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I will rather spend time with them this one right here in the ninth deal with this now is not money I'd rather spend time with and we come to enjoy a new method of coronary light note that is getting this together information all you have to message in County people he will be there we find it painful to be a part privilege to be together well gentlemen lasers and includes through but I like to go back to your wedding day like to go back in your thoughts to that day when you saw your ride well on the table happened with me that you could picture coming up with the okay we'll imagine a very large church big thirteen hundred member church in solving I wasn't very long and I saw the door is open in the back and my heart just began to pound I don't think you like that I found that feelings of excitement and enthusiasm anxiety my heart was just rounding I could feel the palm of my hand starting to sweat my wife doesn't talk about this later we didn't know I don't I get tired anyway I didn't like people are in a wonderful world and the Lord is in a wonderful man in the world while I don't want to give the wrong impression all the feelings I was having was not because I didn't you want to throw him to get a reaction yelling quality brain and all the things I understand they are wondering in my heart pounding in my script I passed all special day for an actual repair and it nothing but beautiful memory it would be wonderful I can save you that all the words of that song became a reality from that day forward is coming to recognizing your own experience just because we desire to do the will of God is not enough if it did not understand how to walk the walk and we did not understand that then we were very sincere so sincere that night the first night of our honeymoon we were staying at a airport hotel anyway to fly the place where you have a honeymoon and we started a tradition that we said we were going to all of our married life nevertheless all of it to me he every sounds wonderful to respond to me that every family while we read that night it was wonderful we had a wonderful honeymoon together you know I understand why in the dispensation of Israel of old to give my gear off our honeymoon only lasted for five days or six days that wasn't enough time we need a year off the only year off to adjust to I will ring from a mind that is operating in more on the mode to the mine is operating in the possible for you to talk about today is singleness of mind reality why did he vote our minds were taken on the all the pressures and obligating me to thought and work every moment I really didn't be there we immediately do you really did a wonderful time and I is my invitation vacation in a moment when I know where he is better I is unfortunate I didn't have the same vision I didn't know that I didn't have anything vision than I wasn't intentionally having an opposite vision but I didn't really understand myself and so when I'm on myself doing was trying to fit my new wine into my own life but now Sunday I'm just adding in a new white into my already existing it didn't work very well it didn't work very well at all because when you're trying to fit your new wine into a lifestyle that God is really trying to get you away from calling away from it doesn't work very well and it creates a lot of hurt feelings because in reality as I look back at it and took me a few months to start realizing this in our marriage but as I look back at I was trying to live unmarried with a single lifestyle mindset it just doesn't work where will I talk about today is the last of my anatomy men are using is okay to individuals and one together at in harmony with each other in the state of being why can be separate from all the others and the difficulty that many couples go into information and relationship I thought you are married I thought it are very much now okay you begin me I mind my any other out and have me and I had my way to find meaning and the guy instead of bringing together in harmony none essentially it doesn't mean that when we come together to have a single of the mind that I have to get my wife to be like me and get my wife to think like me and understand others regular life and like we've been a pretty miserable weather and when you really think about it really got brings us together is because the two together blended together in him makes a better hold on to try these that way God desires it to be any talking all are making every decision we have all wholly devoted family and the other person and making nation based on my talk in my way back in time we can gather at one blending together heart-to-heart and we will make our decisions based on all of our understanding so that we come to an agreement learning to think in a relationship it is I do not need in our first print in thirteen that I needed not grow just what principal Heather Hathaway is that the way we think the latest one you actually what we think is while if she was just doing their that I'd be happy if you would just do that then things would go better it's still thinking up in the focus instead of the focus I remember one day we went to town and we gone to town as infrequently as we can because promised just found it because we would let sixty five miles from where we do our shopping holidays are very big days so we don't look forward to those all the things that make optional space but we try to be very efficient insolvency does one play other place in Ikeda like the God of the places that more men would tend like to know if you are right I don't mind going to go and see and what you know what they are in the tools maybe they got new tools on how to build his own grocery section I don't mind going to Walmart I don't really care that much about going to the grocery store and I do like the one here but here on this particular day I was sitting in the vehicle and I usually bring along things to do so that I can be efficient with my time take a long ministry correspondence or things that need to be done so I'm sitting there she's in a grocery store this particular day the largest prompted me going the super one I thought were my first choice there fell with my wife the length of time one person I visualize myself was the best drawn in the store I can hit out in the van using my time more efficiently and that long-suffering Lord a call to my heart itself I'm learning that when the Lord calls no matter how awkward it sounds our no matter how it goes against the flash were happier when we follow exacerbating not as integrated and slowly but Lord unwilling to do what you're asking me to do so I made a chair for a willing heart a decision to go into the store and surprise my wife and I think you will be getting different note the Lord impressed upon the oath as those going to the store I want to emphasize I wasn't going to the store with a scholarly phase and now let's get this over with something I'm going to start with I'd say okay well the heat output on the side of the store the thunderstorm and it is not I was in there and I was with my why all the way with her because I was thinking on the agency for the Lord dawned that on my thoughts to grocery store stop thinking about the vision sees break this is a say start thinking about having efficiency for your wife's dog has different ways that are higher than our ways and thinks higher than we think and sometimes the very opposite of what we think it will do those things all it was delightful not just for my wife is delightful for me so pray God wants to give us new efficiency nine in other areas of the marriage is difficult for talk on hardware store I thoroughly enjoy I know sometimes even into the store enjoy it while you are but I have sometimes eight way were in our hearts anyway are type what are her when I may not be hard and the guy knows where he needs to work in each of our minds individually what have you are preferences are whenever our personality and he knows just how to reaching our high in the land together at one particular and cons of that single method my purpose is there all often in my heart not being willing to take over little things my husband may say while he had no intention of us because sometimes we women are more sensitive we like to have a lot of affirmation we like a great amount of appreciation and recognition and nowhere in the home along with the daily duties and how the devil can come in and make you feel like all you do is homeschool in this is the different nationality come to an all-time ideas and when I called to our heart when my husband makes a envelope comment that is just because something outside of my diminutive asset is something that very very very very quick very to the point we need to be it over the phone God works in my heart in this way not even in those really misunderstood or to misunderstand I have the guy is just what you need to work in our heart for Belinda because he is together it is the we in the married it is not me and you so what happens when one day into a double minded condition what happened while this is what happened to me Lorna called to my heart I'm one guy to remind me that love suffers long and is kind to me that drinking thirty and indefinitely is a you and your husband didn't say it nicely our meeting and he got up from the table and walked away or whatever we need and when we begin to play reminding that means I'm making my own talking when I'm even when I want any spirit calling to my heart but what do I do I need to do in the areas together to have appreciation to reject and double mindedness reinvests the confusion we have to satisfy the knee and Lopez on the marriage we assume talk about anything and everything it seemed like before we got married we could not run out of things to talk about just to spill all the time give me as much time as I could happen out the little talking when you are running on we would drive to work together eleven miles appointment and I would just be driving down the road straight ahead and you normally send it out one day and he just remembers you don't talk to me about healing averting simple question at first and second and third this was September we eating a couple months and inherent because all of a sudden we just had a very silent can you in the morning and evening day after day after day not have feeling emotion we know that we do start an online certificate right off and I was becoming very wounded in hurt I have been hung talk to me anymore things you notice out there that I didn't notice and that is when we would go somewhere with another friend I talked like I talk to Mister just the same I didn't talk to her way to talk to her when nobody else is I know many men have experienced that you don't even recognize what it is what happens in your thoughts and I remember very well it started happening in your thoughts at that time I began to be very self focused and sell wounded in South America and is starting to feel bitterness and had off the anger and irritation and I was fine Sunday I was feeling because I didn't know I was willing to communicate an early they began to build and build and build up inside of me until I was very close if that ain't been working in no he only got quiet if you know the little things that turn into big one it was small and I didn't get your begin actively need until it grew and grew and grew and I was I thought like a friend better than he likes me he doesn't appreciate in me anymore maybe you weren't there anymore I'm even found a reason on and when we the train of double strength fast train to distraction negative master at five to destroy marriage as they are right now my end they draw a division and tears the memories apart as a reference in this video and page three hundred and sixty percent off on our own attitude what are all all added to the atmosphere to surround ourselves with determine that attitude are the thoughts that we have which will determine what will be revealed July in another interesting thought and feeling and I feel it in my last year it was about the bill stopped me was developing attitudes about my house and that he was beginning to the end because that is what I thought you anymore right now we know the situation faced that situation were a woman began rehearsing over and over and over all these negative things about her husband and she started saying all the negative things that she thought was going to start happening next and my wife I share with her this attitude that you have about your husband even though it may be right in some respects your creating a self-fulfilling interesting a self-fulfilling prophecy and the further you go along with Doctor those thoughts will become the more hopeless your situation will appear and you know it sadly happen that woman she made a comment to my wife one day on the telephone that I think I be better off without my husband and I like it wrote very very sweet from counsel regarding the city said dangers she said you don't have any idea what your life will be like Falluja you of unfortunate woman was not turn from that course she has found now what it's like to not have one thing so that is not it would be nice to be better off without a husband right now is good she thought it was the VA slots can not be toyed with her sisters you may you may sit here today and so while we wouldn't member involved in divorce we would never do that that's not our situation if you are not striving and daily making decisions to blend together and sing of my if you are allowing these thoughts to come in and harboring bitterness resentment feelings of unforgiveness whatever they are if you're liable to and they will be enrolled in a way quietly and steadily the point that when things start breaking down communication it becomes very difficult that was where my mind but had early marriage and I praise God he stopped me is legally the year today God wants it are found in self-help and thought and he wants to turn hand into my thought being so concerned about the need and what do to strengthen the relationship because that's where we find our greatest joy that is where we find the spirit of God changing we find the real joy and harmony we understand their relationship and marriage relationship between our and our heavenly father with me understand how that relationship back to the front line I'm thankful that I turn my heart around nose kind as they are single line Paul Harding Hamas wholehearted and wholehearted devotion to the marriage union you here know the marriage union is the one thing on earth it represents a union between Christ and his people unmarried union represents our brothers and sisters are we wholeheartedly devoted to the marriage union now Hoffman if I ask you why I want I will never learn that but if I ask your wife right now is your husband a whole heartedly devoted to your marriage union I see some heads nodding yes I do now if that is not there the wife is get a feel at first because many husbands that I know not just in their first year of marriage my husband that are in the twentieth year of marriage the twenty year marriage was still holding the same mentality I had of this I'm living my lifestyle including my wife into it that explains selfishness brothers if that is the experience you're happy you're not wholeheartedly bought a marriage union you're not a single mind in their marriage relationship it means that we will refuse in word and deed anything negative in our relationship and what we used to entertain that it will be hard to gather that I like the devil will come in and he will take you live now tiny situation and he will get very a result unnecessarily just a little situation with her know it in the little things of life within the little decisions that we make it's not in the big pricing area tested this in the little things of daily life that we we really test the fabric of our wholehearted with the marriage and this particular day or setting a table and I asked with a peanut butter was very busy looking at my roundtable I have to tell you that we can't lay down our peanut butter that's what really was not able this particular day I just wanted to Pinot Noir install normally if I would say what the father is a Mongol and he joined the United game sense of what is the honey will give me the peer butter please just normally she would just get up and focused at the bar and into the slave should hang she's wholeheartedly devoted to what you are to get sheets even if they were she just pointed with her mom for the refrigerator and dentistry characters I must admit it really took me a moment she didn't say a word Jindal brothers and sisters if we are really learning how to be slow to speak you know really learning how to be swift to hear because it's always been easy to speak to quick right what's going at it the spirit can't recall the more in a brief moment time to take my mind the media was off the meatball which is where we go just like that I don't get along very Christian the meeting focused call daily to you self is always plan I heard by God 's grace itself can be subdued and so that cell called out to me but I didn't respond to that cell I listened to the next impression from the Holy Spirit no largest quickly reminded me that my wife had been that morning thirty and that she is one the Lord sometimes she wakes up early like he had a lifetime of the Lord and she spent the entire day canning please it was the first time she is now the meal table and I took a second look at she was asked and I said thank you never said a word just and this moment of time husband God wants the call to our hearts take us away from the need focus to the focus the black identities using sum of wins what a sad and it wouldn't have been unlikely to say in those early years of my marriage the peanut butter now addressing a thumbs point which sarcasm are not happy about that there's power in the gospel of Jesus Christ is but instead instead of viewing it as a power struggle like why my wife being submissive to me I just said what the minor spirit I saw as an opportunity to live my life even as Christ loved the church and gave himself it wasn't an unfitness of what I was dealing with in that moment time it was a wife who was hired from the levers of long game and her husband needed to have the tenderness of Christ and get up and get moving about without fuss is axon and theology rather this is the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ if we will let it work in hospital well into deal of his good pleasure it's not cracked it's just propagated to wait just got extra moments to hear what's said my lord concerning this matter why but were told in verse thirteen trillion suffers long and I not easily provoked and I think people what we need to focus on brand to take the love chapter in bringing into our line into our heart into our experience and start evaluating our our time together as husband and why based upon the word of God our decisions are they really all we got half horse here for screen initially like to share with you for very practical very changeable inspired principles that have strengthened our Mary they're not hard to understand the meaning Hyde Park West implement easy to implement when we take all of the power crime if he went to provide that desire and dream to accomplish it I was exactly you that you write these down on your pages during that means people get another papers because these simple things that are not complicated things that leaves the simple things very now in American relationship will make a rebel listen him letting your hearts together in an adolescent is a strong word we serve a stronger everything changed in changes and no thing I like about these four things to talk about is their old burden of action action verb action any think why are it will require making a shame to accomplish anything and not something that just going to Argos in addition a life without a choice on our part God wants us to surrender our heart to him to choose his way to choose an hour and date the joint meeting asked for arthritis it is so I used to make choices more than a choice as to make choices and grit my teeth and on the limited if it kills me after July first there's another choice that is not when we recognize with the spirit cost you we can choose to yield that Russian that direction and then we continue to choose to yield to the power that is going to enable us to carry that choice for the finish line and each cry and control and his spiritual guide and waited he has to go the first one is to determine to meet all if possible to be for the other you catch that we had to determine to be all that I can be for my problem now for mean any of my emotions are under God 's control and performance area I've had to learn to surrender to the Lord to give him my feelings in my motion nick I thought and I return him to be all I can be learned my husband and me I have to have my thought and my feelings in my emotion the relatively kind that's not too strong a word thrill to see my wife in certain situations I do try to let her know if some point after I see this to see her and I know that she's gone into the battle to see her make the decision for herself besides little encouragement that is the husband cannot be your goal down the direction that would like to take itself would like to take but to see that and recognize that she has made the decision to be empowered by the gospel Christ think of how my decision has rather than being self focused that helped me so much determining to be all you need for him or my children it made me happy why and happy mother when I turn my focus to myself I am not a happy person I am not a happy wife and I'm not a happy mother and my family all know when I determined to be all alike indeed it got me to be getting program here again what can be for my husband in my thoughts my feelings and my emotion in me again or share the manager particularly if there applied to women to buy I think particularly for the men one of the things that God help me with early on we started understanding what it means to work for us for me the blend together gone only recognize that I needed to make a covenant with my eyes for my life the Lord and I are thankful to God very early in my marriage relationship I made a covenant with my wife my God for my eyes and just my thoughts I got an e-mail into many the men struggle with today and none of us walking on-screen driving on the street can keep from seeing a woman walked in no sooner but every one of us man can choose not to take the second everyone here and when we take the second we get on dangerous ground even if we don't have a wrong motivation and not trying to make the issue all of our homely looks it takes the issue is not a new covenant with God with our eyes for the sake of the woman that we are all hard actions you would have seen we talk to many people who spot themselves like he even handler saw punditry right she can handle herself under the tree of knowledge of good and evil how did she get a brother and sister she failed miserably we can result God does not want placing ourselves their man we need to make a covenant with our eyes or woman that God has given us that has American than this difference in my life I don't trust myself I don't think you should trust yourself either many great men have fallen we don't have to fall brothers make a covenant with your eyes the Lord so whatever guy hanging our hearts determined to be on you can be for the other shall you individually what he wants you to connect to him and him when you surrender that you given your all heart I I hear my and your married to have a singleness of mind you will be asked relationship anyone not be so far as I'm the cell and in the second area is starts with the word continue not one of the hardest things to do in the Christian life is to continue they would experience that consistency in the Christian life is one of the hardest things that parents face continue that connection for continue the earlier tensions that came so easily in the courting process continue those early attentions that is such a little way but how many of us have continued or have we left off of those early attention by saying that I have continued war began to show me a very simple practical terms I continued to do those little early attentions one of them is in the Lord reminds me of almost every morning if he doesn't wonder what every business owner should I put on cologne from a way that's what happened for Iran for you know him and I all I know but I find them being the voices of estimation him tell me a enough information I know he died I knew my forms of all right another as an incentive enough for me many time and I feel that my responsibility in how many live this is our man in an LDS and take responsibility and I'll take responsibility or enough healing I immediately knew it will do that is broken he began and when the mind responsibility block is my responsibility I like making our best thinking on the morning I come back into the room finally the first one half and he gets up after man by the time I'm exercising he's not exercising I wish I like efficient exercise I come back to me little thing that makes a big difference and you know he turned to Jell-O Shands so then I went of flowers or state strata will place greater evening as we had to take some action in the first guy anything I had and will and little love note you know that's a little thing is missed I mean were talking about such a simple thing but when I travel alone and I don't have a lot of mudslinging is through the ministry when the children younger sometimes I would do we can go on when I would travel alone I always knew I got to the point I was confident that while for my little lunch there would be a love note from my line user there was a couple from the children or simply check in my case when I contacted no that does husbands I mean what do I get a call before him and I'm missing down right and why it works both ways the wise can make their husband 's law I was together with symbolism little attention to what you because life has become Monday too busy continue to little attention it can be so simple just getting to worship thirty before your husband and I have no openings as an alternate patron who think they are that Wayne County is out and ready to catch anything out there what are you doing he's the visitation and today I go through helping him up with a U-Haul and I'm chair that were ready to I'm thinking he can make it convenient easy if you think they will experience some of the smallest little thing to emphasize they found a very big message to the heart people are wondering blended together all I can tell you is that the more I focused on what I can do for my wife's happiness you have no understand how that works everything in nature receives to give everything we see on this beautiful lake which raised the strain everything receives the gift except to the name man has said no I want to receive and I want to keep it a lot more Demi Moore defined as the want more no brothers and sisters for their behalf the leaves having you to the happiness or spouse we received this wonderful greater depth three is that you are encouraged each other to find the battle of why in Christ may not yet warily recurring I have I know how to live doing battle every day help me last temptation I haven't very every day we faced legal battle we encourage our house in five thousand battle last night now any drive like to share with you how my husband does that for me what you know difficult battle I have ever made in my eyes with my last is that homeschooling my children and some of you have are sympathetic to my last Wednesday take that long and I cried Nalini and when we do we have a very happy home we have buried it we had a very distraught South Delhi we get only the physical manifestation sometimes I make it all around my home I ever going to accomplish all I need to do with my mother never getting it my children educated never had trained in obedience and you know I never comes in the house all the stuff on that one and sometimes we accepted and when I'm feeling like that overwhelms I can go to the misinformed share in China urges me to fight those battles in Christ if I'm coming at him and I think I I I recognize my weekend healing the remaining cry but I think I'm making when I'm working right and I can say how many HTML and I'll start now share my burden and heat love to me without pampering anything he has a heart to hear what I have to say he doesn't justify me in my class and say only why they cannot take care of those children he needed to eleven pamper me that he encourages me hanging I know it's difficult we know we see after the time of the Lord we will not solution so let's take one of Christ he's got the answer I'll help you and he encourages me to surrender my heart decay crime and had to find the victory that comes ingenious that is inside the steering committee because I know he will not reject me neither do I know that you get it thoroughly right while Angel I know you know me will help me all my life for murder thinkers in this version as well before all was right one of the greatest encouragement my wife has been for me this for a moment that being a morning she wakes in the morning just so cheerful and now these are the birds singing happy lovebirds I don't hear him choose you tremendous blessing and no example is our best teachers and she was a wonderful example particularly in the early part of our management turning me from nitinol into a morning person it can be done because I came into the marriage being the person the bad late night and she was more of a person with the bad and reasonable time and she has encouraged me tremendously in some of both little ways encourage me by her example getting up in the morning and receiving the blessing God has now I love it up in the morning I love you my Lord now that doesn't mean that I'm a bluebird in the morning any number you remember in making the decision to be what God has to need of being in the morning that's the kind of encouragement we need to give each other know him each other encourage each other because handling the big work if it doesn't work it only works here intimidation and actually drives that wedge between it doesn't bind our hearts together so we share with you two simple examples on how we can encourage each other again you have to implement in your heart and your horny they are to call your heart the fourth area start with the words and let the study I will miss one is studying to a man that happiness each other very interesting event study ability to invite the happiness of each other and try that and you try looking for ways to make the other person that we're talking about self-indulgence here we're looking at ways to make home happy we're looking at ways to make our spouses life easier to lighten the burdens to make her life more happy I remember one day I was sitting there reading in the largest impressed upon my heart as I was reading you all that you can to make your wife happy Bruce Reagan simple and today all day that kept coming mine whenever I was with my wife and I is that how the state 's access to he now has something he can remind us all because before I wrote that I had bought it just looking for ways of the day to make my wife happy not talking many men in this original understanding troubling communication having trouble it could talk to my wife and having troubles you want she wanted to work with the children she's having trouble here and what we know and I sat and you David how to be the husband God is calling you to be no ice and I have spent time and continued to spend time studying how to be your husband it's never been a waste of time brothers looking at the principal that gives God more access to my mind and how I can reach out to my wife and you know many things about the complaint my wife about as I started to get better husband they disappeared can you imagine that as I started being a better husband to my wife in studying to be tomorrow her happiness I found many things that I is troubled by my wife started to disappear because of my time any team how my happiness to be a husband that time to be alive after we need to focus some eighty five find it very frustrating Americans because they read all about what happens to become to be connected I have it and then I think we supposed to do start reading my God wants unity does God want you to be the integral Danny got word on or that principle there is also therefore to encourage a addition Danny and I think of it goes beyond that is mentally on my mind my mean he mentally any mentally way to make and when I'm doing the zucchini project I'm thinking of how much will enjoy it I'm doing it for and for my family and me at a later selling printed directory it makes enjoying in and things we do together like you getting help each other for some time to get a canning sometimes not help him at painting I do a building project looking for ways that we can keep our cell blended together in our mind I thought it's fun to stretch yourself out of lines it is exciting the results of indexing yourself okay the reason that I could so quickly say it was fun and I corrected myself because no longer financially never stressed Mulhall that you haven't used very much fun of the next day but one could stretch yourself when you start recognizing the zone of the fruits that follow now it becomes more enjoyable to let God 's questions and areas were not comfortable with for the sake of this union together God like to share little we had last summer that was just a little highlighted today we've never forgotten what he is very important for me is to have sunshine for me talk about your everyday I finally find his prime years later sunshine in my family knows I get an mental and spiritual benefits when I get outside pressure and the Kurds me to take time go after gone we can garner whatever just to be on senior day I was a little bit on the tired enemy to change your mind you might ground in the backyard it is I thought you should you remember I am typing in all the things I have left is ninety so I I recognize that they are calling my heart and I made the decision to get them with encouraging the day he was looking for nine hundred and ninety and so I said yes all I put all my thoughts now many things I had to do is die and I get my wheelchair when I found it just a few minutes later he came to nineteen the end of your message to tell me that he was interested in me and Nikki when it came time with me I really had a pilot stepped into that he was choosing to spend his time with me and we were visiting and talking and as we were saying our thing and everything had to without or not we can get to the theater and enjoy each other 's company so we began to do some planning for our ministry at their and what happened daughter aperture well my wife became extremely like a Sunbeam right back going on without him in Italy have you to know what is not going to get along to see him together they criticize you know something that even negative growth with you sign in or sign up for one identified in size they are not only do so by a sheet is energized to do it for Sunday will need one well I was laughing for a hand-in-hand in particular gay because I knew he was doing in her mind first get me out there secondly our liking when you spend time with me and thirdly for the good of others because we had a wonderful time sharing thoughts and ideas and talking about how we can better work in our own home work for the Lord is we go out with other people and we share this with you we saw that in this one little illustration we began to show those little attention now you can go ahead and take a little time he he was encouraging me to do what he knew was good for my house for my mental health and we just found a tremendous blessing now is determining what the other of before was I was determining my mind how I could be the best for her in that situation all I can maximize the time and so we took some of the work outside which would not normally be anything to me another set my desk and do the work but there again trying to think of how I can make her time more special there being all that I could be for her page which can run sisters it's wonderful to work towards singleness of modern balance is tired and lend together not as a dis- media was gone audio nurse the website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about how he was feeling like the more certain than the visit www. audio person .org


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