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Be Like Jesus: Faith

Don Mackintosh
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Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)




  • June 29, 2007
    8:00 PM
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him today thanks for all that you are there with you you have found a way and without and in a death without you are blessed and I have specifically the video and is safe to buy the work is we and more importantly this will only think of the people that you are in our civil and give us some week in your flaw in only it is a five oh again or something is for fear of as a fear or feel a closer together and as the in my something to deal with his day to effective after five villages and now will face a servant leader two in your again remind herself that him and him and see if there is no moving how to apply your plan to use the Bible as the exactly one of Simon Peter I is an apostle of Jesus Christ to those who have obtained a life forces and I was not going to one margin this is the worst thing that I do not that I is a Christ has given us that it is an orthogonal matter and are measures in place I like the disciples in a little something like this is my Lord just before we began people get into it more in her the lead agency will then pay a life as a live the life you are God and Savior and Lord McVeigh from Jesus Christ Grace and peace be multiplied to you on the mouth of God and all he does our Lord and divine power has given us all and think alike and godliness who know them all the Bible and Virgin by the civilians was exceedingly bright and prices from that through the United partakers of the divine nature is a measure that in areas they are corrupt in the world through one of all the wood is very low because him what the one and one fourth the very reason on this idea all notices getting all of this add to your faith were doing the little is known as the seatmate is the priority if you will I'll pay you not familiar is there anything happening to you by the whole idea is that a is all I is foundation if you pay don't have anything and everything on the prison wall is predicated on a governor Ohio State University of Leslie Lovano and they are there it was all host monitor the one who reveals nothing in particular philosophy leads to political deconstructionism and race variation of this and that they have a house there was ultimately summarized by the postmodern mindset that everything is deconstructed and reconstructed in this house is a bizarre it has windows that opened the advanced airway that lady nowhere and in his will over people are losing twenty thousand one hundred focus I believe our behavioral sciences and this is only the metaphor for what the world really is not erotic employees are very now will run removing the old and is very famous author story him of his right foot that is why does the author visited the house as we walked around to guide was waxing eloquent I went in all this I know I is is looking at every piece of fruit and they're saying well it is eliminated like that in this particular follows that you have some of the foundation would benefit while is just like any other normal and what is not as a lien on dollars if the is a you can't even be here without the designers knew he is without they have to recognize is that I have faith first eleventh floor were in it if the starting law Romans that both is easy to you on Thursday and say hallelujah to that their foundation and even with the most solid on the most person you know there is the foundation and that is right and a boundary and we can only than the that they will route it will it will all these days will come as year in the document you lose yours the NASDAQ was him one of my favorite path is that we who have believed a home theater and there is one of the bathrooms I like Morpheus I don't know why will I'll remember exactly what I was right there is is is is is one of her most favorite people talk about this again and again because it's so will notice what he says about before we know what is a you is written poorly in slacks and unbelievers in every a and they had a special significance for those who live at the time of the end of all things is at hand there is one important way to encourage on the environment result we would may say yes I backpack and is a leader that will benefit the is important as I hear and now now that I may say is they said that the in the lives of painterly world leader in second Peter Peter masses for the fact that they are more staying in your life that is clear that the one you talk about well look at the live video on whom you have no one facilitated by those that is what we do for the first paragraph was less than honorable Jesus Christ it says everything is adversely volatile he was emerged yesterday that is that you will let me know the resurrection of Jesus Christ through an inheritance in Iraq will him right away reserved in the habit of really will sign a latency picture there is also a business at the same as something that is a interoperable if the file is reserved and I remember that okay so everything is not what I want and so is a desire while they do is apply all of you that we are but this is a very there is something for you that you will do is file in all you want something that is the horse 's first line who are cast by the power of God through faith for salvation ready to be revealed at the last so when I was working for this rate for working relay thank the Lord that were cast electronically the is just wrong and then when it is already in a vacant move the van is a is a Honolulu that I serve no live I was people don't live by faith someone they look like the when you are the recipient of someone's feelings say the war him and him and will you find anyone who remembered it in the unfortunately will you will about the year is the there was the staple they remember underneath the fourth and that is legal in her eye my voice as you said in an I can remember the means to the way you whether they will release is the ego in some ways I've been studying while the world lastly I was visited people of the is thankful for the last year that I was there and then there was the young lady who actually pursued me you will result him today is so sad and eighty see the balloon down Colombian globules I will go the way and when the thing is and there is a game we all think that you will sample databases are you are and what really is you gave me as well will lose it will him then you will you will you are way cool to be in way the bougainvillea is the not only will the fourth time that is a lot of wisdom and that absolute and I think that I unloaded and so far we will go through with why there was another a Google like he is only an happy being with his and he was in Wyoming we got on the blog is that I don't feel that way value and more they all know ha ha okay I'm happily married and I went to the link is a time when we can't even see you will do home visit with you and him to let you know that people and I and unfortunately I pay you sound like the voice story but when someone was in your click is a little more serious than the general level to the puppy will call it is unlikely that I'll like it is him with himself he is the last of the fruitful and multiply and profit is anyway on with life as this don't really think it's worth I was in so much that it have to do in a is a lot in when you will you your parents divorce I heard him I was in that body is I you why I love you anymore that is the five -year-old and three -year-old within -year-old who are trying their on his way of the will I do a double lastly if there is when you are feeling this way over feeling that way these are not the only will I you know what I know I made over the weekend is the life he is still there was another example right and just play the metadata it is available to help the theater by Philip Roth will look to Jesus that is received as a not exactly let's look at some of the and now is Christ the only allowing overcame those that will pay because of Colorado's foundational principle will never have anything else this week it Matthew definitely remember it these are was when the him five there is the disaster Jesus gave her thirteenth gallery yahoo on the backside and John thought and say I be the fact that I is the guy who made the data as little as you a you come back I is a you and me you are on a human with the guy now this I say I think that I have been as easy as I am in the Israeli side of the glass envelope on social matters and is it along I believe in my own little I live him and everything I was doing one way is to one is that the available long as I know it doesn't feel event so anyway so easily it will require your music Jesus at the sociolinguistic eighties is four days later Jesus was probably feeling very good you're the story what he was a voluminous report as I said he felt was on him and him I I have sometime maybe I will only want to move back there for you though he was hungry when you want to do anyone know that there were people living there you a lot more than you are likely and many times because the Wi-Fi on what they thought why long as there is a woman who feel this way and that is in the the buyer product in the here and the last thirty four years of my life as of his life as the middle of lessons that physical is now the entire country is moving in the last thirty people say something is better as long as I is I in my site while Jesus was not in the Russia and was is meant for one that is itself what is it to do all his glory was a lonely life that deadline is I don't know what they were him I will spirit no room on wide world Lulu through the why what do you get more numbers that they will see the actual what you probably already know that you don't remember the present report is a world leader in the fact that I wasn't later the ways of Iowa allowed from these days absolute but you are a follows at all forties to lie as we are in the reasons of the Spirit in the wilderness and is you are ready after being dull I was so that he can identify I was in line with me though is all quite standard and that we reasoning was that the life that was resulted down with fluidity decided you the outline numbers of open the door until I leave although I would go on forever question why does Apple is a master at playing and I are feeling resumed areas of the vision I love the person and what does he say it was the vision going back manager is the together that Matthew him I will more him say what you deserve him and the more there is as is now at hand he said in that is not like that at one lower in May that he was I is the desire if you were on while there was a implement for a while now what is an example of the regular to everyone Hebrews and I want to visit a case just the one day thinking it everyone laughed with him personally Macedon is all liberally and without reproach and it will have her as his day was now wavering with flavoring that I say not while the wealthy and their round while is one of the law is on you when you are in so there is now that Yahoo and we are down by the way the residents I was away what not that is all that you will receive him from the Lord is the one man unstable in all his way to his one hundred dollars something that I only five weeks out think we should now you will I thought that the Pope is a well and I and this one will love the light amen but that's only if the length of the IIS and what are because of their thousand while there is no there is frequently as I will attempt your case and said what was the attacking faith on the design and management of the Zulu heavy-handed it is up to validate that it is assumed that this dome and the bread well what is failing to the family of one hunger is okay and that is visible to the flag is only emotionally and certainly on a very good that the level of the one that is the master why are you using to him although ethically and emotionally at the same time and will hit three or four different way behind in the entry in that is all I is the one who is in an adult body one of the love going on Hollywood's young to understand love you the hot moment for you this is the love the room a number of the alive in sometimes the NSF of the we don't know we need a lot of the role and you will learn why this is a massive lie in the United Way interviews is that you behold him get to hear you you are you you as a farm that was not alone I feel you his life has to do that is to be as you will than double what the net is him for only five is found in the word of God why is the head is sixty three centuries and is a very long that it might take a few notes got six fifty three eighty three Tuesday July the fifth sixty three the wrong people is not safe it was just moving because of hunger they like the five thousand they like the five thousand meals of the movie is more than the diseases that will be not as a unifying faith in me I am the living bread that is likely finally exploiting members sixty three is this here is his life the flat healthy will I pay me a lot in advance I is that the disciples followed to Peter that I will have a rating of his will try we have probably the direct words of eternal life reader will be withdrawing as a way to feelings of hunger through being accelerated by the way that the word of God do we need to move the Oklahoma evangelistic messages that I love the fact that is not only tell you about a Jesus wasn't why was he there is a is somewhat lukewarm estate is in him go to the faith a man who is on him to his real coming file who were in the word is that your words are what spirit and they are the will the reason for the Spirit is into a atmosphere is if you get a problem with the Galatians five two three thousand lady is in the spirit of the formulas and why why the eighth long-suffering and although I is what they want and written word metadata when you do that one is able to flow through three that measure of faith brings up roads at the favorite something is say I want and Eric Bartolotta only make them as it will not seven review enervated by about a month and if the database that will photograph and him and him and I replied Mister and not just the people that help me him I frequently wonder cc because the work is now is who knew who the my things over here tonight and in the landfill on Nike is I have my evaluation for him to do him in as late as it is a way when we share it even though they may the library and hearing by the word of God that life was almost another look at it is justified is born of God overcomes the world this is the victory that has overcome the world the film when we were as fair as they rose up and Wednesday we have to pay alleluia language is worth of low everywhere you go to all the feelings of the moment by a byway was the method is this is not your and I like the fact that you have requested Mark chapter eleven verse him to him hopefully Fred for the fact that they are God to give you the spirit as to why this movement is limited movement I just sat there for years now of this time in the face of the desire and eleven and at the base is there is a you something leaders do all we can say that you are the patient is known as a very visiting what is I the Lord more is reading are they moved to his little will you read because I love it and know where to create a better operating lightning the human body creates a unique and is something you manufactured in Microsoft you have what is not something you do now it is noted in the unit and start the process you might as well the girl out of your way I doesn't work because I never knew and loved I reflect back on everywhere and on that and while there is always wrote as a ripple you know why you little is that that we needed what you will really I is available here by the way to do that not that there is I was a very motivated to play simply no way once you are unique beautiful law I have three uses sugar manufacturer is not actually possible with you all I will give them one of you out there more lethal as you know what you want please leave so we felt that the all Valley power is worth that why is this it is clear if there is working on her face when we worked our way home and there is and I do not say if the faith of Jesus as I write more entries I is as always as that wasn't in what is likely to get a little while and there was the lack of EMR or rather method for what you want to say so simple a limited out okay him the film is that what you do read the rest of my life I will not to open it in Alameda but I will proceed from the mouth of God it is a that I is that I was unreasonably I believe Jesus password not because it was a major and Yahoo now I will Yahoo and that is written in one four eighty three C will give you that you like and his will for our site will bolster it is humanity was able to overcome the leaders that April twenty eighth Jesus and God that they angrily hating my life is now the thing is that when you lift up the Son of Man is you know I be like nothing my out by my father taught me I be the yesterday 's anger anything I say anything I know I have is verily verily I say to you right with any level it is loving God were verily verily I say of you these qualities not work the group and you are and will live five oh Jesus so that nothing that I have almost like as I feel that while a candidate that you limit but I have now if you are really is related to one thousand Bible is clear as well is not the right is on the back and make up their thought is that you are not alone that when you are related to you can't go wrong Neeley is not a early writing statement due to a however to our and since the nonfeasance and he was going to work the five January sixteen eighteen ninety six is priced the same advantages that you are providing her man to death that everything is in there I want to write you like to say that I will love you I say is that he had our eye is a you will or will you want me to maybe you what I is made the order taker of the divine they language you have driven that route is what you are it is the act of faith anything is a gift from God is something missing is that the devil you know my feelings instead of if we follow Christ's example you may think that all boys like as we are yet without sin and if we relocate his word and we meditate on your part take it as I receive it via data that is victory all that is on the little store at what else the one I'm a lot been there in the middle that one is awake it is aggravated basically thirty six to meet the store and there was no threat to your world look no here is our interest is not in the disaster while the hero is not a possessive Almighty what will you do thinking well I is an organization that was in fear of the Lord William Russell is not possessed of only how well together it was not as a master of anything as I am is why that power the way is like to have my own self do nothing to was the Islam now you you are the more and him and why my father was and is a peaceful restful while you it was nice seeing of the desire to reduce it but it is there that he is not a word was still the storm was the power of God is listed by faith involved in and so are we there is easily eliminate young people or people do not feel satisfied with religion and how unhappy time they were in the other they cannot and excitement of feeling were told we were told that the influences that is not beneficial when their life is gone they say law and morality why because there is nothing like North is one of the things they want one there is the most whole meeting was very cool and I will characterize solemnity and they certainly are each see you now if thou earnestly and his humility taking over the line as far as I will I is my feeling him will follow as noted by his wife his wife and there is one of the FY figurative shirts that have music and worship and one after that is designed to get out a high feeling as though you have no if you desire other and take the wrong set out in the guitar you're going to be fighting the fight of faith I remember was that as long as he and Bill and now they can in a deadly blanket will is allowed a little high and say who I hear you and I even heard the candidates than what is that no one is that I think it's the sound of war he is where is that deserted library is the letter that you will say one oh one five FEMA and at a fully human and five him very often vary from way is the very way I felt something that I want everything that we doesn't want to do that until I hope you like this is only one place lastly you don't know all the answers review the motive for the last I think you are on the eighth of him to say that I am looking forward within the micro minute and a man of wealth some people are moving along a litigated series of is involved in any theaters the physical mother knows that if you want to know if you have related to a close with the home visit of the story and I built a distasteful one of procedures everyone is always faith is to say a half-asleep him to live a healthy thing for me because I is more by the power of God and that God was under review was under the influence of the Spirit he was moved by the spirit you will not only do you live the gospel he was just one power of God we get everything that you were a man with a salvation ready to be revealed in the last type of the nose this is in this you greatly rejoice though now for a little while it may be you have been created by Barry Fry and your degree of Iowa various files and why is this because it be that your life outwardly that what I think nothing is if there are problems in your church or are having problems in your wok or you're looking at other people and their people exerted on later life Jesus they said they are set up in the event I have been helpful to people in fact I then there's absolutely no way of Buffalo lawyer types of minerals and those that let me that that person the genuineness of your play being much more precious than gold and the bipod maybe great honor and glory at the relation of the right what we need today is not the intellectual climate of understanding of the faith of Jesus and all the warmth was the best way to go back we have an him or add all drives I was hit by the unit of assignment level one to I you I call it directly in screenplay and a relay in the theaters lining here is the easy part they will slip beautiful is filed their goal the same software and that our experiences as one of the worldwide via reply those the evil of you while you are want you both to software-only grade for classes the guy is good for others in separate will revive those the recipient evil and reviling both side of life as they will write as I is the weekend to a desire to what I have one in the will that people will all of the Peter method event they are lethal form will for you that you might know as anyone is under way on aggravated through the negative new perspective on the things are going note that they implement you trust the God always a you a you will you leave a workable most of the one we had a half a week before applying the genuineness of our faith is says minister getting paid for the many him laugh as I is twenty five thousand as never before in front of my hospital is that my file and perplexity they are Christlike is here is the Lord 's work after placing third is the same cohort all the evil alternate on the Longhorn revealed if they didn't even say that they unlike Israel who they plan is not leaving the whining all the emergency is will he is why is that you have been seventy one it is because God is leading that the faith of the possible artifacts chosen method is at his appointed to his unilateral sister people you got the whole length of the dot has said it is not a seven-day sanity 's sake the battery for the record I is that the room I think you understand the neck the bond is when the Good Friday is where Asian is a wonderful the father the God who is because faith I believe it is God 's vessel he is everything I said he didn't want to hear a facelift you don't talk about the lab for facts about those who were slotted to go to want about what they are the exact eleven hundred thirty five before you relate with heart and I will suffer through the careful page rendering and more people will be like them I will find the life you have always suggest to you that if you suffer as well alternatively you if you drink that husband like he should be treated even though the favorite review to say you might say the thirty fifth rather like they will be played in you have better results unveiled the new conversation you that if you suffer well you will have no problem this is a you and your review thirty four death is the Lord would happy for us and his love and mercy in the dark flow of fifty one and fifty seven him God is great here they hear and over again Thursday of all the gifts that have been so bad I lost it twice in his software was the and his limo waiting for the highest full story and amazing fact all in the fifth minute the first I is there is reflective of our client is an idea by thirty five people in our class and will be meeting with the St. Lucie they came together in unity and we do so but we had one God honor guard in our class is the first time ever that someone died while in the U was a young man the staff I still remember the first time is all the new one so I looked over to see a sequence of the of my tumor is removed but that is unlikely event because of what he was at reason within this I looked it over and had a very in the medical field before you have the documents I know we can we received word that as you all like that you know wouldn't let go where I think it is the downfall if I greatest catalog for example I really want to you all and why he or I thought was a very special annoyed that was in the works for I forty five is there UK and community abilities as my family I ferry where usually anywhere in as I will work for you and him and and God is no getting out ways to call him liberally in my eye when I know you the medicine will only and you and I will will will quietly as people who live in the review that is what is a good day that is in your own people in a month I live how you wait a minute day I had their day to me that I had an model important right when he came into my room him all the while you see the one I is resigning as I that he will has no more the place you in all him so this is the him to the level of every day have a good little early to I know you are a sad day in the English as is this guy is a limit of if they say is you okay we want to listen to you and the layout of unholy bundle and go door-to-door to spark this form will inadvertently gave whose lives that that my partner and I is that maybe it worked now that you will not one day away what is this partner is and will I'll have much time to live maybe I will go back to I know I went away little risk to work is for the minor over the just before I left I can remember is that language is oh yeah and while my friend is in as well I got your position relative I will pay in my head well like a dismissive he thought that as you get your your doctor and that only a week and will call my before they decide that I can really have from the inside and what is it that guy what they found there were three right off the bat is growing rapidly that if you like there look at only a long set in the laughable one he wanted to go through here I was witnessing a possible mediator to help you out the final I think this evil stuff and all that I will go with the Lord will go out to you and finally got back to the going down south California thirty okay six thousand votes this is where rapidly going down in price if our plan is falling with very little is asked every desire what the thing is going out of in harm are really go out and is owned by the way you led by your guide you have Thursday when he would go to the store so him almost ready to die in the living room of days as well as I will only display the problem comes I will send you via client is down for a moment I felt the I know they got in a wondering why it is as related as well I'll help in all the men in July I will pay as well if I don't make it a will you ever felt naked and would give me the music that it was moving a UEFA Olazabal will have you been out of the hospital that some of the students and I know this is the back is getting working out and not even move because we going to write that any more than a hospital bed only to any method of letting it but this is to see what I is there is an energy him last Saturday him him whatever you have done as well yeah you know I must live in a health and health is now finding laughing I will allow you that anyone in here and in the lab will one is that there will will look the way you have and a notebook yes finally live in their and so forty eight years old -year-old his wife had left him because he got from a rating for the first time you like out there but he saw a acting out and he was in that it is you will be with you where you where you would if they it was a if so where do I realize I had an okay I realize that it is in reviewing data on my life is full of life is trying to will and faith in the family he is the gay and lesbian lithosphere God made that is nothing that I didn't say at this theme is ready to go as a faith by a at the rate is a red father is long we were thankful him a knife then we have more we don't deserve it but you want to know that your love when one is on your faith life for a familiar face are I will say we must we don't make it okay on the site and to all


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