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14 - Gladys Finds Deeper Happiness

Glenn Coon
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Glenn Coon

Founder, ABCs of Prayer Crusades

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I promised us that we will have days of heaven upon the earth it will follow the simple principles of your word water from water I want to join and you promised us that it is the largest works in office both the well and enjoyed your good pleasure sorry asking we come believing we'd welcome thank you that we are receiving in Jesus name amen the message of this hour has to do with with how when we don't get the answers as we would like to get them God has better answers on the way I probably will repeat many times during the session a statement something like this God will either give us what we ask for our something better now I will not be repeating this because we don't have enough material to fill the hour I will be repeating it because that and the thousands you hundreds of thousands of professed Christians will have no idea but when God does not give them what they asked for in the way they expect you have no idea that he's willing to give them something almost as a matter and so we're praying that the Holy Spirit will sum up this beautiful wonderful tools in our minds and hearts best of the easier foster trust in his wonderful work in the easier for us to know that when we make a decision for him he will not let us down and so here is a little formula God either give us what we ask for our something better real estate with me God either gives us what we ask for our something that are nowhere does it again together and this time we go to actuate the post every time gone him while we NASCAR are something that are and I about to repeating every time and I again and I this is according to God in Milledgeville a colonel in the night are perishing word let me cite first to three promises that save this to be true Ephesians three twenty now want to him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think you gives us what we ask for I want something better every time they are no exceptions for a child of God no exceptions this is what it means to know Jesus Christ and this is life eternal that they might know me the only true God and Jesus Christ whom thou that only in this way is the rejoicing evening trials even notice appointments if we know that he really rather list and be a lot easier murder trials monkeys now this is the basis on which he does this Romans eight thirty two he that spared not his own son this is the basis he that spared not his own son but delivered him up for us all how silly not what you are so but the next word freely give us all things what all things summative or level no good thing well God withhold from them that walk upright no good thing will he withhold from them that walked upright like so he'll gave Jesus did on Calvary went with him not apart from him within really give us all things Romans eight thirty two for the many of you are taking notice now there's another promise to go in and we want that these promises in our minds so in these days up on supplies when everything seems like everything seems crooked everything seems me perverse when it seems that the devil is taken over will not forget these wonderful promises of God Philippians chapter four verse nineteen my God shall supply all your need and you don't something up according to what it is a rich is in glory by Christ Jesus he is going to get a direct answer that's what the Bible says now here are two other texts that make clear to us why oftentimes were disappointed the first is Jeremiah thirty one verse Jeremiah thirty three verse three call unto me and I will answer the answer being great and mighty things which thou know what the that because we ask God for something and we do not get the something in the way and at the time that we ask we think that's overlooked it God does not overlook his children because every Sarah knucklehead brother and he comes every candidate waiting wonderful Savior that's right now here's another text to go with it and this shows why were often disappointed Isaiah forty to sixty I will bring them by way that they do not operate in the wind I want only that they knew not we had planned on it we had expected it we thought we had conceived it I'll bring the blind byway that they do not I would leave them and has not known he said I let them do it in the righteous glory by Christ Jesus something that has never even entered your mind Isaiah forty to sixty friends I will not stop but if like a muscle just the time you think you wanted out it's bigger than ever more popular than ever I went to the blind Isaiah forty to sixty I will bring the blind byway that they do not I will leave them in the past that they had not known on the darkness like that for them and crooked legs straight days things like don't let and not person I think praise the Lord but using now friends in my online this has been fulfilling again and again and again I'm thinking of two great game decimal Gethsemane experience is in my own life there were horrible absolutely horrible what happened thirty one years ago and many people heard about this but another one happened only half that long ago and was just visiting this dark energy like those works I look back upon those toward terrifically this is as two of the most marvelous experiences of my life like because not since I've written you and what you don't know I'm still there I limited my beloved son I'm still not across and I put out a tentative the gift of Jesus anything outside to view is no sacrifice for me God says is it a sacrifice for God to give a man a companion is a sacrifice to God that way but it was an infinite sacrifice for God to give his son to go through the humiliation of his life correlated you will certainly find the on-topic that was that was a sacrifice so let us know that anything that God permits to come to us yes a divine purpose I will argue black the result of that first got the Gethsemane experience is what we are sharing with you the ABCs of prayer and family communication with one another and before you never had me not want to that terrible Gethsemane experience so God let us through this topless to be compassionate so when we meet somebody else was having a horrible experience we can wait with those that we usually only can exhaust when somebody says otherwise give me a wonderful answer we could never done it had gone hot right now the place where we just cried out in desperation he brought us through the next experience on fifteen years ago was just as bitter and in some respects it was more better unjustly condemned light about slander and many many people agree that not one word how do you like that when so many people believe that you enjoy or when so many elves had your fill of traits now everything is on the city of throat when it comes to you than what and I look back upon that experience is the Lord God knew exactly what political will needed that I picture was hundreds of people as we travel so the something that came to me is a great blessing because I'm sure hundreds of thousands of others and I can save up God will answer your kernel you never dream but he will answer you see around the throne is yelling out of Calvary all right I said according to sixties as well it says God will lead you will you never dreamed up how many were here and also live in viewing audience can say that you had answers prayer in a way you never agreed down that CRN sixty so you know what you like to play utilized to experientially this is what got now we can't delete the account the experience of this study will call the girls named Gladys of this must've happened some law how long ago maybe ten years ago I think ballroom and more like twelve years ago Gladys was reared in a good Christian home the young man that she later married was also reared in a good Christian home and they believed in Christian standards they didn't even drinking they didn't even dancing they didn't even carousing many believe in sexuality they didn't even corolla things there are regular beautiful atmosphere the young man took long as a study and then about this time he was married to Glenn and as he was taking this course in law he looked out upon the world the social world the professional world and he saw that that you move in a circle circle all people who are in the name and we don't save every case where the main essentialist group there are many exceptions so please don't misunderstand but those with whom he was keeping company where people of the world but the Lord says in first John two fourteen and fifteen love not the world that felt about the sensuous world is not the world need other things that are in the world if if any man love the world the love of God is not in him you can hold onto any part of the moreover this film and sensuality and greed and it's just business feeling you cannot hold onto any of that and hold on the Boulevard right you can profess to do it but there's an emptiness vision by the neatest decision that if you are to succeed in his profession you must go with the crowd and then the thought came to my Bible of the crowd Gladys must go to we must with a couple of a couple law she must go to sell one day he began to him you know with all the way of society and society has its benefits its pleasure card parties and it's drinking and and all liberals when it still if we expect to succeed is no other way he kept hitting and find funny kid not stronger and still more strongly until finally you noticed that Gladys all I was saying we can't do that we love the Lord Jesus is coming again you can't take one step in the direction of the world friends except at great risk in men remember when we start our little sensuality are little things that questionable I will take us over to know what to do it and she said by God 's grace honey I can't use it but you've got to do it she said I can't and by the way she almost idolized this beautiful tall handsome man in other ways he was he was a wonderful person she's doing I would be bringing reproach on my Savior I can't know the world and since Allawi can take one step in that direction and because my Savior finally said that if I love you with all my heart you know how much I love you I adore you but blackness my profession will go down the drain unless we does I love you as much as I cherish you as much as I believe in you he said I'm sorry that the same but it's a firm statement I'll have to divorce you mean you don't let us I mean and they just started crying that's a legit developer just cry I don't want to please my way I see I make I together she said the honey I can't do it I can't turn my back on my Savior he died on Calvary for me tonight one essential thing in the world when Jesus hung on for me he can play with a photograph down pastel worlds and systems implanted and suffered and died for me I'm not thinking about something three and as the weeks came and went she wrote us a letter that she write I wanted to and I wrote back at some of the answers I wrote my work three and four and five pages you see we don't have much to do and I get a picture before Gladys that doctors go to boost the most outstanding things that you could ever dream of and I think that her husband when he got to his course of study in law as one day standing before the Supreme Court of the United States and defending religious liberty to catch up until this is something tremendous but Isaiah forty two sixteen says I'll bring the blind byway that they do not mutilate her I asked the battle continued through to the range she would write us letters she said I I I I love him so much I don't follow what ever in this world get along with she said he means them almost as much as like Jesus means more than he does and even that's a battle she said at my age and they were still young she said at my age didn't have any children at my agency said I was not ever find anybody is equal and we'd sure like another letter God is good with something tremendously you it's about how we could ask a think about it I think typical over this matter I can see this man's pending before the highest type of our country and I can see them being used in the Holy Spirit but instead elect you divorce Madonna Loma Linda and that they dental hygienist course and while she was there she got acquainted with different individuals and went through a terrible Gethsemane experience loneliness the devil said the largest forgotten you you are not on the old novel never had finally she wrote us a letter she said I have formed the acquaintance now of a dental student I don't what's what happened to it and I wrote back a very guided optimistic letter my wife and our praise this can be missed in the this could be idle it looks like it might be better might be better than the other later she wrote back I've been married I'm married now for this dentist is that his discourse I finished my is a dentist she said when you come out to California I wish you look us up so my wife and I were holding a series of meetings at the prison in the Arlington I believe got a telephone call this is Gladys could you come over on such I think then I went us whom I we can hardly wait to get back about I wanted to take a helicopter all the way from Arlington the Loma Linda to get there sooner you know when my wife and I arrived that evening eighty I can't forget though that wonderful evening she was dressed she didn't mean to be dressed like a milkweed but she was she looks so queenly so young so beautiful so pretty her husband was our regular precious prints may serve on the most delicious little bandwidth and it might actually lead the and as where the middle of the Leo he said excuse me I think there's another dish out in the out of the kitchen so as he slipped out of the kitchen I smiled I said that if please be sure now tell me level with me how is your present marriage as compared with the other one she's a testicle the other one at its best compared with and I knew she meant she managed he caused when God says no good thing will he withhold from them that walk operatic God means what he says God means what he says but the thing that is Leibowitz sent by God 's doing it is if you and I began to cry Democratic .com I've done it and got forgiven me and if I give you remember at least forgive others even ministers were grabbing what he forgive you he well credited providences God leads us in the past in which we are led to the pass for the days ahead for good trials and if we begin to rebel at what he's leading us now usually okay if you think you want let me to do this way you can take you only next take God will you say is true some of your past and my wife our necessary something Auburn Washington I believe it was we received a telephone call from up near Kent Washington hello this is the fifth whereafter like to say when you come over and take another meal of us I want to tell you we wanted to get another helicopter so you don't miss something wonderful when you see how close is apparently going down the drain Angus Young God takes over and he does something so bad less about anything that we can activate your death you just upon it you know so we went over sat at their table she said you know my husband and I she went on to the conversation not posting they were doing this work in witnessing for Jesus Christ the last letter we received from them they are missionaries in a foreign land trying on Jesus Christ whole Brands I wanted to collect light like to see Jesus I'm not worried about it just like Christ I like to say what a wonderful Savior is Jesus my Lord even spared not his own son but delivered him up for us all how shall he not with him also freely give us all things I look back over my life in the ministry and as a Christian and friends I can close the sight that there has never been a trial that his company does never been a hardship that has never been a Gethsemane experience in Lisbon many of them but what God had a specific purpose you see he said I chosen you in the furnace of affliction you don't call you in the furnace to refine that which is brought in the first of the red line is that which has precious or when you went to a refining process I like about at all my something valuable in the military line three find me waste no time on worthless draw about your life if you know individuals who shaken their fifth in the hands of their therapist in the face of God and I know several who have I never went that far my friends got even forgive the we received a letter have a letter please don't send a statement of his face between longer read them unless you make them three minutes they said is a little three minute tape letter this lady had shaken her hand in the face about two or three times she said Pastor thank you for what you've done I just written her letter and said you must come to the place where your sake though he slay me yet will I trust in Jesus the Christ of Calvary she sat now learn and I thank you so much reverence of trust along how can you keep from looking at someone's balls when they are so obvious and year around him all the time Isaiah forty five twenty two eleven onto me and be saved all you ends of the year that's number one number two is this and it's very very important you know you can have a penny so close your eyes that you can see a hundred dollar bill a foot away I have found that those with whom I conversed and in my life is so easy for me to love at the field faults that a person has instead of recounting the tremendous number virtues him or something coming and especially those that are now wholly and closely surrounding obstinacy said the answer another phase the as for less than ten qualities on this person that's bothering you ten of the qualities you'll be surprised what will happen you'll find that you got the finest brands in the world and did not like make a list of their good qualities the demo will get so angry when you do that because he doesn't want us to zero in on the qualities of our loved ones and you know I know this is so because I met a number of people couples they crowded each other nearly all her life but the moment that one passed away governance and I want one of her companion I had one is not annoyed when we found them it was one of the clocks they had now let's lighten up let's not wait until I log on to become corpses before we thank God for what you say thank you by the same line this questioner says comparing show love and understanding for children living to work but industry in that they love God and want to be say number one is example number one this example now let's first of all laws take a few moments to diagnose mental the medical profession diagnosis now get a case history nobles to all this before they start the meal medicine diagnosis is very important why then they can learn what this is you have if we can learn the disease that young people have our lab ones have around us that causes them to be in this situation if we can write this but it that way if we can analyze them why then we can remedy much on it for instance I have come to conclusion friends and this would be hard for a lot of Christians take I come the conclusion him feel special reasons why young people in particular are all young people don't let it discourage you but let us learn the lesson from the outfield special reasons why young people in particular turn from the Lord one is they don't see happen this in our life maybe just bearing down and say you will but who wants to build her I is a a person insignificant thoughts though we may not recognize it right I have some daylight biblical did you know that Wright has a has delight in the Lord asked me to do anything that doesn't spell greater happiness what would he be than irritated if not asking me to do something that in the end would not give us greater happiness even in this life a monster I want you to do this because I'm bigger than you and I can find if you don't like a three note there's not one thing that my line asked me to do there's not one thing he asked you to do except for a greater happiness the Bible says that it is some sixty in his presence there is fullness of joy now we realize there's a lot of persecution this comes from the devil Satan is the devil tries to get us to give up the joy of Jesus under persecution the misunderstanding of friends but Christ is all joy in this presence is fullness of joy at his right hand are pleasures for evermore that's why we have eight hundred twenty six text of Scripture that Amanda advised authority just to be happy oh well here's one problem first Thessalonians sixty five MMR you would think that I young person three and four and five and six years old is gone is gone apart a happy daddy and mother mother said that it got your victim Attorney General Nolan do you want to get off here comes that now is on a bicycle to do next they were analyzing I like blondes don't accept the Christ that we have it's because we have the wrong Christ I tell a lot of teenagers I say I understand your dumping the Lord said yes I said I'm so glad you don't your people I'm so glad you're dumping him the antidumping and he never existed this dog and condemns and a little he'd never existed Oregon is a good God I bow to the having God on God wants us to be happy if the devil comes in instead of a lot of strife so that we will reflect warring and then we see the children you see what I have you ever had to and then the child looks on television and he sees a worldly actor or actress I think that for this right the only way people to Jesus Christ is to let them know that I found in Jesus will bring them greater happiness and brother I will test our mates Sarah went from everywhere we go we all have their committee meetings the judge also sonic happy people will become the coordinate let's be happy days but there's a big thing these days segment snap up is not him they are in south half is on the day I allowed to reside a waste of that island of the lady she said were little girl listen you to give the satellite is I want to the cinema highchair now sit at his and I want to rethink this or how I love on the God Sabbath day God 's birthday horrible persecution is persecution which got hundreds of thousands of professed Christians that instead I reflecting that so I ended a lot of tease us I think people want I really don't want on help you are going to look like you're looking reflect what you are neglecting this is so funny agree this is true friends that if people think you're silly for being aggressive than the SLA Christian payment that's right God says eight hundred and twenty six five be happy be happening at eight amen I want now there's another reason why these people turn from the Lord it is because it is an address and are not being happy we we expressed suspicion we expressed suspicion I don't believe you're doing right I think behind the coroner little boy and your left forgive you for being normal no young thought this was to be normal only old people to be normal so we're climbing them with suspicion we're trying to wear trying to to to put them in our own ravioli you see and then we're saying you ought to do it because it's right you mean it's right right I like the devil like a man came to me because one of my meetings he said I run what's wrong with me now why my friends don't accept Jesus he said I've been working for the Lord like the death next question I think are probably a lot of people been acting or numeric greater than them how can we tell when God answers our prayers with an answer this different from that which we ask because it is politely ask that you think he said I'll bring the blind byway that they knew not Isaiah forty to sixty very filled the first I've ever offered as far as Providence and circumstances consent very few ever been antiblack expected electoral so what he does that's the way we expect remember he's still right there next the question when it is discovered by the church that a member is having an affair is that not both biblically solemn obligation for the church to discipline the offender or friends this is a very very very good question I hope the answer will always be remembered by all of us rest of my life in Matthew V chapter versus fifteen to eighteen Jesus tells us what to do and how to do it he said if thy brother sin against me our trespass against the goal to him what alone alone have no business presenting this for any church board or any church committee or any church council if you find it I find that a brother is for we tell people right and alone the church has no right to take any step nobody has a right to go to the pastor nobody has a right to go to a church council until you have learned that this if you read that a person is useful in making a mistake goal to go step one number two how will you go to it Galatians chapter six verses one and two it says that any of you don't learn from the faith you would josh spiritual restore such an one walk this is a twenty now it is embarrassing before the couple cognition is as restorative so the moment that I learned that somebody's making the state the moment that you run I cannot put your capacity to churches your devoted number one photo and will number to your door the idea of restoring him number three how will you restore him it says in verse this is Galatians chapter six verse one through in the spirit of meekness in the spread of what maintenance considering yourself quiet lest you also be tempted so when I googled person when you were the person 's mental state we're going with with this attitude brother I've made a lot of mistakes I've come ask you if you pray for me the all time we know he's the one that's made a mistake in drafting to pray for us that the Bible wears that first Peter two seventeen honor all land Philippians two three a statement other better than ourselves go to even say when you pray for me I need your prayer let's pray together let's pray together I remember many years ago when my father was a young man he told he told me as a boy told all this pointless he said as a young man there was an older minister in that area and he said someone had brought some accusation against this minister and my father said he said I went to this minister in a kind way and let me know that somebody was thought that he was guilty of such and such a thing he said the minister said to me my father speaking Charlie what they've accused me of I'm not guilty but you are my friend thank you for coming in tipping meal my father went to as a song would go to bother in the spirit of meekness he said you're my friend when you go to those that are slipping away and we let them know that we are sinners all it means a lot in our book sweethearts again by the way it's one of the textbooks of the series and after the service will find some here in about sweethearts again we tell the experience that we had with the man who was out committing adultery living with another woman and yet he was engaging and wonderful Christian work when a member of my team and I went to see him you know what we did we went with the idea of restoring him everything we said we brought no accusation against them in any respect that was the accuser right these videos of the brother and brother incident right and my brother said as well as it were not go to the center what is the epicenter so we went to dismantle my comment first on the phone and I said I'd heard he just beat his wife up beside his adulterous behavior and we pray that God guide us I said the voice of brother I I would come down seal said that I should have some good news for you I've got some good news volume he said I think this year will be here before you are I said brother we seem to Adobe now serve coming we'll be there to you he wasn't sure whether we'll sort it were not but it's okay when we walked in his home with prayer we walked in his home with this in mind to do what risk are him in what spirit the spirit of meekness everything we shared with aim was to build power saved by hope Romans eight twenty four this is the way to start if a man doesn't hear us then we take a couple more but listen we cannot expect that many hear us if we go to see him and we start assuming that what he is a backslider and we aren't on the backside is our preparedness that's right at least half of us know what but the Bible says all we like sheep about a straight when I go to visit a man that is sprayed on the sprayer US prayer I have no business making out that he is worse than I have for the wages of sin is death one of us and maybe I have no business going with the idea that you better sit in the way I send are you better stop sitting that's the way to go next question is really a good one Pettigrew my problem is my husband is a perfectionist and no one can ever believe him Sony usually ends up doing everything himself I can see what it is doing to my sons one is outgoing but very flippant and sarcastic even age fourteen the other one age ten is withdrawing and whenever possible he disappears when his father is around it is nearly got me ready for an ulcer or breakdown since I don't seem to be able to help him or reinforce my son 's inferiority complexes and I'm afraid of them becoming a mama 's boy I pray to God you can help me know what to do when you get most of the paper right now my little bit more as to why you think these boys withdrawing if the man does this work in South you do that in the meantime here's the one that will tell you what to do but isn't it wonderful to have a all-night that's not merely is easy that he has to be perfectionist is I wonder please looking to do it himself as a middle of a single to the money go to the site I will the but if any of you lack wisdom in ask of God I think this is the first question I've ever heard in my life of a perfectionist that was being criticized by his mate for doing himself I don't think the criticism is that they should revive him for doing it himself but it seems to criticize everything and we advocate a new limit on the right of any goat and that I get that done that the only right-handed and that's what it means to write an indefinite that's why the children are withdrawing is because he is criticizing them he's criticizing them now number one you claim the promise from the Lord for wisdom number two a few embedded another session of hours you'll remember we present about six Bible all I sit down is it out instead of battling through the day are murmuring in this building you would sit down together and arranged time at this time when you sit down you'll recall that you're not too to bear down on him and make him appear this hospital to make them appear very small and unworthy because these don't miss merrily state in the fewest words again the very identified so in the winter talking about Saint here's the problem as you criticize me and you criticize the children the children are withdrawing because they feel it tabulating leads you that's not notable though the paragraph if you don't it arouses his defenses see so I have a suggestion for you you could tell he is the always overcome evil with good Romans twelve twenty one always overcome evil but I have a suggestion for you today my suggestion is that when you asked your child do anything no matter how poorly doesn't the fact that he's wanting to start your complementing Freeman starting and I remember hearing testicle you might think maybe a little thing I've never had passed José we should treat our children like dogs he said that when we train dogs at the dog obeys us even tries to obey us we relied him so we want to reward the children will reward the children always reward them now if you're going a little farther back friends you may find this in my experience I've found almost ninety nine Jason of a hundred this rare perfectionist who criticizes others as a real hangup himself you know when men complain and criticize others not debuting they have a guilt in most cases and when a man is guilty folly carefully when a man is guilty at this yell on the Lord sees us who died as his guilt manner are you placing this account on somebody else so you will be praying earnestly that this made that seems so perfect in the height that may be a very strong aching guilt you see I knew a lady some time ago I never met anybody like this before in my life we're going for a far if you touch anything should wash her hands if she touched them up our coats and wash her hands if you don't attach a form should wash her hands on washing hands under liberal guilt perfectionists may be that that is critical perfectionist may be under great deal of guilt for price for them or how to pray for them I present to some of you heard me tell what the Bible says a woman should reverence her husband is not because he deserves it is because they need to edit maybe the more you praise a man excitedly you may find it easier to live with but then on the other hand you want to talk with him alone if he doesn't see lighting it then it is become unbearable then you want to suggest they go to a counselor if he does not go to a counselor then take the next step and say this cannot continue it's very important but remember this first make yourself so some really retaliating make yourself so and so they were not one of those whom the children that's extremely important wants to trade a ten dollar bill for a dollar bill and if you attend our wife and somebody else is in our wife I should rejoice you but if you make yourself to send these by pointing a little see somebody else always not running around now he will justly so yes also desirable that when you find it taken you have to need it sooner or later get on and on the writers I know I'm having trouble understanding how you can find God for something you haven't got yet another in the Scriptures say someplace seeing is believing unless you are at all the Scripture says the just shall live by faith now when I hold in my hand and Appleseed what I had in my hand anybody I'm enough of three even I can see yes when I hold in my hand a person on scene when I'm holding my hand presently have seen no when I hold in my hand up promise of God follow a carefully that promise of God 's seed Jesus said the eleven Luke eight eleven said that I had in my hand a promise about the promise contains the gap now I think that promised the seed but in the soil of a believing heart I don't see the answer any more than I see an apple tree and Appleseed but it's there just as much as level three is enough of the so the just shall live by what I think especially when I pray for the conversion of someone I say like you said I will save your children Isaiah forty nine twenty five US said if any man see his brother 's innocence is not adept we miss you will get in life first John five sixteen blog that just as the promise and I welcomed me if I will respect the love and the joy the conditions if I'm around his routes I can expect to save them but Lord begins to take a while for the e-card the shop is I got a thank you to the media was wrong audio is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more to know more about our universe the more so than please visit www. on universal .org


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