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Tarry Ye

Tom Waters


A vital connection to receive power from God.


Tom Waters

President, co-founder and speaker for Restoration International


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well it had only been a few months a very short few months that God has called us out of our suburban lifestyle am very fast-track lifestyle we only been in Montana few months we were living in a fifth wheel trailer that was thirty five feet long with five bonus the youngest being just shy of three months all now I don't know if that means anything to anybody here that but what began to show me in that short time was that I had not carried long enough to be in good with power from on high I needed to carry longer the Lord was showing the incredible things almost unbelievable things about myself because when you live in a space that five you find out things that you never knew before God is very good well the devil wanted to take advantage of that situation and so he is putting Tyson in front of me there three or four months into that process because when the devil seems that the pressure is on and he sees that God is opening our eyes and he wants to change us the devil wants to interfere with our product progress in that process nothing well I got a call from the ministerial secretary of this conference now please don't misunderstand me that wasn't the devil wasn't connected with the ministerial secretary the devil simply wanted to use some means to destroy me to try that I was on an where I got that call it was a very strong enticement he was offering me a church imagine that I just come out of being the director of the school of radiography at a large hospital and he is offering me a church country church can you imagine because the ministerial director in this conference was my former ministerial director in the conference I had laughed and he knows me an e-mail my desires and he knew my earnest honest hearted desire to serve God with my whole heart you want to try and offer me an enticement he was just trying to do what he felt God was asking him to do with you now that even as we were on the telephone the Lord was impressing on my heart that my carrying time had only just begun that in spite of the call that I was getting there was a greater call that God put it in my heart and that call was being revealed in no uncertain terms as day by day I was recognizing the man that I was I was not a man that I thought I was I was not demanded that it looked like I was as personal ministries director of that church I was doing the best I knew when I was not understanding the power and action that Jesus Christ got been one interfere with that process and so I declined that invitation to this you know how thankful I am God was only beginning the work of showing me who I really was and the work that needed to be done in my life you see men we had not carried long enough and I can still say that tonight I am still in the carrying process I always long to go home to the mountains from the mountains and to the multitude and back to the mound because I need the experience of carrying in a quiet place to be able to maintain a connection that God is calling each one of us to maintain you know there were twelve men that followed Jesus around for three and a half years and had the same need you know that Matt Glendon side by side with Jesus watching him do miracles and you know that those men including Judith given power to dinner did you realize that before Jesus wanted across he had given them some power that one out in the making back and told and how they work with them power power to cast out demons he gave them power over unclean spirits but you know those same and that it walk and talk with Jesus for three and half years came up to the night the night before his crucifixion and you know what they were doing around the table of the Last Supper they were bickering arguing jealousies and evil surmising they were speaking evil of each other and they were trying to determine who would be the greatest among us can imagine that Washington because we had the same as possessions apart from Christ that night Jesus in an argument with somebody had said to his disciples carry a year watch with me and he that called Terry that night in the Garden of the summoning watch with me for one hour Gary E year but no and all else we helplessly piggybacking and be trying to Rawls the author mostly they didn't heed the call and one of the reasons that they didn't heed the call is the same for Austin many times we do not heed the call of our Savior to us because you do not understand our true condition that night they did not understand that night they all suck him even bold fearless leader when Peter had fought for a Savior to the death in a sword battle music absolutely but when that little lady came to him and said raising you with your couldn't handle the pressure because Peter had refused to carry long enough at the saviors commission that night now we find Jesus the last thing he did with his disciples and I think this is very interesting the very last words he spoke to his disciples found in Luke twenty four verse forty nine he said behold I send the promise of my father upon you but hairy he in the city of Jerusalem until you internode with power from where on high charity those were the last instructions of our Savior before you send it clouds and was taken back to his father now where the disciples at this point ready to hear the message carried when I absolutely they were ready they had learned from their experience back there after they saw their own weakness so what about us today then it is a message to Terri he still applicable today the man today business it's absolutely vital we have the same gospel commission see the Savior had given them the gospel commission and then he said Terry Kerry until you'd be into with power from on high we need preparation doing in qualifications yes we do do we need power from on high yes we do have we tarry long enough or are we more like the disciples we recognize and I believe every one of the disciples honestly and sincerely wanted to do what Jesus had been doing a summary that I I don't think any of them said document Harry in a watch I can stay awake our women had that attitude that they did not understand how vitally important it was for them to carry law in our derisive power that night power that will both disciples through the conflict of a phase power that would count them on forsaking their Lord and Ronnie Skinner we need to understand that the parenting time brothers who seem to many times were like Peter or even fast asleep when we should be watching all we are out backing off years trying to find in our own strength or two kinds of caring but I want to talk about today really is more of the where we carry and what happens in the carrying time the first deals with our location and lifestyle you see our location is not what saves offenders were saved by living on the mountains of Montana but our location and our lifestyle in the location can have a serious effect upon how we tune in or don't tune in to what you little bit about where we were before we moved out to Montana a little bit about the environment that we live in we had neighbors that whereof from here that wall on both sides can we had very close neighbors and when those neighbors had people aware and play their music and have their interesting we were affected by neighbors there on both sides of us across are you Dennis we haven't a block and a half from two oh one AL will route lines that were the computer tracks in the Chicago back and forth game night and those racks rumbled and our house vibrated gain and we were one block away from all four-lane highway Highway eighty three where the traffic zoom day and night we had to live on a street about a mile and a half from the hospital early work it happened to be the main entrance for the analyst to the emergency room day and night and then that was not enough we who live under one of the corridors I think they call approach quarter for O'Hare international Airport shockingly all that together can you visualize that can you hear him all yes we can hear we were all everyday but you know what after all very short time we didn't hear anything and more is not interesting how did we not here anymore there's a word for this I learned in hospital called habituation there were before habituation and even your nerve centers key sunny out signal after while they say this is not fall alarm system there do not have to worry about that train a wrongful bill won't did you know you love actually is going on you say both cars get about it and want to keep going and coming to your door habituation phase when you stop hearing the sounds are still there there's still impacting the brain notes are doing their intent in the Galilean mental suffering that was our lifestyle so how is that Harry E three p.m. do with power from on high is a waiting understand all this but God is in God set in motion for us to make the transition to a location where we can begin to make a difference in our family now having said that I would make a very important point here do not have to be where I am where God moved me to carry you can begin tearing right where you are because that's what guys notice its interest in months to sell her house in a hot market when everything around us was selling in two weeks three weeks everything south of God shown us that we can begin learning how to carry amidst our present circumstances and you can interview will not will begin to New Year's Junior heart and you can begin carrying system future directions for the next spot not me taking to the transition as part of pairing that I want to emphasize that I feel is the most important is the daily carrying where ever we are that the elites carrying time or personal time with God the time where we let the mind is slow down enough to be still wanted to say Psalm forty six can be still and know that I will slow down enough to hear not quick prayer not quick devotional page out the door but to weigh in with God real soul communion with God to way that is not happening brothers in European Union with God then you are not experiencing the real carrying time by word have I what hit in my that I might not sin against the carrying time for me as a time to clear the conscience you know that the wonderful piece and having a clear conscience if you have a clear conscience tonight you know exactly what I'm talking about the carrying time is the time to quiet down enough to know if there's anything between my soul and God if there is I want him to get through to me now before it's too late many many people go through life sharing the burdens of a conscience that hasn't offense between God and man is a heavy burden a clear conscience may require restitution it wasn't until I really slowed my pace down and really started to hand that God began to show me what restitution really me him a confession that is repentance are you caring long enough then if we are not finding this to be our daily experiences that the enemy of our souls is sneaking on March upon Christian spirit we need to stop comparing ourselves among ourselves in Christianity along with all that we associate with and start asking God what he would have us to do to slow down enough to Terry I will share with you a very simple but very powerful illustration of uncaring monitor is in the full light of day in the hearing of other music and other voices the caged bird picture page bird will not sing the song that his master seeks to teach him he learns a snatch of this and a trail of that but never a separate and entire melody but the master covers the cage and places it where the bird will listen to the one song he used to say he tries and tries again to sing that song until it is learned and Hebrew race for imperfect melody that the bird is brought forth and ever after he can sing that song the God deals with his children he has a song to change and when we have learned that we can sing it however after we were him per a feeling of being in a case God places the comparable page and we sang the song over and over that he's trying to teach us what is the song was song he's trying to adjust it's a song of how we as men gain a living connection with the Lindsay St. Peter saw that we can gain a living connection on vital hold upon the one who is mighty to save to the uttermost all comments again and living thing the song is trying to teach us to maintain that connection with God and of varying circumstances and pressures on every day that we face the song is learning to live the very life of Jesus is saying too much does God want to work in us a complete transformation to be partakers of the divine nature is our God is calling us to press a song that he's trying to teach me by day choice by choice in every very circumstance that we face the song becomes a living testimony of practical living testimony to the transforming power of the gospel of Jesus Christ that the song God is trying to teach us that is why hello works so hard against that song and against having a salon anymore than it's well worth that you will hear of those is the key to writing what you think about this I have a piece of sheet music on his sheet music are beautiful no beautiful no and beautiful words and his assistant music and I holed up in front of you and I say isn't it beautiful is available just look at look at the words at the notes isn't it beautiful we thank no luck the black dots that go up and down words are black and white what's beautiful about it what makes that piece of music in those words beautiful as when you hear the music and when you hear the words express the way that the master designed and intended for them to be heard with the music I would like to suggest men for the song God wants to teach us is a song where a man who is under the divine direction of God reveals a beautiful melody in his family the melody line is important is meant to be doing the melody line is the building block a man who makes the melody a sweet melody in his home and then you take that man and you put a helpmate a wife beside him who come in harmony with this man and his hate for that I have harmony and you have beautiful music between a man and a woman is young children use in the family who join in that holiday with their beautiful harmonies you have a song that makes a much different impression than the sheet music with black and white notes Belgium then God is calling us to learn the song if the melody line of the and if we will learn that song are wise will want to join us harmony it will encourage our children to join in and then we we have the Masters piece of music not just the melody line all that nice not just one time that's nice but now we have the whole piece of music that's why that is precisely why inspiration to all that that are well ordered Christ centered family in behalf of the gospel then all I all the sermons that can be breached why because it's a symphony of the song that's in the song in malady in harmony in beautiful melodious tones one of calling men when approval is God has given to learn the song is the devil does not care at all if we only learn a snatch of a year natural that there we only get a little well that was things are going my way we can whistle a tune within double trembles the devil trembles when the song is a life hid with Christ in God he trembled men we need to carry long enough to let God teach us more and more of this perfect melody when we learned in the difficult circumstances of home life of business life we can sing the song anywhere in my I believe with all my heart if we will live the gospel in our homes we can live anywhere you see God may call you to a quieter place than you are maybe you won't maybe where you are now you can adjust your circumstances you can adjust your schedule you can adjust your life to carry right where you are that's what God wants to start today but because you away to a quieter place then remember something very important separation from your present lifestyle is not just to get away from the influence is to gain something you are not gaining your present location you go again not just to get away the sting of game playing is not enough you understand just maybe something about being cleaned out is not enough because you don't happen to get ill with something ten times worse if you don't fill it with God is not is not replacing what you're getting when you can be ten times worse now Moses illustrates the need of a carrying time and needed time he needed a change of surroundings for communion with God and that is a divine prescription for all of us thank our demand to think about this really think about this time your changes surroundings and your communion with God yes we are not taking time for communion with God in the busyness of life is crawling up a time for communion with God when we were in one weekend in with what we know what were ending up with the holy haven't we seen enough of our way is the time for us to use God 's prescription the one that Moses spent forty years with our nasty something wasn't forty years of the strapping on a time wasting side forty years forty years tending sheep when the people of God were needing a deliverer that wasted time now was not a waste of time but you know it's very interesting inspiration tells us that Amanda would have this sense was that long listen to this evening in a range how much graves loss of time but infinite wisdom called him who was to become will your people what is God calling us to become the believer who got people where first in the home infinite wisdom called handlers to become the leader of his people to spend forty years in the humble work of a shepherd to all advantage no advantage that human training or culture could be stalled could be a substitute for this experiment if there is no substitute that doesn't mean that God is saying to each of us tonight go find a hermit cabin and spent four years there but God is saying that the carrying time is indispensable and it is not a great loss of time but I'll ask event tonight since Amanda would have dispensed with it is sad and especially the cognitively lots of time I want to ask unionized are you as a man dispensing with this time this carrying time because you gain a great lots of time to spend time with me they were only answered me your answer your own hearts because I know many men today are this very thing with the carrying time and they're not saying it's a great waste of time of their life sentence accordingly you see we don't have to say all outsiders haven't got a waste of time if we day after day week after week are not taking time we are saying along with other men is that this very time is a great loss we think about is pretty sobering a great loss of time to see if other things are proving to be more important than were no different than the disciples before the cross is an relatively more important than taking time for God we are just simply saying it's a great loss of time brothers we want to learn to walk with God then we must learn to talk with you it takes time it takes time and it usually takes longer than we realize to slow down and take time to be holy you see it was during this carrying time of the most learned and his true weakness of character he learned his insufficiency any learn it so well that when God called him forth to be the leader of his people the second time around he said he wasn't being eloquent he wasn't being false piety and his Islamic I can't speak most systems are the true spirit of a man who needed his God to speak for him to work in him Moses came into the condition where God was a constant vision before him can you imagine this is the experience that Moses first four years in the wilderness God became a constant vision before him never did he lose sight of his face that never did he lose sight of his face quite a man quite a man that allowed God to transform to not transform us Jenny they can transform lives we will allow him to work with us in the best example of carrying is in the entire world Jesus Jesus is our example in all things and Jesus is our best example of Harry didn't know when Jesus found out that he was the land that was going to be slain for the sins of the world not only was twelve years all I come in and start a child evangelism program could be in that wonderful evangelist at twelve one entity why did he start as he could have been a wonderful evangelist of eighteen I mean look at the people he could have reached when we start as evangelism program thirty years old for eighteen years after Jesus knew he was the lands lay the foundation of the world for eighteen years he contented himself to be a dutiful son walking back and forth from his Galilean home to his carpenter shop where he worked and Joseph shot for the teen years and then one day he latest tools we heard the call will someone wanted to stay with the prophecies about the prophecies in the prophecy and he knew I was carrying time was important and he will be example that we needed and Jesus tarry long enough to do exactly what God asked him to do the same we need to tarry longer than any we don't have time to care anymore I tried we don't have time not to carry from the faster we go to worse we are adding a computer that will make things ten times faster is not the answer you will not reach a hundred times more people because it's ten times faster you will just have ten times more work to do and be ten times more sprung to be stressed out you will accomplish as much more as you'll think you can prophesy not saying that computers actual game but if we want to finish the work friends then the water needs to be done first in the carrying time God is calling us to I I was invited to a radio interview and you know before the interview the man who what had invited me was a Christian station and he wanted to talk about the steering time to his radio audience he was skeptical never really heard of this this idea would talk about Jesus and Moses he said what everybody did what is exhausting I sent well first of all if you will but I said I'll answer your question if everybody really did what I'm going to talk about this program and we would gain the needed information we would gain the needed qualifications and we would receive the outpouring of the power of the Holy Spirit and we would finish the work we've been called to finish in Christ and I said only a few only a few will take the call then we can be those few we can see the man couldn't say the call to carry long enough to be and do with power and is just so Jesus can come is so Jesus can be my Savior and my wife see and my children seen here and then we can work to finish gods work together that's what the impact can be felt now it's not just for Jesus to come it for the work in my own home and if I will get myself to the work of my own home then God can give us to a wider work in his order to see right now men you know whether you are really being sustained on a day by day basis by the power of Christ you know whether the gospel is really working I don't need to know you may be your character 's favorite person in Angela is wonderful you may be inherent as just a home wonderful man but you know tonight between your soul and God when you are really being sustained by great power is Christ what he present priorities to present choices are they crawling outcries is the only theoretically saying yes I'm a Christian I'm doing God 's will that I you present choices really rallying cries out of your life out of your family result many in their seasons of devotion to our receiving the real blessing of communion with God they aren't too great haste is unfamiliar to you with great stuff they price through the circle of Christ loving presence pausing for half a moment but not waiting for counsel in way of Veracruz they return to their work these workers can never attain the highest success until they learn the secret of strength the secret of strength they must give themselves time to think time to pray time to wait upon God for doing that men this is a good read here's a secret of strength time did they time to pray time to wait upon God for mental physical and spiritual power not a pause for a moment in his presence but personal contact with Christ this is our need for clothing of like to share with you personal experience that secondly in my mind the importance of carrying morning by morning long enough to receive a vital connection with Christ it was the morning that we were scheduled to leave Australia we had been there doing family camps three family camps and it was very tiring rolling or what I call happy tired of that means we were very thankful to God for the blessings of the time we spent there and the power of God working in people 's lives but we were taught here's well because we had to go to the airport the city international Airport that morning you'll just visualize for me I can find you what Kerry is my temptation but you know the Lord called to me needing handling is done right well the Lord called to me cautioned me Terry E three via and do homework from inside the eye to the time I love online home down slow down the scale and gain back connections before we left to go to the Sydney airport because you see God knew all is going to happen the Sydney airport I didn't but I never know what can happen everyday do you know that's why we need to carry that's why we need to carry long enough to gain a hold on she's I always got to the airport at his meetings because we were flying on Air New Zealand and Phelan has a program that offers you a free stopover and relocation if you spend a month in Australia we had been there a month and we had a choice of a place for and that stopover happened to be Tahiti for a few days of R&R and we were looking forward to it and so we got there to the airport walked up to the gate agent Helena was her name a capital of Montana Helena Helena was the gate agent I can still see your name tag there was not a lot of time together she was there we were one of the first our family was one of the first in line like to be on time and we always know that there possibilities of problem though we were there was nobody else in line and she begin the process our tickets she kept looking at my task force you are feeling a sense that something 's just not right she was looking intently at my passport and looking again and again and I just had one of those little promptings that something was not right about my passport so she turned to me and she said Mister Waters can I be able to go to Tahiti and family can go in him will will now end their long life I began to realize why God called me to carry long enough to understand because his mother I then is when salt one William E on agenda that God doesn't want spontaneous reactions they need to be filtered I sent her I don't understand it I do my passport was valid I checked that before we laugh and she said while the TV how the special law that your passport must be valid for at least three months when you come for the time I never heard of such things is that they are truly unfortunate she said nothing I can do about it is it's just a policy of Air New Zealand I I can't do anything about it so I asked her if she could go and talk to her supervisor and when she went to talk to her supervisor do you have an idea what was to happen inside of me while she was gone I knew I was being put to the test is very interesting when when when these situations on all the situations when a situation you become aware that you want to take over and you can feel inside and started inside the Lord was calling to me in spirit brought these words to the hotel you these words have become precious there in the front of my Bible every trial is waived and made the Lord Jesus Christ I call those words are indelibly averted in my mind and my heart every trial is weighed and measured by the Lord Jesus Christ and I yield to the spirit calling to me and I chose to stay with the Lord he never leaves us nothing when we do sometimes with your own way I chose to stay with the Lord while the supervisor came over his name is Gary and I talk with him and I said is there anything you can do so while you're there I can do is I can call the embassy in Tahiti and Hugo give you a special exception but that wasn't expire causally to be there for a few days my passport and expire for a month or six weeks assembling and be there for a few days is a knock on CW via special exemption so he called me Tahitian authority and got busy signal happens everywhere definition this is an important phone call for me and he called I was right very called and got busy signal I tried again again and position he couldn't get through to the government of Tahiti first off I'll call Air New Zealand headquarters in New Zealand are click call them and they said no we won't authorize the only exception can be made by the Tahitian government sore back the patient now I aligned the people are lining up in a few this is an international blank oh one in today's day the pressure of time is building time is ticking away in the fall and is still busy in Tahiti and time is ticking away so Gary comes back to me that lesson got an idea send your family fifty eight and will work on a special authorization through our embassy here will try to reach out tomorrow the Lord said do not separate do not find that thank you much more understanding out of luck whatever happens were together and so we stay together and I sent Gary is there somebody higher up and Air New Zealand headquarters New Zealand is somebody higher up you can talk to directly so he said okay I'll try to get through somebody else now this time all the other passengers are checked through for this life were still standing there and now there are seven or eight ticket agents who are now interested in this drama there's been going on for over an hour now and they are very interested to see what can happen well I'm standing there by the supervisor there is five minutes left before the dawn the airplane is close to feel what that's like five minutes is almost hopeless feeling now attempted CL Lord calls me the wrong let that happen don't give up hold on is impossible to hold on and let go of the same time absolutely I mean like all of your feelings right now and I let it go and even agents are standing around in there listening to Gary on the phone with the authorities and Air New Zealand five minutes left and get lighter insight okay you're sure then that we won't be held accountable for this decision I found very helpful he hung up the phone and he said yes you are cleared to go five minutes now we have to go back to the desk and get our boarding passes that we just can't run from there to the door so we go back to the desk and the lady Helena she standing there issuing our boarding passes I sent her Helena the plane going to wait for us she said yes it will wait for you as you said you know I want to thank you Mister Waters she said we've been watching this whole thing she said I could not tell you how many kinds of reactions we get to these situations she said we have been watching and she said I want to thank you the way you handle this situation and I only have five minutes but the Lord called to ministry in our lady Barbara Goff and I said the gospel Jesus Christ is not different than anybody else except the power of God we got our boarding passes and we ran again we have this little thing your family running again is where all is early but were almost well I don't affect almost all I've at least fifty percent of the time we are running to catch a flight running again this time were not able to run right into the dark we have to go through customs and immigration but we all know we can hear the password is ready to go rightfully got the immigrations desk and there was a very nice man there when he was very this and you want your needs with my son 's passport and he looked at and he said they had to ask you to come with Nissan and you can come along to father they just took us was an eerie feeling arguments I have to tell you that your healing because this is to go they just took us need to decide I feel in a room or leave a real joy here behind him there were all kinds of interesting people in this room that were there because the same reason we were there we stimuli were there and I said as we walked back there since there were supposed to be on this flight it was five minutes over standard death he said we have the authority to hold the flights okay so we went is little room he told us to sit down there in the room and that someone would come to see us walked out and we sat there looking around these other people wondering how long will it be what was to happen we finally found out that just I had two identities little did we know one was just shy Nathan Waters and he was Josiah and Waters regarding to the passport deciding never laughed Australia before three years ago he was still there officially when he may knew you it was two different identities in this passport showed up so they explain what happened than the time it took to get that straightened out so that he would be one identity again and then they let us go and we got on that airplane and reset down and we praised God for the keeping power of the gospel is because we're on an airplane but to see how God will keep us men God wants to demonstrate his power in every situation of our day every situation he has the power to keep us to the uttermost if we won't come to him and stay with him but you know as I sat there reflecting I was thankful that morning I stare long enough to receive a power outside because otherwise I would've lost it several times probably just like all young people that Helena said you can't believe the kind of responses I get when things like this happen I can believe it identifying heard those responses without achieving power of God those responses that professing Christian engine conventional we need to carry to know who power this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. on universe .org


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