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Tim Riesenberger


Tim Riesenberger

Emergency room physician in the Seattle area




  • June 30, 2007
    7:00 AM
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morning happy Sabbath is my own affairs are they coming for okay have two microphones on this morning one for you guys and one two share with the rest of the world was very thankful to meet a lot of you yesterday can someone set this up for me while talking Ferguson thanks Chris was very thankful to need a lot of you yesterday and it's good for me to be back home because this is of course where I graduated very thankful to be back we mark holds a very special place in my heart and it was interesting because many of you know me but I'll really know many of you so that's kind of my dilemma a huge walk by faith I Timothy I cannot really remarrying who you are sorry so so forgive me if I don't remember we are spent many years I was very impressed with Pastor McIntosh he remembered me after I think almost twelve years we've seen each other in a long long time we met colleagues house of mine no medley and he remembered I think it was nineteen ninety eight I last saw him in nineteen ninety nine was very very impressed and thankful you did remember with things that many of you have asked me and I decided to kind of and modify presentations a slightly you asked where I'm from that's often a loaded question and so I answer just most of you as I normally would I said well I'm I'm from Seattle both of it not working here someone who initially plugged in the video help me out here are projectors off yes that's why so anyway maybe it has to them from us loaded question as I say Seattle I noticed that you know maybe aren't really happy with that answer not really want to know where I'm from but really high got my last name which is reason for and so I know many litany and of course they go forces left they must be recent murder so I decided a little slice of my family and it is to give you an idea of where I'm from before we do that as were getting set up I would like to ask Lord to be with us before you begin please value heads I will kneel loving father in heaven what a joy it is to be here on your Sabbath day and I ask that you would abide with us I pray that I would be hidden in the Jesus would be seen that everyone in this room may be forever changed by what you will do not only this morning but throughout this conference Jesus well to return the lifestyles of possible so this is a member of my family we've think it is knowledge my grandma had to get gas on the telegram I said she was my mom so that's my grandma yes that's true we are related I cannot deny that my grandmother and my grandmother was the third Seventh-day Adventists in my family my father was first I was next and it was very amazing because grandma became the Seventh-day Adventists before grandpa did I visited grandma grandpa every summer and when I can MSI was study every summer with grandma and grandpa and we got in the back and forth and I just asked him to do one thing I said grandma and grandpa you have to believe me just pray and study the Bible together every day just make that make that commitment and this attend will promise you that any note they have not missed in our over fifteen years they kept that promise and when John came in at this grandpa didn't want her to go to church so he said no you can't go to church and worship at home but is going to church things the sky crazy and eventually make a long story short he end up going with her at the end of a few so she was very persistent and didn't give up the next person his grandpa and he actually just recently passed in October and I was very thankful because the last thing we saw of him was there was a Bible actually right near his chair and hit a reading that the nine Ford Pass when I had never open that particular Bible give you open the bottle for B had never become about Tyson fabulous from a strong profession of religion but I don't know what happened in the last moments that he died to like that in his sleep his cardiologist said he was healthy as a horse he had no pain he had no disabilities he just went certainly a great way to go most lesson my prayer is that he went in Christ in the final moments as are interesting the last three weeks he changed quite significantly in his philosophy on many do you know I do mission trip every month and his philosophy was ten what you should work more to give money to the mission field so going and doing it every month I said well I don't know about that interconnect to gain every month and near the end I asked she shared some letters with him from the week first I just resigned on one in Sweden and one in India and I sure those letters and he read through all the menus of these of the most beautiful things I have ever seen he said you should do mission work full-time in the in the last three weeks of his life the Lord may consider your changes he actually quit drinking as well he used to drink socially and so I'm confident that the Lord did something in the last few moments as my mom and she is not yet an Adventist but she actually came to Weimar interestingly enough she was a part of my family that disowned me when I became a Christian and didn't speak to me for about three years and I was very pleased that lasts Thanksgiving Jesse came as a patient to new start and she acting dropped her cluster like ninety points is amazing and that had some wonderful spiritual blessings from Boyle Kaiser who is the chaplain here is my dad he's the first Adventist he became an address because someone invited my father and I to a revelation seminar so invite your friends to those evangelistic campaigns invites your neighbors you never know what will happen he became and administers was introduced the administered twelve the teenager but I did not become evidence until many years later this is my sister she recently became an administrator Lord is baptized last year Auburn cam meeting and the next day she flew out with now my next mission trip I went to give the Bible can't in Virginia there are eight campers she gave her testimony and of the eighty campers thirty nine came four for baptism is my brother who's not in an address the still praying for him as he basically never has really made a profession of religion but the last time I talked with him in Southern California he was really considering on God and I think that's because he's become a father this is his wife and here's another interesting twist of my family these are his Tucson builder look-alike but as you can try figure out there's a blend of two races in my family and sometimes genetics play a little game with us so okay all right but I will share with you is some it happened to me in the mission field and I want to share a picture first of all of the landscape of where we were there were no of this country is all women can't see anything turns again is that there is okay okay better okay does anyone over this country is probably not the Johnny now had an idealist Peru are maybe visit friends that went with me yes this is fruitless is very sure that this is a my typical Peru this is like middle of nowhere Peru we were in northern Peru nurtured glioma I don't know paint and even been to Peru or South America before you do so I was invited my friend Mike was a dentist to go with about thirty different church members on a mission trip allows us to do medical work because I was a physician there but I noticed that a lot of our trips were really really have frontier type of work we went off in the middle of nowhere one dad say we went three hours a figure seeing this and to a village that had no running water at all like they got back they had rainwater from our the day and that's about it and they had very little electricity very little as far as any appliances or technology and so we just ran clinic and this is how we run clinic this is my office and basically just and not even a roof supposes partitioning and as far as equipment not really a whole lot of equipment this guy got my water bottle there and get people have some water and a stethoscope and a say so just try to teach them the principles of health as a man his wife and he had abdominal pain for Arnold how many years so very difficult to really share with someone concretely what to do since there's no real no diagnostic cephalexin use of x-rays the last but you know you'd be amazed on what to simple information I can do for people and save about ninety percent of illness as we know can be I think cured and prevented just with simple a natural remedies many times though all I could really do for people 's disappointment to God and often I have a chance to pray with my patients and I believe that God blesses he understands that if you don't have resources I believe that he enjoys that even more because it allows them to work because when there's lots of technology in modern medicines and lots of things and lots of people there's a tendency to say well that's what scared them but ultimately we all know that the good Lord is a great position and without him all of our efforts in this is actually some of the other clinics that were set up but I basically saw patients I think I saw several hundred patients during my few days there in Peru and it was very difficult to pull myself away and off you can see there's actually an area the sexy little bit more private than most the place that section the bathroom and that's about the only place I felt I get some privacy so when I went to go to the bathroom though I don't know if any give notice in United States is kind of a law where you don't talk to each other the bathroom is your guy of his nose it just is FYI for guy just don't talk to anyone here the stall don't look over the side to split straightforward is not really considered appropriate narcosis do that start your girl you can talk all the time if I considered rude if you don't talk to someone fall next year but I can tell you and through it's a little bit different because I would go I'm going to the bathroom and someone come up right next to think the book will couldn't do a fancy question is simple while largely Thai get back to the clinic and you can get back in line and wait your turn though he would try to cut you know because they would meet me in the bathroom and after questionnaire so I didn't get you a lot of time alone when the things I noticed though near the end of my clinic is the all the time there was a a mom with her kids in the background they never really came forward at any time but I could hear them kind of talking and the daughter would say to her mom well I'm not that serious some I'm not that severe you know there are other people that more health problems than me hi they should go first to the mom kept trying to get her to go for now I know she wouldn't use it on embarrassed and is very very interesting and it was very intriguing to me because most of the people were clamoring to come forward they were wanting to be first their wine because they would know come to the bathroom if need be to get their question answered first but she was very very different from the rest of them and what I'm than a share is quite possibly the greatest lesson I learned in my entire life from a little girl in Peru so eventually her mom benefits or hands on her shoulders and head pushes her toward the front of the line and there she ends up next to me and I have a picture of her that's her right there and her name is Helen and basically her complaint was this a Sidwell and Teresa Berger with your problem with my lunches and well I don't know I'm not really sure what the problem is I just know that I can play with the other kids like I normally would although by the way she's in the yellow resistors and culture and I feel like sometimes my heart feels like it's embracing bumping and of course you have is a healthy fifteen -year-old girl and I just can laugh at myself I get my stethoscope as I'm trying to listen to her as well maybe some boy that's causing this but when I listen to your heart I hear the worst sound I ever heard in my life and you know I think she could kind of tell that there was a problem because as I was listening to her heart she started crying as she looked at me I think all the color-coded sister worrying out of my face and then all the other members of our mission to your endless and limitless limitless and because they are always wanting to learn for medical things from efficient there are several good little premed as well as nursing is listen and listen listen because I heard the loudest would call murmur that ever heard in my life is very very abnormal sounding heart and I would have her sit down I have her stand out I put her through all the different maneuvers that we would do as physicians to localize where the murmur is coming from and to make a long story short she had a large hole through the middle of her heart in the intraventricular septum which is basically a wall that separates to the chambers of your heart now normally that wall is there so that the right side of the heart pumps blood to the lungs and he gets oxygen and it returns the lungs to the left side of the heart and it goes out to the rest of the body now the problem is when you have a big hole in your heart the blood from the left side will shunt over the right side so the blood this arty auction aid will get auction again not a big problem right the problem though is that after years of that happening the pressures on the rights of the heart overcome the left side and see get shunting from the right to the left of Eisenmenger 's complex for those of you who are budding medical students is that whenever you don't need to know that so what happens if your blood goes the right heart easy with the problem would be without Lord will be the problem you're getting oxygen so this girl is nothing as you have various styles of each should be short of breath she had to sit down to feel like her chest was hurting going to explode and she really couldn't tell what was really wrong she finally came to me the problem was is that she would ask and say well okay when you drink more water I said no that's not the coworker like you to give me a cabbage poultice like these other people know or not to do that either and well you get a get method there's nothing I can do for you and should rather sad I have since really you probably need a new heart you probably need to talk to cardiologists are cardiothoracic surgeon and you probably will I find those in the capital of Peru and Lima and they are the only ones that can help you I I can't help you and so she started crying she's look concerning try to figure out what she was going to do and she should live never left my village before an asset law I'll try to get help from friends of mine if possible in the states if they can maybe bring you over her sense of funds or something and she said okay and interestingly enough though I believe that there are many lessons that I learned from her because as I look into Helen's eyes and realized that she needed new heart realize God was speaking to me in timing the same thing and let me share with you how God began to speak with me open your Bibles please tick John Chapter twelve verse thirty two John Chapter twelve verse thirty two three famous passage and perhaps many of you know it my heart and I be lifted up from the earth shall not draw all people to myself Jesus is drawing everyone to himself whether or not they go to church whether or not they read the Bible whether or not they are addressed non- Adventist Christian on Christian Baptist Lutheran Catholic Shinto valve is from Islam anything God is drawing all people unto himself and the other important truth I realize as in Luke nineteen ten maybe take a look there is a chapter nineteen verse ten and again a very simple famous verse if I can answer that even looking up the Son of Man is come to seek and to save what that which was lost who is seeking gone got a seeking for you and that is the first principle I realizes that no one in the chances of me seeing this girl out in the middle of nowhere in Peru SEI I came from Seattle from zillions of miles away on the middle of nowhere to see her and to meet with her and to diagnose the condition that she who you think orchestrated all that God and I want you to know that no matter how far away you seem from God he is seeking for you and he is making very detailed plans to send you light hope and salvation that light may come in the form of person it may come in the form of a book may come in the form of the television show I don't know that God is seeking for you and I every day and got sent me that day to Helen there is a another concept though this is in Revelation chapter three verse twenty because you see although I came to Helen and the opportunity was there was there a chance that I could Mister was a quite a big chance did she come up to talk to me initially know she did she could've stayed at the outskirts forever because believe you me I didn't even get a chance to see half of the people that want to be seen and so be very easy to miss her but Jesus as he stands at the door what do you he knocks I know what it was after that yes they were here's my voice and what else can open the door so Helen had to actually hear that God was calling her to respond to the offers of medical help and you and I have the same response one of my favorite books is actually another favorite of the chief librarian library Congress failing where Congress with the special elaborate Congress FFA has ever published book and did you know that the chief librarian at his favorite commentary on the life of Christ you know it is this desire mazes yes that's right when you get a chance you can re- desire of ages page four seventy nine and it starts with Jesus Moses individually go to that passage sometime during today's your meditating about these concepts and eventually tells you that God knows the house you live in he knows the name of each occupant and at times he will send one of his servants to you to bring one of his lost sheep home so I want you to know that no matter how remote you feel away from God matter how lost you feel right now you're not as remote as Helen was in the middle of nowhere 's bill in Peru but God was able to find Helen and if he was able to find Helen I believe that is able to find you and I as well one of the interesting things was is when she was at the edge of the crowd the reason why she didn't come forward you know why she didn't come for there are several things that you center mom exactly as embarrassed as I was more serious than me or you know well there's so many people to be seen and things like that various things have to happen in order for us to respond to God 's mercy and one of those is in Matthew chapter nine verses twelve and thirteen again very familiar passage Matthew chapter nine versus twelve and thirteen but when Jesus heard that he said unto them those that are what hold do not need a physician those that are sick but go and learn what that means I will have mercy and not sacrifice for I'm not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance one of the first fundamental things that have to happen for life to change we have to feel are what you need right those that are whole don't need to be the doctor and God didn't call the righteous but who sinners repentance now how many of us is whole right the Bible makes it very clear in Isaiah chapter one verse six Isaiah chapter one verse six fairly graphic passage but I believe it's that way for reason is a chapter one and verse six this describes our spiritual condition by nature all of us are children of wrath Ephesians says in Isaiah think puts it even more strongly from the sole of the foot even to where the head there is no soundness in it but warns and bruises and what future finds scores have not been closed neither bound up neither mollified with ointment paints quite a picture doesn't have a stinky picture maybe I devalued it last night someone had a sore knee called me to evaluate the perhaps it had a splinter there the first hand was a small sore but just that little sore prevented this person from even walking normally now this is not a description of a small sore this is the whole body is one big massive infection putrefy a bad word is putrefying so we have to feel our need before we can get help from God now interestingly enough it did Helen know what was wrong with her before she talking now I think is a very important concept just because she didn't know that change the fact that there was a big hole in her heart no believe her to say what you don't know what can hurt you my favorite analogy don't know will probably kill you whether or not you feel your need of Christ does not change the fact you whether or not you believe that there is something wrong does not change the fact there something very very amiss in all of our lives now the nice thing is is that God in his mercy when there's something wrong with us allows us to feel symptoms right in medicine there are some things that don't have any symptoms right high blood pressure is called the silent killer because there's no sympathy out thankfully Helen had a few of what you have few symptoms she had shortness of breath and chest pain she had palpitations should easy fatigue Jenna number of things they told her no she wasn't normal kid anymore things have changed I believe that God in his mercy is the same thing for everyone of us for me include allows us to feel symptom that something is missing something is wrong in our lives perhaps it's a habit you just haven't been able to vanquish have been able to over Tom says this emptiness when you sit at home and acquired all the music has stopped all the hustle and bustle and you feel very very meaningless passages feelings of guilt perhaps you don't feel that life is worth living at times perhaps you feel like you don't have purpose I don't know what you feel but I can tell you that God was speaking to me at that moment through the eyes of a little girl in Peru making me feel my need as well as her and I just pray that if you feel those symptoms if you seem to recognize the something is wrong realize that that is God speaking to your heart as he wants to do the same thing for you as for Helen now the very amazing thing I believe it is this picture right here because this picture was taken after I told her the bad news but before anything was done by me he's still there like that you know there's no heart transplant yet that he look happy or saying she was happy doesn't she know what you suppose someone will be happy after seeing such devastating news she knows what I laugh she knows what is wrong she's not busy wandering and aimlessly wondering what's going on she had last knows that there is a reason for why she's feeling empty and hurting and I and we and I believe it there are many of us now in this room that will fill this and I would challenge each one of you to listen very carefully as I share probably the most and Wharton West now that I learned from Helen she's happy because she knows what's wrong at last but that's not all that has to happen right I think it means new birth experience is much like seeing patients much like my work in the ER is working conversion the Holy Spirit on the human heart John chapter eight verse thirty one to thirty six John chapter eight verse thirty one to thirty six then Jesus said to those Jews who what now would be the Gentiles only reduce right and within the Pharisees know whether the people that rejected Christ now it says those Jews who what leads on who so who was he talking to you talking to us right because I assume everyone is here Western youth conference because you believe in Jesus right you're at least some form of Christian I believe or at least interested so Jesus here in this message is talking to people who believe Frank so this is the message that he is speaking to us right now then Jesus said to those users lead on it if you continue in my word then are you my disciples indeed and you shall know the truth and the truth shall left Helsinki free of it in life that no white and they like that they said they answered him we are Abraham 's seed and were never in bondage to any man how Seo 's value shall be made free I'm always use response Jesus answered them verily verily I like that you know Jesus when he wants it your attention eases the two barrel race price that I am assuredly saying this to you verily verily I sent to you whosoever what commits the sin is necessary playing is meant there's no confusion whose side you're on he is said whosoever commits what sin is the slave of sin if you and I are committing sin in our lives that's a symptom praise the Lord for symptom you feel your need and hopefully when you do feel that need you go for the cure as well whosoever commits sin is the servant of sin and the servant abides what not in the house forever night because the certified and not in the house forever what does that imply that he abides for time right I'm very thankful that when we commit sin were not immediately extinguished in this life because Jesus by his sacrifice not only purchases salvation for the righteous but he purchases time even for the wicked is Jesus allows us a moment of probation a window in time to decide which side we will end up on he says the sermon abided not in the house forever in other words if you do not come to Jesus Asia allow him to cure you of your incurable cancer which is called sin which affects all of us you will not abide forever you'll eventually be lost but who abides forever but a son abides forever if the son therefore shall make you free you shall be what shall be free indeed is not a very clear passage Jesus speaking to Christians so to speak to us is that if you commit sin to the servant of sin and he will not live forever you are living in a window of time the moment when life-and-death and I purchased that window for you to be able to be healed not very interestingly enough when Jesus said this to the Jews they had a number of options they could say yes it's true or how do they respond the passage are we slaves know never been in bondage and that a number of options on how to respond and so does Helen Wright oftentimes when I'm in the ER they give someone a diagnosis as well Doctor Reese Berger I think I want a second one you want a second opinion could not Helena said that certainly she couldn't but that's the beauty of children is they are dependent they are humble except we have to see how it didn't go to medical school for four years to have education and so she wasn't going to accept no one I trained for resident kind of Stanford University which is unfortunate place to practice in some ways because the average level of education of my patients with seventeen Belgrade seventeen would mean they finish high school they finish college and they've Artie had a year of postgraduate training at the average level of education so many times they would come and visit our threesome or I know it's wrong of Artie looked this up what online that's right and what I need to do for me is writing this and this and this says about the only thing you know I wouldn't say that they of course want to use my DEA in my license number to ripen their prescriptions or whatever interventions they desired often times we are the same with God pretend prescribes ourselves and to put on him our demands and what we want to be done but in order to be saved of course you have to accept the diagnosis of the true position not only accepted what else did Helen have to do what she said okay I got a call my heart and she just drank some more water and hadn't get all the things we recommended our health lectures Florida what happened to keep you that's correct because what I tell her to do that's right you need to leave the village go to the capital Minas quite an excursion for someone who's never left their village right she had to not only accept the diagnosis but follow the treatment right adaptation actually came into the ER and they had this little red spots on the middle finger and I asked them to what's going on this woman fingers hurting and I think it's infected and she pointed out to me and you is a very early little infection there is a will how did you get this while I don't know possible reading last night well I was passed out behind you pass out now I was drinking in musings of methamphetamine and speed of the ficus of K and so I had told her that she had withheld saline a certain early infection I gave her dose and robotics then he gave her prescription and I told her that you have to quit smoking if the quit the methamphetamine that drinking is all those suppressed immune system and you need to come back if it gets worse right away now she did come back she came back a week later and her entire finger was encased in pots and she infamously see me she saw my physician assistant and I supervisor position assistance of sitting a look at this woman's finger she's like this is if she's using this if you psyche and soma is really going so I asked the physician assistant I think it should fill the prescription no as you quit smoking no you still using methamphetamine to see his yesterday to recognize like okay I want to address high directories Murrieta the item as to see by my businesses sell all we do not receive a week ago and didn't do anything for me and I should recognize it was needless registry and all I can do anything is horrible and I still really want to your looks infected there all you look just like this a week ago Pilgrim Way okay one of the doctors say well he said that you take the antibiotics until you fill that prescription well it was snowing outside I couldn't get out okay what did the doctor recommended he do anything else will yet he did say that I need to quit but did you know I did smoking anything else is allowing a sacred drugs and drinking when did you last use as well last night and I simple enough actually I'm the one who saw you last week and cut your finger did not look like that before and the reason why squares is because you didn't feel the antibiotics and you quit smoking and drinking and didn't quit using the jobs that she had to go to the operating room to have her finger saved in the lance all that plus sound drain and wash it all out know the reasons you can get better is why she didn't follow the treatment and God gives you the treatment for your soul and must be born again best to change the entire radical change of your life everything about you minivans in Christ he is a new creation old things are passed away everything 's gone to let go of everything old if the follow the prescription of the great physician in order to be safe though many people do accept the diagnosis like this later they don't follow the treatment the Helen had she had to leave her village and go and get help now to amazing thing is the venture any money at all this novel she didn't have money probably even to believe her villas alone go to Lima and that is the amazing thing is that when you look at salvation it is the same thing as we go to see the doctor when the doctor gives you a diagnosis and you accept the treatment there are number things that have to happen now does the doctor give you a prescription yes right because can you give yourself a prescription under the example those of you watching the fire engine going on analyst by Sonny take off running after them vessel and because I feel an obligation as a merger of physician was a gentleman who fell and fractured his patella which is in the and he was all right but that has followed up again they asked me if it was okay for him to take some Motrin has known for that for some reason she is not a good idea because of his kidneys also is ninety two seventy recommendation that he gets invited now can they just go down to the store and buy some bike and not the candidate who has to do that I do I would have to call that in our ride it out for them so they get a prescription and that's the same thing with God think about it you see the doctor the doctor writes you the prescription because why because you can't indoors and x-ray for you because you can't but once you write to that prescription is you go to the pharmacy and Philip for you if you come to your house for times a day and put it in your mouth no-no why does he do that because you can do that that's why in the chapter is our pages is mentioned again you can look at Lazarus come forth as in a chat it's a very clear that what human power can do power is not something to do so what is your part in the role salvation what you can't do for yourself who's going to for you God you can't change your thoughts you can change your motives he can change your heart right you can't help yourself do any good thing correct but when God asked you to have your devotions every day does the Bible levitates up from your desk and come over and sit itself in front of you that's ever happened to me maybe it's happening you I don't know that happened to me when God says to pray he doesn't like with you off the bed and put you onto your knees and having pray he doesn't even keep you awake while you're praying you notice that some you falsely present on an operator God does for you would you cannot do for yourself but he will not do what you can do for yourself and what is the balance their Philippians chapter two was twelve and thirteen Philippians chapter two verses twelve and thirteen probably above passages memorized for most of you Philippians twelve that is too sorry chapter four verses twelve and thirteen work out your own salvation with what you're try not to stop at-risk areas work out your own salvation with fear and family for it is through God that works where in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure and that amazing so how do we do it we work out what he works in God will place the power and the desire to do what is right in your heart but who has the decision from there is you got is not going to force you to do what is right justify prescribe something for patient you have decision there don't you get a decision to accept a diagnosis or not your decision to accept the treatment of and you also have a decision at any moment to stop cooperating with the treatment you can stop taking the medicines at any time I will make you and I will come over your house and make it taken and neither will God finishing up with the rest of this and when the closing and tell you what actually happened Helen because I know you're all wondering this is actually a little farewell on again how is very happy and occupancy are you probably can't that's exactly right that's her sister they were saying farewell all the way to the bus to get out of us that's actually my head and you can see Helen they are waiting for your sister and amazingly enough even out the window she actually jumped up and kissed me on the cheek right before I left she said thank you so much but I want to know let you know that the most fundamental truths in all of this comes at the end of what happens down because as you know should have any money so I came back and I can access up a watermelon to help scientists have forgot about that for a little while and every time I go to work out session will receive original of this mother always interested wherever I go on my trip since I ushered out of the store with various people there in the ER that were sitting around of where I went in the story about how in the next day one of the ER techs know not a doctor not a nurse is attacked by makes about ten thirteen bucks an hour she run envelope with a thousand dollars cash and she said I want you to give this town she's not a Christian she's not a feminist she doesn't know me that well and making works of music like that that's about it and I just realized with the most important this whole story is Hope you never forgot it as I took that thousand dollars I sent Helen and not only did you get all of her medical treatment and she's fully fine is fully recovered but she had enough money left over to go to our Adventist Academy she was baptized two weeks after I saw her and she went with the extra money is now to my knowledge attending or advanced now the most important truths want to get from this was that I did I pay for Helen it Halladay for Helen Hill I think the circumstances in which it happened with who paper Helen evening God paid for Helen and thus the less true Genesis chapter twenty two verse eight because the good news is that when the great physician gives us the diagnosis that we are lost and we need a new heart the good news is the treatment was a cost us it's free that's correct salvation is a free gift offered to you and I today I want you to know that although it is free for us it does cost something and it costs someone is a question that I think what his father what you say his buyer hears the word but what where's the offering and what Abraham say God will provide what felt to think about that God will provide who himself easy because although our salvation is free to everyone of us is very expensive to go because it costs him himself and asked for the illustration fails God provided for Helen out of the abundance of his downy by placing in the heart of a young girl ER to give her a thousand dollars but you see you can't just take a thousand dollars or even a million dollars or a billion dollars to pay for you and I it costs him himself his own life and I want you to understand that if you forget everything in the story about being converted you would remember that although the salvation history for you it costs God himself to pay to bring back I pray that they would meditate on the story of Helen and that you would think very carefully and just ask yourself if you feel that weariness in your heart that emptiness pastors a whole in your heart today and I pray that as you feel your need for you like Helen would follow the steps to be saved I know that God loves you so much that he gave himself for you let's pray loving father in heaven thank you for showing me that I needed a new heart by showing me to the eyes of a little girl in Peru my need for you Lord Jesus thank you for making it so clear to me and I pray that it is crystal clear to everyone here in this room that if we have symptoms of single that we would know that these are just the tip of the iceberg of a deeper problem that we would come to you with the great physician that we accept your diagnosis and it would not only accepted to November following with all of our hearts Lord thank you that we do not have to change our own hearts we don't have to change your own thoughts because we cannot lock but you do for us we cannot do for ourselves thank you most of all Lord that though it is free for us they cost you everything to save our souls and look for that we are very grateful I pray right now but if there is anyone in the sound of my boy who wants that new heart and you would hear their cry Lord I I don't want him to raise her hand or come to the front you know they are and I ask right now you would do for them what they cannot do for themselves and given the assurance that you will cure them just as you cured Helen and just as you cured me for thank you so much in Jesus


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