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Family Time

Paul Rayne


Paul was born and raised in the United Kingdom. After various mission projects in England and Ireland he moved to the US in 2000.  Today he loves being a husband to his lovely wife Carolyn, and father to his two teenage children, Hannah and Caleb. 

Paul and Carolyn are the authors of The Connected Family and hosts of Happy the Home, a popular family program on 3ABN. https://www.TheHomePlace.org

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oh my process called Daniel last two good Bible nines in it I was nine Doctor Paul McCartney 's not pulled me up also as my parents didn't grow up as Christians they were into the Beatles when I was going on about here in England so I got named after whom God because I'm brown eyes brown and that I profess again the apostle police I decided I go around tonight is how many times one of my favorite subjects it's possible connecting our family to Christ's power section the third section in a quarter hour power last time we delete not push within the review tonight for those of you weren't here and then we define the family time is tonight and then next week and do ABC's authority boundaries and consequences we cannot leave out out is not as much fun as tonight 's presentation family time but before you get on to that quick review you know we looked at how children even little children and youth and even bigger children of God is self inside of them just like order saddles I would go that we go to try inositol even miserable to how life in Atlanta the Sage by this little child maybe four five while three of four they express self in a very obvious way then I honestly get out of that kind of changes somewhat isn't it we look to the fact that there are some parents who never recognize I haven't brought a child into the world best to raise a child to love God to be happy is another group of parents to recognize it but they don't have to do any thing about it they do the best they send them to a good school and they buy them gifts and they give them abandon the house and they tried to do that desperate often times it seems a 50-50 chance whether it works but I wanted to find pages into this group the parents to recognize it may have a responsive I think they are enjoying doing it because I have the tools to do it that's what I want to put our attention this evening great review from the help push was that we need to lead by example remember we found out that children and youth learn more by what makes a boom what you say we can tell them and tell them and tell them but if we're not doing it they can watch what we do now is a better people more willing than the amount we went on that we need to be there for them this is in the last one we need to listen to them we need to take an interest in them we need to spend time with them and us what I want to look at tonight and spending time the time no time we'll get the same amount doesn't matter if you're a millionaire or pool that we will get the same amount of time that we it takes time to fix up the house in nineteen ninety six my wife and I will back why we did it on the quite sure that I was an island we want to live in the country and so that's what we boys this is it on the inside we get really didn't want to share these pictures to anybody we were very excited that we realize nobody else's can enter into our vision and then we spent time with sheet rock and screws and nails and will have those and we wanted the window they got my wife wanted window bigger so we make window bigger doubles with two foot thick of the talking three-foot thick of the bottom so to make window bigger was a long job but it's the time in the year two thousand knots that was about three and a half years we finished we had a beautiful hung out in the country for size of Forest Service is not the best each of us to see anyone I could find but it was it was a beautiful place but it took us time we were willing to put in the time thanks time to learn to skate anybody here ever tried to skate on big mountain no black thiol downhill skiing on soaking a new experience this bustling into the first time you're out this time I went skiing with my friend Brenda big-band denied it with a broken rib but if we want to get from there to be announces ski and enjoyed it with Donna putting what if we got appointed I an effort and perseverance if we don't do it get where we want to go in our relationships it takes time to make relationships of the six relationships when they go wrong you can't short-circuited when you meet somebody and say what maybe some people do we don't meet somebody and say let's get married tomorrow takes time doesn't you want to get to know each other it takes time to make a happy family is not just something that will happen is not something that a preacher can get to you not summing the doctor can give to you it takes your time we put time in school kinds of things in life we put time into eighteen even though we're very busy people were not old dying of starvation in America Raleigh because we do take the time even if we busy to eat something we take time to sleep I would take enough time to sleep I think that's why we get so stressed out with the state sometime we take time to do our work whatever that is we take time to do the shopping that we set for a family resided is jumping on the way we're running behind vignettes of Cosco close just as we got back at them enough of the next stop even but we take time for shopping we take time to fix account when it goes wrong we take time to dig jobs around the house we take time to do those things because if we don't media effects that we expect if you don't take time with the talking doesn't stop thinking at a time to eat and outreach anything from time to sleep start getting sick so we take time because we realize we need but want to invest in tiny apartments do we do that oftentimes we don't do that the reason is because we don't see the fruit and not invest enough time straightaway it takes times when they get to about fifteen or sixteen we think you should spend more time with the children and the enemy you know who the enemy is the devil himself as come up with lots of distractions to keep us away this to guys and they just having a great time that happy there watching the TV very simple whenever that doing so is this talk about your foot will not do what you want about this little boy is playing with the computer game is nebulous appointed often times moment Gunnison busy doing that thing the little boy testifies me to do on his many distractions TV Wii 's I have no statistics but it's a start amount of time that people spend watching the television and in the Internet came along about ten years ago and I did read a study that they figured with the Internet coming along the TV was in the stock to go down in people 's priority but they found out surprisingly that even though the Internet is consuming about two and a half hours a day from the people have Internet even though his consuming that much time TV watching is hardly being impacted so they concluded that most of the time for the Internet came from the family again computer games it is not the children playing them because nobody else to play with the lender handles the plane them as well news now unknown against what was going on but do we really need to invest so much time in all the bad news we know what's going on in the Iraqi government we know was going on in the White House but do we know what's going on on their house in our endorses mind are in son 's mind magazines and periodicals is millions of her every variation of interest and you can fit in your bank what is it that's taking your time stealing from your children families spend forty percent less time together than they did a generation ago last means that children are growing up with forty percent less of us and we drove about parents not so forty percent less time that's God 's work he's got his friends his buddies are life moms the same and the children unless occupy themselves we are losing something very precious I tried to find a picture on the Internet of a family inconvenient than anything I could find was this from nineteen forty five hotels you something doesn't it was not uncommon in nineteen forty five is pretty uncommon in two thousand five just a simple family meal Ephesians five fifteen and sixteen what we do about all of this and says seeing then that you walk circumspectly not as full as but as wise reconvening the time because the days are evil we need to redeem the time we need to get back the time I spend appropriately we have got to win back the hearts of children and that's the whole purpose of family time in the time remaining on this one again into some practical ways to restore funding time in a weekend family time with weak family time and then yearly family time beginning Sunday time plan a vacation as I was going the parents were wealthy by any means but we went on lots of vacations it might just be twenty miles from home in the shop of China they had but whatever your budget can afford a vacation together maybe you can go mountain biking Moab Utah and go around on slick rock maybe you could go hiking or backpacking glacier national Park is not often the last just a blessing to have the amount offsets assisting in Hawaii not one Costa minimal GNU ingle one was arresting we can do that he currently does ten miles of the road Omega gone the mules down the Grand Canyon but whatever is plan a vacation together that's what members of NATO yet when you look back on your childhood what do you remember remember the times again vacation time keeping nature basting often times we can we can get into all kinds of things and we just end up frazzled and is not the real members is the drawers close to God by keeping major banks planning on a half of the joys looking forward to revisiting with together towards it to finance it to planets and make it happen is what great memories and made off Sunday family time what is the first day of the week Sunday though in a summer Sunday on Sunday if you don't work on Sunday then you go along the time to have family time some activities you can go skiing together go ice skating you know I found leadership we made an ice rink at a house we put some wood down and we put some policy down we filled it with water only made a sixty five foot by twenty five foot ice rink the children learn to skate vitiate I hope anybody else of that escape code but it was just right found the time rollerblading this getting exercise of the same I chose a kind of thing I was there as well I should talk walking or biking we also have black skin this part of Montana this might use it it is eminently a half people every year configuration pot related the most of it renewing the flows in the river United economy enough cells we have just great for me is getting a rest and we get in the river then we just let alone sometimes we jump out of those in the current just takes you along you get to come before the callous about four hours great fun you do any traveling children love it we go swimming whatever it is that is an activity that your family enjoys and also found the time doesn't just have to be the fun things we can work together that can be fun painted bedroom yeah as I was doing these knives my daughter said maybe in my bedroom that is that children would happily do that they would help out tiny Leon Nelson 's unsightly what should we do with the children meanwhile the ten vehicles in the idea that the junk clean the house rearrange the furniture whatever it is the children love it as long as they doing it with Melinda work activities yes you can work on something that's okay work week from the time the short-term activities from the frisbee around today we just fifteen minutes of family time in the middle of the day came and said to me daddy review for a frisbee with me I couldn't refuse I had plenty of things to do we threw frisbee together than we can we broke it in the unfortunately this kick the ball around a lot feed the ducks whatever it is just something as long as you and the children together asked what members of NATO Mister jigsaw puzzle together all some family project maybe some cry so all I can apply coupon for an engine upon your dependent on the age of your children make up some new recipes go on a bike ride and bounce on the trampoline it's out in our family had a picnic already this year 's gone cold but the wedding this was a organizer restaurant or something readable together will make an airplane innovative airplane while my son knows where this is Gary this is an airplane before they wanted they got eliminated Heraclitus is chosen you never get to make an airplane yesterday well yes it will and I started off they did this bit they found a piece of wood and they nailed this piece of wood over this piece of wood and then this piece of wood on amending a stock so that he has to help out while identifying proud or embarrassed to show you the end of the invasive business inbox here that they got out of the woods and this is a place for my daughters Dolly the six on the back there so we could go for a ride but at the time of their lives if anybody will buy it I'm looking to get rid of this vitamin in my garage but what it represents it just simply represents tying again finally time one week short of things that we can do for work we contain the toxic and even I can be fundamentalists on the night between the cow together bless his heart I have to redo everything he does but he's helping wash the dog got the grass whatever it is think something is always plenty of things that need fixing few more things on your next welcome we do for Sabbath family time Sabbath 's last one I want to cover the Sabbath day of the week that we can come to church as a family all if we have to Iran we can enjoy God 's family on that day is a very special bond between all of us I think your activity with another family maybe just go for a hike on the fantasy does English upon that will have somebody at your place that's what place does have a luncheon just relaxed his get to know each other I should talk again you know I like I should just read and study take some time as a family just go around the circle what a gaping reading one of leaving the but remember the Sabbath time is hungry time when encouraging to go skiing on Sabbath or things like that there things we can do every of the Davis remember the Sabbath 's heavy time family time major priority night in Russian is a priority in your family win the hearts of young children this media was gone audio Bruce a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reason audio and much more to know more about the universe the more certain is www. audio tours .org


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