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Winsome: Living the Life with All Your Heart

Justin Kim
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Justin Kim

Assistant Director of Sabbath School/Personal Ministries and Editor of the inVerse Bible Study Guide for the General Conference




  • June 30, 2007
    5:10 PM
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father in heaven Lord we ask of you once again to condescending to this chapel and to bless this in mind spirit body parts every aspect of our lives father we are steaming inspire us and empower us and motivate us to a higher level or get us out of our indifference or save us for we sink in this world help us to understand the things we need to understand and help us save our souls souls of our friends or loved ones and to usher in your second coming of Jesus and by a show of hands how to get hired be honest but the honest for this portion of the seminar this will be a lot more practical and hopefully develop the previous presentation was alerted about your heads that's what is intended to be if you understood it God bless you if you can understand that's okay on there some aspects unique understanding of the subject you on this part is a lot more practical there are fifteen points you guys have notes it'll help you little pen and a paper or PDA PDA to keep awake also but also retain what you have learned this is not a comprehensive list is the list I put together today I see it we do this can we have everyone move up to the front as much as possible I squeeze into the center aisle is there some people in Babylonian confusion here in okay let's go with some living a life with all your heart with some atheist find strategic ways to implement and enforce policy and ideas throughout society without being completely obvious you think atheists are strategic thinkers they've implemented and educational curriculum since the nineteen sixties and seventies to wife out to religion the face of society now you're letting us have been doing this for centuries they realize you know what it's impossible to erase religion from humanity and trying all years so this annual best compromise if we can just have them worship in private and not reactive public and we want essentially so here we are today within America and it's even legal to bring up anything religious of finishing as a stronger person your people you gave it cannot open the gate I J ever see those parades I J there is this fervor and then on time throughout thinkers like I'm not my question science is what it is yet to come from you since anything that even implement into our society we got a become just as aggressive without being annoyingly aggressive in society theists especially biblical theists as is obvious must be the same impact society culture and every other feelings for another friends and ad litem people here and we would promote this in public ministries if you may be a anthropology major go-ahead studying anthropology your heart else but bringing God into it if you study chemistry become the best tennis outfit but study how the Scripture becomes independent of chemistry when you get local tennis soccer Google and apologists if you MBA investment banker show the world what a Christian bank continue to be a former short Christian farmer can do this with the enforcement of glottis aside as much as possible and I believe Ms. missing around some of you leaving Christian filmmakers and I don't believe whether to entertain people nursing we have to take the gospel and to formally in a way that the people are visually oriented they can read about celebrities and so projects just five hundred events these we can move beyond that is a great resource we can do on the expand when just a notation on the inferencing assessor will get fifteen traditions I want read Scripture sounds like what the stupid read Scripture now I don't know why I have to emphasize this but today we refuse to read Scripture relating to relive the site is on Scripture is only necessary she says on ABC or ABS the markings or the Bible reading the critical examination of Bible subjects essays written upon topics which would improve the mind and impart knowledge the study of prophecies or the precious precious lessons of Christ these will have any influence to what strengthened the mental powers and increase what increased pressure from some of those pacifist and how to become a smarter person read Scripture passages and how to live become more spiritual person research fundamental now I recommend you get the King James or any SB or NIV not smart and maybe but you haven't learned a great religion the reason yesterday just to get a good transition agreement cake recipe glycated he only is my favorite favorite television we got all so don't get high down with the three guys heard in today's English version is great for reading cure for street kids but Franzen is a devotional study and has headings from forget-me-not plus he has in this time to pick him he continues to say a familiar acquaintance with the Scriptures sharpens the discerning powers fortifies the soul against who this is elementary stuff but this needs to be said with the dots I found the Hollywood history Scripture on a consistent basis says the point while reading the critical examination of viable subjects there are some hard topics in Scripture your objective is to find these points and studies by feeding the Bible 's leaders in hard things in Scripture so get with it and third essays written on topics which would improve the mind and impart knowledge we had Internet today confront and yes in every topic underneath the sun study prophecies everyone in this room should know that we three hundred and thirteen thirty five twelve ninety twelve sixty eight cannot talk about you and the presence of surprised myself it wasn't great book for beginners and for professionals putting the secrets skepticism can have no power over sole network humility searches the Scriptures is a secret you need to have humility when we approach Scripture Scripture should always be approached with Karen now were actually to correlate on us superpowerful and I've blown my head up whenever it is as crazy crazy crazy humility and spiritual intention Scriptures and less often I've know what I do and that means this forget that him find this balance is the secret of having only humility results in no progression of truth having only skipped the knowledge results in spiritual pride and intellectually but after this question what's danger keeping atavism is going towards the second one one for the first first on the street is both a genuinely liberal conservative year means you want on some people see what we had to be humble it can be arrogant but supports this but everyone is rewriting the end you'll than with plastic name of Jonas I know my schedule you do so you know what we call Bible thumper 's other letters wherever there regionally is a chicken for three prayer for the Holy Spirit give us powerful again he's on his long quotes I hate to sell property without the guidance of the Holy Spirit we shall be contingently liable to rest the Scriptures or to misinterpret there's much read the Bible that is without profit in many cases a positive what crazy she says if you read this it will injure you unlike what she does not read this is an entry synthesis can you say when the word of God 's old band without reverence and without prayer when the thoughts and affections are not fixed upon God one harmony with his will and mind is clouded with doubt and a very study of the Bible what skepticism is created it's also strengthened in any case control of the thoughts and suggest interpretations are not correct five two seven fifty C how careful his Bible study should we should never read the Bible enhancer Scripture and you open the Bible and read randomly that is one of the most dangerous things that you always approach the what was the referencing events to Lord I in capable of understanding us I need your spirit navigate history perform kinesthetic hobbies at this data been universally kept man's thoughts and affections would have been led to creator as an object of reverence and worship and there would never gain an idolater and is just one powerful quote your service to customers before but here's this is an awesome food that we had to go through us we are the great-great-grandchildren of God 's people we are God 's people but we are in a of ancient Sabbath keepers we are an evidence that God is the effect the Sabbath keepers exist is evidence of God himself does exist to continue to the Sabbath is not a rule or law it is your duty as a public by keeping this to your sink on you exist something awesome by you preparing on Friday is going to exist to get use into the world God you exist therefore I will not put gas on Saturday by using the savvy sink in the world what you want to lord of every so never ever relegate the states of those is that it will be to watch TV best argument this is a very tropical the life the words the department are the most forcible argument the most solemn appeal to the careless irreverent and skeptical that the life and character of a strong partner for Christianity and then will be compelled to acknowledge a view that you have been with Jesus and have learned CD4 seventy as much as we talked about last time with all the arguments always things the best are you this is a off-season urine mean jerk the person we want to Christ and reference is your life it is your character on me I noticed the wonderful sister she's a very humble person and she's a very simple person she doesn't know a lot she refuses to to learn about all these complex philosophies bless her heart and she's witnessing talkies before she's witnessing to these intellectual professors of of of complex thought and she does is look I don't know what you guys believe I know that Jesus and think and I think in the end you won't survive on University shredded pork but there's something about simplicity and lots there's something about men as different as is the spiritual Golgi monsters that people are naturally attracted is going as much as we should exercise their minds are character development is foremost most powerful argument reference six of volume I with Congress for this is from medical students who enter public universities our missionary training program by the way is as is a a we believe is a prophecy foretold by Ellen White she asked he says that public ministries will be done in the letter of people by God on Jesse four saw public ministries in the future is a crazy thought it should she saw the University of Michigan she says this quote was used for medical students who go to university mission medical school and become missionary father to their learning goals saving their pursuit it's a constant process that the context six the Winston was nice and mean friends with mezzanine be waiting okay the winning of Ways and Means B of a character almost popped up the other chair really lonely souls means being charming on this sensor since there's a certain thing about when some people with some people are not cold they are spirit you they don't just kind of like how this straight face not me I'm an agent on a hard time being wisdom because we like his stoic new stone carved face neuroma Melas of Christ causes with some charming individual yes Winnie has since recklessness is a thing we do smile our first tactic in witnessing souls is the smile not know don't smile all the time to fix people out there we go and smile sometimes even Mother Teresa 's assumption says smiling is the first step of showing Christ's love to the world powerful category she will go into Calcutta and she sees this man hath disease known gangrene sitting in his own filth and puke everywhere he or she does she smiles and this gentleman has never seen in this month and before and behind the same language as the punisher this meant that God loves no we don't live in these current conditions your North America but when events in Connecticut it is sloppy whatever talking civil laws that he smiled it will be more apt to sucking a smalltime people think you're weird just your think of it and not temperance in all modesty listened intently as at a history of the hardest time with this listening intently John three John for talks that it portrays a Jesus who listens intently he listens to a scholar at midnights and he listens to the low class female leading at midday and listening now we have a hard time listening because we want to save relevant Bible says that another listen first if you listen more Jackson we more points and they will be more apt to listen to you to be Christlike and start listening on husbands if you listen sure why she was when a lot of points watching this drug as well appoints all passes and your children well uncle 's children try with your parents are watching told as Christians is very hard to watch your tone in the book voice speech song I want talks about how Jesus is tone of voice was like a melodious song I was like with Jesus singing what is preaching like to improve your Seo to utilize some nastiness and how worked but is so pleasing to hear them talk yes no and assist the statistically proven females are more sensitive tone the nails are missing this study on this on there is a difference between go go go young and such funding is a difference the first goal is accentuated in their hearts doesn't go some good indigenous reaction believe the Bible if you put the exit of these is different per I suspect we receive it she's a female I know he knows is more intuitive were told that's why a lot of merit problems are caused by old woman is a no take out the garbage and put emphasis on certain garbage men have a hard time discerning this take the garbage is as one looks at you checklist me doesn't pick up on it the gentleman want to tone females be more sensitive to help you witnessing this is a case where the sharpness of your life on pray without ceasing first Thessalonians five five seventeen this is a very converse on the book of the book of the book of Nehemiah talks about this together to rescue his news together the book of Nehemiah chapter two talks about Nehemiah was facing from the King he sends out an emergency prayer all players need not to be done in kneeling masses look for help that can be done in your hearts twenty talking to someone see this one guy we had a evangelistic series of University Michigan and he said why are you guys doing this we can convert us or something and he swung off like five minutes and you hold onto your micron apart is like shop man like your ears is a jerk wife on Israeli television to defend yourself if something Bill Carhart will carnal heart thinking and in my heart I repented in this poor guy he just talking and talking his Norse you are invited before forgive me for thinking these thoughts and spray my heart just and once I write something and listen to my Pop Pop Ford I don't know if to say it or not argue or no should I do an intellectual approach last month 's problem we align what what why say to this guy entering this finally I thought of you might execute Nehemiah emergency prayer Lord help me number three three were prayer that the best last night Lord save me more to at that moment I knew exactly what I was like hey was reading I asked Ms. nameless now or never thought you are really asking is needed is that the Holy Spirit and has taken a back lit up my mind and he put your name with your name is John is not something and does John H on my steaming lake hi VI just as you do and what happened is I humanizing and I saw the soul looks on whatever negative is that you got and I want my own we don't unfortunately quite funny how is required to get a person could quietly talk comfortably I know I'm sorry about any negative feelings or anything and he got was not our intention accidentally knock close my eyes not enough sincere and just how wasn't mentioned it really is not heritage and that she got that way if you got any negative vibes from the forgive me I'm sorry as personal uncertainty after that they diagnosed the light water another link was a Martin Martin pushes that are pairwise agreeably been gone astray within streakers while he wouldn't got no whispered subframe helps in your heart while you talk in person be patient you will not convert everyone immediately you will not need he is with you what I used to Justin zero three three step how to Kearny he is planning to work not all of the work on Jesus waited for Nicodemus Acropolis for three years and he has decided to three passages in the Chapman book of John where Nicodemus is mentioned you see the steps of Nicodemus step one he's in the middle of midnight not wanting to seem publicly accepting visited in the middle Sanhedrin kind of defending Christ said three is a all out came over on the Christ only three years Jesus patient and be patient with our friends parents be patient with your kids Rossi proposes sisters grandparents just be patient on do not be unknowing do not be annoying how much do you hate annoying people we should not be those people about an entrance of Christ will give us the victory over being annoying people cake which in factor then we should say you going to hell we should Psalms fourteen fourteen says that God demanded that I believe God is a fool you don't ever use that diverse person in God and your laugh but every seminar given this the always three people would use that text to be bewildering for you believing that the Bible says about you you're full of gear no points for that whatsoever so yeah please don't you find it in your heart to humble yourself and not the stars parties listen and use questions or fully Jesus our Lord our boss our master was the professional and using questions can maintain a humble attitude always with meekness and fear we were the verse first Peter three fifteen questions should be asked with a proper tone Jesus did our questions they should be used to help you understand what the person is saying do not be afraid to interrupt a person by asking a question using the Adidas shoes estimates that under the metadata and a lot of times and this is on a street because in my experience a lot of people do not know what asking believing they didn't hold to what they believed by the professors very don't know some are you asking in a week you said this and so what you mean by that until he opened them to to answer a question for you to use your questions to carve out their beliefs people read and counter sink could you clarify by what you mean with that of the tenure your objective is to find a contradiction and the thing is if you find a convict contradiction urine the goal urine the goal here and ends up you got a good know what you said this before we decide this so that kind doesn't make sense contribute to the reaction should be yet you are shipping this throughout and has me give your your perspective my perspective is that of an annuity works such that certain other questions with your questions if they give you a difficult question ask yourself your one of your questions at the classic classic of what what is hard is if this person knows that tactic you have to some voice questions a wedding and that is what you mean by this well-meaning but when you know that the disasters of this question you know where it was sometimes people ask you difficult questions not because it really wondering if I stump you on businesses say straight out you know I don't know so questions help you to listen to her seventh answer prayerfully each answer should be answered meekness and fear does this answer you are representing Christianity to vent we have in Michigan a lot of Muslims as the highest population Muslims in North America and Muslims that we have encountered some of them are very sincere individuals and some of them are very passionate individual if you're talking about and they come out with the Crusades you Christians you give chill at all and in the Crusades I like that I'm Korean and I wasn't aware you could say that I'm going to start men of it is the Pope in the fifteen hundreds now does nothing to do with me but you realize your attitude you represent Christianity so never say what I just sent you like this one out because that was inappropriate and do not be afraid to direct the dialogue do not be afraid to take charge Christians show often take the defenses cubit on the person attack always defending patriot offense of Virginia they would have to be painted another just as I think is working as it do not be afraid to die to direct Valery John chapter three the book of John is a hand manual on how to witness to other people reviews the first three synoptic Gospels were written to know about Christ the fourth one is with the second generation Christians how to witness Christian age others temperature we talked about emergency prayer associated Nehemiah chapter two powerful powerful story next half to charge Whitford meaning that in our minds chapter two chapter one he hears about the situation in Jerusalem chapter two Nehemiah is the cupbearer you realize there is not a guy who brings a cup to the king but he is the official bodyguard of the King he mentioned that the cup is not poisoned she has a position of trust and when verse three on the gotten him out of three stats verse three says and decaying pursuit the king says why is your cat inside CNET are not sick this is nothing else but sorrow or that I was very afraid for afraid and he said and then sent into Canaan but the King live forever why then should accountants be seven city in the place of my stepfather sepulchers lightweights but up first for the king sent to me what dost thou make request basically the king saying I want to give you a blank check what you need not be them I wasn't careful notice of something stupid and brought all these unnecessary things back to Jerusalem for you verse four I prayed to the God of heaven knowing of this context he did not kneel in front they can pray to imagine gears chains Artaxerxes easily been no gold crown and him are pearls everywhere court here as everywhere and guys like one you need to simulate strategic one second woman pray out a connecting prospects doesn't keep prisoners are decline emergency prayer L1 calls and ejected for prayer we just shoot out in Québec and has good condition today from Congress prayer he prays in verse five and I said sticking it to please the king and if I certify that they were and reinvest the chapter he is exactly a shock exactly what you need to bring it go to be faster if you did not watch subtle influences on the silhouette against just as this is said that humor David Hume that we talked about the beginning skeptic was in early life a conscientious believer in the word of God David Hume was a Christian believer being connected with a debating society he was appointed to present the arguments in favor of infidelity she studied with earnestness and perseverance and his keen and active mind became imbued with the sophistry of skepticism airline he begins a believe it's delusive teachings and his whole afterlife for the dark in press of incident just one single exercise out the point is watch percent influences a single TV show may be the root of your salvation on single song don't know here's what they are one hotel is five years old he committed to memory and infidel Paul and the pernicious influence was never a face from his mind one of Satan 's most successful agents to lead men away from God thousands will rise the judgment and run and charge the ruin of the soul is pumped into double is a simple poem small things watch for small things was ironic position for trivia the the apartment of all pair in France in Paris the apartment has been read of refurbished to be the headquarter office for United Bible Society ironic the guide lives his life going to the Bible and after his death his party 's headquarters for the Bible just how areas of the thoughts and feelings cherished in the early years every youth is determining his or her own life history correct virtuous manly habits from the youth will become a part of the character and we use the mock course of individual to life the use may become vicious or virtuous as they choose they may as well be discerned which were true and noble deeds as well as for crime rate would child guidance one nine six one the small on the unheard-of of opulent fragrance will story him for want of a nail she was lost for this for what the shoe horse lost one of a whole wall want of a horse a soldier was the Horsemen was lost for want of enforcement a battle of lost for want of a battle in the war was lost in your understand offering him him him the guy didn't have a nail because you have a nail to have one yet but she one horse because the student portion of a shoot or to go out to the horse can go out the horseman can get on the works is the one guy was not part of the battle they lost about because they lost that battle was the whole was lost all because one to watch the small things in it dumb this is some of their ego okay pretend engaged society do not be afraid of society God is the author of science scientific research opens to the vast to mind vascular thought and information enabling us to see God in his great works ignorance may try to support skepticism and science in civil upholding skepticism shoe size contravenes fresh evidences of the wisdom and power of God rightly understood science and the written word are agreed and each sheds light on each other to get the other elitist is God by teaching us something of the wise and beneficial beneficent medicine laws to which we works basically resisting this science and religion work together we need to go on society and bring all these things together anthropology and viable sociology and Bible politics in trust that clinical science and Bible computer science your thing engaged society the Lord 's taste is evidenced a sprinkles awestruck to sign a week engage change come back the restored and would throw out the remark get healthy and spring about again Enoch in metal model gone the world the imputed income that we chart the password and you don't be afraid of science wizened godly sizes up there we really do when the great having Adventist scientist who believes in seventy creation and can articulate it instead of going to some of our institutions and to advocate something that we don't believe the evidence at some of our denomination universities who believing theistic evolution but that is the compromise does God exist to use evolution to create his thinks unlike Watson cut a weenie guy that it is a great something they disagree with his mouth yes Q less what any way a million years fraternal pop out of the ocean doesn't assist the logical to me is the country compromise reason got two people out there in reference to related avoid common mistakes when one do not condemn through Lufthansa expression award we do this very easily we can end only due to be afraid to think now let me qualify the person do not condemn but do not be afraid to point out where the incorrect whenever one evening I guess wrong and in that he doesn't help that you don't be afraid to think three avoid feasibility dizziness feeding is in his is the worst they can say is amassed you know how to process work is no hope for young person from the Muses know where dinosaurs come from and how we explain the existence of the universe and if you say while all you say that is the worst answer some degrees of blanket answer right you don't notice that you don't know but fetuses all you need is faith faith was get organ usually since this is not faith this is the light blanket answer to cover up your own ignorance for any units which are for if you do not know and say do not know us was number five do not speak Christian language the people were not Christians do nothing repent you give your heart surrender look at Jesus sinfulness don't understand these terms we had a Christian under no Chinese Communists and she was baptized by one of our students she had no idea what he terms meant she did in China for moral life so when she can fill one of the sermons in the independent person who will look at the Lamb of God she's actually looking literally where is the Lamb of God and I can look at your beauty your heart to Jesus we have a fit this option HD from from one of the old Soviet Soviet countries seem to literally why do I need to take my heart out visited donation service you're according how much was the famous authority but no something in the honest people don't know the language regarding sensitive that if they are the precision of surrender if you talk to a summit from the Third World who is the war-torn country surrendered the RSS rendered it differently than we do take charge of Rooney razor hands up and down and he will go on do not identify yourself to non-Christians either do not spell out don't speak slower and speak louder it doesn't mean the know why we do that we think it helps it doesn't number twelve pick the strategy anyway take a strategy to to win some of these friends were once these are some examples of a strategy establish Christianity 's historicity for example Jesus resurrection Jesus is going you guys realize that Jesus made forays he cleans his on God as the craziest clean you can make he said before Abraham IM a grammatically user says behold before Abraham I was but he said before Abraham I him be the name of God is i.e. in that I have basically saying before Abraham Yahweh I'd witnessed me what she do so yeah as beginning after that establish the Bible 's inspiration there if you go to bookstores the Bible is being attacked back when the Gospel Gospel of Judas came out da Vinci code came out just being bombarded with the Bible being incorrect because established she cannot out of the Bible 's version three related Doctor 's personal life get a personal testimony in finding and meeting advances listening is one strategy that he is offer an argument for an existence of God he is a con loss with theological miracles my idea of God Moss they could sprint Pascoe 's Wager listen to David after he has some good material on this and is awesome other good books that I'll give you later on the ethanol of these means that's okay these terms mean Pacific 's argument existence of God a few give these arguments you proven God we haven't got reality by your life you make a reality for them second you connect that God was such a God have to communicate using the Bible and establish the Bible daily savage crisis angling to the personal antidepressant testimony to make meetings and baptized twenty dollars charge every persons of a study that visits him fourteen read we need to read one reaches Lewis he has some good I don't recommend his children's books of ravenous but yes in good apologetic material in moving us in easy English one of the best behalf of Peter graced he is a Catholic theologian Albert he has great material also help we has avenues we need to be careful read everything critically review and what was it that the Macintosh says he viewed the knows me what's good out the seeds need to have this book while regarding his residence in great approaches great stuff on Francis Schaeffer was a Calvinist Remi Zacharias you guys are ready Zacharias he was actually the apologist of the matter is talking about the foundation but building for storage image may remember he is a next Hindu particular Christian weanling Craig is a guy from California brilliant guy J.P. Moreland and our philosophers now studying how we talk about we talk about we talked about Dell Burton Russell was a philosopher because of this one guide majority of philosophers are atheist I powerful influence there's a guy named album something he pops up on the screen humble guy he grew up in Michigan and she starts saying look if an atheist can abdicate his ideas I can also do the same for God and he starts having these profound ideas on explaining God she is a is a reformed Dutch Baptist state as made in a reform that something and so great that Notre Dame hired captains and because of this one man in two thousand seven thirty percent of philosophers in North America are not Christian thirty percent is one she basically undid a lot of water temperature Russell did back in the fifties and we are called to the scene immigrants do not be afraid of intellectual giants using the same because everything in the same thirty process used as philosophy HTC okay no sex sex state and a third of the philosophy department might be theistic because of this one guy on these is older and other years now on his Norman Geisler a Christian guy and read Ellen White requesters is really one of the clearest augments the existence of God reviews powerful and again talked about his recent theodicy the fifteenth use apologetics carefully basically a last seminar in December as apologetics apologetics is not used when an argument is not a guarantee that all people will come to the Lord to augment Asian Paul went to Greece and you argue for existence of God we all believe no other sincere believers there there were were want to God but some people have a genuine intellectual barrier just the somehow physical emotional barriers some people have health barriers to Christ so bring them to we mark we get them physically good we bring them to Christ yes some people have emotional barriers to bring into Christian counselor with deal to air the issues and bring them to Christ there's some legitimate people out there who have intellectual barriers on this one father she just can't get over dinosaurs and he believes everything increasing interest discount over dinosaurs it just sticks out his mind and he wants to know about the dinosaurs we has cushions have to help them get over this one barrier and the guys in goal after the sudden the legitimate barriers we had a distinct difference between the two and conclusion warning whatsoever but shot individuals efficiently can find you this walkway on your needed come down to the level and insulting back as Mister Carhart wants to vote you'll have to because you have to address other issues a lot of individuals when they realize you winning the arguments Bill sidestepped the issue and talk about other things some people feel very uncomfortable about talking up heart issues yes a lot to a lot of people I was a Catholic high school for four years a lot of individuals of the Catholic faith Catholic Catholic faith am do not believe in God because of a personal issue they had with their priest is on talking and so when you approach on the existence of God they feel you're talking about that specific issue to watch off and be sensitive to these things and they might try to get it in other circles or other tendencies watch for that almost every debaters some people have no desire to get converted and all don't do nobody cared and I'm curious it is there for the artistic young killer now we notice that there is therefore a intellectual exercise and always go to be discernment saying hey don't bother this is now good use of your time others are devils rabbits because our talk much every other issue out there just to get you rather than something in these runaway Brentwood Lascaux for today facets of Christ one one one disguise it as they may be the real cause of doubt and skepticism in most cases is what friends looks she says here was great in most cases most cases with these whatnot all cases we use we those for intelligent if they love a particular sin they will intellectually defend their sin in an intellectual way intelligently in a sense is about three times so we as Christians were not careful and if we listen to the argument can we sing a lot that's really intelligent we may respect that position we are not stupid men we're supposed to see through that and see what he says defendants mortgage that teaches and researches of God 's word are not welcome to the proximity heart and those were unwilling to obey his requirements are ready to doubt its authority choosing all argued society just consider hard-core issue people upset sneeze every argument defendant between that's a friend so I think that's all of conclusion office ingredients and three two five Canada pure as the final verse for today many elderly bio says for the all we walk in the flesh we do know for after the flesh blood policies if I'm partying with this individual arguing with her don't take it personally for something bigger beyond this for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds casting down imaginations and an integrated from night reasonings the thoughts of the monthly reason things out and every high thing that exalted itself is knowledge of God and bring into captivity every thought to get into Christ we need to bring our imagination but also the way to the captivity of Christ in France that is our final objective from the seminar whenever where prayer and has any questions come up and yet your announcement on the early vacation much for your and your was called attention but after that and hopefully this can have help for humans has been a blessing to you and Fred father in heaven Lord you have heard this in indecision praise to you Lord we thank you so much for for you having taught us that he so much for for this WIC is opportunity for the Sabbath afternoon Lord now that we have learned this we asked for opportunities or put us in difficult situations and/or carnal natures may want to run away from the server to use us for effective maybe the pencils and paintbrushes in your hand and help us to articulate help us to defend help us engage up as the courageous help us to get Christ in this presence is a ritual has a


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