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Unlike Jesus: Unbelief and Unworthiness

Eugene Prewitt
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Eugene Prewitt

Eugene Prewitt directs the Bible Teacher Training hosted by Aenon.




  • June 30, 2007
    5:10 PM
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as far as her prayer will begin our father in heaven I ask for your own purposes that you would use the holy Bible during this period should find a way to help us understand what is true and right and I ask in the name of Jesus and turn in your Bibles in Mark chapter sixteen Mark chapter sixteen and were looking at verse eleven Tuesday looking at verse fourteen Mark sixteen verse fourteen last page of the book 's afterword of Jesus appeared unto the eleven as they sat at meat and upbraided them with their unbelief and hardness of heart because they believe not them which has seen him after he was risen I remember well when this verse settled into my mind Jesus had just been resurrected he was meeting with his grieving disciples he was about to leave them forever and instead of a warm loving carafes what he do he revealed to them the word is operated down for their unbelief and hardness of heart I have two professions you know that will help you understand where I'm coming from and what I say one profession as I teach Bible and history of the other profession as I train called quarters I'm wondering the breaks and wonder in the semesters and I think I understand something about this verse from the canvassing work I would not have learned from looking at the verse itself Gary Mejia said according to your faith so be it unto you think about that passage for a minute according to your page so be it unto you and think about in connection with griping or complaining or murmuring if I say something like do I have to witness that kind of question does not question say something about God says something about God putting a burden on you that she has not given you sufficient equipment to fulfill its mission so like he was irresponsible and given you the assignment it really is on constant about if I complain about my house or in the house my children are safe I don't have any if I murmur about some aspect of my life that is not the way I want to be perhaps that I'm dying of cancer for example but didn't Jesus promise that all things in my life will work together for my good but if I speak as if it isn't so you know it's unbelief if I speak as if God 's word is a true and if righteousness is by faith pray tell what is by unbelief there is exactly at this unrighteousness are sure to turn in your Bibles to ask chapter thirteen S chapter thirteen look at verse forty six this should be a famous passage to Adventist because it's just a little ways up and around here that Gentiles end up hearing about the Linacre and the truth on the Sabbath X thirteen forty six then Paul and Barnabas waxed bold and sad it was necessary that the word of God should first have been spoken to you but as to the Jews by seeing you put it from you and judge yourselves unworthy of everlasting life low return to the Gentiles you remember what brother Bassler said is the most quoted verse in Scripture just not right juicy in this verse that many people judge themselves how do we judge ourselves we judge ourselves unworthy of eternal life when we do not receive with gladness the word of God when we do not read receive the word of God as it is why did Jesus upbraid his disciples with their unbelief it is because and this is like my big point for the next fifteen minutes melts unbelief cuts us off from help from heaven so that often we have to choose between testator from man or Howard from God I'll tell you my experience with canvassing you can apply to your own situation if a student gets into the van if I'm leaving a call fourteen and she tells me there's no one home on the streets what he would like for me it would be petty he would like me to have a feeling like this all the reason that you're not selling books is because there's no one to sell them to that he had a promise in the Bible that said that there's a million done what few of them say things like you hear a voice behind the same this is the way walk units that God will guide us continually Isaiah fifty eight the promise of acknowledgment all are ways that he will direct our paths you know that she couldn't fray that God would put him on the right streets and God would play him on the right street if he does try to notify him on the right street and then he talks as if it's the wrong street she has just cut himself off from heavens help and I don't like that he needs heavens help very badly to do a work like the canvassing work so that I trained him to say something rather like this that I know God is going to use me to reach someone in this area is that how he feels now would he like to get some sympathy in and to feel excuse for not having success but is that what he needs no it is not you will often life have to choose between tentative front man and power from God and how did you get that there is a man is by speaking about the unfortunate mess of your situation and I was not English about the misfortune of your situation but how you get power from God you speak as if his promises are true as it is with utility does this mean that we want to put on like just a fake life Amber I've had lots of students who have thought that executives teaching them was to live a lie Gallup poll dealt with this he would say something like this then we are oppressed but were not destroyed even say I'm summarizing along listening to sad I have a problem but there's plenty of hope God is not letting go of me I have a problem but God is sufficient there is a difficulty that God will save me through it did Jesus give expression to when he felt felt sad that you saved my soul is exceeding sour full even unto death he gave expression to his sorrow but never do anything like this spare or hopelessness he said that I would presently send me ten thousand angels at last one Jesus taught as if God would support him and see him through he depended upon God in the midst of his problems so that it would be appropriate for me to say something like I'm having a hard time but if I stopped at that point it would be inappropriate I would want to say I'm having a hard time but I know God will see me through it he is sufficient for my difficulty maybe this all seemed like just words to you but it has everything to do with real Christian living for your Bibles to second Corinthians chapter four second Corinthians chapter four looking at verse thirteen second Corinthians four in verse thirteen it says we having the same spirit of faith according as it is written I believed and therefore have I spoken what is the spirit of faith is to speak what you believe lesson we also believe and therefore speak I hope you casino about to tell you it might not make you feel good we protect ourselves because of our unbelief because of our unbelief we protect ourselves from the danger of having confidence to become a cop as first whatnot is going to do in case he doesn't do it that was too big a sentence of percent smaller if I say in the canvas and feel that God is going to help me today and here to bless someone I sort a risk something what will people think of me if nothing had this or something is wrong then that's feeling of risk is just unbelievably trying to hide under a shield of reason Abraham was strong in faith giving glory to God that is when God said that he was going to have assigned Abraham thanked him for it he could have just kept it to himself it wasn't an safer because it keeps it to himself and it doesn't happen no one will think anything about him and all but if he says that God is going to give me a sign and then he doesn't get one he looks really bad so NASA said this the spirit of faith is to speak what you believe you believe that Jesus is coming soon if you have it on the inside only it's an opinion if you have the spirit of faith you will be speaking about that if you believe that Jesus mercifully has given your sins and that's inside of you as an opinion it's a good opinion but the start of faith is to verbalize what you believe how do you how to step up on a promise Abraham was strong in faith and gave glory to God that's part of the we read in Romans for as a model of why was imputed to him for righteousness from them about the end of those fifteen minutes to set it enough times to summarize we set so far made his living by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God I believe this expression by words or actions are silenced to douse in the promises of the word of God were faded at least to an end shooting and imparting of righteousness unbelief cuts me off from the blessings of heaven would like to give so that GSS berated his disciples he rebuked them to their face after his ascension for their unbelief and hardness of heart he'll love them and did not want them any longer to cherish an idea that would cut them off from the help they so desperately needed so I can say to you that I never have a bad day I don't mean to sound things to happen to me are that my car never breaks down I can make you laugh us again other examples of things that go wrong in my life I don't intend to do that I don't mean the bad things don't happen in my life but I mean that my life is charmed I believe it's so because of what I read in the Scripture that God takes care of me that he started to work and that he will finish it but he's with me today beside me and that he sufficient to help with any difficulty comes my way I believe in the things that he is told me and for that reason my day is vertically blessed and I am so thankful that I get to live with Jesus today that is what I believe regardless of whether or not that is how I feel unbelief would give expression to the feeling phase gives expression to the word of God and the principles that are that earthly inter vivos to Ephesians chapter two are looking at verse two Ephesians chapter two and looking at verse two where in that is our old life in time past ye walked according to the course of this world according to the prince of the power of the air the spirit that now works in the children of disobedience this is the word at the Vatican and no the word of disobedience here is the same word than many and some other passage in the New Testament is translated unbelief is the same one Greek has habits of making words by taking a bird and just putting out for the fun of it and making it the opposite so if the believe would be his two oh then to not believe would be his two oh oh insane not imagining to know Greek is not relevant but in this case the word is not the opposite of believe that was a real request on your golf of his tool this is the opposite of persuade it means literally to be on the persuadable that's why sometimes it's rendered unbelief as if you were persuaded by white guy sad sometimes as this obedience is anyone's right and what he said to follow I decide the word is to be under slide of all I want to say obnoxious but is not really that it's on persuadable this is the idea you notice that the evil spirit of Satan works in the children of what I'm persuadable nests you do not want to be difficult to be persuaded to believe the good things God is sad or to do the things he's asked you to do where does the spirits of speaking of the evil spirit whether the evil spirits work in the children of unpreventable nice turn to chapter five in verse six this is the same word in the end of the verse let no man deceive you with vain words for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of one persuadable this had never heard someone say prove it it is a dangerous thing to say in religious connection I mean that it is perfectly legitimate if you urge me some moral obligation for me to say show me and thus saith the Lord that is right but if you show me several does say of the Lord 's and yeah I can see it another way that understand the same passages God doesn't require that I just believe that you're right and I'm Ron I can depend on you that way but the lack I want to do is to cherish on persuadable nests so that I would refuse to believe and tell every article of unbelief was removed I can illustrate this better than I can say that if you were alive during a lifetime it really is it true that all the doctors were saying the cigarettes are good for you whenever talk like that like all doctors were saying cigarettes are good for you it really isn't so it is true some doctors were prescribing cigarettes and others were saying don't use them the research wasn't in and if you wanted to to know for certain whether or not you should use cigarettes it might be difficult to figure out but if you would seek to know you can't find evidence in favor of not using it when it really qualify for proof and who it is the spirit of Satan work in as those who are on persuadable I said that enough times out of off of it you can find more about that spread across if you just look under the word truth you'd find it turn to Romans chapter three where the answer from Romans three a question about whether or not there is any value to being part of the Seventh-day Adventist church and I think you'll get a few quiz questions right as being part of our church you have one outside of our church into heaven than than the understand if you understand both of those ideas that might seem a little bit perplexing to know what the really long-term advantages to being a self-addressed that you follow at San Rafael robust three answers that question enrolled in the last endorsements to all set I just told you he said that he is a Jew which is one out he is not a Jewish is one outwardly neither is circumcision which is our and the flash that he is a Jew which is one and related and that a circumcision which is just exactly at his price is not of men but of God that begs the question chapter three verse one one advantage that has the Jew and what profit is there a circumcision is about a valid question what advantage is there to being part of the Jewish church the Jewish body if you can be a true Christian without manager at all you almost expect I would've expected the answer would be no there's not but the answer is first to much every way chiefly because under them were committed that was a say oracles of God why does God have an organized body if you can get it in Romans three is because his organized body is so so holy origin organized body you know he uses the body as a channel for truth so that the prophets that were sense of this world in the Old Testament if they had a message for Nineveh Worthington of us if they had a message for babbling with a Babylonians if they had a message for Assyria were they as Syrians you know our beverages God I had the Jewish charge as a channel for truth as they implement something gospel to the world from but then the question happens the next birth but what if some of the Jews themselves do not believe you should question chapter three verse three but what if some of some did not believe shall their unbelief make the faith of God without effect and answer given next is not all whenever you see the word God for bid in the King James is an exaggeration what I mean is that the Greek doesn't say anything like God forbid the Greeks has not at all an old English the weather said not at all was God forbid so they work exaggerate but our modern time we don't say that way you should know the answer is not at all we stop at this point make application angle on what advantage is there to being a Seventh-day Adventist this organization is got channel for troops if he chooses to get another profit here she will be a Seventh-day Adventist but more particularly this is an organization that has the testimonies in the now we have them in our homes we have the truth all around us it makes a difference on us as a embodiment the great majority of us don't believe in are unconverted in our experience it really is incredible that God has an organization that is the channel British truth that they manage if you move outside of the channel if there is ever those Arabian and there's a disadvantage every way being our site preaching for about minutes against Congregationalism I don't know where that there is a congregational movements related to the something of his church it's out both the liberal and and the conservative end of directions for different reasons with cogito movement nothing that where there are churches that are not really part of the something honest denomination they are their own let all body or group that are trying to be faithful by themselves are a little body or I'm not saying people are doing that are wicked I think that there is every disadvantage in because what is the purpose of being or was it back to being a Jew in the Roman street vernacular as a channel for truth and what if they do not believe this that make the faith of God without effect no not at all this led to a number of problems coming Paul saying that led to some rumors about him he said it again let God be true and every man a liar as it is written the download is be justified in thy sayings minus overcome when you are judged unrighteousness commend the righteousness of God what shall we say is God unrighteous who takes a vengeance I speak as a man not at all for that house of God judge the world I think probably that you're just lost but if you listen the verse seven build twenty when he met with reverses before for if the truth of God has more abounded flyby on to his glory is talking about the judgment in the judgment God is vindicated as you dig only by the righteous is not available by the righteous and wicked the wicked vindicate his judgments and the righteous vindicate his mercy but if I vindicate God enough I'm wicked question is why am I yet just as a center and not notice the prancing as we be slanderous the reported and as some affirm that we say this assigned sermon number two before I get back on belief it is a violation of the ninth Commandments for you to believe rumors about other Christians and Seventh-day Adventist except in the presence of two or three witnesses maybe I should think the violation to believe them maybe I should just say that's foolishness it is a violation to threaten them to see in this verse there are people who told the false rumors about Paul Ducey in the burst of some of those false rumors were confirmed by others this said we heard him say ourselves he said as we be slanderous the reported and as some affirm that we say if you heard a rumor about the apostle Paul he was alive today who said he was teaching that you can do bad things and still get to heaven well said I heard him say it myself and someone else said I heard him say it myself yet one really be true that he said that necessarily can you see that the passage that now very careful we have to be I have experience in Oklahoma City I guess it's probably about eight years ago I was at a convention called well enough that maybe mandolin effaced convention they're huge and are in and I saw it was a male that was at this I was there I was passing out magazines and news magazines the people and the citizens are starting to my right was a grown man with a white beard and my left was a short man with a mixture of gray and black care and both are quite a bit older than me which is most people in the world as we were passing these out this energy began to comment about the Seventh-day Adventist church no word has no Seventh-day Adventist magazines may send Seventh-day Adventist ministers mean pastors dotes not believe I work for Enron violate what I'm saying myself he communicated an idea similar to this the seventh a address pastors are no longer in favor of the great controversy book and the thing that is teaching and he told his experience about how one had given him a hard time receiving the great controversy now I listen to that for a moment and I began thinking that in my life I have visited it very many states it's over started the now doing this canvassing work in the story some states I've worked with several hundred pastors and I can only remember one pastor of the hundreds of them that was not very happy that we were selling the controversies so I told the guy that I told in the lesson my experience is pastor of a passer capacitor capacitor is very happy to know this book is being sold and that I think you're risking violating the ninth commandment which says vessel not bear false witness against thy John is running a test situation of your princesses right before I motor set in our past filing our ten situation demands none of us know regarding my left eye etc. the Seventh-day Adventist minister for those of her need experience so I'm almost done with that little site sermon the point outside sermon is you must be very careful what you say about your brother that by generalities you may lie about them that you're not careful in what you say that you can violate the nineteen animal advocate we ought to keep the force and that would not be something you would want to turn in your Bibles to Hebrews chapter three were coming to the end of the section on unbelief then I moved to unworthiness Hebrews chapter three were looking at verse twelve take heed brethren lest there be in any of the evil heart of unbelief in departing from the living God what is unbelief do for us and our spiritual experience our spiritual experience that moves us further away from the living God unbelief moves us closer to the living God that is we consider the fact exists as promised to be with us the fact that he has angels working for us the fact that he has a willingness to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from unrighteousness that he leads us in the way that we should go when were in consideration of these things and draws us closer to awareness of the living God is living with us but unbelief justices asking the living God in the example of hubris three when the people said when Espy said Canaan is a land sure enough it has good grades but it has great big giant and we don't know how possibly we can overcome them we look like grasshoppers it was factual but it was on both it was considering the facts that seemed contradictory to the promises is a good consider facts but there are certain facts that it is very bad to consider which facts apparent facts it's fixed that appear contradictory listen it's the accident are contradictory to the statements that God has made I had a classmate when I was in what is actually great it had anyone's an Academy spiritual young man I believe otherwise he graduated ahead of me he went on to what later became a university and when I saw him a number of years later he had lost confidence in the spirit of prophecy as a reliable source of information I think of you if he was here repeating himself to you even say something like she was a good woman a lot of good ideas and and she had visions and was inspired and is and not very inspiring in the morning that was forced taken inspiration that you all had a chance to be inspired the swell what was inspired she had lost is this classmate of mine are ahead of me and Ellen White overt mother review statements but there was one that really got him as being ludicrous is where Alan White presented something like a germ theory of cancer origin that is that your success like not eating meat that is to talk about that cancerous germs in the case that leads to tumors we know no one is not anything like that without eating cancerous tumors leads to cancerous tumors and a half I don't know about it I should say that I felt like I redesign the journals every month or something I don't ever remember but it was so interesting to me that he would take an absence of a scientific discovery and compared to a statement from a profit and use the absence of information to judge the possession of information that wasn't so on after that I was reading myself and in some headline news the discovery that now so well known the connection between cervical cancer and of virus yeah now everyone knows that now I'm in is this a well-known I'm not about to get into a science lecture I'm not qualified when qualified to do is to say that there are certain facts that we can't afford to pay any attention to look for the facts are they there are facts that appear to contradict something that God has set your still Hebrews three perhaps the street the next verse the next verse is verse thirteen but exhort one another was essay daily and while it is called today lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin this is my last point about unbelief you should recognize that I am a weak human that because I'm a week human eye and very prone to unbelief I don't mean by habit I mean by genetics I am very prone to send out things got sad because of my human six thousand years of background I need you to speak to me as if what God says is true I need you to encourage me to believe that what God said is right if you will encouragement rather basis to believe and have confidence in God and to be sure that he's with me that will do a great deal to present to prevent me from being hardened to deceitfulness of sin how often should you be encouraging one another as daily I should be encouraging you and you should be encouraging me so the church should be a society of mutual encouragement to faith I can't make that in English either we should be a society of mutually encourage each other to faithfulness the believing what God says if we get it there would not be nearly so much growth and unbelief what is humbly do a hardened my heart wasn't doing personnel help from heaven what do I get perhaps found if I might get more sympathy from handling and sympathy from and I don't really need as much as I think I do what do I really need I need power from God and that comes from talking and acting as if his words are true and cauldron ministry says it this way talk and act as if your phase were invincible it is not even talking about call point is just Christian life to know how but my nose can turn it upside down currently in your Bibles to Revelation chapter six and I get downright illegal summer else is it just doesn't look right in my head is not of his last lecture revelation chapter just a moment revelation chapter sixteen verse six narratives you can understand don't write good notes my notes are just a bunch of verses and lines it doesn't always work both dollars Revelation chapter sixteen in verse six for they have shed the blood of saints and prophets and you have given them blood to drink for they are worthy this is the part of worthiness that is easier for us as Christians to understand why will that people in the near future be worthy to drink blood from their streams and rivers from their wells it's because they're going to kill us or if you're on the wrong side and you're going to kill us here's an environment I may as well it is both ways and they deserve to drink blood that the judgment of God has seems like angels ratified to buy the writers intent in this chapter out the mark of the beast to love God business and that is that God punishes the earth with a scorching sun they mounted the sun and then the sun scorches them which is not relevant to this it makes sense to us also included were the to suffer the flags as they done wrong but this is the idea that we have to want God 's will reread this one in Revelation three collector license reverse for I suddenly come to a later you have a few names even in Sardis which have not defiled their garments and they shall look with me in white for they are stuck in a word Jesus is worthy of praise and worship in Revelation is worthy for two reasons there are one of those two reasons as their lists and chapters four and five okay even in sacrifices he regained us and was last chapter for because he is the creator for these two reasons Jesus is worthy of praise he redeemed us he created us he created us first regain the second but in what sense of my worth can we confess to ourselves that we are not worthy of any gift that Jesus alone is worthy and that if we want anything from heaven at all that we must argue a prayer something like this please give it to me because I need it and because Jesus deserves it and I can never argue in this please give it to me because I needed and I deserve it I'm just right find where you already believe that we are unworthy and have respect I've been watching below perplexed by this passage that refers to us as worthy is not the only one Jesus talked about this idea several times he thought of those would be accounted worthy switching to the resurrection of the just trust me in your Bibles to Luke chapter twenty Luke chapter twenty three Luke twenty in verse thirty five this is a beautiful passage for several types of lessons Luke twenty verse thirty five but they shall be accounted worthy to obtain the that world and the resurrection from the dad neither marry nor are given in marriage aside from worthiness can you see how this verse could be taken very wrongly if you do not understand that was referring to the world the common regarding marriage it could look like that those will be resurrected in the future are celibate today easier you can read this verse that way lots not tell you that exegesis is most narrow definition are not confuse the people in this this morning I can't help it I didn't the most our definition of just finding what's in the passage what helped you out of this mess very well but if you just compared it to another gospel it would make it so simple that it's in the world to come but they neither marry nor are given in marriage so that one is very difficult right here could be is just a sense when you're comparing Scripture with Scripture but our dealing with the account worthy they shall be accounted worthy that Worthington is helpful plus is an is sounds a little bit like judgment sounds a little bit like the white robe that we receive in the judgment that not that we are worthy but that were counted worthy our sons are raised and were given a white robe it's the helpful passage look at chapter twenty one twenty one and verse thirty six watching therefore and pray always that you may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass understanding for the man that we still have it accounted worthy to do super something we can do related to us being accounted worthy when we do in this passage that leads to a subpoena counted worthy to we watch and we pray I think the verb watch is maybe a vagaries phone of us in our mind if you want to know what it means the most helpful passage I know the Scripture for watch is a chapter two verse one recs as I was stand up on my wash and set me in the tower and the wash to see what he will say to me and I shall answer when I am reproved what was a better question for he was watching to see what is God going to say to me what else was he watching for it was watching himself to see how will I respond when I am rebuked as we watch for we watched to see what is God saying and we watch our response to make sure that we respond that you appropriately as our Lord Mister Rosamond looked at so far about worthiness there are a category of individuals of whom Jesus said that they will walk with me and why it's because they are worthy Jesus talked about those who are resurrected within the ones were accounted worthy and share he said watch and pray that you may be accounted worthy but we've already established that the only one who's worthy of praise or honor glory or any such thing like that is Jesus and let's just establish one more thought look at Luke seventeen back about four chapters Luke chapter seventeen and looking at verse seven Luke seventeen verse seven but whichever you having a servant plowing or feeding cattle will send this young by and by by-and-by is another old English phrase that has entirely changed meaning in sixteen eleven it meant a neatly in two thousand seven it means eventually were in two thousand seven this was translated in sixteen eleven someone reversed seven again but which of you having a servant plowing or feeding cattle will say unto him immediately when he is come from the field go in sound to meet and will not rather say to him make ready wherewith I may suck and gird yourself and serve me till I have eaten and drunken and afterward you shall eat and drink up to this point it makes good sense now going to me that if I had service I don't have any but if I have servants that they would make my meal first and then they would make nurse if the next verse that bothered me for a long time does he thank that servant because he did the things that were commanded him I don't think so I thought I'd throw not means that our strike any of you as being kind of not nice but it's not really so different than the way we think today when you go to Taco Bell I think you probably do when you go to Taco Bell and you ordered a four layer burrito I will explain why some for later when you order the four layer burrito and the lady brings it to what would you feel if she said you know that looks really good I've never tried one like that before you know that's kind of nice I'll make you one of the minute and sugar daddies how do you feel about that at Taco Bell of you already paid her for that she is obligated to give it to you and maybe out of politeness she will tell her thank you when she gets a new but I don't think gratitude wells up in your heart because it's a service that you paid for the following site Jesus was searching for an illustration to help you realize your relation to God when you misread as the next verse seventeen verse ten so likewise you when you shall have done all those things which are commanded you I we are unprofitable servants we have done that which was our duty to do if I do everything I'm supposed to I have only done my duty in fact it's impossible for me to ever managed to do anything above my duty if I managed somehow to do everything just perfect that's exactly what I all God and Dusty only any thanks he owes me not so that never can I be deserving of any help from God is one of those in the faith turns me in your Bibles to first Corinthians chapter six and were looking at verse two percent is chapter six and looking at verse two do you not know that the saints shall judge the world and if the world shall be judged by you are you unworthy to judge the smallest matters is such an interesting passage I am not worthy because I'm righteous to judge my brother in the church but I am aware in the because of the gifts the mental faculties that God has given to mankind and responsibilities God has given to mankind is given as judgment is get easily get some time when we need to be judging I am qualified to do the work of judging that needs to be done on this earth does the logic of first Corinthians six and if I can give one more sites from and I'll be done in seven minutes I promise to fight him give one more site sermon you should protest whatever you have a chance against our church suit with other religious organizations for using the name Seventh-day Adventist it is not appropriate what would happen if the Roman Catholic Church sued us for using the name Christian you know they used it before we existed that is a side issue I can feel it taking more than four minutes I have left some believe it but it's an important one it's a shame on us for that turned the Chapter 11 will read itself as the states together will be done first Clinton's Chapter 11 are looking at verse twenty seven for whosoever shall eat this bread and drink the cup of the Lord unworthy shall be guilty of the body and blood of the Lord but let a man examine himself and so let him eat of that bread and drink of that cop for you to eat at the drink is unworthily Egypt and drink of damnation to himself not discerning the Lord 's body there is no way that I can be worthy of the righteousness of Jesus but I can treat the communion service in a disrespectful way that does disservice to my Savior and if I do I drink damnation to myself the whole summary of what I want to say in the section we haven't read the verse yet you can look it up in your own it's the fusions for one in Colossians six through one ten of eleven both say they say that we should walk worthy of the vocation wherewith we have been called I can't merit God 's forgiveness I can't deserve a gift from heaven I incapable of being righteous on my own but God requires me to live in a way that is an unheard to my colleague to be a Christian and if I walk worthy of my calling of my vocation that is the same condition as we talked about in the first session of being given a white robe and the judgment was given the white road it's those that are counted worthy who are accounted worthy not those who deserve righteousness but those who have walked in a way that is appropriate for their calling to be Christians those who watched and who have prayed those who've washed their robes and put away their sins if we've left appropriate for our calling we are judged by God is worthy to be covered with his righteousness that is to be forgiven and that is the very thing that we need to finance for our father in heaven I thank you for a high calling for calling high enough that you can to have been those that you call I has to find a way to finish the merger started in us that you would save us from ourselves that you would use this to encourage each other to faith use this to discourage on belief in each other I thank you for those mighty promises that wants the kind of confidence we need a Avenue we ask for your spirit to bring into our minds we ask in the name of Jesus and


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