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1. Building Character for Eternity

Tom Waters


Tom Waters

President, co-founder and speaker for Restoration International

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only character for eternity without overdoing I was the only character today we are we are building character is either being built for each hotel why is our eternal death were building character for eternity with law one of privilege God has given to us what an opportunity that we can be building character for eternal life eternal life with Jesus Christ our Lord is that the news is it believable to you today you really believe Jesus is coming soon what a privilege we have to serve God 's our talk today about building character for eternal life know the Bible in the very beginning only got six chapters into the story of humanity no gone had to say six thing about this sixth chapters into the very beginning of it all the files pretty good his nominate pages six chapters six and Jennifer six chapters into it is what God said first live in God 's law but the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually I wasn't very far into this world 's history the wickedness of man was great every imagination we ought so that I is for a long time those words that birth you know I thought of I thought having really wicked people really letting people know what kind of people you can conjure up in your mind I want to be graphic with young children here but really wicked people I was out with the wicked person I didn't always do God 's will no friends there are going to be wicked people in time is going to be righteous people at the end of time the second of the people in between sitting on the fence so I looked at this word imagination every imagination of the thoughts assess the act or the power of forming mental images of what is not presence any and all were doing that every day everybody in this room young all are doing things with our imagination forming images in our minds and God saw that the images people were forming in their mind the thought that they were happening were only evil continually and you know the scary thing is that people right here in this room professing Christians get reforming imaginations in the mind that not even your style 's nose but your parents don't know that your children built no images that reveal the character that is in the heart the real character to see the Bible says in Proverbs twenty sup twenty three excuse ever seven he see as he think it actually think it FERC things in in their hearts so what is that how we are that who we really are what's going on in our minds is who we really are not just what we look like on the outside or some of the things we may say in the settings are as what's going on in the mind you know what makes up our moral character if the thoughts and feelings that are combined that make up our moral character did you know that actually are at our character the thoughts that cross gender feelings when we accept those losses are we accept those feelings is ours that makes our moral character in that moment that is who we are that's why a man can become a murderer Jonah is a terrible thing is a ethanol man can become a murderer can take someone's life because in that moment their thoughts turn to feelings maybe feelings of anger and those feelings in those thoughts connected to make the character of a person change in that moment of time they become a murder that was happening back in this day this wickedness in the earth but many times people 's thoughts and feelings don't turn them into that but nonetheless it's changing our character of who we really are you see we need to recognize the day that we live in the same kind of world that was Noah's day we believe that within a very wicked world but then again where all is in our concern right now let our concern is what's going on in our own thoughts because our thoughts and our feelings are all character that's who we really are you see their people they can look very good at church I can dress right they can eat rice they can make the right impression people at church last what is their real character at home what is their wife or their husband know about them you see a man can make a good impression in the public image would be a high rents in the home a woman can have all the social graces that we come across a lot of people in this ministry that for all their hearts to us and one woman that we knew she was a perfectionist if you will and her social graces her dress how she looked in her public appearance that woman was just totally a slob in her home totally with the terrible curse sure she just has to look good she had to address good she had to make the right impression everybody thought she was just on her home was like a different world because her real character was what was going on in her thoughts in her emotions that became her character who are we today are we waking people today or are we allowing ourselves to be changed by the righteousness of Jesus Christ we are living in the last days for young people children youth teenagers are you living an honest life in your home are you really who your parents think you are I you really being honest in your heart or are you a different character in your bathroom alone without her parents are you doing things privately behind the backs of your parents but you know that wouldn't be improved on and so you try to look good and do the things you need to worship what is your real character all parents we need to be asking these questions taking inventory are we just going through the motions of the Christian experience having family worshiped I hope we are but what's going on in the real heart life experience in the mind this is the character that we are seeing God saw the character of man he saw that it was wicked and what God do there was a flood of love that destroy mankind from the earth Genesis six fourteen and said these were the instructions to Noah make a bow and are made what making our way note you rebuild it he built the ark four hundred and twenty years Noah built the ark in Hebrews eleven sevenths as in life they the same fate that you and I need to exercise my day Noah being warned of God of things not seen as yet need again rained yet no one moved with fear prepared an ark to the saving of his house who got on the boat just his family about strategy that the only response that there was praise God is are they are by which he condemned the world and became heir of the righteousness which is by what they are doing a net hate today during the character development process we need that faith because the things that God is asking us to do today are just as difficult sometimes it's building for Noah when Henry and if we're not willing to exercise the faith friends were not going to be prepared it's interesting that no one in the world and example of believing just what God says already possess everything that no possess what he do it he invested it in the arc building process he believed God 's plan by pay he did exactly what God asked him to do by faith and he invested everything you have to do it by faith out of that experience apply to us today it says in Luke seventeen twenty six and as it was in the days of Noah social of the also the days of the coming of the Son of Man are we in those days I believe we are in those days and you see the signs around us can you see the signs and lives of people can you see the signs in your own life is God taking inventory of our lives we see there's another storm coming this time Daniel twelve verse one says that this storm is coming in the time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation even her time and time by people who are by people you want to be one of those people die people die people shall be delivered every one that shall be found written in the book of life the question is are our names written in the book of life every person that ever confesses Jesus is Lord of their life it's written in the book of life questionnaires were names be retained in the book of life using either our sins will be blotted out forever to be remembered no more or our names will be blotted out of the book of life is not a solemn thought friends and that judgment is going on now and is not to create fear has because you know that the fear of how are the hope of heaven neither one will be enough of an impetus enough of a motivation to cause us to go one way or the other the fear of hell or the hope of heaven neither of those is enough stimulation to the spiritual mind to make us go that direction but it's happening now friends we are living in that time now and when a time of trouble began that time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation I want my name the names of my children and my wife written found in the book of life and what happened by accident what happened like choices one choice in a time one faith decision time just like it did for no I want to be involved in military decisions you want us to be preserved so what is the art that we need to build today to be preserved through the storm like the always preserve their women in the Vail Valley what do we have to mail the art of character can someone might say to me while when I save my character that's true we are not saved by character but let me ask you was Noah saved by the art is not a trick question no was not said by the art thank you for being brave other hard questions sometimes no door was not say why we are he was saved by the grace of God let me tell you something if Noah had built the ark we wouldn't be reading the story because no would not have been a man of faith and no would not gain the righteousness that comes by faith because Noah built the ark just like God asked into the note went into the ark but it was the angel of God it was the Spirit of the Almighty God preserved Noah to the store because were told that the storm was so fierce that even Satan himself trembled for his existence that had not been for this special intervention of God and his angels that are within the end boards and pieces the store the art was what God shows to carry no one through the storm it's our characters are sisters heritage young people that God will allow us to go through the storm with it will become the character of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ FDR we need to build today where that process I believe while in that processor we wouldn't even be here tonight we've made those choices we need to continue to make those choices you see we need to be like Noah and say I believe God plan and I'm willing to do whatever God asked me to do my thing and I'm willing to invest whatever God asked me to invest to have that experience to build our character but are we willing to do that are we willing to do that is a part of that plan part of that plan in our fast-paced world today is currently living general part of the planet God has for us is currently living that message is not outdated no more than the word of God is outdated now it has become an unpopular message today but that doesn't mean it's outdated country living is still God 's plan for his people and while I'm not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ neither am I ashamed to say to you today country living is a part of God 's plan for building character for eternity now having said that does that mean that only those who are living in the country will be say right just as we are not saved by building a character is always not saying I will we are not saving my living in the country that I knows I know far more people live in Montana the healthcare thing about country living necessities that address the beautiful mountains has nothing to do with character development is a beautiful spot to live there indulgent lives so where we do have really isn't the answer is God has a purpose for where we live and how we live in that setting country living not living in a city lifestyle in the countryside in this part of God 's plan many people have mixed up country living just like a mix up many of the reforms country living is simply a tool it's one of God 's tool that makes that they character developments and easier process to understand the difference is not a mandate it's one of dogs tools just like health reform is part of God 's tool bag okay it doesn't mean that the thief on the cross really understood health reform nothing very now we don't have any indications that bought those of us that have the choices where we are today we can eat more healthily and make better decisions as a result can't wait we can live in a better environment and live healthier happier lives as a result we just simply eating differently even if it's all right loads will not change a character living in the country will not change our character because the grass is not greener on the other side like now that lifestyle the true country living lifestyle where our desire is to take time with God to take time to be holy to take time to allow God to give his perspective on our life to take inventory of our lives to clean ourselves of the pressures of a download to clear ourselves of the things that plagued our conscience to be still long enough to know that he is God these all provide for us the opportunity to come closer to God to recognize our need like God become the answer to that need that's what happens it'll really living country living now I know people because we met many people over the years of final people today who they have tried to live the city lifestyle in a country setting and all it does propagate their lives and even they have to drive farther to do the things they still wanted to and provides immediate they have to pay more money to do the things that they like for entertainment it means that their life is more and more complicated to see when we left the suburbs of Chicago we didn't look for a place that we can duplicate our lifestyle we look for a place that would simplify lifestyle that would give us more time my wife told me she said eleven attacks we did live in a little trailer for a month is unwilling to live in attendance if I can have more of you she said I don't need more money I need more with you to say I'm willing to trade I'm willing to get or whatever we him are you unwilling to simplify life is an easy one have to be on the home so much to make money to get on the lifestyle is not a good trade-off she was serious about that and so even when I got involved in real estate I could have made a lot more money I made in real estate but I chose to live a simpler line just earned the money that we needed to live the life God was calling you a simple life you have to want to cut down trees in Havana when Castillo you have to split the wood rest of little volume of active when my wood by hand I noted that way until I get too tired or too old that you shall this violation him to know I did let my lady can assess the health people say that Festival all I have to do is dial just come down as simple as a number because I can think of all the things you do all the costs that are involved in I can tell you that because of the things that I do to make my wood stove work I have time with my son and I wouldn't trade for any amount of money in the world was not in the woods with my son I had days out there with him cutting those trees splitting that working there we have time for Hart to Hart communication volunteers turn the dial that means I have to work lots more hours and had no time for my children no time for my wife and I can turn it on I have all the dollars I need to cover my lifetime time with my son and so I can get a cord of wood for five dollars and that lasts an average of one month in my house is pretty good it is pretty inexpensive visit and while splitting that was while coming out with online that would I have time with my son we've had some beautiful garbage is one simple example of the simple life I don't live like an English one particular house and they said I go inside to him to this message is not to describe what we wear the leather photo album but we do have if you come to a halt even though we have alternative energy you would not know it unless I showed it to you because everything are all courses like other people thousands in the Leslie John like say refrigerator run by electricity just coming from hydroelectric system and solar panels instead of the grid for saving money save thousands of dollars by simplifying the life heart slowing down the line to be still have time for the Lord my mother very hard for my mother when we moved away as we live a couple miles from my mother in the suburbs Chicago Hinsdale big at that hospital there when we moved it was very difficult for my mother and she sat there but it was hard for but one day I was outside and I was working with a chainsaw and it was kind of a wintry day I sat down I sent Jean thought I was a storyline for a select turn this will estranged sound was coming all around me and I'm looking around looking around and suddenly I realized that there was no placing Michael all over Michael was making and taking some I've never heard snowflakes hit me before now that was I decided is where very often that was an awesome experience for me because it was so quiet it is so quiet world we live in here and I heard the snow placed in I was sitting there just thinking about how wonderful this was I never felt like this before and are full over Amazon 's here in this client I told my mother that story she said I'll never question again why God let you out there you see that my mother that story embodied something that she could never grasp because I would talk to her about now I just wanted a quiet place where I can seek the Lord and walked with God we walked with God likewise my life I want to dedicate my life to my to my God and my my wife and my children I want to be ready when Jesus Tom I want my children to be ready to receive the chronic life in which your story just some house rocker as the essence of beast in no time initial country living is all about I asked us to do here are my client is not enough that he realized I hear people say to me while you're not speak to me I don't believe that France God gives through every person 's conscience and the voice of God is simply the voice of actions in our souls that's true that we dealt them we've ignored the conscience we would day to love situations that quiet down the conscience but none of us will be able to have any excuses and we just didn't know we just couldn't hear general law last day in the sun in the making a lot was called a righteous man the Bible says that righteous character that means that I would expect that lot will be in the kingdom of heaven the unrighteous character but he stayed in Sodom and you know what it was mine it don't view them down so much that he really didn't understand how bad lifestyle was first children they got him down to the point where two strangers come in and he is willing to do what I got never do trade his own daughter to strangers and wickedness of sans I praise God that the Angels those two strangers took matters into their own hands but was actually a lot here's my daughter were protestants to strangers in the house where was his mind Dole down to then had not been for those two angels you know where he would the song reasoning away today wind is it really that he was taking our money wasn't because he had a lingering spirit lingered long enough and lost his wife to turn into a powerful CMS continue to imagine what it would be like to have your wife I tell her assault network is a temporary situation that was therefore a monument to solve spear from the country living friends is an environment tool gives to us to prepare for eternal life is ten times harder ten times harder to educate our children in the city suburban lifestyle and time time so that let's the other side it is easier in a country setting right and it is I found it to be the case definitely because our minds get more two hundred and get more sensitive spirit and therefore things become clear to us than it into law when he was there in the midst of Sodom country living character developments building a character for eternity you see I have no burden for any of you here tonight that this means that God 's will for you is that you pack your bags and leave again and moved to the country before you all I have no burden to say that God is telling you that you must make an impetuous case below but I'm telling you this that it's easier to develop character in a country setting and is symbolized and if you're willing I seem willing to do God well really willing to say or what you want to do I started understanding why God wanted me to move the country in the page time for you I thought it was time I made my decision I said let's go with the sign in the yard with the Hussein the Army said let's go my poor wife is saying a largely in Pennsylvania while that science that the yard and that was full out the realtor signs in the yard and it took ten months not new the time for us God had a purpose for that ten months of waiting on him to help us prepare that move are you willing and willing to do it nor did I know I got the message about an hour and I don't know what Noah said because we don't know all the communication but we know this whether he ever argued with the Lord on whether he had doubts about building an Ark when it never rained we know that he built nor any note from hundred twenty years and during that whole hundred and twenty years he was mocked he was derided he was called a fanatic for that whole hundred and twenty years of experience some of them we doesn't feel very good I had people telling me I was crazy to take my little children a three -month-old baby onto the country since the country then they ought to do this meeting all your security I have a lot of nonsense I just said I'm doing the best I understand that you do one day at a time this is what he has to need of doing this is what our estimate this is why doing all your children already ballot can live in my current environment while it's a lot easier to talk about it seventeen usually this presale humility of heart thankfulness and my children love me and love God they love me and love my wife and respectively on the Oregon and that I praise God for this is because of country living at his cousin got when God is the one who asked us to go finish setting and when we went there we received the blessings that God had in store for us there so I know one guy that here do but I would say consider the country living is still a very important part of God 's plan for his people today no matter how busy your life may be you see God wants us to be like Noah to believe what he says they know what's up not raining out there when North RCR to believe by faith that even though the world says you get a lot more done in the city by faith we can do what God asks us to do in their life they were willing to invest all you know the first investment in the heart friends if there's somebody on your tonight is unwilling to get down on your knees and say Lord I'm willing to do whatever you want me to do I'm willing to go everyone to go and willing to give up whatever you have to give up before unwilling to do that front that means that we are afraid to trust God with our entire lives and that's where we are were not ready to go into the storm because when we go through this we need to start with God or we will not come through it successfully so if you're frightened to ask you that question but again got back in it if your friend tonight and don't be discouraged and don't give up because God is able to change that attitude is if you're willing to not willing John is willing to make you willing if you want to be made willing and if you're not willing to be made willing then why do profess to be a Christian serving the God God is willing to do whatever he needs to do to change our corrupt to give us his Spirit to work in SQL engine duo of his good pleasure if we are willing to let them have all of us well it needs to work first in the home is the one of things I love about Noah's story about his character building story is that while everybody else and lock your all everybody else crazy fanatic wonders children's sites and we working with money are right there beside and when it came time for the dog to be open and know when and who when and whether you see friends the message to me today is that I don't care if people think I'm crazy I don't care if people think I'm now foolish now believe me we can make fools of ourselves not to cry we wish you have streamed here that are not crimes but talking about doing has no again and doing what God is that is if you are doing it in the spirit of Jesus Christ I don't care if the world and even the church thinks I'm crazy if my children are ready to go into the ark when Jesus come that's what matters I want my children to receive the chronic life don't you I want to receive the crown of life I want others to know and serve the Jesus that I'm coming to know and love and serve by it won't happen by accident it won't happen by accident if you don't want your children to reject your religion if you don't want your children or your wife to reject your character building process then we better make sure they were building according to God 's plans not around not a human devising guzzles and shatter you see the reason that most children learn the art is not practiced what he preached in his home no one lived behind closed doors forty three four hundred and twenty years with a hammer behind closed doors mounted not make mistakes in your sin city graphic but was not transformed was not changed by the grace of God Noah lived his Christianity in his home and his children and his wife went into the ark within because they love and respect I believe I was serving as a God would take care of someone like King they are all in there anywhere all laying and they are just in time for Sunday's foresighted rain well God has given us those opportunities in the little things of life you know the little crisis that we face in life are never one day I called David I want to talk with Ron at the propane companies as I look to lobby for but as circumstances would have it wrong was fine so I didn't know David I wasn't comfortable with him didn't know how trustworthy was I needed a special line put in the home that desire a couple of our friends and then building for my dad a special helping line would go under the concrete so I explained all the David said we needed one and he assured me that he would take care that you admitted softly in the message to Ron on and how reliable David was well anyway I went over with him twice in one ministry trip and came back and disliking mom one evening at the home he said father put an happens line Congressman before tomorrow call Kathy the Congress a report tomorrow I need a one inch line I told Dave that I needed a one inch line useful to tell Ron and how the mind works the understand how the mind works all the range of feelings that study going on inside me the concrete Limited for tomorrow so this is the evening early evening I picked up the phone I finally assumed it would get a hold of our are not restoration office hours were no calls couldn't get my answer the Lord is calling to my heart was what caused my heart for because I am taking the burden of the half-inch slide that I say God secured at Burton right now I'm taking a burden and when I feel something to do is to go to get inside go over to the property did not begin up I have to stay there for hours to get up I can't have that happen another but then I realized that while you still have a warning sign up on the concrete to my liking holding the Lord is calling to my heart like a closet in my house I went to my closet and got down on my knees never wrestled with the Lord I'm sharing this with you because this is a very simple experiences it's what we live our real lives friends these are the little crises that will really reveal I will stand with you take this a lot frightful Asia's Lord called to me called to my heart to you willing submission to trust that he is able to fix your situation about law after signing this is a half is I got down on my knees in the closet this is a Ford hasn't rained friends this is what takes the job can deal with me because whether they platonically are not the issue is me right the character development is to be here this line is just another set of circumstances like another page in the news understand what I mean which is another circumstance but what about me is not getting Sudanese or is it the same with weightlifting plays out over time if I wanted on my knees and I yield myself to God without knowing the solution on God was asking you to do was rest in him at all just last I couldn't go to get up couldn't get another line all I can do was rest in the Lord saw the choice of the situation is the same one you think is will I rash will I rest or will I carry and will like to toss and turn like frat life think of another half a dozen possible ways to deal with his wife called concrete please place all I do I'm willing to that song is worrying as to because you know we get this to the resting place that he had access to give us clear thoughts then he can reveal his will to us and so he brought me to the resting place I really been into the logging of the difference I really gave it to the Lord well was interesting the next morning I got up and I face the battle all over again and I looked at my watch why don't I watch I looked at my watch when the central company open and I started putting the burden many carry this thing I got again when we then get there before the well-being of appropriate enforcement shot and I started to the Lord called me again while was interesting my wife was working on the new article all thankfulness funnyman rather than the title is true thankfulness one of these is addressed in that article was the truly thankful and circumstances that we can control what we can trust God to and I saw that thing on my desk and renewal of the call was feeling hard so I went back in my closet we once saved always saved I went back to my closet and I gave it to the Lord Frank I found the rest were told desire of ages that imperfect acquiescence now they were in perfect acquiescence but certainly be melted in loyalty and perfect acquiescence there is perfect rest I found that rest there again that morning and I let it all go God is big enough friends to deal with problems I could not deal with when the propane company opened I call in the resting place of your called in the unrest in place we I called in the resting place because of the manner what matters stay resting in the Lord and when I called I got all the right I put the wrong to say that health was resting and Iran hold me that they had a new high as God is really wonderful listening Ron said I got the message David told exactly what he needed he said that the new have you exactly what you need and told me how my business with both and all the self asserted the right height he said absolutely the new half-inch pipe and he said is exactly what you needed you never knew I was rustling you never knew what I had gone through and I had to give the lie for the adjournment the place didn't happen he got up I just need to be educated with all but one of his sisters young people all of us face these real-life challenges everything that will bring big things mostly little things a big and here we are we go through them and we either go through them in the spirit of the law are resting in him a lead author kicking and screaming feeling that it never is now no way all marketing spin doesn't do us any good doesn't accept blood pressure go up Nexus fastball makes us anxious to make this intolerant all the signs God is trying to change our characters no one had a character after the similitude and his young people followed him into the ark of safety are we going to follow our Savior into the art of character one choice at a time allowing him to really change us it's not going to be a character that say this is going to be God is saying this is like a signal in the art but we're not going to be say he refused to allow him to transform our character were not going to repeat the great controversy just know that France we believe that this is the only time you happen another beer we run up in heaven where now somebody popped up and says something I want to be like the most high this is all dealt with now now is the time probation is given to us character building exploring to see are we willing to let God have complete access to is this what our lives are about or is this experience of character building secondary to the real life that we live ginseng the devil is turned off the pace of this world knowledge has increased man wrongdoing for all men's hearts failing them for what they're looking with Giuliani the world this is wafting over the government all of this is coming down to the time that we live in are we allowing God to help us in the midst of this vision are we like Jesus finding no resting place in the midst of the storm when the waves are crashing and the disciples are crying for help Jesus leaves in the bottom of the box that experience can be found wherever you are tonight tonight to promote recovery you can find it in my you believe that the demoniac team school reading regime towards the disciples for the site they ran Jesus met them and calm the storm and those men are he will do that tonight right where we are seeking regions where ever we are a country living is to will not reach us more readily C+ more subtly and have access to our hearts full-time now if not and can't reach us in the city lifestyle and don't be discouraged if you find yourself there but I tell you tonight don't be afraid to let God move you I I have heard so many stories of people who gave themselves who did you have any guys know them to country setting found in the quiet place still and know God is the God of all flash and there's nothing too hard for him I know people of many deaths and guys taking them in their death in the limited country setting had landed donating to them they have a very successful thriving business today at five dollars and available on the net the man with her car broke down and gave them a piece of property capabilities the property is not sure but we need to exercise a technology is this thing was arraigned before you give me a piece of property will they don't have to give you a piece of property God has other ways God can do a thousand things that we don't know if or willing to do God 's will that the God we serve friends to believe that if they got was Jimmy Jesus Christ you will that we might be with you where he is you think you give your piece of property from you to write elongated piece of property if he has other means to do it and get a piece of property but you know he gave us a piece of property that the timely guy with eighteen thousand dollars value on the market we have eighteen thousand dollars we had six thousand dollars God gave us that piece of property for six thousand and we didn't tell the people we only had six thousand dollars digital the Lord God to do whatever he needs to do if you were willing to believe that he can do what he needs to do is to web building character or for how long and were building character for eternal life are we questioning of togetherness the close father in heaven well I like your people Israel were very stiff neck many times Ray Harris with frail when we think we know better oh Lord your so merciful towards this and you've shown us how much you love us over and over you continue to draw the tender loving hands a lot I pray that whatever there might be between any of us in our souls and you Lord that we would be willing to open ourselves up before you we want to go home and be where you are you provided a way for us he's made provision for salvation pages long for us to accept by faith the things that many times were afraid to exercise faith the Lord tonight is linear before you I pray that each one was the service people that are here that we would personally be sensitive to the call history of our hearts that we would recognize the solemn time to live and the opportunity that you've given us right now to prepare for eternity to have character that will and do throughout eternity that we will not squander our probationary timeline that we would encourage one another yes no we would allow you to change us right in our homes as man as women husbands wives children and that we would live transparent lies before you that the character that we reflect will soon be the character of lovely Jesus because we know that you're waiting for for reflection of the production of the character of Christ in your people that will common claim as your own praise Jesus this media was gone audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading seven audio and much more you would like to know more about numbers you like the more certain it is www. dawn on universe .org


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