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The Standard of True Womanhood

Alane Waters


Elevating God's standard in womanhood


Alane Waters

Restoration International co-founder and seminar speaker

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today I'm going to be share with you a message entitled the standard of true womanhood does God have a special calling dressed as women today were going to be looking for those areas but before we begin I'd like us to consider what women highlight today when we look and consider the role in the model of women in our society and even within the church what type of thought do you have about women today as I thought about these are some of the things that were brought to my mind the women of today are outspoken their bold fall weren't aggressive in mind in artificial and educated as that sounds a bit offensive that women today are uneducated for the uneducated that I'm speaking of here is the knot is not being educated in the ways of the war in the things he would have us to be as women this is how women are today and I realized if I began to look at the role of the woman and when I was a young girl growing up my mother was a mother in the home and she was a very modest woman she was very simple quiet reserved and had many of the characteristics that God is calling us to to have as women and yet as I grew older in and was out of the home as I began to be influenced by those around me influenced by the world influence within the church and begin associating with different people I found it began to take up some of these very attributes that I share with you in the beginning I became somewhat bold and forward an outspoken aggressive in my work role and God is calling to us as women that we not just accept the way that we see women behavior and their role but that we go back to his word and not for how he would have us to be as women the opening verse I would like us to look at first is when I went considered in definition one hundred Christlike woman from Proverbs thirty one first thirtieth estate or is deceitful and beauty is vain but a woman that fear of the Lord she shall be praised all woman that fear the Lord now the words say you are hereby not read I thought how can favor BBC fall how can favor from very strongly that the current attribute can be in favorite people how many people in the again the word here favor means to show kindness plus an graciousness and that's something we want to do is limit than fifty people why because we as women we as individuals whether worst single unmarried renowned ladies are older ladies we can speak kind words we can show kindness and speak pleasantness other people and yet in our own homes to those nearest and dearest to us we can be harsh we can be critical irritable fallen gloomily and we are not rightly representing what is the true heart to those in our home so we can't just look at that favorite is deceitful what we speak on the outside isn't always a true indication of what is really happening on the inside and our beauty is vain but a woman who fears the Lord she shall be praised the word very clear means that we reverence God were submissive and obedient to him simply said it means that we are loyal to God in all things that's what it means to fear the Lord to be loyal to God in all things it isn't that the gospel not my will but thine be done for we are to fear the Lord to be loyal to God Almighty has given us to do as women this is a standard of true womanhood this is our high calling but we have not understood that and for too long we've been influenced and affected by those around us and we have accepted many of us have exacted silently I'm not so subtly a time that standard and we have lost the true understanding of the women that God would have us to be in women and young ladies today women are measured by how beautiful they are either clothes they wear by the hair color and eye color they may have their skin color their size or shape or even the length of their eyelashes all of these things on the outward is how women are measured and also their intelligence or their aggressiveness to go after some type of work you are in an activity that they are interested in and lots of how women feel their love and acceptance this success is measured by these counterfeit standards that God has a higher standard dress to look at I remember that I was when we were living where we attended a large church that one summer I had volunteered to help with the vacation Bible schools and what the women in our church life but that you greatly also was involved in the vacation Bible school and I remember coming to this the school one day and meeting this woman in the hallway and she had a son dress on and it really struck me that she would wear sundress to a church function it just didn't fit with how I understood her patient's parents to be him for me and I didn't even realize until a few weeks later when the church was having our annual church is out of action and when we came home to change your clothes and get our food and when I opened my closet my closet door to get some enough to where the picnic I saw my friend arrested and I got nowhere to go to the picnic me I felt hot and humid in the sun shining so much while this would be very nice to wear and yet I didn't give as little feeling that it really wasn't the right thing to wear my push past it because I had been influenced by someone else rather than by what saith my Lord and I chose to wear dressed to the church we don't realize when and how much we have been conditioned and changed by a false standard even this in the children's story books from when our girls and boys are very found that conditioning process starts there and I know that my girls when they were little I like to read than stars in fact I still like to read stories to them they like to read stories to me but one of their favorite stories is young girl was a story of Queen Esther and I think a lot of us ladies like that story of Queen Esther and I noticed as I read about Queen Esther many times in Huntington to be observant of the pictures about Queen Esther as the Lord was calling to my heart to look to his way to his word and his standards I began to see that they can assist in the pictures about Queen Esther were invalid by man's perception of beauty not by God 's perception of being on the illustrate wing that had a picture of Queen Esther in a child's storybook Reading a book about clean after you will notice is him she will not invented up with close to magnify our highlight her shape all of these are made you are presenting asked her and anyone led out outward beauty and we know it was a beautiful woman but she becomes the focus and it undermines any timeline it plans us subtle message that our beauty it is not how we look and how week out what we wait during the color bar high hair and that link of our eyelashes that if the anywhere beauty and if I went back and read the book of Esther through again in the recent past I noticed they had that last year was among the women chosen who were beautiful in the meal key neo- Persian kingdom they were many women who are beautiful and they were abroad he had to have time alone and purification before they were prepared individually to be presented to the King and prior to their then coming into the key as they as the Scriptures tell us an answer the second chapter thirteen first as a king in one by one before the keeps that each woman could choose her own clothing whatever she desires she could choose it however she wanted to put on her arm fix yourself up to present herself before the king she could make those choices and now if we look at verse fifteen we noticed something very interesting now when they turn up after was come to go in to the team she required nothing but what keeper of the women appointed afternoon go in trying to find the most beautiful dress the most beautiful jewels are the most beautiful makeup or are all these artificial things are selfish she was happy to simply take what was offered her and she went in before the king and were told they are in the fifteenth verse at Esther obtained favor in the sight of all those who look upon her many of these people in the kingdom were looking at beautiful women on the outward cash all of these women were beautiful on the outside but after obtained favor in verse seventeen it says that he loved Esther above all women you think that the key and left her more because it understood the standard that got engaged as a true woman began wearing beauty that's where her heart was she was a woman Proverbs thirty one thirteen she was that woman who feared the Lord who who was loyal to God in all things who was submissive to him and her heart was right and encouraging demeanor her countenance the error the ore about her boy and even blue line that was different in the other women was she beautiful yes but she had a beautiful inside that matched her beauty on the outside and guide use that can blast many people and got one seniors to bless many people those in our own homes those of our own families those within our church those within our neighborhoods and in reaching out from there so today let us look at for areas of depths of standards that God has given us as women these four areas I'll be sharing with you you today are the four areas are four of the Ares I should say that God has specifically addressed in my life through his word you are an association with other people and he brought this means areas to my heart and I'm good I'm just saying what each of them aren't them we will discuss each one individually modesty simplicity humility or meekness and true education these things these are the ways that God wants us to show our inward beauty as he am working in us these are the areas that God has brought to me in my life the first one I'd like to share with you is the area of modesty now this view will become defensive when we hear the word modesty because I know from my own experience I have not ever one of you but many of you will what you mean not us nobody's going to tell me what I can wear but I'm not here to tell you what you can work on simply here to share principles in God 's Word principles that I have seen making impact in the change in my life and my heart the word modesty here is much more than we understand and what I understood it to mean for Scripture text that I would like us to look at is found in first Timothy two verse nine and ten in all of the Scriptures that I'll be sharing with you throughout this message are specifically addressing women in the Scripture God also his call to women particularly his weight his written word to us God loves us and has a special role for us as women and he he talks directly to us first Timothy two nineteen and live manner also that women adorn themselves in modest apparel here they were not this means more than just modesty as we understand it it we are orderly Carol and again where some people may have my back as we understand where Monica appropriate covering over our bodies appropriate clothing had become that some covering the way it should they are not keen in orderliness and the worse your mom is modest in order to be God wants us to have our closing water there not baggy and feel thinking but that they look nice in becoming and that they represent to those people who say yes I got an order that recommends Argonaut in her religion to people by how we dress this is the area that God wants us to be aware of to be arrayed to be adorned in modest apparel was shamefaced sadness at this word here means that we are bashful towards me we have a reserve towards men and a reverence for God saying they fitness our thoughts and our focus is on God in our mean that we're not following bold and aggressive tormented that we have a proper reserve in respect and God wants us to have sobriety soundness of mind that's what that means soundness of mind self-control that these were not controlled by our feelings and emotions but rather that where we make decisions and controlled by principle as his principal way to have self-control clear mind to see this is the way of the Lord and to walk in this is what God is asking for us in the area modesty now before I was married and in this message I want to emphasize applies to women young and old young ladies and I had experienced before I was married when I was attending college I took a class called statistics and during the her class about halfway through a young man approached me for help and I asked him why he would choose to come to me to get help in the class and these are the reasons he shared you to the other girls in the car how was I so different he said will the way you dress it addressed very modestly and you carry yourself theory research entity here you can't and had even trouble explaining to me and because I noticed that you apply yourself and me on Friday about and your character and in and to understand what's going on well I'm just sitting like that and I'm really applied myself that I can understand what's going on and open him up to be interested in from the influences I bore as a Christian young lady in that class by my modest apparel but my shamefacedness of reserved toward him as a young man and it did notion to God the best they understood it at that age it was an opportunity to get in my life could beer and influence to someone else for that for God did not have to work for us to do and that calling he's given us is that we represent God to all they come in contact with another experience I had in the area modesty in my life it was very impacted was after I was married and had children my husband and I went to visit a family and after we were there for several days I can to observe that the woman in this home always wore a dress I shouldn't say I'm interested him me feminine attire maybe it was a nice skirt and blouse and was neat and clean and very simple and very practical for the work she had to do why she would do her dishes and make the food and clean the house and do the gardening and play with the children and she seemed to be inhibited at all but in doing those things with her children are the activities by the call she wore in fact she carried herself very modestly but she enjoyed all those things will impression on me and I thought well I always thought I had to know where these these jeans and I was a tired to do those things because it was more my butt as I observed her it brought something question in my mind that I'm going to ask her why she wears a dress on why she wears a skirt all the time in who and a few days later when I asked her she shared with me this Scripture and shared with me her her experience and her testimony which I don't have time to share a few but the Scripture I want to share with you Deuteronomy the twenty second chapter in the fifth verse the woman shall not wear that which pertain unto a man neither shall a man put on a woman's garment for all that do so are a abomination to the Lord thy God all that design of nomination and know when I heard that I thought I'm not wearing men's apparel wearing women's apparel wanted to hate on the inside of my jeans says as genes size whatever they were and I close for women's clothes and I was contented with that for a buy but the spirit in you back to me and I had the thought of the human they came up to me and didn't do it again in ninth Midwest him hello him climb into my mind I wanted this resolved when I just feel like I was doing right because I was doing something I always I was God trying to say for meaning that there was something different he was asking me himself I was willing to get on my knees and ten Lord I want to do your will I want to know what you want happening and I'm willing to show me what your Willis when I was willing to make that commitment and the surrender of my heart not my will but thine be done remember our Proverbs thirty one thirty woman a woman that fear the Lord is loyal to God in all things I wanted for my life my individual life and I came to this reference and selected messages volume two page four hundred and seventy eight got designed there should be a plain distinction between male and female dress and he's considered the matter of significant importance to give explicit directions in regard to it for the same dress one by both sexes would cause confusion and great increase when I read those words my first thought was the result that I could see that was being discussed and measured in our society I role confusion about the increase in crime and violent crime and immorality and here I saw that there was zany in the unit not know about it was far from my mind to understand and I thought God was asking me when I be willing to wear a more feminine attire would I be willing to set aside some of those clothes are satisfied all those close that where do they mainly have a more masculine appearance and to refine into bring about the femininity they got has given to each of us as women and the result was interesting I was totally unconscious unaware of it until after a period of time I began to notice a change in myself and like this I began to notice that when I set on the couch or in a chair that I set more closely then I was more reserved to mean in general that I wasn't so outspoken in bold guy wasn't so flirtatious and frivolous and foolish in my speaking I was more quiet and I had no idea that I was in him those things and tell I have begun to change my address and I saw the difference and it wasn't I was consciously thinking one now that I'm wearing a more feminine attire I'm going to be a nicer lately I have those thoughts taking it came as a byproduct is what I'm telling you but did you notice that I said I began to be not so outspoken not so frivolous not so foolish God showed me through that experience that on the house word there were changes but it was not complete without a complete change in my heart and it wasn't good enough just to be not quite so boisterous not quite so forward are so loose are so foolish but that he wanted to take all of that from me and he wanted to work on a deeper level to change my heart again at the other and I stated I feel is very important for us as Christian women to understand the modesty is in the heart in the deep inner person indirect thoughts on our thoughts killer are they holy I think Christ like our RSS saw more candy to be to exalt self to think that were more beautiful that we've have more talents that we are better are superior to others do our thoughts if we are married today focus on the weaknesses of our husband newly become discontented dissatisfied with our husbands because they're not very good Christians and because we live with them and where closely associated with them and we see them in all aspects of their lives we see their weaknesses very clearly and we have a tendency to become dissatisfied those thoughts of dissatisfaction are dangerous thoughts that have daydreaming thinking that perhaps if my husband could just be like so-and-so he said okay fine Christian man he has such strong leadership in this home as a priest as a Christian and beginning to let my thoughts go off and do those channels God wants my thoughts to be fewer and modest not to allow ourselves to daydream because where our thoughts what are thoughts I will be what we become Galatians six first seven tells us that it was over man so what that shall he also reap armed robbers were told as the him heart so is he so I have known of individuals of women who have had the beginning of his daydreaming of these thought in my rest thoughts in their hearts not having mission a sickness that they needed to have two B- godly Christian woman and they begin to let their minds wander off into these these areas of thinking patterns of thinking and soon you find those women beginning to 's share the weaknesses other spouse with other people particularly to the individual if they admire and look up to and the next thing you notice is it that soon they begin to lose their reserve their near Christian reserved for these people that this man and he began flirtatious and have suggested behavior and it can lead into adultery all from standing back to the immodest thoughts in the heart in the inner person our words our behavior our demeanor and conduct all are generated from our thoughts and our thoughts are impure our words and actions and all will become in fewer God wants us to see that modesty is not just one week I had ourselves with on the outside but what is really in her heart to be modest hashing a significant variety in the inner thought and life to be controlled by principle and not by our feelings and emotions and to ask for his help to overcome those temptations that do and will come to us as women the second kind like to discuss is the area of simplicity yes I found in the book of Timothy first Timothy five thirteen again speaking about women and was all they learn to be idle wandering about from house to house and not only I felt that handlers and busybodies speaking English and not now in Iraq at first I thought I him far from being I don't what I have so much happening in my life I don't have time to do the things I feel like I want to do are needed to do we are not idle people have sure that you are not idle either in the context of just physical application of the word title but that word items you does not mean just having something to do we are not we are I don't fund the work of heart preparation if you notice the woman in this verse they are wandering about from house to house and there had hours and beauty bodies and speaking things they should not they are going going going with all that in their thought and planned their desires their pressures and they are not taking the time and we have not taken the time to use to prepare our hearts and our home in the hearts of those in our home for Christ to abide in us that he can work through us and so I'm kind of the section simplicity because our lives are so complicated with a false standard of what women should be doing that we have no time for that heart preparation he see in my life I found it between my job my educational advancements my hobbies in church activities I trust that I had my clonidine about in my dorm be visited to where they had been damaging the kind of go together and I didn't have time we can go by we all week or two or three weeks ago by NRS having thought of my need of a Savior personally I would have no thought it can day with the gay guy gave me to prepare my heart for having it there were things he wanted to work in my life to this very day it out he needed to to help me overcome in David not thought I was kind of fun network I was consumed in the other things of life my life was not simple it was hectic and even though we may not as women run from house to house to house I should think drive around from house to house gossiping talking and sharing and whatever we do we do the same thing by the use of the telephone while we can make a tremendous amount of visit in a few hours and just by the use of the telephone and we need to learn to control that had never gotten Christmas letters in the mail that had express the bidding that the hectic pace the push and pressure that the family is under often a year and a page into the new condensing all of the highlights in the pressures of the previous year into a few short paragraphs and moving anything and we are looking forward to our lords and returns and I have said the same words as I've been pushing pressured and he and my life has been in chaos and we can say the words but is that our experience is that really what's in my thoughts when my husband was gone for us for about a month we will bring you during that time I learned a very important lesson about this preparation time and the impact about it it's practical missing everyday life every day that my husband was separated from in his absence my thoughts were about him every day my thoughts in my life I was preparing for his return I couldn't wait for him to come in the link in the homeschool lessons the children behind I saw that we were preparing those lessons with the thought that Danny will be home soon and I will have done this and I can have some time with daddy again because I'm very next to work or everything in the home was prepared for his returns everything in our menu planning was prepared with him in mind for him to return and the Lord spoke to me and said is that the same urgency in which you are using every day to prepare for me and I became much more aware of that goal he took a preparation in my life and the Lord says in order to have it we have to simplify our lives so that we are not so pushed so pressured I lies is not so hectic and running about here and there that we don't even realize that we're nosy that time preparation that simplicity in our lives in my life first began in the area of cleaning out all of my extra clothes when I changed my habits of dressing I had a lot of extra things I didn't need and so my close had been condensed tremendously why I've got and nine drawer dresser they used all those doors have clothing items and now I only have three to three and a half jars cloning is an arrest and yours store a bad knee and landing like that simplifying my life in my dairy has been a tremendous blessing in my home I have discovered that lasts is best and being simple is more restful I can remember the day I went into a home and it was a small home and everything was in order and everything was clean but there were a lot of extras around the house it was simply done tastefully done I sat there I could almost feel the mass of blasphemous come over me like couldn't have an on the other side I have noticed that when I have been in situations where I homes like mine has been in the past where it is full of things and encounters are loaded and the window ledges are covered and the p.m. top is laden and that it's like it's overstimulating and even gave consent down to rest you don't really get the rest and relaxation that you could have from overstimulation we see the same thing easily illustrated with the child if you take a young child and put them in a room with one or two simple toys they will be contented and happy and quiet and they will entertain themselves and much easier if you take that same child and put them in a room and there are any toys around everywhere they know there's this colored blocks in these objects to play with and this to do enact into and are fully surrounded by all of the holy I have become so overstimulated that they become aggressive in their behavior they become loud and boisterous and even violent overstimulating in our homes and where mines are overstimulated it is much more difficult to hear the spirit of God speaking through his still small voice to our hearts women are our homes bursting with things that have no value eternally I've had to look again in my own life and I look at my kitchen counters and I taken off some of those things I've gotten rid of some of those things I've put away things I've stop my magazine subscription to house beautiful and better homes and Gardens and some of those not necessarily because they are evil but because I noticed that when I took the time to look at them I didn't have the time I needed in the other areas of preparation so it is it regained my time by ridding myself of those secondly I noticed that when I look at them I almost always saw something that was new better and nicer than what I had that my natural desired and not only did I desire but then when I compared it on looked at in reference I'm relationship to what I had in my own home and begin to cause me to become dissatisfied with what I had an increased sentence picture or a standard of womanhood by the size of home she lived it and the kind of close she wore and how she looked on the outside but indeed represent the standard of womanhood that God is calling us to him modesty the third area I like to discuss is the area and quiet spirit humility is what I call it first Peter three and Morgan be looking at versus three four and verse eighteen first Peter three three four and eighteen again these are verses written for women women woman should have sent word adorning isn't that what we've been talking about and that when Esther had it made her different knee and all the other women in a row of the key the forty first big hit and Man of the heart was freely in our hearts or the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit which is in the side of got a great price needs and quiet spirit to be salt in gentle very opposite of the way we would be if we follow the worlds way needs and quiet humble true humanity and humility is a humility in the heart not just someone who is naturally meeting quiet quiet reserved on the outside is not a true measure of humility as God measures it but it went in the heart then he illustrates there is a counterfeit humility it means that when somebody talks to me I can be silly I can be economy I can be soft-spoken and gentle and yet in my own who use harsh or severe language cutting gain meaning nine which is no humility God wants our hearts to manifest should humility in our home with those who are nearest and dearest to us whether we are old we him okay and we as women have not learned what to humility is God wants to teach us what that is I remember a situation that we had visiting family when our children were quite young we went to visit the family and they are on the dinner table had glasses of water and their dishes and that now the plates and silverware things and in the main dishes on the table and during that meal one of my children accidentally tipped over are hit the glass of water tipped over this French launch out on to the table I'm sure some of you have experience that and in that situation I found it very easy to be quiet and meek and humble I need to speak to my child gently and I recognize that since we don't have glasses of water on our table at home that was something different and they weren't used to himself they were just careful perhaps they should name it went over but it wasn't too much later than that in our own home and nobody was a brown one of our breakfast meals we were having cereal and we were going to have great shoes on our serial and that same child at the breakfast table goes to get the grape juice are to get something I remember what they were trying to reach and they hit the pitcher grape juice and now you know what the rest the story slosh all over the table and gives didn't stop there they began to read off the edge of the table onto the covered cloth kitchen chairs now you tell me what looks better on the chair water are great she's met in situation the Lord called to my heart to be soft and meet and gentle child to experience true humility and working in me not to censure and to criticize or condemn but to his past experience in working through that situation with my chops PC verse eighteen of the same chapter in Peter says and be put to death in the flesh but quickened by the Spirit that is what God is calling us to the block is true humility that the natural irritations and natural cell the natural personality or flash that wants to ride this week is so dear is put aside is what is put to death in by the spirit of God working through us quickening us to a better course in her life and wants to work in our hearts as women in this area in the area neatness and humanity to let the world see the lower family see that his spirit that he has the power to deliver it he is the God of all flesh including my flash and he can control it if I am willing to submit it to him now what about the times when there's a difference of opinion and I'm sure that you all like I have experienced differing opinions in our home I was someone else what is truly need this in a situation like this doesn't mean that if somebody says something to me that in order to be made I just sat and take out and agree with what they say God I need to see that true made directly will first take what is being said to me and evaluated by the saith the Lord and yet it is something that I need to incorporate in my life and I can see that they he will give me his power to do it if it's simply an opinion of our light blue better in you like red better and it's a preference then there's no it's not a moral issue that I would hold my preference or you would hold years there is no right or wrong in entry humility doesn't just accept what somebody else says and does come out roll over and play dead I remember situation I had one time when someone had come to meet us and they had a very different opinion about something and I had and they began to share with me their perspective and I thought it was great that they can share their perspective with me and I appreciated that but when they were all said and done I still felt the same way about the situation as I had at the beginning of the conversation that I was with me at that point to go into prayer hath the Lord about and how what he would have me thinking I should not be accepting their perspective or would it be all right to have my permanent interviews will and as I pray and as I thought about it and I read I was comfortable with my viewpoint on that manner and it wasn't too long later get the same individual combat and indeed started to share with me their perspective a little bit more forcefully little bit more times straightforwardly nine and how homes or anger irritation but a little with a little bit more force behind and they began to question why I viewed the situation around it and as I shared my perspective they weren't open and a challenge to and I began to sense that this was a situation where they were trying to have me take out their perspective American and then a third time it happened again to making back in this time it was even more forceful is that true humility is that true meekness know what is in France true meekness just because we speak softly running a gentle manner to somebody true meekness in true humility will never force our opinions it will never force ourselves our perspectives on another person 's and we can take away their freedom of choice in the freedom of conscience and consciousness that is not to humanity it doesn't matter how softly we presented if we are presented with a motive in our heart is to convince them to agree with us to change their way to change their opinion are their perspective to agree with us that is not humility doesn't matter it is not true humility and so also we had those situations in her own home I had the same situations with my husband we don't always agree on everything we have different perspectives about situations that come up in the home of the leaves in the home about activities that were going to do in the home we may differing perspectives are linked both of us are willing to say what model it isn't that what God would have us to do in the gospel eighteen is not my will but thine be done and we can get principles from God 's word but we still may have a different perspective on those things and I can remember one time we were sitting at the kitchen table and they were having a discussion about one of these areas in our home that we my husband and I had a different perspective and opinion on neither one was right or wrong it wasn't a you know his is the right spiritual principle and mine is in our vice versa it was simply a difference of opinion and understanding about that the situation we're talking about and he should was talking and the children were interjecting polish and my perspective and then we come it came to look at some one of the conclusion but not an entire conclusion and I began to read restate what went I was understanding and my perspective in a different way because I didn't feel like he or the children really understood what I was saying you've been there before I'm sure we don't feel like you're really being understood and my husband looked at me and he said honey I think you said and now I think we know what you mean how we know what you mean and you don't need to speak anymore about it that was hard to my flesh and Lord called to my heart he created me by his spirit keep he said I didn't put to death in her class because when he spoke those words what was dorky but what does he have to say that to me I have the right to express myself the way I think it should be but God put this thought in my mind if he five twenty two twenty three the principle that wives are to submit to their husband as unto the Lord and I was willing to hear the spirit voice and I was willing to commit them to award him when I was willing to do that now the Lord with them when you submit your high yes Lord I will because it was a moral issue it wasn't a violation of moral principle God was saying we didn't shoot show your heart and your children true humility I only need to work in you to humble you in a meeting quietly was a tremendous victory in my life and a tremendous encouragement and testimony in my own home the fourth area like us to consider in the standard of true womanhood is that area education and I'm talking here about the education first that God would have us to have him to be educated in the domestic duties of the home to know how to be a holder and this is an area that is sadly lacking today in society it sadly lacking within Christian homes we have accepted a false standard that women need to be out into the workplace and at the home duty Armenia and insignificant and significant and important matters not Konstantin is the most important work that God has given us to do especially if we can't family that is the most important and so the tax for this I would like to use is found in Proverbs thirty one first twenty seven Proverbs thirty one verse twenty seven she looked up well to the ways of her household and needed not been ratified on looking well to the way of our household applies to all of us as women when they were single or not even you young ladies and girls him I almost have a practical understanding and application of the domestic duties in her home so that we know how to cook our food healthfully we know how to make it tasty and nutritious that we know how to keep the home in order but our home will rightly represent the order of heaven and the God that we serve that is our home we know how to keep it clean and neat that we can simplify her home as we talked about earlier to maintain those hours those minutes of the day for the preparation work and in doing this home work they got it given us in this role of education and preparation process to work in our own hearts notice that reference from evangelism page two hundred and sixty one that young the work that you are doing to help our sisters feel their individual accountability to God is a good and necessary work long has it been neglected but when this work is laid out in clear simple definite lines what's the work of art individual accountability to God hasn't that been what we've been talking about God standard dress as women the high calling he's given up when it's laid out a clear and simple and death we only expect that home duties instead of being neglected that we had no time for them that we have a greater work to do instead of being neglected will be done more intelligently isn't that interesting to be done more intelligently this is the education God is calling us to this is what he would have us to do it is an education that is fitting for us to keep our minds fixed upon I think God has called us to our high calling in Christ Jesus this is the education God is given to do everything home around us in our society and even within the church is foolish and pressure fast food and microwave and babysitters in preschool all of these activities running here and there that we had no time for the work the humble duties of the who I found that when I was willing to address this in my life and this was not an easy area for new address because I enjoy doing I was anything but I found out they greater joy the Godhead for it I didn't even know existed until I was willing to save this Lord I want to be part of my experience I see that you're asking me to become educated in domestic home duties and that doesn't just mean how to keep the house clean that means also that we learn how to relate to our spouse and to our children and if we're not yet married then we begin to study this principle so that if we find ourselves in that role later in my life that we have the foundation to work from in that interaction I found that learning by God 's ways to keep my home in order has redeemed great amount of time a lot of times it was wasted because of my disorder and the other thing is done his decreased irritation and frustration because it's much easier when we know where things are capped and we can go get them and we don't have to be frustrated because her weasel is not here yet and it takes five or ten or fifteen minutes to find it and God is helping me to see it I need to be thorough and all things no matter how little they may seem that I live in my home they become in order to does this mean then that women should not have any other education at home and domestic duties no I would encourage you to read Adventist home page ninety one it is there it gives the balance et al. says that young ladies should be agitated or terrain in the tray or an occupation that can in life they are called are our circumstances change that they needed to work the circumstances are that we need a newer car next bank and there's real deprivation there's a real crisis in the home and those young ladies now in their womanhood know how to work and how to do a trade or occupation or profession they can take care of the needs in their family should that be their circumstances the notice here this sentence passing over the honorable employment every girl should learn to take charge of the domestic affairs of her home and should be a cook housekeeper and seamstress this is the education God is calling us to as women and then it is wise to be a true helpmate to her husband to learn on love and respect them that takes time and God 's word to understand that to deeper or shall I say higher education to not just look at their weaknesses but rather to look at the strengths they have and let them know we appreciate them and encourage them and then for the weaknesses that we see which we will see to first thing on our knees to the Lord and ask them ask him to help our husband over comments through our humility through our character through our lives our hearts that we can be used to help bar has to overcome this week since the first on her knees and names as mothers in the home to learn how to raise our children to be children for the heaven making the cake on the help them overcome their weaknesses and to build their characters after the similitude of Christ got had standards for us as women specifically women who had children he has a standard and he's calling us to add to look at what they are in the school lesson when my child find it hard to do they don't feel like they can conquer the math to work with our children and help them to gain the victory over that giant that looms over them and despair this is high and they can with Christ clearly these things is the education that we as women God has given us as women a high calling a workforce today that is specific to women enclosing the this passage I'd like to share with you is found in testimonies five two page four hundred and sixty five and sixty six women may have a transforming influence if they will only consent notice the words only consent to yield their way and their will to God and let him have control of their mind at factions and their be this is what we've been talking about it God wants to use our minds our affections in our being in his control to be an influence that will help to transform others at transforming influence continuing on a little further God has assigned woman her mission and if she is in her humble way yet to the best of her ability makes a heaven of her home makes what ever will happen however home I will lovingly performing her duties to her husband and children continually seeking to be a holy light from her useful notice these words useful killer and virtuous life to brighten all those around her she is doing the work the master has left for her to do and will hear from his deep line with these words well done good and faithful servant those are the words that I won here God has given us a special calling as women and I know each of you like I want to hear those words well done thou good and faithful servant enter thou into the joy of thy Lord Cooley and faithful servant who's been willing to surrender self and do God 's will to be loyal to God in all things at the standard is this media was brought osteoporosis is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. audio tours .org


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