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6. Country Living a Blessing to All

Tom Waters Alane Waters
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as the week progresses it seems like we come to know and love more more the people here is a certain all anxiety I guess you feel when you come to a new place and you have these people that you don't really know them and then it just so beautiful see how God brings circumstances and people and lives together and I feel like I got to know how we've gotten also many of you and it's been a real blessing to us so tonight we're going to be talking about country living up Leslie Dall and instead of getting up here and just sharing another message we thought it would be nice to have each of us in our family to share a little bit about how country living has come to be a blessing for us individually but some interesting because sometimes it's nice to hear different perspectives and people like to hear the children's perspective especially felt that I was going to be sharing a little bit from our hearts and from our experience about what this country living lifestyle has meant to us and what it continues to me as we grow closer to the Lord to begin tonight to sharing with you from my experience it was difficult when you've heard as we talk through some of the messages some of the things we face on the trials and difficulties on as we came out I had been for so long in the busyness of societies expectations you know we don't realize that we ran know why because where doing what everybody else is doing it's not until God allows us to pull back and ever wondered why Jesus ministry was from the mountains you want from the mountain to the multitude and way to go back to the mountain and you know that's what you did from the mountain to the multitude and back to the mountain it's interesting that all of God 's great leaders have had that experience and God has called each of us to that kind of experience if we want to be what we've been called to do and that is being like John the Baptist you know the best elastic people the John the Baptist was a representative of God lastly people the John M amount into the multi- experience absolutely and so as we began to come out into our country living experience I was trying to think how can I express some things that are very difficult to express the people how do you put in words you know we have people come and visit our home and we do have families that come in as a part of the ministry and and they'll come and spend the weekend with us in our home it's easy than to express country living July they see they tasted they hear it they see the beauty that is around us and it's easy for people to say now I understand country living now I see what you mean when you say that there's a difference between living as a lifestyle in a country setting and living a country lifestyle in a country setting John sometimes hard to do that from a pulpit and express this but I wanted to share hello bentonite for my part of this message a little story that happened very shortly after we came to Montana after we found ourselves there I had my chainsaw and I was not cutting some wood on our property clearing the ground and taking care of some things that needed to be for the building project and I was out there touting it I can't say that that's something that I had been doing in my previous work at the hospital on a daily basis so I felt myself tiring out so I turned the chains off and I sat down that had snowed very lightly I sent down there in the snow chainsaw was off everything was quiet and as I was sitting there suddenly I started hearing this strange surroundsound ever before it went like this just particularly seem like a song it seemed like it was getting louder and I know what was happening and so I started chewing my ears to what is this and suddenly I looked on my coat it was snowflakes hitting Michael and I are all I've never heard quietness like this before I never know there was a sound of snowflakes hitting a coat wide friends because I had never been in that kind of quietness before and just as I was sitting there all by this thought I heard this I will now we supposed to help us Raven was flying overhead as I looked up and I I watched the way that I could hear them just laid back and the snow talk to God like I've never talked to before you know nature is one of the ways that God wants to register Lewis but friends I never understood before I didn't know that that's how nature could get through to me about God and how God wanted to speak to me personally as I give you that simple illustration because we are going to come to know God the way he wants us to know him in the business that we find our lives in today and you folks are experiencing that business here I've only been here a few days but I know the experience you know we laugh because we know so well what were talking about the friends of God as a reason why he has called us to country living and I say country living it's not just calling us to live in the country he's calling us to country is calling us to experience that will slow our laws down enough quietness down enough from the Celtic clamors quieting off that he can begin to tell us what his plans are for us so he can begin to show us the self in us new life sat down and I wrote my mother a letter is my mother how never beheld experience when a mother experiences but I understand something of the draw from the father 's heart when we left are the Berlin setting where we lived a couple of miles from my peers to think I wasn't taught on my mother 's heart as we drove away yes there was it was that you're earning your heart is eighteen hundred miles separated us in every phone call I could hear even though she was brave in every letter there was a taste of it but you know I will and I shared this little simple experience with my mother about the snowflakes and requirements and I told her that outside contemplated what God was trying to bring us to see as I sat there that day with the snowflakes falling on my jacket I said Lord were really here this is real we're really here were not good to go back to it again if I found myself without even realizing it's still in the pace of my mind that being speeded up and I found myself sitting there that day realizing that this was not vacation this was a and I was not going back to the other life in the present I don't know if any of you understand the way that I've tasted I hope that some of you have but if you haven't God wants to bring Internet experience that was to bring us to the point where we can be still and know that he is God in our lives you know we cannot bring people any higher than the experience God brings us to friends you can give them the natural remedies we can give them our doctrine so you've heard me say this before brothers and sisters I didn't understand the words that I'm saying until God why do I know you know the nose is declined on friends forty years you know why because Moses was so good Moses was so powerful Moses also account for you there are people here that are setting their tonight that are very very talented people you know we don't even know ourselves as when God wants to bring us to my mother wrote me back a letter after she received my letter and she she said Thomas Shelley called me Thomas when's the something serious she said Thomas you will never hear me complaining in about the distance that separates us you will never hear him are from my lips nor will you ever send send me the pain of separation because now I understand something more about why God legitimately just and that simple letter friends it was something that I was able to communicate to my mother that was deeper than words that were put on a paper that you now friends today I just had a very simple illustration of why country living has been such a blessing to me busy today I went to a situation with one of my children why had to make another decision what I've had to make thousands of times whether I'm going to deal with the real issue with my child or whether I'm going to law the circumstances of the situation we're here doing meetings right or I'm going allow the pressures circumstances to put my child aside and you know when God told me to do runs this is part of why country living true country living is so vital for us in the school 's last days we need to be able to human thoughts tell us to do we didn't know the voice of our Shepherd brothers and sisters and I'm not talking about fanaticism and voices in the room I'm talking about knowing the voice of our shepherd and if we don't come to know it we will take up the voice of a stranger talks about it in John ten whole chapter but I knew what the shepherd was telling me today I knew what sounds than the double was telling me and the other ear other people you got to meet with brothers and sisters the devil will have distraction after distraction argument after argument to keep us from doing what God is calling us to do with our own children and friends I did not turn away from the call from God because I have learned that one of the greatest blessings and country living is coming to know the true characters of my own children coming to recognize the weaknesses in their characters reflected many times from the weakness of those my character my wife's character God has shown us over and over that we need to take time to invest the time in our young ones if we ever expect them to be in the kingdom of God I did not turn away from the call to my heart today friends I could have I have before but one of the things that God has helped me the blessing to see in country living is that that is my first work there are many you wanted and then who have children and grandchildren and you and say that you want to see them in the kingdom of God would you not do it say that there's nothing more important to you but brothers and sisters I know that many of you here today are not practicing what you preach when events and will say that to be hard on you but you have been consumed by other people 's agendas have been consumed by other people 's problems and one of the blessings of country living if we come to know why God leads us to it is that we see that this is our mission field it isn't just saying this is our mission field it is our mission field if I walk away from the problem that I had to face today with my child I have no business coming into the public tonight and talking to you no business being here but that didn't happen by accident friends do you know that it's so much easier to do a grand or what appears to be a grander work out there you get more applause and more pats on the back for going out and getting giving lectures and seminars and doing treatments on people all yes you get a pass on the back for arduously taking the time if it takes two hours to work with the self in need in the South and my child until God has gained the complete victory we get many pets in the back for their friends and the grandparents here are you working with your children and your grandchildren in such a way that you are encouraging that process are we so consumed with everything out there that we don't have time this is awesome of country living for me has not just been to see myself know it's painful to see self friends it's painful it makes you want to run back and give Bible studies take that long don't please don't misunderstand me but it's easier to go on an bake a loaf of bread for your neighbor if you are in an argument with your husband than it is to deal with the work that lies nearest in the death of self with that situation it's easier to walk out of the house husbands it is you walk out of the house because you don't want to face the conflict between yourself and your wife or your children did you walk out of the house and dog of a Bible study with a smile on your face when that's not what you like someone you want to the door because it's easier to do that work then it is to do the work that God is calling us to the blasting of country living has been for me to come to know my own wife like I've never known the marriage relationship before doing so you know what it means to the extent of being a student of the alcohol for eight hours a day in your typical job and come home in the country living setting of God brought us to them spend hours of the day with your wife in the first part of that experience you find out that you want the person you thought you were when you have to have so much time together it is the same and self wants to run from that the blessing of country living is that God hasn't let us run from friends because we've said whatever cost will we made a commitment to God will go wherever you want us to go will let go of whatever you ask the select go off will do anything you ask us to do you hear those words well done nothing faithful servant the companionship that I have with my children I wouldn't trade for anything my children all the vacant and talk to me about anything anytime you know some of you may think that your children will do that but have they been doing that already found out fifteen or sixteen years old that they are not going to do it anymore and they're going to somebody else down the street to talk I wouldn't trade that but it didn't happen by accident friends the blessing of country living for me has has been to take time to take my children and their interest into my own experience to take time to push myself away from my desk away from the correspondence away from the telephone calls away from writing messages to give to people seminars and go for a quiet walk in the mountains and just talk with my daughter to just talk with my son is a daytime is only to be something good to know what is a cost but appears to be a sacrifice it may not appear that way in a meeting like were sitting in tonight but alternative in many times that I prevent my desk all day long if God had called me away to the needs of my children and days trying to weeks and weeks in a month and our children look for other companions friends who have other ideas that they put into their minds ideas that change them by beholding and they become corrupted yes even in a place like this it happens it happens you will be greatest blessing in this experience has been the peace of knowing that I'm doing the first work of evangelism in my own home I have a clear conscience about that is not used to feel guilty about it first why would I feel guilty about that young people tell me your selfish self-centered how can anybody say that well because I wasn't now personal ministries director because I wasn't now leading outing in gathering is that because I disagreed with their friends but because God was calling me to the first work in my own home but I had to push away some of those guilt symptoms to say no to the nominating committee to say no to seminal social engagements I had to say no God began to help me to realize I had to say no to those competitive sports every one of them was a sacrifice really not for what I found in the piece of knowing I was doing the honest work of evangelism in my own home and family that's the blessing of country living friends and I can tell you many blessings of the simple things of life the blessing of looking forward to going home on Sunday morning and getting back into the routine of splitting wood for wood cook stove every morning at seven thirty the blessing of going home and knowing that I can get back into that quiet time with God and nothing against the back of their trains going by every couple lower surface why new is not restful I look forward to going back from the multitude back to the mountain for the quietness of the inlet have to look to a half hours of quietness with God in the morning to really hear what he has for me for the day his friend is one thing to say I consecrate myself to you it's another to consecrate ourselves to him as something to say I lay all my pleasure feelings another truly do it and letting directors to the day without saying owned on everyone that plan today as I look for the Seminoles things back there in the mountain because they bring both sings with a communion with God I look forward to being able to get back enhance the special quiet time I have with my wife every day I haven't been over him every day here I don't bemoan that I'm looking forward to going back to having I want that communication with my wife we need that for our marriage we need that time together I'm looking forward to going back again in the delegate evening hours as I'm told that I should do my inspiration evening hours should be dedicated to the family why would God take the time to instruct us in that inspiration because he knows what keeps families together under his guidance I look forward to I look forward to going back and having the evening hours dedicated to my family because I know the fruit that results from that kind of time with my children and my wife there are blessings and country living I like to link them up and share with you her perspective on the blessings of letting I can talk to for the rest of the evening we can but I need to give my whole family chance to some other country loving Queen Alice sharing with you it was actually my heart because I know the blessings that I have received the changes I've seen in my husband in a country as well as the changes the Lord is doing my own life and the Scripture is in the words of Jesus found in the thirteenth chapter of John for seventeen if you know these Spain he says what's the rest of verse and happy are ye if you do them as I was thinking about my little things so simple as where God wants us to live one little odd tool in hand of God for our salvation and if we know these things were told happy are you doing them in as with all other principles that God has given given us in his word and that's what I thought of tonight and want to share you simply for areas country living has been a blessing to me that he has brought me the happiness I haven't experienced before the first thing that comes also shared with you was that of the quiet time in the morning I can't express to you the quietness that we had my know he tried to do that but there's not just the sound in the quietness of the sound although I love the birds in the country especially in the winter and I can't know that they have songs for every season and times of the day and I always know when were getting fair weather in spring is coming because the entire flock of birds whatever type they are change their tunes do you know that I want to wake up at four o'clock in the morning and listened to the birds singing a summer and winter bursting little bit later in the morning I awake before they are but I enjoyed that the crackling of the wood cook stove and I study upstairs in our home office the kitchen table or at my gas my children study upstairs and I and their presence they are in my president were all quiet worse studies were listening to the woodstove crackling in the background and is just a real piece in bonding their sometimes I get up from my study and uncle look over the shoulder of one of my children to stay with their reading and talk to them for a moment and not come back to my desk and how look out the window and you would have to look out our windows to know how beautiful it is and how just be contemplating what it was that I've been studying for the morning and praying that God would help me to understand itself simply because it can help my youngest child who is now nine but for many years my youngest child was three months old when we moved all the way up until this age to understand the Bible and personal application and I can tell you how many times the Lord 's help this simpleminded mind to be able to take a Bible story and to practical life it for my understanding I can share with my children and to make it fun I hope none of you will mess Sabbath morning Sabbath school a family Sabbath school were just going to share one of the those little precious experiences that we had in our home when I have set their very quietly reading meditating praying contemplating looking at the word looking at this second book of God I sure him having got impress my mind how I can take this lesson and make it interesting fun exciting in our home for our children it's been a tremendous Boston the secondary I love the wholesome occupation your knowledge and our suburban setting other than the date duties of the home there was a lot I could have my children do there are so many things my children can do and I can hold some occupations that we don't have time to do them all in the winter we get the shovel the driveway that is now built up a plow for the front of our old wood hauling truck the color Betsy and me we all five of us get out there and turn elected because it's not made of wood direct wishes attracting quite happy and we all work as a family to get the plow on we know the plot only does the main partners doesn't hand shoveling and often that shoveling turns into removing this knowledge would carry the children would like to make snow caves and confidence building up the snow banks making small town halls are here they are mother and dad with the samples and the children with this land we love the flag and they fit on top of the snow and go downhill and done that there is a great time in wholesome occupation when gathering gardening carving out flower gardens out of very rough wood our graphic artists around seventy five percent gravel and it is a challenge to do gardening in debt climate as well as that kind of soil and I can remember one day we had the girls into Sinai had just planted I don't know maybe hundreds of the biggest just put them all over me so flower gardens we had been pulling out these wild growing bushes in and shrouds and plants and grasses to try to get rid of all that and bring hauling soil and rock surrounded the holder then and we got all worked really hard in a day and I my children would you like to do and the children said we wanted that were the more flower gardening actively just spent the last three or four hours planning making flower garden they had such a drink so much wholesome occupation team learning how to work with fruit trees in a very harsh climate is a challenge enjoying the wildlife it comes the third area is the simplicity of the life many people have not understood how we have simplified our lives when we have left our power many appliances conveniences and all the other things society says make our lives simpler that in reality complicate them tremendously we do have power my husband reminded me I mean when we first moved out we did not have conventional power we only had power when we turn the generator on the store little bit of that power so we ran twelve volt light and it wasn't uncommon the first few years we were they are then in the evening was long winter evenings that I particularly enjoy that we either have family time by candlelight accuracy just made it I call it a cozy feeling we still enjoy that those long winter evenings even now we have a little bit more updated power system we have more power weakened bully and have regular life it in electrical as if that will work when you plug something in now is just really a blessing to think they are in the evening him as far north as we live the sunset about four thirty in the winter anywhere we can just enjoy one another sitting on the couch is reading this story maybe the girls and I are selling as father reads are neither were talking about some of our plans for the summer calculator or making summer plant in the summer are looking forward to the winter things and making those plans is just really been a blessing to meet the simplicity of the life not that it's easy but that it's in Julia because it keeps us together is enjoyed things that are simple and God 's way and not so many complex things McManus created I also enjoy the picnics the spontaneous exactly half we have now in our backyard if you've seen a picture album a little around in its not uncommon that about two thirty mother or one of the children our father sometimes will save me a picnic today and only have to do is to take the children in need it are three o'clock meet and hit outside and around the pond again it's so relaxing before it was a major ordeal to have to get everything ready and try to drive to a place that was picturesque and quiet to have a picnic it became now a very difficult or maybe not so difficult but one of the Temple and we can walk out of our house and sit in her backyard and really fearing that the suburban setting you can enjoy some of those things too but it is especially nice when it's very very quiet around you and you don't hear all the things of the city life the campfires that sometimes the children were going up clear out a piece of the acreage now they've made a half a nature garden first off gardening Woodhall Moss from the creek over to this other area may soon found out that moms need a lot of water to grow well in a ticket from the Creek area given a different part of our property and extremely dry before long although the mosque sections dried out and died and we help them to understand why that was but so they turn it into a nature gardening they have carved out little trails in Brockton when we find venues in the honor walks in nature oftentimes will take them out and they will put them in their nature garden will have to go hunt them up broken hearts in adopting your antlers and special rock star special pieces of bark or an interesting piece of wood that we found on a walker a height and when bringing home health of the little garden area and it still goes up with all the while being in it such so much fun and sometimes collects Dixon no fake can have a bonfire or campfire tonight listed to worship outside so weak they dropped all in the area and they've cleared some of that sticks off the property unique child in the little pile in which establish outside visit it's so much fun friends the bike rides I remember one recently that we had that my daughter Allison particularly wanted to do but all of the children really looking for to because we heard that about up above our home have a special to make scenic area it's called and many people go up there for vacations and camping things like that it's such a beautiful area messages up around the other side of the mountain from my house about twenty twenty five miles and that we heard that there the snow that falls in the mountains near mountaintop alternate area with the exception of the bottom half mile to a mile stretch on the road I began practicing Gary was there home with a smile because it was still too deeper in the four-wheel-drive to go up or push her bicycle through the snow in on the other side all of that road through the mountains was dry and back in the springtime is perfect bear season in acts when they come on a hibernation into coming into those slides on the hillside foraging for food here's a couple areas of their that are specifically designated for better watch areas so we decided we as a family had a little get together and the children really wanted to we took away one more week with that warm weather man we had met on a hike said he wait more than a week all this will be melted off enough that the bargain be driving in Darren you won't experience the quiet now there were lots of links from other father to do father was getting ready to go overseas for weekday meetings between he felt like he had asked her days were the time but as we talked about ugliness as we saw the enthusiasm of the children and as the Lord spoke to our hearts is that still let this kid will go tomorrow will go on a couple of days after breakfast has allegedly called her bicycles up in the truck and an SLA mountain we only had to walk about a quarter of a mile over snowfield pushing bicycles to fix glossy snow wasn't too easy we got on the other side and for seven or eight miles we destroyed through the mountains on the roads and we never solve the air but we were disappointed events God gave us some we weren't looking for the game around one corner and on Lewis came up over the bank and ran right down the road in front of us for I know maybe a hundred feet or so and then went up into the off into the brush we had a good time being the him children are so happy we took just a few hours out of our day to do something that was very meaningful to them those are the simplicity things of the country there had been such a blessing to me and the last area I would like to share is the time that it has brought me to address the real needs of my own life he really wanted to see what your real self is like slow down from the busyness of your life a guy can have a chance to work to show you the true character I have seen more need of a Savior last several years in the country had in my entire life before that because I is my mind was so occupied and busy thinking planning and organizing I didn't really have time to see what I was really like and I love the time with my children my husband I see their needs the things that make them happy they are struggling to figure weaknesses in the Lord is teaching me how to work with those things for his benefit for my benefit for your benefit all to the glory of God the time I wouldn't trade it for anything the hardships and difficulties in facing South I wouldn't trade it for anything because I have seen that as I've been willing to learn to surrender yourself to the Lord and see how he's can work through me when I'm willing I see the difference in my children I see them come through difficult circumstances things that are hard for them you know the children's trials her trials on which will they seem so Paddy and so insignificant costs because message Morton Grandin trials as we got further ages the trails are just as difficult towards trying to help me to see that that principle I need to be sensitive to my children's needs and child's family work through a situation it is a difficult are hard for them are hard for me are hard for both of us are all of us as were working through it to see the response from my children when they can come in handy things thank you because I'm so happy so much happier now I am free from that irritable spirit I'm free from selfishness I is free from the slothfulness or whatever it is he struggling that is one of the blessings that we have received an country denying out for me I would not have seen it we would have continued living the way we were living prior to this drastic change in our life appraisal board for that and I know he's got a greater work to do in our lives in your lives because he wants us fully completely restored in his image okay desire wanted to share what's been a blessing to him in a country is wired up here audiences this was written authorization is right on yellow paper like the father I him my father 's only stipulated herein to this while I was in the contract in July about wildlife is a lab is wildlife and nine Michelle at about the feeding the deer often doing endeared from workplace that all your largest having a similar time we get generally can't give you my right hand Samaritan the governor walked they follow us say I like that now did it when we moved to Montana did the deer just stuck up and not studying knowledge management and inside but we do that while he worked but first they were coming in so and I wonder what they easily started trying things out to them in they came in started handily networking out of the room from where and when finally they got to the point where they were getting braver new interlocking Snelson and Eric finally now given can we actually did you come to us when their long ways away yes we get sick quintile of the midterm of the mountains weekend break and watch them go running down the mountains and actually brings me back to know how you call it call a couple of them just like you were there we sat down any and all scanned the area and elitist and I'm glad because Elijah is a coherent but then you have a good sense of hearing and now CNN and we know in part and we have like a hundred other Merv how many do we have to wildly about eleven okay tell about that one and was one animal that we've lived there for nine years and it was one animal that is still in there but we hadn't had a chance to see was actually too but I was thinking of one animal particular the love and that will fling their welfare place before any one time currently we wrapped up in prisoners and not get else's anonymous solo and a friend and I seem to keep coming about once a week and I was usually on Saturday but it looked like everything I won't but it was black because it was in the burn spring it was pretty unusual to loan to other guests it was a scout day of anything else you want to share with him about your blessings in the country anything I like in the country is that there's a lot of quiet time in I like to have quiet time with dad and not have all the noise instantly sitting the knows the difference being on the strip especially in some places were advised to travel yes so what you like about you like to make as it is now glistening eyes and cars going by and things that you conducted on quietly mused anything that's interesting you say you can talk to the Lord you think that the boys your age or girls your age should be a link your God is impressing on them to do yes the possible merger as anything else you want to share sometimes I think Morlock so you can have time to talk to God and you can also see the nature with that and it's really nice day and not on the same as that term is a very later in January said my mother and father have a lot of time to leave into my weaknesses in the spend time with me over anything else today well that's that's our first work is yes is it always feel good now as it is a fact that yes right okay it was fun that's family I think they like to hear about your blessings in the country they decided to help me but gently after I'm sure this creates an static noise on the use of videos but in the design and one thing I really enjoy about living in the country and I'm sure every other member it number of my family dust is that they can spend time with my family and I especially like having five Walmart continues to be I like it when he and I can play games of asset thing I've been noticing they've been spending more time like this recently may like to involve themselves the activities that we like to do like to play games with Miami like to play games such as tank there are other outside game counsel inside game and actually fun and insight gained the and then regain survival games the memory game I have tried upside down hanging pickup line will try to bring anyone far actually I is my files talking about when he heard the snowflake famous call in number I've heard that too and I've also heard little chipmunk thing when they ran confident that I is trying to put cedar handling birdseed and life-saving women without running back in nineteen yeah three and I like getting into we are told that when Jesus came to this earth he has secluded home in the gallery itself and that he took the early morning hours to spend with his heavenly father so worth it example and for after that and respond to it early morning hours by handling five two pollution Drew 's boy question at an even trilinear that he is more than it should okay now Emily can ask you questions there that are right to work what do you do in your lifetime we study now I now rained down on I would think active learning online easily acted on principle or to the director and money and I try to think about that Jane implies that you write down things that I read and then put them up on the bulletin board or something for them to remember principles now my book and other possible for you to actually apply these principles to the day as you memorize like you memorize a verse in the Bible and the men saying the doesn't change your life now I can be applied today think of anything that even applied recently that you've read and announcement myself I can't remember if I let Simon I can't find the deer don't want finite and sausage I can't think about that person is in my line to go to a practical illustration you think of anything you've done recently that you didn't really feel like they did as of the Lord I will close one eye a different emboldening is Karen five Daniel did notice inside the convert away again I had thought to take your old me I decided that much more happy that they fail to want to share one of the car pulls away from your notes are three okay Allison another sales as yet as a get the following family would help me Wayne Allison tonight yes it it always helps after doing these kind of things is probably good for her for me to say I want to say that things are sharing with you are not things that we have preprogrammed on the share these are their particular thoughts and things they want to share I never get anywhere in the country the people are asked me and on one occasion the average Singulair in the city and because all your friends and on just live the lifestyle that the city lifestyle and my answer is always no because that come from my heart I never want to have any other way I know that I can see I have almost more close relationship with God is mediated giving communion I is talking about when you're having a steady personal study or anything like that but all through the day keeping a connection with Christ instead of I noticed when we go to town or something is much harder there's so many things that draw your mind off but when you're out in the country the things that are around you naturally draw you to God one morning I was satisfying this happened a few months ago I was taking a walk and I was having a really good time required in on the one hundredth this old trail I was an old logging on the country into a tale and all of a sudden I noticed thirty feet of money was a bear and I don't want to see of they are for a wide want to see a bear and it was like starting because finally I got my dream come jury and I was wondering what whatever happened I thought very likely ally would be afraid I'd be horrified here you know you always know what you think he'd be like going if you have accurately how I genuinely like when you're along and I was staying at an experience no fear and I knew that God was with me and he was just even then he looked at me and then I was able to watch him for about five minutes and I'm still using them as the previous man it off into the lead then I went home and can hardly contain myself waiting for Southwell the tallest white I was so excited in the most important thing to me was that God was with me and that's why wasn't afraid because I can remember when I was in the city I would scream if I Friday on link I read I can remember running to I find that he is and a lot of I Wednesday me and not a reminder either read it and decide whether or not everybody but not in working with me on on and not being afraid that not being afraid of animals I have no fear of that in the longer gaining God is something that can be applied to everything in our life into the trials that we have we can learn to trust in God that he will care if they're not have to go back to our own selfish way of doing things and that lesson was brought to me through seeing the bear that I can put my dependency on God e-mail that seem like a big thing even in the small things easier to let ourselves go sometimes and really since Anita Scott if we don't ever think that were pretty good and we can do it in our own strength we tend to him let go of Christ but Lee has a very funny you get ten zero on Nick said he had a close relationship with God so that was an important lesson that I learned on my thing that I noticed that there is a live in the country we have a lot of family time together our family does a lot of things together and that's been a real joy in our home to be ablative work together to guide and I love gardening Keenan on as we help our pants with the work that is around our home and then in the evening they have time to spend with us in tribal things such as taking a walk together a bike rider just talking about whatever we want to talk about together and that's been a real bonding of ourselves to our parents and the parents of and the binding of our hearts to come to God no parents just a little longer than it has been so valuable the all attitude all enthusiasm is what is depicted in our children if they see us around the hall working with a cheerful attitude you know they think that if ACS enjoying the work that we need to do they enjoy the work I work in our home is cheerfully done does that mean we like everything we do others things that I don't particularly like that the Lord is showing us that our attitude pervades our children and it comes back to reflect back and forth is just go hiking again I like biking or canoeing I love continue and we have a leg about three miles away everything is just pretty much right on a backdoor and that's been a real blessings had ambled a half times with our family and a close relationship with Christ and so I would never want any other way while the clothes I like my family and will sing a song taken from Isaiah forty eleven do you believe that promise shall we get together as we pray father in heaven we know that your promises are never failing yet how we can vacillating we are as a people Lord we thank you that you have promised to never leave us nor forsake us your Lord we want to learn how to stop leaving you for say can you as parents we want to learn how to stop leaving for syncing our children and Lord we just ask that you will continue to impress upon our hearts the work that you're calling us to that is the highest work that marriages and our families can become a living testimony to the power of your gospel but the people who come in contact with us wherever we might be say I want that kind of savior I want that kind of gospel I want to know that kind of religion oh Lord that our testimony would be a reflection of the loveliness and the character of Jesus by the decisions we continue to make in Jesus name we pray amen this media was brought audio is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe the more certain and please visit www. on universal .org


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