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Giving All Diligence

Doug Batchelor
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Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts, Senior Pastor of Granite Bay Hilltop Seventh-day Adventist Church.




  • June 29, 2007
    6:30 PM
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him and I don't really need to go all the emergency you almost happy family if they are going to thought really make a gilded butterflies arrive when I start it out of subtle message or something is very good to be here I want to thank everybody who's been involved in organizing our time I think that it's a good vision you have more of the youth conferences I've been very inspired by the UIC and I think that the WIC will be part of that it's wonderful to see young people developing a passion for the message and for getting it out to the world of his regarding the courses about being like Jesus and that the question is one of the Christian Christian is a follower of Christ and go over Princeton is the Christlike VoIP and Hollywood at a springboard for our week is the first and second Peter chapter one verse five two seven and they have to ration different parts of this wonderful passage to the various speakers you may want to turn it with a second Peter chapter one verse five but also for this very reason giving all diligence after your faith virtue the Virgin Islands the knowledge self-control self-control perseverance perseverance godliness the godliness brotherly kindness and to brotherly kindness and you probably find this law that will represent the attributes of the him that is a very appropriate for a focus on this week I have the privilege of speaking on giving all diligence and that the happy task for me because I really believe it diligence and passion in Christianity is one of the greatest needs right now it on the last day for the accusation that Jesus makes against the church you just not hot or cold your hopeful and it seems to be an absence has we also see that a large number of young people out of the church I believe part of the reason that is going through the Christian experience growing up in the typical Seventh-day Adventist church experience a lot of young people are exposed to as someone once put it this way just enough Christianity to inoculate them against fixing the real thing and they need to see more zeal for Hassan Moore perseverance more diligence in their faith people who are sincere Jesus was totally sold out about his mission in life that affect even twelve years old he goes to the Temple after his parents lose track on the company days later they see some real thought you sorry and it looked as though what we looking all over for me wondering where I would be of course I would be at the church we're also likely paraphrased with you not I must be about my father 's business of it be good for all of us to know the most the magnet to our souls and God in his work are you diligent about their iPod be good to look at some words and disarmament were diligent him all the diligence here in this passage represents furnace and persistent application to undertaking study ever attentive care people this there is a resolve a determination tenacity Hassan giving all diligence on visibility for the giving of all villages of anything one of the most memorized passages in the Bible this is not music and Art Gallagher Philip one of the most potent pacifism plan was to not love people that they don't know where it is for the movement arises versus John three sixteen for God so loved the world he gave Christianity first and foremost is about it is not what God is which resonates in our souls we love him because he first loved us and in turn we get at home with the docket all when he gave Jesus a Terran Kevin upside down should be an empty I mean when you give the creator of all things weren't working given that anything is anything more than his creator of everything that you told me you got any ideas so when God gave the one who made everything to save us the evil analyses as they it requires for us to follow everything that they get nervous it does me he who would seek to save his life will lose it if you turn the result of innumerable loses life that means you let go of it all I think I forgot everything getting all I don't require everything in the you know I believe anyone is enough for Griffin Jesus of the kingdom of heaven Matthew thirteen Jesus and Peter peters that will looking for thinking everything to follow you what will we get one for us and it's like Milosevic or something that followed and it was everything to follow him and he said no man has forsaken father mother husband or wife or houses or lands for my thinking the gospel that he shall receive your Virginia all hundred times more in this life and eternal life in the world to come if I see everything that you get much more money you can imagine how much more so this man is a plowing a field is rented and wily plowing the field is greater you consider what you think the law will not want to be a problem in the future worthwhile so he goes to remove his life storm but I think the link either to get the Sony five market success any eggs a little more passionately now because I think this is something effective interface and safety deposit boxes and Lisa Bailey is that the field he required with your member story whereof the holiday that it anyway can manage that they don't get monthly veterans are buried in the field for the salon that uncommon to find somebody you know your filter will start going on around me Mark could find a treasure very so he finds his life to the date of the appraisal is there some sort of churches and people to be silver but Trish but he doesn't only feel the need on this man is not my field if I don't have been all right so it was back in the ground he covers it up because the owner is likely by your field will offer I highly thought he doesn't calculating he realizes I can buy that he'll visit everything that you believe before the pitcher is worth much more than the veil 's legal phone with his wife rented garage sale and rental garage and house that is attached to it he said forty on your Marxist trust me when we lose all the security trust it were a free any cell phone of the battle family relatives a bigger family heirlooms along the south of the precious that half of them were more trust he is diligent about liquidating for the sake of obtaining that which is worth much more I finally went to the edit like crying looking at the ramshackle house the bond is broken down farm what you done all that religious the company a lot surrounded he only thinks inside the marker that he put Barry versus decided there any causes great big box on the ground talking and talking a box full of treasure opens it up and urgently need in the settings that is why faith is now maybe Christ Sergeant Neil was aware the site in question I think sometimes about the acid related to have will there be married and all of those goals are saying in all this is not a non-American I sure like to get married before Jesus comes I'll be disappointed and really think about that that's great and so anybody can go to heaven so you know I probably enjoy this place much more if I could've at least been married back in that no seventy years that I live back there on earth and billionaires lose eternity implicitly you know I thought we would enjoy the and then marry him and he is never going to minister your envelope people who think they would enjoy life a lot more of it not gotten married him and other people in the novel for you you can go there and it is a theory that it'll happen to be the big donor for all their doing cease and were much more than anything it is worth everything is that it is in the kingdom of heaven is like a emergency rules so when you found one pearl of great price he went and sold all that he had sold his home for old Florida girl on all our own I want girl if you recognize the value of it I unite amazing facts are rated from Sunday and I collect them every week was a lot of fun actually and I remember reading one that stands out my mind two years ago a man named Alan at November the Rhode Island and antique collectors was going through one of these foods stores that have basket of costume jewelry and he was rummaging around the father broke genetically lost and the executive inquiries about was that your basket don't you reasonably want to disruption a guy looking to quickly exit fifteen dollars by maven fourteen one hundred but he recognized that it looked at him like a parallel he probably thought it was conscious jewelry dozens of local ownership was very normal there are they read we are all hot roles that are purple ultimately this one it was some pearls on some five perfection said he would go when they didn't even recognize the goal we had a phrase Christie's is an option for two million dollars and he think that he can only facilitate on floor difficult to the Levine if there's undulating that now you know who were to recognize the value of it working dollars quantity nothing you give up in this life is even learning to be compare with what he gave up for you have everlasting life nothing in this world that you might get up to follow Christ in a life of the Pacific right to the same to even write some question getting upset about the only thing they forgive up for grabs not even worthy to be compared with the glory of heaven and no people in trade eternal life for string of pearls here within a walk-through one purl there you think about it already is all still at work on a diligence diligence it gives all highly so that your faith you know there are so many people who have the trappings of Christianity they all have the real thing and they don't enjoy their religion because they never really surrendered everything is not genuinely long down take up your cross that's when you really begin to find out what it's all about so many people they attempt Christianity would have a hard and the reason of doing it is because well you probably think there's some truth to it and make the will be forgiven and relieved of their guilt and shame and they feel some conviction that the plaintiff try to find some relief for themselves but it never really for Jeffrey God I didn't know credibility Luke fourteen thirty three so likewise whoever of you does not forsake all that he has cannot be my disciple thought not advocating that everybody here also liquidate your bank account and write a check to me tomorrow or amazing facts are creating a fully probably would argue fervently a few shows that this is not the theology done talking about when you have nearly all O'Neill you get your heart and by the way look at your hardest ability to get your delay on this alert isn't what you want if you're on your lifetime by means my life I influence on getting it all diligently to serve you that scares me of you are naturally selfish that the absolute diametric opposite of the way were wider worldwide find clutching claws grasping hold in the Bible is all about the opposite is getting it all away living for the Lord serving him not about you it's about God by the neighborhood becoming less that the reverse of the equation of moral which is the first and maybe others and that is fine that some people prioritize the Christianity by giving all diligence Luke five eleven so they brought their boats to land safely say that all the following Linda debuted at changes that would get excited about catching fish and revision out of a face they got excited full story is about the him around the fire think about how I fought him for twenty minutes and I bought a million line called again and everything is bigger that the power of the gospel that Jesus is efficient in the Hamas site and Jesus tells Peter 's net in James and John and his diversity exists you get excited about this is his problem he also noted that a better command that she was better than in the fish keeper with one addition my estimation there for personality as you don't have much less the computers without a single word were hanging solo God wants us to be diligent about the big things in life while I'd like to talk a little bit about that kind of diligence in which every six I went through some of the passages in the Bible talk about this village that great chapter on faith because faith of Christ had but without faith it is impossible to please him for he who comes to God must believe that he is and that he has a rewarder of those who diligently seek i.e. seeking after God diligently it usually filled with God you would be like Jesus of the village search is something that requires intensity of effort and requires energy and frankly the way that most Christians know about the personal emotion for most Christians don't have personal book but among those who do have personal were going to fix the ability it's sort of lukewarm and different I put in my thought on reading my verse a lot of people have a measure space is a reinstatement of his done my religious duty but are not doing it diligently seeking after God the most valuable thing in the world I was in Alaska lastly some of the works of Doctor Kirby L Michael Nouri and I like women's retreat that will take Stephen up there with me and I had a good time a lot of the men of the last I've never been to a men's retreat quite like this before where everybody is packing a Bible and a pistol and was afraid to get into a theological debate these guys that he didn't know what might happen but about half of these guys minds and claimed they were prospecting on the side of really funny because most of them are probably very successful in their businesses at a high cost of living in Alaska and the public get very a very well whether they're working successful but they work on a vitally golden nugget and they might get you know a hundred dollars for the think the only work of their job and make two hundred dollars for the eye so excited about classic they search all day doing is breaking work shoveling sand of louche and painting and hauling boulders around solidifying Lubrizol searching diligently something about hold fever once the most important thing you can find more one is the most important thing in life I think it got I'm finding God to talk about the glories of heaven and margaritas that don't even mention that for me if not in heaven is very likely to be in the presence of God helping on the competitive thinking to the children and injustice we talk about heaven we try to attract them with you get the slide don't address their just think you will be a figurehead who are in life now will you be available for a rattlesnake than the mere toys that you know you like the gold of the political butterfly flowers will hit you wonderfulness of Long life living as a result won't be something to be present that he will faithfully say God visiting the Bible closes I find her attractive for that statement God himself will be with we are separated from God Donnelly with point of view more worthwhile after God and what kind of searches that deserve getting all the usual order of those who diligently seek for him to work diligently there the great by the way is okay if I pronounce that it means speaking dispatch eagerness business business carefulness forwardness face it so it is not only done thoroughly done quickly it is those words and that will build and it all had to do it I don't be sloppy about a father is going on a plan to do something don't wait to hear your forget it a losing priority do it as soon as you are able to do it giving all diligence seek after God with why he may be found when is that now the people think this can wait until I have a terminal illness only the devil in the normal parenting time to get him to while young people think they're not going to become a priest now all of the rules of the world on you really know what it has to offer so I just smell of it now enjoyed and I got very forgiving hopefully I'll survive my father 's life and I come back and I'll serve God with something is left I like to get out and find out what's really going on in my early whole understand what is your my testimony about how Jesus Savior from sin other about this a little bit finally have a testimony on the same Elizabeth that's assuming that you know when he and his and not all young people know that someone at the Rabbi one five what's the best figure of the last day of your life this is what I don't know when that is exactly in Matthew Henry speaking about the league who was converted in the eleventh hour he said there is one step that conversion mentioned in the Bible so that no one need lose hope but there is only one so no one dare presume very dangerous the bank I thought I give you to seek after God would diligently have these now that word means to the point of perspiration on publicly and even our terms of fun from seeking after God the point of perspiration diligently did Jesus want to be like Jesus did Jesus ever good that we pity ever seek after God to the point of frustration of some authority as fire flood and whenever I assigned books will my favorite Jeremiah twenty nine friendly verses eleven to thirteen the site frequently some of the number thirteen which of you will search for me and you will find me when you search for me on your hot out of the skillet got deserve the diligent search from the Christ object lesson three forty three speaking of diligence processes here why is semisolid to be absorbed unit the matters in a strong military anxiety that things happen in comparison with the phase of eternal interests yet God is always the servant it will care for black militancy in this work is as much a part of true religion as a devotion of island is no endorsement the idleness is the greatest curse that affects our world every man and woman who is truly converted will be a diligent worker is not just that diligent in seeking after God is intelligence and everything you because as a Christian you doing all things asked of the Christ the diligent focus on the something Bible says let your hand finds to do Louisiana nine percent know if that will undermine its zero not been so valid godlessness Tuesday year to serve in a war and strong is not what you like to say how long do a whole between good and evil kind of stagger back and forth between the world and the lower it is the Lord with all villas her inability having will have a greater fistful of violent church and for conversion of the world if more Christians were more earnest about the Christian if we were more consistent and sincere and diligent about our faith admonishing the tell people what we believe will we don't have a great impact for the conversions about it but because were halfhearted about it yet I think our roads our influence be wholehearted certain Peter chapter one verse ten wherefore rather brethren give diligence to make your calling and election sure that you do these things you will never fall what deserves diligence more than our relationship with all his upgrade from time to time for us to evaluate what our spiritual health it is carefully investigate you are also the theater by the need to regularly evaluate our insulin levels tolerated by that I have a CSF is a but my brother along with a number of other problems the was a diabetic before you guide any ethics very carefully monitor his blood sugar his was not so much because of obesity was certain of these and then the Bible but yet you constantly monitor his blood sugar and know where he stood and he would make adjustments accordingly I think it's healthy versus levels of UV works oriented phone by focusing on yourself but you can evaluate if you looking to Jesus enough by where you are sometimes we can think about spending too much time with him well but not enough time with Jesus is wrong with my appetite be diligent and make your calling and election sure the intelligence of our prayer for a little bit about study in searching after God know in the Temple there were holy place we do this for some young person found what they were wonderfully piece of furniture in a wholly new thought holy holy reports twenty one C able to bring all the rest every part of salvation justification segregation glorification exemplified in the courtyard the only to sanctify in the holy place to glorify you get the presence of God holy sanctification is where we are now wanted surprising unwillingness children of Israel replaces justify any good sci-fi wilderness or flight response that only plays every piece of furniture that segregation happened in that room candlestick let your light so shine is usually that way where God is that man doesn't live by bread alone but by every word that became to have his crisis the word the Bible and it wasn't all depends on representative prayer intercession that spirit smoke that fragrance went over into the presence of dollars of the consolidated with the mayor and it was transformed in the smoke it was brought in to the presence of God and when you pray the Holy Spirit doesn't even transform your prayers and meals it with the merits of Christ and it is a sweet and brought before the Lord when praying Jesus name is acceptable to him we frightened little and not only brings little to no I think that God is more impressed by heartfelt prayer than long prayer other fifty one along three there are many regular progress in developing long prior to you might be seen of men identify the prayers of the law if they don't belong one magnified for public prayers to get to the point you in public prayers in the Bible the second is that a logical reason for your cellular telephone for your fire came down from heaven birthday sacrifice available with purple rocks and water on the screen nobody's knees you a thought I think I did this I find it about the powerful prayer when I wanted to forty seconds long it additionally made up for what you might like in way you can make up for it in diligence hash his heart was in his prayer to tell you when Peter was drowning he frequently words on what he was passionate about address kit with a life-and-death writer in the Lord read this passage and it is this originated Joseph a answer right by me being sincere about it let's let's face it a lot of us in our prayers we think this thing over and over again I started my family during our family prayers on when I'm with the Valley character that was my mother but are we passed around among business presently I pray and I don't want to keep the board with prayer and so I'm really trying to play fresh players is one thing God knows what I want before I asked he's also thirty four and the lease is interesting and so free with passion and creativity in the for fresh I know that every church in other people when they pray a prayer for the sermon we all have certain of these people is almost like they got a prayer memorized basic music where you need to work with the same on every thought you wonder how much passion is published not only to fire come down from heaven for he that thirty second career that he will bring myself to listen to longer friends and one of the three is the king of Israel fires in the .net offense of assault and was looking at reality fasting and praying now is the rapidity of the face allowing two goals up on the mountain you'll die with his face between his knees and prayed about down a freeze don't deserve a look towards the sea the brain for a specific day the only way he went and looked so there's nothing so he sent a second nineties and there is nothing symbolizes the door again that is it there is fairness he knew that was God 's will when he was not to give up the people needed Holy Spirit by the way it's interesting that this youth hostels in the midst of photographs for improvement although only got a second church and saw seventy hundred churches around North America 's and some overseas your church family members are gathered praying right now to pray for the Holy Spirit I'd love to see this meeting inflation rate is especially demonstrated that the prayers being answered Elijah prayed the Lord century century BC and they need to know your God will be fired down on illegal rain to come to violate the seventh grade there are small round of the size of a man's hand move about the city in the meantime the sky is black with clouds and wind and there was a heavy rain that God here is diligent prayer what would happen if I wanted to settle will be headed by this label right now after five prayers the story might've been different we'll never know the rate might not be installing graphically violent shower but he refrained for something it dropped again in a flash flood territory you know people are passionate about writing something about the players of the whole almond and the doctor gives your medical report that makes you very nervous a lot easier to pray with all diligence of the or you get a phone call that alone one that an accident in ICU certainly you can put a little village there is a passion that the tenacity in your prayers would be seen as one and he spoke a parable to them that man ought to always pray and not lose heart don't give up short it was in a certain city or judges did not feel work on a regard man out of the window and SAG came to him saying him justice for me for my hand is very and he would not slow why but afterward he said within themselves all I don't fear God regarding the marital troubles me I will then left by her continual coming she wears me out that alerts you are not just sitting on an unjust God is willing to help her out that the cover off his back wheel gets the grease him for I is you who does care this is an unjust judge who didn't care but finally had to because of her diligence when you know something I don't wish for me I believe God blesses the termination perseverance resolve tenacity gone gone he blesses the law was negligent homicide as a religious man but he was successful because he didn't get his principle in life as their principal is used by Christians to be diligent about our faith is another story by alternately dissecting thinking chapter thirteen or fourteen life felt they had the fiery chariot is not so little I saw life as unfortunately this year is a man who was that each level underwent his undoing with you all not legal where you normally go on living with a village by legal and if you live long enough you get old enough diesel pickup evolving I finally can help message that is with you be prepared for that analyzer became sick with the owners would wish she would die until a sick individual came down and he went over his face as though my father my father Sherry of Missoula misfortunate and Elisha said stop crying I'm paraphrasing here take a loan of the marrows sacred about leaving tomorrow he said thinking it is not what you're handled the whole thing was handled about and why support is handling things in signifying that the King was the trust God right now it is valid if their enemy to win the race number that no a physician he shot a severe removable and deliverance of a hill of deliverance from Syria you must like a series of easy to give the story then he said is eternal life therefore if I can make a case care of the effect is real strike the ground looks like they are thinking this might be the graph paper with Romero think this will help you figure out the oyster ground three times Scott and the man of God was law he was angry with him he's at you soon struck five or six times at least twice as many time they struck Syrian cellular disjointed and not just by Syria only free time I was filming around the torment you as an enemy because you consume you are diligent enough my will tell you about my uncle Harry I decide is not my notes that this came to me but you remember the story is my father 's brother 's wife here for design running out everything you told me that he was rollerblading waterski even like the horse and he has the Indian trading post I live with if someone read my book eloquently area of the treaty both in Mexico the Lord is not doubted I had a glass I envy redesign set on the table you've heard this before examining the robot watch and decide if uncle Harry told me to sleep a couple of excellent assortment of action she one voice and of course if you work for myself to making overall unit owner life feeling a few fingers of the half is sold the other was off crazy for going to follow the oldest is unusual is that I remember from that moment was half and what they very only visit I made the mistake of talking back to your grandma and I feel fourteen years old now and I only listen viewing when you can make me visit well maybe not right now but I could make you wish you listen to me he said he went to sleep once I had results for little things that and while he was sleeping the sleep of a full teenager she ties the hands and feet the things you are not a pro annual to find his mother he am all that is body will stick like that I was disoriented yelping about recommending this is what is a little video I want to in the case that will help in the buffet and he's their only shot skills and is underestimated the United Nations the more exit and you never thought she had a new uncle Harrison I didn't know I think of them when I think about Elisha saying you love me and Brown often enough to make the difference in England in the little time as you are sitting back up again the thought him was the offensive I hope everything is a farmer how often I wonder we've is laughing he performed miracles for us if we will use our extremity as an opportunity to go a little fun getting all diligence if you said something about prayer for the roof down below and agree families of New York that God sounds scarcely stirred about with a radio microphone little bit of them for the grace only is laid out as yet only an occasional envelope but he who communicatively have an innocent man across the room boldly continuously with all of his weight in a picture requires a photo reading front with all his weight on a church bell as our reality for me to play a fun of you are promoting this if you are to me by ping-pong ball emphasizing his thought my finger that is there anybody's right now have a machine gun that shot ping-pong balls of fire when you probably don't want to run than if I had a candidate for iPhone people would never all right most of our players were playing like ping-pong balls were playing with a light in his office will be praying like people were living in the time we should be diligent in our study witnessing the branch second and fifteen be relative writing to present yourself approved to God a worker does not need to be ashamed likely dividing the word of truth but central theme at idle valleys for they will only increase the more ungodliness a lot of the reading that young people engage in his vain and idle babbling television vain and idle family videos movies and think the comfortable world vain and idle babbling that we spend our time getting mixed up in the vein of vital factor in the babblings of the world but we need to be studying diligently to show ourselves approved to God now you heard me say this before emerging as a lot we don't have enough time to study everything we need to study we use every minute of the half identify not only do my Bible study morning the Bible faithfully go to sleep at night you deliver my car right now you can see but literally at a Tupperware bucket seats CDs I've got old muscle of his face I heard it so remember to think nuclear deal I thought about buying a new car and let them come and visit it is anymore so I find that you are but I don't listen to tapes I got Christians think easily that they're not all activists of the Christian preachers and see the melodies for the seat that I constantly trying to study any weed out the babblings that you hear because in order to really such a useful of the things of God takes a long time in this actually now you're leaving me generation you are living in a very unique there has never been a generation like this generation is the five hundred years ago if you wanted to hear music you need to know somebody who halfway you go down by a country store find someone on the front porch you have some relatively filler Orlando for a small or harmonica that you would anywhere make music what people think about instruments and eight harmonized now and save other special occasion might be a little bit north into the day your monthly electric say to get out of the music now since Thomas Edison invented a way to record and reproduce music people listen to music all day long nonstop and not losing I saw fast food healthy guys on the way of your voice fills all countries of the NFL I is knowing to what is then electric around in this book man in the seat behind me was trying to use those while he was playing a videogame players and what anything that you feel one with lots of believers the night was playing a videogame constant bombardment of information that people always expect is going to the gym now and lift weights workout that will listen to something or want something whether going to the market more than sixty six constantly being bombarded with information so compensate for that assault your senses you need to make sure that your lease getting more of God and the devil is getting attention study the show yourself approved to God Murray founder five thirty five eighty four sixty one vigilance and fidelity have been required by followers every age but now the waiter standing upon the theory of urgency will and establish you what you wrote him a fortune of the day homemade instruments we may celebrate a life so important work we must do this well our diligence is always been important for Christians become wasn't about their faith now more than ever we need the liability seeking after God Luke chapter fifteen through the heater what woman having ten pieces of silver if you lose one of these is not light a candle light word is a lamp of my feet were and sweep the house with the active diligence and seek diligently tells you find singularly jealousies it is not about the health diligently tells you find one of these respondents think will happen think that he will fire it I have served as the fourth always inspired me and I like those by during this passage is Proverbs four twenty three keep your heart with all diligence protect lives going in your heart what you thinking about for out of it are the issues of life out of spring usually like backyard filled your heart to Jesus you become like what you treasure in your heart second Peter three fourteen wherefore beloved seeing that you look for such things be diligent that you might be will you please without a spotter plane was going to review this anonymous I haven't downloaded if you know tell me I'm a disciple of Jesus I Holy Spirit power the die has been cast that fit over the line decision has been made I'm a disciple of his I won't look back let us slow down back away or be so my passage routinely for this makes sense in my future is secure I listened to the living sidewalk in small planning smooth knees on the screen saying visions Monday talking seriously giving informed goals I no longer need preeminence prosperity this promotion Plaza popularity I don't have to be right first half recognized phrase regarding or report I now live by presence lurked like a lullaby patients with life where labor by power my face is that I think is that Michael was seven my daughter is now my weight is lost by Corinthians you might guide is reliable my position clear I cannot be bought compromised each word word away TrackBack deluded or delete I will not flash movies and sacrifice everything in the presence of adversity negotiated the people of the enemy hunger a couple of popularity for me either in the maze of mediocrity I won't give up so let dollars follow-up select restart for the update of soda and stayed out for the cause of Christ I'm a disciple of Jesus I must go to become so I dropped Faye so all know and love the sauce and when he comes again is all doable problems recognizing the my colors will be clear I like that talks about tenacity I want to be like Jesus Jesus that his face is over Jerusalem we would not be discouraged for letter 's mission of cognitive world if they give me for my challenge for you you give all and give all goes as authorities father is we conclude to say of our program and we are challenged by the greatness of the city Keith's Wharton originally created man in your image the devil has been working to erase that image from humanity we know the work of the gospel is the restore that likeness of Christ in the sons and daughters of them I pray Lord that will happen here I pray that decisions will be made to follow Jesus all of our hearts the with every subsequent speaker I pray Lord will be with this program that your spirit will be felt remove every distraction obstacle that prevents people from getting off the price and serving him diligent gas engines


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