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Who's in Control?

Tom Waters


Who's in Control? Let's be honest, is it God or me?


Tom Waters

President, co-founder and speaker for Restoration International


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I will be talking about who is in control for lunch and family speaking especially to the magazine I want you to think who has really been in control because we can have the profession of saying that God is in control we ought to survey right would fill out surveys early now God is first is any God is first in the Christian experience is he really or is that just intellectually the case is God really in control if he isn't he wants to be in your arms to be reflect from him he then reflectors over the last week that they knew that what I ask you to do I do myself I don't have any man to reflect upon what I have not been asked to reflect the fun what if it been like over the last week who has been in control why is this such an important question the reason is that if we are in control if I am in control somehow between here and eternity that has to change we all know that and I believe were here because we recognize that anywhere wanting to cooperate with God is that right but between your eternity gone yesterday ultimately in control because the whole problem that we're dealing with in the great controversy started when somebody up and have been sad I want to be in control the person I want to be in control I cannot think like that getting but eventually he came to the position where he not only wanted to be in control and run heaven his way what he wanted put his throne above who God 's throne when that happens friends when we do that we're in big trouble because when I'm in control that God does not force his way to gain control of the luster home late for that rampant when he ever left her home late for appointments you're in a hurry and someone pulls out in front of you apparently they are not in a hurry had never experienced with how this can be but when I am in the greatest array are leased as I perceive that I really have important appointments in these how is it that someone can pull out and appear enormous just a car backfired and appeared to be in no hurry just like internal in no hurry to get to its destination you're in a big hurry how do you respond how do we respond in that situation is that we now both long beats say something don't think the Long Beach tell the person who is going very slowly something about person who's pushing on a foreign government and happens and especially if when you pass by that person that's going slow there is a lot that says something like this one is your problem you know what to do that and that person by the long be and the expression upon I am a man who is in control and that of God tells that person who's in control of the your right palm from lower and you find out that your son has used your best screwdriver for a crowbar and now this screwdriver looks like a letter of the alphabet and it can no longer be used for its intended purpose how do we respond and ask our sons and our daughters how do we respond you know we could smile we can chuckle because it is a lot of humanity is on human nature to want to be in control when God is in control I remember that I was a boy one time that's what happens when I let God be in control when and by the way that wasn't my son and event in the screwdriver but I wish there is that scenario in different ways but when God is in control I can remember that I was a boy one time a boy that didn't always use the tools the right way right then I can remember when I was a boy but when I think it's all men when we are in control and God is not in control we can't think that way or we don't give time for God to let us think that way what ends up happening is not the picture of God in control is the picture of humanity separated I often is painted in this situation you see I'm finding that any of the lessons need to be learned our young people need to learn to use the tools right but the lessons are learned so much better when God is in control your heavenly father longings to have the full control of each one of us learn he longs for that he longs to restore us he doesn't want to install this because he just wants to get her into a big group that he has control over he can dictate belongs to restore us to the place you know that in heaven before Lucifer introduced his selfishness the Angels didn't even recognize that there was a law that they were having to abide under because the law of love in heaven was so powerful it is just that was her highest services serve God it wasn't like they were under program God wants to restore us to that place where to serve him is the spring of our action you see he created us he has regained us and he will read creating a you believe them he will re-create us completely restore us if we will allow him to be in control and that is not an easy thing to do I understood it was not an easy thing to do God speaking through I says that wall onto him that's why with his maker shall the clay say to him that facet what is now Isaiah forty five verse nine we put that in modern terms it will respond with our maker I do doesn't feel very good to be made something that I don't feel like being made right now .net it doesn't feel very good to be stressed when you don't want to be scratched it doesn't feel very good when the car pulled out in front of us and we have something very important to accomplish it doesn't feel good when God is asking us to let him molders in the something that in the moment we don't feel like being malignancy verse thirteen says I will direct all his ways will definitely get what God really direct answer was that esophageal testament times God will direct our ways God wants to direct our ways he will direct our way if we will allow him to be the potter and we decline to see real Christianity chooses to let God have control in spite of circumstances in spite of the feelings in spite of the emotions in spite of the strong opinions real Christianity allows God to have control no matter how convincing self may be on a sure simple list ration of being in control couple of years after Elaine and I were married a good friend of mine invited me to go all flying with them to my old alma mater in Michigan where I graduated we were to fly there was a beautiful Sunday morning when we thought he had one of these tales writers and people here fly airplanes to view the detailed writer I just told us both and be harder to land rather than a tricycle gear sometimes explains in the stuff to me anyway he had one of those very basic instrument it was an old tale dragger so he couldn't fly up in the quality can only fly visually so that means that he had to say under the clouds and yet have a certain amount of visibility it was a nice day that wasn't a problem and so we were flying along at a nice flight after about one hour we hit some very dark storm clouds very big double-stranded billow billow up and go higher and higher and saw my friend began to try to fly around this front in the front kept getting lower and bigger lower finally came the place that we had to turn around he knew that we could not keep going forward so we began to turn around and we started making to the left in the airplane just taking a left turn and we went into this huge wall of clouds in it was sudden dark what was the be in the clouds right I knew that much and we were in the last day it seemed like we were all well a lot of time I looked all over and my friend Marilyn Eddie had a very strained look on his face and there was sweat on his brawls and I mean we were flying along fine yes it was dark in there but everything was fine I thought you a further term ignorance is bliss well I was very ignorant themselves where flying along and I looked at Maryland in this intense strain and suddenly he let go of the old imagine that you and the listeners report I said well what are you doing that part didn't seem right to me in writing about life is going on other than a very busy life he was letting go of the steering wheel and well when I didn't understand is what he did understand you see there were some laws of physics that I didn't know about K even try to explain it to me than I understood that the later as we got out of that situation he explained to me some things that you learned about not trusting our personal feelings and perceptions in situations like that he said you know that it's possible to be in a dive because estimates of the plane hadn't that the idle all the terms that they go with it but if you're trying to sometimes get a chair handsomely turned slowly around and you'll think you know right where he ended up maybe will the first half Turner even but I'm trying a few times a person to be so disoriented you will not know which way is used West North or South CO that he had to trust the higher law than his feelings he was possible that we can be in a very dangerous situation and we wouldn't be able to feel the sensation of what was really happening until it was too late thankful that he was willing to let go of the young when he again he did it on principle by saying fatal flaws that were higher than the laws that were governing the moment of my feelings for you you don't like all yes you do let go of the steering wheel and then we are not letting go and not in a Christian experience because I haven't our impulses are circumstances we must do what we've always done right we must be in control here we cannot let go Merlin understood he had to let go because the laws he had learned were embedded in his mind soul and they were higher than his feelings his emotions and they overcame the circumstances that we face is that day in the airplane and they were a part of bringing us safely back to the runway and home again we see too often we really aren't willing to let go of them we aren't willing to let go because we feel like it's leading us to let go or is witnessed select all if we're not letting go when God is calling to us its willingness to let go of our temper I'm talking about letting go of those old ways of responding letting go when we feel like everything around us is going wrong in letting go to the higher laws of the God who is calling to be in control of our lives you see we can be feeling like we're flying pretty good comparing ourselves among ourselves and we can be in a spiritual die find out to go to the higher loss you don't trust your feelings we can be say trusting our feelings we can be safe trusting ourselves just comparing ourselves to those around us we got to go to the higher laws and find out who's really in control like that headed this way trust in the Lord with JR this is just X is it possible for us to trust God with all our hearts and lean not into thine own understanding in all thy ways acknowledge him and what he shall direct thy paths Proverbs three five six brothers this may be a very familiar chats to us but is it a present reality is that a present reality it is not a present reality when you set a better course we need to allow God to be in control you know that does not have to be a long evolutionary process the knowledge if God is not in control right now she wants to be in he can be if we choose to live that can happen right now by making a choice of faith God I will be in control right now we need to be Christian and committed husbands and godly fathers trusting the Lord enough to give him all not just pieces of ourselves not just what were comfortable with letting go of my way in my understanding technology and in how many of my ways all of my ways then the promises and the promise assure that the promise is key shall direct thy paths these words are for us tonight now you believe that and God is willing to make it a present reality and were willing to cooperate with him you see there's real power there is living power in connection with Jesus Christ we will never find within ourselves we will never be able to do it well enough in ourselves but there is power in choosing tonight to connect our weakness to his strength he is enduring my we can have this power that means when the temptation comes and we feel like dying we know that the Lord when we feel like that we do not have to do that we do not have to remain in slavery to those kind of irritations and agitations we can have the power of Christ we can in that picture was surrender you all acknowledge him and that he will direct our paths my faith we can heed the call of our Savior willing to let go beyond that were in the airplane is a lot right now if I do I always feel like doing in this situation I'm headed for a spiritual one thy Lord and having been accustomed to doing this challenge God Lord I'm willing to let it go right now I'm willing to give this a try my way has not worked over and over again I'm willing to let go and see how you can change marvelously change the best situation that I'm facing brothers he will bring us off more than conquerors through Jesus Christ I received a telephone call from a man he opened up some concerns and questions that he had as you talk with someone else about me it didn't take long for me to realize that the picture he was painting was a very one sided picture it ever experienced that ministers I have a story to her that you believe is there's two sides to every story the picture that he was painting was the only picture he could paint because he only had one side of the story but it was a very strong story that he had the cry of my human heart in my emotions rose up in the year I wanted to tell this man what it really happened I wanted to see the unseen piece of the picture the spirit call to me and sad who was in control who is in control that's the question that were asking for nine goals and control what is the most important in this situation my whole heart was welling up inside of me wanted to say this is in the air I want the other side of the picture to be painted and the Spirit is calling to my heart sank those in control I think I yielded to that call and accepted the grace of God and chosen not to tell what I knew that conversation by grace not by my string but my choice in the grace of God coupled together took my weakness and combined it illustrating the strength of Jesus Christ in the strength of Jesus Christ with flipping fun thing I will be a conqueror so at that right good for the rest of the conversation is little once saved always saved to get a victory once you download well unfortunately few minutes later in the conversation on new dedication came when something was said that struck another quart you know that when Jesus was on this are defaced all the temptations that we face but there was something in Jesus when the devil came to him and tried to point records that seem to resound enough he found no entry Jesus you know God is trying to bring us to the place where when the cards are plucked part of cell they don't resonate any more brothers and sisters and then God is looking for form then Christian man who will lead the way for setting examples for young people what you're saying around Merrimack God is looking for a man who will allow you to take those cords that resonates with self that make us sometimes feel so empty or so irritated or so agitated or whatever the emotions may be God is trying to take those cards and sever their connection so that when the devil plucks them we don't resonate as everyone is here knows what it feels like himself were high well he plucked another cord and I widely say this yet you only know how to say anything right on every daily details let's okay right business not according to spirit because that was giving me what some relief from that cell pulling doing the relief yes we need relief but not by saying something like that doing if you only knew the spirit flask this thought to my mind how Jesus spared Peter and Judas for as long as he could drop without revealing to their brother the real condition now when I had this thought and that is that this person is that Peter and Eunice I thought was sufficient to me Heller was a personnel it was a fashion delaying me to higher ground because all I was dealing with my emotions while I was out was focused to know oneself want to take over we get a very close focus of what were experiencing and instead of talking back for this long thing we want tell others are our trials and in large economy July seventy percent of the event we want Craig silicon wants the new VR sympathy no he wants to kill the selfishness and the Lord flash that thoughts in my mind it was sufficient to take me through the rest of that temptation he will give us whatever he needs to give us men do you believe that he will give us whatever he needs together to go through whatever temptation we have to go through if we are willing to connect our weakness to his enduring my eyes and let go fully in all one of peace when he had control of the steering wheel it's a sweet piece that he experienced if the theme surpasses what all understanding you cannot manufacture you cannot pretend you have it if you don't have but when you are willing to let go and truly let God have control you will experience the sweet release and that is not in full control of your life tonight really in control it is that you're experiencing the first Angels message and that is the first Angels message says fear God and do what give glory to him do we really reference God enough to buy and give him full control of my life to live in the power of his Gospel is what will bring him the greatest glory that we can bring him jealous if you want I want to give glory to God the best way we can do it is not just talk about how wonderful he is but we can give glory to God by allowing him to have all of me to have full control and then as he works on his will in the in you we are giving glory to God more than our lips can do that's the highest glory we can give him this is not a one time choice brothers it's not a one time choice it is one choice at a time that some days that I feel so rough and by capitation that all I can see is one sure that all God is asking me to make only one choice and he will give me the grace to make that choice if I were my weakness to his strength when the Holy Spirit calls to our heart our heavenly father has shown us that he will go to great lengths to eight of the Christian walk do you believe that a car length ahead and gone to already begin us Jesus his only begotten son and it was all happening Jesus is gone to great lengths have any but it doesn't stop there not that that can be bettered but he will personalize what that means to us is that many times the reason that we don't receive is because we don't ask he said and she's a lot if you ask for a business Christian walk if you ask for God to give you the power to rise above sin that prayer that petition that police will never be turned aside if all you can say Lord saying your errors will do it he will come to you in that moment as he did the theater is something in the water ask and you shall really you shall receive so I asked the Lord for many things now that I never thought about asking for before specific things I say Lord would you be willing to remind me when my thoughts are going to take me in control and you are out of control would you remind me of the things out there that absolutely people do it and I said why he can get through anyone a simple reminder when you interrupt me and do it justice rudely enough I really don't interrupt me I tell you God will good idea I break up with him I had a copy for a film I tell are you recognize that the Lord was injured in the now did he cause me to do that now but I still it will be Lord and he has been willing to did I remember one day I was shaving gray I was saving in my line was going off in a direction that apparently God was not happy with that morning to interrupt me and my thoughts were taken in a direction that I should be going because sometimes we don't recognize and then we get there and how to get here and I was singing along and he thought that pretty soon I wasn't aware I was in a market that was taken up in the summer and I felt that an infinitely I recognize the Lord in their thinking for them because as so as I recognize that will net I instantly recognize what my thoughts were going that's the God we serve he will do for us many things that you will not just put on us if we ask him the dog afraid after the interrupt you you will interrupt you and you'll be glad that he did and he made it here out in the middle of a conversation in many gracious enough to let you tell the person why he stopped in the middle of your sentence because God is not the author of confusion is the author of salvation saw when he reminds us when he interrupts us then we have a choice the McNally but they add that moment I must choose to connect to God 's power and heaved the prompting of the spirit but they like my friend in the airplane by they I must operate from the higher laws the Spirit is calling me to inlet dog well what very moment what is my impulse I called on fighter all I know this was also again very moment is the time I need to exercise faith and not go a video in the God have full control signifying power and human cooperation will work out the will of God for if God at work in you both to well and to do that me got overrides my will now please God makes known his will to me and gives me the opportunity to choose to wear and to do this he do it for me now he calls any gives me the opportunity to make known as well then I can chose been do I do it in my own strength do I dislike goddaughter and it's apart from me and I continue doing what I feel like doing now it's God working in us too well and can still be in power last to what he's asking us to do this is what it means to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling because it is God working in us to will and to do of his good pleasure in causing and like to share one finalist ration about losing control it was a new day I was prayerfully going through my plans with God for the day praying for a willingness to give up my way I've learned I need to pray for a willingness to give up my way praying for a willingness to give up my way willingness to did not carry out my plans it is there not really God 's plans according to his revealed will to the day celebrating the spirit highlighted the part about really being willing to give up my plans now I say highlighted I wish I can somehow presage on you thought the in my time with God that morning that was like it was in bold letters willing to give up my plan it just it was highlighted in my mind as I was trying time in a mental note of this later as I sat at my desk that morning considering what I thought were my highest priorities that day a car drove in the driveway in a man and wife team to the door and made known to me their situation now very quickly I recognize their need I recognize the importance of their situation then my plans my time pressures loomed in my mind to understand the scenario that I saw any I saw the situation but instantly I saw my priorities my controversy is my plan what even happened while I was contrasting this and you know self was there trying to work the Lord reminded me of what it highlighted that morning in my quiet time what are the highlight bold letters both of all letters connect my mind willing to give up my plan came into my mind I said let go video you fly the plane better than I do and so it is Robert was being revealed his call was coming to me I was responding to the call and I experience the sweet piece of letting go until one of the biggest lies the dental health of man is that to let go will not work out when I told him we must do it our way how is the most opposite things what we feel but it is the way that I committed myself a new TM that situation he assured me that he would accomplish the plans that I stopped him about that morning in his time in his way the rest of the day I spent working out his plan for this couple one step at a time before the two of them left that day the lady asked me this question she said are you ever tempted to feel under pressure or overwhelmed by all the things that need to be done I smiled the gel was a beautiful opportunity was a blessed opportunity to share how vulnerable I am to my own plans and I shared the experience of what it would be like if I didn't allow God to have control because I know very well what what that's like we all know that part Valley we spent a lot of time rehearsing what that's like but I was able to share then responding to that prior to that call from the Lord and being willing to let go of the guilt can not those pressures fall to the Lord and really open myself up to his will was the gospel for me that day with the power of the gospel for me that day it was the practical understanding of how to let go for me that day God wants to keep us moment by moment day by day and gone one to raise us back if we fail we can raise our hand up why they are and confess our failure and take hold in the hand of God the golf ball we don't have been squabbling we don't have to continue in in the self-pity or the whatever direction the devil tries to take as we can get back up and keep going forward let's give God control tonight 's he will make us real Christian men he will make us fathers who are responding to the needs of our young people he will make us husbands who are sensitive and loving our wives as Christ loved the church and gave himself for real control from God brings real power to live the Christian life in closing I like my family organization a song taken from Revelation three first Lane says behold I stand at the door not if any man hear my voice and open the door I will run into him and sup with him and he with me this media was gone audiograms a website dedicated to spreading God 's word the sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain is www. audio tours or


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