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Just Like John

Lael Caesar


Lael Caesar

Associate Editor, Adventist Review



  • March 12, 2014
    4:00 PM
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John there is at least a little bit of this myth and the production and I'm when I have a challenge on the map turned around because I don't have from you that you know that things are going by against the cleanup will meanwhile one of the aim of today's exercise everybody the focus by an all the only liked there is and why what seller reason because it's time that the reality and because I really didn't think enough about it when I signed the spiritual which virtual walking through the justice like John I been thinking about that now when thinking get all the Apple problem here but let's read a Scripture reading to get everybody then I saw a new heaven and the new birth for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away at the Steve was no more and I saw the holy city the new Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from God prepared as a bride adorned for her husband and there shall no longer be any night and they shall not have need of the life of a lamb all the lights on why the Lord God shouting Newman there and they shall reign for ever and ever no need for left turns no need for your son because the Lord God shall give us light pulsar seven word summary today everybody my fifty does not need Crisco triad of the monster that could ever become a true must have does not need crystal triangles I confess to you that there is at least a little tedious mess in today's introduction I don't believe there ever is facetiousness and anything else he says long conscientiousness that from yesterday said you know we haven't seen in Germany that in all you you think around corners like and that I told him actually I've spent my life confusing people and my wife has spent our married life together begging me not but I probably naturally confused and have not been converted enough from confusion so bear with me and that left it up together again everybody my city does not need crystal triangles all wonderful God and our life and our love thank you that when you we have known and because of you we need no can thank you for being our acumen Jesus and I can't sing anymore but I think male quartet medium king arose and all the other guys that we will put them into mismatches in the voice of prophecy Paul seen meal quarter music course just like John I want to be ready was probably still is one of the kids I bumped the wall in Jerusalem just like you been thinking about it what what is that all about anybody have any idea when the old thing about walking in Jerusalem just like children was it is because everybody wants Google to Israel for me to have been molted or I want to walk in Jerusalem just like in the court just like Elijah to understand that but John Mitchell Limited talking about Julie Goldman were literally talking about going to Jerusalem every year they conclude their possible by saying next year in Jerusalem yesterday because they live with an unfulfilled longing equipment but also every Passover and next year in Jerusalem but that's not true anymore there are six hundred thousand Jews living in Jerusalem now and five three million on those who have direct access anytime they want to live in the Israeli Republic and of course millions of others around the world who can go whenever they want the idea is just but they still say next to you in Jerusalem John Bloom who was president of the blog desiring God the issues that are here in Jerusalem actually expresses the spiritual longing will go in the Army Jerusalem apart from wish that the next year be a happy one view live with loading to forward Jerusalem where everything will be happy you long for a better city than the one that you live in if you do live in the city or a better place than the one you live in even if you don't live in the city maybe you could move to New York New York is the greatest city in the world that at least that's what the announcer says every night on CBS many introduces the minimum from the off and him and New York has a lot to recommend especially crystal try to get all that you know you you didn't know that New York was famous for Crystal try and well that the education you may not know about New York's crystal triangles but the Obama Times Square you don't you know that every year on the thirty first of the semblance of a million people scrunched themselves into this one place at the junction of Broadway and seventh Avenue in central Manhattan the double and one billion people all over the world is very rare December thirty one watching the one million people in Times Square and fantasizing about being there in person double all that these people are looking at a bunch of Crystal fire thirty two thousand two hundred and six energy efficient life with brilliant eyes watching the ball by four thousand six hundred and eighty eight three what word crystal I was carrying at crystal triangles has all these crippling annual spectacle anywhere in the world is full triangle must be a grand and very important week but my city does not need Crystal tried me that Jesus has for me does not mean crystal triangles to give and reflect light and it doesn't need thirty two thousand two hundred and fifty six energy efficient light to be reflected by its awkward stove for handles my city mocks the ultimate contrast between all that is weak and contrive an occupational that finds its unparalleled climax in the heady intoxication of rocking New Year's Eve in Times Square in New York City on liberal ball what were crystal try Jesus is in my and Jesus is the light all the bar meeting while what was John eight twelve need of Jesus when he does it I a lot won't world that the context of our key word this week all cute but she does not see I am one of the most crucial significant important essential want to rush out and he does not save the most anything can I am liked by CS Lewis 's mere Christianity puts it and I wanted to read with me I am trying here to prevent anyone saying the we viciously that people all day about Jesus I'm ready to accept Jesus Gracie is a great moral teacher but I don't accept his claim to be God we want them to be on par with the boob so Jesus can give you some moral insights of the book and give you the enlightenment or you can experience it to going back is the wild seeing the loss knocked state anyway that everybody stayed up at okay that is not wildly you must not be was merely a man and said the sort of things Jesus said would not be a great moral teacher he would be either a lunatic on the level with the man who says I am okay or else he would be the devil from hell you must make your choice to the businessman was and is the son of God or else a madman or something worse you can shut him up for who you can spit at him him him him him we fall at his feet and call him Lord and God letter with any conniving nonsense about his being a great human teacher he has not left that open to us he did not intend he is the light of the world you fall at his feet or you called him and him him him world have had great teachers meningitis intellect and extensive research man who approaches and stimulated thought and open the view of vast fields of knowledge and these men have been honored as guides and the pores of the race but there is one who stands higher than the retrace the line of the world teachers far back as human records extend but the light was good for them the moon and the stars of our solar system shine by the elected light of the sun so far as they are teaching is true the world 's great thinkers reflect the rays of the sun of righteousness every team of ball every rest of the intellect is from the light all the world if Jesus doesn't shine it there is no life and all you brilliant therapist like those long that it is not subject to any gravitational pull to the disposal of the week for all of artificial entity to pull the whole of all being John eight twelve billion John eight twelve is articulated on the begin read verse twelve begins with capital one an inch long he says Jesus is the light that like every person who comes into the world in the light of life in the light of judgment and join date does not begin with Chapter twelve the first eleven and was ten numbers nine and was eight before that what are all boulevards is about they are about the woman probably in shooting behind him because he's turned his face around the help the earth be looking on the ground because he's writing their people bought the book he's writing the couple were to dock in the world and he is shedding light on the goals and hold the before he came with other like put it these are really just twenty two the earth was Doc yours through misapprehension of God so God 's character had to be manifested in contrast to the current state of this work only one being in bold is only when you are the height and depth of the love of God could make it known upon the world like the sum of righteousness must run with using in his green the plan of salvation the plan for our redemption is not an applicable a plan formulated the fall of Adam it was a revelation the mystery which have been kept inside scoop times eternal little the text for God 's sake with me so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believe that in him should not perish but have everlasting we brought like that eliminated the output of his father and how he got always even need crystal triangles method on those who have washed their robes and give them right would be to keep the march right in but it wasn't easy either the just click the switch and say zero zero six the plan of redemption was a plan formulated October fall of it was something to restore us from the pole of the cost have a golden stream come at a price Julie outreach people in our sorrows he counted it we ourselves esteemed him stricken smitten of God and afflicted I'm not sure we will ever get over this or that it will ever be registered with us as it is possible maybe after a millennium of eternity will book the enemy has a strategy that keeps we leave us even after we have come to believe this so we can work with it today G for our grief but the thought something was wrong as for our transgressions crushed for our iniquities the chastening for our well-being fell upon him by his scourge we are healed second Corinthians five twenty one God made him who knew no sin to be in my behalf that we might become the righteousness of God in Lynn Street Hagrid 's Golden screen not come clean golden screen is an exchange we get what you gave off because it was his best chance this will select which she mumbled the like if you could put out the life he would raid the woman with four black book and the news got deleted in heaven in his original rebellion but now Jesus was an actual creature lower than the angels will abandon him because getting to hold the wood he was the weakest of the Angels of God and give them a raw deal by giving Jesus preeminence will begin but he could get his revenge not to fix it now be Jesus doll and for all but with Amanda Holy Spirit anointed of the Jordan River was real straight regardless of the theology that suggests that it wasn't me student teams and strategize the plotted and planned will review the child aboard to deliberately alter of light heralds like Matilda Galilean carpenter who created everything walked about talking despised lepers and levels babies eating muffins cold and sleepy intake of Houston under the open sky sitting down will him well when helping my long cripples an open meeting women the freight company but I think it happened here is waking up in the younger earldom screams from ocean waves and demon possessed man but three and a half years you got up early to call with Bob spent all night communing with his father on hold these in biking everybody to come into the kingdom of heaven will be in the hop theaters the threat like every where they went to go when you are ready constructing for those who went out of this portrait view of it redesigning eliminating showing them the current of his father blowing away the nobles the double indirect shedding light on the darkness of superstition you will follow suspicion about Scott Satan only is it to speak his words he claims weirdest car and try to preserve the shadows in people 's minds and Doctor Jesus or felt it you want God son doing this boot that are maybe the rage these guys were only sitting in the front row get him out of the last felt that subplot about when I got there always hounding us that when many colleges on high and will continue protect itself from your enemies or something because it will be overcome before it becomes Satan 's kingdom of the human race would be for him is how this week with the last so as we gear up the data an appraisal review according to the religious lobotomy information observed these hundred years it was now or never and he was ready what was the strategy you come for the last people struggle with the strategy ending Jesus took the web for pornographic material pending include believe me I have did something or drink something that violated the best health rules tempting him to what wanted Stephen Fry to bring Jesus down I have it written down here you want to do what his master 's with some jokers card from our fundamental human insecurity and in humility that's even tries around if you competition to make impressions to put on a better show this will be talked about yesterday while deacons must screw out that he desirably this sixty six cents system told him that if he became shortly for a sinful world of separation from his father would be would be would be why it seems he cited the diet for those people most of the game by the sacrifice of people who claim above all others in temporal and spiritual and advantages who claim to be above all a positive the destroyed will build disciples listened to her instruction and has been among the foremost in church activities would be great how was the knife old for CQ human and I will mail you are you kidding me all you've learned I close my people live his is an ungrateful wretch and the nice people are really really nice they are suitable to be around all the time I do believe in buying my in the darkness of the park from the Chapel for the lifetime center when you can't see anything you don't not like everybody else they really are not sinners vendors and just about the rumored tax revenues the last place of vegan by every tenth wheat germ and it would hope they do Jesus we meaning I read this astonishing paragraph from an Illinois article in the review and Herald April nine eighteen eighty nine entitled homework at the end might be and she says this is not presenting Christ the present total minutes of carpets of the world you must not combat duty to sell on the part was that you had no part of no conflict there are many who want naturally benevolent and they give freely and without effort let them not to leave themselves at this benevolence will save them be most on Christ may not be new but still striking isn't it not been nothing wrong with graciousness but being gracious is not being me so I may be good because I am well would my my oldest of all but you have drilled into my dear because I will wear them so you can handle a lot about in a innocent people Leo was a mood being I wasn't perfect the soul I am going difference between the kind of reasoning Lord I thank you that I'm not like other people swindlers unjust adulterers tax governments across place to be coming up type wheat germ of a droopy eyes were vacant timely double agent said to Jesus about me and tell me something poor dear but with Jesus the people who work to the all people who think they know the children they despised criminals because there thinks they are against northern septum they avoid association with bad people except when they are ministering to them very little to do with pedophiles and sexual appeal to more than thankful than Sweden's masterstroke by that they can last for why he was there an argument for Jesus when he came all the laughs the full memo about going to God 's people in this precious playfulness is no more companies speech about Julius Caesar and gratitude more strong than previous arms quite unchristian then both might be hot enough to be seen at the base of Pompey 's statue great use of ground ingratitude Jesus in gratitude smoothly on the time while you went to know Satan gets things wrong a lot of the time this time he got it right about Leo sees to get it right of course what does it upside down she usually gets it wrong but this time he is right because Littlefield is mostly he is on the right shows a dismal and he is grateful what God commanded to love toward me in that role I am a full rich Christ die stupid press I cannot let Jesus by the Jesus has something better for me something better than New York's crystal triangles blitz and by his grace I shall have but by making myself good enough because the boldness of his love leaves me no choice controls me wins me over we don't work for him because the uncle and all because we are reporting because his love overwhelms us into fetching crosses for him into making any sacrifice for consuls for the church page forty nine there is need of constant watchfulness of the earnest loving devotion visual come naturally when the soul is kept by the power of God through faith we can do nothing absolutely nothing to commend ourselves the divine favor we must not trust at all what does world works in turn has packaging my sister and my brother under the unrelenting strategy that doesn't leave anybody out it didn't seem to from coming to Jesus because your venues happy but if he can keep you from coming to Jesus Little Creek will be Jesus that your client you can be comfortable in knowing that you were saved and you can fall asleep in the assurance that UFC but I can't seem to know because you can't achieve the annual pub L will pull Jesus gave eleven got the help shingles will Jesus is about putting up grab the milk they are interested in the legal Jesus is just about the minutes that the beer need than either of the above you with applications about the reports you when you're better than us because that is what got him a pride that is the precursor world bowl destruction of the ancient in the story of the University 's most catastrophic full Monique review guide in judgment the meek movie teaches Greek God bless and keep you an aspiring sinful beings as we come to Christ we may find rest in his low God without everyone comes to him thrusting prostate the next word processing only in the minutes of a classified suite is nothing else to trust there is nothing else to foster this is the one song this is the one retrained the one interest that will go to reverberate in predominately Christ our righteousness Christ our righteousness love brings up in the heart there may be no excuse to feeling that there is an abiding peaceful trust every burden is light the legal which Christ imposes is easy to do becomes a delight and sacrifice of pleasure the power of the force and shrouded in darkness becomes the right to that of the wood beams from the sun of righteousness why because he is my life and my salvation you got that when we find rest in his love love brings up and workers enjoy your remember the likeness the beauty of the Lord will win this love relationship working working for him becomes the sacrifice becomes conscious of the world as they are muzzled to speak loosely what Bengal will something is wrong with them going emotionally because the world does not understand what it is the love of Jesus and what it used to be grateful for Jesus Lowe devotee becomes a bit like a sacrifice in world by carrying his cross of that goes to you you carried my current and set me free from the Uganda cross before me to give me access to my bright city and I don't need the heady excitement of Times Square on the wheels New Year's Eve in order to find a reliable work of Jesus God installed the hora that convulsed his son although he interrupted the flames to shed recognition biblical there was no miracle for coming to deliver Jesus although he did so many miracles so many people because if she had performed the miracle at that point the comedown you have taken down the light he was hanging up there so that the light gold to the world and custom themes across the universal every human angel and every of the unfallen beings even like and so he could like the way to my city is one thing more breakpoints have an golden streets the price I cannot let Jesus die in vain and the day is my day to be ready we make our plans as well we will be here for a thousand years read you ever read the go it is our last once again review and Herald April nine eighteen eighty nine of you stand before God today question is not how will you stand in the trouble and that they'll trouble but all goals are terrify in all phases gobble blackness you will trust in Jesus would do you trust them wholly debate when the sun is shining vehicle similarly when there was progress in your enterprise you trust him completely when the prospects are bright or do we understand that the prospects are as bright as the length of the promises of God we want the personal individual experience of the debate we want Christ abiding without of Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness so the Son of Man has been lifted up and we might look and live there is but one plan of salvation is month-long process by which the soul maybe even the birds look to the mind of company looked to him who alone is the light not the doctor Steve one of the paranormal the book the Jesus and Jesus alone hard-working focused that single song her day in your upon she is a move will be handled by her that the pain all were round rooms and even though I hate the whole and the path that before the stroke within doc becomes bright with these from the sun of righteousness and you don't need crystal triangles the CR way we shall enable names that I have become dominant you don't even need him down here because he Jesus is the light of the world and when had one does come down to you will be a delight of the city and you'll and I will be able to walk in the light of the city with John because even if he hasn't what they are yet he will I want to be ready I want to be ready I want to be ready to walk in Jerusalem with jaw by six is not the Christopher at English at grade to get nothing we should turn once more one beside us or someone assure a word of prayer that in all I'm doing an ongoing open are coming in middle of planning and strategizing in our scheming on what I read we do not hold one open phone kept home are and whom Jesus is on trust only to his merits acknowledging what he did for us so that gratitude will meet working for him not a country is a sacrifice for you this media was brought by audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading seven audio and much more I would like to know more about the universe is like the more so than is www. on universe .org


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