spirit within you I'll take away the stony heart out of your flesh are given how to place I'm thinking about couple that were in one of our seminars sometime ago and that they were just ready to break up because of the differences every time they would meet new quality if they are for low-level threat their quarrel all of our quarreling they're just ready to file for divorce and I was presenting some of these promises that can change hearts and I said in your heart is hard to each other the Lord who created the human heart can give you a new heart these are the new hot dog in Ezekiel thirty six twenty six and I kept emphasizing Ezekiel thirty six twenty six AZ Job thirty six twenty six you ask the Lord to give you a number you believe in you claimant eligibility season of prayer and intellect and you know the Holy Spirit came in about young man's heart young man maybe thirty five in all proceeds young in relationship to what page I am upright and one morning I was going to be he opened his Bible and Ezekiel thirty six twenty six jumped out I'm used to get me a new heart I had a hot I've had hard feelings toward my mate lot I ask you to give me a new attitude toward her I believe you are going in your my creator are you getting me a new heart anyone over the telephone and called on the phone he said hello honey how would you like to go out for a ride with me she said all right and as they were writing together each are dirty said Connie would you like to know why with a high ceilings I entertain toward you would you like to know why I invited you to go for a ride with me is that I like to know is that I claim to promise this morning that God would give me a new heart and he did it and the hotness as long she strategies and honey would you like to know why I so quickly a Senate said yes she said this morning I was impressed but in the same promise that you claim the radial gradient and got softened my heart there were sweethearts again Verdes how can your breasts impress upon your children the importance of the way to choose the right mate without your children thinking that you're preaching to them this question is as important as any quest nothing is ever a menace the link to install other people is not for pair to instruct them nobody really likes to be instructed the way you know how Jesus instructed people he told stories somebody said to Jesus but who knows my my neighbor and Jesus the story of somebody became on the way from Jericho to the Jerusalem bureau member the story the man fell among thieves Jesus was constantly facing the poor people object of study rather than subject of study instead of saying I love you better be careful how you keep company with the Natalie they could save you know when I the company I was in base three times and I didn't ask the Lord to much about it and the second time I can ask the Lord to much about it and I had a lot of hardly the third time I ask the Lord to guide me and I fell on my knees repeatedly blessed Lord I don't know what your ways and every time I saw the Lord he impressed me now people will listen objectively studied objectively that way they don't feel belittled as though we were finally struck them and they needed the instruction trial with our children only mean so much to let be extremely careful not to zero in on this only in the now attitude you don't from the time I was a little boy in church it seems to me that a lot of the prayers were offered in public were offered at the young people Gerhart help our young people don't realize the days in which they live about own year they run out of all ammunition and they've got now got a big tool Brown gone ensure that children even prior and then I noticed it seemed to me that when the creature grown up all the material he treats of young people can you imagine how much it is a young person feels when we start zeroing in on him maybe on a give you one more story this is a paragraph this one I then has a teenage boy the call was named Jim Jim needs a lot of instruction so dad prays for Jim yes is that in the seven secrets of communication yes a study that that ought to be humble so dad thinks he's got to bring conviction the gym even in his prayer so is fertile something like at her gym this is not the less than what I'm telling him and behave himself what effect does that have on Jim it makes simply gone and his father both at least there's a gulf fixed now dad would change his prayer in a completely changed Jim's attitude with something like this dear Lord thank you for my wonderful boy Jim but I'm sorry Byron and I have treated them as I showed help me Lord from now on to be kind to Jim and you know what it was like the safety man a man he might be like the man hesitated another story a man was sitting in in out an audience while Pastor Lane was preaching pastor Lynn was a very very eloquent preacher is full of the Holy Spirit and this man got so excited with a wonderful warm the past delays reaching using a man and everybody turned around and own planet we didn't even notice it and then anything and it kind of father passed away because his voice sounded out about everybody else what if after they got a hold of instead and he said nothing zip could you kind of could you come and modulate you said it makes much in all the recent past I never thought of that I'll never stated that I'll never see them again I'm sorry pastor but the pastor laid started speaking this man was so thrilled with a wonderful message but he wasn't supposed as a manager and adjuster building up inside by minisub and and and and and and and now that's what you say when we start thinking of him and we start humbling ourselves to have time for one more know when it's time to outline you are on the website that God 's word reading sermon audio and much more I know more about our universe this is more so than in the visit www. .com universe .org


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