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A Father's Heart

Tom Waters


What fathers need & a glimpse of our Father's heart.


Tom Waters

President, co-founder and speaker for Restoration International


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I thought that I was just speaking from the perspective of the father 's heart as a human father I love to talk about that too thanks again I'm going to focus more on the heart of our heavenly father and he wants us in heaven with him I want to be there he wants us to be that he longs for us to be there and there's really nothing to keep us from being there except our unwillingness to choose to cooperate with him Psalm one oh three versus thirteen and fourteen their severities Temple yet beautiful words that our father in Heaven is given to us he's like a father his children saw the Lord pities them that fear him forty know what our frame human members that we are dust isn't that wonderful this is the father in heaven remembering and pitying heart condition ranging down to us and saying he remembers that we are just as I mean you just make excuses for us now but he had a genuine loving tender pity for us just as we should have our own children he knows the position that we find ourselves in he remembers that we are God 's I wonder how or responding to them brothers sisters how are we responding to his father 's heart for us I remember the day that Alayna and I met Bill will Sharon want our seminars they came to us after one of the meetings and ask if we can find a private place where we can talk together for a little time in between the meetings that they unfolded to us heart wrenching story of their daughter Sandy Cece Sandy was a loving bright talented young woman that homeschooled Sandy and she excels elastically musically very talented Ellen Karen had a great marriage very close family relationship and interaction with Sandy and their other child said he began doing projects on the computer on the Internet and quite innocently at first Sandy met an older man there on the Internet Sandy's world began to change very silently and imperceptibly to her parents but her life began to change nonetheless the man on the other end the man that she had never met except through the World Wide Web that man began to convince Sandy that the life that she had been living all those years in that family was a life of bondage the sending individual experience the freedom that he can offer to her if given the opportunity he convinced that either she needed to know what real life was like you never experience the sounds a little bit like the unfortunate story that he heard her beautiful garden from the surface of Karen didn't know anything about what was happening and planning for some time a special mission trip that Sandy would be getting involved in with a group of young adults and so unbeknownst to them Sandy went on her mission trip to another state it was there in that state that she rendezvoused with the man that she met on the Internet the genius man who is convinced that her whole life had been a life bondage and actually now needed to experience freedom Sandy didn't come home brothers and sisters and when he made the first contact with her parents Sandy was a different girl Sandy even had a different tone in her voice she was not the same girl that left her home that day the police don't know that they couldn't helping you see Sandy turned eighteen years old now and they said there was nothing they could do so Bill hired a private detective who will only confirm that devious character of this man would let Sandy into a cultish way of life our stop right there for a moment parents because these are real people their dear people I know these people learn first what is that due to your father 's heart man was that you are you wise when you think of what Bill and Sandy are experiencing with their daughter as they're talking to us this Sabbath afternoon him or what is going to their hearts well unfortunately we didn't have a lot of time to spend between that meeting all we can really do is encourage Bill and Sandy to take hold of Jesus Christ in a way that they had not taken hold of him prior to this in order that they might be able to hear more clearly and understand more fully what God was asking to do with Sandy being away from them for this man shortly after we returned home I received a phone call from Bill and he told me and quite anxious charms with much anxiety and intensity that he was considering an attempt to rescue his daughter Sandy now I ask you something then there a lot of you on your when I heard what the hell wanted to do can you imagine what came up inside of me as an author 's CIO of an eighteen -year-old daughter I have a twenty -year-old daughter can you imagine what it came up inside of me when I called you know my friends and told you that I was thinking about rescuing my daughter will arise up inside of you when I have a great hobby and Matthew thank you mace well that's what my human heart wanted to do I entered him he immediately has a brother as a man at the father to what Bill was considering switching out that when the Lord left me him learning as I shared with you before I'm learning to be swift to hear not only what my human hearts that only one is the word of my Lord to me being Swifty here what saith the Spirit Bill said to me on that conversation he asked me this question he said what do I do time what do I do get any idea what it's like to have a person in that situation ask you what they should do is wanting to tell him whether he should attempt to rescue his daughter and I put away my own human feelings and emotions and I have to consult with my before I speak to this me because what I say to him as a potential of changing his entire life with his daughter had ever been in a position like best friends you know we cannot afford to lean to our own understanding brothers and sisters in God made me clearly aware that as I sat there for a moment on that phone conversation he said what should I do know in any of his hearts and I entreated the Lord as he spoke to me I said Lord what do you want me to say I don't have the wisdom sufficient for this I can't just give him an answer they just pops into my flashing in my thoughts Lord what would you have me to say to this man in immediately these words came into my mind not for me but for Bill was the NTC in the way that God somehow I will guide thee with mine are those other words of our heavenly father brothers and sisters are the words that I claimed all over again in my own experience of God was moving at from our city lifestyle into the present circumstances that we find ourselves in the mountains of Montana all right plan with God that he would keep that promise the promise of the alive to me and my family and now he said to me those words this promise is for Bill today and I felt the weight my own shoulders as I shared with my brother and distress those words of promise and I said to him Bill do you believe that God is willing to instruct you personally and teach you personally today what he would have you do it I got your daughter he said yes I do I ask you tonight friends do you believe that God is willing to personally instruct you and what you need to do giveaway that and then the more difficult question that I posed to my dear brother in distress was I you willing to let go have you completely so that you will know what he's asking you to do here's what he said to me he said what would you do I said if I were in your situation when this phone call ends I said I would go to my closets this is what I told him I would go out my closet my prayer for I was staying there with the Lord until I knew using well specifically for this decision you're making today would you now this doesn't mean friends that every time we have a decision to make Hasegawa literal class and I'm thankful I have a placement at the golf I hope you have a place like that to go that is the time your special place of communion with God my friends waking union with God wherever we are right not every little decision after the way I feel we get to our special prayer closet but a decision like this brothers and sisters we are not spending enough time in our prayer closets we are not spending enough time consulting with God what is well is regarding the conduct of our daily lives we need to be spending time to brothers and sisters in a second time would you give me a very big favor I said what is available in any explained to me the situation that he presently found himself in right there on that telephone call and the appointment that he had to meet in the next few minutes he said we regarded your closets and pray for me we pray that I will be able to hear hands speaking to me even through this appointment that I must needs and that he will prepare my heart to go home where I can go to my closets and get my answer from Brenda and a lot of people asked me to pray for them over the years lots of people and it's a privilege to pray for one another is the next him or had anyone ask me to go to my current classes like this man did this day I said he'll soon as I hang up the telephone I will go to my first class for you when I got off the phone I had no idea brothers and sisters what a blessing God had in store for me for bills say that I went to my closet that day and I began to pray I said Lord I'm here praying as a man for this man I'm here as a father who has a daughter who has daughters praying for men who has lost his daughter and I thought of my own precious daughters all brothers and sisters do you have any idea what it is to lose a daughter then I was on my knees before God I began to enter in to this demand situations I began to enter into what pain and heartache this man was going through an octave friend is just as though something switched inside of me and I began pleading with God for this man in a way I never planned for anyone in my life and then the silence of I is the Lord spoke these words to me not audible words the words in my conscience of these words came to me the Lord said I am the God of all flash sisters I wish you could've been there with me in my prayer closet that day because when God said I am I immediately saw the experience of Moses at the burning bush Python wireless standing before Bell in a last minute lines on the scene and I recognized this is the same God as I was speaking those words to me I am the God of all flash and there is nothing too hard for me brothers and sisters all I can tour you is that day on my knees I experienced the eye and like I've never experienced before for another man and his daughter he said I will that God of all flash and I know in the amount of time that there was no question that God was able to do whatever needs to be done for Bill 's daughter it was a thrill of my soul brothers and sisters God seems so personal to me so incredibly real to me I said Lord I'm coming to you as a father I have a father 's heart in the father 's heart I know maybe here at the father 's owners I said Lord I'm coming to you as a father I have a father 's heart him pavilion in darkness there in my closet you know God loves to be in the very darkness it was in the vein of darkness that he was with his son across your allows to hide his glory in us than a day of darkness in my closet in my for a closet that day God spoke words to me in my heart that I hope and pray I will never forget all eternity I was very pleased when I I I faxed that was mine I pleaded to him that was my basis for coming to him that was my home motivation for interceding in behalf of this man and his daughter is because I have father 's heart and their in the quietness of that moment God said to me I have the father 's heart to all brothers and sisters I've never seen God my father and before I sought God tenderly reaching down to this world I thought God giving his only begotten son with a loving aching heart giving Jesus his only son for you and I he has a father 's heart brothers and sisters he has a father 's heart that is many many more times tended in the tenderest heart we've ever experienced within us divine or human God has a father 's heart for us in that moment I recognized as I've never recognize people are that I don't have to merit something to and I you to understand the hurt and my heart for another person God has met father 's heart for you nine brothers and sisters he's reaching out to us in tenderness and I saw him giving Jesus in a way had never seen it before he has a father 's heart for us brothers and sisters in your arms for us to respond to him today tonight the Waverly year for our children to respond to us you know there's no greater satisfaction to a father to an earthly father many of us here tonight there's no greater satisfaction than send all that we have the hearts of our young people can you put a price on the admin my daughter Allison is clear other on the other side of the world right now but I have her hearts she loves me as much as a daughter could modify and my two young people that are here with me tonight I have their hearts their name to my hearts as the sisters God wants to have our hearts and into his heart why is it so hard for us why we turn ourselves away from our loving heavenly father all how it breaks my heart to see young people who turn away from the loving parents were given all they can give their children yes we make mistakes but it breaks my heart to see young people turn their hearts away from the parents would get all are so those young people but all are blessed forever as it is to be a father and have the hearts of our young people is another blessing friends but why are we getting ourselves to our heavenly father is in heaven for us in Jesus why do we hold ourselves back why do we keep in Atlanta's length from his brothers and sisters he yearns to be a personal file to us he loves us with an everlasting love you see I believe in just the same way as it is man stole the heart of precious little Sandy right out from the arms of her father so that year the adversary of our souls has been stealing our affections from our heavenly father do you see it he has told us it wasn't just eating that bought into the lie that their immediate but will continue to tell us why that has stolen our actions from our heavenly father just is that men can this be that she could no longer trust here Eddie's parents this daughter that they've had a loving relationship for nearly eighteen years and a man on a computer screen steals that from their daughters hearts Satan has done this brothers and sisters he convinced many of us while he convinced all of us but were being bought back are we even convinced that that we cannot trust our heavenly father we can't trust our heavenly father he convinced his life he can do and I will do one tree Benghazi can enough knowledge that he got three and be like him so he express their freedom and journalist doing that Joyce Brothers and sisters he's dealing off the actions he's convincing us that we cannot trust ourselves in an absolute surrender tender heart of our heavenly father and we bought into it through a mouth in a myriad of ways to see the Devils program only has accomplished one thing only accomplish one thing any successful say what is all double has to do is keep professing Christians from entering into a living vital connection to Jesus Christ and he has succeeded in his battle plan the Institute at all he has to do is keep professing Christians are not talking about the world he got the world brothers and sisters he's got the world all you have to do to get professing Christians is to keep us from entering into the living room power of Jesus Christ the power of God and the salvation he asks us and he's convinced too many of us to surrender all to a heavenly fathers to give up our liberties to give up our freedom as all the reason you are the reason that any one of you sitting here tonight as we used to get yourself entirely and completely in God 's hands except that you don't believe that you're safe there you don't believe that God can we do he says he will do the devil 's program brothers and sisters he's played out for six thousand years and that all he cares about is keeping us from making that vital connection with Jesus Christ you see he doesn't care how religiously are what he trembles for and you can go back through history you can go back to the Reformation what the devil trembles for is when he recognizes that a man or woman or a use or child begins to be God directed spirits that try mouse is in tremble at religion he doesn't tremble at our doctrines he doesn't try to the best truth of the world ever had offered fifty trembles when people connect with the mighty power of a living Savior and needed to rectify the trembles in the second thing that the devil will do there the things you'll do these two things the first is to keep us from that connection the second is if we make that connection he will spend all of his energies just as he did with our loving Redeemer he spent all his energies trying to disconnect Jesus seventy five the Soros and his energies you get connected to God is a living connection through Jesus Christ and he will span all his energies doing what in the new dentist as you from that connection all his energies to run sisters don't be fearful the only fearful but be warned because if you get yourself wholeheartedly to Jesus Christ this weekend you will experience the power that transcends anything you've ever experienced in your religious life and if you do that you'll experience the theory of the devil like you've never experienced by his grace is sufficient God 's grace is sufficient I love being Christian brothers and sisters I just wish I would've understood the program a lot earlier in life I love the program I know where I am in the program and that doesn't concern me as much as staying with my Redeemer because I know what the end will take me if I stay with him as the lights getting brighter and brighter and brighter as it is brighter and brighter until life but today in February against the more convinced we arrive at the way of the cross does lead home in the less we believe the lies of the devil back here in the darkness are you believing less of his lies brothers and sisters remember why ask a couple questions as Satan snarling your time for prayer two things that he does to accomplish this keeping us from really connecting with the power of a living Savior and he stole any time for prayer so here's time spending real communion with him and his word I don't mean just reading I mean spending real-time in God 's word that connecting you with the final Howard Jesus Christ is if you stall unless it is start prayer site is run like Simon God 's word he always effectively done out they were done unique uterus from communion with God through prayer study of his Word then he stolen from us the breath of the soul super it is the breath of his ever been suffocated before I almost fearful experience I almost drowned but by the grace of God was nine years old you know how they talk about going down the third time I experienced there three times and went on the third time and I knew I was dying I had no more air suffocating if you've ever lost your heirs warble experience flooding of older backup purposes no one you can do it I did have my son sometimes sell only hold her breath but when you can't get your breath it's a terrible feeling to suffocate brothers and sisters if we are not having final timing communion with God through prayer we are being soft you spiritually know what we can't maintain a vital connection with a powerhouse I are you released some cases very silly if I'm gasping for literal breath in our small friends if we are not eating and drinking the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ no that was what turned away a large number of his disciples he said he did yet eat my flash and drink my blood they said this is a very hard thing the band sang in many of them law there in the market and no more than as we are not earning time reading up on the word of God feeding our souls I don't mean just going to emotions I don't mean rote prayers I don't mean just reading just to be reading I mean feeding ourselves if we are not it's very interesting that kind of Camino with God we're starving spiritually how you think about this for a moment was the beginning the everlasting gospel to rise right and were suffocating in starving in the process spoke on testimonies that would you want that kind of gospel now honey I need health reformers all over the world who are some of the most emaciated unhealthy looking people I've ever met in my life and I don't mean any offense to health reformer but if that is the case and you're trying to tell people that you got that way of life and you look like skin and bone things here I wanted to all at sisters is not one itself to say I want when she half dozen not all a friend in the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ of the world we can be starving and suffocating as Christians will yet again on man heavenly father breakthrough your heart tonight he has a father 's heart for each one is waiting for us to respond more deeply more intimately completely that we ever responded before I was waiting for his yearning for us to have the experience of Jeremiah love these words of Jeremiah fifteen sixteen Jeremiah supply words were found and I did watch I and I worry became the joy and rejoicing of my heart doesn't Athena beautiful picture Jeremiah is expressing here that what I really took this learned and it became a living part of me through a living connection with God it became the show I am rejoicing of my heart brothers and sisters that Christianity and the world is hungry for the need out for they need our doctrines but they need our Savior first and we need that Savior before we can than anything else because we give all the other stuff in the gospel hardened because they need is a dear don't just need better to an innocent error the truth as it is in Jesus Christ and that change the world by the sisters so how are you doing on the breathing eating really now we need to think about that Holly I made some commitments the Lord is near year have you got it we need to make amendment spelling we need to make resolutions and Lee Hamilton resolutions and horrified Grayson Jesus Christ and vandals resolutions will come alive good to do that was good to make commitments and think about those commitments decide how to carry around something about it friends think about when you go home tonight call me a chance to where we are going to stay tonight you think about your eating and breathing program and figure out whether or not you than suffocating and starving and eighty nine new diet 's dog wants to be formless the right way doesn't let secondary for good at sucking area I wanted to share with you that when I found in my quiet time with God there is one main thing that God wants to have happen in my quiet time every morning one main thing it doesn't matter how long it takes is one thing that I need to come away with before I leave my quiet time with God in the morning and that is this that I am consciously aware that I'm mightily connected to Jesus Christ consciously aware that I'm vitally connected to a living Savior who has the power to keep me as I called if I will continue to cooperate with him all through the day that's what I go to God for the morning that you backup your theology is if we don't think that the presence of sweetest man hours in the morning if we what now is that if you spent hours hearing on his word even if you don't come away finally connected still good as this will change just by how much better that we come away knowing that we are connected with no one who is mighty to save so we come to God for my quiet times in the morning is the leakage how our family that we had hours of this morning is not so that we can feel good about spending our whatever my time was spent in the morning so that we can get connected with the power of the holy power is able to keep us today with the gospel we don't have that when we have brothers and sisters sell her double chin keep us from getting connected but he cannot keep us from that brothers and sisters the devil cannot keep us from that that's good news of the latest think they were pretty mad and we might forget while I can't tell you how many times the devil is trying to convince me that I was throwing the towel I'm never intimate but I don't believe those lies even when you feel like that sometimes I don't believe those lies but if you can't keep us from making that connection off anyone else right now that is he'll break to try in every way possible to break that connection you know unfortunately one of the most successful ways that he uses to break the connection is substituting a connection to chose as being synonymous with a connection to Christ can you believe that this window if you don't believe that if you haven't seen it in all lightning haven't seen in a church that you attend now show you how it happened that Jewish patient and visualization was an apothecary the great plan of salvation and they were given the lamb sacrifices you remember that in that lamb was to represent no yes it was to represent Christ the Savior of the world and when saying in the world game what do they do know him they crucified him because they can recognize by the sisters they had all the truth laid out to them from the foundations of the world and when Jesus came the one related all-out for them when he came to crucify him what are you substituting for a vital connection I can tell you many things that people are substituting many people are substituting church attendance many people believe that because they had ten the right church they have the right connection is not the case brothers and sisters connection to a charge is not connection to Christ automatically now that show should lead us to that connection but don't assume that because you can the church have a connection don't sound that because you participate in getting Bible study that you have the connection domicile that if they tied the charts if you have the connection these assumptions can lead you in a very downward spiral that will leave you like the Jewish nation unless anyone can walk away from here saying that Tom Waters is talking against church or talking against fighting not all that's not what I'm saying all those things were like lands sacrifices if you will all those things were pointing us to who was transformed as you bring people to Jesus Christ if I can find and all the church as it is to connect people to Kansas for the most frightening for typing it it will support the ministry of the gospel of Jesus Christ in doing those things in and of themselves is no different than slaying a lamb sacrifice it becomes a ritual to you it will not merit you anything in the kingdom of God it is not connected to the sweet savor of a living connection to Jesus Christ you hear me say these kind of things and most of my messages because I've come to recognize in my own experience the foolishness of the deception of holding on to the truth apart from Jesus Christ Anthony it's dangerous it's what caused the Pharisees to stand in Jesus they and tell him that they needed a sign that he was the Messiah because the truth had led them away from Jesus has been to Jesus but our heavenly father doesn't care about all those excuses he doesn't care about all the baggage that we had all he cares about right now brothers and sisters is whether you are willing to respond to his fathers are calling to you just like you want your children to respond to you does that make you feel peaceful and contented when you when you can call to the heart of your son or daughter and they respond I have a love and cheerfulness that a compliance and do this God is calling to our hearts tonight his father 's heart yearns for us to remember Bill and his daughter Sandy this message you made a decision not to attempt to rescue Sandy that's the decision God led him to buy remember that Jay and Bill called me a few months later and he said she's coming home she's coming home all brothers and sisters how sweet are those words I can't tell you the tears that I sent for that family but what sweet words she's coming home to your thrills like I can probably let it out having gone through this experience with velvet evening incident the beauty of that he did what God asked him to do humans and God he went to his father in heaven he got the answer and he said she's coming home on ASCII tonight what about you are you coming home brothers and sisters are you really coming home to see if the choices were making daily as the priorities that are being set daily and you know some of those priorities in some of those choices may seem like they're being pressed upon us from every side friends we make the final decision under God only alternate the final decision on a double influence but why haven't any choices and daily priorities telling you are you coming home or are you being slowly steadily quietly drifting hi there my father 's heart is really wanted this here you know the words that verify when you come in all times he coming on as well every and shouted at the good news is when are you coming home brothers and sisters are you really collaborating with God in your daily priorities in your choices are you saying all I get many Sunday are you saying I need to be ready today I will be ready to go home with Jesus Christ he coming home are you drifting away tonight if you find yourself with a sense of emptiness if you feel aching void inside of you feel like a failure I've experienced all those things myself I understand how you feel I want to listen to something very beautiful our heavenly father wants to paint a beautiful scene for us as we close this message tonight budget picture with me what I believe is one of the most moving portrayals of a father 's heart is the heart of our fathers brothers and sisters as a father this daily looking longing for the return of his son every day he looks for the return of his wayward son and says while he was a great way off his father saw him and he had compassion on him and he ran Nice is our heavenly father processes he longs for us to come back to him tonight I didn't know where you've been or how long you've been there but if you're not what God wants you to be tonight this is a picture of my heavenly father is God that I serve this is the guy that I'm coming to love more deeply than I've ever known before this is my and he wants you to come home and he wants me to come home within him is a great way off watching longing for the return because he will not force us to return he will not go out and grab hold of his brothers and sisters you wait for the longing heart for us to return home to him he's drawing us he's willingness and when he sees is a great way off he hasn't waned with his arms folded he definitely he has and he runs to meet that our heavenly father this media was brought by audio a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe the more certain it is www. audio or


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