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Be Like Jesus: Knowledge

Eugene Prewitt
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Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)




  • June 30, 2007
    10:15 AM
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Israel is no prefer our father have I asked it by the power of your Holy Spirit that you join us for this morning that she would accept a great need is a reason that you would help us it should accept the worthiness of Jesus as a reason that we ought to be helped and I asked for this gift in the name of Jesus amen currently your Bibles Ecclesiastes chapter two Ecclesiastes chapter two will begin this morning with answer the question why is it that knowledge follows virtue in Peter 's letter please ask these chapter two are looking at verse twenty six forgot gifts to a man that is good in his sight wisdom and knowledge and joy is a sensible live knowledge to follow virtue to the man who is virtuous God against knowledge and wisdom in the office of the ideas also true that true knowledge is not available to a man who doesn't have virtue to member from Daniel chapter twelve is an firsthand where it says that none of the wicked will understand this as this none of the wicked will understand that the truth that is needed the truth we need to have today is not a product of the intellect not the straw this has the knowledge and the weakest minded man hasn't not but that the man who has virtue to him and is given in the man who has not virtue despite what genius you might have he will not understand the truth for this time for your Bibles to second Peter second Peter chapter one which is considered the first of six points that want to bring up this morning that first point was that knowledge is not a product of the intellect of the researcher but it is a gift of God to those of cultivated virtue second Peter chapter one looking at verse two Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through what is a say through the knowledge of God if there is a way to leverage a common into possession of more peace and more grace it would be through a knowledge of God look at verse three according as his divine power has given unto us all things that pertain on to life and godliness now through the knowledge of him that has called us to glory and virtue I could summarize the second point is that knowledge the knowledge that we are to cultivate with diligence is not just any knowledge in fact is there a forbidden knowledge and will consider that in a moment but it's a specific knowledge a knowledge of Jesus and knowledge of the father and knowledge of God is the knowledge that we are to cultivate and through that cultivated knowledge come to us grace and peace in fact all things that were thank you life and godliness looked down at verse eight at the end of Peter 's latter the goal of this entire entire process we read for if these things be in you and abound they make you that you shall neither be barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ if I said this in another way the knowledge that God gives to us the knowledge of Jesus it is given to the virtuous is not given to us as an end in itself it has a purpose that is the knowledge of Jesus is a seed is the seed capable of being fruitful the passage says is certainly well be fruitful the condition links that a fact is a recall to evade Peter 's letter said in a question-and-answer format the question is why should be cultivate the faith and the virtue and the knowledge and other virtues what you're about the reason that so that our religion can be a fruitful religion and health fruit and it will cultivate these things but what knowledge is a particularly that is fruitful as the knowledge of Jesus turns the new Bibles to first Corinthians first Corinthians chapter ten first printing chapter ten and were looking at verse four speaking about the children of Israel as they were going into the promised land it says that they did all drink the same spiritual drink for they drank of the spiritual rock that followed them and that rock was Christ this is the question they recognized that rock was Christ you know they did not know what but it was so that God through Christ was giving them the very things they needed and they did not know it I can say this as simple as I know how to say it this book is like that rock this book is the knowledge of Jesus that gives us gives us all things that we need all those that pertain to life and godliness we have this book and probably on a quiz with it answer correctly that we know that these are the words of Jesus but if angels were asked to testify the judgment whether we act as if these words are the words of Jesus they would have to testify in the negative we do not treat them with the kind of respect that we would give up we thought they were the words of Jesus we do not give them the kind of attention that we would thought that they were the words of our Savior you understand what I'm saying there was a rock that was Jesus and it was not recognized there is a book that has the knowledge of Jesus and it deserves more attention more respect than it gets turn with me to second Corinthians chapter ten there is a trick that the devil has been playing and since I don't attend non- Adventist churches I don't know if it's a Christian wife trick or if it's just specific to my denomination but it is been a real hunting down of knowledge I mean I think you'll think back to your experience in Sabbath school that you will have heard this a number of times a statement like this that we can know the whole Bible and that won't save us is not how much you know is and there's all kinds of ways the knowledge is put down and other virtues are exalted but you should know that in the Bible the virtue of knowledge is exalted very highly second Corinthians chapter ten in verse four for the western suburb warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds casting down was a say there's something I must understand about imaginations listen casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the same this is one of those six points eventually all have the listener had now they're just coming in an introduction is that there is a competitor in your life with the knowledge of Jesus there is more than one but the one mentioned here is your imagination to follow me in this that if life eternal is to know Jesus Christ and if my imagination competes with the knowledge of Jesus Christ that my imagination competes with my eternal life in my experience the following that logic is the truth of God since you again Satan knows that life eternal is to know Jesus Christ my imaginations are in competition is not controlled by my will they are in competition with my knowledge of Jesus Christ and they endanger my chances to get them I did a research project recently and if you defy anyone to read this research project I'll send it to you you can e-mail me my e-mail is number I it's canvassing canvassing .org there wasn't a research project on the imagination in the writings of Ellen White costly when the conclusions our generation has a diseased imagination the television that we watched when we were children the billboards that we see the way that we have been a habit of talking in the last sixty seventy years those effects have led to a diseased imagination that greatly endangers our spiritual life what was imagination for God gave mankind imagination to allow him to benefit from that events in the past that he did not experience for example creation or Calvary the imagination was given to allow me to go back and play those realities my mind to think them through and to allow them to ground my consciousness because truth only affects us we were thinking about it imagination was a tool to allow truth to change our hearts that such a large thought I wanted again what is the sanctify the soul its truth truth sanctifies a man but most men are sanctified even those that know the truth truth sanctifies a man when he is thinking about it the imagination was given as a tool in my mind to allow me to replay the story of Calvary the play through the story of creation also to allow me to gain benefit programs that have not yet happened events that are matters of prophecy for example the judgment I can picture the scene going on now in heaven it's a real scene it's not a fiction but I can't see it with my eyes where can I see it is my imagination as a tool of the imagination control Motherwell will draw me closer to having it will cultivate my love for Jesus the imagination went under control does not compete with my knowledge of Jesus rather augments my knowledge of Jesus but God never intended the imagination to be in the lead that is he did not intend that my imagination would pick a story line or imaginary experience or picture of me saying or doing something or someone else imagination was never to go often daydreams when the imagination it takes the lead it becomes perverted in diseased it exhausts itself above the very thing that I need so that the realities of the judgment of Calvary he comes smaller in my experience and maybe I could even go days without thinking of them if that happens to need the gospel is losing its hold on my heart and I'm becoming harder and more perverted as time persists all these thoughts are in the verse we just read casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God there is another high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God turn in your Bibles to Hebrews chapter ten Hebrews chapter ten and were looking at verse just a moment verse twenty six for then must Jesus often has suffered white since the foundation of the world but now once in the end of the world he has appeared to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself and as it is appointed unto man once to die but after this the judgment so Christ was once up I'm not in the right version what wasn't saying the right thing you're in the right verse I just saw sceptered hand underneath Hebrews ten twenty six for if we sin willfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth the remainder is no more sacrifice for sins willful sale militates against the knowledge of God this is part of the first thought we shared why is it that that knowledge follows virtue is because to the man who is good at heart we read Ecclesiastes that God gives him wisdom and knowledge and understanding than what happens when a man chooses to do something he knows is wrong what effect would that happen God 's gift to him of wisdom and knowledge and understanding it cuts off that gift willful and is a high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God in my experience and for that reason there remains no more sacrifice for sins is because to know Jesus is life eternal letter summarizing things reset in the MoveOn if you know someone who is very intelligent you should know that does not increase the chance that they know the truth about what is true in this book even if they've given their entire life to studying the I mean that a knowledge of the holy is not a product of intellect it is a product of consecration I had a terrible experience once I mean terrible didn't affect me hardly at all it was terrible to watch I was at a camp meeting and a lady who introduced yourself to me was speaking about a lecture she just heard something she'd heard wasn't true I shot her in the Bible that it wasn't so and she told me that the man who had given a lecture had a PhD in theology that he studied these things and new Hebrew and Greek in the biblical languages and what she was trying to communicate was that for me to disagree with him was arrogant it's just not true it's not arrogant for you to disagree with me or for me to disagree with you if we have the Bible we can't trust men why can't we trust men because knowledge is not a product of research or of intellect it's a gift from heaven and if I can't read your heart I can't know whether or not you understand the truth what is it that exalts itself against the knowledge of God in my experience its imaginations out of control and imaginations today have been perverted and are out of control they take the lead in the mind follows them through the minds using imagination as a tool in place and unholy objects imagination places itself where it wishes to go out and it creates all kinds of interpersonal problems people surmising for example this is a imagination when you think others think ill of you that the sickness of the mind person in your Bibles to Colossians chapter two Colossians chapter to looking at verse three many don't know the Colossians two is a special chapter for Seventh-day Adventist is a chapter that's written that not only to the people of Colossae but to the people of Laodicea to them the first two verses it says in verse three about Jesus that in whom are hid all of the treasures of wisdom and knowledge and idea I want to share with you the idea we mentioned earlier that the knowledge of God is to be a fruitful thing in our experience I want to know what kind of fruit the knowledge of God is intended to half there are two passages that show us this look at them look at Philippians chapter three just back a few pages Philippians chapter three of her looking at verse eight Philippians chapter three and verse eight yes doubtless and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord for whom I have suffered the loss of all things and do count them but dung that I may win Christ the first thought alleges see in this passage referring on the second season first I want to see the knowledge of God in my experience requires sacrificing a certain things but we've already learned that those things are that I give up to have the knowledge of God what are they willful sin and an uncontrolled imaginations I give up willful sin of every type in an uncontrolled imagination and that is how I win the knowledge of Jesus need to first printing chapter fifteen first Corinthians chapter fifteen and were looking at verse thirty four awake to righteousness and sin not for some have not the knowledge of God listen carefully I speak this to your was in say what is shameful in this verse that Solomon do not have the knowledge of God when I was young and Sabbath school there was a song that was sung that Sabbath school about a gypsy boy that lay dying alone at the end of the day was when you remember that from long ago maybe from recently in something that song said tell it again tell it again salvation story repeats or an OR till none can say of the children of men no one has ever told me before you understand what Paul said is true that it shameful to Austin there are some that have not the knowledge of God journals prophecy is there six of them in the Bible all the way from Exodus thirty two two Revelation eighteen the promises about the entire earth being full of the glory of God yet two of them specify what it means this is the entire earth will befall of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea it's a shame to us that the men around us do not know about Jesus but that's a shame why does God give us knowledge we are given to share our show to see another place turn your Bibles to Jeremiah chapter twenty three Jeremiah chapter twenty three were looking at verse thirty you know it is an easy thing for you to convince someone that you have a large knowledge of Scripture it is easy it is so easy that you will learn just four or five versus no their references and what they say and share them with someone they will conclude that you know a great deal about the Bible is not sensible and you should think about others when you find the shortest review versus them excessive I decide there are many people who been duped they follow none because the man could turn his Bible in so than fifteen or twenty passages including must really know his Bible and as such not true I was not English but it was true Jeremiah seven twenty three and verse thirty therefore behold I am against the prophets saith the Lord listen that steal my words everyone from his was a say and you read this for Paul speaks of himself as if he is a debtor in Romans one racism a debtor to the Greeks and barbarians the license of the unwise and then he says in Romans nine says don't hold any man anything but to love one another there are some debts that you can't escape one of them is the best to share the truth and the other is the doctor love we owe them it works like this God gave a slob and he intended for us to share it in my topic is knowledge and listen it's the same idea when God gave me knowledge it wasn't for me to keep it was for me to share it happens to me periodically this one last me so how do you study the Bible with Amy as how you end up remembering where things are I think it's within the image likely answer that question you share a little bit guide teaches you tomorrow in fact it's in my devotions tomorrow I learned something and I share with one of you I will know it for the rest the day if I will share a couple times this next week I will know it for a few weeks I will share ten or twelve times in this next month I will note for near and if a few more times in that year it will go in the long-term memory don't know what the rest of my life is the same with all of us is it shameful that we don't remember the things we learned in the last six months more devotions it's a shame that I was I guess when we count it as if it was for ourselves person your Bibles to Proverbs chapter nineteen Proverbs chapter nineteen religion adverse twenty seven not to ask for a commitment on this verse but I think you ought to do it Proverbs nineteen twenty seven says cease my son to hear the instruction that causes to air from the words of knowledge is not any different than the command was given to Adam and Eve it's the same command but made practical for us to Adam and Eve they were told not to eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and even then you eat from it if she had stopped they are it's possible that the Earth would not have fallen it would have been her not for husband but she continued to eat and eighteen she ended up having an infectious influence on those around her it's like that with the education of the world has to offer it's too late for the verse to say to most people never hear the instruction that causes to air in the words of knowledge this labor that has to get started so what does the person do it prevents us to continue cease my son to hear the instruction that calls us to err from the words of knowledge and thickness away verses that are this very same idea if you're taking notes you write some and now one of them as Romans sixteen versus seventeen and eighteen it says Mark those which cause divisions and offenses contrary to the doctrine which you have learned and avoid them for they are such serve not our Lord Jesus but their own belly goodbye good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of that of the uneducated says the simple it's a very tricky thing that the devil said to Eve as if she could get the benefit from the tree and not get the disease that comes with it back with me nearby multipage as the Proverbs chapter four Proverbs chapter four religion and verse nineteen says the way of the wicked is darkness they know not at what they stumble the illustration is simple enough if I awake human walk into a dark forest at night time knowing that there are traps there I cannot say I will be very careful enough step into them or if I say it I look very foolish man when we fall we don't know when we are following that is if we believe a lie we hardly know that we have believed a lie and this is just one of six points at one over labor and acceptance of classical what is it that exalts itself against the knowledge of God it could be my imagination it can be my willful sin but if I'm not careful it can be something that comes from without this instruction the causes to bear from the words of knowledge there is a young lady back in I really don't remember where I guess it was the late nineties children's campus prayer sometime she got married at a young age to a young man who had similar values and ideas as her that she was at the state keeper and that he became at least a keeper my heart I don't recommend he stay keeping I anti- recommended that she was very excited to find someone with similar values and similar ideas as herself as our parents are quite excited for the same thing and when the two of them became a couple they were in favor I learned all of this from her and so it can all be faulty semicircular descendent I'm telling you her version of the story so they got married and moved away and they entered into a public educational system and as to study biology he saw things you never understood before in his life the suit connections and understand things in the natural world that it seemed like they had just been held from his eyes and what he saw written helped him realize that this book is fiction he became an atheist but a great time I mean so kind that he would not talking about it for fear of undermining my face but also kind is to be faithful to his wife and he left her and she was divorced before she was really ready to get married that's a very sad story I told you for one reason that young man did not intend as far as I can see to trip out of this Christian experience and to infidelity and the Bible gives them advice that he ignored a Jason advice said cease my son to hear the instruction causes the air the words of knowledge is that marked those which cause divisions and divisions and offenses contrary to document you've learned and avoid them for they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus and when we ignore the light just said what you have to like to walk in the light lest darkness come upon you and so it happened to him personally your Bibles back a page or two to Proverbs chapter two Proverbs chapter two of her looking at verse six this has for the Lord giveth wisdom doing authorities know that he doesn't give wisdom to law to whom does he not get wisdom it would be to those insurers send none of the wicked will understand for the Lord gives wisdom out of his mouth comes knowledge and understanding Julius up sound wisdom for the righteous she is a block alerted on the walk of rightly I think until I was thirty years old when I read the word buckler I thought of something related to the word Butler saw just tell you for anyone we never looked it up it means a small shield is not related to the word Butler it says reading inverse seven he later thought sound wisdom for the righteous he is a portable shield to them that walk uprightly she keeps the house of judgment and preserves the way of his saints listen carefully and then shalt thou understand righteousness and judgment and equity yes and every good path when wisdom enters into thine heart and knowledge is pleasant to your soul listen discretion shall preserve the and understanding shall keep the deliver this in the way of evil men of the evil man from the man that speaks for award things I consider these thoughts as simply as I know how the Lord Jesus does not want us to be shaken out in the shaking he wants to preserve us from the strange ideas that are afloat there are many strange ideas afloat in Southern California and God wants to preserve us from the strange ideas that are floating around how does this passage say that he preserves you this by giving us wisdom and knowledge but can you give wisdom and knowledge to every man he can if we cherish a sin he can't teach us if you can't teach us he cannot preserve us if you can preserve us we will be the saving fall and isn't that what has happened for so very many turns in your Bibles to Isaiah chapter twenty eight I guess I know they're not in Southern California I'm easily people here that I usually see in Southern California Isaiah twenty eight and were looking at verse nine to good question consideration of what we learned already so shall he teach knowledge use your salvation hinders on the answer to that question is to know Jesus is eternal life in the question whom will he teach about Jesus is the salvation of question and answered his while the question continues before the answer and whom shall he made to understand doctrine the answer is them that are weaned from the milk and drawn from the grasps for precept must be upon precept and precept upon precept there are two ideas and not intend answer the question the first is that we must move beyond our baby Christian experience that is a baby is dependent on someone else for its nutrition and that is a dangerous position for a Christian visit us also go through a baby Christianity that is normally does someone to teach us about the gospel but we are vulnerable where babies and while we are babies we need someone to watch over us carefully in the fetus while we are in grave danger what we are spiritual infants is essential that we remain in that condition it is entirely dangerous it is falling fatal to remain as an infant because someone will not care for you properly somewhere along the way he will become malnourished and I is you remain a child always so whom of God teach those who are being from dependence upon others for the understanding and learn to depend directly on his word the second answer is the same another way is those that take your little and there a little that is those who use the cross textual method of Bible study so the forty second sermon on this topic exegesis if it's taken the narrow way it usually is is not the proper way to understand the Scripture what I mean by that is that this Bible was written by a variety of men the men were given truths in their mind and they use their own vocabulary in their own way of thinking to write those words down the best way that they could they wrote them down accurately but if you want to know God 's idea you have to read the idea as he gave it to several of them and by comparing spiritual is a spiritual you find God 's idea unencumbered with the weaknesses of the languages and other times no translation that's the way God teaches those of the her spiritual things with spiritual and when we come down to the heroes of the passage itself a lexicon or a dictionary we remove God from being our teacher and become dependent upon the reasoning of men and the reason of ourselves and the weaknesses of the man in the one place that he wrote in that deserves more attention and it doesn't have time for more turns in your Bible to Psalm one thirty nine this is our last point and I'll tell you the six points have told you because I never enumerated them some hundred and thirty nine are looking at versus one through six Psalm one thirty nine verse one oh Lord and you have searched me and known me thou knowest my down sitting and mine uprising thou understand this my thoughts afar off though best meet my panel and my lying down and art acquainted with all my ways for there is not a word in my tong but low old Lord thou knowest it altogether thou hast beset me behind and before and laid thine hand upon me such knowledge is too wonderful for me it is high and I cannot attain unto it what I need is a knowledge of Jesus what Jesus has is a knowledge of me he knows my character defects and my hidden sins and my problems he is very well acquainted with me this is how practical bearing on my life it does if you understand that we live in the day of atonement this is the day when we are to be searching our hearts and putting away our sin what value is it if Jesus knows if God knows me look at verse twenty three search me O God and know my heart that isn't apparent from the first part of this chapter that he already knows my heart that David is saying searched me and reveal myself to me that I want God 's knowledge of needs become my knowledge of me so that I can take my sins and put them away search me O God and know my heart try me and know my thoughts and see if there be any wicked way in me and lead me in the way everlasting that last thought is this than the day of atonement and knowledge that we need besides the knowledge of Jesus is a knowledge itself is to be daily searching our hearts infant with God to show us the sense that in spite of us would prevent us from attaining the knowledge of him but his birth pleading with him to show us that lack of virtue that keeps us from attaining unto the knowledge that we need to talk today about the fact that the first point was that the knowledge of Jesus is the knowledge we want to add to virtue our second thought is that our imagination and our cherished sins in our false education are five things that must be cast down they exalt himself against the knowledge of Jesus in our experience the third idea is that there is a forbidden knowledge that were not aware of how the effort and knowledge trips us up so we end up infecting others God 's counsel is to cease caring for the knowledge the fourth point the last week talk how is the knowledge of self who hasn't got hasn't and if we search our hearts daily exhibit in the Charlotte will reveal to us enough to put away our sins the point is that God gives us the knowledge meninges is that he never intended to give it to us as an end but rather to give it to us as a channel that as he gave it to us we would become daughters to share with those who haven't not and if they do not know it is a shame to us in the last thought is that we want to be taught of God does God want to teach us you guys behave explains what's the two requirements one is that we be weaned from dependence on our other human teachers and the relearned to compare Scripture with Scripture and to search for his knowledge of ourselves in the word that he is given that he will teach us the way he teaches Eagles the fly and defined the food that they need but Neil for a closing prayer our father in heaven I asked that she will accept our kneeling down this justice some some symbol of the fact we are dependent on you we recognize that without you're giving us the gift of knowledge we will not have it we recognize without the gift of the knowledge of your son Jesus that we lack all things that pertain to life and godliness and I ask that you would give us the faith and the virtue we need is a prerequisite to attaining the knowledge of your son we don't deserve these gifts but we ask for them in the name of Jesus and


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