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8 - God Breaks a Web

Glenn Coon
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Glenn Coon

Founder, ABCs of Prayer Crusades

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this session were dealing with a growl was trapped in the web of a spider as we might say we shall call her name soon Sue was a girl in her late teens she was working for an industrialist a married man of that we get a little of the background of Sue's mother Sue his mother Carol was in very poor financial circumstances we have known how her mother for many years probably twenty or more years she was a bit of a character really love the Lord but her husband was a drunkard and after finally he rejected his family and one out and became a drunken sought calomel days still like to advance shared within from our little meager fare as only out of a child Doctor do now so was working for this industrialist and and he told her that he wanted to murder he was famously wealthy yet some very outstanding stores in that city and the and he began to make love to sue and while she retained her purity up to that point she was impressed by because he was so kind Doherty giver so many gifts and then an editor that he said Sue if you marry me your mother will never walk and that if SCO very much because he loved her mother with all our heart you know of you have a mother and can't imagine how Susan Hart without her mother own mind I'd like my mother to be able to somehow the manager about just killing herself her mother was was trying to work the so what was not to seek God with all the other that since he had and then supporting her drunken son of a husband and you know so soon was impressed and as the days came and went you know what happened so decided that she would management but still had a promise claiming on and will call her name Naomi and Naomi chose another lady look already Mrs. Eastland G Joseph chose another lady like you would choose the sister site and they let me off on not many once a week they met because the crisis was so acute that was leaked and it opened the Bible and they claimed by the promises that will help Sue not to be captured by this said to us greedy horrible man but as they claim the promises just like it happens with most of us they claim the promises every week week after week four months no sign of any change know what you're going to do what would you do sister it was a promise for a young person or anybody week after week even a little prayer group you're claiming these promises week after week and you see no sign of a change at all what would you do out there you do do you keep right on claiming God 's promises just like just like these brothers you have a garden all right when you plan something the garden it doesn't come up the next day that you can't even see the apple tree you can even see the pumpkin just the pumpkin seed you put it down in the sun I get there and the fact it doesn't come up the first date of number all is not because the Internet feed right so so Naomi and Mrs. Eastman three week after week month after month now after several months brother don't you think don't get discouraged and say okay God is answering anyway I'm just going to forget it what do you say it's easy to do you're right but that's easy to yes someone over here though it's an easy thing to do do you grow one three and overnight or even three weeks if you're going to run a free it takes quite a while that so what would you do if you're praying for some uneasy glances at all what would you do wait and keep right on claiming God 's promise that's right because he will not fail a man they kept on they can't all be kept on not one sign of a change nothing now when you see sister you see no sign of a change in all you'll go to church and fight your Churchill meet somebody else is a God invented my present all I've been praying for four months I see no sign at all isn't that what you say no you would say I know God will not break his word amen I don't have to see all the answers right away and that's what happened for Naomi and and grandma Eastland that's what happened as a continued praying and praying one day somebody said to mail me if you heard what we beset this land one goodbye sue a four thousand dollars and still wouldn't accept it what would that mean to you if you've been praying for somebody him hello would deliver them from this bondage of infatuation and you heard finally that they wouldn't accept that different from this man but when you begin to think as you begin to see how this little scene just because of just just talking its head out of a sow 's yes that's not something I plan to add mail and her grandmother Eastland began to rejoice they said Lord you are answering we were telling you before that you're answering but largest no doubt about it C Jones cookies had out now something else happen I will ask someone here let me see how about you little scared at a public now now that their sons signed just a tiny sign or even before there was a tiny sign would you think that male motion should go to see when faced to you realize that terrible thing that score happened to you know because if she did she could she couldn't that's right you could damage a Chica driver right into the very thing that you try to prevent and mail have the ability the collection of the Lord is a large give me strength now to keep my my mouth it closed help me not to make one suggestion to see what all one suggestion is that Krugman because you know when you see somebody is literal in his life forever you wanted one another you will jump in and out the human structure doing this already I had general is not what we naturally do and the large that the biggest single I did for Naomi was to keep her big mouth shut I assume and keep her mouth on Wednesday felt the Lord said to not wanting to did not know when we start thinking we've got to tell people and tell people what to do the low choice means don't tell anybody anything to do any adult unless one unless that adult wants to know I often I often tell a story I say a man a man comes to be decent but I'm the head of my wife now first returning from human and I'm supposed to manage my home and I'm supposed to tell my wife what do right not exactly do it not exactly an outdoor device that Allstate book built two blocks your way but he said the Bible says I'm the Hanover Saguaro but it doesn't seem to be the block to block her choices to what always the right then sometimes some lady will come not like you but somebody new comes or you're not I just have to tell my husband what do I have to do it the men of faith did you hear just what I told the man yes I thought that was good for the man but I have to tell my husband went to out-of-state don't tell your husband what to do easily even if he puts his socks in the frying process our if you don't say one word and you just keep from saying a word the Sox were conveyed own message that is between them and the Sox but if you get ahead of the socks evident between you and him walking what related is there that she came out of a meeting of the closed and I heard her saying all right I won't say anything about but he better not put his socks in life right then we prayed a prayer at the begin this study will help us to put in a pride this is what we're learning my mind one the most outstanding things that may only did was not to tell her needs what did this is tremendous you know for some reason I find thousands upon thousands of Christians who think it's arguing totality of what the new bidding of you ever meet the music I just don't tell them what to do and a lot of people think I'm a stranger I just had to tell the truth I had to do it because I thought I'd never see them again if you do you may never see them again so go around telling adults want to do don't tell teenagers what to do keep it has as low as you can this is what you made it but she came to the large eggs Ukraine his promise now here's a question often comes in and I think I will last outlast you you might only do you think that when she was asking the Lord to save Sue you think that she was trying by the threat of force to no notable that's not giving soup choice she was right of course are some people say to me VSAM if you pray and claim the promise for backslider is I have to say that I believe you're doing it thank you doing basic you're forcing your will a suitable know this about you telling the Lord Shiva backslider is a digital book I have never yet seen a backslider who's come to be instead plastic I can hardly wait to get hellfire that site is built to sell part of a double know so when I pray for the salvation of backsliders I'm not playing against the will know what hellfire they would be happy and that's what Sue I wanted to be happy and she wanted to help her dear mommy and felt that Lamott East London and also her meal said nothing whatsoever even after they learned about how she rejected that cold and you know what they like to think she wants her good news I predicted that silky no no no no they didn't say one thing one day Sue came in and no mail most policies that Naomi she said I have a terrible problem it was implicit soon she said I've met a beautiful young man and he's asked me for a date and I can intimidate because I'm engaged in this industrialist been male Mister webmail Merced Sue we have been praying for you free for many many months God is answering our prayer is releasing you from the industrialist but Protestant that's all right you made a promise that you shouldn't mean because he's a married man you don't have to keep that promise no longer take care of you and you and I just next thing they heard she was having dates when Roy you know the answer right was what the predental student later he went to Loma Linda University of the Carson dentistry he and Sue were married but going back a bit when this industrialist realized that he was beginning to lose and sue he began to give her gifts he said all kinds of gifts now what would you do what would you do that save what would you do after you make a decision in summary keeps pressing you would you do would you accept yes not at all Suzanne at night every single get the similar gift when Christmastime gave me some of the Kennedy Center all kinds of gifts expensive one still will not just little sugar drops soothes that the all-black humility she said I'm sorry I can not marry you I cut it off completely I cannot do it now something else happened when the industrialists all that he couldn't capture Sue her mother who was working for him said to Naomi she said you know what I think I'm afraid that I'm going to lose my job she said he is coming to the conclusion that he can't get Sue and I'm afraid he's going to take him out on me several weeks last and then industrialist and upper real good excuse you know and he said I'm awfully sorry for such and such reasons we can't keep you any longer so he left he left town goal count was heartbroken she called her sister Susan what the world am I going to go she said I'm I'm try to pay off of a casinos college and all these other debts I have an meal was good for you God 's promises gone one hundred fifty one he will break his word God is not outlandish like the Son of Man that he should repent just trust the Lord God is go to something wonderful for you she said that's lay aside three days having lost for special prayer and we're going to claim promises probably worth the law of the Lord will respect our prayer you respect our faith he will guide us you know what happened she called her sister in conversation she said you know I'm not a company that deals in the same merchandise of the man's company the primary to take me on and I've got a solid and if I have more businesses that I have before and if they want to raise a large and and Sue's brother was over and all these and I'm praising the Lord he said update on what put a ten dollar bill and offering plate to express my appreciation the Lord enough to put the ten dollar bill in the offering plate anybody can guess what happened what would you like to guess his mother lost a job this industrialist sent a message over to the other company and an concept and slandered such an extent that the man Carney said we won't need you then and again you see what looked earnestly when you claim God 's promises don't think that the devil is that he will work single work likely right and you know how it works with all agility communists slander gossip anything to destroy a person 's faith in the Lord they played again and then again to call her sister Naomi she said I haven't I have a big problem now I'm an awful problem would you like to guess what it is she had three jobs all excellent paint jobs are supervisory jobs she survived three supervisor jobs offered under which wanted to and she said and more than that since these were even offered this very man was a competitor of industrialist and when the industrialist lied he has called me know he wants me and she said he called me just a little will send you thirty minutes to decide what you'll come and work for me to thank the Lord is that one of all pornographers children wonderful God doesn't sleep beloved God keeps his word then she called her sister later she said contents of this man in the thirty minutes she said along fairly late at night maybe nine thirty or ten she said this man called again the man who was not going higher because the lies that were told about it and I wonder she said when I answered she said just as you called I was on my way to pick up the telephone to accept one of these other positions on the telephone right adjustment but not the telephone right and this man the comparator of industrialists and said I will do to call me back in thirty minutes you didn't do it you'll be in my office to start work tomorrow morning at whatever time it was she said if he could read what I'm saying a number baptizing praise she said the most wonderful position a supervisory position and she said the man had finally learned that the industrialist who hold similar that Mary was taking it out on her friends have maybe a meditative attack Sue and Roy are our neighbors in Tennessee Rye is a beautiful dentist lives right near us somebody writes and says are you are are these two stores there is true as a neighbor to neighbor can be my friends God is true God means what he says you and I have a right to reach right up and take over the hand of God is a large you promised me you might want up you might want to share with some of the ones of your statement that I found in a book the most unlikely book you've ever read it's called medical ministry and the person who wrote this book on medical ministry right in the midst of updates to report for a statement the friends it says you are the Autoblog in behalf of some sold that the development of this was even fretless I get is a large you are promised me ask and you will receive an benefit of all items must have the soul converted to you you'll find my friends have a right to take God at his word he said of any man see his brother 's innocence not under that we mask and God will God will didn't like what a wonderful Satan you are on the website that God 's word sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about nonmembers the more certain you www. audio


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