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My SELF subdued by Christ.


Tom Waters

President, co-founder and speaker for Restoration International


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the Bible illustrates two very contrasting characters in Israel's first and second gang is a interesting that both of these men saw in David both men who were chosen by God is not interesting of the first game saw the second King David were chosen by God two very different men both men were empowered by God saw through the fatal results of allowing himself to be governed by self David prove the internal results of allowing itself to be governed by God this is not a play on words self-government is one of the most important aspects of the Christian life inherently are talking about self-government I thought God was supposed to be in control now talking about self-government well when you talk about the difference tonight be governed by self or allowing God to govern us being self governed tonight you see when Saul heard the command from God to destroy all same neither man woman child beast when he went into the reorders to destroy the ammo types what it's all decided to are you enjoy satellite godson saw brought back again which was one of the customs back there saw brought back again and even brought back some choice animals he justified his position he really is the way a plane bus saith the Lord the flash shall in the push of the people against Saul Saul was governed by self he was not allowing himself he was not using to be governed by God then selfishness and the jealousies that developed in his heart caused him to begin to go after Israel's secondly anointed King you realize that saw began to go after David he tried to destroy David Damon proved to be self governed under God when he was on the run from Saul twice he had the opportunity to destroy all life twice he decided that he would allow God to do it God 's way then God can set up the kingdom in his time in his way and he would not interfere with God 's plan David was self governed solve determined that his way was right and the reason the way the word of God he justified his course it got to the place which saw that he could not be a reason the web at all him him him only remember the story of his own son Jonathan go under the direct guidance of God wrought a great victory for Israel just with his armor bearer to sign under God 's divine plan he didn't know the degree that his father had maybe that no one could eat somewhere e-mail he was wearing from the day of battle and he had a little honey saw had made up his mind his own son would have to be one jail and when he made up his mind couldn't be reasoned with you know why Jonathan was until that day the armies of Israel would not allow the gene carried on his command praise God Saul did not learn self governments under God he allowed himself to govern him Proverbs sixteen thirty two says he that is slow to anger is better than the mighty and he that realtors spirit than he that taketh a city what does this mean he that room with this spirit the natural feelings that come up inside of us the irritations lead the emotions that want to rule us are not allowed to rule us but rather we choose to surrender those to God we choose to allow his spirit to rule in this man ruling under the governorship of God is the text year says he even ruled that this spirit than he that taketh a city God expects of him choices for me God expects us to make the choices we carry out the commands with whether we are being ruled by God or were being ruled myself you see self-government the government itself that gave been demonstrated was a loving God govern him Saul on the other hand it was self governing song being run by the last by the selfish motives of the flash men the first verse that first set he didn't really lift his spirits God is looking for men today who will be self governed man real Christian man God is looking for self governed Christian husbands and self governed Christian fathers why not you tonight why not me argue wary of the results myself running your life are you wearing on its I am here are a few typical reactions that men tend to give in their Leslie response when cell is governing oneself is ruling instead of Christ being in control when self is crossed when South doesn't get my way some men become irritated and agitated angry and even violence some simply withdraw and refused to communicate some men out zero length out him him them power and feel sorry for themselves and begin to look for sympathy some men cry when they don't get their own way some become so manipulative that they will go to almost any link to get what they want to share goals those reactions of men the Holy Spirit may have reminded you that this is like you and one or more of these areas CI will never challenge you from the pulpit on anything that God is not challenge me personally if I'm challenging you tonight with these thoughts it's because God is challenging me as well we're in this together we had the same kind of flush we have the same personal God who is willing to deliver us from this flash see brothers we have all been affected by our upbringing which agreement with all had different baggage that we come from different backgrounds women affected by the circumstances of our lives by bad choices I could tell you many bad choices I've made and I've seen how they affected my life as I look back within affected by our inheritance adamantly we've been affected by inheritance and certainly by the cultivated wrong habits but sounds very overwhelming and a very pretty picture is there any help will prisoners upon why is it as a life-changing power and allowing Jesus Christ to have us in the present moment in the present moment it doesn't matter where we come from how bad the baggage is right now this present moment there is a Savior who is mighty to say I've yet to find that Savior over and over even here this can't be personally we are not in a once saved once surrendered always saved always surrendered Christianity early and the gel works on each one of us and tries to convince us with the best billboards in the best advertising that went south is in control we have a good life for why isn't it a learning I'm learning that do a lot of hard knocks and wrong decisions but I am also learning there's power in the gospel of Jesus Christ and you know eventually were found in the kingdom of heaven at last it will be because we have voluntarily decided we have decided once and for all that we are through with responding to the advertisements of our adversary they are not going to find an answer and coordinates anymore that will not be anymore confrontations in heaven with our heavenly father saying I want to run a heaven my way like it started with Lucifer were making those decisions now and I want to give you encouragement tonight and that regardless of the failures of the past we have hope tonight that we can be different and iChat is that being a Christian for me is the best choice I've ever made my and is getting better and better even though the way gets steeper and narrower is not a smooth road is that God loves us and not and he allows us to be tested and taken through the difficulties that we need to prepare us for character that can be preserved throughout all eternity we don't have to remain victims of our past being continually ruled by self and are fleshly selfish nature is not good news and from then isn't that good news to your wives the children is that good news is good news not just because goodness for the father is good news for children and youth today second Corinthians five or seventeen says if any man in any man be in Christ he is one is a new creature all things are passed away behold all things are become new if any man doesn't that mean any man here tonight any of us if any man regardless of our past circumstances of our bad habits of of our inherited a cultivated tendencies tonight 's if any man we then Christ our emphasize the word being tonight this usually doesn't get emphasized in this discussion then is the important word in Christ right but it just be an theme means presently being presently in Christ not something that happened a week ago not something that happened back in a conversion experience it just be right now be presently in Christ right now relatively surrendered right now if the Lord is bringing something to user the spirit that right now you choose to allow Christ to be not present Savior in this moments we will be new creatures that in this present moment dealing on God is capable of taking those thoughts and feelings do not happens when we put thoughts and feelings together think it's possible that your character can change very quickly it if you entertain thoughts in those thoughts gender feelings and those feelings start taking over thoughts and feelings will make us a different character of both positive experience if we be in Christ but if we choose not to be in Christ what happens is a character change well it's a wrong turn a characterization and I can happen that's how people sometimes end up behind bars because in a moment of thought feeling they made a very horrible decision can't be undone the character in that moment is changed tonight our characters can be changed if we are struggling with thoughts that we are struggling with emotions if we are struggling with failures tonight in this meeting those thoughts and those feelings can be changed and we can be new creatures presently that's good news I used to be a night owl note that means I used to be able to stay up and in fact enjoying staying up very late at night I also enjoyed something on the other end of the spectrum sleeping in the morning to late eating pizza at eleven o'clock at night can you imagine that I can hardly imagine it now because my body would tolerate a pizza at eleven o'clock at night I slept that only ever feel like eating a pizza eleven plot night but I used to do these kind of things we don't have to be bound by those kind of things whatever is that it's happening to you that the devil is telling you can't get loose from God is able to change that it doesn't have to be years to do that friends you see the old things can be passed away and all things can become new self-government is not a works program is not a works program cell governments is a work of divine grace oh God it's all worth of human cooperation with divine grace it were willing is not a works program I think most of you here who have at least been working on the Christian life know what it's like to try to work in the wrong fashion this is not a works program were talking about this is a program that really works if we will cooperate with divine grace and if we will shows to be in this present situation this present moment to be surrendered to Christ being their staying there when we fall from their being willing by faith to raise her hand and not the groveling in our failure I used to just grovel in my failure I did it again I said I wasn't nevertheless again in their I would take myself down he knows very interesting in my experience it was just like Jesus getting separated from his parents in the Temple took me three days I found that out I didn't understand it then but as I look back almost always when I got into this version over my failure to about three days to get back on track brothers it doesn't have to do that is not God who puts her face in the mud and says that you stay there until I think you paid ten as the devil the devil is a master at creating a program of deception and then he comes wrong behind and beat when he gives us to follow his program on both lands we do not have to grovel in our failure we can what will they back up and take over the mighty arm of our Savior can be delivered and move forward in the Christian walk down some of my daily challenges I'm sure just like the ones you faced man but some of them happen in airports wearing airports a lot and with we have kind of a saying among our our family were running again we can be on time in early and we always are but for some reason we're running again so Ms. connected flight are something goes wrong and worldwide many times I wear my tennis shoes now when I go to the airport because I have run literally well one time in one airport it was over half a mile and when I got to the last game and I was I knew it was my day Emily was running with me she started to drop behind about after the other no a quarter of a mile because I knew I had to get there and I got that last day of the last where I knew this was the D concourse and it was my last concourse and I said Lord thank you for the treadmill because I would have never made it without the treadmill I wasn't really the treadmill wasn't but you know there's a place for good exercise it's a blessing not one of the things that's not in my notes by the way but exercise is something that you Christians are really committed to what do they as one of the natural laws that seems against shop more quietly put under the Rhine by Christians I tell you I don't put it under the rug anymore I love to exercise I found such beautiful benefits and it is not just be overrun through airports my immune system is better I find unable to face the trials and difficulties of the day with a clear mind I have more of a disposition to connect with God at the beginning of the day and persevere through the day well we were in airports not long ago in Ontario California and we were there at the ticket counter checking in and we noticed right off that this lady who was taking care of us was not very happy and so you know you look for ways to try to brighten their day and influence is a powerful thing is we can either decide to be influenced by the person across there was not too happy or we can choose to log on to try to change that little atmosphere is there well she wasn't very interested in changing the atmosphere and the way she was checking us and she saw this oversize box that we had to check in and she said that box will cost you eighty dollars that was a call to my heart from the spirit when she said that because immediately I thought of while I would've known that I could shipping UPS lesson you have eighty hours while the Lord with all my heart right there I had a choice to make MI going to now let's shall start to take over public is in heaven the result is all I recognize the call to my heart so I surmised that the Lord I do that the Lord I didn't give up the day I said isn't there any exception that you have she said up until one month ago we had an exception that you can use if you have never claimed the exception before Delta would give you an exception for one oversized box that was one month ago there is no exception today so I explained to the lady that we've never ask for an exception with our baggage in all the years we've been flying I said no everyone in my family is a medallion Flyer except Allison had lost her status as she was in school I said we've never asked for an exception I said surely there's got to be some way that we can use that exception that was good a month ago is there any way and she said no very emphatically another call from the spirit to my dismay that happened in airports but it's happening to you every day isn't it somewhere to be to be not laws to be in Christ presently was the calm self government now so I yielded there to the spirit as set zero supervisor that I can talk to she did not like that I asked in a very nice way she did not like me asking for the supervisor she said yes I will be the supervisor so she went and got John John was very very nice I said as she started talking and I understand why he was a supervisor that gave me encouragement John walked up to the desk I just ask for us for special was my exact thought of James one five if any of you lack wisdom let him ask of God Savard please give me to listen to me by your spirit and then I began to talk to John about our situation and not the exception he said you know I really liked available help you in this but he said the airlines are really hurting right now financially much I understand that and they are most of you probably know that they're really hurting financially but I said no even flying with Delta Airlines for many many years John and I said if your vice president of marketing was standing here this conversation right now he would value our customer relations was in the eighty dollars even charge you said you're absolutely right but he said the vice president of marketing can get away with things that I can't ask him to the Lord said to me don't get locked persevere but don't let go ice is there nobody else that we can talk to you today is there no other way that we can take care of the situation the Manny said a camel to go talk to some and he went away and the lady there at the ticket counter was very upset bank so I just stood there quietly and I was talking the Lord and then my biggest task in the situation came to that was I thought neutralizing the will is all silent now I know John is in there talking to somebody I don't know who is talking to and I know it could come down to the final decision here educated guess be okay they view the dollars are given at eighty dollars and I had to come to grips with that quietly with the Lord was I willing I found myself saying Lord eighty dollars I can use that and want better ways that still sell governing incidents God is in control he needs to be in control and ultimately he is the one who owns the cattle on thousand hills if you think that eighty dollars needs to be spent their first something that's worth eighty dollars or more in my character I'm the beloved because any dollars isn't worth it for me to get upset at John or this other lady so I stood there quietly talk to the Lord and I made my decision I neutralized my will before God and I said I'm willing to go either way and I will be done give me grace either way you don't seem like a long time it was at least five minutes because you like a long time understanding him and are other people around understanding there has been a long time now this process has gone on and then John came out and if they didn't reveal anything until he got right in front of me and he said they agreed with you always they agreed with you and if you could've seen the frustration that ticket agent when he said that she was so upset I said praise the Lord because I knew it was God working through that situation and I had permission to sometimes and also praise the Lord for people like that but I know that God was working John's heart and I said praise the Lord to John thank you well the lady took care of everything in the box went through we went upstairs and just before the flight was ready leave John the supervisor came upstairs he came to me in e-mail down in front of me like this and he said I'm very sorry for what I put you through Mister Waters is that I never would've done it wasn't for that ticket agent at the front to ask he said I would have given you the exception in a minute but he said I've had such conflicts with this lady and he said she's trying to do her job she's trying to do what the company has told her and I hear the supervisor comes out and says overruled and I said that John thank you I respect you for the Hamilton John happened John went back there and I will know that he ever talk to anybody but John was being so sensitive to his front-line person that he left the decision be made by somebody else that's what he said to me they agreed with you Alisa they whoever they may does just that the Lord working as hard but that man was put in a very difficult position but God overrule situation he overruled and me and he overruled in that situation that's a win-win situation I praise God for the Junot was so touching for him to come out there you need to do that it already given me a yes yard he removed the eighty dollars fee and yet he made the effort and you want a long ways to find us he made the effort to come and tell us that he was sorry for the way he had to handle the situation is gone working in people 's hearts today and then I entreat you as God entreats me in these kind of situations that may be the one opportunity that will ever have to stand in the presence of lead may be the all only script that he ever reads them think about their are we allowing the Spirit of God to govern us are we taking into our own hands to do it my way impact US will under pushes through my way to be in the present moment in Christ is what makes this new creatures fell back up there is important because the waistband whatever my time out there have been Air Force although we spent a lot of time airports that's why we need a lot of our trials in your forties and wherever you are out there men spend lots of time out there we need to be self governed out there but what about in the home what about in the marriage relationship she many marriages begin to fail because men fail to be self governed in how they treat their wives this is something that God began to show me many years ago Mary just beginning to fail because men hailed to be self governed in thought and word and deed and at first I read said he that is slow to anger is better than the mighty he that will look this spirit and he that taketh a city slow to anger are we being self governed under Christ are we letting self countless think about it don't answer me by answer God self-government begins in response if we really want to deal with our emotions if we really want to deal their habits if we really want to deal with how we speak it begins with our thoughts our share simple illustration when Elaine and I were first married I didn't understand many things and I'll tell you I had the need focus I had so much about me focus I didn't know that it was in the focus I had so much Monday focus on we got married that I was living a single man conducting my fun and friendship send all my recreational and sports and all that think like I was still single man and I just had my wife is a convenience I didn't mean for to be that way and I didn't understand it for about six months in the marriage relationship but there's one thing that I understood it was very important in my eyes needed to be for my bride my eyes needed to be for my bride and I understand that but I thank God for that she was the one that I chose she was the one I entered into a covenant relationship with before God and somehow I understood that so I made a covenant with my eyes for my wife with the Lord Jones has it this way I covenant with mine eyes I never knew this verse existed by the way when I knew that I made a covenant with my eyes why then should I look upon a maid is that a good question then Job thirty one one is yes as we made a covenant with God a covenant before witnesses account limit of marriage to the woman that we love and we gave our life to be with for better or worse the sickness and health for richer for poorer until death do us part if we were willing to make that kind of conflict in marriage why not be willing to make a covenant with our eyes that will strengthen that marriage relation so that was a decision that I made early in our marriage so does this mean that when we go to how I wear blinders on my eyes because the verse said why then should I look upon a maid look at all the needs are here tonight and will unify easily diverse me it doesn't mean I can't see a woman passed by in fact it doesn't mean that I can't see a strikingly beautiful woman walked by what it means is this what does my mind do with me visual input when they walk by you understand that's the question is not wrong to see a woman walked by because we don't go through life with blinders over our our faith when Manning then get into problems is what they do when the woman walks by the information loss received self-government needs to happen with the company with our eyes for a wife we see the first we need to make a covenant with the Lord he believed that you try to make it to cut it with your why without the Lord being their first and it won't work it would be just like everything else it does have the best intentions in your fall flat on your face in fact we try to make it without the Lord and you'll feel like you got here ten times harder than you would it wasn't the day before but you make it with the Lord first him first in your mind that God can empower that company and then you make that come with your wife for your eyes it's a powerful covenant none and I hope every one of you here like that covenants to see when one passes me self government is immediately awakened in my mind my wife trust me completely because she knows that when a woman walks by me that it activates and made a covenant between her and I inactivate a comment that we've made before the Lord and when a woman walks by in the self-government is awakened in me then the Lord checks my motives for a second look that's when many men get in trouble a second look that second look is a look of discontent that second luck is a look at advertisements that second love is love that normally has something in that it shouldn't have and the Lord checks my motives for a second now you can check yourself in an eighty -year-old woman walks by I don't mean that in a negative way police but if an eighty -year-old woman walks by and you have to thought to take a second look if that's just the way that you are interested in people know sometimes it's fun to watch people I probably is wrong but the Lord wants to check the motives but if it's a thirty -year-old woman is walking by and you don't just generally watch every woman that walks by and take a second lucky better be very careful John because the devil wants to get the minds of men he wants to create this grass is greener on the other side mentality this discontent inside I hope you'll make a covenant with your eyes before God and your wife is a beautiful tool for strengthening the marriage now why you think you can play a part in this absolutely minute ride always makes home the place I want to be I love to come home because she is the center of my home she is what makes home home for me with Christ overseeing that home but my wife is the center of the home I love to come home to her and she had actively participated in this comment from her perspective now she got back she continues to take care of herself she continues to exercise she continues to prepare healthy food she continues to do things to keep herself up she wears clothing is nice not dress-up clothes that she wants to look nice for me more than anybody else I like that so why'd you can play a part in that the engine something like you think it sounds good that your husband has what along with his eyes just for you then be pleasing has eyes that have been misled they may calm the kind of place where you want to come home anyone want to go anywhere else self-government needs to be in every aspect of our lives men in our marriages you can fill in the blanks and in the areas of your own life the last I like to talk about tonight is how self-government works as a father true self-government in Christ overrides list of this true self-government in Christ overrides the demands of temporal life I mean that it overrides the demands of temporal life it doesn't do away with temporal life the key word is the man's temporal life if you let yourself and many of us have done this many of us have fallen of the strap we tried to meet you many of the demands of temporal life on the name of doing it for our family true self-government overrides the demands of temporal life and makes time for our youth and her children I didn't say that to you with strength because I know it to be true I have taken time for the young people in my home and I make no apologies for ideas apologize for earlier as I felt guilty some people may we are not called her mouth I is allow myself to come under the pressure of the demands and expectations of other people that I felt guilty because I took time for my family I don't feel guilty for it anymore it didn't take me long man to recognize that there is great reward in taking time from my youth my children great rewards so I don't regret it at all I I love to have the time with them I want more time with them but I need time for them and I'll tell you there is nothing you could pay me no amount of money that you could pay me to trade in that time with my young people for the temporal demands of life it also balances demands of this ministry demands of this ministry in all that being administrators very demanding it's not because people intend to be demanding none of you are demanding it's just that when hundreds of you have needs that are real they can be or appear demanding is that right now that doesn't change the need and I tell you there's nothing I'd rather do in this life and the minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ but God has shown me over and over that I must not let the demands of this ministry Rodney we get calls in the middle the night from other countries that are on different time schedules because they know I think a lot of because they're not used to calling all over different parts United States itself we get called all days home all hours of the night and we love those call but we have to balance the demands of those calls the family worship do not use that I used to answer the following during family worship and got to the point that I wasn't in family worship anymore it's terrible and the person called in those family worship and want to tell them make you feel bad I don't answer the phone during family worship and more unless God tells me to sell are you balancing the demands in your situation because true self-government will bring Christ into that equation to balance those demands in our entire power system for me that means my hydroelectric system solar system and our generators the entire system went out to for two days now I love the system that we have not because I'm enamored by these survival mentality your drive off the grid than that I'm self-sufficient but I think God for providing us a quiet inexpensive way to get electricity for the thing but when it all goes down if the trial well our whole system went down everything and then our water went down totally system out Melissa Demaree have had to hesitate Astoria Moscow one of our neighbors we share some of my files once in a while and after we looked through the patient is all the water system is down no water coming out of the faucet and it brings up before thanks I degenerative that love that no power so instead of demanding is that demand it was a bit was allowed demand now do we have to be run by the he-man now you believe that we don't have to be run by backing and you know the importance of line sharing this review is not only did I not have to be run by that demand but the Lord called me to take my son with me to solve the problems we need to do that then because you look at Genesee as and when you do the same thing in the kitchen so he is football but women tend to say I can I can bake I can do the bread faster if I have to make this massive teaching my little childhood do it and then often say walk I get this job done male teacher how do this stuff later signed but I get this job done we don't have time to novel Lord says take your son with you and work together know some of the best Roderick had with my son Josiah is working together three different working with him side-by-side him only teaching him how to fix the problem and to be honest with you he helps me figure out how to fix the problem more nowadays and I help them but that's because I continued by gods grace to reach out and take in the making apartment but not only to teach them how to fix things and teach them how to do these mechanical things and learn together but you know it's a wonderful opportunity to teach our young people how to walk in the spirit and not in the flesh nestles valuable part because when you power system goes on in your water system goes on soft on the right insult wants to take over and wants to be in charge and God wants to have self governed in Christ could happen them absolutely on waters working again I'm very thankful for that I've never taken for granted but you know when you lose a really appreciated much more when it comes back our power is not completely back yet we have enough to get by with one generator that's working pretty well but you know God doesn't just want to get us in this situation with victory he wants to take us through a long process every some things don't happen overnight and go away overnight visit some files will stay with us for a while and I want to teach us how to be self governed through those enduring trials then we need to cultivate a relationship with our young people seven o'clock if the power 's out by the waters of seven o'clock his family walk and talk time now in our home the change is now the young people growing up and have jobs and when we guard that time seven o'clock his family walk and talk time our present schedule and we processed the day together and we look forward to it feel bulimia just ask Emily when she's driving home from work she works in the ministry office and when she's driving home from work you know what she said she often tells she's thinking about when she's getting close to home what would you talk about she gets home a quarter to seven what would you talk about in our family walk and talk time we need to cultivate that men we need to be the ones who are leading out into the family walked in fact I just like this for us in our present situation but we need to be cultivating time for communication we need to get our priorities in order man I mean that not just talk about but get our priorities in order what I'm talking about order and talking about gospel order God 's order we need to be taking time for the most important things in life and that means time for God time for our marriage time for our young people and put those priorities where they need to be if we don't do it no real divorce it won't happen and a lot of other influences with all the other directions constantly know some young people aren't used to having their fathers take time to talk to them if you want to those fathers who has a taken the time please don't be offended if it isn't just warmly received the first online walk and talk persevered fathers don't give up because it is young person is talking everybody on oh father it may take some time to develop that report that don't give a likely just a commitment to a largest gesture communication not just a commitment if you only get one time and then you get back to real life again that's outrageous for the Castor commitment to see if you really want to take time for them is not just a one time situation was passed the test brothers what better tests to pass then time with our young to let them know we really care let's pass the test governed by Christ our sons and daughters need to experience the benefits that self-government has given us his men into one of the greatest blessings we can pass down to our young people is the example of a self governed life under Christ when heritage we can pass down to our young people they need to see if gaining victories fathers they need to experience how the gospel works in the life of their father is that there I isn't trusted Abraham to lay on that altar within night to raise the Bosnia commune had Jeanette aloha I have gone on that story over and over and over that story is that young man who loved and trusted his father so much the delay there looking up into his father 's eyes with a knife raise entrusted himself and those he got helpless men to get our priorities strength or relationship with Isaac and Abraham did not happen overnight Abraham was a busy man they took time to develop that kind of relationship with Isaac within the new creatures in Christ presently new creatures with new attitudes with new purposes with the new plans and I would encourage you fathers and make some plans before you go home make some plans for change we don't have the push and the pressures here make some plans for change that power is available to us now the power to change us is available to us now before willing to be surrendered before willing to be dependence upon Christ in your face temptation I will face temptations we will be stressed by the circumstances we face and we can deal with that stress in Christ we will be faced with demands of temporal life we can deal with those demands by the grace of God we will come under temptation but there is no temptation taken you but such that is common to man this guy have a solution in closing I like my family organizing that song take your first from first Corinthians ten thirteen it's a promise to us tonight that no matter what the temptation is to come to the hand of God it has been weighing it has been measured and God is able to sustain through it we will surrender and depend upon him this media was brought audio website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe this is more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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