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Be Like Jesus: Patience

Tim Riesenberger
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Tim Riesenberger

Emergency room physician in the Seattle area




  • June 30, 2007
    8:00 PM
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my father in heaven what a joy it is to see that you are alive and well in all of our lives and father I just pray right now that I would be hidden in Jesus would be seen may your spirit and hearts here tonight I pray that there would be some soul that here's you calling them home today in Jesus and how well you can see this I don't know the lights would would be better Dan or bright whoever is in charge I think off when we turn the lights off and we do that I would share with you of course about patients in particular the patients of Jesus that has to do with what I believe are the three most powerful words in the Bible now for those of you who know me well you could probably guess it for those who hurt me before would be cheating if you just thought of like asking if anyone know what the three most powerful words about what any gases anyone love that's only one word God is love okay that's that's pretty fair God is love it's the first three words of page are some products is the last she wears a great controversy as beginning in the end but that's not it these are three words that I believe will transform people 's lives more than any of the three words in the Bible these I believe have led to more conversions and any of the three words in the Bible yes I'm sure that that but faith clothes that's one word will also longest-running I guess it as I go along for more than three words but that's okay I threw this is actually a picture of a young man so we may know him and I'm sorry if you ask you do not because it's one of the presentation point advantage on and once it is you love happiness picture sure is pretty happy no young healthy happy almost looks kind of easy-going would you say in the picture in a relaxed this a young man who had the privilege of meeting as a position and he was my patient he was just like most young people he loved his family he loved his friends he went to school very intelligent young man he graduated from Academy into a half years they don't graduate from the cat angel and a half years that many very dedicated very disciplined young man a loving family father and mother little sister is involved in missions very active in the community worked hard work every summer when the summer school however this young man Sean had a little different twist to his life at the age of fifteen was diagnosed with osteosarcoma is a very serious cancer that often affects young males the present Lord in spite of getting this disease at fifteen he still read the Academy into half years at number ten the disease by God 's grace and was intermission I met Sean unfortunately in all different situation I was working one night in the emergency department in my triage nurse comes in grabs me out of room as very rare for them to disturb me with a patient unless they really need my help the doctor receiver yet another triage right now whenever they say that I don't some is very very serious and as I'm walking out the right quick that's what's going on while I think there's a young man out there who can't read so I come into the triage day and I see a young man hunched over just having very great difficulty in breathing it doesn't look quite like the young man that you see here is quite pale Ms. got a lot of swelling around his body and I say bring him right back there's what you've got a patient her maximum out of that room Sibron back and talk to him and I said well we got some option hereunder shall be filled out he said yes I am getting tired that's always a very ominous sign that means it in a while you be able to breathe on his own I quickly asked him a few things about his medical history he told me about the history of cancer and he felt that perhaps the cancer had caused some fluid to accumulate in his lung since this has happened before I said okay fair enough we can just help you out perhaps drain the fluid which would help you create a little bit better he said okay however when I got a chest x-ray back hold chest x-ray was completely whited out with what was possibly fluid this is a little window of lung left on one side which he was utilizing to sustain the oxygenation for his whole body I talk to Sean about some very serious things frequently message on it it looks like we may have to help you breathe and that means putting a breathing tube down your throat into your trachea and putting you on the ventilator for a while and he said that's okay PS we have to I said before we do that on the nurses are trying to get an IV and you also need you medications to help support your blood pressure and influence the new medicines however he was so swollen of the nurses could find a place to get an IV and unfortunately I couldn't even see any gains on him yet so much swelling that all of the anatomic landmarks were destroyed it we normally would find veins inside it was called a central line waggling one of the deep veins of the body is ephemeral subclavian rather the jugular vein now I know they don't have any trouble with these than hundreds of them but this time had a lot of trouble I missed in this again and missed again and missed again and I was very very concern and I took some time and I prayed both of my own mind and actually asked Sean and his family they would like to pray in the we had a prayer together and I tried one more time and interestingly enough in this area in the groin rows going the only really bad thing in his the artery and the bladder of artery is fairly common as far as a mistake a lot of people had the artery is that bad yes it is that simple the large artery with a big no but what US does hold some pressure now the last hard-hitting after reuniting on crazy with Neil and lack I went in one time and I got a lot of yellow fluid out on all bashing it he was so full of the week indeed or excessive fluid that this was just the extra fluid that was in the tissues in the lymphatic system I reposition again said a prayer and I haven't put the needle in about seven inches before I hit the main appraisal or that I got I given medications quickly we put the breathing tube down intubated him stabilized him and admitted him to the ICU intensive I would say what happened to Sean little while in the meantime I'm going to share about something that I often do with my patients that pray for all of them when I go home and even before my shift for the special ones I will follow up on you shall visit them the next they also come early for my shift and see how they're doing in the selected for Sean went up to the ICU to see how is doing his parents were all there is family was there and as I walked in the room I I thought of another who is going through great suffering and that is Jesus Christ Jesus I believe suffered the most of his life in the garden Gethsemane asked to join the air right now Matthew chapter twenty six verse thirty eight Matthew chapter twenty six in verse thirty eight I think this is very important passage because it shows us very plainly that Jesus understands what it means to suffer what it means when things don't go the way you expected it to and still the patient is still go forward in spite of that next twenty six or thirty eight then said he unto them Jesus to his disciples my soul is exceedingly what unselect unto death it was very amazing to me whenever people share a medical problem with you and if so well you know I broke my wrist you can relate to that right or you know my grandma struggling with cancer that's terrible you only know my dad is facing bypass surgery we can all sympathize and empathize with things like that but what about when someone shares something psychiatric with you favorite notice that there's a lot less empathy and sympathy because those will brother thinking framework and even having your morning devotions yeah things like that don't you but I want to assure you for those of you have ever been depressed since then someone Jesus was out here he said he was sorrowful unto what to do believe me Jesus understands what it is to be depressed and the good news is is it he can help you and I because he doesn't understand Terry hee hee here and watch with me sometimes all you need to do is is be there for somebody right when the going through a hard time getting to say anything he also interestingly some relationship seminars about once a quarter and oftentimes we as men whenever our wife share problem or girlfriends or whomever was our first think what do I fix it what you want to go talk to your boss right now until you don't know what I want you sometimes I just want us to listen and to be there right we got to fix it at this point Jesus knew that there was nothing his disciples could do to fix it he knew he had to try the winepress alone but he wanted and where he wanted he said stay up to watch with me anyone a little farther and fell on what any praising all my father if it be possible let this one let's go to cross is the reason he didn't let this cup pass from me nevertheless not as I will but what is now well Jesus did not feel like this was right this was good for him he did not feel like going to the cross oftentimes you and I will be from a curveball in our lives it will test our patience it will test our faith but I guarantee you there's going to be times you don't feel like doing the right thing we don't feel like getting up on your devotions disease understand that feeling yes yes yes he does but I'm so thankful that though Jesus felt that way he said what he said nevertheless not what I want but who the Bible I have well was for who it was on our behalf wasn't Jesus Christ was choosing against his feelings for a greater good which was you and me I'm so thankful for that thunder draw even closer to home turn to Luke we would live do as Luke chapter twenty two verse forty four what was loose profession the position I find it's very appropriate that he comments on the physiology and the medical things that happen in the Garden of Gethsemane Luke chapter twenty two verse forty four and being in what and how many he prayed more earnestly and his sweat was as it were what great drops of blood falling down to the ground also what does that represent great drops of blood falling down to the ground we think that represents what represents great drops of blood falling on the begin I can assure you that this is real those you are our positions could testify as fast where she had patient she was actually labor and this was the worst labor of her life complicated hours and hours and hours had gone by the baby 's heartbeat was dropping lower and lower and lower and lower and the nerves that you have to push like you have never pushed before your baby is going to die and sheep horse and pushed and pushed and just screen in the baby came out and then she was kind of relieved and cut away the wife her for head and it was pure blood and she starts freaking out and she says what's wrong was when his name is nursing an injury to the glitch hop because under periods of extreme agony and stress the small-cap polarities below the surface of the skin will have to rupture and bleed into the hair follicles into the what class is a real phenomena Jesus didn't sweat blood for you in a it does happen rarely but it does happen Jesus did not feel like going through the sacrifice he did not always understand what was going on in the providence of his life who loves Bible promises I love can you think of the Bible promise that your favorite it was sent by Jesus himself and he gives us assurance that no matter what happens no matter what tries our patients that God is there anything can allow approximately two of them yes Matthew twenty eight yes Matthew twenty eight verses nineteen and twenty low I'm what I'm with you always even agenda the world or into the age is another verse that says something like that I can do all things absolutely for this is God assuring us that he witnessed no matter what since this affects Hebrews yes Hebrews thirteen verse five hundred that's a it says he himself has said who was himself Jesus I will never what leaves the normal safety and I want you to keep that in mind that Jesus himself has said that but I want to read something else that Jesus said I want you to turn to Mark chapter fifteen verse twenty nine Mark chapter fifteen in verse twenty nine and as they passed by they will hello him wagging their heads saying off now that destroys the template built in three days save thyself and come down from the cross were told that demons in human form were actually gathered about the cross taunting Jesus Christ to give up on the plan of redemption save thyself and come down from the cross likewise also the chief reason mocking said among themselves who describes he saved others himself he cannot save let Christ the King of Israel descend now from the cross that we may see and believe and they were crucified with him reviled him and when the sixth hour was come there was what got us over the whole land until the ninth hour at the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice Eli Eli lama Suboxone I would just be interpreted what my God my God why hast outsourcing I think that's a very important passage to understand thoroughly what Jesus promised in Matthew and hubris what is I will never leave you say Jesus understood the character of God but despite the fact that he understood the character of God when he decided so why do you think he said that was eve maybe putting on an act or well Kaesong says I have to say something here in about thirty seconds so I asked for the manager Sam Thursday and was he planning game Jesus would never put on a show Jesus said it because why he felt he felt the godforsaken I believe that everyone in this room is going to feel like that someday or has already felt like things always happen the way we plan do they things don't always work out in the way we hope or expect and she is what we do when those things happen to have a patient's they came to work delay digging into her heart if they can endure things that we don't understand the Jesus have things that he couldn't understand yesterday he himself who promised that he would never leave you nor forsake you felt what forsaken by the God of heaven and you ever felt that way you have to tell me because Re: no I know we all have but who understands that Jesus Goss SA and the good news is is that he can give us an example of how to have the patient's to get through those times can't because Jesus after he said this he cried with a loud voice it is what it is finished it is a crime it is finished you say that he shouted as a conqueror it is finished you gain the victory they gain the victory now my feelings I think he patiently endure the agony of the cross and the hiding of his father 's face of not knowing that he would come out of the grave is a copper willing to lay down his eternal life forever for you and I he patiently endured as seen the unseen fuel is interesting many people say that Jesus had no advantage over who over us I would ask you say something inversion activities that she had a disadvantage compared to us because one of the Pharisees just mock question duties that will will believe the getting originality do what you come down across note to tell you something right now I tell myself is in pretty good shape to get help with your fingernail and put it through my radius and Alma onto a big old long long and you just another eagle through the metatarsals of my foot and used by new intrigue music can come across and come down no matter how hard I move her struggle right that great city genes genes come down and down candy we're told with a look with just a glance he could lay all of his tormentors in can you imagine can you imagine the difficulty to not do that because you see you when I can Jesus can but it's because he didn't but we have hope of salvation is not I'm so thankful that the Jesus certainly suffered if I do and he has no advantage over me I'm civilian disadvantage compared to me but he gained the victory nonetheless against all odds our Savior endured on our behalf I'm going to share the three most powerful words in the Bible this is a very familiar passage from Anita Daniel Daniel chapter three Daniel chapter three and verse fourteen very familiar story Saturday May second Abednego get a summons we had the image when the music players the all fall down very simple command when the drums beat on the flute players when the guitar strums you worship before the golden image notice that is not an image of gold and silver and what is what made of all what sort of thing Nebuchadnezzar was trying to say with that efficacy was the head of gold right he wanted to be a head neck chest every single thing I want you guys to affirm that this is getting the reality for the rest of time to the music plays and there's three long figures standing in the vast throng of thousands now interestingly enough were shattered nation independent of the only Jews and went about one within only chapters and what else just like get away or something or get slaughtered old certification when I'm actually absolutely a lot of the Kings lineage when but where were they when China is invented or standing up there on the ground the graph so the king this election is commendable but when he does doesn't they were how many times smarter than anyone else ten times Iraqi smarter after just ten days but what better afterburners three years right through significant I get ten times in a business I know how to comprehend that list the night as does make a ass like ten percent or something Nebuchadnezzar says okay and I like you you may need in here it clearly torpedo more time isn't true Oceana Magnesia and Abednego do you not serve my dogs nor worship the golden image which I've set up now is kind of a silly question is elected to serve my God do we been here for three years we've narrow serving hot again this now you're ready that at one time you hear the sound of the cornet flute harp sacrament psaltery and dulcimer and all kinds of music you fall down and worship the image as a which had made it but if you do not worship usually cast the same hour into the midst of a burning fiery furnace and who is that God 's will deliver you out of my local satisfied therapy and if you think getting Nebuchadnezzar knew about God yes at this point he knew about God but Jesus saying to them well you know God didn't come through for the rest the nations you know I'm I'm the big honcho now who's can help you I hope I will see God help me out but shattering the second Abednego answered visiting over Nebuchadnezzar we are not careful answered in this matter is that is the case our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace and what he will deliver us out of my hand okay now is amazing because they affirm their faith in God that's powerful three you know what we're serving God 's and their confident dominant and he what he will deliver us out of your hand their concert in F3 's absolute trust in Jesus Christ but I don't think that that's the most impressive thing I think the most powerful words in the Bible come in the next verse the three most powerful words in the Bible I will verse eighteen says that this is what might it but if not I believe that those are the three most powerful words in the Bible because what they are saying is it came we won't serve anyone but Jesus Christ if he saves us and if we roast anyway because it is very logical and it makes sense to serve a God there's going to do what you say right is the value out anytime you can't write it's another thing entirely to sit on to serve him if he doesn't I will challenge you tonight is your faith and outcome based religion do you believe in God because he comes through for you certainly that builds your faith doesn't not but is that why you worship God you worship God because he does what you want or because he's got Shadrach Misha and Abednego says we serve God because he's whether or not he saves us our decision is the same Nebuchadnezzar whether were saved or whether were burned up on the altar of sacrifice but if not I believe with all my heart that you truly have the patience of Jesus Christ you must understand these three words in the Bible you must understand that when you don't get a job or when you're girlfriend breaks up with you when you're going through a divorce when your kids leave the church when those things happen where is your faith will reside at that time if the three worthies had burned up with a change to God was what happened John the Baptist was he delivered no he was killed that Jesus said that he was which among the prophets he was the greatest with Tina God sees things as we do not see my friends God is not about the outcomes of this or he is interested in the ultimate outcome and that is your salvation and my salvation and when to share what happened to Sean because I went to the ICU and I visited and I found it after I resuscitated him but the centerline and intubated him and done everything that I could to say this young man's life he got he passed away in fact he passed away the next day he didn't even last twenty four hours but his parents were there talk with them and prayed with them and asked what happened and they said you know Sean did very well actually like what he did well on the ventilator the ventilator you put them on a lot of interest and he came onto the next morning and he was normal he could talk he could read easily his family came and visited him he talked to his grandmother 's grandfather got to see his sister and most of all he made his peace with God he confessed his sins he said farewell to each one of us and then he died you granted Sean a window in time for closure with his family and with his God and for that we are very grateful doctors think at that point I said to cry myself because I came to realize is that sometimes the outcomes are what you want in this life sometimes things don't work out the way you plan ultimately things will remain right this picture was actually a card that I got from a family that easy up there this is your doctor reason murder we wish to thank you for the special care you get to Shawn and us we know that you are an answer to our prayers and our need I'm sending you Sean 's memorial service perhaps you'd like to get better acquainted with our dear son thank you again and God bless you I'm a Christian not because of what God does it because of who we has he has proven himself enough to me I don't need God to be a Santa Claus for me I don't need God to do what I say he has proven himself is a God of love to meet you I can now say I will serve your God if you bless me but if not I will serve you anyway because that is what Jesus did that is what Sean did before he faded away to the graph and appraise it each one of you can say the same thing I too went through a very difficult time in my life I broke up with the beautiful most beautiful woman I've ever met inside and out to that point in my life and I was going through a very hard time and I knew I had made the right choice in breaking up was based on principle is based on the Bible based on God 's word on the spirit of prophecy but I did make it easy because I broke up with this young woman I cry for everything you are really cried like really really cried on-time budget appointed like dehydration freeware you can't cry anymore with the sheer desert is empty and just sobbed and sobbed and doesn't not anymore your noses stops running there's nothing left I cry that way for a month every single day straight it was the hardest decision I ever had to make to end my relationship with and I was actually at dinner with a friend actually from Loma Linda some of you probably know them you you ever think you love a woman as much as you love your cost for a moment and I said yes I will but it's not because I feel that way but I say it my thing this is the worst thing ever gone through my life but I know that Jesus Christ never take something away without giving something back and if it's not in this life if I never need another young woman that I can love more although I'd like to then God will make it up not in this life but in what he knows what makes us happy to I'd like to share a brief passage from again my favorite authors is the desire of ages page four eighty penetrating contemplate this and ask yourself why you serve God is not the fear of punishment or the hope of everlasting reward that draws Christ followers to follow they behold the Sabres masses love revealed throughout his pilgrimage on earth from the manger of Bethlehem to Calvary 's cross in the sight of him the tracks it softens and subdues the soul love awakens in the heart to hear his voice and follow I pray that your reasons for being a Christian are not because of the joys of heaven the pleasures there are a lot of joys and pleasures certainly and I hope your Monday fine God is not the fear of hell certainly these are motivators and initially they are common ones that bring us to Christ are they not but I pray that you would move beyond that as we ascended Peter 's latter that you like Shadrach Misha and Abednego can look into the face of death or loss or sadness or betrayal and said what as Jesus did I shared this story actually a Bible camp slightly different version for those between the ages of twelve and sixteen and the presentation goal but if not was the most moving the one of the campers there the Bible camp who was fifteen and they wrote this poem entitled but if not I pray that as I read this poem you do some very serious heart searching right now and that you too would let go of an outcome based religion would let go of a religion that depends on what happens to you brethren what happens and that you would say with Jesus Christ with my camper with shattered music and Abednego in the universe that watches us now but if not I'm trusting the Lord in you what ever is your will to do send grief or pain or suffering just send me a song to sing I know your power deliver in love you rule of the universe above I know all things will work for good and yet but if not why they grace I will serve the one I love I will certainly I cannot look to tomorrow only today all things will work together for good in heaven someday my belief cannot be based on my trials you're coming in just a little while though the night may seem cold I know the way I will take will bring before at school until then felt my face not to waiver in the light of eternity both now and forever tell my belief to stay strong even yet but I grace to me I say but retire at the Lord Jesus we are not like you are religion and our reason for serving you so far from true love the Lord we want to be different we want to change Lord thank you for the noble examples we've seen from those gone before us that they served you because you are God not because of what happened to them thank you Lord Jesus that though he was wrong the hardest lot of all of humanity you patiently endured you kept on the bloodstained path you held strong to humanity and would not let us go until you had redeemed us from the power of sin and the gray gorgeous I pray there may me one is listening to me now realizes that they had not been able to say what if all you for different reasons and I pray Lord that tonight this night we would choose to serve you no matter what Jesus


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