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Reaching in to Reach Out

Tom Waters


Reaching the hearts in our home first.


Tom Waters

President, co-founder and speaker for Restoration International


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him him is very dear to my heart and my family we had to reach out what that regime and to reach out network told in first Corinthians seven scene is a very beautiful words are known these words were for many years before I can understand about really reaching Aaron says he will now old white whether thou shalt save thy husband and wife can say that Jesus was a safe and legal fun of that old man read about shelf saved by why reaching in to reject the first iPhone visitors reaching in to reach out to talk about tonight and I hope in a very simple and practical way that can be meeting all to each one of us here tonight and I appreciate it Ellen 's prayer it's not just for families right it's not just for people who have children the message is that we have been experiencing together this last few days are for every heart here the young and the old married and unmarried novice called each of our hearts individually first I want you to picture graphics seen with me the same as and him husband-and-wife then we know very well that she was in England she sitting in their home hot old cross in the corner of their office on the floor the woman is leaving shaking nearly uncontrollably she failed raw unlocked she feels unappreciated and she feels like she is second raise wife to her husband and efficiency C Garner her office in their home shrinking leaving what kind of husband this is one way is I want to see draw your heart for this woman yes I love you and I can relate to that woman ammonia water husband her husband is looked up to by his coworkers are very highly respected by the people in his church why he's committed he dedicated he showed leadership in his church and spirituality words they can only measure by his involvement in outreach programs of the church socially this time than it although I is very responsive to the needs of those around them him I don't know easy going and I not everybody is somebody sitting in the corner of the office in the home doesn't have how can we have this one when we in the corner of the office sitting on the floor she's such a way to her husband I saw this woman any kind of its various inter- is the and Mister wonderful is this possible brothers and sisters as possible as it is I knew what was going on with this woman will tell you what nobody knew about this man and this man woman did not know about themselves C I can tell you what really happened to this woman because she is my lovely wife that is the one sitting corner of know when I shared this message the first time one of my friends came up in the afterword he said how could you say how did you share that with us and I said I'm sharing it tonight because I want to do somebody hope that the Holland to change a man and woman missing we were newlyweds when I was in there for I was worried about that kind of Christians when you will and I don't understand all of it is that so everything whatever you will have to do you answer every call is can you help everybody calls the Muslim Christianity northerly is not for the one who needs it most why was this a wonderful father 's always busy and call it was hard on me I couldn't say yes to everything and know everything that is because I just couldn't lose my right hand wasn't getting anything left over is a listening ear for everyone except my wife is anybody here today because I thought Windows anymore my home is no diet now listening here my wife is a set when what she had to say didn't cross my world and I can hear convenient as and when she shared her burdens away I saw her weaknesses in those early months of our marriage I couldn't handle it I didn't want to handle it I find him what I understand Oregon and was when she felt an adequate when she's strong will you all my response was this issue is chosen pastors daughter she has all the answers right and you know the Bible is she ran only thing felt like he would get discouraged when she would feel inadequate often my response when something like this longing to feel that way the soon to be discouraged by the ahold of yourself with the matter with you I think that makes Yahoo by the Van Nuys that night while my wife that crying in the corner of our office I sat in the basement 's I sat there feeling sorry for myself they do we go on what is going on with my worry what is her problem and the narrator he will call courtship wages could talk about it in any way as to what has happened to my wife that nice as I was sitting there in my self-pity I been waging on one hour that night God began to reaching the hearts spirit of God broke through to me nice I don't understand how he did it because I didn't understand about myself is a voice that when you go through that night I him me him through loud and clear he said if you don't stop picking on why you're going to destroy her that I was the beginning of God showing me I saw that I had never seen before that night was the beginning for me abroad on college and regime to reach out I know that but then I is the night I go back to recognize that that was not my eyes it is in me that this was my problem I wish I can understand the reality is when she is called in an and or and everything in human flesh the program was on shot in both words that have shot meters is my problem I thought was the problem then I got began to show me my problem he told me that night right now ten days can cause other things about friends I mean it's how you said it may sound and then I couldn't name any all the while maintaining an online she was not good but I knew I been saying about that is not a wife needs to hear when she's crying in the corner and associated here because I like about the only thing I was saying in my life him me say that I was broken before God I gone so far down in such a short time I can think of anything positive that is happens in marriages today this is where it is one of the Little League is these that have friendships that happens with church members will we begin to focus on the bigger and bigger and bigger prison when the monster when they don't mountain out of a mole hill and that's what I've done to my wife said Lord help me help me to need to verify that there is from that moment my mind started to open up and I wrote down those ten things and I could've just kept writing no one because God changed my attitude changed my focus not that my focus off of me and begin to show me my wife who she really was and who I really was that nine and I started writing and that can play out a soft side of my house I was changed I felt that there is no question that I didn't even know I had been on and I was ready to run upstairs and tell my wife presenting and the Lord said no no no that's what I was now you live these things to your wife over the next week him her in the hotel is a positive for how they will do what I do is get my wife Terri things that I appreciate I need to go upstairs and do what we confess my sin and treating my wife and I will consistently have very beautiful experience that night because I went to my wife and I knelt down before her and I confess my sins and unexpectedly for her and before my God the best I understood them arms was noted in the same sentence God is not a call that they long to get out of a long time ago in my marriage experience as they want and I'll see what I mean by that you really he is a wonderful weekend my wife at all do everything for everybody out to do everything for everybody else we still have the time to go together we were doing it together but we understand real with you to understand what we need to see in PowerPoint gone were the real gospel of Jesus Christ so what we did we get together but it still wasn't lying help phase one is all professing Christians today and I hope I offend anybody when I say that this is a fast brothers and sisters I've been all over learning in many places in the world is the same everywhere the defendant career is the same in Australia and the same in Mexico is the same wherever we go finds no repressing Christians today are similarities we will spirit as blindness or spiritual glass as revelations revitalize you think you're rich and increased with goods and new matches and miserable online is shown no Christianity is somewhere between complete spiritual blindness somewhere in the one one holidays one where were working together but we're still not working together working together but were still working on are all understanding of how evangelism gets done working together with doing a number of still have God motivating and driving at work is very very little higher changing and dog going on professing Christianity today there is very little real ranging in the marriage and the family in order be prepared to reach to the world dog wants his people invasive got lost on the list out of that experience and what I call phase two when you start making as I did in my own marriage in my own home and start making some very important and tough decisions a similar hardest thing is you come away from these meetings in the very inspired but alas it makes him very hard decisions him why is there a hard this is the last there is a building experience is there a selecting the experiences and less willing to make those kind of decisions Lulu here in Montréal and the phase one only known online phase one the new facility is not likely to move us through some tough decisions that are independent decisions for you and I don't know about their personal decisions for your rod when you hire change in attitude that's what I needed that's what my marriage needed I am even a change in my attitude and God began to lead us through that change is in place so there is a bio connection with Jesus Christ when I leave my own connection I need a connection where we come away consciously aware that we are under the guidance of the Holy Spirit that we come away knowing that we taken hold of Christ is not operating on the basis is experiencing a kind of Christianity brothers and sisters if you are not don't leave here without making the top with the best commitment shall not I became literally became my first and foremost evangelistic outreach I was out there doing everything for everybody else my whole attitude is changing in my wine became the focus of my most powerful energies and truly interesting part of my life with real evangelism him a while husbands I do nothing in her way in the pathologist someone called on abomination brought around struggling and I will talk to you don't share this with anybody out abroad is not a IV help right now we help me that her husband and wife is struggling with you in fact investing in the first floor definitely change in first in order to be prepared to reach out and they are shown on high priority families first really see why it started telling the truth is that God is first major family of soccer by the way your priority is really is not as an attitude the outreach is to make the family the first priority under your American I was with your children today I was talking with someone recently and we were talking about some of the difficulties young people face in Hall is very weary of their quiet time to be which shall become meaningless it can be gradually if it's not connecting them to Jesus Christ parents and children as people are Hall delete your fathers decided life-size to our daughters listen let's take the next few days together and let's do is to let us take our quiet time together and make it alive let's make it him will make sure we're getting it wasn't hard Jesus Christ let's take behind his hands on doing that that's what compared to reach out to the world because friends we can't reason why why it was reasoned like children and wanted to the world right now the world is languishing because it needs an audio married couple right now is languishing he has a easy to know how to be a single person can connect with God right now the world is languishing because parents don't know how to bring their own children Jesus in heaven worshiped in the region to prepare job is a undefined in my own experience that is truly reaching and then prepares us to truly reach out and I'm not done reaching done some reason in today with my own self I've definitely seen today with my own life God is calling for us to learn XML formula that the best outrages their best honest and me reaching before we reach out editor requires the greatest commitment vigil ever make an example of when she went every step but once I understand how the gospel of Jesus Christ and of what we call the left power and what we think our adversaries know where I first learned this the more joy in him car is not easy to make the decisions about highly fine I hope this is encouraging to the top this is other early decision is either a change is what I love about my suburban sky and got began to reveal this to my wife his father husband as a man wanted topless things for me to hear what was my lack of leaking onto other people I don't know either whether some of my fellow elders read in my years it is going off Erica hide your light under a bushel one of them said to me was that just going out there and grown tomatoes and program online and Michele Weiner younger families and is he is time I couldn't explain to them one of the me was the Galapagos and leaving my ears how do I add I was basing who I want to understand why anyone was as when I went out from the mouth of the Montana prison ministries director of the fifteen hundred member church we do not want them on Canada thirty five foot trailer with my family of five you want to know how you find out what's up with one you move in the twenty eight hundred square foot home and what it will do it every month you'll find out what sounds like I was opening my eyes and say why why why all agencies in all ages is this is hardware is the initial transition this time him causing everything modern evangelism because of the Arizona program is here today in the evangelical world even the church but you know for myself I call from our wealth is transferred on our conference when the Illinois conference and I thought the Minnesota conference one of our conference leaders had transferred his time I know I will die respectful I will guide for managers and come back after this church can you imagine and I love the reach of the people I minister I was coming out radiology among Montana now this conference officials call anything then it should explain from the past it's a country church is a character that was the environment which is now the Lord said no no invitation to think about it but I think a lot of us and I don't even think about Ray I know that's calling me to do decline the invitation to take pictures of things going on because not one of them originally my own family to legitimize the and then learn how to reach out to be the greatest commitment shall ever made truly learn how to mention that when the greatest rewards you have in this life and once you make them he is your brothers and sisters from victory to victory the Christian life is not a graduate for me that Christian life is my highest joy I love me him alive Christian items in the powerless Christian in ministry they got home I thought it was best to try to do all things not only will likely do it because my stabilization by the machine is powered living God 's power source so how is it for you today I'd originated by first dictionary of Marrakesh are you reaching into your family this is if you can answer those questions in the affirmative and the work is cut out for you and his no-brainer for the alcohol is way to learn first to show I see you that his version let them learn birth to show high team at home this is the apostle Paul speaking quality care of our family I care about how religion but the apostle Paul knew the importance of letting high the first verse learning the home this is ranging in Christ to change the McCaskill and then we change then to the marriage to demonstrate a gospel that the union between Christ and his people the marriage relationship there was also demonstrated as husbands or wives in the power of the gospel and then reaching into our children which is a first outreach beyond the marriage of them were first to show and hide the at home my share with you a very incurred sorry I know call posted Sunday he wanted to comment do some meetings her sister decided on a message excited about the potential for people to take hold of the real gospel ahead of us made a air got together to talk about this situation now this man was the most misleading it are taught to somebody I had time to make sure that things will work out all right everything was than five days everything I got has been listening to everything changed I mentioned not to work out he immediately recognized as best song the idea was raised when we go start lobbying lobbying is right but not our idea is as pressure on any OS on the religion of the adverse but the Lord said no that's not my way so they begin to pray in the Lord put a burden on this man hardest to tell you you want these meetings happening here yesterday but how is it in your home you want to people applying this principle but not available in your home anything challenged me I didn't know I'll be the people I needed to go back to my home and living the principles of Halloween using the man surrendered himself to God because it is office family went home him know where that's very not started working as now provided the opportunity for me to go back into all our meeting where the final decision is going to be made on whether these meetings would happen and when you want to coordinate a he saw the determined resistance of some other people were going to vote it down before the conference he said we sure to burn now I wish I was in Berlin is always the changes in the family and holiday novelist Jim is very hands-on Marriott has on children he shared with the board in a simple presentation and now he wants the phases begin the determined with us data preservation when outside the pattern arranged a unit of presentations on these of our meeting last five and sat in his Neanderthal waiting for the board meeting in a very short time the pastor came out with excitement on his face in the Senate approved by the board nominated as he started making phone he started losing antichrist is a very day that his desire was first is to have half and when he started doing that God turned the circumstances and God move the hearts of the people in a way he would never have moved them to lobbying into man's human devising brothers and sisters that is he will change completely change the river crossing circumstances they give you willing to begin regime in order to reach out and other experienced a couple him will go the other direction and then come home that I knew before they were married a beautiful young couple they came together they were they when the phone call that he couldn't handle more beautiful picture they were they were nice looking they fit together so beautifully the iPad and they alone will you know what began to happen for this couple husband VPN getting so involved in the programs and outreach and have sex burdens for reaching out to other people in Hadley Bible studies and message like this spirit always put an alert 's are involved in the Bible study how we need to get Bible studies to see my illustration here were those he was given a Bible study he was doing the college programs anyhow I was getting to be less and less than he was home less than last and he gets all his life all messages were resolved and she said I understand how the conventional three children she said that when I get you usually get home before midnight got later and later was coming on eleven and midnight is coming home fewer nights and he was starting to have more time with some of the programming leaders one of which was another lady him alive finally one day when his wife just died out she said I been sacrificing you and staying home and working with the children please I can't take it anymore and he said you know what I save yourself he is not willing to lose father or mother or wife or children whom I say is not worthy of me he said I think it's time for me to leave him getting in the way of my work forgot you brothers and sisters I believe it very dramatic example and these are people who I know whose hearts were broken is a very dramatic example product possesses I see it happen in many places I saw already not believe they got with all word assaults student with extreme extremist Hindu but I see it happening I think people that are becoming more and more busy by things out there outside of friends that anything that continually drives focus out there anything anything that I should focus out there and causes you to neglect the work here in the home is taking away from God anything after the Bible is I don't care what anything is driving your focus out there to neglect in here and here is what caused you to lose your way to see I get myself wholeheartedly viewed here him wholeheartedly know why you don't stop reaching for my name ever gone skinny on the configuration of MSA insider evaluation of ethanol now because they understand what I need to get here but all in and I know many men who lost their families who've lost their marriages of law the children because alternative is the kind of thing it is really this kind of thing is little apparent debate is always our regime we go from the mountain to the multitude and then we go back to them oh how I love you as you have to literally go back to them on the panel is okay okay as I will go back to where my first work is I love to go back to the home way the leading integrated in my family time in my walk with God and that deeper way you see his family is here is not neglecting to give Luigi in on both sides existing commitments now the natural byproduct of truly reaching in his outreach is INS decided my letter was documented as a lawyer in my experience but the natural result of cooperative network is to reach out to others is one we really had him or we can send out a fire upon it as we did have something that intellectualized not working with our check out of work in trouble I want to go biking with my family to go hiking camping backpacking canoeing just taking walks with one eye only because our families in transition now everything is fine major transition are negative twenty eighteen and fifteen different directions and they got there were some in our schedule we have Monday night as I like nice I talked to Sally together the lightning on Monday night Tuesday night as I walked together Wednesday night with our special time together we talk every day without talking communicated their night is our opportunity to do things with other families is also outreach together for family time we had been looking for a way to meet the needs of our family when their little wonder they emphasized that have resided never fail when he comes up to share how that I have to consciously stand up straighter and I like to lean on the podium sometimes in Holland when one is talking and when he comes up and stands beside and I always feel a need to stand up straighter and when they hear each other the other day I'm still ahead of them but by half an inch I noticed that he's got nothing out of whatever she is but I know if you ask me out so for now and yesterday redesigning the way the transition him me where it is easy if we need to be looking for ways to link to our families not young people don't mind getting a time to work with other people because they are always have time and bypass graft I always will have time if there is like five days in because I'm getting older I is right now I have to be an exercise program otherwise these young people of this Carolyn to cooperate with God in Louisiana my family as long as God is when you family knows that you are going to reject them by the grace of our God Kennedy struggling with the knowledge of the things that many families are feeling today is desire some time with mother and father they take amendment friends it takes a commitment is also thankful for the example Jesus gave us so thankful that when he was twelve years old he ignore the full-time evangelist it was while they found out he was the Lamb slain from the foundation of your I bought amazing ethanol people today seem to feel that I know I'm not the world says a senior at all we don't describe that philosophy of failure is not easy she is less concerned to work day by day shot locally has factor for the long haul now you people say that in their lives and amount home outside I said that it would invite a friend while in the mountains him him him him him home in Nazareth and that until he was thirty years old who is also harmless all under the influence and direction of his parents as illusory as always I is why I do it in an unsuccessful national phenomenon now why did he because Jesus said example of machine vision had several our schedules and processing and processing piece of property and most of the foundations of the earth in counseling his father he will and he says this is the way that the father God the son for this is the way this is the way you have and that's why Jesus says for example he learned how to lesion of thirty years then he reached out to the world everything he had been willing to ask what is one for us friends when it only considered miniatures and a pastor actually caused amazingly certain time limit he said I'm committed to reaching design may be misunderstood he's on the major leagues at fun and allow God to do whatever he do in the ticket 's termination is just silliness they desire on their way to my family and I'm going to give my family my best and then I know God will make a difference in my stream that has called himself a revolution praise God because he was excited he said him I may never said I had to Legionella like I had not originated in the four things that is changing as it is changing the people in my church friends and start their reaching to reach out to you also something very powerful in the fall has always counseled for families but also for seventy five days if any provide not Verizon especially as well as others on how he hath denied the faith he was not in a day and he is worse than an infidel language for people just want to find that soon material relating to know a solid it is if we do not learn how to reach a White House wastewater families they are a you will order that we do not learn how is that there will not be in the island have you and I don't want anyone here tonight it is very hardy deciduous you feel like you and your eyes if you know don't be discouraged please find that if you take the chance and take all our God begins leaking and delete this media was brought audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more we would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain it is www. audio person or


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