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Knowing God's Will

Tom Waters


How to know God's will personally


Tom Waters

President, co-founder and speaker for Restoration International

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we know well that wasn't nearly as strong as is the man whether you then we know God well we can know God 's will Jesus did say these words in John eight twenty nine he that sent me is what wins me the father hath not left me alone can we say that he will never leave a site with Jesus went on and said these words for all I do always those things that he I can't say that you but I'm not discouraged by that because I am learning and choosing to say yes to God all or all to do the things of either we can know the will of our heavenly father I want to share with you three ways that we come to know the will of God actually there are four ways one is in nature okay I spent a large amount of time management will focus on three three ways that are accessible to us tingling no matter where we find ourselves it's taken from the fifth volume of the testimonies to the church page five hundred and twelve there are three ways in which our Lord revealed his will to us to guide us and took it off to guide others how may we know his voice from that of a stranger God revealed his will to us in his word ranked number one God revealed his will to us in his Word the holy Scriptures his voice is also revealed in his providential working and so his word his wife is also revealed his providential working and through the appeals of the Holy Spirit making in questions upon relay his word providential indications and impressions from the Holy Spirit upon the heart now those providential indications that we look for and all the impressions of the Holy Spirit that come to the heart they must be tested again to the must be tested here headman sitting in my home it asked me to read a manuscript I read it after I prayerfully consult the Lord because sometimes I get things from people and and now I've learned that when I receive them I put qualification that is I'm going to ask the Lord whether he wants me to read this is okay most of the and one person say now not a reality it was for me else I want to know why that this manuscript that I share that with this gentleman and I began to read it I was waiting again each section of this manuscript I found a friend of errors and when through the entire menu and when he came to my home to talk to me about my thoughts on his manuscript we talked for a while and then I came again but I had a concern that there was a thread of error that went through his entire manuscript and this was his reaction will shop and I said I would like to take God talk about red hair this response he was you need to it won't make any I have hired should directly with and I know what you we don't need I gave that man a warning that they may have been the strongest running you ever receive like one of the strongest one I've ever given I said if we cannot open the word of God test your if you have hired knowledge than the word of God then you are headed down that will be the destruction we should be saying amen brothers and sisters Lisa Hart because if we ever get to the point where we think we then all the will of God and not take out the word of God we are on dangerous ground we will not be safe to say that we know the will of God because we now have a higher direct connection with God my ancestors were I won't tell you they were that man is the last thing I heard about that man was partly never be afraid to test your impression of the thing to see the real difficulty for most of this is not and I know the will of God what am I willing to go and if I am willing to know the will of God am I willing to do the will of God and if I am willing to do the will of God am I willing to do the will of God in the power of God how many of us have tried to do the will of God in our and what were what you have a working thank God that you will not let it work you love this enough to allow the fall laugh interfaces yes sometimes I'll be very honest with you there've been times in my life and some of the not so distant in the past not sometimes it's just nice to say while you know that happened back in years ago and use illustrations back there but sometimes I find myself not wanting to know the will of God in certain areas because I already think I know what it will cost is the fear of most of the begin a full surrender in there been many times that I I have gone through my closet think will have a real closet to go to haven't always had a real club to go to the God of my closet and one thing that I have learned in coming to know the will of God as if I am not willing I know nothing about God now I had experienced and not all taste and see that the Lord is good blessed is the man again I tasted enough of God 's love for me and now I can go to my closet and say very honestly Lord I don't feel like I'm willing that is not a play on words to be willing to remain willing is sometimes the position we find ourselves in when we willing to get redundant you know God has never failed me to make me willing when really willing neutralizing the will when I'm willing to go on my knees before God and say Lord felt like the way this works I don't like the way it's headed out like the way it feels when I'm willing to do your will I want to be a little is done over and over and over in my life he will do it for you if you then we need to begin search the word of God what a David saying Psalm one nineteen one oh five by word is what a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path you believe in its I remember the day that are not shared with the sunny I remember the day when God is a moron the blinders off my eyes I realized why was stumbling in my present life Lorna is seeing that I was so focused on events studying God 's word then you I was just absorbed that and I was so zealous about it but you know it's happening I was babbling in mind all the humbling in my married stumbling with my children and one Gaylord showed me that this lamp unto my feet and a light into my path with all shining out in the future from the path laid out in the future the enzyme was in total dark brown over but it appeared to be total darkness right at my feet right in the path that was closest to me about my own marriage and my own children I was out there with lots of shining on the path that many men like this I'm not many men are walking in any lights okay or they're not seeking the light is not seeking the lamp in the language I've met many men there out there and privacy there out there in the enzyme of the now barren all kinds of things and their stumbling they don't have a popular way they don't take time to communicate with her white they don't have time for their children they don't know where they are life the Lord showed me that you are stumbling in the darkness of the guys you have light shining through five is not doing you any good that is not happening in my life now is not the league we transform my grace is the grace of God to want to know is what it takes the grace of God to be one to hear his work it takes the grace of God to be willing to walk it has worked it takes the grace of God and with that search the word of God I pray that you begin searching the Word of God or where it meets the needs today the other milestone with me Psalm thirty two eggs much aliens versus become very powerful very encouraging very practical in my life my family over the years some thirty to eight cents I will instruct me and teach the way which thou so ago I will watch behind me with mine own sisters that is the word of God that is for us today one of the greatest difficulties that we have in this modern society we live in is believing that God 's word is for the day this moment that in Old Testament verse is a what is a new experience every day we believe it and if we walk in he will be he will guide you will instruct the female teachers will be than Isaiah forty two sixteen two versus here that found thirty two eight Isaiah forty two sixteen two verses that become very precious in our experience I will bring them by file way they knew not God Bentivegna Paglia I often think how many times Lord you have had to rewrite I will knew picture in your home I is a there's a way that seems right unto a man only times we take the other way how many times we take detours is as I will bring the blind by way they knew not I will be in the past they have not known I will make the darkness light for them in the crooked things straight these things what will I know I'm to them and not the promise of God was calling to my heart to move my family from the suburbs of Chicago the mountains of Montana is to check the game the foundation of my fate the man the my family and an unknown while people around me work some thought I was crazy some chronometers and while people misunderstood you going to hide your talents to go up there while these kind of things with their all I could do was follow the Lord because I knew calling me to do he would instruct each in the way that I should stop he promised that he would leave me by way I knew not that he would make the crooked things straight that he would make the darkness like I believe these things are family my wife and I primarily with children young him gone I guess the Old Testament prophets I just got people in the old days brothers sisters young people we need to be searching the word is that I am God I would Arlene Gillingham that if they don't want to it doesn't want to do it now that there's a lot more of that story and I'd love to be able to share about how God 's word guided us in how we saw Providence open and how we listen to the Russians of the Holy Spirit we had in the world would be today if you want to hear the whole story send a fresh look at country living has the whole story and as the story of how God led our family from the suburbs of Chicago in the mountains of Montana it has all their own stories that you know today but it was because we were to move into the word of God we couldn't get anything out the people around us were saying if the listing to take that dream of gold baby desire was three months old moved no insurance is bullish at the hard plastic and evening we ever found it with that question no healthcare insurance seems foolish but we have to know that's why I say and especially we have no goals were no way because there is a way that seems like this so many people you know what person or time this seems right with the end of that way is one meniscectomy sitting on my porch and years later he said God was calling me when God was calling you inhumane decision I staying there I thought the saying I thank you Lord for bringing the thoughts in my mind in an instant that's not to say that you have been moved somewhere into the country in order to have your children say that it doesn't matter where you are you can still claim these versus maybe ten times harder for you where you are but you can still cling to God will work we will work with so that after we go to God 's word to know his will then we begin to look to God for his providential indications tonight I love to tell people one of the reasons why we need to study specifically one of the reasons we need to pray specifically is because when God reveals his province we can see specifically we don't miss him but without praying specifically if were not studying specifically react to see them specifically we might they go by ask God to open our eyes is providential indications it out interesting that simple verse in Matthew seven seven and you all probably know what it says ask ask and it shall be given you see and you shall find knock Silvio I remember one day I was perplexed over a situation that is weighing on me in the largest wax this reverse into my mind and an letter to just see what you will be open that simple we know some of the simplest things we miss them like the disciple knows the disciples on that scene that night in the bulk were well and they battled with everything in them save their lives and keep that vote going and when they were exhausted fearing for their lives and they had no other whole the lightning flashed in good shape weighing sleep over the other crying out I just read this recently that drive will have revealed in other words what that says to me is yes we can go to the end of our role we can try all our way we can do it greatly restrained that we can exhaust ourselves and feel like and all we have left to say things in that crime will go that's the God we serve young people young people I want to encourage you to do that when I challenge you today don't wait for your parents Christianity Nona God 's word all for yourself go to have asked him to answer yes you need to know your parents and talk to your parents and get guidance from your parents but it appears on him in jail or if your parents are walking along you can walk the walk and you can lead the way people I've seen young people need a way to the cross will be drawn down with your parents don't understand it don't be dragged out of your parents are we bothering with habits of the long-established show them the way Christ Golden God for yourself you can know his will you know I like to look at verse Jacob verse asked shall be given you it's the Holy Spirit to talk about these three things in terms of this verse ask if the Holy Spirit is worrying to our minds what we need it was the Holy Spirit that eliminated the disciples mind that night in the bulk in their last resort was Jesus asked spirit calling us to call out to Christ seek is going to God 's word seeking the answers in his word and not is looking for the providences of God open before it I'm so thankful it they lied yet been stop praying out there on Mount caramel when his servant he's sinister without anything back and there was nothing had been anything for three and half years now this guy and he prayed again and he prayed again and he prayed again I do think we can stop number by any other socket number five on stop number two you understand what I'm saying he persevered against when he him many times he not only had his day come when we establish he got a complete answer God Duncan then began listening for the impressions of the Holy Spirit upon the heart is really not safe to be shortcutting this process is a reason there in that order and when you go to God 's word we need to go on our knees before God and we need to look for those Robin Hood the question we don't want to get a shortcut kind of religion that because we live in a busy lifestyle we say why don't we go to God 's word don't really have time for prayer all I have time for us to get an impression minutes upon impressions is one of the last devolution in the unit out of order volume having time for giving and I must think I'm going to use that as if that is all we have in a crisis God will instructor and teacher in the way we should go with that is I haven't it to be too busy for God to believers were to busy for prayer all we do is ask for questions with answers God is the and the devil will come and he will give us the voice of the screen not send John ten twenty seven my sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me know Johnson also talks about the voice of a stranger how do we know the difference between the voice of God and the voice of a stranger coming out I hear how we know that because God 's voice through his impression sound like God thank his voice comes through a variety of authors comes to the gospel in several different personality you can hear the voice of the apostle Paul and Jim I don't know the word of God and in an open area blocks that fall has written and I can begin to read and within a few words you would say that the apostle Paul does he have a voice his pen has avoid God has a voice if we're in the word of God and because our shepherd was the Word made flesh and dwelt among you was the embodiment of this word you lived out this word and when we hear him call to let the hour shepherd here is where you are we want to the SI convention on ministry work this year for the first time for the SI convention and we were preparing for that for quite a while and praying for that ahead of time and I can remember the morning that it began we were praying us Ashley that God would guide us the right people the ones that we could minister to the ones that could minister to us that we would be able to fulfill the words in our own lives of Isaiah fifty eleven that it would be our experience the Lord shall guide me how much continually do you believe God will guide you continually anyway all were willing to ignore not willing right no guidance we were praying specifically that morning it was interesting when the taxi driver came to pick us up to take us to the convention center within a few minutes of driving down the road the Lord who we were praying to who we were asking the guy that started calling to my heart I found out he was calling to all time two Alain Sari was called Emily thought we were all on her way for the Lord called my hearts under the alike to be just very candid about this in the win a short ride twenty minute ride to the convention center and the Lord called my heart to reach out to the taxidriver and here was my initial response I wasn't sure I wanted it putting it in anything again until I was reminded of your gimp brushes again after that little impression on my heart when I pray for that morning what we had prayed for I wanted God to have access to need just at the convention center wanted him to have me so quietly surrendered and I began to express interest to the taxi driver you know it's an amazing thing to reach out somebody when God asks very this is different than just handing books out everybody now please don't misunderstand me back it's going to hand out books if you do handoff sometimes it makes the flow of labor in the heart of the person the reason rather than just randomly and never person you can get one and other supplies for that but you know this man when he saw that I was genuinely interested in the only reason I got genuinely interested in I genuinely surrendered completely normally in the vehicle would've known women only my personal cell by genuinely wholeheartedly surrendered myself and therefore all of Lee came a long little piece of the taste of the love flowing within the classroom that taxi driver he began to open and he began to share in a few minutes he was telling still his son how he worked with his son how he had pleaded with us on how he had indulged his son and what God was ended up sharing with us that God was putting it that he needed some people who just opened his heart up and as we were talking as he recognized that we care for him he started saying you know I know what God is calling me to do he said he cigarettes here is telling you put away the cigarette right for me I know God wants my heart I want I want God to have me all I thought you a short ride to the airport was we you know God is giving us opportunities to be continually we him on his word that morning we had gotten on our knees and pray we are asking to show us again but we all I almost how many times firms are we either not going to God 's word were not taking time to write were not looking for the province is open or not listening to the impressions of the Holy Spirit and when we sing a willingness when mixing machine entire was going through the motions and where Nancy the word of God if we're missing the timing to me would God it were missing the providences of God day by day you know the more I get myself to God the more I see his provinces opening more and more every part of the day the more I get myself to God and why it in the word of God the more sensitive I become my wife during the day because of my heart go up and give your wife a hug is anything to do with me it's hard to give my wife a hug while I feel like it started in the life of when sitting on my desk she's enough of her desk and I got dozens of other things that seem more important in my life upon to know a thing called something like that I listened to go get my wife Christian theology says all you know no time did not know any sure did only times are we missing then real-life friends right now all because we're just blessed we let ourselves go with Bush he who does not give himself wholly to God ego does not give himself wholly to God is under the control of another power you know when I when I felt God was asking me to put these words on the paper these are not my words and these are not my words but they are words that I needed here in I didn't really like what went well I didn't like the feeling that playing this video might not be very nice the flash I found that most of us by default because there is something between either being God emasculated him for a long time I didn't sit there and think okay what is that different I just thought I wasn't completely surrender to God I thought I was somewhere on your limbo land right you have thought that you didn't know you are in articulate like I am now it says he does not give himself wholly to God is under the control of another power who is sending to another boys whose suggestions are of an entirely different character powerful that's testimonies for the church volume seven page two hundred and five so not want holy consecrated why are we holding out friends family not taste very know that God 's way is better than my way and only why do we decide not to give ourselves over to God go back to the other power with you that a fair question Jesus that everyone is of the truth my voice on eighteen thirty seven in thing I don't hear them speaking to me yesterday there is not a person here who does not have the impression of God speaking to the park in the conscience just maybe missing them the understanding them instantly Holy Spirit speaking to us when we're in a conversation with our spouse then my wife nor your husband whenever we're in a conversation and that conversation starts the ball wrong or is a misunderstanding it is the Holy Spirit of God speaking to our conscience that says they you know what I mean here for and you know it's like to say I'm not to say that I want to say that she needs to hear that right now never feel good afternoon of the good God no is that why called to that spirit about the human conscience that's the will fall more I was in Europe this spring and I tell you that they are their morality is not very good day on their newspaper stands the gas station I walked into the gas station hours are good either but but they just have it blatant day I walked in this gas station the door was open as I walked in the Holy Spirit Hardin said no to understand what the Holy Spirit was sent there was a hold magazine rack alongside I caught my peripheral vision it was almost the folding of the guest experiences don't look no negative I look to the right not the way letting my feet in my group will be that you are saying me that that's how the Holy Spirit speak your heart it's not complicated a sister and he does it for all of us when you flip on the television if you have a television and if you do have a television God asked you to do when the when you see something come on that television the spirits when you see the weather Channel it might be different than when you flip through the channel you come to something that was the hardest David nobody in this room who is old enough to understand the power of choice and tell me that they do not understand that's the voice of God everyone that is of the truth here is my voice Jesus said and I often have people him this question God 's word huddling no as well Providence now single-family development dollars when the Roman artifacts of the state electoral endorsement make sure you know who's opening the door because the devil opened doors to all the dental open some fantastic appearing doors when you're in the deepest valley of decision in really doing into God I remember one person came in eighth they work they were convicted that God was calling him out of the city they were so convicted they came to me they said wow just open an incredible door they told me the door that was old and had an opportunity to buy a condominium in the city the price was incredible the way it happened was incredible and sent them with it was God 's been calling you out of the city is the sample who wants to open a door that is enticing enough you can work on don't just let an open door for your answer you Ray that God Robinson will always line up with the direction of his will is worth it will I have seen over and over again the signature of God upon Providence when I the signature of God upon the impressions when I know if you find yourself in a position as I haven't many of you may have found something you can't find it you can't find it in the word of God it doesn't say whether you should buy that house on third Street him they seem quite like this now I'm right or wrong issue and you find yourself wanting to see his problems but now one of the things that I have found very useful by conduit of perplexity the first thing Jack is and I really consider respect to if I'm getting it is a signal that he quite get to the finish line knowing God 's will for thing I just only consequently if I am nothing on every it my will is neutralized the best I know how if I have that need then I start saying Lord the enemy and I started asking God to build a burden in my soul and Lord if this is you you start building a burden in me that directs me that draws me that drives me in this direction and start showing me the indication of their products in this direction let me recognize that if this is not your will Lord you start raising a red flag you start putting the brakes on my heart you start making you feel uncomfortable take my peace away start showing the indications that are moving in the wrong direction you know about that God will do anything for that is within your God will do anything for us that will be living in his will for us and if we are honestly seeking him he will make known his will and his people you believe that we willing to know them to do are we willing to take time to searches were willing to pray for I see is Providence 's him are we willing to own a here on this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain than the visit www. on universe .org


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