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You’re In The War!

Paul Rayne


Fifteen minute presentation give during evangelistic campaign


Paul Rayne

Husband, father, General Manager, author and itinerant speaker with Restoration International. 

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all the money of power with your great if you might know the Bible verse Psalm thirty three nine I think it is his as he spake and it was done he commanded on it steadfast about the power space worlds into existence God is not what air power is not the issue the issue is that we don't many of our house we get about how I haven't gone and down into our life you know every one of you I know I when I see the Buddha behind but I know everyone of you this tendency to do things you know I just found out wrong the how do you get God 's power into your life right at that point now so we can look out in courts around how this is done a little intro and we got to go into tonight 's session in even many Christians identify many of you are professing Christians how many of you are not already too worried about that but many professing Christians deny the power of God could not be the Bible tells us he says they have a fold of godliness they go to church I say prayers at the form of godliness but the Bible goes on in second Timothy three three five is a nineteen night they refuse our God when it really comes down to them doing something that they wanted to he wanted our I wanted to but never becomes a seminar like this and we get the Bible than we think yeah now I'm going to be a better person because and I'm going to this prophecy seminar and make me a better person but you know it might not I I liken it to a lady and she's just bought a new vacuum cleaner you know she's been brushing the floor for ages and now husband is borderless and a vacuum cleaner I just question it along she said he now got a vacuum cleaner and easier now my Christian family she pushes it along to think this thing is so and it doesn't seem to do anything to the floor and then somebody says plenty to think I'm getting a blood Pentagon is plugged into God 's will come in the warming of the court and into your life is only to look at you know we do somehow figure out how to get God 's power plants the elevator opened heaven into our life we go to get God 's power into him now so we speak good words we go to get God 's power into a hemp was anybody have attempted them beyond the we going to get God 's power into our marriage and families we surely have if we don't do that as a nation we have been destroyed from within a natural ligand a look at in this quarter hour of power to do some things you gone and not withhold a now we've got a note how do we plug into God I mean I can't just pull up on the side of my leg and plug it into the past there is an being a perfect Christian what one is a notice that we plug in a time when you plug it in the Chechen plug it in the church to get the right gesturing as well I got plug-ins and gone possibly can I look at when you look at how long the coolant is but tonight 's court in our past is an introduction to what we can look at night by night tonight 's court in our power is insights who knew eating a war jnana I think we don't agree the war is a horrible thing to have any fancy little too young for that is one several often doesn't walk even if you only seen it on the TV war is a terrible thing to us missiles not okay if your country happens to other than those missiles that had and also bad but he also had one-on-one lands next door nodding I'm not talking about a kind of war we see 757s flying into the side of buildings I'm not talking about that kind of war I'm not talking about okay I'm not in a talk about Iraq Vietnam Bill Haber World War I to on talking about something a little bit different but it's just the war nevertheless it's a spiritual being you know that you're in a spiritual when you like you know not whether you recognize it or not whether you want SQL not every single one of us even a war and its righteousness be right you can use when this is what cyclase well you never see it on CNN you never see it on ABC anyway does it on the BBC the British broadcasting Company is where I come from it's a war in here it's a war in the minds it's a war between right and wrong between good and evil it's a war between the truth and the line it's a war between love and hate and you know when you really boiling down it's a wall between you and God and that you know that you know you are not war I'm sorry to say Scott about his urine will I know I have now I have any of you realize that you will have you probably never admitted it that everyone of us is naturally sell adventure and he recognize it when it really comes push comes to show you look at the number one how many of you when you were growing up coming and anybody sitting him down and say now little child I don't instruct you today on how to be selfish identities you have to snatch anesthesia housing on you I had to each other cry when you don't get your way anybody remember that know why this kind comes natural doesn't it I do not as we grow older children are ever in the most the children are Brenda having that but as we grow we time to get a little bit more refined I would just dry run it as a guideline way but maybe we gazed about and I'm we started a little bit more sophisticated about selfishness we stop talking to know what she said about me we start gossiping we thought it was kind of things just selfishness no Child selfishness but out of selfishness while as we grow not only does our selfishness kind of change but we just kind of education conscience with a lot of clinicians and is not to get educated we stopped to realize that some things in his is worth doing so is this war stops to develop between our selfishness and what is right we know is right on to illustrate this to you from personal experience in my I like to try any tonight I was out in a whole any starters he was without sin cast the first okay I family my wife and children here on the front drive we went shopping on Highway ninety three you will wait your highway ninety three whitefish to Eureka going to obey God we got the family Hot Springs in that place in the second as tall pools is elegant enough that is not driving along in a little seabird that in the morning and you notice lots of the crossing especially in the time it was nodding heads that you know that very well done going along and did about sixty five and all of a sudden into the headlines comes a day the Armenians it's very good it's steaming is a just a couple weeks ago was cold in the morning I send out my concentration is because the headlines about Visio McCasland didn't save the last minute so now breaking I'm trying to get around is right in the middle of my lane as I don't see whales on the gravel breaking and just a point when I'm just passing the video I see just the corner my eye I see a path about ten feet off the road that indicated to the road is about fifty yards on the web and it was an immediately I figured that they were the people who listed the data and its list of the right I could see the front wheels going round that was stuck in the snow so wanted my conscience tell me today answering all over and help them lessons actually but little attention the in my brain and is not a voice in UK but you know what I mean your conscience well if you're anything like me you've got a human files I cannot desperately wicked Bible thousands so I thought well I really want to stop and identify not out loud in the same as anybody else in the vehicle but you know we started off early and I kind of set in my mind I wanted to be in most goals by about nine thirty five stop and help and yet when always excuses stuck it in my minds eye carried on and then another excuse came to me you have already gotten the same group was a map lifesaver on a couple not found to carry on I still didn't feel right then I stop I mean you know how this goes on a multiannual I got a cell phone to find a cell phone I would stop because I like to call up somebody and I'm gone itself as a somebody else will get them off the video very good I knew what I should do now what I'm talking about here is the war that were in I'm writing at this point is beginning his right at the point when you know what is right to do and you don't want to do is anybody ever been there and everybody nodding the head removing that so I can always another excuse you have somebody of the along with the pickup you know every of the common month hours of video so somebody with a big topic of Val told him out so I carried on now about two miles away on how to violate a steady rent and I have to be even outstanding up it's okay to you at a religious meeting I have to say I didn't stop I will await the Fairmont Hot Springs and I didn't stop putting batteries and while you not threatening tonight is that makes a privacy of the same thing I know you will have I know more than talking about is the war between rights and wrongs of wall between you John Hernando I just think in the big picture we can learn more about how to win that war tomorrow now that the pressure off me and put it on to you you've just had an argument with somebody you really like maybe it's your parents maybe it is your child maybe her husband or your wife or your best friend so many cattle anyway you just had an argument and you still know by now you're on your iron driving along whenever you feel real I should listen and you start realizing he was wrong now you realize you can't go and say sorry this is the war you with me by using this law if you haven't been there it's a real war and you never read about it on CNN you know inside of us the Bible tells us that these that Hanuman McConnell 's kind of an old word but it's is the Wichita Seles the open we could not is that we can pounce on us and some places in the bilinguals in the flesh as a kind of lives in our body and we've got a brain and sometimes the brain is convicted we come to meetings like this and we say that the Bible is right and I need to clean up my life so the brain says one thing but this still is selfish selfishness stuff in us and that's what causes the war it's a real war in when you have your Bibles just very quickly closing here Romans chapter seven Romans chapter seven or haven't got the seminar Matthew Motley John asks Romans in the New Testament Romans chapter seven this twenty two you think this war only goes on and know people like you and I you'll find that one of the greatest Bible teaches the impossible he runs here this in Romans seven Brenda seven twenty two visas I delight in the Lord God after the inward man I want to me that means inside of me I want to do what is right between the next this but he says this is a possible of the great man of God but he says I say in a legal in my members in my body in my way warning against the Lord my mind carried on the velocity of us is that that is the war that am talking about is the war that goes on inside of this between right and wrong is a personal war I don't know you'll you don't know my your husband or your wife might not know you want your best friend might not know you or your parents or your children might not know you'll would you do now if I was to leave you that would be a pretty miserable meeting with me but come back to Marcus tomorrow Wigan tomorrow sporting advertising ties who you choose who wins this media was run audio Bruce a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain that the visit www. .com universe .org


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