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Be Like Jesus: Temperance

Don Mackintosh
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Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)




  • June 30, 2007
    11:30 AM
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was this bar has now again asked the Lord to be with us father in heaven today were thankful that this desire to be like you has drawn us here today we confess that we often wound you we often wound others and we actually heard ourselves although sometimes we don't recognize that but we want to be like you today and we don't want our services here disagree sentimental but we want them to go deeper in we pray that decisions could be made during this hour not because of me but the cause of your spirit not because of us but in spite of us we want to be open to your spirits leaving and we thank you and come in Christ's name on when the Eric Nelson contacted with this vague with you today and told me the topic that he is assigned to me that paying temperance I can't say I was initially overwhelmed with joy because talking to people about the three or four days diet dress drums and the tour dating is kind a like job start a fight and since I've been beta out the number of times I'm not I've fail and so I hired here as your friend today if you need it somebody maybe the person next you'd be good we've been taking as our text first the first second Peter let's look there again today and I appreciated what I could hear of the man with the genetics Eugene Pruett 's remarks concerning knowledge and the my families are with me today so I got the walk with us making Smokey and Smokey and give it to me than the later so second Peter chapter one verse three or two three and then just moving into what really talk about grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and are end of Jesus our Lord as his divine power has given us all things that pertain to life and godliness through the knowledge of him who called us by glory and virtue by which have been given to us exceedingly great and precious promises that through these you may be partakers of the divine nature having escaped the corruption that is in the world are lots note that were glossed is probably aware that many people here interested realize that is because of all the sermons I ever preached at my church in Kansas on the Internet I preach the sermon unless and that sermon got three times as many hits as anything else saw you might look like your interest of the last and how to have victory overlies the lifeblood you probably are of no warrior and in good company I want ephedra were lost in my life Paul said on a little concerned that it might trace the others I might be a castaway so I keep my body under one of the temporary visa appraisers in the assortment on life and temperance I'm glad to be here as in the Holy Spirit of recently and maybe that is listening this idea of less than ten parentheses they will how are those two related accident or temperance is only used about four times in the Bible and two of the times right here Peter another time as in Galatians words of the through the Spirit is love joy and self-control is translated in Galatians at the five and a third time that helps me focus and underside it was because is not an act chapter twenty four turn with me there accepted twenty four the next chapter twenty four looking at the acts of the apostles we see Paul who we just mentioned earlier I had victory in many areas of his life is that this nasty habit he was addicted to killing Christians and temperance is the total absence of that was harmful and the moderate is about what is good and it's never going to Gilchrist my runner my wrong Moses as it browns and killed people and had some problems people worship the golden calf he was allowing those things so I think confidence that it arrogantly the Santa Vallarta if Paul did James and Moses could then write the Bible involved right most of the New Testament organism good news of Damon I saw you and accepted twenty four is that it is the third time or maybe the first time would be a better way to say the word temperance is used I remember the story Paul is in trouble because in Chapter twenty fifth twenty three had found to the Temple in Jerusalem when he was wanting to be purified with some of his converts and in some gems from a society may raise a big stick I got in trouble it was almost a big help when Felix steps in and finish census owners that production merely bought whatever invented feelings all Viking Felix and Felix noted it was definitely like to talk to them is as of the end of just twenty four to try and get brides first twenty six he felt that money would be given him by Paul but that's the last time he talked in the first on a document has been really understand what it was informed because Paul is not your typical person after it been taken out of the quagmire by Felix and Drusilla he was put in a holding tank in the end freedom and then Felix conference in the natural thing would be say thank you thank you Felix and law are are are the greatest thing that ever happened and I just want to tell you now how wonderful role I think you are as I'm alive first of all in the second laser thing I did for by Paul in that setting instead of letting his last lead trace a sermon on temperance you find that there in verse twenty four and some days after some days when Felix came with his wife Priscilla who was Jewish he sent for Paul and heard him concerning the faith in Christ now he that is already the righteousness temperance or the new King James and I'm running self-control and Johnson went down Felix was afraid of sediment afraid normally falsehood a bit afraid but embraced and I was afraid and is a better one James as people tremble and may widen Felix trembled is a phalanx was on wife number three in it wasn't for good reasons he had gone he had a run of resellers was with the second Drusilla but this one was stolen from another guy of the seller was no bag of righteousness either she allowed her feelings to be changed even though she knew better being raised Jewish and she had come into this relationship as well as bulk or leasing who was wrong etc. thinks he doesn't even respond but Felix responds in fear because Paul is preaching something he's really of our righteousness temperance and judgment to come out winners that does that sound familiar that will catch phrase righteousness temperance and just begun the less elegant secularity or else John Jephthah sixteen and I think comes to my mind let's look there is a variety John chapter sixteen and I want you to notice this partly because I think it's interesting Jesus speaking about the Holy Spirit would John explain his ministry impersonates that Ad-Aware need that is the Holy Spirit has come he will convict the world of San and him righteousness and justice Pentagon now went toward a better day not righteousness rights of the facts what was it temperance is in our journeys with lower share so and temperance than it is what is what it is said who many times do you just dismissed it as well that's just the way I wanted stand and what happens within it it is then always as I said as the Peter understood this and he understood all these different things installed in second Peter in our passage he said look you need to escape these things these fleshly lusts second Peter chapter one verse four by Winship he has given us exceeding great and precious promises that through these you may be partakers of the divine nature having escaped the corruption that is in the world throw on your last out there it gives the secret to being temperate what is by claiming the precious promises of God you know that's another way to say by getting to know Jesus did you know that planning the promises is getting to know Jesus because second Corinthians chapter one verse twenty says all the promises of God are in hand therein Jesus and are all yes in him and they're all in him Aman the glory of God through lusting is a hallelujah list that that all the promises of God are additional therein Jesus and they are in him amen which means when you're in an disc announcements albeit and then once as a next and in and to the glory of God through us that through you and me brothers and sister living together got the hang of it another words if wherein Jesus proclaiming his promises you can give us victory and they can live in and through us now Peter and first Peter second Peter is of course after first Peter and it really lays the foundation for everything were talking about in first Peter chapter two verse eleven says love and I think it was some janitors and pilgrims and staying from Leslie last was war against the what so so how does Peter propose that help us if I can locate your formats like there is a story about this one than Minister was traveling on a plane and he was praying of the Lord would help the ministers of the person next to him and as he began to pray on the format of the man next to him all word came on before and they did say it and the word was on the altar God had revealed to him that the man sitting next to him was an adulterer now what what do F God reveal that they do well whatever the damn file of doubt and look at your poor heads I could see any area you are struggling hard to comparable and that likewise wanted him to see what I was struck about it but this does not happen every day but this is what happened he goes on man and he sits down and he says why are you being unfaithful to your wife but so the minister said and the man went on as you know maybe indigent class that's how Felix fell during the ministry of Ellen White when she was working and sometimes the same thing would happen there the manual with or the wider web is not your wife and you have another one who cause your daddy used to seven one ten meeting of the story I like probably someone was or even frightened today thinking about this but I'm not here today to try in guilt you are not here today to say you bad bad people because you have fifty eight percent tofu instead of fifty two percent I'm not here to talk about changes are not here to talk about it at stuff although I could you know I could what I'm trying to talk about today is victory I want to show you that Peter understands how to give victory because what he does in first Peter Lawler look at verse thirteen in first Peter chapter one therefore he says in verse thirteen in the loins of your mind I could bridge on that will close Restoril for young the grace that is brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ as obedient children nonconforming is up to the former lust is in your ignorant but what I want to focus on is not so much that because it's a conclusion how does he prepare people to have victory he says look you can only have victory verse thirteen at the revelation of Jesus Christ auditing is good so in first Peter chapter one shows this picture of all the price to know French to a price to stripped you of a price to equip you first Peter chapter one Blessed be the God of our father verse three Lord Jesus Christ who according to his abundant mercy has begotten us again to a living hope through the resurrection of Christ from the dead to an inheritance incorruptible or not to be corrupted by those lost anymore undefiled is not fade away reserved in heaven for you as I says love and want to have victory let me tell you I've already got the victory and it's a regular habit and is a hallowed it's uncorrupted it's on the vaudeville the diversity in the verse seven at the revelation of Jesus Christ whom having not saying you love bone now you do not see him yet believing you rejoice with joy inexpressible and all the glory receiving the end of your faith that is the salvation of your soul what they say is that I've got the prize if there is habit it's it's reserved for you and I want you to have that experience now unearthing again the second is by welding on earth as it is in heaven can be a reality essay you can receive the end of your salvation you have jawed face right here right now and then but now versus life the score was pure versus lesbians we talked about it last night verse five how did your cat kept by what verse five the power of God which is what I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ what is the power of God both is it Wednesday to say so how is it that we can have victory here so it would have the prize is by living under Godspell the Godspell in this you greatly rejoice though now for little while you've been agreeing with various trials that the genuineness of your faith being much more precious than gold the pairs as though it's tested by fire may be found to praise honor and glory at the revelation of Jesus Christ what to say to the power of the gospel you can have victory but instead of his troublesome Galatians chapter five the other occurrence of temperance relationship to five will go for second Corinthians Galatians Galatians Chapter five but the fruit of the spirit verse twenty two is love joy peace long-suffering kindness goodness faithless gentleness temperance against such there is no law verse twenty four also after OI Christ this is both parallel passage computer have done what have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires if we live in the Spirit let us also walk in the spirit sub between the prize that we had sang and the people of God who are rejoicing there the couple crosses to bear on it all about the cross on those crosses are not just special annoyances from others like I mentioned last night all calls of an intercepted twelve the setting sin and pains are the last of the flash and in the appetite they were called graves of craving in numbers chapter eleven same word that was used for anyone she ate the fruit first look at beginning of the fleshly appetites what you wish what you drank what you watch what you where or what you don't wear whatever all of these things and Peter wants us to recognize of although still that does get to be a struggle but the struggle the struggle is worth it when we were when we consider the reward of faith will be a Seventh-day Adventist because Seventh-day Adventists talk about this stuff no one feels good going to church and doing bad things and is being told good news about their bad habits and try to fill light in all I know what I was doing was wrong and is wrong sometimes even a quarter laws more righteous than the church says that's bad don't do that anymore already a little thing I got over it on because I'm already beginning the time they're a little worried because last night unity is almost died the second death but it nearly an entire movement on a Ranger something from the profit remember Paul struggled with this remember other start with this but many kilometers range is something that you think maybe this is extreme but it gets all the points in it it is extreme extremely good hello I received a letter from this lady who was struggling and she does decide to answer back so I read the letter to heirs what she says I have reread your letter you seem to have an earnest desire to work out your sound salvation within troubling was that from Philippians two I encourage you to do this I counsel you to discard everything you would project into a halfway work and thinking the kingdom of God and his righteousness put away every and all those that would hinder you from the work of overcoming and ask for the prayers of those who can comprehend certainly about a minute of good counsel Apple victory over the last of went after those it can understand I'll go to someone who is holier than thou said struggle without an glad that you don't have a problem but let me of you remove the plank in your eyes because it's pride or dealing with there was a time she continues in this letter when I was in a situational and sellers of respecting years I have involves a desire for vinegar but I resolved with the help of God to overcome this appetite doesn't matter either put it in thing else in their bumper Alan White it was vinegar I thought the temptation determined not to be mastered by Babbitt somehow vinegar was leaving what around for weeks I was sick but I kept saying all rental the Lord knows all about it if I die I die but I will not yield to this desire that's the cross the struggle continued I was sorely afflicted for many weeks as I thought it was impossible for me to live West across you maybe sure that we noticed he wasn't doing this alone if you want to have their drivel I felt that okay after the service back behind the Bush I went for three sometimes we need now is a rebel you may be sure that we sought the Lord very endlessly the most fervent prayers were offered for my recovery can you picture it James Whitelock get the profit victory over manager but that's what happened yesterday now he's writing about I continue to resist the desire for Pentagon last at last I conquered now I have no inclination to do anything of the kind this experience has been of great value to me in many ways I abstain a complete victory in his aliment I relate this expensive for your help in a secure it in the encouragement I have faith my sister that you can come through this trial and reveal that God is the helper of the children in every time of need if you determined to conquer this happen and will fight it perseveringly you can examine experience of the highest value when you set your will resolutely to break opposite and all that you will have the help that you need from God try it my sister did you determine overcomes the love this is about the Lord will heal you and will give you strength to resist every temptation what I like about that is the vulnerability of the profit margin budget like that sometimes we especially to picture ourselves as ban conservative camps one never be honest than we had terrible problems terrible problems because of the olive investigated on a victory in my life and I need help every day I'm just like Paul said I hope I don't become attached the wearer keep my body so lets the victory peters says looking to Jesus Paul says looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith when we have these the settings as another I wanted to close the method I think everyone's like fearful enough light feelings right now and we should be but the victory is in Jesus it said what can happen how can we have victory by claiming the promise is about eleven promises all point in Jesus another but by focusing on Jesus and it can work for less at MS hallelujah as I think the victory as we see in first Peter is by looking to Jesus because before that therefore therefore abstain from these plus there's aware for the net wherefore is looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our one promise only one promise I think is a precious one you may know it in this regard it's in second Corinthians chapter three verse eighteen remember all promises are yes and price with this one especially but we all love unveiled face beholding as in the glory of God are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory just as by the spirit of God that Jesus promised that we look at will be changed a meeting is good news in all when it was in Jesus day people from around the world and around the country would come to him paralytic would come then they is out of a job with the paralyzed market tumors one affords as their friends brought them to just let it out of the roadways that wait a minute we send this guy has power to change paralysis we need to take you people who are in the maintaining of market fibers twenty five and thirty four along with additional blubber and standards that we know he has power and sure enough that flow was stopped rich metadata am in the middle the night John chapter three poor women came to him in the middle of the day and he sat in the midst of the rents and the poor her constantly whosoever believes all help in the word got out short and came like executives rich young ruler 's game poor people gain widespread and even the Greeks K guns at the twelve hundred twenty one again release they did the last and they said their enzymes of the twelve verse twenty one way was saying Jesus why do they all come because they recognize that by looking at him there was power by being in his presence there was power and that his disciples had the same power Peter had our meeting ball out his handkerchief and people would be jailed people was built by this help anyone ever experience like that today once again if the screen is saying adulterer who got what is par like you on that he blowup this is someone asked me this week I was preaching in the Asko classless of engaging them with bridging and as I was preaching and teaching sums as why doesn't God do those things that I I believe he does do those things today I've seen the healing power of God I think I've seen his presence and I know that will come fitted but I've seen people healed my old church in Wichita saw your grandmother 's arm healed I saw number of healings in that place but they were just mercy drops I believe God wants big drop the combat would blow the school driveway and even the thief on the cross he does not close enough for Jesus one one one one one one the other he said Christ remember that when you got your King embarrassed Christ that is weakest they can just looking at in the thief knew there was power to said please written in early when you come in your kingdom is that I'll do it hallelujah the power of Jesus is all I ask you today what would it take you to surrender fully to Jesus is any issue is not your last the issue is not the issue that you think is that's the big issue although it is a big issue in the sense that it represents you are not really allowing Jesus to change you in that way by this we know that we know him if we keep his commandments is a regimented I've gotten Alice like Doctor Perot talked about I've got faith well faith leads the knowledge that although the length but by this we know that we now been if we gave us commandments for jobs at the two verse three four five and six is in that run and so this is if you're having a struggle there is an issue but the issue is found in looking to Jesus on it you want to surrender today to Jesus why did Jesus people turn to Jesus was it his physical attraction no Isaiah fifty three Vista verse two says he had no former communist and there was no beauty in him that we should desire him that wasn't the issue I'm not saying he was ugly but it was an unusually different it wasn't like standing out it wasn't a physical attributes to draw him why do they turn to it was his character it was his face it was his teaching analysis treatment of people it was fine Samaritans came women came and they were traded timely Samaritans were not treated summarily women were not treated and with disrespect the second were not just abandon as if they had send children to set suffer the little children to come and demand for bed I'm not outcasts they are not with them that while reacts think about it tax collectors it was his love his purity is self-denial is humility this patient's is prior anytime his disciples environment having a look at Mary was praying it was connected with God and they saw the power and they were drawn to him it was his mercy it was his forgiveness and in the fisherman 's case that is Peter that was the way he dealt with them were stunning first Peter and Peter love the Lord but he didn't really know what he was talking about it first and so Jesus met in my adversities and lots and I miss Simon son of Jonah but I would call you rock you think it is dishonest notoriously Michigan Iraq Academy of ballet every steadfast people enable root their experience next two years and he called those things are not as though they are the people loved him for it the people look at him and they asked anyone say you're going to do this and you're going to do that and is very life-giving to mandate them confidence and especially Peter even when it was walking on the waters of Lord commanded them not dump in a game they look down at again I think it is unsightly large orders in a lot and keep my commandments those who walk on water but to do that stretched out his hand all the mercy and love of God so people responded move gently twenty tumors sixty one it says that Jesus turned and looked at Peter after he denied him three times that look that love when we talk about that look let me have the celluloid talk about until last night the lessons right is not a glass of one fifty four one fifty five the look of Jesus broke his heart will look at Jesus a certain part you want to look like that now his self-confidence was gone never again with the old boasted assertions repeated it was through self-sufficiency that Peter fell and it was through repentance and humiliation that his feet were again established in all the reason we probably have problems with Boston and and temperance is because were self-sufficient I'll do it all there learns what the group will do it on their think these are all good but really what does it say that from the amount of blessings page one forty one we cannot of ourselves conquer the evil desires and habits that strive for the mastery we cannot overcome the mighty vote that holds this in his thrall God alone can give us the victory I'm eventually wants to give us the victory he already has the victory and peters is a you want a victory starts first Peter luck to Jesus we don't get the sense except for this one verse and second Peter Jeff the one look to Jesus and so I want to ask you today what would it take you to turn completely to Christ today was our behalf good for you but there may be some people here have not completely turned right what would it take for you to turn completely to Christ today you know that song what can wash away my sin nothing but the blood of Jesus what can give me peace within nothing but the blood of Jesus how precious is that blood that makes a white as snow no other source I know nothing but the lot we sang it this morning would you be free from your burden of sin there's power in the blood which you are able of victory when there's a wonderful power in the blood there was a preacher in Scotland and he preached a sermon you know the name of the sermon was the explosive power of the new affection on bedtime another was when we had this affection for Jesus everything else can be gotten rid of a cell overwhelms us and indwells us that we let go of everything but maybe it's because we haven't looked close enough White says this is essential to bring Christ to present Christ in his matchless love to the mind that is counter and is stronger charms may the attractions of the world for you this is a youth Congress must not merely say theory however logical but a loving character and glory of Christ they must be led to behold the riches of the internal world and fill their encouraged and other animated and their one and the love of Jesus must be the motive of all efforts because it empowers it constrains an effective dates on encouraging all of the phases we been going over a list that sixty minutes or six sixteen prisoner women going over a less than Peter Wright this ad that always other things but we can do any of that unless Jesus does it for a spin is a mother that we work me and when it does happen when you give all the credit and glory to my right is the right why is professing Christians are we sowing mixed and mingled with the world till we lose sight of maternity manuscript twelve eight eighteen ninety four why IIS do either so many families destitute of the spirit of God she continues it is because they don't know God if they knew God and that they would behold him by faith in Jesus Christ who came to die from and they would see the matchless charms of the sun and by the holding they would become chains of the same image and you want to join me intimating again to beholding the matchless charms of Christ maybe both thoughts from the model blessed maybe the book desire of ages maybe the gospel of John any text in the Bible will lead to the Christ and when this happens what'll happen we'll talk of the power of God will talk to the goodness and mercy in the love of our father will talk of the matchless charms our divine Redeemer in our hearts will be melted and subdued by the Holy Spirit and those around us it says review and Herald four five ninety two those around us will the holders and will now we've been with Jesus and learn of him this is what happened to Peter he went from the nine declaring because he beheld the massless terms of Jesus so I ask you today what stands in the way of you young person what stands in the way view mom or dad what stands in the way of the total surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ and those that worried on that we need to surrender daily event what stands in the way desire of ages six sixty eight when we know him as it is our privilege to know how life will become a life of continual obedience what was in the step before self-control intemperance are ladder knowing and we know him as it is our privilege to know him how life will be a life of continual obedience I want to read a list of things about Jesus that it but a minister but they got it all was I just got this one then I think it's a powerful that I want to sing that song you can have all this world give me Jesus and during that I want to make it up as you listen to this list I want you to consider again a specific villain that is are you willing today to say at this appeal I am struggling with temperance issues where you know what it is maybe it is out of bounds only but during this appeal this avails for you and am now saying that in this mess is the practical bank is the love that Jesus annualized I love pray for me I am rededicating my life in this area that the appeal of a and after I upload Jesus again with this list were missing a song wrote for the Boyle we go to lunch what he will settle the theaters yes I am I am surrendering this again to Jesus I'm asking for his help okay listen it is list the skull give me Jesus he has adorably stop strong speaking of Jesus his entirely sincere he is eternally steadfast is a mortally gracious he has a purely powerful isn't partially reversible he is the greatest phenomena that is ever crossed the horizons of the bloke just give me to be as God 's son he is the center Savior he is the captain 's rants and he is the breath of life is the counter piece of civilization he stands in the solitude of himself he is Argos and he is unique he is unparalleled in the is unprecedented is undisputed and he is undefiled is unsurpassed and he is unshakable he is the lot the idea in philosophy he is the highest personality and psychology he is the supreme subject in literature he is the unavoidable problem in higher criticism he is the fundamental doctorate of theology is the cornerstone the capstone and the stumbling stone of all religion is the miracle of the agents just give me to either stars in the discharges the day he delivers the captaincy defends the people need glasses the young he starts the unfortunate he regards the agent he rewards the diligent that he unifies the meat is the key of knowledge he is the wellspring of wisdom is the fountain of a he is the doorway of deliverance is the pathway to peace is the roadway of righteousness is the gateway to glory is a high way to happiness he supply strength to the weary and increases power to the faith shoppers escaped the attempted a simple as with the hurting he saves the hopeless a sales that helpless he sustains the homeless because purpose of the aimless and yet the reason for the meaningless because both elements to our happiness it gives light in the darkness it gives comfort to our loneliness they get strokes in our barrenness it gives help to the hopeless in his life the politeness dressed give me Jesus he guards beyond a sixth astray he finds the lasting guides the vaguely writes the wrong events is the abuse events the wiki comforts the oppressed it welcomes the prodigal knee heals the sick he cleanses the dirty beautifies the Baron and restores the failure he mins the broken he blesses the boy fills the empty because the naked and he satisfies the hungry he elevates the humble he forgets the center he raises the dead his office is manifold and is promised his promises sure his life is matchless and his goodness is limitless this mercy is enough it is a crisis of visit his rain is righteous this joke is easy in his burden is light he is indestructible he is indescribable it is incomprehensible he's invisibly as irresistibly as irrefutable I can't get him out of my mind I can't get them out of my heart I can't outlive them and I can't live without them and the Pharisees couldn't stand in but they found they couldn't stop it and Satan tried to tempt him but found he couldn't trip in pilot examined him on trial but found they got involved in the Romans crucified but found they couldn't take his life death couldn't handle him and the gray cotton all of them praise God just give me Jesus you have no predecessor and it will have no successor he is the lion and he has the land he is God then he is man is the King of the Jews that the resulting is the king of Israel that's the best looking is the king of prices is that the mortal think it is thinking of faith is that cylindrical tank is the eleventh that's a universal day is the King of glory that's a celestial King is like tango tags and he is the Lord of lords just give me ways just to do John's Gospel so they wrote everything they could about Jesus and the says are not enough books but to contain everything beautiful about Jesus how do you want to stand with me this is an appeal remember in your same as appeal I want Jesus specifically to help me in the area of temperance during an ambush the number three hundred and five as you would want to do that if you're making that responding specifically to that will invite you stand as we sing in the morning when I rise give me Jesus is the more and being aware of thy Iran eyes to the moon and the way a non- Iran ties and move on and when I run on to the views and and me him and him to nine ball to move the news the men I was by Ron God knew I was my draw on God midnight was my Ron do you mean she is his in man is in AA and NA 's office in man to man is in a mad bull this new mean missing the last person one of our might another appeal here on glad that they were all standing together in this bit of this jet the standard is a real stead but I will make one last appeal for last per semester night as a young person here today but this really is the first time they said that give me Jesus on it really made at this time they just say I want I can truly get in my life over to Jesus today I think I was an adult 's maybe this is the first time in years I'm lucky I am having my life over today and hair Ed WIC I wanted to stay fully accept the Lord Jesus Christ I want to have victory in him I want a receivable of my life as we sing the this last verse wanted to go forward you go forward and I'll pray with you and for you below pray for you wanted to come forward right now a single last two verses is to give us a chance there job just about a range of a Ray God there jobs about the break of day is the deed is in their made man you are mad at QUALCOMM forward there will revere Lord bless you hallelujah responding to Jesus Loveless thing that last verse anyone else notice stop it there is a special day you are recommitting and some special way to Jason 's is a lock on coming right now this is what I do it right now as we sang the last person you would sing it together give me Jesus old man I can't do I will when I comes to God all home and I come to God is me the is amazing and is amazing and in the him mad all is good is he he will scribble right arose right here I was around those account for puts her hand on someone there is gone forward come right around have a special prayer together Lord thank you for these decisions I don't know what they mean but you know you're a hard to know every mind and our lives like an open book to you you can read just like .net is a good read on the on the forever the man next to him and today we felt we don't want to read anything else except your blood and your righteousness we want to accept you again Jesus and we ask you that it would come in to our lives this is special and new way we've seen you we want to savor you we want to be totally satisfied a new and I ask that you would give each of these people come forward the desires of your heart and that he was surrounded with people just like you did surround the profit when she was struggling with something as Monday but as important as vinegar and we thank you and we commonly all worthy name of Jesus amen and amen


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