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10 - Voice in the Darkness

Glenn Coon
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Glenn Coon

Founder, ABCs of Prayer Crusades

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I said this hour has to do with the young lady of only so-called money to Monday death had been a professing Christian she rated Nazi love the Lord but the very problems of life were too many for her she was working for a Christian organization but it seemed that all the people are criticizing her old friends those of us who are older should we ask the Lord keep us from criticizing the lambs of the flock what you say may the Lord help us to be kind and sweet and wholesome UC medicine not be hard on them the Lord says in be kind one to another tenderhearted forgiving one another as God for Christ's sake has forgiven us but it seemed that the Christians that should've been the most tenderhearted became the most critical she wasn't living up to every ray of light as they saw it so they kind of said to her what we've often quoted people are saying you better send the way we center you better stop sending and it broke her heart and then she made the grade very bad mistake of taking her eyes from Jesus the Bible says the economy and be saved all you ends of the year and friends when we take our eyes from Jesus brother what happens to we lose his love right when we take our eyes on Jesus Lockhart turns the bitterness doesn't usually because if we look to people and we realize that they're not living up to their to their Christian privileges in being kind we shall become better unless we did Jesus and realize what he did and what he said on Calvary when they crucified him father forgive they know not what they do I want more and more of that spirit algebra a and when people you know are our so harsh so unkind you see it just just be able to say Lord Jesus you set the pattern when they crucified you you are so gracious you're so kind you even remembered your mother you to take the attitude pity me so I take your eyes off of Jesus she became bitter and she became discouraged discouragement is the worst weapon that can come to as I look back in my own I find the biggest mistakes I've ever made have been under discouragement what's the use what's the so remember that this is the devil 's ace card discouragement and she became discouraged you know she said in a heart what is the question I try to be a Christian the people profess to be Christians and it had much more experience than I have only doing is condemning me is that Christianity and brother isn't Christian no it is so she became bitter and she said as she told us the experience she said when I started going down I went down that pathway of backsliding rapidly why she said I went so fast I found myself now at bars I found myself dancing drinking and she I wanted one of all the things that I've been with you soon as I was doing these things she said I I met a young man at one of these dances we became friends and we began to keep company and almost before we had we almost would probably knew each other were married and she said and as at least realized what kind of a life where were living is anything but heaven where having a horrible time as you said so right away I decided we would divorce and he decided to and she said while I was thinking it over in this our home discouragement one night I think it was three o'clock in the morning at four o'clock in the morning she heard a voice it awakened her and she almost trembled and the voice said except the large build a house they labor in vain that build it and you know brother you know what happened instead of taking that as a disparaging statement from Scripture the Holy Spirit bargain or hot the stock if you do let the Lord build the house you will not labor in vain and she said the fact we get a promise and she said that came back to me again and again I can hardly sleep except the Lord build the house they labor in vain that build it old Lord you're telling me that the Lord is my house I'm not blaming and they she said to I'm going to give my heart to you I let the meanness of professed Christians discourage me I got my eyes off of Christ and here I went down the drain and I'm not been happier I've been miserable and she as I surrendered my heart to the Lord I said now are you I give you the current state of my life I give you my heart I give you my mind I give you all the process and all that I don't hope to be in the Protestant ringing in her ears and it was like this if the Lord build your house you will not labor in making thank you Lord thank you so much she said and I began to go to church and then brother what usable she found as she came to church she said I thought the people in charge were not as kind and sweet as they were in the bar she said and and and the people being when you tell them that that the people of the borrower were kinder and sweeter than the many professed Christians there were some very sweet but those that seem to surround her work she said and when I suggested that the people of the borrower were kinder that a lot of Christians she said you know what they hurled back in nineteen will tell you why they're nice they just try to capture you so they can have sex and she said that was not true at all she said while the world did lead to this that one whether a crime they wanted somebody that understood they wanted to be accepted all you know if we can only believe and understand friends that the cry of the human heart is to be accepted the longing of the human heart is to be is to be loved and we love him because he first loved us which he said in spite of the fact that at that as I go to church I didn't this for some reason she did now don't get the impression that Christians are all like the type he met but it seemed that the very ones that surrounded her new baby was some Bible doctrines but they didn't know how to be anything that they even knew about the millennium and the millennium doctrine is a beautiful doctrine they knew about a thousand years but they did know how to be nice today they knew about the seventy weeks X which is a wonderful prophecy but they didn't know how to be kind I say that's a travesty when using lots of problems they even knew whether they even knew where the dad but they didn't know how the living in Christ today they knew brother about the seven last plagues but while they were talking us up nicely the digital Christian played one of tragedy she said I passed through a real experience she said it was it was very difficult very difficult but she said often what I I had given my heart that Jesus Christ and I said Lord I will not turn back the cries that live for me the Christ that died for me the Christ that went through all that humiliating of sacrifice and suffering for me not give you up I would keep looking beautiful now on that wonderful and let me digress a moment I have found friends in my own experience as a Christian that when people question people don't get the impression everybody's that way but there are a lot of professed Christian people that just aren't nice and I have experienced it just as much as you have and don't forget one time I was going to all strengths you seen the people that I knew as Christians were anything but kind I want up and I want and I began to sob a full grown man apartment grown anyway don't a lot of ever grown up and sobbing in the deficit the church quit the church I was a minister you know the debt will talk to preachers to begin on because he's the devil and I was so discouraged in solving their and then the Holy Spirit twice this promise this text of Scripture it's found in Hebrew is the twelfth chapter verses three and four and it said consider him for such contradiction of sinners against himself lest you be worried and feeding your mind and as high as that was flashed in my mind by the Holy Spirit but I don't remember that I had studied that for months consider him who bore such contradiction of sinners religious centers if you please consider you don't look at the hypocrite don't look at the unkind people look to Jesus and if that was flashed in my mind the Holy Spirit silhouetted against the horizon my thinking Jesus Barrett before the trial while people were back in his back and shredding his back and they pierced this Tony crown he was browing the blood trickled out and at first even as a minister as I was just started getting the rough outline of Jesus was meanwhile my religious people religious people wagging their heads religious people are showing up the tongue religiously for slapping him on encouraging others to all the mean things are saying is I fix my gaze on that that Christ that beautiful Christ that suffering Christ peace return and I I looked at the face or nice and large there's not one thing in this world any protest question can do to me from now on that I ever let it discourage me I pass it on to you friends this is the strength of the Christian life looking to Jesus Noma professing Christians may do or say can looking at Jesus the suffering the Lamb of God you see us through now as the money got began to come to church she not many space this coldness on the part of church members some church members but also her husband so no light whatsoever he became angry because he was taking time in church it on the devil has a snare attack for every walk of life is an husband tried to dissuade her from going to church but you can provide ongoing education sweeter and sweeter and sweeter and until he begins in mind it must be something wonderful to this this type of religion or mother-in-law then became interested and the mother-in-law would ask her questions about her faith and you don't want money to this height sprinkler morning I told her just as little as possible about the prerace want she encounters much as possible she told her as a little about that there is as possible as you read like it as much as possible of the kindness and love that's what the world wants to know does the religion that you have make use we doesn't make hi does it keep you from retaliating does it keep you from being sacked this is the religion of Jesus Christ amen and she said I told my mother in law someday maybe we'll be able to learn more about and she said then one day my mother went to an evangelistic series by Minister for my church family and my mother said I see now why you have this kind of religion my mother-in-law said this is absolutely beautiful but the mother was attracted to religion because she was attracted to the Christ in money you are my witnesses that the Lord thy God a kind courteous Christian is the most popular argument in behalf of Christian you know you're lots of theories that are good brother right lots of good theories in all the theories in the Bible are wonderful but the world has a right to say to the Christian I'd like to see how this theory operates in your life doesn't make you more honest than someone else does it make you kinder and sweeter that's what they want to know you know for years when people come to me brother and I've I've bought a lot of cars to my life you know every the web ever owned but America and I remember I went to my wife and I came back from from overseas our friends are telling us different cars to get once again a Plymouth novice and get a Chevrolet and they also don't afford so I went to see the Chevrolet in and the Chevrolet men in those days they did no good salesmanship the Chevrolet man went out of his way to talk about the Boardwalk I went over to the Plymouth man he went out of his way to tell how bad the I was so want to get aroused my curiosity I went to see a florid and when I want to see the board massive identity in the Chevrolet salesman I've been to see the the Plymouth salesman what you have to say for your car never forget what he said he said nothing these out thank you for a test drive I'll show you how it performs he took me to the bottom of the hill and he said I will put in high gear and as we go on sale I'll show you the power that there is in this car and the car game speed in high gear going up the hill I this is treat them just and you know he didn't tell me anything about the war of the car when they tell me about the more that bores me you know what I bought I'm on forward and I wasn't disappointed how does the things operate how does it perform how does our Christianity performed in our own how does it perform when people are not trying to lots well let me tell you the rest of the story money doesn't mother-in-law gave her heart to Jesus Christ during that series of meetings she united with millimeters church family mortgages at all I remember that Thomas Lord if the Lord builds the house I'm not laboring in vain she said then Monique does then my mother-in-law 's song gave his heart the Lord and that is why and then my father-in-law and she said and last of all my husband gave his talk to the Lord she said when I listen to God 's word saying in effect if I like you if you let me build a house your photo labor invade she said that God has given me of my own family at least five individuals who have completely surrender to Jesus Christ I'm so glad that in the early hours of that morning several years ago that heard them speak except the Lord build the house they labor in vain that build she went on to tell how very very happy she was in this experience in Jesus Christ friends you and I don't have that power let's face it brother in your life and in my life of ourselves we cannot reflect that kind of Christianity is not right of myself I can do what we may even go as far as the apostle Paul is an old wretched man that I when I want to do I can't let that from us Chapter seven versus working on I want to do good evil is present so let us not be surprised when we wanted to better we make good resolutions and we find were not living up to the we can do it we can't do it but there's another law if the law the power of Jesus Christ of human life and that's why Romans eight verse one follows Romans seven Barry is therefore now no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus are no disability Jesus Jesus in us he says it is that works in you both to will and to do I have found friends that when I find myself weakness itself if I look up in the face of God inflame a promise like this second Peter one four whereby are given onto Glencoe exceeding great and precious promises that by the and maybe partaker of the divine nature having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust I ask you to build in the morning more of this new nature I believe that you're doing it I like to write that I'm receiving this new nature always your Holy Spirit gives me this growth in Christ can I let my resolution and when I don't find myself doing all that I'd like to do thank God that we are covered with his life widens fullness of his life then shall I know my lifestyle mice and men will he will cover with his life white infants so we read in second Peter three eighteen these words grow in grace growing grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ friends if you're not growing as fast as you wish you were growing don't get discouraged thank the Lord he takes us right where we are and let us never suggest to our boys and girls behave yourself so Jesus can love you Jesus loves our pricing girls just as they are even obsessed just as we are and why we're growing embrace Islam is never ceasing I could thank the Lord for such a wonderful Savior will never let us down we shall many times let him down I've taken comfort in this Psalm a righteous man falling seven times but the Lord holds them up it means that the Christian it seems like he's failing all of one but the Lord says no no you as long as you keep looking to me I'll forgive the past obvious strength for the present and whatever you fail to live up to Jesus makes up the difference so in the and then I'm coming again I'll be in the same fall because you're covered with Jesus you're still with his goodness and his long and now it's question-and-answer time if we can find some answers from God 's word says one of our dear Christian friends life who is falling will only associate with professional people how can we as quote little people help her what promiscuity is number one you may want to claim the promise of Proverbs chapter twenty one verse one and this is what it says it says the king 's heart is in the hand of the Lord as the rivers of water he targeted whithersoever he will you can ask the Lord to in his own good time and way as he works with a lot of choice that he will turn her mind so that she will be impressed by someone whether professional or otherwise who does know the Lord you see be the most cultured people in our world the most refined unquote people in the world often are blessed by the simplest humblest testimony of an individual your remember the story of Neyland they taken a little servant girl from Israel and this little servant girl said to Mrs. mailman old Midas project he's over in Israel I believe that if Mister mailman went over there he could be healed the servant we I individuals highly professional individuals whose life had been so influenced by seven even so you ask God for cargo Proverbs twenty one one to get this person a mind turned toward someone with such a beautiful wholesome winsome Christian that they long to be like that person number two US the large cup of you to be some kind and so humble that when you come in contact with this individual bail be impressed with your type of Christianity second Corinthians chapter two verses one to three says you are all right vessels known and read of all men so the greatest witness is the living epistle today we are the only Bible the busy world will read where the sinners gospel with the sinners creed think that the woman in your story was able to win five of her relatives to Christ after awful life when many questions have never done those horrible things never singling anybody I'll let someone here in the audience like to suggest an answer how come the question is how come that this girl would let such a degraded life as he turns the Lord would do would you have and who would you come up and tell us what your answer would be and others of the thinking because we may have many phases to this answer oblivious because the not to burden you don't have real experience two seven yes I converted shall power on whom I is witnessing and I can't say by their own actions and mother an example Christ loves them right into them the first one they see when this emergencies a lot of hard and than is exactly what probably they selling this morning definitely saw that he was able to change your life and he loved and as a result they wanted what she had been made she made them thirsty thank you thank you anyone else like without with a word I say that the ambivalence of W beautiful answer of some other sad that alcoholics anonymous salvage over eighty five percent of alcoholics and that the churches in our country salvage two percent does that give us a message why is it that churches only salvage two percent I don't know what the up-to-date percentages why is it that churches salvage two percent of alcoholics and the Alcoholics Anonymous salvage eighty five percent if somebody want to make a comment on that would you like me and on that thank you so much the material challenges you reason is the principle of participation they have other alcoholics tell her story and get involved thank you so much too many Christians just come in the snorkeling and they don't participate thank you so much thank you and is there another one that will have a word on this oh as to why because this is very important here's a girl here to go one way down the drain when she comes by the highly culture she evidently is highly educated and yet he was quietly released their family and the question was asked how come she does this and so for Christians when many of their own family of you gotten a good answer anyone have an added thought on about you my friend back here would you have the horse I should be calling on these two-story double just a giant at this time thank you the I suppose the probably the main reason the some Christians influence others is because they reflect Christ others who profess to be Christians many in fact the questions that Christ does not experience there they've not had experience with question that is able to be shown out until it shows out and others can see it your witnesses and effective thank you so much as the excellent thank you is there anyone that would have a of all right equally come again thank you he could add that there are three things that she was trusting the Lord that she didn't have her awesome on other people she was depending solely upon him and so she was so common that we were saying no I was thinking a job all you need to chew believing that she was so depending on who yes yes and rightists this made up of a real change in our life she was truly converted were all many people are not there looking at the putting their trust in somebody else or like rather than having their eyes focused you say that maybe it never expresses something like the demoniac but Jesus healed the demoniac can't look at any good in his life know many Christians think so I don't I pay tithe I don't like this for public on but the poor demoniac in that anything appraises himself many neither did Melita thank you so much thank you depending completely on the law is another thought we come the next as to whom one was happening to me as you are discussing their editor and that this thought that the woman had compassion for the center because she'd been down to the bottom herself and that the question is on the bottom of this comment why is it that so many church people lack compassion isn't that is not our real thought you noticed to in the Alcoholics Anonymous nobody just like this person has said no one in Alcoholics Anonymous as I understand it is looking down his nose at anyone else could it be that that in our Christian to many of our Christian churches there too many of us kind of looking down a little at someone else you know all brother with the end here thank you I was just thinking about a story about Christ were deducted lady is not imminent cut modality when price to enter down to write on the sin not so known to the same level as she was in that way not only do these unknown but also he humbled himself before her indignant user beautiful and that's where she fell in love with Christ because he did not look down at her big medicine so yes I believe this is when the church are yes we will be able to do great things for longer when others is finally calm myself down to the level of the people that attend this mirror human beings but that hearts and minds as we are wanting to then have weaknesses with me thank you thank you so much all right is there another question yes don't you think someone should have firmly told one in that she had no right to be bitter at the people but the Java look to Jesus I see the question it's evidently as she was as she was starting down this downward course evidently the question are saying that why didn't somebody just that safe or listen no need to you what the lucky people you want to look to Jesus why didn't somebody tell her that would let them out there is someone have a common overrun the site of what was that if done in your opinion if somebody had said that to her you should look at people you should look at Jesus I see you my good friend sitting here she is she saying volumes no I wouldn't would let me come down for you RBI because you might be a little embarrassed to come up with me but thank you I even use she just doesn't present battery distributor conceits and you should try to grasp the open beauty with the beautiful beautiful beautiful just a moment that we would got to get this effect you all right put money to did when she was winning her family to the Lord she didn't speak doctrine to them and tell them you should do this you should him she had that mother would never have come to the Lord isn't that true just like a certain story the mother was drawn to it because of money this life not because she preached doctrine thank you all I have said many times that a person that I feel is that we noise absented himself from a church service you know instead of going to that person and saying up most of the lucky people to look at Jesus I've done something that you might be interested in IPO and their home and I apologize will you forgive us church people for not being trying you know it's astonishing but have the world is looking to see whether we charge people are proud of ourselves when we brought of Jesus right so instead of saying you should look to Jesus we should act like Jesus right I like Jesus and Jesus and confess your faults I wanted a home after home in our travels of people don't come to church anymore and rang the doorbell never met before will you forgive a for not being kind in what many of them in church next weekend thank you all right is there not a question of this questioner says pastor who perhaps I'm a hard-nosed but sin is still sin and don't you think you're being just a little soft on the really dancing drinking drug taking crowd lets a good question that do not like that before Frank enough to ask questions and M2 sort of comment you know number one is this how you uphold standards we have been in many many churches across our country and other countries and that question really is raised especially whether some the church that they realize going down the drain I always tell on this if you want to uphold the standards of Jesus Christ uphold those in your life this is the way I'm surprised I've never danced in my life I've never dropped in my life I've never smoked a cigarette in my life my wife and I don't even drinking coffee but does that make us better are we better than I know not at all but we are upholding standards Authority in our own life that's a standard thirty when we see the person is going down the drain where to uphold the standards of compassion for them see the difference is that of telling them you should straighten up we should straighten up we should live the pure life then we should have the compassion of Jesus for them right the way the way to live up to the way to uphold standards is for us to live the life of Jesus that is like enough but the thing to do for a person with smoking and drinking and carousing and and taking drugs is to show compassion right we have one more to yes I am one of the past sessions the question came in how can you tell when God is speaking to you mention that there were several ways were the only shared one and this question is wondering if you would share the other way yes I started to answer that and unfortunately I I forgot what the question blessing stopped there's one way by which we can know that God is leading my wife and I think this set quotation all things work together for good to them that love the Lord Romans eight twenty we watch providences now I'm wasting a lot of what this one is a set of circumstances what does it tell us it it doesn't mean that every set of circumstances means to be I think prison is a lady told us that the keylock your husband and she was praying to the larger they get me and she's an alcoholic came along and I said larger certainly cited I said no the double-sided AAF mended evidence than it maybe large that it becomes so you reflect the love of Jesus not the logged in send it to your Muslim don't grab the first thing that comes along saying this is Providence we watched carefully the turning of events very carefully we watch events we see a lot what is your message thoughts in these events and we watched Providence we study Providence you'd be surprised our team would tell you how can we study events help what is your message to us in these circumstances is the Last Supper was not only you also link this to the Scriptures and no set of circumstances that takes place are ever to cause us to do something that's contrary to the word of God right word of God is our guide second Timothy three sixteen seventeen all Scripture is given by the inspiration of God and is profitable not ready for doctrine and correction but instruction in righteousness that the guy that the man of God may be perfect thoroughly furnished all good works so are guided not by providences but number two the providences we must not accept providences as giving us the right to disobey God 's word the third is the Holy Spirit and the thought that we use a great deal and it's a subtle combination of the others we claim the promise were with and as we claim a promise for wisdom we say Lord we ask you to give us wisdom to know what to do with this time we believe you're getting us with we thank you for giving us this wisdom now if you ran you know what to do you may want to take a seat on a bilateral seat all I know until the center sat on one side and against the other presidents large I do this or shall I do this for you on one side and against everything you can think up it's for doing it everything you could think up against doing it get each item a weight of one to ten points he studied over and say what let's see I gave is the site I get this point this thought ten points and I gave this five but this is more important this so you keep switching and balancing these points until anything that has more points than the other is more important when you get to you check your total and you make a decision my wife and I many years ago were invited to accept the call to a church of about sixteen or seventeen hundred members I then was fast of a church about two hundred fifty members but more than this the call was still a mission field where my wife and I had always we labored for years in the mission field and the thought of being missionaries impressed us we both agreed medical equipment let's draw a line that whatever things are going on one side everything against on the other we pray for the Lord for wisdom Lord give us wisdom now so will not put it down on command of what we think we should do what you think we should do you like George Miller Miller he said he never made a decision until AC usually has an open Bible and he said until yet know whether his own then he was open to God 's leading when we got through with that fine against every reason for going we had a bigger reason for staying it take it keeps us from going in circles with decisions thank you and nonetheless questions as we had a man record that has wronged us and even though we go quietly try to reason with him he refuses to write the wrong do we have a responsibility to abide within the law both biblical and modern and bring this man to the conviction that he has sent we don't have a responsibility that it is not our duty necessarily to take every man who is wronged us the court but we do have the privilege it is not a member of the church family as it makes a better we have a perfect right that's what the civil courts are for but let me make a suggestion if you know the person was then wrong maybe stolen from someone and he takes that manticore there's one thing that he should be very careful to new keep his cool be kind and sweet let this man know I'm doing it for the good of the EU because each Ecclesiastes chapter eight verse eleven says unless son against the needlework is executed speedily it's fully set in men's hearts do evil part of the love of God 's discipline you have every right in the world to take this man before the civil court every right in the world it may not be wise to do it on all circumstances and that's never forget that forgiveness is always possible and forgiveness is an important thing which you have every right from the word of God to let the civil court make the decision but you see if you take the attitude toward this man I'm doing this to help you to realize that obedience is important and be sweet and kind and not me it made use of articular departments it is a member of the same church family and you don't take them to court Bible very explicitly says we're not convinced you my audio nurse early website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more to know more about our universe is like the more certain that please visit www. .com universe .org


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