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True Leadership

Tom Waters


The leadership men need and how to get it.


Tom Waters

President, co-founder and speaker for Restoration International


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him his pride was we decide this one day we have no guarantee tomorrow have sometimes we can find our our focus so we narrowed down that we lose the picture that God wants for his keeping power his greatest work in our lives sometimes I find myself sitting at my desk with the things that sometimes feel like they're ready to overwhelm the Lord calls to my heart and asked me to pause for a moment he opens a wider vision not usually just get narrowminded as it took to find the focus of the day so intense and so resting upon us that it's like our little world becomes all consuming garments that open minds and our hearts are to see a wider stage a very successful chief executive officer without his retirement dinner seated around him were young eager executives you know what was on their mind their great leader they are successful leader was ready to speak to them you know what they were hoping for he's going to give them some insights to his success they're hungry for his words as he stands up to speaking you could show them waiting there for every word is say you cannot be set I know you want my job and I'll tell you how the genetic now what do you think there's anything right on the edge of their seats looking forever reword strained to listen Penny continues last week my daughter was married and she walked down the aisle I realize I didn't know the name of her best friend the last book that she and Brad or even her favorite that's the price I pay for this job if you want to price you can have with these words these young men were expecting to hear from their successful chief executive officer sobering words what they agreed few words from a successful world ringleader in my heart a call for a spontaneous reflection I've never thought of that term spontaneous reflection that means I didn't have to think about whether this was something that had significance to me instantly my mind went off in reflection you know I started thinking about I started taking inventory about my own family I started thinking about my oldest daughter and then Emily and my son happened spontaneously this has some relevance to me that I really know what I thought I knew about each of them was I really involved deeply enough in their lives you are becoming too busy to really know what was going simultaneous reflection what about you men tonight did it affect you the same way as you heard that story because if you're like me you're probably expecting a similar other different answer similar response that these young executives were looking for they are looking for lots the key to the semantics of what he gave them a quick panoramic view of what it costs for that success not had more than a few men sitting in my presence one man that I remember particularly a man in his sixties with tears running down his face is that all that I had understood the value of the things God has showed you as a young me he said I mind young people I gave them the best home I gave them the best that I could give them an education I gave them the best that money could buy but he said you know that when my son came to me recently and he said that is only one thing that I really want you never gave it to me you I didn't have time with your dad is and I respect you and appreciate you for all that you give it to me but when I log for more than anything was you review then God is looking for a man who will take hold of true leadership in the world that were living today then it will be successful leaders men who will be Christians first and then there I will be godly God-fearing honorable husbands and then Google the fathers that are faithful to their work in the home it now occurs to me that then maybe a woman here tonight who is getting everything she had a single parent she doesn't have a man standing by her side everything I share tonight by the grace of God Jesus Christ will be the man for you to uphold you and sustain you as a woman tonight if you stand without a man by your side I'm going to be speaking to men tonight every man here should be a true leader and of how we see some men were born leaders those men need to learn how to follow the Lord Jesus Christ some men here were born followers who need to learn how to lead with the Lord Jesus Christ true leadership in the hall is not dependent man upon how we were born but will we be born-again by the grace of God by choosing to cooperate with God where we allow the transforming power of Jesus Christ to make this new man in Christ Jesus it's not how we were born before willing to let him remain in the born again from above Seymour this was a born leader does anybody question asked if you look at his history he was a conquering general the number lost a battle as United are you all this came to the place where you try to prove his leadership by killing an Egyptian soldier he thought this would bring the people to rally around him that was not this way that was my oldest leadership that God took Mullis through a different kind of training program and I'll became a true leader under the divine power of God Moses became the humble teachable you will not hear those words very often the society we live in today Moses became made how will teachable that was what made Moses Greenspan under God true leadership will only happen under God Brothers Seymour this did not than simply become a pushover when he became on the man he did not become a pushover but will stop being a pussy man when you learn how to become me it was not a pushover but he was not pushing you longer Melissa did not lose control but Moses stopped to be controlling you understand the difference he did not lose control he stopped being controlling men they has is not there for five hundred day points need when we is not true truly has is being hidden with Christ that's the simple definition of filming being found in Christ as for me have real meaning so if you're born leader are you majoring your success by how you work out there in the temporal world your success out there but I question tonight how is our leadership in the home to leadership in talking about tonight we see natural born leaders apart from Christ natural born leaders Auckland stuff on people to get where they want to know is what a natural born leader done that will not stand this Egyptian guy got his way one must do when that way you get away with that man could go on with what he was going to do born leaders often step on people they use principal when principal favors the direction of their course and they ignore principle when it does not fit with what they want to born flowers on the other hand by the way I was born a follower I wasn't born natural follower by the end of my junior year in boarding Academy I learned something very interesting for followers don't step on people they get stepped on my choice I let people step on the as a born follower because I wanted to be I let people to understand what people are the people step on I want to money in my junior year I learned a very important lesson I learned the blog followers also pick and choose principal they can choose what principles are going to shop but is smaller because the convenience and to avoid conflict favorite analysis still picking and choosing whether we're going to use principal or whether were going to set aside from convenience to avoid conflict my senior year in Academy I became a leader I chose to become a leader what I didn't understand then isn't I trying to become a leader in the flash that doesn't work but I recognize that I did not want to continue to be a follower anymore I did not understand how begin with Christ and that time I'm still learning how to be had with Christ and I hope that's why everyone is argued learning how to begin with Christ but tonight whether you're a born leader or born follower you can be a true leader in Christ you believe that were prisoners of whole night was personalized this divine human cooperation is Christian men when we see union with Christ he motivates us and I'm excited I see that when I'm willing to be guided by the Lord he begins to motivate me to search for guiding principle oh well you know myself and began to see the vulnerability of myself and began to recognize that I was not the man I thought I was in spite of getting Bible studies in outreach when I started realizing that I couldn't control my temper that I wasn't loving my wife and I wasn't a very good father I began to turn to the Lord he began to open me often motivate me to find eighty principles that would change my course in life she chose success in any line is not an accident it's never accidents you see many men and some of you men here tonight will go to great length to secure worldly success in business following trying and true grit is this principle you can become successful and you will go to great lengths working long hours I talked to one man recently that went to great lengths to become successful as the owner and CEO of a company is in the worldly man and I met him and he opened up his heart to me and he said I asked my wife to give me two years to be successful and it took me three years and I lost my wife and my children in the process he poured every ounce of his energy working twelve fourteen sixteen hours a day to be successful and he became so successful that he sold his company for millions of dollars he lost his thing I don't even assess men detained for two him our starting a principal success in being husband and being fathers but all that we would be willing to put our energies into being successful men just saw the energy that we have been willing to put into worldly personas to provide for our families success in the home is vastly more important than success in the world visitors but so many of us have missed that direction she when God begins to open up to us and motivate us to search for those principles she also provides us the power to enable us to live you believe that I have found that it is a living power the gospel of Jesus Christ is the power of God and the salvation to every one of the labor is a living power if we will have a living connection with permitting personal presidency and then how to fly those principles practically understand the principle in a way that creates absolutely no conflict as possible in all I think of Daniel why is the stand for principle I can remember when I first started having my eyes open to principal all I was in a standard true as steel the principal inherent Paglia unending you can't move me I didn't do very well I got in some of the worst debate and arguments with people God began to show me him your normal example misuse of the many times we would get a letter to Jesus through different examples and Danielson a was a beautiful example Wednesday I was faced with his conflict before the king Daniel didn't say you tell me and gives me Hillary wants to serve the God of heaven so you respond there was no arrogance and Daniel his standing is true as steel the principal did not manifest itself in any era against or haughtiness or disrespectful manner he prayed to God for a way to live a principal with little conflict as possible with the team God gave him a solution didn't dare they went through the ranks of the human kingdom next to the key because he would not bend to any compromise but neither will you lose the spirit of Christ to live out his convictions not begin to show me that if I wanted to hold the principle that he was instituting a net he was encouraging me to take all of them I have to hold the principle in the power and only provide students see principle is always exacting principle is always exacting that means there is a firm course of the annual to bleed children there under the inspiration of Christ you may principle business contacts do not sometimes what we like to go make a principal in my contact now God wants us to fit with his contact he wants to change it is the part we are the clay and God always is able to interpret his own words younger young people say all that your interpretation in their silly interpretations of the Bible minstrel but you know that if we are willing if we are really willing to find God 's answer God 's word is capable under the influence of the Holy Spirit to interpret itself wire upon line precept upon precept here little down the we do not have to be left in darkness regarding the principles of God 's word the darkness comes when were unwilling in any way and I am going to prove that it's my way and I used to get anything about how it was going to be my way not line upon line precept upon precept with a willingness to be tops see when we take hold of principal willing to let principal and God 's word interpret itself we will not be so easily fall into error I find people all over the world I have people corresponding with me telling me things that I won't get into here in the competition I was ready to show on the things the Lord to know people that are absolutely convinced the things that many of us I think the vast majority of us here tonight if they are absolutely ridiculous how could they possibly believe that you know if we find ourselves in hand I haven't of scaring ourselves in our study to find the answer that please is my way of thinking we're going to be liable for inner to take over and we find ourselves with a charmingly devised error that the devil has specially prepared for us and we will all rankings to leadership learns to trust people and believe in people and to learn from people but never never expect a person to give to me or be for me what only God can be truly the Lord spoke when he said cursed be the man that trusted in the naked flesh his arm Jeremiah seventeen five men if you have not learned that she asked you will you will you see my last will tell you my flesh will fail you curse the any man who puts his trust in me is my flesh fulfilling someone once told me how disappointed they were in me there calls their expectations had not been met I have done what I believed was right I had operated off the best I understood are not measured up I had failed beyond the flash will fail us the arm of Christ is mighty right arm will never fail in faith friends and if you trusting in the flash if you don't know your trust in flash God 's mercy will reveal it to you because you will not believe us trust in flash if we find ourselves in the Kingdom of God one day literally if we find ourselves in heaven it will be because we have learned how to hold on to the almighty arm of Nokia is a man I gaily see for true leadership in my home I am drawn and sometimes through tears and heartache times when driven to the one who says I will be with the I will not fail the north or safety Joshua one five goals are currently works for others I hope your family your circumstances your present personal needs are drawing you or by aiming you no circumstances can drive it some time I pray that their driving you to the same one the only one who can guide you to true leadership new homes how we respond to the call to see if we are really responding us through later our family our marriage our young people should be the very first one to see the first combat experience they should be the very first one to experience the fruit to leadership see my family has seen my leadership in the flat help end of the price you see my leadership in the flash NASA leadership under the influence of the divine spirit of God but one thing my family has always seen in the last number of years is that I've always been there they now undergone your my first priority there are three areas I believe every man should demonstrate true leadership in three very important areas and many many areas three important areas that I believe every man should be a true leader in his home number one a man should be able to demonstrate in his home nonsense that were supposed to be able to give an answer to you not slowly believe what was a faith-based time I believe we should do that first in our homes our families should be able to understand how to truly surrender and we as husbands and fathers as Christian men should demonstrate practically how to surrender to Jesus Christ our families need to see how the surrender takes place and how we gain a vital connection to a power outside and above what a power that is able to same as to the uttermost if we come to him in faith and your family gaining that demonstration are they seeing true leadership in your home they see all the surrender they can come to you and talk about their struggles and you can explain to them how to surrender and make a connection to Jesus number two how to find and to know all the will of God tested by his word online precept upon precept here little there knowledge test but we should be able to know the will of God we should be able to help our young people in our home our life to be able to know the will of God and when it is the will of God our family should be able to see the fruit is borne from doing the will of God a family my farewell it all got told Abraham to go on what journalists are a godsend I shall not cancel your honesty something that Abraham 's son became only the top of the mountain in Wisconsin was going to sacrifice everything is the Lord will provide the latest on the altar he raised the knife to slay his son his latest son what was the fruit of his decision the fruit was he revealed the will of God Danny friends are fruit should be there on family should be able to see the fruits of knowing a finding of testing the will of God they should see the fruits number three how to depend upon God 's power to carry out his work many many years I struggled with knowing the will of God and then trying to carry it out in my own strength nanny man I talked to struggle with this how to carry out the will of God how to really get connected to divine power so you need me Mikey and that it is ridiculously kind of religion but really having the miracle working power of God the infusion of grace working in that actually does the same thing as when the latter was he real divine power enabling us to live out the will of God how does depend upon God because I am strictly experiencing these three areas in my family and my personal daily life not that I always surrender and I'm always dependent upon God but because I am actively participating in these three areas practically every day in my home my leadership as a man has become a powerful example for my wife and children my wife and my young people in our home understand how surrender to Jesus Christ and they know how to gain hold of divine power and for a long time family window now started on twenty three hundred across the way did not study any processing we did not study understated and we did not study on a lot of these areas and in all that was actually hard for me because I hope focusing years but God can bring it back to me as a leader in my home home the first thing that I needed to instill in my young people was hauled to know how assuming high gain hold of the power of God to have a personal experience with God and have a walk with Jesus and then not restarting these things to because I want my young people to be able to answer not just about how to connect with Jesus Christ they need to know that first I want my young people to be able to tell somebody how they keep the same line I want them to be able to share with somebody the three Angels messages but I want them to share just an experience what it needs to fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is what that really means too many of us men have gotten the cart before the horse turn around we want our lives to respect this husband we need to treat them with respect not just treat them with respect we need to live respectable lives in the home and the world we need to live respectable lives we wonder why to respect this if you believe a true leader becomes a half in person is not something you can look to things together and begin something begins to happen we can't just sit back not the greatest leaders in the world were not just people except that he gave orders the greatest leaders in the world were men who knew what their troops were going through and they were with troops going to we need to be noticed from the leaders in our home catalyst for success I'm never one afternoon with scented candle I looked all right my wife and I just had a thought to ask her how she was doing is immediately share with me that this end interconnected vapor Jesus loving feeling like he was getting anything really to the finish line like he really felt she should be jawed metropolises as you were sharing that with me the Lord help me to see a deeper need in my life she needed encouragement she needed a change of surroundings the Lord offered me a solution take her out and split would that may not be a readily accessible solutions e-mail but as for me God will give you the one where you are and have been a long time since my wife is now splitting wood with knowledge and what that means she does with the way I put the words she loves you will borrow the worst thing would together and solve I offered her the solution I see how often do you know if you accomplish much for the day this is just a lot of what will you she wasn't too convinced I said honey you need outside fluid you see she needed to know I knew what she needed to understand the mind why he is in no that I knew she she trusts me she knew that she needed something and God was helping needs against hapless for helping her to be successful in that day and saw I negotiated more than a few encouraging words I knew that she needed time with me so I also knew that it would be hard to get around half thought I was leaving the camel I had high monotherapy getting my shoes are probably looking forward to you coming out and I went downstairs and I was getting my shoes on and I was sitting in making a much as I said hey getting my still not ready to go the outside she needed a little positive encouragement she came outside and I began to just encourage her try to get her thoughts away from the things that she was feeling overwhelmed with no conversation we had beautiful conversation together we laugh together we enjoyed our time together that we had so much fun together as we got finished doing away that we saw another project we needed to get to that was was trying to put away the winter goods in the winter had been love and all that festival is together showing it all back together for a layout Michelle and then I said well when we wash the baby together you know by the time we got finished watching the my wife was so vague and refer she felt like she had really accomplished some things now guillotined really accomplished what you really accomplished was that she needed to get away the changes surround she needed some time now I was thrilled to see that another one of God 's ideas ruling the eyesight is always worth they always work the problem is we don't always think of the back to you we hear an update when we think about we don't think the idea so that because illegals hundred and eighty degrees contrary what were feeling the moment husbands we need more God inspired sensitivity for the woman that you can God inspired sensitivity often by God 's grace and simple prompting I recognize needs that my wife asked before she ever makes them known to me at the World Bank is not me that's the spirit but that's exciting that the gospel that he is able to make known to us and I read her mind no but God knows what she needs and if I'm willing to be connected to our then can he help me know what she needs in investment you try and then you ask God to show you bless God to make you sensitive to your one why your mind enlightened and then do what he tells you to do and how simple it is if you thought you wanted to cast John Lennon Doug Sandwell this couple of people around the all right giver and you will see why didn't comply because she wants to leadership and she wants that leadership promises now shall guide me with it I counsel is at present truth now shalt guide me with my counsel some seventy three twenty four exactly in these I believe that this is for me the latest for you and exciting that music gotten really good in this day and age God will really guide us with his counsel you know I think we need to ask them to give as men because focused and stated in the book you know when I look at things that enable non- is just how everything affects me what she is doing affect me when I look at things through the Oslo it's how we're affecting each other how I encourage my wife noticed how she is impacting me see how does we need to make our lives the first priority under God really my wife really is my first priority you ask she knows it's isn't always easy to keep her there do I ever slept in the priorities you but she is my first priority under God and I will or something that is very important in every man here you will receive more by giving to your wife and you will ever get attention you'll get more like giving you life will affect the team 's selfish changing will rob the vitality out of your marriage make time for her time to really communicate my wife is often said to me to know that you really hear me to know that you really understand what I'm saying means more to me than just agreeing with me but when I don't think you hear me when I don't think you've taken time to understand me that it's very difficult for me to accept you just put that statement is really listen really listen I confess neurons in a very hard thing for me definitely interested in selling they willingly confess what he is wrong to why we have wronged your children see a great blessing and my marriage and being a father and being willing to honestly admit my feelings open to my own wife and children men must become catalysts for success fathers which his father had on a copy of husband had with your father had on because I want to ask important questions are you really there for your children are you really there for your children for your use Friday on the sidelines many fathers are on the sidelines not in you know too many fathers today I'll now all of the picture on the girl in school drew for a school project to drill a family picture which she could take home at the end of the day and share with your family went to Tom and she was excitedly showing it to her family her father asked this question where and why the picture she said you're not yet the library that's what you always where are you now where are you are you sitting behind the newspaper are you working more over time at the job where are you you out of the picture we need to answer the question bothers we need the catalyst for success in our homes to sign my fifteen -year-old son received a letter from a girl who was even younger she thinks she's in love she saw him one time at a meeting some fathers know what you think about this is some of the spontaneous reflection think about which one of these sounds more like you and you'll have your own category these are some applies I've met personally and some of what I have been in my own experience in the past some fathers wouldn't even know that he received a letter wouldn't even know some fathers wouldn't even hair some fathers would throw a letter away and blame their son for receiving such a letter it must be his fall and Sun Life say that her son writer that is what happens but it could be a lot of different responses there how can I be a catalyst for success as a father in this scenario with my fifteen -year-old son was decided wrong the letter to me and he said can we read this letter together when he finished I encouraged him to share with me your thoughts how he thought the letter sounded and what he thought should happen with the letter I entered in with him and discuss it with him on his terms on his level and then when I was finished on as well then you wanted to hear my level he wanted to open up to what I thought about the letter not too often it's easy to want I then thought better yet too often it's easy to want I can polish it would take any interest at all not one of these that you can have even noticed a letter to dive into West so after I listen to his thoughts then he was willing to listen to mine you can experience key design I would mean that he not write her back I made him to but he had a sensitivity did not want to leave this girl the impression that the letter was never received and that no one cares for her and so we talked about who should respond to the letter and he decided who should respond you wasn't me but who would respond to the letter he decided and we talked about it you see I want to put yourself in this situation fathers just hope you were talking about what would be your style of leadership in this will get a response would you think too busy even know it was a letter with you too busy to take time with your son gave you want to read a letter together when given too busy and put them off to the side or just give a mandate arbitrary rules that won't work would you be so laid back easy going anything goes style where compromise reefs heartache you know a lot of men today is that the easy-going about their wife handle the situation they don't get involved and they just read Hardy in a situation then there's the dictatorial style dictatorial spirit which are I have the right principle foundation with a wrong spirit an application in a deadly combination now that is a deadly combination the deadly compromise nomination but a dictatorial heart spirit with the right principle in a January combination is interesting the Gallup poll people that do these worldly surveys that are interesting survey of young people recently just on the general population all profess Christianity nothing like that just young people in the world here's the question that these young people were asked what is the very best gift you could receive plot is a very bad to did receive that was the only thing they ask and answer the very best gift you could receive here is the answer here was the answer that came out way about anything that was even close to it more time with mom and dad can you imagine more time with mom and dad what a heart cry fathers what a hard cry only just intriguing man tonight don't be put off by the crimes you hear it want always sound like they want all I say all they had a lot more time with you if you have been taking time with young people the heart cry might be very different might be very different it might be very angry and very better very course it might sound just the opposite it might even if things are really bad it might sound like the demo in the running for Jesus and are screaming cursing Jesus and the disciples are are for my father still they hear the heart cry of their son Don Nino interpreted right but Jesus do Matt heart cry of those demoniac because he heard the cry is on then we need to hear the cry from within the time for our young people who see fathers now is the time to develop a strong bond of trust and loyalty with our children are used if you do not become the catalyst of success now in your communication with your young people you will struggle you will struggle with effective communication with your young people in a crisis by CNET and it's tragic men who will not take high for their young people and then in the crisis the results are tragic doesn't mean it can't happen doesn't mean it can't be recovered amenable to chronicle return it just means that now is the time to develop his communication now is the time for fathers to take time to build this bond cemented question is not whether we have failed to leadership tonight now the question is this am I willing today to make a commitment to God and then to my family shielding my God 's amazing grace to learn into practice true leadership as a Christian man true leadership as a husband true leadership as a father you are thinking about that commitment tonight remember the words of our Lord he says each one of us I will be with the high will be with the I will not fail the north or safety is their man tonight who would be willing to make that commitment to God and his family by standing with me and say I want to be a true leader Michael thank you praise God what a thrill to my heart man of God then you are willing to be led by God to become true leaders the devil does not like this man but he exists but God will bless you and God will remind you that you will never fail you that he will never leave you that he will never forsake that he will make each one of us a true man of the true leader is constantly this media was gone osteoporosis is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is much more so than please visit www. on universal .org


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