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The Promise of Power

Sebastien Braxton
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"Revolutions are the reason why the world is as we find it today. The greatest nation in the world was born out of revolution. The greatest religion in the world was also born out of revolution. And most revolutions are incited by people annoyingly conscious of their lack of power. And the revolutionaries who lead these movements often issue a promise of power. Jesus began the movement of Christianity no differently. But what exactly was He promising? Listen in these further look at the theme of Holy Spirit."


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.


  • May 9, 2014
    7:30 PM
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as organizations are taking a different type of mood is no longer the cubicles we sit next to each other and we decide you know hey when can you have a meeting and we all go to the board room and sit down and we drink from the same water dispenser we parked in the same parking lot but organizations are looking a lot more and more invisible than what I mean by that is the fact that the media director for our three who is in the back filming this very meeting is from Manchester England he's actually from London but you know you're really from where your wife wants to live so as a result he is from Manchester England then he had individual from Australia earlier this week South Africa the Ohio and we can go on and on down the line and I just talked to our technology director he's an hungry and we have another individual that works in Amsterdam and we are all a part of the same organization and the reason for that is the fact that there's a lot of money and investment that goes into infrastructure and buildings in all these different things but if you can remove those things and we recognize that the greatest organizations that are change the world are not the ones with the biggest offices are not the ones overlooking the New York Seaboard those are the organizations that have brought change that are brought revolution they are the result of a revolution but they were not the revolution themselves America was not built on a big building in Big Bend America was built on individuals in a college not a country who decided to rebel against the government they felt was unfairly taxing them without appropriate representation considering their interests amines like a marriage right you won't be married long it'll take into consideration the interests no one in your decisions taxation without representation means divorce documentation you can quote me on that so as a result of that we taken a different look and I I want to enforce my gratitude to pass the board and for allowing us to come here to join you guys the worst with you to fellowship we are in the middle of a mission in the middle of Oklahoma on and we are praying that God continues to hold off the good tornadoes on but you know my media director and are secretly hoping that her data will come just close enough for us to get it on camera and we can say we're on a radical mission right near a tornado and I didn't want to not sell the girl the book figure even though I saw the tornado we have it on video but you know the Lord knows but anyway also extend my gratitude on till the gym I know that on as a youth director your burdens are many and let you know that is artery will be praying for you because I know it's not easy to direct you have two of them at home I cannot imagine the whole conference of young people to oversee and to help them to grow spiritually prepare for the kingdom so please know that you are in our prayers as well as your family on itself and I thank you for allowing us to be here tonight and to participate in this wonderful occasion I also want to begin with a word of prayer but before we pray I want to ask you some favors can I do that as your guest after some favors yes no it's okay to talk to me this is not a rock concert or anything like that no security guards will attack you if if you begin to get aggressive or anything like that so all I ask is two things the first thing is is I want you to pray while we are studying the word of God to get in your mind I want you to be praying in this is what I want you to be trained Lord what are you saying to me whatever you are saying to me I will donate today what he was saying to me nor I would do it today whatever it is the second thing ask from you someone asked you to be honest we have a tendency to be very concerned about how we appear to human beings but what for some reason we are very unconcerned about how we appear to angels and unfallen worlds who are also watching our decisions in this room tonight and if they can see that you are moved by the word of God and yet you are hesitant to surrender or to submit because you're a leader in the church or because other people already view you as spiritual or other people view him as a person was ready who's prepared was good to go therefore united in responding to make a private decision in your heart and Jenna walked out and no one has to know what from what I read in the Bible people and never been ashamed of Jesus they've never been ashamed for what he's done for them and when they surrendered to him they were exciting in fact I would bet him to go with Jesus at the Towson people stay holding the hotel God has done for you don't travel with me I know what God can do I see it every day amen so the result was appraised that you will be real with me because if there's one thing I know about doing youth ministry young people don't like hypocrites they don't want to be one they don't want to have a relationship with one they don't want to hang with one but the reality is no one challenges them on that point so if you don't want to be a hypocrite which means an actor a pretender that's what the Greek word means people can case you are a pretender and after so irrelevant talk about youth ministry we have to talk about what it needs to be real means of God is speaking to you don't pretend like you're not interested in spiritual things graduate difference don't pretend like you don't want to study the Bible again I'm interested in what the preacher is saying because you're afraid that what someone might think about as a result one of the real and let's be real and hence my first request if the Lord speaking to you asking and praying your mind throughout the message board what you saying to me I will do it today I will do it today and I trust that if we do that together we will leave this place trusting that the Lord was here he visited us any refresh this vice presidents with that being said which by your heads with me as we begin heavenly father there is only one thing we are asking at this moment in this program and that is for the outpouring in the presence of your Holy Spirit we cannot understand the Bible we cannot preach the Bible with power we cannot be changed we cannot move in harmony with your work with all of his presence and his power with us and so we pray that through him you might be with us this night and that she would do something tonight that in years people would say it began at this meeting this is our prayer and we offer it up from our hearts and pricing in I want to start by talking about revolutions the word revolution comes from the Latin word revenue deal which means to turn around this is when we talk about something as we've Pauline the early rain falls around the sun it's a cycle it's a circle but revenue deal doesn't have that concept is not warming that's a different concert revenue deal means that something is being completely changed there is a fundamental change in power I want to share with you about some major revolutions that you may have no way of knowing or maybe you weren't interested in because they are eclipsed by the big ones because every country when you grow up in our country and you're from that country you are clipped by its own history you don't necessarily know about what was going on in another place at the same time your country was having issues America is no exception we know about the American revolution we know about the popular French Revolution but I will mention it later on but for someone to start off with a revolution that began on August twenty second seventeen ninety one it was the gone by the slaves of the city Saint Domingue these slayings began to rebel on the soil of Haiti by March seventeenth seventeen ninety two the French leadership legislative assembly had decided to grant political and civil rights to free black men and women in Haiti anyways in March seventeen ninety two that the slaves formally denied the right to life the right to liberty the right to protect your wife from another man sleeping with her at new the right to be able to determine when you went to sleep and when you went to work they received power in March seventeen ninety two but the problem was they received power to rate through murder pillaging and what in January seventeen ninety eight Summit nineteen seventy eight and Islamic revolution began in the country of Iraq there were demonstrations beginning in January and instead demonstrations against a demand is called the Shaw 's title Mohammed Massa this is a very interesting revolution opposed to the other revolutions because by April first nineteen seventy nine this revolution had successfully reported its leader whether the country in exile and by December nineteen seventy nine Ayatollah Khomeini became the supreme leader of Iran and Iran became an Islamic state and therefore it was December nineteen seventy nine that they received power and the interesting thing about this revolution was the fact that there was no defeat at war there was no financial crisis there was no peasant rebellion there were no disgruntled military leaders and yet this revolution was the fastest the most peaceable and the most popular massively popular but you know they received their power and demonstrations picketing economic essentially sanctioned by the refusal to involve themselves in the economy of the country and this is how they received power then I think you March ten nineteen fifty two in a place called Cuba there was a man general who would conceal by piece over the room Carlos Lee also costs and this is what he made when he overthrew him and took power he canceled all elections and you know what this irritated a young human lawyer his name was a downcast and for seven years the Doubtfire to overthrow Batista failed failed failed the first time he failed in nineteen fifty three he was put in prison for fifteen years but in nineteen fifty five was released so that the man Batista could show I am so powerful how does let's want to present them not freedom but Fidel did not give up his dream to overthrow this myth and failed again in nineteen fifty five and enough link to Mexico develop some new fighter some guerrilla war tactics failed again but by nineteen fifty nine in February he received power in order to delegate when he got power canceled all elections declared himself to be president for life made a communist country built relationships with the Soviet Union and the rest is history and so there it was February nineteen fifty nine they received power through murder to political intrigue in a new window one more I want to mention this is called the Taiping rebellion in China this is in eighteen fifty one to eighteen sixty four during the American Civil War now why is it we don't know about this one because twenty million people died in this rebellion where more than the Civil War but that in your history books one was precipitating interestingly enough against the cable dynasty and this is the interesting part a man named Paul was the precipitation of this rebellion and how does he declare himself to be the younger brother of Jesus and created the heavenly Kingdom of China on earth because of the heavenly kingdom of peace he developed a following of thirty million people twenty million died in this rebellion he actually was ruling the southern part of China for quite some time unfortunately despite the twenty million deaths and the estimate is as much as the new the rebellion they never received with the renewing and people fall while one of the reasons is refining the dynasty that's been around for two hundred and fifty years well-financed well-trained well practice what you see in our day these things don't meaning and reason as well forcing different kinds of revolutions when we talk about revolutions in twenty fourteen we talk about social media revolution home governments being shipped by one twitter message gone Gadhafi Egypt because of social media you're talking about young people came to their senses in the United States of America between eighteen and twenty nine and realized that he could elect the president of the United States is they all showed up every single time because is that many of the more than any other age group in the United States of America and then began a grassroots campaign to man so my voter turnout of people in this age group and indeed they did because they believed in a man named Barack Obama they believe that they could consult their work on the streets of New York on the streets of Boston on the streets of Chicago on the streets of LA by the subway by eighty other business anyplace people my traffic asking them to make sure they understood the issues understood that they had the right to vote did you register to vote all over college campuses they developed groups to make sure people were turning out the vote and that they would vote the right way and therefore America Saul after hundreds of years of slavery decades of segregation and racism its first minority president because of the revolution and the thinking of people we don't so you are telling me that as a young adult meeting in Oklahoma conference that this movement in this meeting is not important because the meeting like this took place some years ago to elect the first black president of America someone said the juvenile that if we all gathered together we can elect the president a similar gathering like this occur among seventeen young people to begin a movement call communism take over the world and they get a word of what they sought to do in fifty years they were rolling most governments with the largest population you see Jesus has begun what I believe to be one of the greatest revolutions of all his update that when a man it is unfortunate that people are ignorant of the fact that in every the revolution there was always a promise of power there was a promise that when you receive this power you'll be able to change your life why do you think those patients legs got together because they believe that if they earn it together and they thought it would receive power and when they went to power you don't have to worry about whether the Masters can accommodate your house in the middle of the night regular life because of power so as a result of this Jesus one of the greatest if not the greatest revolution in human history he also gave a promise of power no surprise turn with me in your Bibles to the book of acts chapter one acts chapter one acts chapter one which I imagine I don't know for sure but I imagine this is where you derived your theme song to assume this is where you got your feet the Bible says in acts chapter one and verse seven are you there yes amen it says and he said to them it is not for you to know times or seasons which the father has put in his own authority but you shall receive what power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you shall be witnesses to me in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria and to the end of the earth now let's pause informal because here in the Bible has substantiated what I just said which is that Christ when he was beginning the movement of Christianity he began with the promise of power but him him a promise of power and I would come by rape by murder my political intrigue by the infiltration of governments or the betrayal of seasons that's not how this power would come to begin the greatest movement that has overtaken Europe and how is the greatest movement usually it has taken over half the population of the globe is Christian he claims to follow Jesus a man who had nothing not only this Christianity has inspired every field of learning it has given rise to the most splendid works of art even atheists love to sing chronicles Masonic and electrical inherent and it confuses me because when I was not a Christian and I was in choir was singing Christian songs like a bridge over troubled waters I don't believe in God I don't believe in Jesus what is beautiful and no atheism has ever inspired music that people will pay hundreds of dollars that will listen to a man so I was a result of this this is the movement of Jesus and a powerful thing about this is not just in the arts but you're also talking about the fact that in the spiritual revolution Christianity affected architecture that would build buildings so you can maximize the light of the sun into the building because light was a symbol of the presence of because Jesus is the light architecture not just architecture the role of women in society there was a woman who used to be Muslim she turned away from Islam she now he is putting her book as he goes to the end economy like the post and will give you she says even though I am atheist I do want to make one point very clear and values if you are a woman it makes no sense for you to join any other religion except Christianity is a atheist former must know religion has a higher regard greater sacredness greater encouragement and projection of the potential of women in Christian find however Christianity has gone you will see the role of women change it's the reality so as a result of this this is the spiritual revolution and its promise of power is there is a problem the promise of power is only meaningful to those who are unknowingly conscious of their lack of the have you ever tried to go to a person who was already wealthy and talking payment I can promise you want some I have money I don't need money in the same sense of Jesus in this passage right he says you shall receive power in verse eight if his promise is for something they already possess it is an empty promise this is just playing for the camera our guys look at the camera you shall receive power shake the hands they think the picture Jesus goes to have but you know what's interesting though keep your finger Guadalupe chapter ten front of the gospel of Luke in the tenth chapter and in Luke chapter ten I want to noticed this statement that is not very interesting are you there on Simon Chapter nine on the Johnson leader I says that he called his twelve disciples together and gave them what gave them what power now there's still worth inquiry that are oftentimes translated as the word power towards the first word comes from the Greek word doing in this case a network doing this it doesn't look like how it sounds it looks like the word dynamite comes in great view was a lie the other word that is oftentimes translated as power is the Greek word action see these are network asked to see you write so noticed as a passage it says go back to members he gave them power and what authority that the Greek word ecstasy so the first one is doing this comes on the wordless the second one comes in the work actually see it so if you are you are stronger one is giving them authority black and located within the limits no sorry can't figure because and move chapter nine yard he gave exhibit now as a result of this even a person will be great would be confused because Luke and acts are written by the same author so little why would you record Jesus promising the disciples power when according to your Bible and my needs as you are David does that make sense yes or no so I was a result what can we conclude the back to accept a one go back to accept a one so all that we can conclude at this stage is the fact that whatever this promise of power what is inside not being with you getting the minimum and that's clear let's say that exactly what you believe otherwise what you think Peter would've said that Peter has a big mouth Peter says the author this lot like Peter and I identify with Peter and the Lord rebukes he probably just as much as he rebuked Peter because I just say things and sometimes he's got usual words and take a rebuke but the Lord can still using that's the blessing no use of Peter to bring three thousand but rebuked the daylights out of me so as a result it was the same power who would've recorded a conversation like this and you shall receive power and data was then lowered anti-spyware what you what you say we shall receive power but not one disciple not fill up who said Lord show us the father and Jesus as Philip have I been so long with you not Thomases said more commonly manifests itself the Oscar-nominated best result in the world how does that work Mrs. John fourteen discussion about the Holy Spirit but which goes to show you which I'll deal with this tomorrow disciples oftentimes are entering upon the one topic that Jesus will talk about the most which is the Holy Spirit that would have all the questions below or so was the father but more weight how do we know the way we don't know what you're going what more highly leverage yourself to us within the sergeants but not the world so in this situation one of them would've spoken up and said Lord you said I believe the person is out and you gain was awkward authority we were testing out we healing the sick feeling of line so what could he possibly mean here that when he said to Peter when he started to James when Senator John not one person people question they understood something about what Jesus was promising and the promise of power was something they had not yet received in other words on Jesus 's side Jesus looks at his disciples and he says there is power you do not currently possess it is promised to you and it is coming you don't have it today so I is a result of this what does he mean by power because this is the critical point what is he promising these are the same as I wanted to be clear on this if there is a power that Christ is promising to them they did not possess it anything that they do not possess it my question to you in into myself these pewter before Pentecost would've already been a Christian celebrity you can already hear Peter at the young adult retreat received power let me tell you about how I stepped off the boat in the middle of a storm a cat walking on water people will flock to the moon let me tell you about how I was walking by and I feel this may peter would already have been casted out a demon out of a man acting meeting Peter will be traveling the circuit throughout the world church and that was before Pentecost and Peter casting out devils healing the sick have you ever gone on a chaplaincy hospital video visit and pray for someone touched me punitive many times up until this point many of us would be like that guy super spiritual bag I mean he's already filled with the Holy Spirit but according to Jesus he was not he still had power to come this is what I sent one so then what is he promising because regular at the Peter and Matthew chapter three the following is a a undersigned accepted his stuff although in the middle of a storm and while on water and try to catch up with that and finally we are reminded that Jesus and Peter didn't say miracle by the same power you before Democrats so as a result whenever this power that Jesus promising computer to James to John to Bartholomew to Julie's developed in the manual it is not quickly received and ask for Luke chapter nine is something only share with you some different concepts of power you know I I was researching this because I was very interested to know how someone would define this wanted to share it should share some of these things with first of all power and the influence or authority might have the power to fire you the power to hire you what have the authority or have the right to doing right the president has will be called executive powers begins director has executive powers so as a result of this power can be influence or authority so is this what he's promising but in move nine it also says wow okay going on such as having the party wanted to begin the mothers I got it or power like a bewitching woman scheduled can influence you to do something that's probably not the wisest thing to do power can be energy right and the body such as the power generated by mechanical motions or Hydro electric power so this is what we mean when we say things like the power window the user should power window power Jimmy physical strength or force for example we think of stormy winds we all know about those in Oklahoma we think of a microwave that we put on full power or event of a power hitter in baseball everyone knows don't pitch them astray pitch guys are knocking out the park is a power hitter so was Jesus St. Peter even become a power hitter now every time you preach is going to get it up for many amazing sermon every time is this what is promising to be the power also encompasses the idea this is an interesting one to me a number being multiplied by itself right knee stay tuned to the third power interesting right so whatever the number is where we're going to multiply of items going to increase explanation however it seems that these definitions all of which Jesus is trying to say it's important to be exactly clear Jesus 's problems to the disciples the context suggests that Jesus is talking about ability to do some knowledge of the text with me again within the text of me again and were almost done seven minutes so keep your breath sit up straight and humans helps you stay awake even was burning hot opinion right now we got the heat on Jamaica so noticeably in the Bible it says but you shall receive power acts one verse eight when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you shall be witnesses to me in Jerusalem and the positive force in your superpower and you shall be witnesses in anything you shall receive power you shall be kings that would be authority you shall receive power and you can go for days out of the energy you shall receive power and you'll be able to lift twenty thirty forty nine fantasy W physical strength you shall receive power and you'll be able to have some superpower retaking of the error with your hand with your fingers like he's some sort of marble superhero no not at all things are relevant to saying you shall receive power to be witnesses and the result we can conclude many things they were not witnesses at this point not only were they not witnesses that have not been witnesses because of the power to do that when we wait so after we receive power we shall be witnesses yes but you normally when this is a you get power and if you don't have the power you have a witness because witness has power this is the thinking in the logic and reasoning of the Lord Jesus Christ he says he'll listen to what I'm about the same even after three and a half years with Jesus that was something the disciples did not have the ability to they did not the ability to act in a certain way they need a power the result is a very non- have the ability to be witnesses for me now why is this relevant to what because this power is so essential wise in Christ brings this up before he leaves your last words to your disciples know know I love you Peter stay strong get over your pride Thomas get over your gout to get over your questioning in your detailed in this don't try to mark everything God will do none of those words just you shall receive power and you shall be witnesses for me you know why that a significant go to Matthew chapter twenty four when a comeback which is going to Matthew twenty four briefly just hang in there were almost done will save the meat and potatoes for tomorrow Matthew chapter twenty four twenty four chapter gospel of Matthew fourteenth verse are you there all right the Bible says and this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a way witness to all the nations and then the end will come so follow this progression this is exactly what important the Lord is lining up Jesus says you shall receive power out to you receive power you shall be witnesses you are witnesses in Jerusalem and all Judea and onto scenario in either the uttermost parts and then the end shall come because the gospel is preached to all the world as a witness not that everyone converted not that everyone accepts the message not that everyone is in love with the church over the message known no I think Denise it has to be a witness with our this is why Jesus is looking out of the cycle they say this is the meeting on May nine in Oklahoma right here visiting very few people were gathered yesterday in fact less than sitting here and he was leaving that day no not that it within the hour maybe even minutes and right before he leaves he looks in his little group of disciples and he says this you shall receive power to be witnesses so if this is what sparked the greatest revolution known to mankind in the world you're telling me and the little state of Oklahoma that the same meaning the same promise with the same Lord with the same word with the same spirit will not produce the same effect you know determines that not the Bible not Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever not the Bible does your word is forever settled Lord in heaven is exalted his work even above all that is called by his name and God cannot deny himself and I cannot lie no problem with God no problem with the word no problem with Jesus and the disciples received lower here we are today because of these words because it was fulfilled I trained that we would love up on this you are sitting in this room I am stating your preaching to you does this verse was actually fulfill we wouldn't be here this building would've never been built across my abdomen it would be attracted to someone from from an ancient Roman relic in this verse was never fulfill the crossover never been heard about anywhere nowhere is this so I asked this question if Peter was walking on water healing the sick casting out devils before you receive this power and many of us have even done those things do you feel your need of power is the question because no person will receive power unless they are annoyingly conscious of their lack of enemy tell you how you become annoyingly conscious of your lack of power by doing ministry by doing ministry by trying to be a what a witness and Martelli enter yes or no you know why we're shaking in our boots at the Valero gas station when the Holy Spirit is likely to get diabetic Lautrec on hold Lord know he's got tattoos everywhere while your freight Nola was not the work is not been working out not even reading it out of the embarrassment looks to no telling within your mind all but let's come closer right when you go home and that family member does not know God doesn't care forgot and I talking right on this rabble and rubbish and all you think you got some true that such of the Johnson no-load unwinnable my witness you even have a witness you said nothing have you ever heard of a witness in court SN on the stand and said nothing thank you sir for your witness please don't know it never happened because you're not a witness unless you have something to say and the reason why you have something essays because you have seen a UFO something one of the other are done outside when it came down to the train on my case the witnesses were not people who saw anything they were people were in their house and heard some them went into here was the question selling the same sense for you and I tonight in Oklahoma God is coming down and you say you'll told that the perceived power engines that sort of your jealousy and you'll came out knowing that was that the only question is will in the world would not receive power I don't know anyone don't argue my position not talk about authority energy whenever my physical strength he was out a lot position on one authority on one of the elder in the church on what I have this role that rolled no no no no no that's not the power that he's promising ability to do something hitherto you have not been able to would it receive the only person will receive power is the person who is not annoyingly conscious of their lack of good I tell you right now and this is my last story to be quite what I used to you know house training to become a call quarter leader many many years ago Heather knows how long has been I remember I was going out there by myself in order trying to be a canvassing leader you have to go on loan for twelve weeks door-to-door selling four hundred dollars books not ten dollars we can do that no problem yeah man you know I is nonpublic to get gas money that's what we buy the book for these the big books you don't unlock the ones in the doctors in the business offices some people said that before blue books so here I was going out in the first song I ever called quarter I sold almost ten twelve thousand dollars with the books of thousand to two thousand dollars in sales every week one day I came over a hundred dollars solid like the Lord is blessing me he has called me to this ministry in and I hated it in many aspects but at the end of the day you can't deny what was blessing temperature monitoring to be a leader on the change canvassing to be a different kind of leader on the veganism of the vessel sure enough I signed up on the dusty roads of mission in the middle of nowhere the neighbors are three miles apart nothing but fields so there I am rolling staying in a house by myself no family no friends no marriage no kids not just alone you and Jesus and you think you know souls thank you muscles tell you well I'm going canvassing comeback so nothing day to solve nothing we won so nothing we do so nothing week three solo nothing waited for so nothing on my came home I woke up one morning what is the point of driving around the streets in Michigan four nine ten hours a day to come home with nothing the same books I started from day one in my back unlike I sat down on my devotions I said Jesus Paul a Michael MacCallum publishing directed some witty knuckle if anyone has been one of my students may be like that's crazy the special action come to the place but it was the truth I was there I looked at my phone I was this close to astronomically one more prayer message board if you don't give me a sale today with what I told just like I just told you I was my privilege you'll get me so that am quitting gotten the car drove driving around came by this one house it was actually attached to the church Baptist minister go into the candidacies like you me and my wife would love to see the books on this is unbelievable start cracking the books come to acts of the apostles the book on acts as a independent cost when the power came upon the disciples enabling out and proclaimed a risen Savior with power and since you have one questions are yes he says you said Pentecost right yes and so they were speaking in tongues yes what do you understand why tongs I don't know where he's going with this saucer well sir my personal understanding from my personal study is that these were languages is all I believe that you can continue finish by the end he said were to buy the books sell three hundred dollars check my subject is like so you told me that your vegetarian right yet are you vegan yes need to come over him a lot of them have a meal for as you're doing your work just come here to relax get a drink of water than the name whatever you need five daughters the house the only listen to Christian hymns in the house his daughters were super respectful the only talk when spoken to off-line our latest shocking because my daughter is all another world sunlight while Lord leave this house I'm driving around like Lord on sorry I should never pray this prayer you know I apologize my lack of faith etc. etc. etc. but I still didn't change my attitude so I came to this one I was encouraged when I got at least one sale this week whether this drug driver he semi- wife is a preacher you should come back to show these books on all perfect this is jackpot right here and the God rankings seven hundred dollars some praying all day long gambler come back to the house eight o'clock at night get and set up a sitdown account in the presentation after about an hour near the wife struggling to what about the books she says I'm looking for something more like encyclopedias unlike one and understand to say if I completed you can get both online and always changing and updating these books I even used to preach there just that powerful I could just tell you that all that so we keep going back and forth back and forth it was ten forty five at nine we were still talking over the books you could feel the spiritual battle in the house I was so invested in this thing that by the end it literally came to the point where there was complete silence between and after the silence she said on sorry it's just not what I'm looking for it took everything in my masculinity to protect me from breaking down in tears right there everything I put my hat to feel that you are starting to come out of my eyes I called up the congresses at all by the samples exact singles but just softcover Bible books sixty dollar check I walk on the house and as I'm driving on unlike gearing up I made them like I can't believe this parade put everything in the staying in this woman didn't get it because you love your voice like obedience and wanted in the day of God she's on the outside of the city of God and she needs my eyes through those clear glass bowls and say I came to your house I was there to present the books to you and you would not accept loss because it would simplify convenience and you know you were convicted to get the books so I got home after eleven o'clock at night I was still broken I couldn't sleep I just prayed on on the line on the next day one of the other call quarters in Kenya she had the same experience and she was operating on night in the women's room we came to breakfast then until our leader could you look tired that doesn't make you look good so I try to make myself look like I have not been up on my she was going to Sagan became what she is more honest than I was he just assays that you look tired to the house up on my trainer had a rough experience last and then I was she said after well she Artie put it out there so let me just go ahead and tell them so I called him always on all night long train and realizing here I was taking extra long lunch break cutting corners not doing every house but unlike I love souls right I want to see Jesus come in my life I want to finish the work no you don't want to cutting corners are you taking extra long time William was great if you are working at a job you wouldn't do that because you get fired when it comes to God 's work is different because one don't love souls and I wish I felt that night my witness had no power at all the skills under the canvas I know how to sell the books but the problem was I was a witness so at that moment my leader was so convicted we all went to the worshiping we were literally prostrate on the ground face down three telling the Lord break a smooth whatever it is that's holding us back just like us pleading praying for the Holy Spirit praying for power claiming acts chapter one verse nine within this brain within our capital wouldn't think the gonzo rubber we humble ourselves we submit ourselves one out from that day forward gondolas and telling the truth all of us sold books everyday progressivism Everest on the apartment is like one sale here one day the three of us are going to be a most canvassing we came home our total receipts with eleven thousand dollars one day at the end of the twelve weeks now my first half we were selling nothing but the engine sold sixty thousand my leader himself he would just look at us like he was not pitching lessons they got to stop playing around on RU Angels he got here to save me because this is crazy right now the way the Lord was working with literally miraculous like we would walk up to people and they would say I knew you were coming to my house I know you were coming to my house what would you have all men on showing the blue bombs were perfect how much just like that with Alma for five hundred objects intended don't even know me by the end it became clear to me that administrators to phases the breaking face will be realized when the power in the phase when we experience and guess what brothers sisters Peter happens at the cross his hopes his dreams shattered three days broke broken and he denied Peter God was known as a disciple and Christ said to him who denied me who try to stop me from going to the cross who forsook me on the night of my Warsaw for you will receive you will receive prompts appear was annoyingly conscious of his need on me are we invite you to bow your heads as it brings to a close every notice about every eyes close I asked you to do two things praying in your mind what is the Lord saying to you I would do it today and a second thing is honestly this is where the honesty comes to you fill your need are you annoyingly conscious of your need of power if you are not you say you know what I don't fill my need a power outlet going to give me operating experience is a serious prayer rang I want Jesus to give me a breaking experience so I can feel my need of power if you want to pray the prayer with me as I created I pray and continue to pray Lord help me to be annoyingly conscious of my need when a similarly to pray that prayer will invite you to spend this is serious prayer requests serious appeal more along the breaking experience on a breaking experience can I want people to see there was me before the Holy Spirit came and it was me after I thought about that more the moment of power more and pray for a breaking experience this is series is not just an emotional choice I want to pray for breaking experience and experience well I know that I need power because the reality is brothers and sisters were to go there one way or the other were going to get there just one omission of the powers available when we do my second invitation is that person a says owning and operating to be a witness I have a burden for evangelism for ministry I'm never made a conscious decision that I'm going to be a missionary in my lifestyle in my life in my job in my school I haven't made that decision and young adult ministry needs nothing to people and not make that commitment is not a ministry it's a social club it's a gathering we hang out the evil together we got plenty of food plenty of pineapple but not a lot of power so this only addresses Lord give me a burden for souls the lost souls the way Jesus loves us allegedly like the good Shepherd advantage of prayer I also invite you to spend similar genial burden for souls I want to muscles I want to share that people don't make it to happen I wanted to matter to me when people like him ready for Bible study and I feel the agitation I need to call me to do this Bible study I did to make it a priority I want to burden for souls is not a ministry we don't have a bird officials heavenly father you see those listed for two reasons one thing stood because we want a breaking experience board in order to receive power we must feel our need annoyingly conscious of that comes to a breaking experience Peter went through the cross it was not what he was expecting it was not what he thought and what we are stoked to say give us that experience that we were not expecting that is not what we thought would be the results of all of our effort in our commitment but that it would break us that would make us teachable father also prayed tonight for those who have stood that they give me a burden for souls and board we are praying that you would help us to love souls the way Jesus will that we will be passionate in our hearts would be heavy with the need of Oklahoma and that there would be a revolution that commences among the youth and young adults of this conference from the top down the commitments of soul winning would be several it would be determined it would be indomitable and for those who are stood give it to us because it's not natural only your spirit gives we thank you Lord that these things are promised us we thank you that we don't have to worry whether it will come not and we trust that as we move forward in faith not on our feelings but in faith you will answer I in the shop shelves thank you for this is a and offer this prayer from our heart is right in this media was brought by audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word through three seven audio and much more he would like to know more about us the more assertive in www. audio source or


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