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The Inner Woman

Alane Waters


The heart of a woman


Alane Waters

Restoration International co-founder and seminar speaker

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I believe this afternoon with you to share I think that's not anything I think is the last in hunting the Lord continue to bring back my heart about the real meat of my individual experience with him this is a fear I found the message the interpersonal because I don't understand my hearing that God just wanted changes on the outside he wants to cleanse us on the inside and when I thought the theme song that we've been singing at this camp meeting Lord bless our home in the first verse it had these words are all around us are calmly operating a Y because there he is in a test with a song and then throwing their lives away in our own will today even in professed Christian who are families accurately because we haven't understood how God can you change the inner heart that each of us have had to consider diverse in general is the sixth chapter and verse five seven the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart when he only evil continually haired goddess China the condition of the people 's heart early early in in our world 's existence right just prior to the flood and were told that everyone with a vanilla sociality also in the days of the Internet for Commissioner Barnhart and get things that are hard the imaginations of our hearts are all illegal interest only or every day now we don't see how men apply to live the life helping me to see that what is really fainter I thought I'm not getting back to to die buying guide and I'm not making a group to be marginally aware heating my mind and my thought I my desires in my direction on Friday went well my thoughts naturally turn tends to my cell it means first I'm writing my way I think of what I want is where I want to go out why one of dealing what I wanted to ought not center on myself and cry in here is life you on earth was was trying to leave them in such a way to show life that I thought needed to be directed to you at all times and the only way that can happen is if there's a change on I heart in the Old Testament it's called David uses the term clear to me how God and just crammed my heart are Sergio God all heart renew eluding SEC defensive and the attachment is often referred to as the hair and the inner person began her heart wants to work from the inside out not just changes on the outside let me share with you an experience that we happen I don't think it's uncommon to evening Harry couple here I remember one Sabbath my husband and I were on our way to church and office we were driving to church I don't even remember what came up in conversation but all I remember is that he and I got into a debate and argument I'm thing and I remember the issue but I can remember very clearly arguing back and forth we went screaming yelling and screaming on the argued I focused on my he was focused on his opinion and well and we were driving insurance I should tell you that whatever before does I was born in charge of people where we have old sunglasses and so happy in the weekend church with the big smile on my face and I know that all too often regard the executive ball on representation of our true condition and we can't let you in our humanity how to cover over the economy and all aspects of South that we don't want people to know about it but they shall very clearly in our home and who do they show the most you the kitchen is sitting in the back seat against her mother in any time to wager everything into church mother like two different people and then we wonder why our children don't want I don't understand how to exercise their will have victory or even one's religion we cannot manufacture true peace and Sue happy if it's not by linking we cannot manufacture a friend it has to be within our hearts otherwise it will not be genuine and you know the people who probably manifest smile on our faces what they didn't see was the true wall that comes from the heart is at peace with God and at peace with one another and all are about an individual that was the order that Christ had about him that even when he entered into the temple and drove out the money changers and the people who were not following his welfare those people who were who remain there and you can then peace and love didn't they begin your person asked what God wants to work on him for waiting we only be in our thoughts are primarily on my South and he chooses not to think about myself where your thoughts generally go next et al. joking that he and in a situation and how it affects myself to understand and I'm saying how somebody responded to me on the telephone call or how they treated me on how I was mistreated my thoughts often on not connected with Christ will go to other people and requested that was good debris be bringing Doctor how are those people have offended us that they haven't seen something my way to having done something my way are they having said something away I would say it is about four o'clock to go and were told in my character and personality page six hundred and sixty this simple formula I thought will make our feelings and I'm not quoting directly I'm paraphrasing but I'm liking to read that section on the importance of our thoughts are thoughts just how they are feeling any emotions and are thought to our feelings and emotions breeding about our what Henry chair so that's why this Scripture we had versus I couldn't let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus become in our thoughts are not right our feelings and emotions will not be right and what is going to be the result of our character is going to be lacking it to be Christlike we made good on the outside too mostly all the godly fear being on the inside of my heart Anthony and were not at peace and were not yielding ourselves to God are our thoughts and feelings bring about our character Ephesians the third chapter sixteen and seventeen versus says that this way God wants to do with my by his Spirit in the inner man that he may dwell in heart and that's what God wants for us and too easily our thoughts are out there about ourselves or other people and not being brought into thinking of war and what would you have any data what would you have me to say in all circumstances is what we haven't learned how to discipline our minds we can call and talk reform and the reason this is such a a important message in my life I have seen too many situations in my experience that my daughter had that lead to a student in a direction that disconnects me from Christ's student in the things that happen like driving insurance and whatever and if it comes up in the conversation immediately sell the thoughts of self and me on my way in my opinion there there is share with you another experience that we've had in our home my husband recently wrote a little thank you letter to a family who was kind enough to do some help for with their thinking is the company to keep my sweater on for those of you who can see what he's doing he will thank you note to some friend of art and he brought it to me anything would you like to read them and all the children put their names on it to sign a card in the map and I should be fine thank you card from the him several paper and I was one of those hot women as they were actually three things in my thoughts at one and I was thinking about what I needed to do and how I needed to get nine and all those things and I kicked back hard and I went to do something that totally sidetracked from when he asked me to do an hour so I even did you get that hot and ready to go the Maryland oh I didn't do it in behind the card now and we are not willing to have the inner man arm our hearts in our thought under the control of Christ what would happen in a situation I heard a lot of all knows because you understand it in the little things was south finds expression in the end both of the praise the Lord made the choice to let South be controlled by prize immediately I didn't go into now is that you can start make a nice visit I think running I don't know what I did with the carpet I will look for everything else aside I know where I can think that I would be in anything that I had done and I could not find now I then I might allow Christ to not allow me to make excuses or to try to cast blame on you now may be related and everything whatever our minds begin to think of it are those thoughts prompted by the adversary to my house and had a choice to make to the knee to get that money back to him he's regularly I don't have the card and he had been tempted and I'm sure he was to say all well now that is wasted twenty minutes of my day but he didn't he said him right or it's another card he liked how writers is not a canal doing an early installation they had turned out to be a disaster in a disaster from the perspective of letting our natural thoughts rule national inclinations to flare no thought that Blair though the motion was turned into moments of peace and happiness and contentment even in the little silent today that's what God wants to give forth were told and my character and personality page three hundred forty seven forty eight this guy leads his people on staff by half the wine thing and time right today step-by-step to the day he brings them into positions which art-house elated to reveal the motive of the heart you mean like getting a thank you card and even are not signing and that is a situation in way to reveal my true heart condition yesterday and my husband also saw him galore at one point that fall off at the next video experience that you UK cries and you give your thoughts to him and he said to those natural emotions those waves of emotions that one a rollout to begin to justify ourselves he gives it do that and we can get through the first death about the next step not in words indicated in this example I shared with you what happened when I would come back to my husband and I didn't have the card I began financial union team I fleshly nature takeover in all things Christ wants to give us victory at every advanced staff the heart is testing those little chat because we had him me we need to continue to take holiday throughout the little tasks is in your heart of policies to the straight work of God it should come back down that they have a work to do in overcoming or they will finally be rejected by the Lord those are pretty solemn Wertheim day and got us helping me to see that be a woman with black feelings and emotions that come to let those feelings and emotions are only now are all too often women have feelings and emotions how you relate we think of women as having infinite feelings and emotions and emotional needs that have been children have been to all of them have been good God created us with feelings and emotions but creating feelings and emotions to be control why I thought I thought are what make our feelings and emotions so if I'm wrong what were my thoughts about my feelings and emotions and be doubly wrong will take and how I responded the mother in the home at the Y coordinate individual my character will respond according to my thoughts it might be putting God wants to give us help us to understand the importance I thought because here in our thoughts lies the power of choice to choose to that guy had his way in my thoughts so that we can have the right thoughts and he will discuss those five even if they are natural to our personality he will give us his thoughts he will place them in our minds and our feelings and emotions will correspond the example of the thank you letter our feelings and emotions correspond I feel I'm the anyway the in-home wine over a ladder and take extra time and I didn't follow through the way I should have the time being a mainstream to my husband myself in our interpersonal Mary's relationship while both of us allowing I thought to be brought into captivity as Paul said to be brought into captivity to the obedience of Christ I'd like us to consider that text and safe drinking standards five casting down imaginations you were imagination bears me are reuniting again down our reasoning we all have only and every high thing that exalted itself against a student exalts itself against the knowledge of God and when we think about ourselves are we like life is a very heaven exalt himself above God 's way when it are opinions in our ways and debris into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ the person we are a people that have meaning emotions and God one must understand that our thoughts is what brings our emotions and feelings that that develop those in and in those two things together make our character so in working with us on the inside he wants us to learn how to deal for struggling with anger or irritability or depression or any time of the motion and I'm Christlike God wants us to see how to begin to work to conquer those emotions and now begins and I thought we had known that an individual him here's what their individual have a fairly cordial relationship with her family would say and what they given the mental pain and limited and when he came to our home he would arrange hungry he was so angry he could hardly be in my heart I knew there was something that was definitely wrong because we never seen an individual like that before and we made an appointment to get together with this individual that we can talk about the situation my easily make an appointment and active individual share all of me that were enhanced by an really thought while we could be sympathetic to understand why they thought Delaney gay and so we simply trying to explain and then there was the real situation life what are real motives were and what truly happened and we got all time you know how it was resolved the individual would not let their feelings emotions go for weeks they had nurtured their own ID and opinion out the situation with our family and had gone on so long that the individual is so angry and irritated him I made that when we went to discuss it they almost had to entirely restrain themselves because of the anger in the heart and the way they in the loud voice and the fire in the eyes and their feelings and emotions had so long been him him I thought that they had it in the ground the individual 's character and our hearts were broken we tried to do more to try and discuss it to try to work through the understanding and enabling because they were sure that our motives were able that happening in her new home today between husbands and wives friends meeting on Sunday I are going to do this exact same situation where one in the family had been thought and they regurgitate every race cars themselves bigger emotions and feelings get so involved that when it finally exposed to the other person in the home to why but I made they can communicate they can take and the one who has not had a feeling thought and emotion fair when they tried to explain their position to make clarification and maybe even take on responsibility often the other individual is so I raised and has been so and then that their thoughts are right and they will not let go marriages breakdown were told in Proverbs twenty three seven as he seated in his heart we would say today is a man thinking that it's hard so is he our thoughts need to be brought under the control of Christ in all situations now in this and makes very that he shared with you with the individual who was very angry with weekly weekly I think when we collect it when unresolved now one of our invitation with argumentation lectured in Haitian husband-wife relationship it is not resolved to take the same position my interest rate South is located in southwest to take up those the same to be irritated if they are so narrowminded as Doctor so unrealistic in the Lord is calling to our hearts if we find ourselves in those positions at husbands in my hunt retaliates by helicopter Eaton called the fire in me even fire on your head that seems to to do everything we can to try to love into Saranac individual and do not allow their feelings to become our feelings and they're not our thought and ability irritation anger frustration and between parents and children and we all are having to address those areas in our lives the matter how amiable of the person you are we all have sensitive levels in all of the emotion areas people it may be something very flat affect and enjoy high rage other people they may take more but we all have the same feelings and emotions that must be brought under control and they're not those feelings of irritation and frustration and anger they lead to the next area of our emotions he went back better we are a number a situation that I have him who is my senior year in high school and Academy and then boarding school where I attended each year they had to do a quick facts I can be pastoral dinnerware all the students would get together and we would dress up special like a nice Sabbath closing we would have a nice dinner together and maybe they would have some may have some time of activity forests and these were to two special times every year that the that the school had an banquet of the year they went why boys from school one girl from the school to be a courtesy king and queen I'm not saying I agree with what they did that when I'm currently uses for illustration first banquet this is my senior year of First Bank but I was enjoying my time bear and after the Bengals over one faculty member came to me and they said to me could you feel bad because you were chosen to be courteous the school then you have any all cake will we want you now that your faculty meeting we chose your name came at his suggestion to being a courtesy Queen and some of the other faculty members decided that they went back there when he can be the bigger banquet of the year honor you as the clean of the school felt pretty good about that position represented someone who had good grades someone who was dedicated and loyal to the school who would raise money for all the school projects good independent grandmom and all the students well in the list went on and I always enjoyed school and I had five thousand school and I did get good grades and high school day and so I thought him really fast shot open and have outlined what was my thought what was going back to my thought on this date here in February March whenever the banquet was going to get the agreement will make you feel pretty good I was gripped that day at the banquet I was all in preparation those thoughts were very very real in my mind tonight I will be the queen of the school really those things lead to pry don't think himself but I can understand so we slide down to the bank went on fitting the house of time and going to make the announcement and I was not only act in my chair just read the handout and a lot of fun and I'm not sticking anyone since my an English family my mind went into mass confusion was seventeen years old and my mind is when mass confusion and I know what you like I misunderstood and I asked the person sitting next to me I am the person named the girl they called out didn't go in grades one hundred and ten certainly I didn't have the report with all the other students that I felt that I had was crushed in the very next grouping of thoughts that came to my mind work anger reenactment was mistreated and Winnebago was all private life track faculty member not efficiently have never told me I had no expectations and the other person could have been chosen I'm not about why they chose and I will thought they had she was then went in him we know everybody here thinks you're the special faculty favorite work for the present law and you have been grave in legacy and what is that there are many things you get everything school I felt like we need to give me off in the faculty meeting in well designed understand your such a good Christian would that really burned in my heart and do you know I didn't know how to deal with it sad but true and I began to hard-working my thoughts thoughts of bitterness because I was first I was angry and how it led in the bitterness that ever continue to think about those thoughts for the next ten years I never thought about them again to the school year when I see that individual I can have very good thought that faculty member but only because the school year when I eat out Microsoft guided by commenting up I never read all the feelings from time after I graduated looking annually from classmates or know somebody I see their picture and no sessions emotions would be there all over again all over again and more years went by and I wasn't thinking about this individual at all and I was kidnapped with another faculty member from my Academy days to come to visit in our home and was now married with children and the name of this other faculty member came up and you know what happened to me those same feelings of bitterness will Paul Maier all him I was just learning one guy had for me and how to control or how to to identify the racist Falcons and deal honestly with the three and nine faculty member for years everything I wish they would've never got me I put it away you didn't think about it he resolved in the near heart those feelings of bitterness and resentment many and when that name came out and I became very aware of those beans and emotions and how they affected me the Lord called in my heart and I knew these were not right to have nice invoice and I thought bringing every thought and imagination of our hearts to enter into the captivity of Christ this writer all I thought this in the Lord I don't have those anymore they had been there for TN eleven or twelve years I don't want and you know like any total victory I've been able to hear that individuals may not be is nothing there in fact in my heart is a height of Zion and understanding and compassion for that individual and what they felt as a result of the guilt that they may have had were doing something they knew wasn't really right to do they knew what had you been battered economy and they look going I really think that we should let somebody else have an opportunity because everything schools and thinking everything to talk about with me but that didn't happen that way the Lord gave me the victory now I can talk to that person I feel we associate a person who feelings will reason that it is a hard laugh with friends there are many of us today that are building those walls of resentment in their Wii is why they didn't think Sarah is not our friend that may not be right I may be right in the circumstances and I will come to feel little on the cyanide in the rehearsal and we rehearsed fan only rehearsal into the pool out what the agitation in patients irritability things happen from husbands anything may happen from children to their parents and when our children start out with a hard hard and they wanted to blame my mother father for the correction or the request or whatever it is we help them to identify immediately that those thoughts will be strolling down the domain in there if they are allowed to take hold they will become their feelings and emotions that will be their character and ally often told me that I know of some women who are holding from strong bitter feelings to their husbands when you let them tell why my heart was active in sympathy and I and I want to say understanding you're right you're right because Christ is given the opportunity to overcome all of our flesh all of our wrongdoing all of our thoughts if we were yielded to him and no one will go to heaven and fee cried who had been with Justin eat away inside you are left-handed justifier crime shows as an example when he later if anybody had a good reason to be irritated bear it would increase he was always misunderstood always mistreated and suffered consequences that is not that he is hard with the law for those who put on the cross with people when you are not the soldiers and now the crop there spikes and within our thoughts leads to our feelings and emotions that make up our character and how do we respond there are times in the past in our marriage was allowed my thoughts about my husband something maybe he didn't say the writer to writer didn't meet my expectations in my thinking and by my emotions K those thoughts and having person and replay them and listen all over again in my mind as I drove home from work not knowing anything was wrong and he can walk and enjoy happy as if everything was beautiful and I could meet them there and go out with a sarcastic remark I could meet him at the door with a frown in different art pages totally be hidden in the house not need in Holland has been so cold in here experienced and can retire those are how we respond to those emotions that are there guidelines are not emotions and are feeling and I thought to be re-created from the inside knowingly pay those thoughts where they lead next irritation and frustration and anger they go to their him I know you thought your mind like that in retaliation is why we cannot read a number of hearing couples women he has been wives and husbands they know will maybe we should have never been married where to go thoughtfully they need to divorce they need to divorce because the thoughts are so so much focus on now and maybe gone through a situation and drew my in and thought he'd been taking out those feelings now they begin to doubt while you know when we were married we were Christians maybe we can have a proper relationship before marriage are meeting in only just right equally all we should never compare our tiny Fiat brand management and ninety legitimate enactments but my husband wasn't so you maybe when is not to be married but the Bible teaches us otherwise experience David shows it clearly David Re: what a married man was any and he took after the customs of the people and the kingdoms in his day and he made a decision to take somebody else's want to be his wife goodbye and get wherever God says your now you are married and now you must read that individual the way I want you to treat her selling homes not know anybody who really came together in a marriage relationship it entered with the understanding that we present it him that walking back from you and take us take our thoughts away from him we know people who have separated and divorced for reading majors reasons like unequally yelped thinking that God changes and what happens is in the in the individual families that we know of where they separate the divorce for religious principles that unfortunately leads the people aren't aware of they all wait the very thing that they say they're separated for so that I can have a better relationship to Christ is the very thing it is not what really happened what really happens is that they become weaker and lonely and make them and they go further away from God wants us to learn how to deal with ourselves in our present relationships he wants to work on my inner hearts that changes from within the pages have been mildly unlovable and help us to see that he can work in and through for the salvation of our leading spouse for children we will become what we see that what we've been talking about our thoughts make our feelings in our thoughts and feelings and emotions combined make our character we are what we behold how we think and it will be holding wrong thoughts in our minds we will become just what we think about my character and personality page three hundred and thirty one it is a law bulk of the intellectual and the spiritual nature that body holding me become changed the mind gradually adapts itself to the subject upon which it is allowed to dwell it becomes assimilated to that him him him I have experienced many of these feeling and I attended down with it in my mind the lawyers remedially spellbound but oftentimes the devil comes back and he begins work at us from a different angle maybe it's not from Dow and the discouragement and depression never experienced really like that and were told we didn't those theses instantly have that they can become sold meal that we can become nonfunctioning people in her Christian husband and wife and parents because we are so self focused and we will become what we behold the time now we are having difficulties in her marriage we begin to think well you know maybe I'm just not a very good mother I I played with me anytime maybe I'm just not really the wife of very good wife and those thoughts rehearsed in my mind when anything I will become exactly what I and I will be a very good mother I will bestow power I will be open oppressive in my spirit I will be hard of hearing irritable with my husband my children no one wants to give us victory from the ceiling manifests are the mothers or fathers or children are individuals that we can be in Christ that's nothing new to what we should see items and matching help us to go to Christ so that he can make us who he wants us to become from the inside out there are physical causes for depression and I know that in my him situation I mean exercise fresh air and a lot of water to keep my mind all I am clear so that I'm not as susceptible to those wrong thoughts that doesn't mean it won't happen as long thought at times because we have to address when in the physical causes more than two years ago I was on the bill accident had fairly severe whiplash injury as a result of that the two arteries as four arteries that feed the brain the blood until those arteries have calcified over which means they get hard substances on the microphone so that when you take that next strain your neck it looks like instead of you should see the arteries it should basically nothing they are busy I have that extra mountains in the back of my neck is vertebral arteries and they are now given her happy the full test how much constriction that accident has caused to those arteries but it is not uncommon for me to have headaches or two no experiencing fight back from lack of oxygen to the brain I know that for years in the Lord gave us the opportunity to see what was happening that I went through my life where I was really struggling with depression and I try block I tried all these other things could not gain entry and the as much as I didn't want to because of how I was feeling not because I didn't know it was right but because I didn't feel like it the boys really put in my heart and I need to stay healthy while my feelings are the way they are so I went to his word and he are you you know you are for me in my falcon repeatedly in a little room to talk about anger are better on my depression or whatever feelings I was feeling for the moment to talk about an interesting meaningful and showed me and I'm thankful that for this it gave me no excuse for my food but it gave me the whole pecans can overcome me define my physical limitation for that and I realized I made a conscious choice beyond the physical changes of being more aware needing to get exercise and more awareness of that I mean fresh air and I needed to England Watergate my blood flowing well and good deep breathing on the metaphysical but beyond that I had to make a choice that will go so hard against the grain of how I was feeling accompanied me the victory and I decided I was going to make that choice not because I felt like it but because I knew it was my time as God to give me history to conquer those feelings and emotions and myself eating there was a one hundred days the next morning I didn't feel any better and I had a good bowler but electronic in my room you must make a decision to acknowledge that you have to make a decision to keep there mind properly occupied in your hands busy and do what you should be doing anything you will experience the galloped the fair and not allow myself to get to be pampered the immediate and now we knows feeling in those emotions and physical the economy and aggravated feelings and emotions that when the headaches get very intense I know exactly that I have right position him who fell through I think I'm leading those choices can be contented to be cheerful by the phone in my flash and it will give me the victory he given me the ability to go day after day after day after day today and be happy in the home be in my married work on the inside of my heart to make me a better wife and mother in the home because I making a choice not only when I know I'm so miserable when I know my comments brings on that same demeanor not thinking about fell God wants us to think into believing he can change us from the inside out God gave us feelings and emotions that he once means you can control and he sure how he can do it but we must take make the choice to take a step of faith can do it and will do it about seven months ago six months ago I discovered that I had a amassing my lower abdomen and I think anything of it for a little bit and the Lord I felt again I told my husband about when they would run walk it walking down the road when those enjoying husband-wife auction sunshine and fresh air was cold outside and we neither discovered abductors made us my lower abdomen and it's not sure what it is that immediate dislike of fibroid tumors and I think you need to be aware and we talked to her this is what he think it's time we talked back and forth for a few minutes I don't know what it is that you now it may be cancer I don't know but I do notice that whatever it is God can give me Graceland or whatever he will walk the he is single income but not in writing and so we went to the path that we had in evaluating we had tests done and not enough information was evaluated by a couple of doctors locally and then within a Southern California person specialist to review a phone call just about five or ten minute after some guests arrive for the weekend not only did the specialist from California he said Mrs. Waterston said yes he said the results of these cause me great concern they did so he said yes and he went on to tell me that there was a high probability of all bearing the latency and I don't want where you request a really long all that we really want you to have this thinking care right away and more call my heart and take care me alternate situation and I trust in him those feelings in those emotions all but I and God was asking me to take help of his name he would give me the grace to two culture that experience just as the day I had that first ultrasound done in the hospital thinking a system of fibroid tumors like non- ultrasound tape on the Kathleen and I'm laying there thinking on this is really great I'll be done in a few minutes they got in the alopecia and go back home and nap when I was thinking because and that the doctors I talked to were fairly confident that when there was just something very minor will need to be addressed on and when I was laying on the table were called my heart he said you need to focus your time on me right now and him him the radiologist came into the room he don't seem radiologists in ultrasound then you get their mail when they give you their your doctor your evaluation heating and talk to me when I was in the delight in you it was more wrong the survivor again you can't form I thought to be on here and all the way through that experience but my thought to be on here when I was home and I was standing with us emotions like that one thing you need to do the work I did to Dean faithful take me with using the entire day but your focus on me loud was thought to create dealings in motion that will make it so that you can be a mother and why they can't function God-given dignity grace and I pray you don't want the latency and all I had a buddy with the prize they wish your heart was when I saw the specialist he said this is what you need to link back and I was laying in that on that car right before the surgery the nurse came in and she said she learned from the new method I trust the Lord I know his will will be done so matters not how I wake up but that Clyde is first and always in my beginning of peace through the entire situation and there's so much more that I cannot even share with you that God 's will that his power regardless of our situations where the littlest things on the biggest thing that friend if we let him call in the little things and thoughts take control and our emotions rule in error feelings take over when we get to the big issues in my we won't know how to testing and God will have victory she wants us to take hold of him have our thought and we thought his spirit person do I cruise and sue his fear and four hundred he wants to precast fully and completely to be restored enhanced because I like to share this paragraph from you and my character and personality I know how mysterious work in my heart and you might thought and I know that many of you have had thought his message on the Spears bringing thought maybe you calibrate emotions and feelings you have in the past copyright and how he wants to work with us individually nothing in conscience changing your life that means is they are only allowing spirit of God working in your life your conscience after I thought you may have a conscience and that conscience may bring conviction to you but the question is is that conviction a working agent is that conviction working in our lives changes the clinician reach into our hearts and the dealing of our younger man of the inner person doesn't purify our souls Campbell from the environment as well and we didn't normally want the spirit of God 's work in your hearts to change the changes from within because now it is the time such as it was in the days of the children of Israel and if there are any fans upon you do not stop until they are corrected it away on those feelings all those emotions all those aspects of self-care I'm Christlike it are stimulated from the choices we gently may think the way we want to think the change guy him three we must make a choice cooperate with him he green and thoughts to mind he changes the direction game changing daily he is also ways that irritation and frustration and depression I also think we see those anxieties and ways of restoration if the current person in a way that we can fit anywhere he's with our mouths the inner heart is different and I want to change us from the inside out what was needed prayer fifty one created in me a clean heart he said and renew your spirit within me tell me how I know I done wrong don't forsake me changed me from the inside out that's what I want from this one one for each of you were willing to allow God to change our hearts from the inside and even person he will make our lines so much happier regardless of what he brings a certain regardless of the child and the tests that are there to show us the motives of our hearts I know each one of this year has felt the conviction of your spirit whether young or old and too often in our lives we have wrong thoughts and we cherish those in need create feelings and emotions that bring about a character that is unlike you Lord we want to be like you help us to realize that our thoughts must be changed and that you can do that in us if we will make the choice to surrender all myself give us that victory in our lives Lord and whatever it is that we are holding out when every cherished thought or feeling or emotion and we have it is unlikely more character not bring into our hearts don't get this rest until you have her start as a media was brought audio is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe and life is more certain than please visit www. .com universe .org


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